Friday, November 02, 2007

Great Moments and Bad Answers Part 5

We're starting to get into the home stretch on our many memories of our first year. Here are today's flashback moments, good and bad. First, the good (and great) moments.

8/7/07- Network TV history was made on the premiere episode of "Power of 10", when Jamie Sadler became TV's youngest non-reality game show millionaire! Watch the historic win here!

8/9/07- Just a day after the first season finale of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" aired, a contestant from that show, Erin Payne, said hello to me on the comment page!

8/18/07- Ogi Ogas upsets top-seeded Brad Rutter on "Grand Slam" and he then does a shout out on my site a little later!

8/27/07- Alice Walker becomes the new "part-owner" of GSN after winning the "World Series of Blackjack", becoming the network's all-time winner!

9/8/07- Ken Jennings beats Ogi Ogas to win "Grand Slam"! Watch the winning moment here!

9/14/07- Mark becomes the first-ever grand champion on "Temptation"!

Now, for the brain farts:

7/6/07 ("Camouflage")- Take a look at this line of letters...


...the clue was that he's the king of 'spayeds'. The right answer was former "TPIR" host Bob Barker. As for contestant Michelle Charles? She said BOOT BEARKEEPER. I'm not sure if such a thing ever exists. Despite that error, she went on to win the game and took home $750.

10/1/07 ("Family Feud")- The prompt was "Law of the ______". Kim Dziubaniuks said Large Numbers! Maybe she loved money as much as I do...

10/8/07 ("Family Feud")- On "Hold your _____", Joy LaCalamita said pants!! Two turns later, Justin caused his family to strike out when he said dinner!

10/10/07 ("Family Feud")- The question here was to name something that a doctor might stick into a patient. Cathy Rodriguez said a stephoscope, which is usually a metal thing! Yucko.

10/12/07 ("Family Feud")- C.C. Couchois thought it would be a great idea for a hide and seek game to be a dryer.
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