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11/7/07 Results

WWTBAM: The 1,000th episode celebration week rolls on with Andre Boustani returning. He's got the 50:50 still with him as he tries to build on the $25,000 he locked up yesterday. After switching out on the first, here is his $50,000 question:

The produce company now known as Chiquita played a key role in the 1954 overthrow of what country's government?

A: Honduras
B: Guatemala
C: Costa Rica
D: Ecuador

The 50:50 leaves Guatemala and Ecuador. He says Guatemala....50 grand! For $100,000:

Robert Smithson's famous artwork "Spiral Jetty" is a giant coil of rock and earth extending into what body of water?

A: Lake Michigan
B: Chesapeake Bay
C: Gulf of Mexico
D: Great Salt Lake

He's stumped, so he finishes up by doubling his previous winnings from yesterday. It was Great Salt Lake.

Lena Douris from Staten Island, NY is next. She's a chemistry teacher, and her students wanted her to fall during her walk into the studio so that they could make fun of her! She's on a roll, already at this $25,000 question:

The focus of a celebrity-laden 2007 TV ad for American Express, Lake Winnipesaukee is a vacation spot in what U.S. state?

A: Minnesota
B: New Hampshire
C: Maine
D: Wisconsin

She polls the audience. 41% said New Hampshire, 21% said Minnesota, 20% said Wisconsin and 18% said Maine. Next, she calls her cousin, Jill, who says New Hampshire very quickly. She then agrees for $25,000! For $50,000:

According to 2007 U.S. Census estimates, about how much of the world's population lives in the U.S.?

A: 5%
B: 10%
C: 15%
D: 20%

She doesn't waste much time in guessing 5% for $50,000! First $100,000 question:

Introduced in 1947, the first two stamps issued by the USPS featured George Washington and what other American?

A: Alexander Hamilton
B: Thomas Jefferson
C: Benjamin Franklin
D: Paul Revere

The 50:50 leaves Jefferson and Franklin. She says Franklin...right to double her money again! After switching, here is her $250,000 question:

According to the American Heart Association, the average adult human heart pumps about how much blood in gallons each day?

A: 200
B: 500
C: 2,000
D: 5,000

Nothing from her, so she leaves us $100,000 richer! Answer: 2,000 gallons.

After a shout out from "The View", we wrap up the day with Wayne Scott from Astoria, NY (part of Queens, NY). He's a rising actor. He gets past the $8,000 question before time expires on the day. Good episode today!

TPIR: Let's start things off with Corey Rupner, Yurika Boo (great name!), Michael Dorski and Nicholas Brye. The first IUFB on offer is a trip to New Orleans!

Nicholas: $2,500
Michael: $2,700
Yurika: $2,000
Corey: BUCK

ARP: $2,959, so Dorski will play the season's second playing of Cover Up for a Pontiac G6. Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 2, 6 or 9?
Third number: 0, 2, 7 or 9?
Fourth number: 0, 1, 2, 5 or 8?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8?

His first guess is $19,753...first three numbers are right. Second guess is $19,780....WINNER! He played this very well!

The next player is Teresa Johnson and the second IUFB is a pair of watches.

Teresa: $1,200
Yurika: $1,450
Corey: $1,525
Nicholas: $1,600

All are over.

Teresa: $800
Yurika: $700
Corey: $975
Nicholas: $500

ARP: $1,010, so Rupner will play Race Game for a dinette, a stepper, a wine refrigerator, and an LCD TV with a DVD player. The prices are $1,195, $1,399, $1,699 and $2,699. He first places $1,195 on the dinette, $1,399 for the electronics, $1,699 for the stepper and $2,699 for the refrigerator...two are right with 32 seconds left. He switches the dinette and the stepper....all are wrong! He then switches those back and switches the other two...only one is right now with just eight seconds left. He then puts $1,399 on the TV and $2,699 for the refrigerator as time expires...he wins the dinette ($1,195) and the electronics ($1,399). BUT, under further review, the technicians behind the Race Game readout goofed, so he automatically wins all four prizes!

Next up is Donna Burchill and the third IUFB is a digital camera kit.

Donna: $895
Nicholas: $400
Teresa: $600
Yurika: $401

ARP: $560, so Boo will hopefully not get booed when she tries for $10,000 with the groceries. The target is $7.25 and the products are Oxi Clean spray, V8 juice, tweezers, Tums, cat litter and Senokot. Her first pick is the juice, which is $3.15. Second is the Tums, which are $4.52. Then, she picks the tweezers, which is a loser, because they're $14.99. The spray was $2.99, the cat litter was $6.79 and the Senokot was $7.62. This was a tough playing.

SSD1: The lady spins 15...and again for 30 cents total. Rupner spins 40...and goes over. The big winner this half spins 95 cents and will be in the Showcase!

The next player is Angelo Guglimo and the next IUFB is an oil painting.

Angelo: $1,800
Donna: $1,750
Nicholas: $2,000
Teresa: BUCK

ARP: $3,000, so Brye, part of a big Marine Corps group in the audience this day, will try to crack the big safe for a spa and an MP3 player, which he decides to model with the ladies!!! The numbers in the three-digit price are 0, 5 and 7. He says $

Next is Nahal Negru and the fifth IUFB is a baker's rack.

Nahal: $600
Teresa: $750
Angelo: $800
Donna: $1,100

ARP: $2,067, so Burchill will play Dice Game for a Chevy Cobalt. The first number is 1. She first rolls a 4 for the second number, which is right. She then rolls a 6 for the middle digit, which is wrong, but it's a freebie. It's 2. For the fourth number, she rolls a 5, which is wrong, and she goes lower and she's one step away. It's 3. For the last number, she rolls another 5 and goes lower- she wins the $14,234 car!

The final player is George Martin and the final IUFB is a bar set.

George: $2,200
Nahal: $3,000
Teresa: $2,201

ARP: $2,964, so Johnson will play Range Game for a hovercraft. The range is $15,500-$16,100. Her range guess is $15,689-$15,839 and she's a winner! ARP: $15,815, worth more than the car offered in today's Dice Game!

SSD2: The loveable Marine Corps man spins 20...and 50 for 70 cents. Burchill spins a quarter...and 35. Johnson spins 60...and the second green section (15 cents) to join Dorski in the Showcase!

I believe either a boat or trailer Showcase is in the offering for somebody today. The first Showcase features tall-tale signs that you're a spy. First, you might be one if you somehow make your grandmother's face go into the Angel Food Cake while she's baking it from a new Heartland range. Second, you're a spy if you put on glasses and want to meet one of your friends while gambling in Monte Carlo! Finally, you're definitely a spy if you somehow strap a rocket launcher on a new motorcycle! Johnson bid $17,000, which is a garf. For Donski, we have prizes detected by the show's "satelites". They are a hammock, a BBQ and a Pontiac Grand Prix, and he bids $24,200, and I have a feeling he's a winner of at least his Showcase. Does he win both? Let's find out.

ARP for Johnson: $26,050, a difference of $9,050. ARP for Donski....24 thousand.....

...198- HE'S OVER BY TWO DOLLARS!!!!! OUCH. But he still leaves with $22,739 in prizes. Johnson wins today with $44,829 in prizes.

Family Feud: Can the WWE's men finally win today? Let's find out.

First question: Name a place where people are not shy to make out in public. Here's how we start off:

3. Bar/nightclub (10, Batista)

Michelle McCool said restaurant during the face off, and the judges quickly buzzed her! The men will play. Booker T says the theater...that's acceptable as the #2 answer of movie/drive-in (26)! Mr. Kennedy's guess is the beach...#4 (7)! Ric Flair says the park....NUMBER ONE (38)! The Coach says school Back to Batista, he then says a wedding (?!?!!?)...NO WAY. Booker is back to say the altar, which is too similar to the wedding, so that's a strikeout. Michelle McCool then says the mall for the steal...not there either, so the men strike first blood with 81 points. Unsaid:

5. Lover's Lane (3)
6. France (2)

Second question: Name something of Tarzan's that would become Jane's if they ever got divorced. Starting with:

1. Cheetah/animals (32, King)

The men play again. Kennedy says the outfit...also known as the loincloth, that's #5 (10)! Flair then goes with the vine..#3 (14)! Coach's next answer is the famous yell....NO! Batista then guesses the treehouse...#2 (26)! The King blanks out, while Kennedy says coconuts...turn over.
MM then tries again to steal with the jungle...half of it is good enough as #4 (11) for 82 points! The bottom answer was the boy (4).

Double: Name another word for alcohol. Starting as follows:

1. Booze (64, Kennedy)

The men get another chance to start a question. Flair is up first with stimulants (?!?!?)...NO WAY. The Coach then goes with aphrodisiac...also a dud. Batista then tries to add on to the bank with liquor...that's #2 (15)! Booker's next attempt is drink...#4 (4)! Kennedy says suds...say goodbye to a sweep, guys. Double M then says sauce (?!?!?!?!)....I'm glad these WWE stars just want to have fun around here, because that's a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. The men go to 247 as a result. Not said:

3. Wine (4)
5. Hooch (4)
6. Beer (3; why this wasn't higher on the board is beyond me)

Triple: Name something a man buys that he gives a nickname to. Flair buzzes in with car....NUMBER ONE (85), so the men could gain their first win here! Coach says nothing. Batista says a boat...#3 (5)! Booker says watch....not gonna work. Kennedy is next in line with a gun...bottom answer (2)! Flair better get #2, since there's two strikes against the men, or they could be in big trouble. He says the #2 answer is pet...WIN at 538!

Fast Money: For the male team's first shot here, Kennedy and Coach try it out.

1. According to 100 men, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like to cuddle?
2. Name a part of a man from the waist up that might be really big.
3. Name a room in the house where you might light a candle.
4. Name someone you hope never catches you in a lie.
5. Name something a store owner can't sell to a minor.

My guesses:
1. 10
2. Chest
3. Bathroom
4. Parents
5. Alcohol

Kennedy says never (ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE), chest (#1), bedroom (#1), girlfriend (#1) and alcohol for 149! Coach first says 2....face value. His second answer is arms...18 said it. His third answer is living room...13 said that. His fourth answer is parents...18 is enough for $20,000! Good thing, too, because he blanked out on the last question. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. 10
5. Tobacco

For Game #2, we've got some regular people. The Thomas family (from Vegas) are our champions right now, and they're defending for the first time against the Davis family.

The challengers score first with 89 on things biker dudes wear while riding their bikes/motorcycles. They add another 55 thanks to a last-second steal on things women think about while men think about sex.

Double: Name something that may be too long. Starting with:

3. Movie (7, Tracy)

The Davises get another chance to start a round. Tim says pants...#2 (16)! Jeff then thinks like "Pinocchio" and says nose...that's #4 (8)! Gail then says Courtney's guess is book...also nowhere to be found. Tracy then returns to say a line...three strikes in a row. To get the champions on the board, Michelle says hair...that's #1 (18) for 58! Not said:

5. Winter (5)
6. Church/sermon (5)

Triple: Name something people use to kill insects. Tim of the Davis clan says spray...THAT'S UP TOP (57), so the challengers have a chance to close this game out! Jeff says the fly swatter...bottom answer (7)! Gail's next guess is foot...that and shoe are #2 (19)! Courtney thinks the #3 answer is a tissue...nope. Tracy then tries a newspaper...that's it (9) for the championship with a total of 420! The champs leave with less than a thousand bucks and a home game.

Fast Money: Gail and Jeff try for the $20,000.

1. At what age do you think people should start worrying about their health and wealth?
2. Name something in your house that you might hurt your back with while moving it.
3. Name something kids want at bedtime.
4. Something you find in a taco.
5. Name an occupation a mother would like to say a son has.

My guesses:
1. 50
2. TV
3. Bedtime story
4. Meat
5. Police officer

Gail says 40, couch (#1), a later bedtime, ground beef (#1) and doctor (#1) for 151! Jeff's first answer is 50...that's #1, but just 24 said that. His second answer is TV, my answer....16. His third answer is milk...all food/drink are #1 for $20,000!

WOF: Tonight’s teams are Debra Reed (who is the vice president of a national baseball tournament) and Jamie Mendler (in the blue; they’re best friends for 15 years), Gina Varacchi and Eric Gustafson (who are both elementary school teachers and are best friends for 10 years) and Kathy Upton and Heidi Fredericks (Upton is also working as a manager for a cosmetics company, while Fredericks is a 2nd Grade school teacher).

Reed and Mendler get PLAYGROUND BASKETBALL for a grand, while the only couple on the panel gets CHEESE AND CRACKERS for two.

Round 1 category is Before and After, and out on the wheel now is a pair of $4,000 shopping sprees from Macy’s, thus the ARP is $8,000. After the couple calls the M’s, we have….

THE/ M E T _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _/M _ S E _ M/

_ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ E _

…I only know the first half of the puzzle. After they buy three U’s and A’s, they hit Lose a Turn. Upton and Fredericks call three R’s for $1,200 and then the M’s for the shopping sprees. After they buy the O’s, the last word now reads…

_ A R F U _ _ E _

…I know it now. They call a $550 P and the N’s for another $600. After they call the L’s and buy the I, they call a dud in D. The other pair of ladies call the K and steal THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART GARFUNKEL to triple their winnings to $3,000.

Jackpot Round category is “People”. The couple calls the R early on for the Wild Card. After they buy the E’s, we have…

_ _ S T

E L _ _ _ _ L E

_ _ _ _ E L _ R S

…I’ve got it. But they call a dud in P while they hit Jackpot. Upton and Fredericks hit Lose a Turn. Reid and Minler call a $300 M, two B’s for $600 and a $600 M and solve MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELORS to move to $5,600.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. Upton and Fredericks land on a Mystery Wedge. They call two L’s, and they’re arguing over whether or not they want to flip it….eventually they do…..but it’s a Bankrupt. After the winners of the past two rounds buy the E’s, we have….

_ L _ _ _ E _ _ N _

B L _ E


…I don’t know the top word. They hit Bankrupt on the next spin. Our couple calls the G’s for $1,200, and G is the first and last letter of the important top word. After they buy the I’s, they solves GLIMMERING BLUE SEA for $950 and a pair of trips to St. Maarten, putting them in the lead with $11,950.

Upton and Fredericks get on the board with STREET PERFORMERS for $3,000. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase, and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. This is still anybody’s match. After Reed and Mendler call the G, we have…

T H _/T _ _ G H _ S T/T _ _ _ _ T/

_ _/T _ _ _

…they solve THE TOUGHEST TICKET IN TOWN for $3,900 and a final total of $9,600. The other ladies have $3,000 and the couple will take the Wild Card into the endgame with $11,950!

They spin the H and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ L E

_ _ S _ _ N

I know this already. Their first four choices are C, M, P and A. Their final choice is D. We get…

D _ _ _ L E

_ _ S _ _ N

…they get DOUBLE…and then VISION at the buzzer! They win $30,000 for a final total of $41,950!

Jeopardy!: Tonight's players are Jeff Spoeri (the first five-time champion of last season), Susan Mitchell and Paul Glaser (the last entrant in this tourney). Opening categories:

BLOGS OF "The New York Times"

Glaser gets the first three clues in the "L" category for $1,200, but Mitchell finds the Daily Double a little later under the middle clue of the Old Testament. She's at $1,200, $200 behind Glaser. She wagers all of it on this:

Though his name is from the Hebrew for "laughter", he probably didn't laugh much while he was at that altar.

"Who is Isaac?"....that's right to double to $2,400! She holds the lead at the first break with $4,400. Glaser is two grand behind her and Spoeri has $400. Spoeri does much better in the second half of the round, and at the end of it, he now leads with $5,800. Glaser has five large and the lady's down to $3,200.

DJ! categories:

INSIDE THE ARTIST'S STUDIO (the artist interviewed by James Lipton must be recognized in each correct response here)

Glaser gets the first three font clues to take a small lead back. The last three clues of that category were in the font the players had to identify. Afterwards, Glaser gets the last three train clues to shoot into five figures. He then hits the first Daily Double under the middle clue in Mind My Words. He's got $13,400, with a $6,000 lead over Spoeri ($7,400). Mitchell has $4,000. The leader's bet is $3,400:

400 B.C.: "I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and my judgement."

"Who was Hippocrates?"....correct for a new total of $16,800! After Mitchell gets the opening clue in the James Lipton category, she finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue there. She has $6,400 to Spoeri's $9,400, and Glaser is still at $16,800. She wagers $3,000 on this:

"Deafened by illness in 1792, you paint two masterpieces regarding May 1808. Madrid trembled at your genius."

"Who was Goya?"...RIGHT for a second-place tie! Glaser gets the middle clue to reach 18 grand, while Mitchell scores on the last two clues of the category, bringing her to $13,000. Glaser is right on the $800 and $1,600 clues of the Sforza category to break twenty grand. Mitchell then gives a much-needed correct response on the $2,000 clue to stay close with $15,000. In the Meryl Streep category to close the round, Glaser gives right responses on the $800, $1,600 and $2,000 clues (Spoeri got the $1,200 clue) to finish the round with $24,800. The lad still has 15 grand and Spoeri has $7,800.

Cathy Lanctot and Mehrun Etebari are praying that nobody gets FJ! correct tonight. The category...Early American Short Stories. Here's the final clue:

This short story, written around 1820, contains the line, "If I can but reach that bridge...I am safe".

Spoeri got "What is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?" no problem and bet $4,200, meaning he's up to $12,000. The lady had "The Open Boat" instead, but only bet $2,800 to drop to $12,200. Glaser has nothing, but only bet $5,201, so he's a semi-finalist!

Etebart and Lanctot are done, so they leave with $5,000 and the new DVD game. All tourney participants get the DVD game in addition to their money.

Wild Card Leaderboard:

1. Celeste DiNucci- $21,800
2. Susan Mitchell- $12,200
3. Jeff Spoeri- $12,000
4. Nick Swezey- $10,600
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