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12/19/2007 Non "Duel" Results

TPIR: All of yesterday's contestants get an imaginary steaming s$%& bag from my family for what they caused on the last show- a total skunkout, causing the worst episode of this show in a long, long time. I guaran-damn-tee today's episode will be better. How much better? Let's find out now.

Today's first four players are Jeffrey Newton, Rachel Shapiro, Estella Kline and Joseph Fogault. The first IUFB this day is camping gear.

Jeffrey: $700
Rachel: $500
Estella: $850
Joseph: $851

ARP: $945, so Fogault plays Any Number for an exerciser or a Chevy Cobalt (Std., Paint, AT, Prot, Heater). First number in the car is 1. His first pick is 6, the second number of the car ($ 1 6, _ _ _). Second pick is 4, which is the last number of the car ($ 1 6, _ _ 4). Third pick is 2...that's in the piggy bank ($ _. 2 _). Fourth choice is 3...that's in the piggy bank also ($ _. 2 3). Fifth pick is 1, the middle number of the car
($ 1 6, 1 _ 4)! Sixth pick is 8....WINNER!! He wins the $16,184 Cobalt! Great playing!

Next player is Daffney Graham and the second IUFB is a set of Christmas lamps.

Daffney: $450
Jeffrey: $225
Rachel: $150 (STUPID BID)
Estella: $475

ARP: $840, giving Kline the chance to play Balance Game for a trip to Puerto Vallarta. The last three numbers in the price are 2, 1 and 6. The values available are $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000. My guess is $3,216, while she says $4,216...she wins!

Next player is Jonathan Barnes and the third IUFB is a bar set. The winner also gets $40 worth of V8 juice.

Jonathan: $250 (GARF OF THE CENTURY)
Daffney: $950 (STUPID BID)
Jeffrey: $1,000 (STUPID BID)
Rachel: $1,001

ARP: $3,140, so by default, Shapiro, a journalism student from San Diego State University, will play Cliff Hangers for a dining room worth $3,968. The first item she has to bid on is a pitcher, and she says $8 at first, but then $'s $22, so she just saved herself 12 steps. Second is a golf scope, and her guess is $35...$40. She needs to get the price of the toy sleigh within $18. She says $'s $50 and we have a perfect first half! That's more like it!

SSD1: Kline spins 15...and 65 for 80 cents. Shapiro spins 65...and goes over. The man spins 15...and 35, sending Kline to the Showcase.

Next player is Ramon Gonzalez III and the next IUFB is a wine cooler.

Ramon: $1,050
Jonathan: $1,051
Daffney: $2,000
Jeffrey: BUCK

ARP: $999, meaning Newton will play Double Prices for a home office (including a computer system). It's either $4,988 or $5,716. I say $4,988 and he agrees...winning streak over.

Next player is Cora Curtis and the next IUFB is a lawn mower. The winner also gets $40 worth of Kaboom.

Cora: $2,500
Ramon: $2,200
Jonathan: $1,500
Daffney: BUCK

ARP: $980, so for the second time in a row, a one buck bid wins for somebody! Graham plays Range Game for a Dodge Caliber (Std., AC, Stereo, Lamps)! The range is $16,800-$17,400. She stops at $17,065-$17,215. ARP: $16,970. Not even close.

The final player is Patrick Dawson and the final IUFB is a BBQ.

Patrick: $210 (SUICIDE GARF)
Cora: $550 (SUICIDE GARF)
Ramon: $625
Jonathan: $300 (SUICIDE GARF)

By default, Gonzalez wins. ARP: $729, so he will play Hi-Lo for an all-terrain vehicle worth $7,999. The products available are yams, tweezers, trash bags, HBP medicine, cough drops and NutraMist. His first pick is the tweezers, which are $9.99. Second pick is the HBP stuff, which is $6.29. Final pick is the NutraMist, which is $7.99. I feel good about this. The yams are $2.19, the cough drops are $2.15 and the bags are $4.99, so he wins!

SSD2: The first loser spins 85 cents. The other loser spins 40...and goes over. Gonzalez spins 75...and a nickel, so Newton goes to the Showcase. He said he wanted to win a car, so his chance may be coming!

First Showcase has tall-tale signs of Christmas. First, you might be overbudget buying gifts, so you could win $1,000! Second, you could be listening to Christmas music with a new stereo system. Finally, if you wanted to escape from a family reunion during the holidays, you could use a new Chaparral SSI 180 ski boat! Newton gets all of this and bids $12,500, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY. At least we definitely won't have a Double Overbid today, though. Kline goes for flowers, a living room and a spa, and she bids $17,565.

ARP for the man: $26,500, a difference of 14 grand. ARP for Kline: $23,387, meaning she wins and takes home $28,443 in prizes.

Temptation: Cortney is back for her final time with $4,204 in cash and prizes. If she wins, she'll likely either take home that cruise or the bedroom from Shopper's Paradise. But standing in her way are Laine and Patrese. After Speed Round #1...

Cortney: $40
Laine: $20
Patrese: $25

...the champ is offered a GE Laundry Duo worth $1,898 for just $15. The final offer is a $14 sale price, and she buys! She's now up to $6,102 in cash and prizes! Fame Game board:

_ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

Category: Landmark.

1. I'm originally from Italy.
2. But I got hung up in France.
3. Many have seen me, but no one really knows who I am.

Patrese rings in just as the fourth clue begins...

T _ E/_ O _ _/_ _ S _

..she says THE MONA LISA to take the lead with $40.

Knock-Off category: True facts about Will Smith.

Born in Philadelphia
First full name is Willard
Graduated from MIT
Began rapping at age 12
Tony Award winner
Made $1 million by age 20
Wrote a children's book
Trained with Sugar Ray Leonard
Is half-Jewish
Guinness World Record holder
Married twice
Calls himself "Willagra"

Laine: Born in Philly- $2 ($22)
Cortney: Sugar Ray Leonard training- $2 ($28)
Patrese: Made $1 million by 20- $2 ($42)

Laine: Two marriages- $5 ($27)
Cortney: Graduated from MIT
Patrese: Rapping at 12- $5 ($47)

Laine: Tony winner

1. Willard- $2 ($49)
2. "Willagra"- $5 ($54)
3. Half-Jewish

The $10 was behind the book and the $15 was behind the Guinness World Record. Patrese is offered hair care and makeup, all worth $1,330 for just $15. Going once...going twice...NO SALE.

Speed Round #2 dealt with Beatles songs and Rolling Stones songs. After that...

Cortney: $13
Laine: $32
Patrese: $64

...with a $32 lead, Patrese is offered the chance at five grand, but declines. She would've chosen red...for the second day in a row, somebody could've won the $5,000!

She goes on to win with the same score after the last Speed Round. Laine just goes home while Cortney leaves with $6,102 in cash and prizes.

Super Knock Off category: TV shows that take place in L.A.

"Melrose Place"
"Curb Your Enthusiasm"
"The Jeffersons"
"Sanford and Son"
"Happy Days"
"Everybody Loves Raymond"
"The Shield"
"According to Jim"
"The Closer"
"Married...With Children"
"Six Feet Under"

1. "Six Feet Under"- $100
2. "Melrose Place"- $25

She's off to a fine start with $189 in her bank account. The other right answers were "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "The Closer", "Sanford and Son" and $50 was behind "The Shield". She will return next time.

WOF: We have another chat with Pat and that human $5,000 space. After that, it's time to rock and roll. Tonight's players are Christy Shaddick (in the yellow) from Lowell, Mass. (who is an executive assistant in Boston for two partners at a CFO), DJ Bentley from Austin, TX (who is a grad student and is seeking his Master's Degree for teaching at Christian Brothers University) and Allison Preston from Crystal Lake, IL (who is a high school "pom squad" coach and is seeking her Master's Degree of Arts in teaching).

Shaddick solves STOCKHOLM SWEEDEN for $1,000 and triples that with some HUGS AND KISSES.

Round 1 category is Around the House and out on the wheel now is a $5,500 ski trip to Lake Tahoe. She calls the R's for the $10,000 midway in the round! After she buys the E's, we have...

_ R _ _ _/_ E A T _ E R/_ _ _ E/SEAT

...I only know the middle and last words now. After a $550 H, she buys a dud vowel in I. DJ calls a $900 B, located at the beginning of the puzzle, and I think I know this now. He doubles his $900 with an N, and after calling the L's for another $1,200, he solves BROWN LEATHER LOVE SEAT to tie the match at three grand.

(Flashback moment from 2001: A contestant tries to impersonate Pat's looks!)

Jackpot Round category is Proper Name. After Preston buys the O's, we have...

C O M _ D _ _ N

_ O _ _ _

M _ N D _ _

...after calling the L for $800, she solves COMEDIAN HOWIE MANDEL, the star of "Deal or No Deal", for $3,350! But there's no shout out from him before the second commercial break. Oh well.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Landmark. After the winner of the last round buys the O's, we have...

_ O _ N T

O _ _ _ _ _ S

...she then hits $7,500 on the Big Money Space and calls the M's! After buying the U's, she solves MOUNT OLYMPUS for $7,400 and a trip to Athens, for a new total of $15,750!

Winning ID for trip: GP00812

DJ then solves PLAYING CATCH to double to $6,000. Next category is Event. After he calls the H's, we have...

_ I _ H T/N I _ H T/IN/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _

...I think I know. After a $550 V, he solves FIGHT NIGHT IN LAS VEGAS for $2,700 and $8,700 total. Next is a Living Thing. After Preston calls the T's, we have...

_ _ _ N T

_ N T _ _ T _ _

...I don't know. After buying the E's, we now have...

_ _ _ N T

_ N T E _ T E _

...I know the second word is ANTEATER. After a $500 R and buying the I, she calls a dud vowel in O. The other lady also calls a dud in V. The man then calls the G and solves GIANT ANTEATER for another thousand and $9,700 total. Speed-Up Round category is Occupation and consonants are worth $1,500 each. After he calls the F, we have...

F _ _ _ _ _

T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T

...and he solves FAMILY THERAPISTS to finish with $11,200! I thought everybody played very well tonight; it's a shame we can only have one champion. That person is Preston with $15,750 in cash and trip. The other lady has $3,000.

The bonus round winning streak came to a screeching halt last night. Can our champ start a new winning streak tonight? Let's find out. She spins the quad star and the category is Place. Beginning with:

_ _ T _

_ _ R _

I think I know it already. Preston calls C, H, F and A and gets...

C _ T _

_ A R _

...and she gets my guess of CITY PARK for $25,000 and $40,750 overall on the night! That's a nice way to end Andy's last recap night of the year! Have a great vacation, man!
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