Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yes, this is a brand-spanking new episode of "The Price is Right"! Today, it's the finale of Christmas Week! We begin with Kristi Green, Cheryl McLachlan, Justin Barden and Mitchell Berry. Like all Christmas Week finale shows, we begin the day with a Christmas tree as the first IUFB.

Mitchell: $1,200
Justin: $749
Cheryl: $999
Kristy: BUCK

ARP: $1,825, so Berry will play Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., Prot, Starter, Net). First number is 2. His first number guess is 7...

$ 2 5, _ _ _

...it's 5, so he loses two bucks. Third number guess is 7....

$ 2 5, 4 _ _

...it's 4, so he loses another three dollars. Fourth number guess is 9....

$ 2 5, 4 6 _

...but it's 6 and he's broke. ARP: $25,466. Roger wanted this won today. Too bad it wasn't.

Next player is Betty Alexander and the second IUFB is an LCD TV.

Betty: $599
Justin: $1,125
Cheryl: $799
Kristy: $1,126

ARP: $1,595, so Green is told the good news by "Gordon the Elf" (aka Scott Robinson, who was celebrating a birthday that day) that she's playing Plinko! First SP is a Christmas toy marked at $68 and she picks 8...$38. Second SP is a four-way Santa food server marked at $21 and she picks 2...$25. Third is that "Come on Down!" book marked at $36 and she says 6, and it's $16. Finally, we have some Christmas nutcracker toys marked at $51 and her pick is the 5...$59, so she wins all the small items and all the chips. Now, to earn some holiday money.

1. DUD (Right)
2. $10,000
3. $10,000
4. $100 (Left)
5. $10,000


Next is Bonnie Banderboss and the next IUFB is a Santa Claus doll and sleigh.

Bonnie: $1,125
Betty: $1,295
Justin: $895
Cheryl: $1,000

ARP: $2,389, meaning Alexander will play Clock Game for $1,000, a refrigerator and a pair of bean bag chairs. The refrigerator costs $749, and she starts with $999...$899...$799...$699...$655...and she one ups so fast that Drew gets lost! After restarting, she never gets it right! Too bad.

SSD1: Berry goes over, so the tree is all he gets. Alexander spins 95 cents. The new Plinko record holder spins 15...and 85 for another $1,000! In her Bonus Spin...no more money.

Next player is Sean Walsh and the next IUFB is an exerciser station.

Sean: $1,200
Justin: $725
Cheryl: $800
Bonnie: $1,201

ARP: $1,395, so BB will play for a snowmobile. It's either $7,998 or $9,950. She goes with my gut of $7,998...yes indeed!

Next to "Come on Down" is Carly Pickle and the next IUFB is dinnerware.

Carly: $1,000
Sean: $1,680
Justin: $1,750
Cheryl: $1,851

ARP: $1,169, so hopefully this Pickle won't get into one of her own while playing One Away for a Chevy Impala (Std., Seat). Wrong price is $31,224, and this looks like an easy playing. First guess...

$ 2 2, 3 3 5

...four are right. She changes the first 3, for a final guess of $22,135.....

$ 2 2, 1 3 5

...this Pricing Game is still undefeated this season! BTW, I didn't like the way they did the final reveal. Instead of revealing the price one digit at a time, the player asked the sound effects lady if she had won, and when she won, the price got revealed in its entireity all in one shot.

The last player is Zoridha (who crawled across several seats prior to coming on down!) and the final IUFB today is a carousel horse.

Zoridha: $850
Sean: $750
Justin: $495
Cheryl: $701

ARP: $750, so while Justin and Cheryl go to the First Four Breakfast Club, Walsh wins a $500 bonus! He then plays Pick a Pair for a bedroom worth $4,499. Before we know the products, we then get a shot of announcer Rich Fields, who celebrated a birthday the day after this episode taped! The products today are Nutramist, cough drops, Clorox, HBP medicine, hand lotion and peperoncini. First up is the cough drops and the peperoncini....both are $2.15, so we have a perfect second half!

SSD2: Walsh spins 30...and goes over. BB spins 80 cents. Pickle spins 70...and goes over, so BB goes to the Showcase to face the Plinko lady!

First Showcase takes a visit to the Creative Elf Agency. First, the head calls Santa and gives him a nasty message that the elves need to be served better food than stale ol' cookies, with food served from a new range. Second, she then tells Santa that the elves shouldn't be putting on tights in the restroom anymore; instead, they should be putting their clothes on in a new mini trailer. Finally, the elves have had enough riding a sleigh, so they instead decide to cruise the waters in a new Reinell LSE ski boat! BB bids $25,800. Green tries for some potentially nicer gifts from Santa, which are a new cell phone, a basketball arcade game and a Pontiac Solstice (Std., AC)! Green bids $32,000.

ARP for BB: $35,201, a difference of $9,401. ARP for Green: $31,604, so she's over by $396 and BB wins $44,594 in stuff! Green still did very well, though- she leaves with $32,833 in cash and prizes!
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