Monday, November 05, 2007

"Amazing Race XII" Season Premiere

Each team started at the Playboy Mansion, and all of the teams were taken there in various retro convertibles.

Clue #1: Each team had to get to the Los Angeles International Airport and get on a flight to Shannon, Ireland. Once there, the teams needed to take their marked car to a ferry port, where they would then take a ferry to Guinessmore Island, where they would find the “smallest church in the world” at the top. Once they got to that church, they had to sign up for one of three ferry departure times the next morning- 8 AM, 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.

Azaria and Hendekea missed the first British Airways flight to Ireland by one team. When the first teams got to Ireland, Ari and Staella had the early lead. Azaria and Hendekea jumped to second. The latter team retook the lead when they got to the ferry station.

When the teams were about to go on the ferries, Lorena & Jason took over the lead, while TK & Rachel moved up to second. Kynt and Vyxsin were third at this point. Here were the next morning’s ferry assignments:

8 AM:
Lorena & Jason
TK & Rachel
Kynt and Vyxsin

8:30 AM:
Ari & Staella
Nathan & Jennifer
Azaria and Hendekea

9:30 AM:
Shana & Jennifer
Kate & Pat
Marianna & Julia
Nicolas (who slipped while climbing the island) and Donald
Ronald and Christina

Clue #2: Teams had to drive 42 miles to Cleggan Farm. They had to ride a tandem bike down a mud trail, leading to their next clue.

ROADBLOCK: One person from each team had to choose one of two high-wire bikes and had to ride it across a path, 200 feet above water. Their partners were taken along for the ride.

Prior to the roadblock, Nathan and Jennifer were in dead last. TK & Rachel were now in the lead, with Kynt and Vyxsin in second.

Clue #3: Teams then had to fill one donkey’s basket with 15 pieces of what I thought was bull^&*%. Once they did that, they had to drag it back to the farm in order to get their next clue.

Nathan and Jennifer were back in third place by the time they got to their donkey, but their donkey proved to be real stubborn.

PIT STOP: Teams had to drive 13 miles to the Connemara Heritage Centre.

The winners of the first leg….Azardia and Hendekea! They won a trip to Alberta, Canada.

Kynt and Vyxsin, the dancing Goths, finished second!

TK and Rachel finished third.

Lorena and Jason were fourth.

Nicolas and Donald were fifth.

Shana and Jennifer were in the #6 spot.

Ronald and Christina just beat out Kate and Pat for seventh, thus making Kate and Pat eighth. It looked like they might have formed some sort of alliance early on this season. We’ll see about that.

Marianna and Julia were ninth.

The last team to advance to the next show….

…Nathan and Jennifer, which meant that the first team eliminated this season was Ari and Staella, who apparently had their donkey let them down more than Nathan and Jenny.
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