Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"America's Next Top Model" 11/21

As I said, the six remaining ladies were in Shanghai.

After they practiced with a tour guide at that area's version of Universal Studios, they had to do some of those moves in the air in pairs. Heather Rhetson won that challenge, and won a $532.18 (4,000 rmb) shopping spree in the city. She allowed Chantal Alberknowe to join her on that event.

PHOTO SHOOT: This time, the six contestants had to shoot print ads for CoverGirl's Clean Collection. Everyone was given a script, and at one point, each lady was given the chance to say something about themselves.

Saleisha Cooper was first. She stumbled on her first take, so she re-did it. It was OK.

Second was Bianca Smith. She stumbled early on, and I didn't think she really recovered.

Rhetson was third. Her talking was HORRIBLE, but her looks on-camera might have saved her if she wasn't eliminated this week.

Fourth was Jenah Doucette. She was just TERRIBLE.

Fifth was Alberknowe. I thought she was OK.

Lisa Cosse went last. I thought was was HORRIBLE.

Since nobody was perfect here, Cooper definitely was safe. Bottom two...

Bianca Smith
Chantal Alberknowe
Heather Rhetson
Jenah Doucette
Lisa Cosse
Saleisha Cooper

...Cosse and Rhetson. Rhetson....

Heather Rhetson
Lisa Cosse

...was safe, meaning by a unanimous vote, Cosse was shown the door this time out.
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