Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Survivor: China" 11/8

From this point on, anyone who got voted out was sent to the jury.

Reward Challenge: This challenge was simple. One member from each team was put in a boat, and each one’s objective is to have their team members throw enough water from the outside into the other’s boat in order to make it sink. The first one to do that won a game. The first to win two games won the match, a special surprise at the reward’s site and be taken to an ancient village to eat Chinese food there.

The captain for the red team was Peih-Gee Law and the captain for the yellow team was Jean-Robert Bellande. Here were the team layouts:

Red Team:
Peih-Gee Law
Frosti Zernow
Erik Huffman
Courtney Yates

Yellow Team:
Jean-Robert Bellande
James Clement
Todd Herzog
Amanda Kimmel

Denise Martin had to sit this challenge out as a result.

In Game #1, the boat sitters were Herzog and Yates…the yellow team won.

In Game #2, Zernow and Kimmel sat in a boat…the yellow team swept the challenge!

Here was the final clue for the Immunity Idol:

The parts to your home passes under the key;
Find four competitive hats, and then set them free.

It has been rumored that Clement owns BOTH Immunity Idols, but I’m not sure that’s true.

Immunity Challenge: This was one of those dreaded endurance challenges. This time, all of the remaining nine players had to sit on a barrel filled with water. All of the barrels were part of a big dragon. Water fell from each barrel through a hole as time passed, making it harder to stay on. The last person standing won immunity.

I think Bellande and Yates want to win this the most, but more so for Bellande. If he lost, unless he made some wild idol deal with Clement, he’s done.

Bellande was the first one out!

The last two remaining were Zernow and Yates. The winner…..

…and new immunity winner, Yates! I think she needed that win badly.

Did Bellande have an Immunity Idol with him at Tribal Council?…..

….NO, so he was eliminated. BTW, he joined Dugan as the second member of the jury.
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