Monday, December 10, 2007

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for Dec. 3-9

MVPs: Mac Danzig ("The Ultimate Fighter") and Ray Herrick ("Wheel of Fortune")

The former was one of only two Team Hughes members to get past the first round of competition. Both he and the other guy (Tommy Speer) made it to the finals, where he won the finals in the very first round. He won a six-figure contract with the UFC.

The latter became the biggest winner of the 25th Anniversary season of "WOF" this far. In the maingame, he dominated the action and won over $37,000 in cash and prizes. He then added a near $45K Infiniti after winning the endgame, bringing his final total to $82,268 in cash and prizes.

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Lisa Klink- $71,150 as five-time champ ("Jeopardy!")
Summer Andrew- $74,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Elva Dela-Torre- $59,451 ("TPIR")
Richard Ellis- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")
Karina Esevino- $41,371 ("TPIR")
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