Monday, December 24, 2007

MVP Announcement for December 17-23

MVP: Ashlee Register ("Duel")

By virtue of her big win last night, she earns this week's MVP honors for the week of December 17-23. But she earned a lot more than that. She became network TV's first female non-reality game show millionaire (and the second ever overall with Nancy Christy), became the third-highest network TV non-reality game show winner (behind Ed Toutant and Dr. Kevin Olmstead of WWTBAM fame) and more importantly, became the new all-time female game show winner!

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Robert Elswick II- $55,000 runner-up ("Duel")
Bill Germanakos- $250,000 ("The Biggest Loser")
Nancy Kenzler- $114,650 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Jim Germanakos- $100,000 ("The Biggest Loser")
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