Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"The Biggest Loser" 11/6

The players were now being divided into teams of two. Everyone was shown a pizza with lots of meat on it, and each wrote down their guess on how many calories were in it, as well as a 32-ounce cola. The one who was closer got to pick his/her partner first. Here were the guesses:

Bill: 2,145
Nicole: 3,240
Kae: 2,306
Isabeau: 2,790
Hollie: 4,079
Bryan: 3,800
Amy: 4,024
Julie: 3,425
Ryan: 3,460
Neil: 3,496

Answer: 3,253, so Mikalik got to choose her partner first! Here were her team selections:

1. Neil Tejwani and Nicole Mikalik
2. Ryan Rodriguez and Isabeau Miller
3. Julie Hadden and Bill Germanakos
4. Hollie Self and Bryan Washington
5. Amy Zimmer and Kae Whang

Challenge: This week offered a really huge prize- each member on the winning team won a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid!! The task was simple- each team had to recycle as many cans as they could from a set of well over 140,000 cans that were scattered all over the ground! The team who recycled the most cans and weight in thirty minutes won the cars.

The winners were....Bill and Julie!

Now, for the weigh-in.

Whang's new weight....163, for a five-pound loss!

Zimmer then weighed in at...245, for a nine-pound loss! Impressive showing by these two ladies! They lost 14 pounds, for a percentage of 3.32%.

Self then took the scale at...212, netting her a six-pound loss!

Washington's new weight was...278, for an eleven-pound loss! The total for this duo was 17 pounds, for a percentage of...3.35%, just edging them into the lead!

Mikalik was next, and her new weight was...229, meaning with a six-pound loss this week, she's lost 50 pounds so far this season!

Tejwani's new weight read...321 lbs., resulting in an 18-pound loss! That's 24 pounds lost for this team, a percentage of 4.18%!

Miller's team was next, and she weighed in at...246, so she lost nine pounds!

Rodriguez then weighed in at...302, for a six-pound loss. They lost 15 pounds this week, for a percentage of 2.66%, putting them on the bubble. Bill and Julie needed to have lost at least 12 pounds to earn safety.

Bill Germanakos weighed in at...242, a nine-pound loss!

If Hadden went down to 183 or less, her team moved on to the next episode...and it was 180 lbs., meaning they moved on! Their weight loss percentage was 3.43%.

By a unanimous vote, Rodriguez was eliminated.
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