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12/3/2007 Results- Lisa goes for six

WWTBAM: Returning today is Heather Hanson-Mohammed. She used the audience lifeline during one of her first five questions the last time. For $8,000:

What TV series stars Rebecca Romijn as the cunning Alexis Meade, who was formerly a man named Alex?

A: "Desperate Housewives"
B: "Lost"
C: "Heroes"
D: "Ugly Betty"

She doesn't have time to watch any of these shows. And it showed, as she says "Desperate Housewives" without using a lifeline, when the answer was actually "Ugly Betty", which is the only show out of those four that I watch on a regular basis. Therefore, she leaves with $1,000 and a DVD game.

Next is Richard Ellis, a firefighter from Waxahachie, TX. For $16,000:

Because it contains the enzyme papain, a paste made from meat tenderizer is often advised as a home remedy for what ailment?

A: Sunburn
B: Bee sting
C: Migraine headache
D: Toothache

He says B for bee...

A: Sunburn
B: Bee sting
C: Migraine headache
D: Toothache

...correct! For $25,000:

What is the name of MySpace's president, who is included as the first "friend" for every new member?

A: Kevin Rose
B: Larry Page
C: Chad Hurley
D: Tom Anderson

With no hesitation and a big grin, he says Anderson...

A: Kevin Rose
B: Larry Page
C: Chad Hurley
D: Tom Anderson

...he's up to $25,000, and he hasn't used a lifeline yet! First $50,000 question:

In figure skating, which of these crowd-pleasing maneuvers requires two skaters?

A: Flying camel
B: Double axel
C: Death spiral
D: Layback spin

He polls the audience, and they're of no help. 34% said flying camel, 32% said layback spin, 31% said the death spiral and 3% said double axel. He decides to swap this question out. The answer was death spiral, which he wouldn't have said. New $50,000 question:

Named for the 19th century French surgeon Jacques Lisfranc, the Lisfranc joint is located where in the body?

A: Neck
B: Hip
C: Foot
D: Wrist

He decides to call Walt, who has a Physiology degree, and he says nothing. The 50:50 leaves hip and foot. He says foot...

A: Neck
B: Hip
C: Foot
D: Wrist

...he's got $50,000! For $100,000:

Founded in 1865, what is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the U.S.?

A: "The New Yorker"
B: "The New Republic"
C: "Parade"
D: "The Nation"

He throws in the towel with his $50,000. Answer: "The Nation".

TPIR: Today's opening players are Halick Johnson, Richard Lorena, Giouvanna Basilla and Sarah Wallace. First IUFB is a refrigerator/freezer with a mini TV.

Sarah: $1,399
Jouvana: $2,400
Richard: $2,300
Halick: $2,800

ARP: $3,149, meaning Johnson from Corona, CA will play Shopping Spree for ski equipment, a canopy daybed, a pair of electric guitars and backpacks. The target today is $6,000. Her first pick is the guitars...but they're only $620. Second pick is the skiing stuff...that's $1,913. Her last prize pick has to cost at least $3,467. She chooses the daybed...$3,149. The backpacks were $1,130.

Next player is Mark McSherry from USC and the second IUFB is a patio heater. The winner also gets a $40 supply of NutraMist.

Mark: $799 (he calls Drew Bob!)
Sarah: $995
Giouvanna: $550
Richard: $701

ARP: $995, meaning Wallace just won a check for $500! She then gets to play Five Price Tags for a Chrysler 300. Here are the possible prices for it:


I know what the ARP of the car is. First SP is a flash drive marked at $108, and she says False, but that's True. Second SP is a board game marked at $51 and she says's actually $25, so she's on the board. Third SP is a chocolate dipper marked at $19, and she says False...True. Finally, we have a speaker marked at $150...and she says True for another right answer.

Now, for the car. Two chances at it. First guess is $24,456...close. Second guess is $23, ARP: $25,495.

Next player is Erin Williams and the next IUFB is a desk.

Erin: $1,400
Giouvanna: $1,000
Richard: $1,700
Mark: $1,701 (he calls Drew Bob again!)

ARP: $1,429, so Williams will play the Grand Game. Target is $7 and the products are HBP medicine, gel insoles, Senokot, malted milk, cough drops and V8 juice. First pick is the juice...$3.15. Second pick is the milk, which is $4.39. Third pick is the Senokot...$7.49, and the audience was right. She does win $100, though. The HBP stuff was $6.29, the gel insoles were $10.79 and the cough drops were $2.15.

Johnson gets to the Showcase. She deserves to, after that bad break in Shopping Spree.

The next player is Darnell Wilson and the next IUFB is a bikeboard.

Darnell: $550
Giouvanna: $645
Richard: $750
Mark: $751 (he calls Drew Bob again!!!)

ARP: $1,956, so the guy who keeps calling Drew Bob will play Squeeze Play for a mini trailer. Board:


I'm not totally sure, but I think $5,995. He agrees...he's the first winner today!

The next player is Jessica Smith and the next IUFB is a dinette.

Jessica: $1,700
Darnell: $2,300
Giovanna: $1,950
Richard: BUCK

ARP: $899, and Lorena will play Cover Up for a 2008 Dodge Nitro (Std., Wheels). Board:

First number: 2 or 4?
Second number: 1, 8 or 9?
Third number: 0, 4, 7 or 9?
Fourth number: 3, 5, 6, 8 or 9?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6?

First guess is $21,450...only the fourth digit is wrong. Final guess is $21,490...but it's $21,430.

The last player is Nicholas and the final IUFB is a set of language books/tapes.

Nicholas: $700
Jessica: $895
Darnell: $900
Giovanna: BUCK

ARP: $869, so the lady named G goes to the First Four Breakfast Club and Nicholas will play for a sofa marked at $2,599 and an ATV marked at $1,749 in Switch?. He switches, like I would have...and he wins!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 15...and again. Nicholas spins 70 cents. The man who thinks Drew is still Bob Barker spins 45...and 15, so Nicholas is in the Showcase.

The first Showcase features a Wild West Showdown between two of the models. First, the battle started when one cowgirl stole another's new watch. Second, one cowgirl tried to cover up another's new pool table. Finally, when one thought that they were leaving Dodge City, they instead heard they were actually leaving town in a new 2008 Dodge Ram SLT Quad Cab (Std., Paint, AT, Comm., PEG)! After two ladies are shown spinning the Big Wheel at the end of the skit, the man bids 30 grand. The lady's going for a video camera and trips to Aruba, Spain and Japan, and she bids $25,000.

ARP for the man: $39,509, a difference of $9,509. ARP for the lady: 25 thousand....311, meaning the man was screwed from the start, and the lady wins $28,480 in prizes.

Crosswords: Today's opening players are Todd Sapps (a writer from Missouri) and Kathy Wittis (an artist from Ohio).

At the first XBOX 360 Crossword Extra, both players have nothing, but the lady's in control. She goes for $500 on a five-letter answer. The clue:

Capital not far from Twin Falls.

She can't get Boise, so she's $500 in the hole. At the end of the opening round, she's now at -$350 and the man has $100 on the positive side.

Today's Spoilers are Richard Reeth (from California), Linda Nager (from N.J.) and Morry Shore (from NY).

1. (Four-letter word)- Not a hologram or illusion. Wittis says REAL...correct to go back to -$150.
2. (Seven letters)($300)- Expelled air explosively. Wittis says EXHALED...good guess, but incorrect. The man says JETTED, which is one letter too little. The first spoil chance of the day goes to Reeth, who says him out, because he's wrong too. Next is Nager with EXPLODE...NO, so she's locked out as well. Both players at the bottom lose $300 on that one, so both are now in the red. Answer: SNEEZED.
3. (Four-letter word)- Seafood restaurant handouts. Sapps says BIBS...correct to go back to zero.
4. (B _ _ _)- Compartments for discounted items, often. Wittis says BINS...correct to go to -$250.
5. (Five letters)- Frampton of "Frampton Comes Alive!". Shore gets a free spoil chance with PETER...he's got $200.
6. (Five letters)- King Carl XVI Gustaf, e.g. Wittis' guess is SWEDE...right to just be fifty bucks in negative territory.
7. (Five-letter word)- Giraffe's striped kin. Wittis says OKAPI to get out of the it to go to $150 on the good side! She then finds the first Extra of the round and wagers a hundred on a four-letter word. Clue:

Something found in specs?

She says RIMS....


...she was wise to bet low, because she's wrong again. It was LENS.

9. (Five-letter word)- He's a barbarian on film. Shore agrees with me on CONAN to double up.
10. (Seven letters)($300)- Intersects. Reeth tries again to spoil, this time with CROSSES...correct for $700!
11. (_ S _ _ _ _)- Natives of Bulgan and Beijing, e.g. Sapps tries to get back to where he started with ASIANS...that's correct to take the lead with $900!
12. (_ S _ _ _ _)- Companion at the Academy Awards, perhaps. Sapps says OSCARS...incorrect. Wittis tries to steal with ESCORT...that's right to go to $250 and drop the man to $700.
13. (_ _ E _ A)- Port city of south central Ukraine. Shore tries to spoil again, but he blanks out. It was ODESA.
14. (Five letters)- Not quite ready for the tooth fairy, but nearly. Sapps rings in with LOOSE...that's right to go back to $900 and hit the round's other Extra. He wagers $800:

_ _ _ _ _ L _

Clue: 1993 Peace Prize co-winner Nelson. He says MANDELA fairly quickly...


...he's right to go to $1,700!

16. (_ _ _ _ D)- It's "Cool" in the title of a 1992 Kim Basinger film. Reeth goes for another spoil and does so by agreeing with me on my guess of WORLD! He goes to $1,900 now as the second round comes to a close.

Here's this week's at-home sweepstakes question:

______ IN CHEEK

A: Tongue
B: Ear
C: Nose

Now, for Round 3.

1. (W _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- "Oh, what am I to do?". Reeth says WOEISME...correct to break the two grand mark with $2,200.
2. (Five letters)- More leafless. Shore goes for the spoil with it for $2,400!
3. (_ _ B _ _)- Blake of ragtime. He says EUBIE to inch to $2,600 now.
4. (E _ _ _ _)- Word used by the bar for "bar". At the last second, Shore goes for it with ESTOP...right again for $2,800!
5. (U _ _ _ _)- Being beneficial to have around. For a $3,000 spoil, Reeth says UTILE...right!
6. (Four-letter word)- Queen Amidala's daughter. Reeth says LEIA...right again to go to $3,200!
7. (Another four-letter word)- Mate for Mr. Ed. Reeth gets in again with MARE...that's three in a row, and he's got $3,400!
8. (Another four-letter word)- Cut from the same cloth. Shore tries for a $3,600 spoil with SAME...NO. Sapps tries again to get his old podium back, but he blanks out. Answer: AKIN.
9. (Five-letter word)- Lemonade locale. Reeth guesses STAND...he's up to $3,600 and finds the last Extra of the game! He bets $1,500 on a four-letter answer. The clue:

You may train to beat them.

He says ODDS....


....NO. It was FOES, so he's down to $2,100.

11. (Three letters)($100)- "____ semper tyrannis". Reeth's guess is SIC...right to go to $2,200.
12. (I _ _ _)- Soil component that makes Mars red. He says IRON for another $200.
13. (Three letters)($100)- 111, to Nero. He tries again to score with CXI...that would be it, so he has $2,500.
14. (Six letters)- Filtered through slowly. He says SIEVED...wrong, so he drops to $2,300. Answer: SEEPED (I think).
15. (Three letters)($100)- Attached to "Young", it forms an informal term for kids. This time, Wittis gets in first with UNS...that's right to move to $350.
16. (Another three-letter answer)($100)- Head Turner until the mid-70s? I say TED, but Reeth says IKE....IKE is right to go back to $2,400!
17. (Five letters)- They're usually pushed to the center of the card table. Again, Reeth tries it with CHIPS...NO. That means Nager could win the game on a last-second spoil. She says ANTES...she wins the game and $2,400!

Crossfire: If she can fill in the remaining fifteen blanks, she'll leave with $7,400, an XBOX 360 and a trip to Hawaii...she doesn't quite make it.

WOF: Tonight's players are Kevin Leonore from Kiala, Washington (who is studying Nursing at Pierce College and has been a singer for eight years), Lauren Evans from Cordova, TN (who is a mortgage officer) and Stacey Hummel from Sherman Oaks (who is a makeup artist).

The only man on the panel gets COAST TO COAST for $1,000, while Evans gets TRAVEL CHANNEL for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Proper Name, and out on the wheel now is a $6,400 trip to, of all places....San Francisco. After Hummel buys the E's, we have...

_ _ T _ E _ _

_ _ _ _ _ T _ N _

_ P P L _ G _ T E

...I'll bet you Andy got this when the P's came up. After she buys the A's, she calls a pair of C's for $900 and solves ACTRESS CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, the star of the hit ABC comedy "Samantha Who?", for $3,700 and a $1,000 gift certificate from, giving her $4,700 in cash and prizes to start. She also has a Free Spin with her. The said actress does a shout-out before the first commerical break.

Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After Evans calls the H, we have...

S T _ _ _/&/

_ _ T H E R

_ _ _ _ R E

...I thought it would be something MOTHER NATURE, but it can't be now. She then calls a D for dud while she was on the Jackpot space. Hummel used the Free Spin a few turns sooner. Speaking of her, she then calls the C for the 25 wedge prize...a $2,500 gift certificate from But she calls a dud in B. The man calls two F's for $7,000 and we now have...

S T _ C _/&/

F _ T H E R

F _ _ _ R E

...I have it now, but I would like to make a note that in the Jackpot now is $18,350. After buying the A, the U and the I's, he solves STICK & FATHER FIGURE for $7,050 and $8,050 total.

(Flashback moment from 1996: During a S.F. College Week show, Pat Sajak's voice starts to croak, so Vanna White takes over hosting for the bonus round!)

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Things. After the winner of the last round calls the R's, we have...

_ A _ E S/R O _ _ I N _/ONTO/THE/SHORE took me a while, but I got it. After calling a pair of L's for $800, he solves WAVES ROLLING ONTO THE SHORE for another $5,100 and a trip to Aruba, for a new total of $19,050.

Hummel then solves DOGWOOD TREE to go to $7,700, and it's Speed-Up Round time. The category for it is Event and consonants are worth $6,000 each! After Evans calls the H's, we have...

S _ _ _ E

S H _ T T _ E

_ _ _ N _ H

...for $18,000...nothing! Hummel calls the L's and solves SPACE SHUTTLE LAUNCH for a $30,000 win and a winning total of $37,700! The man has $19,050 in cash and stuff and the other lady has $2,000.

Cars this week are an Infiniti FX35 and an Audi A3. She spins the I and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _/_ _ _ R/S _ _ E

I know it's not ON YOUR SIDE. Hummel calls D, P, M and A and gets...

_ _/_ _ _ R/S _ D E's definitely ___ YOUR SIDE now. She stole my gut of ON YOUR SIDE, which of course is wrong. It was BY YOUR SIDE, which came to me at the last second. As a result, she made.....

...a great deal- she only lost out on $25,000! She has $37,700 in cash and prizes to take home!

Jeopardy!: I don't have much faith in Lisa Klink becoming a six-time champion, but let's see if she can somehow do it. Her challengers tonight are Brian Baggett (a landscape designer from Sky Valley, CA) and Heather Mathewson-Rainville (a buisness analyst from Pittsboro, NC). Opening categories:


At the first break, the female challenger has $5,600. The champ has $1,200 and the man has $200. Heading into the last category of Religion, the champ is struggling tonight so far at $1,600. The man has $4,200 and the lady in the middle has $7,200. First clue:

"Autobiography of a Yogi" was a popular book by this religion's first missionary to settle in the U.S.

The man gets it wrong with something I can't understand. The champ says "What is Hindu?"...right to go to $1,800. Second clue:

As part of Catholic Baptism, this word doesn't mean to go to the gym but to get rid of demons.

The champ's in again with "What is exercise?"...right again to go to $2,200. Middle clue:

The church founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 was formally called the Church of Christ this.

The buisness analyst says "What is Latter-Day Saints?"...NO, dropping her to $6,600. The champ then says "What is Scientist?"...three in a row, putting her at $2,800! $800 clue:

To some Muslims, this cubical structure in Mecca was built by Adam and refurbished by Abraham.

The man has "What is the Black Rock?"....NOT ACCEPTABLE, so he's down to $3,200. Nobody gets Kabba, so the champ will get a shot at the Daily Double to conclude the round. She wagers $2,500:

At a deer park, Buddha taught the path of this many parts, part of the four noble truths.

She says "What is eightfold?"....

"What is eightfold?"

...RIGHT to end the round in second with $5,300!

DJ! categories:


The champ gets the $800, $1,200 and $1,600 Retronym clues before finding the first Daily Double under the last clue. She now has the lead with $8,900. She wagers two grand:

Retronyms were created by putting this word before "coffee" and "gasoline".

"What is unleaded?"....NO. It was regular, so she only has a $300 lead now at $6,900. A little later, she finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in First Wives Club. She has $6,900 and leads the female challenger by only $700. The man has $3,600. Her wager is $2,000. To keep the lead:

His first wife was a physicist name Mileva Maric; after WWI, he married his cousin Elsa.

"Who was Einstein?"....RIGHT to go to $8,900! She then nails the $2,000 clue to go to $10,900. When the round ends, she has $16,900. The other lady has $11,000 and the man has six grand.

FJ! category: Authors.

Her first published writings appeared in the Shanghai Mercury when she was 7.

The man's response was "Who is Buck?"....

"Who is Buck?" in Pearl Buck, that's right! He wagered everything but a buck, so he's up to $11,999. The female challenger also was right and wagered everything but a Benjamin to go to $21,900. The champ has...

"Who is Amy Tan?"

...somebody else, so she's done. She drops to $11,700, meaning she leaves with $71,150, and maybe we'll see her again. The other lady becomes the new champ.
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