Friday, December 21, 2007

12/21/2007 Non "Duel" Results

TPIR: Christmas Week continues with Andrea Rico, Benjamin Hoke, Sean Lane and Debra Sulch. Opening the IUFBs today is surfing and bodyboarding equipment.

Debra: $1,500
Sean: $500
Benjamin: $600
Andrea: $601

ARP: $1,096, meaning Rico will try to push her way into Aspen, Colorado via Pushover. Board:


This could be tough. Excluding $4,598, any of the other prices could be right. Her guess is $5,034...but it's $4,850.

Next player is Bernice Miller and the second IUFB is an armoire.

Bernice: $1,200
Debra: $1,500
Sean: $2,300
Benjamin: $1,501

ARP: $1,201, so by only a buck, Miller, who wears a shirt that she loves Plinko, is going to play that game!! First small item is a Christmas Santa decoration marked at $21, and she picks the 2...$29. Second is a Mr. Clean mop kit marked at $43 and she picks the 3, and it's $13. Third is a cheeseburger phone marked at $38 and she picks the's $30. Finally, we have a pitcher marked at $27 and she selects 2...she sweeps the items, because it's $23! Impressive! Now, for the money-earning part.

1. $1,000 (Right)
2. $500 (Left)
3. $10,000
4. $1,000 (Left)
5. $100 (Left)

That's a total of $12,600 for her!

Next player is Nanci Arnold from San Diego and the third IUFB is a Christmas necklace.

Nanci: $2,300
Debra: $1,250
Sean: $1,550
Benjamin: BUCK

ARP: $1,800, so Lane plays Lucky Seven for a Jeep Wrangler (Std., Paint, AC, HTop, Speakers, Prot). First number is 2. His first number guess is 4....

$ 2 2, _ _ _'s 2, so two bucks are gone. My middle number guess is 4, and he says 6...

$ 2 2, 4 _ _

...should've gone with me. He's down to $3. My fourth number guess is 3, but he says 7...

$ 2 2, 4 7 _

...right on target! He says 5 for the last number. That last number has to be 4 or else....

$ 2 2, 4 7 9

...but it's 9, so he's broke.

The big winner this half goes to the Showcase.

Next player is Bonnie Williamson and the next IUFB is a jukebox/theater system.

Bonnie: $450
Benjamin: $1,100
Nanci: $899
Debra: BUCK

ARP, which is revealed after Drew sticks it on his forehead: $899, meaning Arnold wins an additional $500! She then plays Race Game. The prices are $775, $1,399, $1,999 and $2,345, and the prizes on offer here are a dual trike, a high chair, a grandfather clock and a treadmill. First guess is $775 for the chair, $1,399 for the trike, $1,999 for the treadmill and $2,345 for the clock...EXACTA in 15 seconds!

Next to leave the audience is Donnie Wesley and the next IUFB is a wreath with ornaments.

Donnie: $450
Debra: $599
Bonnie: $600
Benjamin: $601

ARP: $1,059, so Hoke plays Pick a Pair for a living room and a TV, all worth $4,198. The products available are NutraMist, tweezers, cough drops, fruit bowls, jewelry clasp and Mylanta. This should be as easy as it gets, and he takes advantage of it, picking both $2.15 items, the fruit and the drops.

Final player is Erin Hallbrook and the final IUFB is a washer and dryer. The winner also gets $40 worth of Kaboom and will try for a car.

Erin: $1,950
Donnie: $2,450
Debra: $2,200
Bonnie: $1,750

ARP: $2,248, so Sulch escapes the First Four Breakfast Club and will play Dice Game for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Prots, SRadio, Starter, Heater). First number is 2. She rolls a 2 for the second number and says higher...she loses immediately. ARP: $21,251.

SSD2: Sulch goes over, so she leaves with parting gifts. Hoke spins 75 cents. Arnold spins 40...and 60 for $1,000 and a Showcase berth! In her Bonus Spin....$10,000!!

The first Showcase has a dining room, a punch set and a piano, and Miller bids 20 grand, which I thought was a WILLY. For lucky Arnold, we have a laptop computer, a trip to Japan and a Fleetwood Pegasus trailer, and she bids $28,000, a bid I didn't like.

ARP for Miller: $17,556, so she's over and she'll leave with $13,896 in cash and stuff. ARP for Arnold.....

...$29,937, meaning she has averted the show's WIPEOUT threat for the week and is taking home $48,854 in cash and prizes! Nice way to end the week!

Temptation: Last episode of 2007 for them. Will the five grand be given away to either Jennifer (with $112 in her bank account) or either Brandi or Sally? Let's find out. After Speed Round #1....

Jennifer: $40
Brandi: $25
Sally: $20

...Jenny is offered an exercise/Yoga package worth $1,009 for $15. After the price gets lowered to $14, she buys. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

Category: Proper Name.

1. I began in a NY basin.
2. Now, I have hundreds of people working for me.
3. At first, I was just in a magazine buisness.
4. Now, I send out a multi-product stamp sheet.
5. You can also enter my multi-million dollar sweepstakes.

Jennfier then rings in...

P U _ L I S _ E R _

_ L E A _ I N G

_ O _ S E

...she says PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE to go back to $41.

Knock-Off category: Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Pecan Sandies
Lorna Doone

Sally: Chessmen- $2 ($22)
Brandi: Brussels- $5 ($30)
Jennifer: Milano- $2 ($43)

Sally: Bordeaux- $2 ($24)
Brandi: Lorna Doone
Jennifer: Geneva- $2 ($45)

Sally: Pirouette- $10 ($34)
Jennifer: Chantilly- $5 ($50)

Sally: Martinique
Jennifer: Tahiti- $5 ($55)

Jennifer: Lido- $15 ($70)

With a $36 lead, Jenny now gets offered a collection of candles, sprays and a four-course dinner served at her house by a chef, all worth $949 for $15. She buys that with little trouble.

Speed Round #2 dealt with movies that were originally shot either in color or black and white. After that...

Jennifer: $50
Brandi: $25
Sally: $49

...Jennifer, needless to say, trades in her buck lead for a chance at that $5,000. She chooses the red wallet...BULLSEYE!

But does she win the game...yes with $59!

She has $171 in her bank account. She needs at least $125 from Super Knock Off to get to at least the jewelry, and either $225 or $250 to get the cruise.

Super Knock-Off category: Celebrities under 25 years old.

Hilary Duff
Justin Timberlake
The Olsen Twins
Ryan Gosling
Ashton Kutcher
Zac Efron
Clay Aiken
Amanda Bynes
Lindsay Lohan
Lance Bass
Chelsea Clinton

1. Zac Effron- $25
2. Olsens- $25
3. Lindsay Lohan- $25
4. Hilary Duff- $25
5. Raven-Symone- $100
6. Amanda Bynes- $50 (SWEEP!)

With the extra $250, she decides to buy that cruise! She won everything today! It all adds up to $14,508 in cash and prizes! Happy holidays!

WOF: Time to wrap up the week before Christmas! Your players tonight are:

Nancy Kenzler (New York)- A buyer for a freeze dryer company and a web designer. In addition, she's also a coordinator for Operation Christmas Child.
Summer Raez (Summerville, SC)- A recent graduate from law school (including passing the bar exam); she now works at Charleston Southern University and is a cheerleading coach.
Trevor Prinze (Newport Beach, CA)- A student at a junior college.

Raez solves EXTREME SPORTS for $1,000, while Kenzler solves LOUNGE SINGER for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Phrase, and out on the wheel now is a trip to a winter resort in Michigan worth $5,300. After Kenzler buys the O's, we have...

O N _ _/_ _ R A T _ H I N _/THE/_ _ R _ A _ E

...I know this now. After a $300 L and a $2,500 Y, she buys the U. She then calls the G for the $1,000 gift certificate. But she loses her turn with a dud call of D. Raez calls the C's for $7,500 and then solves ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE to win that amount and go to $8,500.

Swanson Chicken Broth Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. Early on, the man calls three R's for the 25 wedge prize- 25 months of Netflix movie rentals, plus a TV/DVD combo, all worth $1,500. But he loses his turn by calling a dud of L while on the $3,500 wedge. Later on, after Kenzler calls the F's, we have...

F R E S H -_ _ _ E _

F R E _ _ H

_ R E _ _

...a few turns earlier, she hit the Jackpot space and called the H's for $1,000, but couldn't solve. She calls the B's for another $600 and the D's for another $800 and solves FRESH-BAKED FRENCH BREAD for $3,350 and a trip to Paris, making her new total $10,350.


Big Money Round category is Landmark, and it's a pretty big puzzle. Right away, the man hits a Mystery Wedge. He calls three T's and flips...$10,000! After he calls six N's, we have...

_ _ _ N/_./_ E N N E _ _/_ N T E R N _ T _ _ N _ _/

_ _ R _ _ R T

...I know this. After buying the A's and the I's, he solves JOHN F. KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT for $14,500!

Kenzler then solves SAUDI ARABIA to go to $13,350. Next category is Place. After Raez buys the E's, we have...

_ E T

S _ _ _ _ _

S _ _ E R S T _ R E

...I think I know. After calling the P's for $3,600, she solves PET SUPPLY SUPERSTORE for another $4,150 and $12,650 total. Speed-Up Round category is Thing and consonants are worth $1,300 each. Still anybody's match. After Raez calls the A, we have...

_ R _ T T _ N

_ S T _ _ A T _

...after the buzzer sounds, Kenzler is chomping at the bit, because she thinks she knows this. But we have to go to the man first. He calls the E's...but he says nothing. Then, Kenzler calls a dud in F. So much for that. After Raez calls the W, we now have...

W R _ T T E N

E S T _ _ A T E

...she still can't solve! The man then calls a dud vowel in O! Kenzler capitalizes on the man's mistake this time and calls the M and solves WRITTEN ESTIMATE to win the match by $150 at $14,650! The man has $14,500 and the other lady has $12,650. What a tight match!

So far, a nice $41,800 in cash and prizes has been won tonight!

BONUS ROUND: She spins the H and the category is Thing. It's a one-wordy, and we start out with:

_ R _ _ T _ _ _ _

Kenzler calls C, D, F and A and gets...

D R _ F T _ _ _ D

...we need DRIFTWOOD a lot at campfires, and she gets it! And she wins.......

....$100,000!!!!!! THE FIRST GRAND CHAMPION OF THIS SEASON!!!! She's taking home $114,650 in cash and stuff, and obviously she's the biggest winner of the season thus far! Way to go!!!

BTW, this is the first time since the $100K version of the bonus round began in October 2001 that the $100,000 was won on a Friday. Also, because of the big win tonight, for the second week in a row, the show has established a new season-best weekly total with $319,260!

The Singing Bee: It's back! Right now, through more episode-skipping and all, our current champion is Alicia, who won $50,000 on an episode we haven't seen yet. Host Joey Fatone said she's only the third player this season to win the big prize. To start the episode, Debbie Harry performs her hit "One Way or Another".

We learn on this episode that if tonight's champion wins The Final Countdown, in addition to the $50,000, he/she will win a three-night Mexican Cruise, complements of Carnival Cruise Lines!

Jonathan is first, marked #160. His first song..."Any Way You Want It" by Journey. The line that needs to be gotten is the second line of the song. He sings it as "That's the way you need it"...that's it!

Second is the champ with "School's Out" by Alice Cooper. The target is the second line of the chorus. She sings "School's out forever"...I wish I could say that for my college days, but she's right!

Third is Michael, marked #235. The possible last song of the round is "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton. The target this time is the fifth line of the chorus. His guess is "And no givin'"...THIS ROUND IS OVER ON A BLITZ! I don't recall that ever happening before! Tough break, Erin.

Round 2 this time is the Karaoke Challenge. First up is Jonathan with "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. Out of a possible 15...he runs the table!

Second is the champ with "Do Re Mi" from the movie "The Sound of Music". She...also clears the board!

Michael also needs to run the table on "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner to stay alive...HE DOES IT TOO! We've got some killer players tonight! Too bad only one can be the champion.

Right now, the Sudden Death song is from 1969 by Jay and the Americans. Johnathan rings in and decides to try..."This Magic Moment". He needs to correctly sing the fourth line, and he says it's "Until I met you"....NO! It was "Until I kissed you". He must have listened to the original version of the song by Lou Reed. That means he's out of here.

Alicia's first in the Chorus Showdown with "Old Time Rock n' Roll" by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band...she blazes through that!

Michael must not make a mistake during "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon...but he does, so Alicia's done it again!

After the final break, Fatone's wearing a sailor's hat, and the stage's dressed in cruise gear! The background surrounding the scoreboard on the screen is in the shape of a cruise ship, too!

First song in The Final Countdown is "Holiday" by Madonna. The line she needs to sing is the last line of the chorus, and she sings "It would be, it would be so nice" to get on the board.

Second is "(Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding. She needs to sing the last line of the chorus. Does she let "Wastin' time" out of her mouth...yes!

Third is "The Tide is High" by Blondie. She needs to sing the line after the chorus part, and she sings "The tide is high, so I'm holdin' on"...missed it by a word. It was "The tide is high, but I'm holdin' on".

Fourth is "Vacation" by the Go-Gos. The last line of the chorus needs to be IDed. She goes with "Meant to be spent alone"...right!

Fifth is "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray, later also by Uncle Kracker. The last line of the main chorus needs to be sung, and she sings "And drift away" to be one step away from another $50,000 win!

Next up is "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys. She needs to sing the last four words of the second line for the win. Her guess is "...come on pretty mama"...that'll do it! She now has $100,000 and the cruise!

But glory is short-lived, as she must defend her championship right now for Game #2. This time, to start an episode, Little Richard performs "Good Golly Miss Molly"!

Jay, #144, is first this time with "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John. He needs to sing the last five words of the second line of the chorus. He sings "...feeling like a little kid"...right on!

Alicia is now at bat with "I've Got Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. She needs to sing the fourth line of the chorus as "And I'll be okay"...she does!

Are we going to have another FIRST ROUND BLITZ? Let's find out with Christopher. His song is "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones. His objective is to sing the fourth line of the song and he sings it as "Hurry, hurry, hurry, before I lose control"...last two words are wrong. No BLITZ this time.

Carmel sings "Hurry, hurry, hurry, before I go insane"...round over!

Singing with the Enemy is next. Remember, each player will have to sing three different phrases from the same song. The two players who fare the best go to the Chorus Showdown.

The song is "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen!

Jay must sing the second line, and he sings "Is this just fantasy"...correct.

Alicia's first objective this round is to sing the fourth line. "No escape from reality" right.

Carmel then must sing the second part of the seventh line, and her guess for that is "...I need no sympathy"...everyone's off to a good start.

Jay's next target line is the ninth one. He sings "Little high, little low"...right.

Alicia then is required to sing the second half of line #10. She sings it as "....doesn't really matter to me"...right.

Carmel is back, and this time has to sing the second line of the second stanza. Her guess is "Put a gun against his head"...that's right.

Jay's last required line is the fifth line of that same stanza, and he sings "But now I've gone and thrown it all away"...he's perfect this round.

How about Alicia? Her last line is the next-to-last line of the stanza. She sings "If I'm not back again this time tomorrow"...she might be saying that again, because she's right again!

Carmel must get the last required line of the song or she's out of here. She must sing the last five words of the second stanza. Her guess is "...cause it doesn't really matter" DOES matter now, because she's wrong and has been eliminated. It was actually " if nothing really matters".

Jay's first in the Chorus Showdown with "I Ran So Far Away" by A Flock of Seagulls...he messes up.

To win her third straight game, Alicia must survive "American Pie", originally done by Don McLean, later Madonna...but she messes up in the middle. It's time for Sudden Death.

The year is 1982, and the artist is Berlin. Song title is "The Metro". She must sing the last line of the second stanza, which is "Ridin' on the metro".....

...but she's totally stumped, so Jay's the new champ.

Final Countdown: Jay only gets two songs right before striking out, good for ten grand.
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