Monday, December 17, 2007

DEBUT: "Duel"

As we all know, our host is ESPN's Mike Greenberg. The jackpot doesn't have a base amount, unlike what I said earlier.

The first player up is Sue Mullan, an Internet censor from Seattle. She gets to choose her first opponent from a randomly picked set of three from the remaining 23 players. They are Jim from El Segundo, CA (who is the valedictorian of a fire academy), Marco from Westbury, NY (who was ranked as a top sales representative for a former company, and is currently an ATM technician) and Denise from Colorado Springs, CO (who is an attorney and has had trouble telling left things from her right things). Sue challenges Marco.

The two "Chip Girls" are Olivia and Jennifer. In each duel, ten chips are given to both players. Whoever wins each duel will add whatever money they have left to their score. If the loser of any duel hasn't previously won a duel at that point he/she is eliminated; otherwise, he/she is locked out for the rest of the preliminary games. The four best players after the Friday show will return on the Sunday championship show. The number of duels won are the main priority for one's game status. Here's the first question:

What denomination of U.S. paper currency features the White House on the back?

A: $1
B: $10
C: $20
D: $100

Here's what both players did:

A: $1
B: $10 (Both)
C: $20 (Both)
D: $100 (Both)

At least $20,000 is going into the jackpot. Correct answer....$20. Both have eight chips left as we go into the second question.

The number of Hydrogen atoms in a molecule of water plus the number of pints in a gallon equals....

A: 5
B: 10
C: 13
D: 18

Here's how it's played out:

A: 5 (Sue)
B: 10 (Both)
C: 13 (Sue)
D: 18

Marco uses the Pressure Button for the first time. It looked like Sue was going to cover all of the answers but she decides not to. Answer....10, so Sue loses another two chips and $10,000 to the jackpot. Marco still has eight chips. Third question:

Which of these countries' flags is NOT red, white and blue?

A: Cuba
B: N. Korea
C: Russian Federation
D: Iran


A: Cuba (Sue)
B: N. Korea (Sue)
C: Russian Federation (Both)
D: Iran (Both)

Marco uses his other Pressure Button. Answer....Iran, so Marco's still alive and now has seven chips, while Sue's down to three. $20,000 more goes into the jackpot. Next:

In 2006, which human disease were dogs trained to smell with nearly perfect accuracy?

A: Heart disease
B: Lung cancer
C: Smallpox
D: Appendicitis

Sue uses the Pressure Button for the first time. Here's what both did:

A: Heart disease (Marco)
B: Lung cancer (Both)
C: Smallpox (Both)
D: Appendicitis (Marco)

The answer is...lung cancer, meaning Sue is still hanging on with two chips while Marco is down to four. Another $20,000 goes into the bank. Next:

Which celebrity has NOT been married to a musical artist who has sold a million records?

A: Cameron Diaz
B: Emilio Estevez
C: Rachel Hunter
D: Julia Roberts

Sue hits her Pressure Button for the second and final time. Here's the guesses:

A: Cameron Diaz (Sue)
B: Emilio Estevez
C: Rachel Hunter (Marco)
D: Julia Roberts (Marco)

If Diaz is the right answer, Marco's gone. If it's Hunter or Roberts, she's gone. If it's Estevez, both may be eliminated. The right answer is...Diaz, so Marco is the first player eliminated and he helps put another $10,000 in the jackpot, which is now at $80,000. Sue earns her first $10,000.

The next three chosen challengers are Pat from Dayton, OH (a software engineer), Denise and David from Burlington, WI (who is an author). Sue challenges Denise Carter this time. First question:

Which of these words is NOT included in the Pledge of Allegiance?

A: Country
B: Indivisible
C: Stands
D: Under

Sue hits her Pressure Button. Guesses....

A: Country (Both)
B: Indivisible
C: Stands
D: Under

...both say country, which is correct. Second question, which is another math question:

The number of flags on the Italian flag plus the number of "Godfather" movies plus the number of Tony Soprano's kids equals....

A: 7
B: 8
C: 9
D: 10

Here's what they said:

A: 7
B: 8 (Both)
C: 9 (Both)
D: 10

BTW, I just learned that if both fail to cover the right answer to any question, Sudden Death will be played. Answer...8, so both now have nine chips. The jackpot now goes to $90,000. Third question:

How long does it take light to travel from the Sun to the Earth?

A: 11.5 seconds
B: 8 minutes, 19 seconds
C: 29.7 days
D: 5.3 years

Both players cover all of their answer choices, so both are down to six chips. Answer: B. The jackpot is now in six figures, at $120,000. Next:

What were adorable Yorkshira terriers originally bred to do?

A: Guard newborn infants
B: Eat grasshoppers on crops
C: Catch rats in mines
D: Herd cats

Sue covers up all of the choices, while Denise doesn't cover D. If D is the answer, she's eliminated. Answer....C, so Denise now has a one chip lead, 4-3. With another $25,000, the jackpot is now at $145,000. Next up:

What department store invented Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as an advertising gimmick?

A: Macy's
B: Sears
C: Montgomery Ward
D: KMart

Sue originally has the top three choices covered up, but she decides for a second to uncover B and C. But she decides to cover those two back up and use her first Pressure Button, while she has already locked in. Sue locks in Sears and Ward. If the right answer is Macy's, Sue is eliminated. If it's KMart, it's Sudden Death time; otherwise, we go on. Answer....

...Ward, so we keep going, and we're tied at two chips apiece! Another $15,000 goes into the jackpot, which is now at $160,000. This next question could decide things:

What do Scoville Units measure?

A: Power of earthquakes
B: Hotness of peppers
C: Strength of tornadoes
D: Intensity of sound

Denise uses the Pressure Button for her final time this duel. Denise answers pepper hotness, while Sue has tornado strength and sound intensity covered up. If Denise is right, Sue is eliminated. If Sue's right, Denise is eliminated. Otherwise, we go to Sudden Death. Correct answer....

...hotness of peppers, meaning Denise wins and scores $10,000. The jackpot is now worth $170,000. That ties things up on the leaderboard.

The next three selected people are Pat, Monica from Tucson (a student who's attended *12* different schools during her childhood) and Robert from Canada, Kentucky (who is a used car salesman who was originally a door-to-door vacuum salesman for 14 years). Denise challenges Monica Durazo. First question of the night's last duel:

Every month with a Friday the 13th must begin on what day of the week?

A: Sunday
B: Monday
C: Wednesday
D: Saturday

Denise uses her Pressure Button for the first time this duel. Monica covers up all the choices, while Denise just covers Sunday, which is the right answer. Three chips and $15,000 go down the drain for Monica, and the jackpot now stands at $185,000. Second question is a math question:

The number of branches in the U.S. military plus the number of branches of the U.S. government equals....

A: 6
B: 7
C: 8
D: 9

Both lock in with 6 and 7...but they're both wrong! It was 8, so the kitty now stands at $205,000, and we're going to Sudden Death for the first time. Additionally, all of the other chips completely go down the drain. All of us thought there were four branches of the military, when there are actually five.

Here's how a Shootout works. Each player is given four new chips, which are worth no money. One more question is given. If both players are correct, whoever used fewer chips wins the duel, but won't earn any money for winning. Here's the question:

What color are President Bush's eyes?

A: Blue
B: Brown
C: Green
D: Hazel

Denise covers up all of the choices, while Monica covers up just blue and brown. Answer...., so Monica wins while Denise is locked out for the rest of the preliminary games.

The next duel that will begin tomorrow night will put Monica against either Jim, Julie from Walnut Creek, CA (who is a homemaker) and Robert.

Personally, I don't like Mike Greenberg as a host, because I think he's too robotic. Also, the pacing is way too slow. This show could've been better.
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