Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Let's Play Crosswords" a likely go for Fall 2007

According to Broadcasting and Cable, the new Merv Griffin game "Let's Play Crosswords" is near clearance in some of the big markets, like Los Angeles. If they go through, about 70% of all markets will be cleared to air it in the fall.

RECAP: American Idol in LA

Olivia Newton-John is a guest judge on the panel tonight.

Martik Manoukian, I think, was an absolute showoff. The worst Idol contestant EVER, IMHO. Needless to say, he is not going to the next round.

Sholandric Stallworth was definitely better, but the voice is questionable. REJECTED.

Marianna Riccio is next. She is 16. She was just OK for me. REJECTED.

Alaina Alexander tries...and was decent. She's off to Hollywood!

Phuong Pham sounds negative heading into the audition, because she gave up music for a long time until now. Started OK, but went downhill. REJECTED.

Brandon Rogers had been part of a band for a few years; now, he says it's time to pay his dues.
He sings "Always on my Mind". He did good, and he's going to Hollywood!

Brian Miller blew it in Hollywood last season, but he's back this season. And he did SUPERIOR-
he's going to Hollywood!

Sherman Pore is ineligible to get past auditions because of being 64, but he decides to sing "You Belong to Me". Too bad there is an age limit, because he definitely would have gone to the next round.

After the two days, 40 made it through from LA to the next round. Last week of first-round auditions is next week.

1/31/2007 Results

TPIR: We start this show with Christopher Bryan, who after winning a very nice ice wagon, played One Wrong Price for a treadmill marked at $1,999, snowboards marked at $3,199 and stemware marked at $1,680. He chooses the snowboards to everyone's's actually $2,494 and he wins!

Veronica Boona is next to play Plinko! First small prize is a coffee pot marked at $10. Her pick is the 0.....$40! Second is a radio marked at $28. She picks the 8.....$78! Third is a buffet station marked at $52. She picks the 5.....$50! Last item is an ice cream bowl marked at $79. She picks the 9 and it's $29, so she wins all of the small prizes and all of the chips! First chip is worth $1,000 in its right slot. Second chip is the left $500 slot. Third is $10,000! Fourth is $500. The last chip lands in nothing at the last second, but she still has $12,000!

Suzanne is next to play One Away for the dreaded yellow Ford Mustang, which hasn't been won in 2007 as of yet. And she's the latest loser of it. But she does get into the Showcase.

Kathrine Van Comet is fourth to play Side By Side for a trip to Jamaica. It's $5,457 or $7,455. She says $5, trip.

Jasmine Gallagos next plays Magic Number for a computer and a floor clock. She sets her magic number at $1,606. The clock is $3,665, and the computer is....$2,611. This was practically impossible. If she had won, she would have taken a friend in the audience out to dinner.

Finally, Yan Falkenstein plays Line Em' Up for a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Fairly Loaded). Board:

?- $968 Washer/Dryer
?- $46 Salad Maker
?- $689 Recliner

First guess is $16,484(my guess).....NONE right. He then guesses $18,694......WINNER!

SSD2: Katherine spins 35 cents....and 75 to send her home. Jasmine spins a quarter....and 55 for 80 cents. Yan spins a quarter....and 75 for $1 and $1,000! He couldn't win any more money in the bonus spin like somebody did yesterday, but did get into the Showcase.

First Showcase contains a bedroom, an HDTV and a trip to Switzerland. This is given to Suzanne, who bids $15,000. Yan looks at a model panning for gold. First, she finds gold picks for a new guitar. Second, she finds some nuggets similar to pool balls, which obviously could mean a new pool table. And finally, she finds dice which could be attached to one's road trip in a new Ford F-150 (Std., Cruise)! He bids $25,000.

ARP for the furniture and trip: $25,274, a difference of $10,274. ARP for Yan: $21,099, sending him over and making the lady the winner! She wins $25,904. Yan leaves with $21,617.

WOF: Our players tonight on Day 3 of Teen Best Friends Week are Gonzalo Lupo and Jacob Nelson (in the yellow), Natasha Delto and Stephanie Corey, and Kimberly Aioki and Stephanie Manning. Round 1 category is Event, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! So we could have a very big round here. When Aioki and Manning call the G's, they have the houseboat trip for each one of them if they win, and this:

P _ _ _ _ N G

_ _ _ R

_ _ G S

If they solve now while avoiding the Bankrupt, each one will go on two trips. But they get the Bankrupt, losing out on at least the houseboat trip. The guys get the same fate. The other pair of girls call the C and the I, then a $600 K. They then call a $900 Y, and solve PACKING YOUR BAGS for a trip for each to the Caribbean and cash for a total now of $13,750!

Jackpot Round category is Show Biz. When Aioki and Manning call the I's, we have...

_ A _ E S

_ _ _ _

R E T _ R _ S

I _

C A S I _ _

R _ _ A L E

I know this now. They call four N's, then the U. They land on $3,500 next, but their G call is bad. The guys land on Jackpot and call the C for $500, and solve JAMES BOND RETURNS IN CASINO ROYALE to add the Jackpot of $14,150! They now lead with $15,650!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is On the Map. Natasha and Kimberly land on a Mystery Wedge and call two T's and flip the wedge over....$10,000! Several turns later, after calling four O's, we have...

P O R T _ _ N _

O R E _ O N


P O R T _ _ N _

M _ _ N E

...and they say PORTLAND OREGON & PORTLAND MAINE.....I've never heard of Portland in Maine, but that's right for $12,400 and a total of $26,150!

The guys quickly solve SCOOBY-DOO to go to $18,650. Next category is Things. A few turns into it, we go to Speed-Up mode with it, with consonants worth $1,900. Board:

S _ _ _ _ _ R E

_ _ _ _ _ E S

The left pair of girls call two T's, but can't solve. The leaders call the P a few turns later....

S _ _ T _ _ R E

_ P D _ T E S

...but they can't solve. The guys say SOFTWARE UPDATES prematurely before their turn, but they get lucky by calling an F, and solve SOFTWARE UPDATES to win the match by $50 with $26,200! And Pat makes an executive decision- he gives the red team of girls the $3,800 they were robbed of in that last round! Wild!

They spin the quad star. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ R _ _ E

_ _ _ _ E

I think I know this already. The guys call G, P, M and A and get...


_ _ _ _ E

They read my mind- they solve GRAPE JUICE! And they pocket another $30,000 for a total of $56,200, all cash! That's $28,100 a pop!

WWTBAM: Beginning the show is Betsy Whitney. She had to poll the audience to get the $1,000 question right. For $16,000:

Which of thes 80s' movies shares its name with a weather phenomenon caused by electrical discharge in the atmosphere?

A: "White Nights"
B: "St. Elmo's Fire"
C: "Vision Quest"
D: "Tequila Sunrise"

I have a feelig what this is, but she calls Lisa, a co-worker. She assumes it's A. But she uses the 50:50, leaving the top two. She then says A....BUT SHE'S STILL WRONG AFTER ALL THAT!!
At least she does have $1,000, though.

Next is Bob Barlow, a fifith-grade teacher. For $4,000:

Co-written by Stephen King, the nonfiction book "Faithful" chronicles the fairy tale 2004 season of what baseball team?

A: Chicago Cubs
B: NY Yankees
C: L.A. Dodgers
D: Boston Red Sox

I think I know this, but he polls the audience. 89% said my answer of D. He agrees and is right.
Last question of the day, for $16,000 and a chance to come back tomorrow...

What ancient culture revered the sacred ibis, a bird that was believed to be the earthly form of the god Thoth?

A: Aztec
B: Vking
C: Egyptan
D: Greek

He uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. He then calls Sue, who is the wife of her cousin. She says nothing. But he goes on anyway and says C....and will be back tomorrow!

Family Feud: Only covering the first game today. The Tuckers defend for the first time against the Lyons family. John O' Hurley mentions about how good dressed Malcolm, the head of the champs, is. John feels that he should be the best dressed man on the show. OK now.

The champs score the first 85 points on things that you try to talk about if your wife read your mind. The challengers struggle to 37 points on places where you'd hate to run into your boss at that moment.

Double: Name a mistake you might make on a job interview. Starting with:

#3- Lie (22, Jennifer)

The challengers play. Patrick says forgetting the name of the job Mary Jane says show up late.....#4 (7). Erin says no Mathew says bad attire.....#2 (24)!
Back to Jennifer, who says bring someone else... strikeout. For the steal, Malcolm of the champs says no eye contact....NO, so the Lyons clan are at 143. #1 answer was being overtalkative (29). Bottom answer was saying "Ummm.....".

Triple: Something that a police officer would get in trouble for losing. Starting with:

#1- Gun (68, Michelle)

The champs play. Jamila says the badge....#2 (16). Malcolm says his car....#4 (4). #3 is needed to retain the title. Michelle says uniform....not a winner. Sandra says handcuffs.....not there, either. Michelle is back to say his keys....three strikes. Erin of the challengers says a criminal.....NO, so the Tuckers are champs again at 349! The #3 answer was one's temper (10).

Fast Money: Malcolm and Michelle play. Questions:

1. How many pairs of shoes do you buy every year?
2. Name something you might lose that may cause you to get lost.
3. A word that starts with book.
4. A place that might be filled with flowers.
5. Name something that you haveto do to yourself to look hot.

Malcolm says 10, wallet, bookworm (#1), funeral home and makeup for 107. Michelle says 15, keys, bookshelf, rose garden (#1) and change hair (#1) for.....a total of 199! Ouch. They have to settle for $995 today.

DOND: Will Edmond, Jr. is back tonight. He gets a catfish from a college fan for good luck!
It it passed to Howie, and then a model!

Round 3: Mr. Edmond starts out with #9.....$10,000. Second choice is #7.....MILLION- OUT OF HERE. That's the second week in a row somebody has missed the $1M case by one! Ouch!
After the other two choices, the offer is $43,000, and he says NO DEAL.

Round 4: First pick is #19....$750. Second pick is #26....$25,000. Final pick is #2...twice the previously opened case. Next offer he says NO DEAL to: $77,000.

Round 5: #18 is first....$1! Other choice is #1....$1,000! The new offer should be six figures....but it's $77,000 AND a bass boat! Roland Martin appears, also. Total ARP of this deal: $115,250.
He says....

...NO DEAL! Boat goes bye-bye. One case mode now.

He chooses #3....$5! The new offer is: $144,000! He says.....

....NO DEAL with no hesitation! The next choice is #22....$400! The new offer is: $214,000!
He says....

....DEAL! First six-figure winner in a while. I would really hate to see $50 pop up on what would have been his next pick. He would have chosen #12......$300,000. Offer would have still gone up to $252,000. Next was #4.....that was the $750,000! He made a GREAT deal- his case had $50 the whole time!!

Next up is Vicki Montezeno. She's VERY tiny! She's a stay-at-home mom from Seattle. She picks #7, and I groaned, because #7 had the million last time. But with any luck, she might still win a lot of money.

Round 1: #15 is her first choice...$10! Second is #6....$50,000. Third is #22.... $750. Fourth is #23....$200,000. Fifth pick from her is #10....$75! Last pick is #3....$25,000. First offer she says NO DEAL to: $28,000.

Round 2: First pick this round is #19....$75,000. Second is #26....$500. Third is #16.....$300,000. Fourth is #1....$300. Last pick is #25...$100,000. New offer she says NO DEAL to: $45,000. Two of her family members she brought along are midgets too!

Round 3: #18 is her first pick....$400. Second, she picks #11....the million finally goes out.
She then loses the $400,000 and $500,000, and the offer sinks to $29,000, and that's the only really big amount on the board left. She says NO DEAL, and will be back next time.

This Week in Game Shows: January 29- Feburary 2

Here's what's happening this week:

Jeopardy!: This is the show's last week before their Teen Tournament. The tourney couldn't come much sooner, as I've seen lots of mediocrity this month.

Wheel of Fortune: The teens invade the Wheel this week. Will a pair of teens win the $100,000 for the third season in a row?

1 vs. 100: The mob this week is filled with kids.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

RECAP: "American Idol" in Birmingham

Erica Skye is the first contestant, and is 19. She sings "Unchained Melody", and did great! But the judges saw it differently, as they noticed her nervousness, and rejected her.

Katie Bernard, 19, sang OK. Randy said YES and Simon said NO. Before Paula made her decision, she asked the contestant to bring in her husband. Then the judges send her to Hollywood- I don't believe that freak lucked out.

Tatiana McConnico did a SUPERIOR job. She went to Hollywood! She's 17, BTW.
She's a LFAT of the show, having watched it since the show began!

Bernard Williams II did a SUPERIOR job as well later on, and was accepted, although Paula thought he was off key! That's not like her.

Margaret Powler is dressed in a TERRIBLE Big Bird costume. Just because of that, I don't want her in Hollywood. Mericfully, the judges don't accept her.

Jaime Lynn Ward was PERFECT! She was 17. The judges accept her, but they thought she was a bit nasaly. In my opinion, she's a favorite to be a finalist.

Chris Sligh was a knockoff of Justin from Season 1. He was decent, and the judges send him to Hollywood! Paula was vocal over his good performance.

Paula Abdul was unable to show up for Day 2 of auditions due to a family issue. Could this make the road to Hollywood much tougher?

Victoria Watson brought in her mother as a good luck charm. She was 18. She did a good job, but came up empty from the judges.

Lakia Hill was good on paper, but her voice was very jarring and annoying. REJECTED.

Part of Team Nichole is Nichole Gatzman. She's good, but not great. The judges rejected her because she sang through her nose.

The last notable on the night is Brandy Patterson, and judging by the promos, I smell big trouble. She sang "Like a Virgin", and did terrible. But that singing wasn't the story here, obviously. She thought the floor caused her trouble. She brought the judges outside to plead with them, to no avail. Shortly before she left, she cursed a bit.

Only 20 made it through to Hollywood, with just 3 for Day 2, likely due to Paula's absence.

Idol notes from Week 2

This is what I saw during Week 2 of the American Idol Auditions.

In Memphis, one of the first contestants was Frank Byers, who was a male cheerleader. He sang "Heard it Through the Grapevine". I thought he did very well, but the judges say NO!! Darn.
There was a marching band outside the judging room, since he apparently came from college, and Simon soon ejected the band from the premeses.

Tamika Sims, a 16-year-old from Chicago, dragged on with her singing and was nosey. REJECTED.

Alexis Partee sang the song that was used for the last few seasons of "Hollywood Squares"- "Show Biz"! Sadly, she sang that very poorly and was tossed.

"Sundance" Head is the son of Roy Head, who was a legendary musician, and is his father. He did very well in his audition and moved on to Hollywood!

Wandera Hitcheye sang great, but like the first contestant I listed, she got robbed by being rejected. I don't blame her for her cursing tirade afterwards.

18-year-old Danielle McCulloch sang "Baby I Love You" and did GREAT! Unlike some singers, she did go through to Hollywood!

Christopher McCain, 28, was said to be Paula Abdul's biggest fan. OK now. He sang "Footloose", and he did OK, but was not accepted.

Janita Burks sang "Disco Inferno". Alright, but not good enough for Hollywood.

Sean Michel had a good imitation of Osama Bin Laden! And despite the disguise, he still did a great job and was sent to Hollywood!

Melinda Dolittle didn't have much faith in her audition, but sang very well! Randy Jackson called it one of the best auditions ever! Needless to say, she went to the next round!

Many in Memphis sang "I Got a Hunk......Burning Love" to little success.

Robert Lee Holmes tried an Elvis song, but was terrible.

Philip Stacy, the last singer of the auditions in Memphis, sang "My Girl".....and did a SUPERIOR job, going to Hollywood! 22 people made it through from Memphis.

At the NYC auditions, there was a guest judge- Carol Bayer Sager, who is a New York songwriter.

Ian Benardo, who is said to be the ultimate New Yorker, may look familiar to some of you. He was seen on the second season of "So You Can Think You Can Dance".

But he didn't do so hot here, being really bad and a showoff. After the rejection, he curses, and says he wants to sneak his way into the next round.

19-year-old Sarah Burgess had an interesting story- she had lied to her father in order to make the trip for the auditions. She sang well- and advanced to Round 2! A tearful Burgess called her father to tell him the news!

Ashanti Johnson, who had made it to Hollywood two times before, doesn't even get by the first round, much to her disbelief.

A pair of beach ladies came- Amanda Coluccio and Antonella Barba. They did a good job as a group, but Simon wants them to sing individually. Coluccio sang good on her own and was accepted! Barba did even better according to me and the judges, and she went to Hollywood too!

Clifton Biddle played the harmonica before he sang on a mediocre basis. REJECTED.

Kia Thornton sang good and moved on to Hollywood! She got choked up after leaving the room.

On Day 2 of the NY auditions, Simon was late!

Jenny Bejarano did a SUPERIOR job and went to Hollywood! Nakia Claiborne was very good, but she got rejected, even without Simon there.

After being rejected as well, Sarah Goldberg led a screaming protest!

Simon soon returned.

A New York police officer, Antonio Torres, Jr., sung "New York, New York". He sung too flat and was not accepted.

Jory Steinberg did a great job and moved on to Round 2!

Porcelana Patino is a big "Rocky Balboa" fan and does her own boot camp! I didn't think she was that great. But the judges disagreed with me and she went to Hollywood!

Late in the auditions, Paula Abdul got frustrated at Simon so much that she called him an asshole!

A Virginian, Chris Richardson from Chesapeake, did a very good job and was accepted!

Finally, a contestant who quit on the competition not too long ago, Nicholas Pedro, did a decent job and went to Hollywood! 35 made it through to Hollywood from the Big Apple.

1/30/2007 Results

Family Feud: Only covering the second show today, as the Fierros look to become the ninth undefeated family of the season against the Penningtons. The challengers score first with 36, on things that women take with them when they plan to elope with a man (and no, condoms wasn't up there). The champs fire back with 72 on places where you saw a person naked for the first time ever.

Double: Where were you the last time someone tried to cut in front of you in line? Starting with:

#1- Grocery Store (53, Elaine)

The Penningtons play. Ann says concession stand at the theaters.....#2 (7)! Dewene says the bank....#3 (6)! Brenda says the Yvonne says a Elaine says a sporting event....three strikes. For the champs steal, Robert says amusement park.....NO!!! I don't believe that! The Penningtons are now ahead at 168. #4 was department store/mall (5), and #5 was restaurant (4).

Triple: A place or drink dogs have frequently drunk out of. Starting with:

#2- Dish/bowl (31, Yvonne)
#3- Street/puddle (12, Gloria)

The challengers try to close it out. Dewene says the toilet....NUMBER ONE (43)! #4 is needed for the championship, and this round will decide it. Yvonne eventually says pool for the game at 444! The champs leave with $21,850.

Fast Money: The new champs are all sisters. Elaine and Brenda play. Questions:

1. The sexiest part about Brad Pitt.
2. Name someone Bugs Bunny might invite at his birthday party.
3. A sport that requires great stamina.
4. Something people wear that falls apart.
5. Something people steal from restaurants.

Elaine says smile, Doc (bad), football, old robe and bread for just 38. Brenda says face, Elmer Fudd (#1), baseball, pants and silverware (#1) for 139 and $695.

WOF: Tonight, on night 2 of Teen Best Friends Week, we have Judith Newcomb and Kamilah Wolper, Brad Banda and Kyle Gancer, and Angelina and Kailynn. Round 1 category is Show Biz.
After Angeline and Kailynn call the A's, we have....

S _ _ E R N A _ _ R A L

_ _


_ E R _ E S

I know this now, and it's NBC's new hit. They call the T's to pick up the Free Spin, and then call the P to pick up the Rome trip, and solve SUPERNATURAL TV SERIES HEROES for $3,550 and the trip for each of them, a total of $13,550!

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. The guys try to pick up the Wild Card, but can't. Remember, when you pick it up now, as of this week, you can no longer lose it to a Bankrupt.
After Angelina and Kailynn call the L's, we have...

_ L L- _ _ _-_ _ N-

E _ T

T _ _ _

_ _ R

The only word I don't know is that fifth word. They soon land on Jackpot and call P, but it's bad.
The other team of girls call a $300 B, and call 5 A's, and now we have...

A L L- _ _ U- _ A N-


T A _ _


I think I know this now, and I know where the winners will be going. They call a $300 Y next. They call two C's for $800, but screw up on that word I had trouble with. The guys steal with ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT TACO BAR for a trip to Mexico and $50 to spend on tacos! Total now: $8,050.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Same Name. The leaders spin the $3,500 space, but call two straight duds (wasting their Free Spin in the process). After the guys call the A's, we have...

_ R _ A T _ _ N G


G A _ _

R _ _ _

I don't know the top word. They call two M's for $1,200, and call the O's, then an I. They call the H, which is the sixth letter in the important top word, and call two E's. They solve BREATHING & GAME ROOM for $3,000, $11,050 for them now.

They then solve DENVER COLORADO to take the lead with $14,050. Next category is Occupation. They get the Wild Card early on with a T call. After they call the E's, we have...

_ R _ _ E S S _ _ _ A _

S _ A T E _ _ A R _ E R

I know this now, and Tony Hawk is one. After they call the L, it's Speed-Up time with $1,500 for each consonant. After callling the B, they solve PROFESSIONAL SKATEBOARDER for the match with $17,150, and for the second stright show, the Wild Card will be used in the bonus round! Angela and Kailynn take home $13,550 and the other girl team has $2,000.

The guys spin the I. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

S _ _ _

_ E

_ _ _

They call H, M, P, B and A and get....

S H _ _


H _ _

I know it's SHOW ME something.... and they fill in the rest with HOW for SHOW ME HOW! They win.....

....$30,000 for a total of $47,150 in cash and trip to share in!

TPIR: Today, we start with Liza Benser, who plays Coming or Going for a pair of motorbikes. They're either $5,198 or $8,915. There's a particular rule for pairs of prizes- the last number in the price will end in 0 or a multiple of 2. Thus, we should know the price. She says $5,198 and she wins!

BTW, this is the show's 6,500th episode! And Shawn Kamel wants to celebrate by winning a 2007 Chevrolet Colorado LS (Std., AT, Mats, Street, Stereo) in Stack the Deck! Board:


He gets all three product questions right like most do, and also like most of the rest, he picks the last three numbers as his freebies. They are in order: 4, 5 and 0 ($ _ _, 4 5 0). I say $19,450, and he agrees.....

....BUT WE'RE ALL WRONG!!! The ARP was $16,450. Stupid random Colorados....

Next is Sandra Nemo, who plays Two for the Price of One for some tupperware and an organ.
She must figure out the tupperware's price. She picks the last number as her freebie, which is 9 ($ _ _ 9). The first number is either 5 or 9, and she picks 5. For the second number, it's either 1 or 8, and she picks 8, giving a guess of $589.....WIN!

SSD1: Kamel spins 95 cents and stays! But Benser gets $1 in two spins for $1,000! In her bonus spin....$10,000!! The first $11,000 winner of the season! And she's in the Showcase!

Jill Cooley then plays Race Game for a kitchen island, dumbbells, a gas stove and golf equipment. The prices are $820, $1,063, $1,400 and $1,973. She puts $1,063 on the golf stuff, $820 on the dumbbells, $1,973 on the stove and $1,400 on the kitchen island....two right.
She switches the stove and golf prices as time expires....she wins just the kitchen island.
The dumbbells are $1,063, the stove was $1,973 and the golf stuff was $820.

Brian Blowe, a firefighter/paramedic, plays for a Dodge Caliber SE (Std., AC, Sealant, FabProt) in Cover Up. Board:

First Number: 1 or 3?
Second Number: 0, 3 or 5?
Third Number: 0, 1, 2 or 4?
Fourth Number: 2, 5, 6, 7 or 8?
Last Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9?

First guess is $15,489....only the fourth number is wrong. I feel good about this, knowing the price is $15,479....but he says $15,469 instead and loses.

Kenny Lou last played Freeze Frame for a brass bed. He says $3,494....and wins!

No $11,000 winner in the Showcase Showdown this time, but Jill Cooley does get into the Showcase.

First Showcase sees Gwendolyn and Shane having a sleepover and make prank phone calls. In order to do them, they need some new telephones. The first call wants to be one person in Spain! Second call is to....Japan! Cooley is given this one and bids $24,196; I hate that bid. Benser may be home free when she shoots for a refrigerator with a mini TV, a Pulanski dining room and a spa. She bids $14,500....

...and she wins, because Cooley's over! Benser's ARP was $18,219, giving her $37,802 in cash and prizes!

WWTBAM: Back with us is Scott Savage. For $2,000:

What is the correct term for a female competitor in the Lumberjack World Championships?

A: Lumerjean
B: Lumberjill
C: Lumberjane
D: Lumberjenny

He uses the 50:50, leaving B and D. He says B and is right! For $25,000:

Designated as a "dwarf planet" by astronomers in 2006, Ceres is located beween the orbts of what two planets?

A: Uranus and Neptune
B: Jupiter and Saturn
C: Saturn and Uranus
D: Mars and Jupiter

He calls Chris, who says nothing, so Savage stops at $16,000. Answer was Mars and Jupiter.

Next is Alisa Anderson, who is a musician. After having to poll the audience to get the $500 question right, she has this for $1,000:

Cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants has what distinctive physical chracteristic?

A: Bionic eyeball
B: Handlebar mustache
C: Peg leg
D: Buckteeth

She uses the 50:50, leaving the bottom two. She then calls Sherri, who is sure it's D and she agrees....that's $1,000! She then doubles her money before stopping on a "Peter Pan" question.

Next is Reggie Dizon. For $2,000:

After being fired from his national radio show, David Lee Roth said returning as lead singer of what band was "an inevitability"?

A: Van Halen
C: Metallica
D: Aerosmith

He polls the audience, and 82% say A. He agrees and is right. For $8,000:

In the hit Paul Simon song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", which of these is NOT one of the ways mentioned in the lyrics?

A: "Slip out the back, Jack"
B: "Make a new plan, Stan"
C: "Flip up the tank, Hank"
D: "Hop on the bus, Gus"

He calls Paul, who is able to eliminate B and D. He uses the 50:50, but it is of no help. So, he stops with $4,000. C wasn't part of the song. That ends the show.

DOND rating

Last night's "Deal or No Deal" scored a 10.4 Fast Neilsen with a 16 share.


Monday, January 29, 2007

1/29/2007 Results

Family Feud: In Game 1 today, the Miller family defends for the first time against the Fazlis.
The challengers score the first 80 points on things you'd like to replace in your bedroom. The champs fire back with 91 on things that could ruin fishing trips.

Double: Besides "hams", a food that people can describe other people. Starting with:

#4- Pig/hog (6, Jennifer)

The champs play. Scott says turkey, and that's number two (20)! Debbie says hot dog.....#3 (18)! Dianna says Jeff says shark (?!?!).....NO WAY. Jennifer says PEOPLE.....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?! Shark and people are NOT foods!!! Over to the steal for the Fazlis, and Ayesha, much to my delight, says chicken, which of course is NUMBER ONE (25), and they get the lead back with 88 more points! Bottom answer was potato head (4).

Triple: Something parents tell their kids to finish. Starting with:

#1- Homework (49, Sania)

The Fazilis try to close it out by themselves. Aliya says chores....#2 (30)! Ayesha says brush your teeth, which I thought of too....but it's not there. Sania says finish your computer work, which might be counted as playtime....but it's strike two. Asia says finish your food....#3 (18) and one answer to go! Saadia says mow the lawn (?!?!)....THAT'S FOR GROWN UPS. Dianna tries to keep the championship for the Millers by saying #4 is get off the phone.....NO, so the Fazlis are the new champs at 459! #4 was college (2).

Fast Money: Ayesha and Sania tackle the big board.

1. How many hours does it take to clean your house all the way through?
2. A buisness that has a regular customer.
3. Something that starts with "new".
4. Something you see in a city park.
5. A subject that a lot of elderly people discuss.

Sania says 2 hours, dealership (bad), New Wave (bad), bench (#1) and Bingo (REALLY BAD) for only 47. Ayesha says 3 hours (#1), grocery store (#1), New Hampshire, swings and their kids for a total of 127 and $635.

In Game 2, the Fierros defend against the Carters. The Fierros draw first blood with 88 on things a Christmas Party can't be without. The Carters fire back with 86 on things that come in pairs (the team's captain, Michael, said boobs and was right!!!!).

Double: Name something that a teenage boy hopes doesn't happen to them on the night before a big date. Starting with:

#1- Pimples (66, Martin)

The family I wish I could add the word Pontiac to play. Gloria says get sick......bottom answer (4)! Blanca says they no show....#2 (11)! Robert says the car breaks down....#4 (6). Annelise says get punished by their parents....#3 for A TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP and 278!

Triple: Which sin people most say in their confession? Starting with:

#1- Adultery (46, Gloria)

The champs try to close it out. Blanca says lie.....#2 (36)! Robert says stealing.....#3 (6)! One more to sweep another board and win another game. Annelise says nothing. Martin says hurting others....NO. Gloria says cursing....NO. For the steal and the game, Michael says murder....NO, so the Fierros are four-time winners at 542! #4 is lusting/coveting (5).

Fast Money: Robert and Martin try it again.

1. Name something Adam and Eve might have been the first to do.
2. Something people shove a coin into.
3. Something that has a long tail.
4. The best hour for a nap.
5. Something that may be hard to start.

Martin says make love (#1), wishing well (bad, because you just simply toss a coin into it), elephant, 3:00 PM and car (#1) for 86. Robert says kiss, parking meter, elephant, noon and lawn mower for a total of 135 and $675, a four-day total of $21,850.

WOF: It's Teen Best Friends Week! The past two times this week has been held, the $100,000 has been won. Will it be three in a row? Let's find out. We open with Diana Lee and Kristina Hess (in the yellow), Jacob Ronn and Kaley Leon, and Marc Weintraub and Jeff Alford.
Round 1 category is Thing, and it's a Prize Puzzle right off the bat! The ladies get a Free Spin early on. They then call two D's to get the Wild Card. At that point, we have...

L _ _ _ _ A R D

T R A _ N _ N _

I don't know the top word. After calling two G's for $1,800 and the I's, we have....

L I _ _ G _ A R D


I know this now. They solve LIFEGUARD TRAINING for $1,850 and a trip for each of them to Hawaii! Total: $9,850.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. After the girls call four R's for $1,200, we have...

R _ _ _ R T

_ A R _

T R _ _ _ _

I know this now. They hit Jackpot and call the S, but can't solve. They then call a $600 C, then two C's for anothe $600. They lose their Free Spin with a U call. They call the I and then the K, but call a dud in H. The guy/sister clan hit $3,500 and call the P, and solve REPORT CARD TRICKS for $3,500 and $5,500 total.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Show Biz. The girls lose the Wild Card right off the bat, but for whatever reason is not taken away (Could they have changed the rules?).
After the guys call the E's, we have...

_ _ S N E _

_ _ A N N E _ ' S

_ _ G _

S _ _ _ _ _

M _ S _ _ A _

I know this now, and one of the cast members has a pop song in "Baby Come Back To Me"- Vanessa Hudgens. They call three L's for $900, three C's for another $900, then they call four H's to pick up the NY trip! But they hit Lose a Turn. The girls call the Y, and solve DISNEY CHANNEL'S HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for $2,000 and $13,050 total (The house minimum for team weeks like this is $2,000).

They then solve OLD MAID & GO FISH to go to $16,050. Speed-Up Mode with the category of Food and Drink....and $6,000 for every consonant! After the girls call the L, we have...

S _ _ S _ _ _ _

_ _ R L _

_ R _ _ S

I eat this a lot at Arby's. They just beat the buzzer with SEASONED CURLY FRIES for $18,000 and the match with $34,050!

Cars this week are a pair of VW GTIs and a pair of Jeep Compasses. They spin the H. Category is Thing. Now, because they still have the Wild Card, they will choose four consonants. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

S _ _ _ _ _ _

They call D, M, H, P and A and get...

_ A _ _

S H A M P _ _

It's BABY SHAMPOO....but they say HAIR SHAMPOO and WALL SHAMPOO instead! Darn. Oh well- it only cost them $30,000, and they leave with $34,050 in cash and prizes.

WWTBAM: Returning today is Ryan Russler, with the audience lifeline gone. For $2,000:

"Conflagration" is a fancy word for a particularly destructive type of what?

A: Fire
B: Flood
C: Wind
D: Tremor

He calls his friend Johnny X, his boss. He says burning, or A. He agrees and is right! For $8,000:

The 2006 movie "Invincible" is based on the true story of a bartender who becomes an unlikely member of what NFL team?

A: Pittsburgh Steelers
B: Detroit Lions
C: NY Jets
D: Philadelphia Eagles

He uses the 50:50, leaving B and D, and I know this, because I watched this movie. He says the Eagles and is right! He gets to $16,000 before stopping at $25,000.

Next is Therese Steinken. She zooms to this $16,00 question:

Which of these "Baywach" babes has NEVER been married to a rock star?

A: Pamela Anderson
B: Yasmine Bleeth
C: Donna D' Errico
D: Carmen Electra

She polls the audience, and 48% say B, while 44% say C. She then guesses B.....she's right! For $25,000:

The northernmost engagement of the U.S. Civil War, the St. Albans raid, occurred in what U.S. state?

A: Vermont
B: N.Y.
C: Massachussetts
D: Connecticut

She calls Jack, who says New York, but isn't sure now. She uses the 50:50, and it's a good thing she did, because N.Y. is gone. Vermont and Connecticut are left. She says Vermont....that's $25,000! For $50,000, after switching out the first question:

Which of the following is not the title of a popular "alphabet" mystery by best-selling crime novelist Sue Grafton?

A: "C" is for Corpse
B: "J" is for Jeopardy
C: "K" is for Killer
D: "N" is for Noose

I have a feeling it's not B. She says A.....but it was B all along! At least she does have $25,000.

Scott Savage returns tomorrow to start at the $500 question after having to poll the audience on the $300 question.

DOND: Beginning tonight is Chris Soreno. He picks #14 as his case.

Round 1: First pick is #21....$1,000. Second pick is #1....$300. Third pick is #12....$500. Fourth pick is #9....$200. Fifth pick is #20....$100! Final pick is #16....$400,000. First offer he says NO DEAL to: $20,000.

Round 2: Soreno picks #11....$50,000. Second pick is #19....$75. Third pick is #15....$400.
Fourth pick is #23....$5,000. Last pick this round is #5....MILLION IS GONE. Next offer he says NO DEAL to: $34,000.

Round 3: #10 is first....$10! Second pick is #4....$200,000. Third pick is #25.....$750. Final pick is #3.....$75,000. Next deal he says NO DEAL to: $49,000.

Round 4: #24 is what Soreno chooses first....$25,000. Second pick by him is #6.....$100,000.
Last pick this go-round is #13....$750,000. He was one off the $750,000! Darn. Next offer he says NO DEAL to: $37,000.

Round 5: #22 is first chosen.....$1! Other pick is #26.....$300,000. New offer is: $26,000. OUCH. No doubt he says NO DEAL.

Left at this point in one case mode: PENNY, $5, $25, $50, $10,000 and $500,000.

He picks #18......

....$500,000 and he's out of big money opportunities. $1,000 is the offer now. NO DEAL.

#8 is next.....$50. The offer is $2,000. NO DEAL.

#7 is next.....PENNY! This may be where he stops now- $3,000. NO DEAL.

#2 is next.....$5! The final offer is $4,000, not $5,000 as I thought. The other case has $25. NO DEAL.

He takes home.....

....$10,000! Not bad for someone who didn't have much luck in the middle of the game!

Our other contestant is Will Edmond, Jr., who is a college student, and comes out of a mosh pit in the audience! He's a senior from the University of Texas at Tyler. His case choice is #6.

Round 1: #14 is first.....$75,000. Second is #17....$5,000. Third is #10.....$25. Fourth pick is #11....$500,000. Fifth is #21....$10! Last pick is #25.....$75! First offer he says NO DEAL to: $31,000.

Round 2: #16 is first.....$200. He then picks #5.....$500. Third pick is #13....$200,000.
Fourth pick is #15....$300. His final pick this round is #20....PENNY! The next offer he says NO DEAL to: DOUBLE the previous offer, or $62,000.

A fan of the college sings a song as we say goodbye. See you Wednesday!

GSN acquires repeats of "Family Feud" with Richard Karn

According to Buzzerblog and, GSN has acquired the rights to repeats of Richard Karn's stay on "Family Feud". They will air on a regular basis Tuesday-Saturday at 11 PM-12AM, replacing the Match Game block there.

Sunday ratings

The first hour of "Grease: You're the One That I Want" scored a 4.1 Fast Neilsen rating with a 7 share. The second hour did a 5.1 with an 8 share. Not good news for them, given that most other network shows were in reruns that night.

The latest episode of "The Apprentice: LA" scored a 5.2 with an 8 share. The boost in the rating from last week may have been because of the reruns.


BREAKING NEWS: "Temptation (s)" host named

According to, Rossi Morreale has been named the host of the American version of Temptation.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

RECAP: The Apprentice LA 1/28

Team Arrow was given the chance to select one member from Team Kinetic to join them. Their choice was Surya.

Last season's big winner joined the usual bosses for this task.

This week's task: They must market and sell El Pollo Loco's signature chicken dish. The team who earns more money wins. Losers live in dreck and go to the boardroom, where there will be at least one firing.

Team Arrow is led this week by Aaron.

The signature chicken dish at this restaurant is a chicken/veggie bowl.

Arrow is calling the dish the Chicken Tortilla Bowl. Kinetic brands the dish as the Paradise Pollo Bowl.

Kinetic is offering free samples of the new dish outside, so that customers could preview the new dish.

Team Kinetic made $313.54. Team Arrow made.....

....over $400, so Team Arrow finally wins! Sean noticed Kinetic's lack of strategy during the task. That means Team Arrow finally goes into the mansion and Aaron keeps his job as Project Manager, while Kinetic has to go to the tents. Team Arrow once sold 22 chicken bowls to ONE customer!

The reward for this week is to go to Malibu and hear lovely singing from Andrea Bocelli!

Boardroom: Kristine explains she was the one that came up with the team's idea for their chicken bowl, which consisted of mainly chicken and fruit. Mr. Trump comments he wouldn't have had that dish himself. Sean also cites Aimee, Jennifer and Marisa for lack of promotion to the product. Marisa was said to be the head of marketing. Sean said that Arrow's presentation of the new dish was like a festival atmosphere. Most want Marisa fired, while Marisa wants Aimee fired because the big chicken idea outside of the store was rejeccted by Marisa, at least.

The final meeting consists of Heidi, Aimee and Marisa. At first, Mr. Trump likes Marisa's spirit. Marisa continually says she shouldn't be at the final boardroom. Mr. Trump says....


As a result, the teams are now even at 7 members apiece. The show is back in two weeks.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

"1 vs. 100" top draw on Friday again!

This week's episode of "1 vs. 100" scored a 6 Fast Neilsen rating with an 11 share. Not only was that the highest rated show on Friday for the second week in a row, it is also the best Friday rating in quite some time.


Friday, January 26, 2007

RECAP: Beauty and the Geek III 1/24/07

I am pulling for Cecille and Nate all the way.

The teams are being sent to Sant Diego. The girls have to study up on electronics.

The guys' challenge is to teach all of the girls five fitness routines. Two fitness experts will judge based on the originality and the effectiveness of the workouts. Each guy gets a turn to teach all five of the girls.

Drew is first doing "When the Saints Goes Marching In", which is something my brother Andrew might approve of.

Mario's routines featured nothing but punches.

But the winner was Scooter, so he gets an elimination pick.

The girls challenge is this. First, the girls will have to use a metal detector to find a treasure chest buried somewhere in the sand. Inside are the parts to a walkie talkie. When the walkie talkie is built, the girls can use it to call their Geek, who is far away, and the Geek will tell them the lock comination to get the lock off a kayak. Then, the ladies must use the kayak and get across the finish line. The first girl to complete all this wins. However, not all the chests buried have something- some are empty.

Megan finds a chest early, but it's nothing. But she finds another chest, and puts together her walkie talkie to call Scooter, the male challenge winner. But Megan is having problems using it.
Cecille gets the walkie talkie and is able to communicate with Nate.....and she wins the challenge!

Elimination Round: Cecile and Nate choose Niels and JennyLee, and Scooter and Megan choose Erin and Drew.

The guys had to study up on fitness.

Erin picks #4:

Who makes the XBOX360?

"XBOX?".....YOU FOOL!!! It's Microsoft. JennyLee chooses #3:

What is the method of communication originally created in the 1830s that uses a series of long and short signals commonly known as dots and dashes, to represent letters and numbers?

"Morse Code?"....RIGHT! Erin picks #2:

LCDs are popular in portable electronics. What does LCD stand for?

"Light Control Device"....wouldn't have known it myself either, but in any event she is wrong. Answer: Liquid Crystal Display. Other question for JennyLee:

Spell the word "antenna".

"A-N-T.........E-N-N-A"....RIGHT for a 2-0 lead!

The guys go now. Drew picks question #1:

What is the name of the 1977 bodybuilding movie which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger?

"I'm gonna have to say Let's Pump Iron"....YOU'RE OUT OF HERE!!!! It was "Pumping Iron".
Erin and Drew are gone.

RECAP: 1 vs. 100 Show 13

Returning tonight is Eugene Lodvock. He gets his first $2,000 question right, and knocks out 14 for $28,000, and is now up to $57,000. The other $2,000 question:

Radio talk show host Howard Stern is eating ratatquile with Baba Booey. What dish are they most likely eating?

A: A mixture of meats
B: A variety of veggies
C: A pastiche of pasta

He says A. 39 people missed it. If he's right, $78,000 more is his. Answer....

....B!!! Darn. I thought he had it. $57,000 will be split amongst the remaining 18.

Next is Janice Carlton. In the mob this game: 11 morticians, 6 Soap Opera Stars and 3 Olympic Gold Medalists! She gets the first question right for 13 eliminations and $13,000. On the second question she got right, she knocked out FORTY-THREE members of the mob for $43,000 and $56,000 total! The remainder of the soap stars were eliminated on this question.

Carlton gets the third question right for $5,000 and $61,000, and she goes on.

First $2,000 question:

If the weights in the following people's names represented their actual weights, which celebrity would weigh the heaviest?

A: Sharon "Stone"
B: "Carat" Top
C: Heather "Gram"

She trusts the mob, and they say A. Answer: A! Three missed it for $6,000, giving her $67,000.
She then gets a sports question right to knock out 10 more for $20,000, giving her $87,000 now.

26 people away from $1,000,000. She goes on to this interesting $3,000 question:

Which came first: Chicken McNuggets or the Egg McMuffin?

A: Chicken McNuggets
B: Egg McMuffin
C: Both debuted in same month

She's confident the answer is B, but polls the mob to be sure. 20 of the 26 said that, and she locks in the answer. For $18,000....YES! $105,000. She goes on.

Who is the current president of Iran?

A: Albondigas
B: Azerbajan
C: Ahmadinejad

Carlton asks the mob. #7, Steve, chose C. #5 chose B. She chooses C.....

...RIGHT! Another four go down, giving her another $16,000 for a total of $121,000. On the yell of "MONEY!!!" from her husband Will, she stops with all that money! See you next time!

1/26/2007 Results- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

TPIR: We start today with Angela Cochano winning a trip to San Diego in the first IUFB, and playing Easy as 1-2-3 for a washer/dryer, serveware and a drum set. After much deliberation from the audience, she puts #1 on the serveware, #2 on the drums and #3 on the washer/dryer......UH, NO. The serveware was the cheapest at $538, but the washer/dryer was $828 and the drums were $1,330. All three prizes were cheaper then the trip to San Diego in the first IUFB!

Next is Lori Bursinger, who plays Spelling Bee for a Chevy Aveo LT Sedan (Std., AT, ALB) worth $15,265. Her two freebie cards are #17 and #6. First small item is the basketball slow cooker. Her guess is $35.....but it's only $12. Next small item is a ptcher, and she guesses $15.....but that's $36. Final item is a salad shooter, and she guesses $25...$46. Now she's in a tough situation to win the car- one of her two cards must say CAR. $1,000 is offered to stop....but since she feels like a winner already, she goes for it on the advice of her friends.
First card......NO. Other card.......CAR!!! What a great win!

Third is David Humphrey, who plays Bonkers for a brass bed. Unfortunately, he made the grave mistake of looking to the audience for help most of the time. Needless to say, he loses.

SSD1: Mericfully, Humphrey goes over. Cochano spins 20.....and 70 for 90 cents. Bursinger spins 45 cents.....and a quarter to send Cochano into the Showcase!

Next is Adam Humphy, who plays Ten Chances for a retro phone, a bar cabinet, and a Pontiac G6 (Std., TALB). The numbers in the phone are 0, 2 and 6. He says $60, and no doubt he's right. For the bar cabinet, the possible numbers are 0, 3, 5 and 6. He says $650, which was my guess.....and he's right again! For the car, we have 0, 1, 7, 8 and 9 as the numbers. He says $17,980, but is wrong. Next guess is $18, Next guess is $17,809, which is definitely wrong. Next is $19,870.....not quite. Next is $19,780.....WINNER!

Next is Regina Gonzalez, who like me is celebrating a birthday! Her possible birthday gift is a new Chevy Cobalt (Std., Airbags, Cruise, Stereo, Heater, PProt) in Pushover. Board:


I know what the price is. She says $15,199.....ALL THREE CAR GAMES WON AGAIN!!!

Cristin last plays for a Wurlitzer Jukebox, and if you've watched this show recently, you should know it's price. It's either $8,995 or $9,950. She says $8,995 and wins!

SSD2: Cristina spins 50.....and 80 to send her home. Regina spins 40....and 35 for 75 cents.
Adam spins 45.....and 50 to win with 95!

First Showcase sees a model do amazing things underwater. First, she sees someone accidentally dropped in the water a new laptop computer. Second, she sees a stuntman dropping a new motorcycle. Finally, someone had to guts to drive underwater a new 2007 Ford Fusion S (Std., Prot)! Adam passes to Angela, who bids $31,500, and I hate that bid (she's over). Adam goes for Mexican food for a year from Chipotle Grill, a dining room and a waverunner. He bids $11,000 and wins! ARP was $18,583, giving him $39,731 in prizes!

WWTBAM: Wrappig up a very good week here, Kerry Longo-Williams will try to become $50K winner #4 of the week, and possibly win more. In addition to the switch, she has the phone left.
First (and possibly only) $50K question:

Where are the pyramids of Maplighi?

A: On the surface of Saturn
B: In the novel "Dune"
C: In a human kidney
D: At EuroDisney

She calls Brian, who says nothing. Thus, she switches. Answer was C. Final question:

According to the 2006 Forbes list, how many billionaires are there worldwide?

A: 793
B: 985
C: 1,074
D: 1,206

This was HARD. The answer was 793, and she says 1,074 instead, so she wins no more money today.

Michael Schoenbach is next. After using the audience early on, he had this for $4,000:

What Texas city, located 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, is home to one of the world's busiest ports?

A: Houston
B: Dallas
C: Austin
D: San Antonio

He uses the 50:50, leaving A and D. He says Houston....and is right! For $8,000:

The television drama "Boston Legal" features characters who originated on what other series?

B: The Practice
C: Ally McBeal
D: Boston Public

I know what it is, but he calls Dove, who says "The Practice", my answer. He agrees and is right.
For $25,000:

What company's facility in Everett, WA is thought to be the world's largest building in terms of volume?

A: Microsoft
D: Boeing

He's unsure about Microsoft, so he quits at $16,000. Answer was actually Boeing.

Kari Daughtery struck out quickly thinking Gonzo is the muppet that does the karate chop sound, when it was actually Miss Piggy. At least she had nothing to lose there, since it was a $2,000 question, and she does leave with $1,000.

Ryan Russler is back next time after having to ask the audience to get the $500 question right.

Family Feud: In Game 1 today, the Rowes defend against the Millers. The Rowes get the first 64 points on annoying things about Tarzan. The Millers respond with 75 points on people that might knock on your door that may make you pretend you're not at home.

Double: Besides pirates, something you might find on a pirate ship. Starting with:

#1- Treasure/gold (64, Robert)

The champs play. Cherry says old skeleton bones.....#6 (3). James says weapons.....#5 as a sword (4). Ontario says the pirate flag....#2 (7)! Laqueena says pirate hats....not there. Robert says a wooden leg...NO. Cherry now says wrecked pirate ship (?!?!).....ABSOLUTELY NOT.
For the Miller steal, Dianna says liquor.....NO, so the Rowes go to 220. Others: cannon and sails (6 each).

Triple: Famous Christinas or Kristinas. Starting with:

#1- Aguilera (84, Cherry)

The champs play once more. James says DeCarr....NO. Ontario says Smart....NO. LaQueena, the screamin' lady on the family, says Johnson.....three strikes in a row. This steal is for the game.
Dianna says Applegate....the Millers are the new champs at 327! Others: Ferrare (6), Onassis (3).

Fast Money: The Millers send Jeff and Debbie to bat. Questions:

#1- How many times have you dialed 911 at home?
#2- An animal with sharp teeth.
#3- Name something that's served at a picnic.
#4- Something associated with Ireland.
#5- A store known for its catalogs.

Debbie says once, tiger, hot dogs, leprachauns and Sears (#1) for 94. Jeff says twice (#1), shark (#1), sandwiches, clovers (#1) and JCPenney for.....206 and $20,000!

In Game 2, the Fierros (Pontiacs not included) defend again, this time against the Di Dodos.
The Fierros get the first 68 points on things you might see on the floor after a wild party (one of the unsaid answers was condoms!!).
They get just 15 more thanks to both families having a hard time naming things women would be glad never to wear again.

Double: Something a dog might have in its mouth, a question my dog Bandut would love to answer. Starting with:

#1- Bone (62, Martin)
#2- Ball/Toy (20, Brent)

After playing, Gloria says leash......NO. Blanca says shoes.....NO. Robert says a bird.....three strikes, just like that. Over to the Di Dodos, who say a newspaper.....NO!?! I don't believe that!
The Fierros are now at 247. Others: teeth, tongue and the mailman.

Triple: Something people get bitten by, sooner or later. This could be tricky. Starting with:

#3- Dog (13, Gloria)

The champs try to close it out. Blanca says a mosquito....NUMBER ONE (54)! That surpised me.
Robert says other Annelise says a cat....NO. Martin says a fly (?!?!)....NO, NO, NO!
The Di Dodos says an ant for a playoff.....NO, so the Fierros have shut somebody out for the second time in a row at 448! Others: the "love bug" and bee. I thought flu would be there.

Fast Money: Robert and Martin play for the team this time. Questions:

1. Besides your legs, a body part that tends to move the most when you dance.
2. Something you feel that you'll never pay off.
3. Something that most people record.
4. Something a good cowboy needs.
5. A sport where people throw something.

Martin says arms, mortgage (#1), music (#1), gun and football for 135! Robert says hands, bank cards, movies, cowboy hat and baseball (#1) for.... another $20,000 win on the day! Three-day total: $21,175!

WOF: Wrapping up another good week here, our players tonight are Dan Dayne (whose child echoes what Charile O' Donnell does!), Diane Hunt and Kimberley Wynn. Round 1 category is Before and After. Late in the round, after Hunt calls an F for $800, we have...


L _ F E

S A _ _ N _ S

...she says PLANT LIFE SAVINGS for her first $1,000.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. After Wynn calls the I's, we have...

_ I _ E

_ R E _ I T


_ R E _ I T


_ _ E

I know this now. She calls a dud. Dayne calls three D's for $900, and solves GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE for $8,150, and he leads with $9,150!

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is On the Map. After Hunt calls the A's and the E's, we have...

_ _ E

A _ _ E S

_ _ _ _ _ A _ _ S

I know this already. She calls two T's for $900, and solves THE ANDES MOUNTAINS for $900 and a trip to Peru! Total: $6,500.

Dan quickly solves the $3,000 Toss-Up to go to $12,150. Next category is Event. After Hunt calls the A's and the E's, we have...

_ _ _ _ E R

A _ _ _ _ E R _ A R _

Can Hunt solve this as quick as I again? No, and she misses out on the Wild Card. Wynn calls two S's and N's, all for $300 each. She solves SILVER ANNIVERSARY for $1,200 and $3,200. Next category is Food and Drink. After Wynn calls the R's, we have...

S _ _ _ _ _ E S _ E R N

S _ R I N _

R _ _ _ S

...and she says SOUTHWESTERN SPRING ROLLS for $3,950, and is now up to $7,150. Good playing by all three players so far! Next, we go to Speed-Up mode with a Place. Consonants are worth $1,800. When Hunt calls the N, we have...

_ R _ _ N _ _ _ _ _

...she says GREENHOUSE.....RIGHT! That's $1,800, and she finishes in second with $8,300. But Mr. Dayne is our champion with $12,150!

It's my birthday, so nothing would make me (and Dan's child, Christopher) happier to give away that $100,000. He spins the B for Bobby. Category is Person. Starting with:

_ _ _ R _ E T

_ _ _ _

I thought it was GOURMET CHEF, but it's not now. Dayne calls C, D, H and A and gets...

_ _ _ R _ E T

C _ _ _

"GOURMET COOK?"....YES INDEED! And was it the big one....., but it was the next best thing- $50,000!! Total: $62,150! Hope Christopher did the $50,000 yell with you at home, Charlie! What a very good week this has been! Next week, we begin many special weeks with Teen Best Friends Week! See you then!

Jeopardy!: Current two-day champion Su Kim defends against Stephen Cooper and Nate Meyer. "Stupid Answers" appears as a category in the first round! These clues were much easier than they were the past few times. Kim hits the Daily Double in Hey "Tex", and she has $2,600 to her credit at this point and the lead, while the two challengers have $1,200 apiece. She bets a grand:

As a noun, it's a false reason; as a verb, it's to fake an identity to get someone's phone records.

"What is context".....pretext. Cooper takes over the lead with $2,000 heading into the first break. By the way, he watched professional wrestling every Saturday, so he's a loyal friend and true of I. At the end of the round, Cooper still leads with $5,200, Kim has $4,600 and Meyer has $2,600.

Cooper finds the first Daily Double of Round 2 in Novels with $6,000 and the lead. He bets $1,400:

In this Hemingway novel, wounded WWI soldier Frederic really presses the call button of Nurse Catherine.

He doesn't know it's "Farewell Mars", so he's tied for the lead at $4,600 now. After getting a few clues in She Used to Be in Charge, Kim takes over the lead. She finds the other Daily Double late in German. She bets $2,000 of her $13,400:

Kleine is this adjective, as in "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik".

"What is Little?"....right for another $2,000! At the end, she leads with $15,000, but it's not over yet, as Meyer has $8,200 and Cooper has $5,000.

FJ! category: Animals.

The world's largest invertebrate, it plays a prominent part in an 1870 French novel and a 1954 film.

Cooper says "What is the the giant squid?"....right! $3,201 is added to his $5,000, and he has $8,201. Meyer has that and doubles to $16,400! Kim has....the right one, and wins by $1 with $16,401! Three day total: $45,901!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

RECAP: Nashville Star 2007 Show 3

Is it Kacey Musgraves or Joshua Stevens going home tonight? Let's find out.

Opening the show was Little Big Town.

The first contestant to perform is Meg Allison. She had a rough start, but improved by the end. I gave her a 5. Randy says she did a remarkable job, and asks everyone to have a prayer for the writer of the song she sang. "Queen" Anastasia Brown says everything was spot on, but the performance wasn't quite good enough for her. Blake says she gets better each week.

Second is David St. Romain, my favorite male singer this season on the show. Before singing, he plays a harmonica! "All Night Long" was the song, but I thought he was lackluster. I gave him a 4. Blake says David's task is to sing to the girls. Queen Anastasia says the song choice was confusing and he didn't move, but he worked it out. Randy said he started slowly, but had a good finish.

Third is Joshua Stevens, so I'm wrong in picking the loser this time, and that may be bad news for Kacey Musgraves. He was flat for a bit, but this was his best performance so far. I gave him an 8. Queen Anastasia says he did it visually, but the vocals weren't that ruthless. Blake says he nailed it. Randy thought his song choice was excellent.

Fourth is Zac Hacker. The lyrics were great, but he could have been louder. I gave him a 7.
Randy says he stayed true to his roots, and he loves what he does on the stage, but says he still needs to choose a familiar song. Blake says he looked like a star. Queen Anastasia loved it, but isn't sure if he'll win.

Fifth is Angela Hacker. She was great, but the tone of the song made me wince a bit. So, I gave it a 9. Queen Anastasia says her talent is so unique. Randy says he made him feel what she's singing. Blake says when her record comes out, he'll be the first one to buy it.

We're down to Kacey and Whitney. And as you might expect, the judges won out as Kacey Musgraves was eliminated. Final performer is Whitney Duncan. She sings "First Cut is the Deepest" by Sherly Crow. I thought this was THE WORST PERFORMANCE of this season, and possibly ever. I gave her the lowest score possible, a 1. Blake says she was pitchy. Randy notices she made no eye contact with the audience. Queen Anastasia says she did OK.

My scores after three weeks:

Angela Hacker- 29
David St. Romain- 23
Meg Allison- 22
Zac Hacker- 21
Joshua Stevens- 19
Whitney Duncan- 15

The judges will pick the songs for the contestants next week.

1/25/2007 Results

TPIR: Today, we begin with Charles Caster, who got the game room price exactly right for a $500 bonus! He then played Make Your Move for a snow cone maker, a sofa and a snowmobile.


He goes across the board- meaning that he has $65 for the snow cone maker, $982 for the sofa and $8,969 for the sofa.....NO! Darn. The snow cone maker was $28, $969 was the sofa price and $6,598 was the price for the snowmobile.

Rachna from USC is next. She plays the Punchboard. First small prize is a media player marked at $120, and she says lower.....$95! Second is an ice cream maker marked at $40, and she says lower.....$29! Third is a coffee pot marked at $30, and she says higher....$40! Finally, we have a shaving system marked at $130, and she says lower.....$114! So she wins all the smal prizes and four punches. She punches holes #26, #23, #10 and #3. First punch is worth....$50, and an automatic pass. Second is another $50. Third is yet another $50. My goodness. Finally, we have....$1,000. Thank goodness it wasn't another $50.

Stella Boyd was called to Come on Down after that, and Bob is shocked, as she had given him a nice compliment during the second commercial break. Playing a game third is Alicia Arnold, who plays Lucky Seven for a 2007 Dodge Magnum (Std., Paint, SRadio, Airbags, Cargo, Mats, Heater). First number is 2. She says 1 for the second's 4, so $3's gone. Third number guess is 7.....7! Fourth number guess is 5.....3, so she's down to $2. Last number guess is 5......she wins the $24,735 car and $1!

SSD1: Charles spins 35......and 75 to go over. Rachna spins 40.....and 35 for 75 cents total. Alicia spins the dollar, wins $1,000, and heads into the Showcase!

Marty Arnold, a TPIR staffer, has a birthday acknowledged! Fourth to play a game is Boyd, who plays Shopping Spree for a home gym, a dinette, an electronic accordion and a refrigerator.
Target to reach is $4,000. She first picks the dinette.......$1,189. Second pick is the gym.....$1,599. She now needs to pick a prize that's at least $1,212. The final pick is the freezer.....but that's $649. The accordion was $1,595.

Fifth is Tara Royjer, who plays Pass the Buck for a Ford Focus Sedan worth $15,230. First pair of items are a storage bag marked at $5.99 and Maxwell House Coffee marked at $2.99. She passes the buck to the coffee to make it $3.99, and she's right. Next are Clorox marked at $4.29 and lotion marked at $8.95. She passes the buck to the Clorox for a guess of $5.29, but she's wrong. Her first pick is #2.....$3,000. She risks it for's the car, so she wins that and $3,000!

Kathryn Christensen is last to play Range Game for a spa. She stops it real early....but she wins anyway at $9,495!

SSD2: Stella spins 15.....and 55 for 70 cents. Kathryn spins a nickel......and 75 for 80 cents!
Tara spins 60.....and 90 to go over and send Kathryn into the Showcase.

First Showcase sees Little Snoopy Sally's quest for family secrets while alone inside her house. First, she's been hiding in a window a year's supply of Cold Stone ice cream cakes, and I'm having one of those for my birthday tomorrow! Second, she gets a note from her brother and her girlfriend about their future engagement, and attached to that is a new ring! Finally, she gets a birthday card containing the key to a new Chrysler 300 Touring (Std., SRadio, Pedals)!
Arnold bids $28,500, when she wanted to bid $31,000 originally. For Kathryn, we have familiar clocks. First, you might see the Clock Game clock while watching this show on a new TV! Second, you might see the Big Ben clock in London! Finally, there's a clock in a new Chevy Corvette (Std., AT, Wheels, Z51, 3LT)!!! She bids $62,000.

ARP for Alicia: $32,945, a difference of $4,445. ARP for Kathryn.....

....$64,380- SHE'S WON THE CORVETTE!!!! Total: $74,724!! Alicia leaves with $28,105.

WOF: Tonight, we have Tim Rodman and his spinning partner, his fiancee Morgan. The reason why we have two players in the red spot is because Tim is too short to be able to spin the wheel. So, Morgan will spin for him. Other players are Joelle Maxwell (who is trying to major in the major I'm shooting for at VCU) and Mari Young. The little man got both tossups for $3,000! Round 1 category is Thing, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Tim picks up the $10,000!
After Tim calls the U's, we have....

U N _ _ _ I L E D

N A _ U R A L

_ E A U _ _

I don't know the top word. Tim calls two T's to pick up the trip to Ireland. He calls the O, and says UNSPOILED NATURAL BEAUTY for $10,850, a trip to Ireland and a trip to the Caribbean! Total for the Rodmans: $26,550!

Jackpot Round category is Same Name. Young picks up the Wild Card with a D call. After she calls the A's, we have....

D _ A N E


_ E _ _ R _


She calls two M's, and solves DIANE & MEMORY LANE for $1,450. Never heard of Diane Lane.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Fun and Games. Early on, Young lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls four T's. At this point, if she takes the $4,000, she could use the Wild Card to call another consonant at $1,000 apiece. But she flips the wedge......$10,000! After Maxwell calls the N's, we have...

_ _ T

_ _ _

E _ T _ N _

_ _ N T E S T

A certain hot dog freak has won one of these many times in New York. Next is a C for $300 and an A. She then calls two G's for $600, but calls a P, which is a dud. Big chance for Young to capitalize here. She solves HOT DOG EATING CONTEST for the $10,000 and $11,450!
First Mystery Prize win in a while.

Rodman solves GEORGIE PORGIE to go up to $29,550. In the middle of a round, we go to Speed-Up mode. Category is Place, and consonants are worth $1,700. Board at this point:

_ R _ _

S _ R _ L _ S


Maxwell calls the P, and solves ARMY SURPLUS STORE for her only $2,200 of the night! The small man, Tim Rodman is our champion with $29,550!

He is able to spin the bonus round wheel himself, and it lands on the S in BONUS. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ E _ _

_ _ _ E _ _ _ _

Rodman calls D, M, G and I and gets...

D E _ D

G I _ E _ _ _ _

Without calling what he said, he wouldn't have known it was a DEAD GIVEAWAY! He wins $30,000, and the Rodmans go home with $59,550 in cash and prizes!

WWTBAM: We've had a $50,000 winner in each of the first three shows this week. Will Jen Fisher help make it happen again today, and possible win even more? Let's find out. The question, after passing the first:

When first published in 1892, the Pledge of Alliegance pledged alleigance to an American flag with how many total stars?

A: 38
B: 40
C: 42
D: 44

She thinks 42 and says it.....NO. I wouldn't have gotten it either- it was 44. Couldn't do it this time, but she does leave with $25,000.

Dave Roth is next. After using the audience lifeline early, he gets this for $16,000:

What unit of measurement is defined as the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius?

A: Calorie
B: Newton
C: Watt
D: Joule

He uses the 50:50, leaving the top two. He says B......but it's A, sending him home with $1,000.

Next is Kerry Longo-Williams. She answered the $500 question correctly about the Austrailian version of this show. When she got to the $25,000 question, the last of the day, we have:

What U.S. state's capital has the greatest number of letters in its name?

A: Indiana
B: Missouri
C: Oklahoma
D: Utah

I think it's Oklahoma, but I'm not sure. She uses the 50:50, leaving B and D. Now I think it's Utah, but she says Missouri....

....and she's right to get the right to come back tomorrow!

Family Feud: Can the Ballantynes become the NINTH undefeated clan this season? Let's find out as they play the Rowes in Game 1. The champs score 42 first on things you'd be OK with if you didn't get caught by the police while driving. The Rowes take the lead with 73 on things we may or may not know about Dracula.

Double: Something people need to be told to hold correctly. Starting with:

#1- Silverware (32, Peter)

Champs play. Charlene says a baby.....#3 (14)! Amorette says tools....not there. Lisa says instruments.....NO. Corinne says cups....#4 (11)! Peter says a baseball bat.....steal time for the Rowes. Ontario says a writing's there to go to 187. Others: chopsticks and golf clubs (3 each).

Triple: Real or fictional, name a famous Hogan. Starting with:

#1- Hulk (69, Cherry)

The challengers try to close this out on their own. James says "Hogan's Heroes"....#2 (12)! Ontario says Ben.....#3 (9)! #4 is needed to win the championship. Laqueena says Blue....NO WAY. Robert says The (?!?!).....EVEN WORSE. Cherry says Bob....not too bad, but that's three strikes. Lisa thinks the last Hogan on the board is Nancy.....

....NO WAY, so the Rowes are the new champs at 457! The last Hogan up there was Paul, and I knew it! The champs leave with $22,345.

Fast Money: The team who has a family chant of their own take their first crack at the big money. Cherry and Ontario do it. Questions:

#1- Name something at a Thanksgiving dinner that you always have seconds of.
#2- What's the longest you've gone without seeing a dentist?
#3- Something a housekeeper does to do his job.
#4- A word that rhymes with "word".
#5- Something you associate with the Dallas Cowboys.

Cherry says stuffing, a year (#1), a blank for question three, nerd and cowboy hat (Really bad)
for 81. Ontario says turkey (#1), six months, vaccum (#1), herd and cheerleaders (#1) for.....
248 and $20,000!

In Game 2, the Fierros defend against the Graves family. The Fierros score the first 71 points on things a man might put on to make him more attractive to men. They go to 160 on things a baby has that might get food stains on them.

Double: Name something that may have more germs than a toilet. Starting with:

#4- Toothbrush (8, Martin)

Champs play. Gloria says the bathtub....NO. Blanca says moohlah.....NO. Robert says the sink....NUMBER ONE (22)! Annelise says a public bathroom.....their turn just went down the toilet. Bryan of the Graves says a cutting board.....NO, so 60 more for the champs. Others:
mouth/tongue, cell phone, hands and doorknobs.

Triple: Something a married man might do in Vegas that could get him in trouble. Starting with:

#2- Gamble away money (42, Gloria)
#3- See strip show (6, Guy)

The champs try to close it out on their own. Blanca says get thrown in jail.....NO WAY. Robert says waste too much time in the city...NUMBER ONE (49)!! I don't believe that. Annelise says nothing. Martin says remarry....NO. Bryan says #4 is getting drunk for a playoff....NO! The Fierros win again at 511! #4 was getting a disease (2). That was hard.

Fast Money: Robert and Annelise play. Questions:

1. On a scale of 1-10, rate your physic abilities.
2. The stangest animal you've seen someone ride.
3. A prize won in raffles.
4. A word that rhymes with booze.
5. A body part everyone else thinks is ugly.

Annelise says 7, donkey, teddy bear (bad), snooze (#1) and stomach for 62. Robert says 4, ostrich (#1), car, clues (bad) and face for $610 and a two-day total of $1,175.

Idol Ratings and Wednesday DOND rating

Tuesday's one-hour episode of "American Idol" in Memphis scored a 17.2 Fast Neilsen rating with a 25 share. The big drop from last week is understandable, given the show's length.

Wednesday's two-hour episode scored a 17.3 with a 27 share for the first hour, and 20.4 with a 30 share for the second hour.

Wednesay's "Deal or No Deal" scored a good rating against big competition- a 6.3 with a 9 share. It was actually second in its time slot, because it had more viewers than a "Criminal Minds" repeat on CBS.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1/24/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Karen Danca-Smith is back to try to defend all of her $50,000, and maybe even add on to it. For $100,000:

Which of these subatomic particles is a form of antimatter?

A: Neutrino
B: Gluon
C: Muon
D: Positron

She quits with all of her money. Answer was Positron.

Next is Brian Kass. He's known as "Hot Pants" in his area. For $2,000:

Commonly used as seating in restaurants, banquettes are what type of furniture?

A: Folding chairs
B: Padded benches
C: High-backed chairs
D: Bar stools

He uses the 50:50, leaving B and D. He then asks the audience, and 90% say B. That's what he thought, so he says that and is right. For $16,000:

In 2006, Tom DeLay urged his backers to support country singer Sara Evans, a contestant on what reality series?

A: "Dancing with the Stars"
B: "Last Comic Standing"
C: "Project Runway"
D: "Skating with Celebrities"

I know this. But he calls Rich, and he says A (my answer), but says it's a guess. With that uncertainity, he stops at $8,000. Of course, that was the right answer.

Next is Jen Fisher. She stopped watching the show to prepare herself, because at some times in the show she thinks it can be nerve-wrecking. She gets up to this $16,000 question:

In 2006, an ailing Fidel Castro temporarily ceded control of Cuba to his younger brother, who's named what?

A: Arturo
B: Victor
C: Ernesto
D: Raul

Fisher polls the audience, and 83% say D. She goes with that and is right! Last question of the day, to get to $25,000:

What author's mysterious death has been attributed to over a dozen causes, including rabies, diabetes and murder?

A: Arthur Conan Doyle
B: Agatha Christie
C: Edgar Allan Poe
D: Mary Shelley

She uses the 50:50, leaving Doyle and Poe. She then calls her sister, Amy, who says C, but is unsure. But Fisher goes with it anyway.....and she's coming back tomorrow to possibly be the fourth $50K winner of the week, and possibly win more!

Family Feud: Game 1 today sees the Ballantynes defending against the Konings. The champs score 39 points on things wivess steal from their husands without permission. The second question was a Match Game Super Match question: Dirty _________.
The Konings luck out on 41 points on that question.

Double: Name a place you'd hate to be in when your cell phone rings. Starting with:

#1- Church (38, Mike)

The Konings play. Michelle says a David says movie theaters.....#4 (7). Chris says a wedding, also related to church.....strike two. Pam says in class......NO! I don't believe that!
Lisa of the champs says in bed.....and they take the lead back with 131! Others: bathroom (8),
work (5).

Triple: What would you do if your child was failing a school subject? Starting with:

#2- Help/Work with (19, Michelle)
#3- Talk to teacher (12, Charlene)

The Konings play again. David says withdraw the student from the subject.....nope. Chris says get a tutor.....NUMBER ONE (57)! They're in good shape to take the championship away, with the #4 answer left. Michelle says pray.....not #4. Mike says have a friend help for the win.....NO.
Pam thinks the #4 answer is ground him/her. That's what I think.....and it's there to win again at 393!

Fast Money: Lisa and Corinne do it again. Questions:

#1- Name a woman's sexiest feature.
#2- Something you wouldn't want to use if it was dirty.
#3- Something girls teach boys to do.
#4- Another word for cry.
#5- An exercise you don't need to go to the gym to do.

Lisa says behind, tissue (bad), play (bad), baby (absolutely bad) and sit-ups for 39 points.
Corinne says lips, toothbrush, kiss (#1), sob and chasing (really bad) for 128, giving them $640 and a current total for four days of $22,345. Will we have nine undefeated families after tomorrow? Tune in tomorrow in Game 1 to find out.

In the meantime, we have two new families for Game 2. The Lewins and the Fierros play. The Fierros score first with 42 on things that droop. They go to 124 on things you can only take one of at a time.

Double: Something you're sure to see in a horror movie. Starting with:

#1- Blood (50, Martin)

The Fierros play. Gloria says knives.....#4 (5). Blanca says murders......#2 (18)! Robert says monsters..... #3 (9) and one to go! Annelise goes for victims......not the last answer. Martin says screaming.....not there either. Gloria says masks.......three strikes. Gaby of the Lewins try to steal with fog......but it's killer (4), so the Fierros are at 288.

Triple: Something people get stuck in. Starting with:

#1- Traffic (61, Gloria)

The Fierros will try to close it out on their own. Blanca says work......not so. Robert says mud.....#2 (16)! Annelise says Martin says a rut......strike three. Gaby of the other team says elevator. If it's there, we have a playoff.... it's there at #3 (16)! Other answer was
snow (5).

Sudden Death: Blanca and Claudia represent the teams. Question: Name a decision parents make after a baby is born. The #1 answer is the baby's name, and the new champs are.......

....the Fierros at 558!

Fast Money: Martin and Blanca play for the Fierros. Questions:

#1- A place where you get always stuck sitting beside a crying baby.
#2- The age when you start feeling like your age.
#3- Name a type of pasta other than spaghetti.
#4- Something people do when they ride exercise bikes.
#5- A magazine you'd expect President Bush to read.

Martin says the movies, 40, angel hair (bad), listen to music and Newsweek for....only 59.
Blanca says hospital, 35, lasagana, sing and Fortune for 113 total and $565.

WOF: Tonight, Anasa Washington, Britt Volale and Mark Caputo play. Round 1 category is In the Kitchen. Volale hits the $2,500 space right on the spot and calls two R's for $5,000!
After calling four N's, we have...

R _ _ N _

N _ N- S T _ _ _

_ A _ _ _ E

_ R _ N

The only word I don't know now is the fourth word. After she called the O's, the word I don't get comes to me. She then calls a C for $550, a U and two I's. Next, she calls a D and a K for $550 apiece. But she calls the H, which is a dud, with $8,000 on hand. Caputo calls the F's for $1,000, and solves ROUND NON-STICK WAFFLE IRON to get on the board with that.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. The man calls the N to pick up the Free Spin. But he loses it later on. After Volale calls the B, we have....

S _ A R _ L I N G

B L _ E


...and she solves SPARKLING BLUE SEA for $950 and a trip to Mexico. She is now up to $7,806.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Next Line Please, and it's a very big puzzle, so someone could rack up here. Caputo gets the Wild Card by calling an N, and this may come into play for him this round. But he gets the Bankrupt right away- so much for that. Washington lands on $3,500, and calls SEVEN L's, and she is now up to $29,350 now! At this point, we have...

_ _ L L

_ _ _

S T _ L L

N _ _ _

_ _

_ _ L L

_ _ _

S T _ L L

_ _ _

_ _

She then buys four I's and six E's. After calling the U's, we have...

_ I L L

_ _ U


N E E _

_ E

_ I L L

_ _ U


_ E E _

_ E

I know this now. She then calls the O's. She calls two D's for $800, and two M's for another $800.....but she hits the Bankrupt. OUCH. Volale solves WILL YOU STILL NEED ME WILL YOU STILL FEED ME, and says the next line is "When I'm 64".....she scores $3,000 this round and has $10,806.

Washington solves BARBERSHOP to go to $4,000. Speed-Up Round category is Around the House.....$6,000 for each consonant, so Washington could redeem herself from that bad moment in the last round. After the man calls the B's, we have...

S _ _ T

_ H _ T E

_ _ _ H T

B _ _ B

...and he solves SOFT WHITE LIGHT BULB for game, set and match with $31,300!

He spins the dollar sign. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ R _ S _ _

_ _ _ _ N

I think I know this now. Caputo calls P, C, W and O and gets...

C R _ S P _

_ _ C O N

We all eat it at breakfast all the time, and he solves CRISPY BACON! He wins $30,000 and takes home $61,300 in cash!

DOND: Playing tonight is Jackie Monroe. Her case is #5.

Round 1: Her first pick is #15......$400. Second pick is #12.....$1! Third pick is #19.....$200,000.
Fourth pick is #4.....MILLION IS OUT- SHE MISSED THE BIG CASE BY ONE. OUCH. She knocked out $75 and $100,000 on her last two picks. First offer she says NO DEAL to: $12,000.

Round 2: Before this round began, a live performance stage was set up. Now, for the game.
First pick this round is #22.....$75,000. Second pick from her is #11.....$750,000. Third pick is #16.....$10,000. Fourth pick is #17.....$10. Last pick is #8......$500. Next offer she says NO DEAL to: $38,000.

Round 3: Monroe goes for #13 first......$50! Second pick from her is #2.....$500,000. She knocks out $400,000 and $750. Before the third offer, Hanson calls.....AND SHOWS UP! How nice!
Next offer she says NO DEAL to: $21,000.

Round 4: Hanson, for now, helps Monroe out. First pick is #21.....$100. Second pick is #23....
$5! Final pick is #26.....$200. Good round. The new offer is: $35,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: We learn the player's husband went to Iraq for a year. #10 is first.....$25! Other pick is #6.....$25,000. The new offer is $44,000. NO DEAL. I would try to get it over $50,000 before stopping. One case mode now.

Monroe chooses #18.....PENNY!! Should be able to take a good deal now. The offer is: $59,000....

....NO DEAL. Before the next choice, Hanson does a part of "M'm Bop" ! After that, Monroe's next pick is the dreaded #7......

...$5,000. Should be able to take the deal now. Offer is: $83,000.....

....DEAL! Good thing too- next choice of #20 would have knocked out the $300,000. Her case amount wasn't bad either- $50,000. Hanson and a nice deal- not a bad way to end this show's week and avoid a WIPEOUT.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1/23/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Returning this Tuesday is Shanika Verette from Brooklyn, who is shooting for $100,000. With this kind of money, she can go to graduation school. The question she takes, after passing the first question:

During their historic first flight at Kitty Hawk, the Wright brothers' plane traveled about how far?

A: 120 ft.
B: 530 ft.
C: 840 ft.
D: 1,270 ft.

She has read about this before, and is hoping the answer will come to her. She is leaning towards A or C. But she would've guessed B after stopping......and it was actually one of her original 2, A! So instead of $25,000, she is the show's second straight $50,000 winner!

Next is Karen Danca-Smith, also a NYer, but is from Long Beach. Interesting $1,000 question about Pat Sajak, which was the answer. He said this: "Anyone whoo has seen me spin that heavy, giant wheel on TV knows that I'm not a steroid user?". She had to poll the audience on the question before that. For $4,000:

The scenic town of Jim Thorpe, PA is named for a legendary what?

A: Doctor
B: Athlete
C: Playwright
D: Inventor

I know this, but Danca-Smith calls Brian, a friend from college. He says an athlete, my answer. She agrees and we're all right! For $25,000:

Minutes after learning about the 9/11 attacks, President Bush read what story along with some Florida school children?

A: A Story for Bear
B: The Giving Tree
C: The Pet Goat
D: Tuck in the Pool

She uses the 50:50, leaving the bottom two. She's been taking some successful risky guesses the past few questions without lifelines. She guesses C. Has her luck got her to $25,000?.....
YES! Trying for three $50K winners in a row now. Last question of the day after passing the first one, so she can't claim the $50,000 today. Here's her final $50,000 question:

Known for their classic toys, the Wham-O company got its name from the sound made by which of its products?

A: Hula Hoop
B: SuperBall
C: Frisbee
D: Slingshot

I think it's C, but it may be too obvious. She says D instead.....RIGHT! Can she hang on to a lot of money? Find out tomorrow!

TPIR: We start today with Denise Jones, who plays Freeze Frame for a big-screen TV. She freezes at $3,299. That looks right.....and she is right!

Before the 2nd IUFB, Bob acknowledges that Rich Fields has celebrated a birthday!

Matthew Ayono is next to play 3 Strikes for a LINCOLN NAVIGATOR ULTIMATE (Fairly Loaded)!!! Numbers in the price are 1,2,3,5 and 6. Ayono immediately draws the first strike. He then draws the 6, and says the second number.....believe it or not, he's right ($ _ 6, _ _ _)!
Already at this point, I can tell you that the car he is playing for is the most expensive car EVER offered in this game! Let's see if he can win it. He then draws the 2, and says the first digit.....NO FREAKIN' WAY. He then admits he made a mistake, saying he would've picked the last digit instead. He draws the 5 next, and says the first digit. Bob steals a WWTBAM line by saying, "Is that your final answer?" before asking, which of course is right ($ 5 6, _ _ _)! He draws the 2 again, and says the third Ayono draws the same number, and says the fourth number.....and this time is right ($ 5 6, _ 2 _)! Two away from a really big win here.
He draws......strike two. Next is.......the 1, and says the third number........NO. Next, he draws....

.....the 3, and says the third digit, which is right ($ 5 6, 3 2 _). Now we know the Lincoln is $56,321. All he needs to do is draw the 1.......

......BUT IT'S THE STRIKE INSTEAD. DARN!!! He gave it a valiant try, IMO, on a very evil setup. Too bad he lost.

Third is Frank Sternello. He plays Balance Game for a brass bed. Last three numbers are $176. Available bags are $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000. He places the $1,000 and $3,000 bags, creating a guess of $4,176. The overbalanced. Price: $3,176.

But that man spins the dollar at the wheel for $1,000, and is in the Showcase.

Fourth is Dale McCellan, who plays for a motorcycle and a dinette. The One Right Price is $3,149, and McCellan says it's the dinette.....but it's $2,725.

Fifth is Jesse Van Dune, who plays Pathfinder for a Chevy Impala (Std., Heater, Mats, PProt). Board:


We start with 2 as the first number. The second number is either 0, 2, 7 or 9. He steps to the
7, which of course is wrong. He tries pricing the video camera, which is either $51 or $79. He says $79 and is right! His next guess is 2, and of course that's right($ 2 2, _ _ _). Third number is either the 0, 1 or 4, and I feel he'll step to 4....and he does, which is wrong. He tries pricing the laser baseball, which is either $30 or $46. He says $30 and is right! He then steps to the 1, which of course is right ($ 2 2, 1 _ _). The fourth number is either 2 or 6, and I think the car is $22,124 now. His fourth number guess is 6.....and that's right, so my car guess is wrong
($ 2 2, 1 6 _)! Last number is either 4 or 9, and he steps to the 9.......he wins the $22,169 car!
He also wins the baseball and the video camera!

Finally, we have Adam Densell playing for an eliptical trainer, a banjo and a bar cabinet in Clearance Sale. The sale prices are $1,000, $1,400 and $2,150. He places $1,000 for the banjo, $1,450 for the trainer and $2,150 for the bar cabinet, and he.......loses. The bar cabinet was in its right place, but he should've switched the banjo and trainer prices.

SSD2: Densell spins 85 and stays. McCellan goes over. Van Dune spins 85 cents to force a spinoff. Densell then spins 90 cents.....and Van Dune spins 80, so Densell is in the Showcase.

First Showcase features Shane as a waitress at a restaurant where she is wearing skates!
First, she has to take an order from a new cell phone. Second, she sees a dish being ready, so she uses a new range. Finally, she delivers dishes to people with them sitting in a new 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible Deluxe (Std., SRadio)! Sternello bids 25 large. Densell goes for a digital piano, a Flexsteel Living Room Group and a trip to Hong Kong. He bids $18,000.

ARP for Densell: $19,599, a difference of $1,599. ARP for Sternello: $2........6,044, meaning he wins by $555! Total: $27,843.

WOF: Playing tonight- Kristin Ashby (in the yellow), Eric Riscus and Jennifer Channing.
Round 1 category is Before and After. Early on, Channing lands on $2,500, and gets two N's for $5,000! After Riscus calls the C's, we have...

_ _ D

M _ D _ C _ N _

C _ _ _ N _ T

I'm not sure about the first word. He calls three E's, and two A's, and the A is the second letter of the top word, and I think I know this now. He calls two B's for $1,100, and solves BAD MEDICINE CABINET for $2,400 and a trip to Europe! Total: $12,550.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. After Ashby calls the O's, we have...

R E _ _ _ E

_ O R

_ O _ O N _ T

_ R E _ _

_ _ E

I know this now. She then calls the F to get the Free Spin. But she wastes it after two bad choices. Riscus, after calling the C's, solves RECIPE FOR COCONUT CREAM PIE for $2,450 and a trip this time to Hawaii! He's now up to $22,634 already!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Occupation. After Ashby calls the T's, we have...

_ _ _ E _ E _ _ E _ T

_ _ S _ R A _ _ E

A _ E _ T

The only word I don't know now is the first word. She calls six N's for $2,100, and the first word now reads _ N _ E _ E N _ E N T. She loses her turn a few turns later. Riscus calls the C before calling an M, which is a dud. Channing calls two D's for $600, and the first word is now
_ N D E _ E N D E N T, and I know the puzzle now. After calling a $550 P, she solves INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT to get on the board with $1,150.

She then solves STEELHEAD TROUT (never heard of it) for another $3,000. Speed-Up mode with a Place. Consonants worth $1,400. When Riscus calls the T's, we have....

_ _ _ S T R _ _ T _ _ _

S _ T _

...but he doesn't know. But when we get back to him, he calls the C's, and solves CONSTRUCTION SITE to lock up the match win with $29,634!

He spins the star. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ N T

I know it's not FULL COUNT. He calls C, M, D and A and gets....

_ _ _ D

_ _ _ N T

I say FOOD COUNT. He says.....nothing. It was actually GOOD POINT. He had nothing to lose though- $25,000 was at stake tonight.

Family Feud: It's back! The Ballantynes are back for their third time against the Fitzgibbons family. The champs get the first 90 points on things you might do after you lose a lot of money in Vegas. They go to 158 on things you might be embarassed to do while in a hospital, according to 100 men.

Double: If you could not live in the U.S., which country might you live in? Starting with:

#4- England (11, Daniel)
#5- Mexico (7, Peter)

The challengers play. Michela says Kaitlin says Italy......#2 (14)! Mary Megan says France....#3 (13)! Matt goes with Spain.....#6 (6)! They're in good shape, because only the #1 answer is left. Daniel says Austrailia.....not it. Michela says Canada for the sweep with 136!

Triple: Women like to be told they have a sexy what? Starting with:

#1- Body/Figure (64, Michela)

The champs play. Kaitlin says Mary Megan says voice.....#4 (8). Matt says a smile....#2 (16)! One more and they're the new champs. Daniel says Michela says outfit.....NO. The champs try to keep the crown with walk.....and it's there, so the Ballantynes are still champions at 422!

Fast Money: Lisa and Corinne play. Questions:

1. Name something your wife stops doing when she gets mad at you.
2. How long do your kids spend time on their homework each night?
3. Something you do for a baby.
4. Name someone a person might credit for their success.
5. Name a zoo animal people love to visit.

Lisa says sex, an hour (#1), feed (#1), God and monkeys (#1) for.....159! Corinne says spending money for question one....nothing. Talking was #1. She says 30 minutes next.... 13, so 28 to go. She then says change a baby's diaper.....31 is good enough for $20,000! Three-day total:

The other game has the Sims defending against the Williams family. The Sims have NEVER won Fast Money. But to get one last shot at the big money, they must win. The challengers score the first 73 points on things women don't want to reveal to a date. The champs fire back with 54 on things people chase.

Double: Besides other people, something people kiss. Starting with:

#1- Pets/animals (72, Shonite)

The Williams clan plays. Gail draws a blank. Socorro says Jerry says a car.....three strikes, just like that. The Sims try to steal with the ground.......and they have the lead with 198!
Other answers: blarney stone, lucky charms and dice.

Triple: An occupation that charges obscene amounts of money per hour. Starting with:

#1- Lawyer (57, Steve)

The champs play. Janet says doctors....#2 (19)! Linbeth says actors....NO WAY. Sharon says Sonny says models.....three strikes. Jerry of the Williams family says personal trainer.....NO FREAKIN' WAY! So that means the Sims are another in the long line of undefeated champions at 426! Other answers: plumber (10), auto mechanic (3).

Fast Money: Last shot at the big money for the Sims. They pick Linbeth and Sonny. Questions:

1. A political office people run for, besides the presidency.
2. The time people usually return from work.
3. The U.S. state with the most billionaires.
4. Favorite Muppet?
5. Besides a toothbrush, something you use to clean your teeth.

Sonny drew a blank on question four. With the questions he did answer, he says Congressmen, 6:00 PM, New York and floss (#1) for 104. Linbeth says Senate, 5:00 PM, California (#1), Kermit.....that's enough to finally get them the big money! Final total for them: $23,150!