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12/28/2007 Results

Crosswords: We begin today with Richard Rossi (a guitar teacher from Pennsylvania) and Kathy Murphy (a retired caterer from Iowa).

At today's first Extra, the man is in control as soon as he gets his first $100. The lady has $200, and his wager is $500:

_ A _ _ _

Clue: Dilly-_____.

He says DALLY to go to $600! At the end of the round, he's now at $750 while the lady is at $600. Good first round by both.

Today's Spoilers are Zach (a quality control technician from Wisconsin), Roxy Maljoy (a documentary filmmaker from Pennsylvania) and Bert Wong (a NY artist).

1. (_ E _ _ _)- Pumpkin eater of rhyme. Murphy thinks of PETER...she's right to go to $800 and take a $50 lead.
2. (_ _ _ _ _ E)- Batter's positioning, in the batter's box. My gut was UMPIRE, but Rossi goes with STANCE instead...and he's right to go to $950!
3. (_ C _ N _)- Trail marker. This was a total stumper- it was SCENT.
4. (Four-letter word)- Object of a lad's affection. Murphy says LASS...with a grand, she again has a $50 lead!
5. (Seven letters)($300)- Nutritional necessity found in meat and beans. Rossi tries my instinct of PROTEIN...that's right for $1,250!
6. (_ _ _ R)- Sound of rousing crowd support. Murphy gets ROAR to trail the man by $50 now.
7. (_ O _)($100)- It's charged in physics. Rossi doesn't get it immediately, but he gets ION to triple his lead at $1,350.
8. (_ R _ _)- Like the deadly "Reaper". The man's in again with GRIM to make his total $1,550 and find the round's first Extra. He wagers just a hundred on this:

_ _ _ M

Clue: Force into the overhead storage bin, e.g. He says CRAM...he's up to $1,650.

10. (_ _ _ R _)- You need rhythm to beat it. Nobody tries SNARE.
11. (Three letters)($100)- Shakespeare's Puck, e.g. Murphy goes with ELF...right to go to $1,300.
12. (Four letters)- Adorably attractive. Murphy tries it again with CUTE...right again for $1,500.
13. (Four letters)- Disagreeable duty. The man says, so it's time for the first spoil chance of the day. It goes to Zach, but he blanks out. Wong then tries TASK...I don't think so, locking both men up top out. Answer: ONUS. Wong had quite a frustrated recation after the buzzer sounded! Rossi's down to $1,450, meaning he's $50 off the lead now.
14. (Four letters)- X, on a mall map. Rossi says HERE...he's got the lead back at $1,650!
15. (Five letters)- The "N" of USNA. Murphy says a few times earlier this round, she's got a $50 lead at $1,700! And she gets the other Extra of the round. Her wager...a grand:

V _ _ _ _

Clue: What the "Antique Roadshow" can estimate. She gets VALUE to get a bigger lead at $2,700!

17. (A _ _ _ _)- It may be titillating in a bakery. Murphy says AROMA...$2,900!
18. (_ O L _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Put up with something that's unpleasant. Rossi's in this time with TOLERATE...he's right to be $50 off the two grand mark.
19. (N _ T _ _)- Made mention of. Murphy says NOTED...she now has $3,100!
20. (_ E _ _)- Like a pole vaulter's pole in action. Rossi says BENT...he now has $2,150! Time for Round 3.

1. (_ _ _ T)- Indian head amount. Murphy says CENT, which of course is right to go to $3,300!
2. (_ _ _ N)- Universally-known figure. Rossi says that's the MOON...but it's not. That gives the female spoiler a free shot with ICON...she's right to steal his $2,150!
3. (Five letters)- "Transit" starter? Murphy says RAPID...she's got $3,500!
4. (_ _ _ I _)- Shaped like a witch's hat. Murphy's in once more with CONIC...$3,700!
5. (_ O _)($100)- Cottage style, Cape ____. Maljoy gets in this time with COD to go to $2,250.
6. (Seven letters)($300)- Alligator pear. Murphy says AVOCADO, which is right, but she can't finish the spelling in time, so she drops to $3,400.
7. (Three letters)($100)- Jack's immediate inferior. Rossi goes for the lead with JON...NO. It was TEN.
8. (Four letters)- Recline in a relaxed manner. Murphy says LAZE...incorrect, so she's down to $3,200. Answer: LOLL.
9. (Four-letter word)- Word in the title of an "Amazing" competition. Maljoy gets the RACE in "The Amazing Race" to go to $2,450.
10. (Three-letter word)($100)- It may be crushed to make it go down easier. Murphy says ICE...this time, she's right to go back to $3,300. And she hits the last Extra of the game, and she wagers one thou on a five-letter answer. Clue:

Light-fingered one.

Her lead is on the line. Her guess is THIEF....


...RIGHT to keep the lead with $4,300!

12. (Five letters)- Squab alternative. Murphy says, ma'am. It was CAPON, so she's down to $4,100.
13. (Five letters)- Place to seek sanctuary. Murphy says CHURCH, which is one letter too many, dropping her to $3,900. Answer: HAVEN.
14. (Three-letter word)($100)- Dip, as bread in gravy. Murphy says SOP...she's back to four large!
15. (Four-letter word)- Weevil's lunch. Murphy gets in at the last second with BOLL...that's $4,200!
16. (Three letters)($100)- Pokemon training star. Zach goes for a possible win with ASH...he just stole the game with $4,300!

Crossfire: If he can prove his victory wasn't a fluke here by filling in the remaining 14 blanks, he'll be going to Los Cabos, Mexico with $9,300...he falls three blanks short.

WoF: Last night, we had one lucky spinner who won $38,100 in cash and stuff, but bombed out on her $100,000 opportunity in the bonus round. Thus, we are in a dire situation. If tonight's champion doesn't win the bonus round, we will be skunked for the first time since early October and the third time overall this season. I have a bad feeling that will happen tonight. Hopefully, one of these three players will prove me wrong. They are:

Cindy Long (Osah Beach, CA)- A bartender at a sports bar and grill.
Kalin Carnahan (Wilmington, NC)- Also a bartender (she works at two different bars) and a beach lover.
Brandon Frasier (El Paso, TX)- A mantenance officer from the U.S. Army.

Long gets PEACE ON EARTH for $1,000, while the other lady scores $2,000 with GIFT CATALOGS.

Round 1 category is Place and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 Michael C. Fina gift certificate. After Carnahan calls the D, we have...

_ N D O O R/_ _ _/S _ _ _ _ N _/R _ N _

...I know it now. She calls the K's for $600 and the Free Spin, and she then solves INDOOR ICE SKATING RINK for $4,350 and $6,350 total.

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Where Are We? After Long calls the L, we have...

_ _ _ N E _/_ A N _ A _ _ _ _/THE/L A N _/_ _ _ N/_ N _ E _

...I know everything this round. She calls the D's for $3,200 and buys the O's, but she then goofs on the puzzle by saying SYDNEY KANGAROO THE LAND DOWN UNDER. The other lady calls the Y's for $1,200 and the S's to double that. After calling the R's for another $1,600, she then gets SYDNEY KANGAROOS THE LAND DOWN UNDER for another $4,000, and she then gets AUSTRAILIA as the bonus answer to go to $13,350.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? Early on, Long picks up the Wild Card with a T. After Carnahan calls the L's for $600, we have...

S _ _ _ _ N G/A/_ O L _/_ R _ N _/_ _/THE/_ O O L

...I think I know. After calling the P's for another $900, she then solves SIPPING A COLD DRINK BY THE POOL for $1,500 and a trip to Mexico, making her new total $20,496! She's been on a roll since the second Toss-Up!


Long then gets MEDICAL ASSISTANT to go to $4,000. Next category is Person. Early on, our leader uses her Free Spin after calling a dud in T. After she calls the C's, we have...

_ C C O _ _ L I S H E D

_ _ _ L I C

S _ E _ _ E R

...I've got it, even though it took me a while. After the P's for another $1,500, it's Speed-Up time. The remaining consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. She then calls the M and solves ACCOMPLISHED PUBLIC SPEAKER to seal her match with $28,646! Long has $4,000 and the man has $1,000 due to being shut out.

BONUS ROUND: Carnahan is the lady who just might end the losing streak tonight. I hope she does. She spins the B for Bobby and the category is Living Thing. Starting with:

_ _ N _

_ _ _ S _

I think it's KING ______. Carnahan calls C, H, M and O and gets nothing, so it's all over and we've been SCROOGED. She came close, though- she said TINY DAISY, but the answer was PINK DAISY, and she doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: For the second straight day, somebody has to prove themself that they're not a paper champion. In this case, Dan Pawson, with just $9,700 thus far, faces Heather Doyle (an English teacher from St. Louis) and Theo Arnold (a teacher from San Diego). Opening categories:

MULTIPLE CHOICE (yes, all clues in this category are in the multiple choice format, as three choices are given for each one)

At the first break, Arnold leads with $3,200 while the other teacher has $1,200 and the champ is $600 in the red. Late in the round, the only lady on the panel finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in What a Revoltin' Development. She has $1,800 and is in second place right now, while the champ has $1,600 and Arnold still leads with double the champ's score ($3,200). Her wager is $800:

This 1794 insurrection in Western Pennsylvania was caused by farmers who refused to pay the taxes on their corn liquor.

"What is the Whiskey Rebellion?"...she should've bet more, because she's right. The champ then gets on a roll to end the round in the lead, thanks mostly to Transportation. He now has $3,600, while Arnold has $2,600 and the lady has $1,600. Thus, everybody is $1,000 apart from each other.

DJ! categories:


Early on, Arnold finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Musical Instruments. He's now tied with the champ for the lead at $3,600, while the other has $2,200. His wager is two grand:

Often played tilted, this instrument has a "harmonic curve" as the strings lengthen with each octave.

"What is a harp?"...he's got the lead back with $5,600! The champion is having trouble buzzing in for a good majority of the round, as the lady is now closing in on Arnold. But the champ tries to stay in it as he gets the $800, $1,200 and $1,600 Shakespeare clues to go to $7,200. He then shortly finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 TV Math clue. He now has $8,400, while Arnold's still ahead with $10,800 and the lady has $9,000. His wager is $3,000. For a $600 lead:

Careful: Tina Fey's title "Rock" minus Charlie Sheen's title "Men".

"What is 27.5?" right for the lead and $11,400! But the lady puts the pedal to the metal to close the round, and we've got ourselves a great FJ! in the offering. That's beacuse the champ and the lady are tied for the lead at $13,400, while Arnold has $12,400.

FJ! category: U.S. States.

Two of the four states whose names were those of independent republics before they entered the union.

Arnold wrote down "What are Arizona and California?"

"What are Arizona and California?"

....wrong. He drops to three bucks. The lady has "What are Hawaii and Texas?".....

"What are Hawaii and Texas?"

...she's right to double up! The champ has that too. The last state not given was Vermont. If he also bet it all, we'll have co-champions to end the week....

...YES! That means both win $26,800, and the champ's new total is $36,500! Nice way to end the week!

The Singing Bee: Jay has $10,000 so far, and could make it $60,000 after tonight's episode about TV theme songs! This is an hour-long episode. The opening song was the theme from "The Brady Bunch".

In the first round, which stays the same, only one contestant will be eliminated.

First up is #30, Scott, with "The Jeffersons". He has to sing the last line of the first stanza, which is "We finally got a piece of the pie"...and he gets it!

Second is the champ with "Fame". He has to sing the last line before "Remember" gets sung quite a few times in a row. He sings "Make them remember my name"...not quite.

Third is #78, Michael, who sings "Baby remember my name"...that's right!

Fourth is #227, Julee, with the title song from "Growing Pains" called "As Long As We Got Each Other" by Steve Dorff and John Bettis. She has to sing the last line of the first part. She sings "The best is ready to begin"...right!

Fifth is #196, Jennifer, with "Scooby-Doo". She has to sing the last line of the first part of the song. Does she know that's "We need some help from you now"?....yes!

The champ will be sent home right now if #168, Stephanie, can nail part of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". The actual title is "Love is All Around" by Paul Williams. She has to sing the line of the second part that is said twice in a row. She sings "You're going to make it on your own"...not quite.

Can Jay capitalize? He sings "You're going to make it after all"...that's right, so he's still here and Stephanie is not.

Tonight's episode is presented by TV Guide.

Round 2 is the same as Round 1, except that it's in a buzz-in format, and this time, each player must sing the opening line(s) of a theme song.

The first song is "Three's Company". Jay's in first with "Come on knock on our door"...right away, he's wrong, so everyone else is eligible to steal. Jennifer then tries "Come and knock on our door"...that's right to put her in the next round!

Second is "Welcome Back, Kotter", and two of that show's stars appear, one of which is "Boom Boom" Washington! Scott's guess is "Welcome back, where your dreams are your ticket out" Julee then sings "Your dreams were your ticket out"...correct!

Third is "The Jetsons". Michael sings "Meet George Jetson" to advance!

The last song this round is "Green Acres". Scott rings in with "Green Acres is the place to be" to send Jay home with $10,000!

Before we get to Round 3, it's time for an audience game. One male and one female get chosen. Both are given the same song. If both are right, they split $1,000; if only one is right, that person gets the whole $1,000. Nick and Molly are chosen. While Nick goes first, Molly is wearing headphones and is blindfolded so she can't hear or see anything.

The song..."The Flintstones"! Both have to sing the second part of the third line of the song. It is " of Bedrock". Nick's right...and so is Molly, so both get $500 each!

BTW, in one of the show's polls, "Jeopardy!" was said to have the most hummable theme song!

Round 3 is Karaoke Challenge. One more contestant will be eliminated.

First up is Scott with "Gilligan's Island". He gets....six words right.

Second is Michael with "Laverne & Shirley". His word count....everything!

Third is Julee with "The Dukes of Hazzard"...and she gets 11 missing words right.

Jennifer has to get at least seven missing words from the theme from "The Monkees" to advance...she gets all but one!

Round 4 is Play List. Here are the categories in play this time:


Michael selects Family Fare, and the song he's gotta sing is "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Two member's of the show's original cast appear to root him on. He says for the target "Ya' goin'"....ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Answer: "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air". One cast member also got it wrong!

Julee's first category is Ladies Night, and she's gotta sing "The Golden Girls". The target line is the last line of the song, and she sings "Thank you for being a friend"...and thank you so much for getting that one right!

Jennifer's opening category is Day Care, and her song is "Spongebob Squarepants". My brother, Andrew, will get a kick out of this one. She has to sing the second part of the last line before the chorus. She says that's "And drop like a fish?"...just missed it. It was "And plop like a fish".

Michael's other category is Combat Rock, and his next theme comes from "The Transformers". He must sing the chorus line that comes after "Transformers, robots in disguise". He sings the same line, which is wrong. It was "Transformers, more than meets the eye".

Julee's other category is Sit & Spin. She has to sing part of the "Frasier" theme song. She has to sing the next-to-last line. Her guess is "With those tossed salads and scrambled eggs"...right! She's definitely in the Chorus Showdown!

If Jennifer can get part of "Mr. Ed" correct, she's the other finalist. She has to sing the last line of the first stanza. She sings " Mr. Ed"....uh, no. It was " the famous Mr. Ed".

It's time for Sudden Death. In this case, the year and the star of a TV show is given. The year was 1989 and the star was Stephen Caffrey. Jennifer buzzes in and decides to give this song to Michael. He sings the target line as "...comin' back"...he won't be, as he's wrong. It was " turn black".

Julee's song in the Chorus Showdown is "The Greatest American Hero". She...gets it!

Jennifer must survive the chorus of "Cheers", or "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", to stay in it...but she makes a late mistake, so Julee's the champ!

Another audience game is played, this time with Brittany. She is given headphones and a blindfold to wear, as the audience will get to sing the song's lyrics before she gets the chance. If she's successful at her turn, she'll win $500. Believe it or not, it's the theme song from THIS SHOW!!! Does she get it right?....NO! Darn. But, she gets a second chance with another song, which is the one from "The Muppet Show"...and she messes that one up too! Everyone in the audience gets free headphones.

First up in The Final Countdown is the signature theme from "Happy Days". Two stars appear from that show at this point, one of which is Anson Williams. Her target guess is "Rockin' and rollin' all week long"...she's on the board!

Second is the theme song used for most of the run for "The Facts of Life". She has to sing the last line of the first stanza, which believe it or not, is "The Facts of Life"! She gets it to go to $10,000.

Third is "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". The target this time is the last line from each of the first two stanzas. Her guess is "Could you be mine"...another $5,000 is hers!

Fourth is "Love and Marriage" from "Married....With Children". She's required to sing the last line of the first stanza. She sings "You can't have one without the other"...yes indeed!

For a $50,000 sweep, she now has to get part of "Spider-Man" correct. Does she know that the last line of the first stanza is "Here comes the Spider-Man"?....YES for a $50,000 EXACTA!
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