Sunday, December 02, 2007

"Project Runway 4" Episode 3

The challenge this time was to design a menswear outfit for former NFL player and now
"Today" correspondent Tiki Barber. Barber favored dark colors and patterns. BTW, this was the first challenge in the show's history where the female models were not needed for this challenge. Everyone had a $150 budget to work with for this episode.

Instead of female models, for this episode only, male models were used. One of the judges was the wife of the NFL star, Ginny. Tiki was also a judge.

First up was Jillian Lewis, with her dress being modeled by Nelson. The dress was very dark, so it looked like it might work.

Second was Carmen Webber, modeled by Yaniv. It was a fairly dark dress with light pants. This was an iffy dress to me.

Third was Christian Siriano, and his dress was modeled by David. The shirt was just right, but the pants were light, however.

Fourth was Kit Scarbo, with her project beind modeled by Ibrahim. This time, the shirt was dark blue. The pants were in a light color again, however.

Going fifth was Rami Kashou with Derek being his model. This dress was a reverse of the past three presentations- the shirt was in a light color, while the pants were in a dark color.

#6 was Sweet P Vaughn, and her dress was modeled by Marcus. Her dress was similar to Kashou's, except that the shirt was white. I didn't like that.

The lucky seventh person in line was Steven Rosengard, and that dress was shown off by Paul. I thought that dress was real good, as both parts of it were dark. But what did the judges think of that?

Victorya Hong's creation was a white jacket that mostly covered up a dark shirt with dark pants. I thought it was OK. Mike was her model.

Kevin Christiana's dress was a pink shirt with a black vest and pants. I hated the shirt color. Model was Thomas.

Chris March was tenth. Andres modeled an all-black outfit, but it wasn't perfect to me.

Jack Mackenroth was #11 with either a blue or white dress shirt with what I thought was dark grey pants. Another Jack modeled.

Ricky Lizalde was #12 with a dark jacket and pants with a white dress shirt. For whatever reason, I actually liked it. Yoneiry modeled.

Last was Elisa Jimenez with a dark green shirt, dark black pants and what I thought was a dark brown scarf-like thing. I thought it was OK. Connor was her model.

Now, for who was in and out. First, the middle scorers that advanced:

Carmen Webber
Chris March
Christian Siriano
Christina "Kit" Scarbo
Elisa Jimenez
Jack Mackenroth
Jillian Lewis
Kevin Christiana
Rami Kashou
Ricky Lizalde
Steven Rosengard
Kathleen "Sweet P" Vaughn
Victorya Hong

Now, for who moved on, including the winner (who is in gold):

Carmen Webber
"Kit" Scarbo
Jack Mackenroth
Kevin Christiana
Ricky Lizalde
"Sweet P" Vaughn

The third contestant eliminated this season was...

Carmen Webber
Ricky Lizalde

...Webber, by a unanimous vote. Everything of her dress was off the mark.
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