Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Show 2

Lakisha Livingston is back with us. Her new partner is Alana. The category chosen this time is 1st Grade Art. For $5,000:

When you mix equal amounts of red and yellow paint, what color do you get?

She says orange and has $5,000! Next category is 1st Grade Astronomy. To double to ten grand:

What star is the closest to Earth?

She says the Sun....that's $10,000! Her new partner is Jacob. She goes for another $15,000 in 2nd Grade U.S. Geography.

What country has the longest border in the U.S.?

Now, if she gets this right, she is guaranteed to leave with at least $25,000 when the game ends.

She says Mexico. I say Canada. The answer is.... answer, and Jacob has it to guarantee her $25,000! She tries to double that in 4th Grade Math:

How many sides are there on a trapezoid?

She has no idea, so she peeks at Jacob's answer, which is 4. She agrees.....and is right for $50,000! I screwed up again on a math question- I would have said 3.

She then goes for 3rd Grade Reading. To double again, this time to $100,000:

True or False: Fiction books are not assigned numbers in the Dewey Decimal System.

I think that's false....and so does she....

...and that's $100,000! Another $75,000 is at stake in the next chosen category- 3rd Grade Measurements:

How many decades are in two millennia?

I say 200. But she's not sure enough, so she banks the $100,000! She would've said 20 instead!

American Idol Top 20: Girls

First up is Gina Glocksen. I thought she was doing "Over It" by Katherine McPhee, who was last
season's runner-up. But she sung a different song. In spite of that, I gave her a 10! Randy says she started off pitchy at the start, but got better over time, and said it was a good song choice. Paula thought it was excellent, but Simon thought her vocals were forced at the end. Total score from me to her: 17.

Second is Alaina Alexander. She's singing "Not Ready To Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks, who won five Grammys not too long ago. Her performance was aveerage- I gave it a 5. Randy thought it was sloppy. Paula said it was a tough song, but she did OK. Simon said she ran out of gas late in the song. Total for her: 7.

Third is LaKisha Jones, who is said to be the favorite to win right now. She sings "Midnight Train" by Gladys Knight. I gave her a 9. Randy says it was hot, even though the start was a bit rough. Simon says she needs to continue to stand out a lot. My score so far: 19.

Fourth is Melinda Doolittle. She sings "Each Day is Valentine". I also gave her a 9! Randy says she came out to win. Simon said that was incredible, and thought it was the best performance of the season! Her total score from me: 19.

Fifth is Antonella Barba, who has been in hot water ever since suspicious photos of her have been exposed to the publc. She sings "Because You Love Me" by Celiene Dion. While she was in tune, she struggled in several areas, and her voice was fairly annoying. I gave her a 3. Randy says she was beautiful, but it was the wrong song for her. Paula said she made leaps and bounds from last week, but Simon thought she was even worse than last week. Total score: 7.

Sixth is Jordin Sparks. She sings "Reflections of Who I Am". I gave her a 9! Randy noticed she was emotional during that song, and thought it was incredible that she sung that at 17. Simon said it wasn't the best, but she did better than most others. My score so far for her: 16.

Seventh is Stephanie Edwards. She sings "Dangerously in Love" by Beyonce. I thought she was just OK, so I gave her a 5. Randy thought she sung better, but thought she tried too hard on the rhythym. Paula thought she did well despite the difficulties, and Simon agreed. Total score for her now from me: 9.

Eighth is Leslie Hunt. She sings "It's a New Day". I also gave this a 9! Randy said she was better, but thought she was pitchy. Paula loved it. Simon said she's been way behind a few other girls in this round, and the performance wasn't enough to make her stand out that much. Total score from me now: 17.

Ninth is Haley Scarnato. She sings "Freedom of the Night". Another 9 for a singer from me!
Randy criticized the amount of background voices in the song, and it wasn't that good. Paula says it was better than last week. Simon said it was too crazy, and her vocals weren't that good. He also thinks she's one of the girls in danger of being cut tomorrow. My score for her now: 18.

Last is Sabrina Sloan. She sings "He Gives Me Love", and I thought she did wonderful! I gave her another 10! Randy says she lost the pitch a little, but still did very well. Paula thought she could be a big contender in this competition, and Simon said she shouldn't have picked a song with a lot of shouting, but thought she was very good. She has a perfect score of 20 from me so far.

Eighth is

BREAKING NEWS: Vincent Pastore withdraws from "Dancing with the Stars"

I have just received word that according to The Futon Critic, Vincent Pastore has withdrawn from the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars", because he felt the amount of practice was too much for him to handle.

2/28/2007 Results

Family Feud: Are the Boxes our TENTH undefeated family of the season? We'll find out as they face the Hawks. But something special happens at the top of the show- John shows off his new baby boy- William Dylan! His wife makes an apperance too!

The champs get the first 75 on things besides payments that you might hate about your jobs. The Hawks lead by one point after naming things that you might run for.

Double: An occasion when you're forced to pose for a family photo. Starting with:

#1- Christmas (49, Chrissy)

The Hawks play. Denise says wedding......#3 (13)! Guy says funerals.....too somber of an event.
Fulton says birthdays......#5 (4). Brittney says a cruise (?!?!?)....NO WAY. Back to Chrissy, who says graduation.....three strikes. For the Box steal, Rebecca says Thanksgiving.....#4 (6) and they go to 205! Others: family reunion (23), anniversaries (2).

Triple: What would you realize more often if the beach you are on is a nude one? Baker says lose your shorts....#2 with staying or stripping (37). Denise says "Get the Hell out of here!!!!"....NUMBER ONE (44), so they could win! Guy says put on suntan lotion....sorry. Fulton says live in the sights.....#3 (10) and one away! Brittney says cover your eyes....that wins the game for them at 361! The champs leave with $22,030.

Fast Money: Fulton and Brittney take these questions:

1. Someone you often have to keep secrets away from.
2. Something you buy that goes with a guitar.
3. A state starting with W.
4. Something babies do more often than adults.
5. A creamy salad dressing.

Brittney drew a blank on question three. She said parents, pick (#1), poop and Ranch (#1) for 131! Fulton says wife (#1), amp, Wisconsin, cry (#1) and Caesar for $20,000!

TPIR: First today is Donna Dellard, who plays Spelling Bee for a Chevy Cobalt (Std., PProt) worth $14,184. Her freebie cards are #14 and #10. First small prize is a toaster, and she bids $25. ARP: $39, so nothing. Next is an MP3 holder, and she bids $40. ARP: $35, so she wins that and card #29. Last small prize is a travel mug, and the bid is $17. ARP: $15, so she gets that and card #4. First card says A. Second card says R. Third card says R too. Last card says....

...A, so no car for her.

Shellane Jensen then plays Coming or Going for a trip to Mexico. If she's coming, the price is $8,524. If she's going, the price is $4,258. She goes and wins!

Douglas Risak then plays for $10,000 in Grand Game. Target is $6, and the products are Downy, Pine Sol, Cortaid cream, dog food, V8 juice and shampoo. First pick is the juice, which is $2.99. Second pick is the shampoo, which is $3.99. Third pick is the Pine Sol, which is $2.29, so he has $1,000. He goes on and chooses the Downy....but that's $6.99 and he wins no money.
The dog food was $4.49.

Jensen gets into the Showcase after the first two players go over.

Amy Levette then plays Ten Chances for a tool kit, a washer/dryer, and a Pontiac G6 (Std., Pref., Pedals, Heater). The possible digits for the tool kit are 0, 5 and 7. She says $75, but is wrong. She says $70 next...but it's $50. She gets that on turn three. For the washer/dryer, the possible numbers are 0, 5, 8 and 9. She says $895, but is wrong. She says $950 for turn five....right! For the car, the numbers in the price are 0, 1, 5, 8 and 9. Her first shot at the car is $19,850....WIN!

Yvonne Biggins then plays Two for the Price of 1 for a Ford Ranger plus a sofa. For the sofa, her freebie choice is the last number, which is 3. The first number is either 4 or 9, and the second number is 6 or 8. Her guess is $963....another auto winner!

Harry James-Thomas is last, and he's celebrating a birthday on this show! He's playing for a brass bed, which is either $3,540 or $4,329. He says $4,329....perfect second half!

SSD2: The birthday boy spins 35....and a nickel for 40 cents. Biggins, BTW, is from Surprise, Arizona. She spins 75 and stays! Levette spins 60....and a nickel, so the Surprise lady is in the Showcase!

First Showcase has cookbooks, a dining room and a baby grand piano. Jensen gets this and bids $20,250. For the Surprise lady, we have some models conducting their own buisness on the side while at the studio! First, one model pumps up the air on some tires from a pair of bicycles. Second, Brandi has a hose that can fill the water inside a new hot tub. And finally, Phire gets to shine up a new Dodge Caliber SE (Std., Paint, AC, Mats, SRadio)! The Surprise lady bids $18,000.

ARP for Biggins: $20,605, a difference of $2,605. ARP for Jensen: $21,915, meaning she wins with a difference of $1,665, and takes home $26,943 in prizes.

WWTBAM: Starting the show is Frank LaSpina from Vegas, and is wearing a tux. At this point, when he left the last show, he is ready to tackle the $25,000 question with just the audience lifeline out of the mix. Question:

In 2006, "American Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry declined an offer to be the lead singer of what alternative rock band?

A: Soundgarden
B: Fuel
C: Incubus
D: Live

He calls Jerry, his "walking encyclopedia". But he runs out of time before giving an answer, so he uses the 50:50, leaving Fuel and Incubus. He remembers his 16-year-old son telling him Daughtry declined an offer for a band, and kinda remembers it's Fuel, so he says that and has $25,000! For $50,000:

A Swedish term meaning "speed play", faritek is a speed term developed specifically for what sport?

A: Running
B: Tennis
C: Figure Skating
D: Downhill Skiing

He says over. Answer was running.

Next is Jeanette Brown. For $8,000:

The 2005 movie "North Country" is set in a small mining town in the northern part of what U.S. state?

A: Pennsylvania
B: Minnesota
C: Michigan
D: Washington

Brown asks the audience, and 45% say B, 28% say A and 17% say D. She uses the 50:50 next, leaving B and C. That makes it easy- she says Minnesota and is right. For $16,000:

In 1992, who became the first U.S. person to own a civilian version of the Humvee vehicle?

A: Nicholas Cage
B: Roseanne Barr
C: Jay Leno
D: Arnold Schwarzenegger

She calls Michael, her son/uncle, and he says the California governor. I thought for sure it was Jay Leno, but she agrees with Mike and is right! She stops after seeing a weather question.

WOF: Tonight, we have David Geary, Rhonda Halsheyer and Shelly Shearer. On the wheel to start is a trip to Aruba, and the Round 1 category is Place. The lady in the middle gets the $10,000 right away by calling an R! After she calls the A's, we have...

R _ A _ _ _ _ E

_ E _ E T A _ L E

_ T A N _

I don't know the top word. Her P call next is a dud. Shearer calls three D's, and a $300 G. She then solves ROADSIDE VEGETABLE STAND for her first $2,700.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. After the winner of the last round calls the T's, we have...

E A T _ N _


_ O _ R

_ E A R T' S

_ O N T E N T

...and she solves EATING TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT for over $3,000 cash, plus trips to Aruba and Paris! New total: $20,770.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Before and After. The man spins $3,500 on his first two spins, and calls two S's and an N! Shearer gets the Wild Card later. After she calls the C's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _' S

_ _ _ _

C _ _ _

S _ N D W _ C _

I think the second half of the puzzle is CLUB SANDWICH. She calls two A's, then hits a Mystery Wedge and calls the L, and takes the $1,000 bailout (That was a Bankrupt under there, so wise call). She calls the U and the I next, then buys three O's, and now we have...

O _ _ A _' S

_ O O _

C L U _

S A N D W I C _

I know this now. She calls two B's for $1,200, and solves OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB SANDWICH for more money and a $1,000 Omaha Steaks gift certificate! New total for her: $24,570.

The lady in the middle gets VERTICAL BLINDS to go to $5,000. Next category is People. After she calls the E, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ R _ S _ N

S _ _ _ _ E R S

I think the second word is SOLDIERS. She calls the M for $600, and a C for $550. After she calls the O's, we now have..

C O M _ _ R _ S O N

S _ O _ _ E R S

Now I don't know the second word. She hits the Bankrupt, while Shearer gets a dud. The man calls three P's for $1,800, and after calling the H, he solves COMPARISON SHOPPERS for $2,100 and $3,100 total.

Speed-Up Round category is TV Title. Consonants are worth $1,400 each. Shearer calls two N's, but she can't solve. After the man calls the T, we have...

N _ _ _ T _ _ N _

I know this now, but he doesn't. The lady in the middle calls an R, which is a dud. Shearer also calls a dud in D. After another dud call by the man, Rhonda calls the G and solves NIGHTLINE to finish with $6,400. Shearer is our champion with $24,570, and she still has the Wild Card, so she gets to choose four consonants in the bonus round!

She spins the second zero. Category is Place. Starting with:

_ _ N _ _

_ _ L L

Shearer calls M, D, H, C and A and gets...

_ _ N _ _


I think it's BINGO HALL. Does she? NO. She doesn't win another $30,000.

DOND: This is the last regular Wednesday episode. Returning is Wayne Ramos, whose head looks similar to Howie! He starts with Round 4 and the following amounts left: $1, $25, $75, $300, $400, $10,000, $75,000, $100,000, $300,000, $400,000 and $750,000.

Round 4: First choice is #12....$75! Second pick is #24....$300,000. Last pick is #5...$10,000. Next offer he tosses out: $89,000.

Round 5: #9 is first....$100,000, so another part of the safety net is out. Other pick is #20....$400! New offer: a Double Hal March Jackpot of $128,000! If he rejects this offer, it's one case at a time mode. He says....

...NO DEAL. His next choice is #16....

...$1!! The new offer shoots to: $194,000! He says.....

....NO DEAL! Next choice is #4....

...$300!! New offer is: $277,000!! He says......

....after flirting with NO DEAL, says DEAL to all that money!!! Had he gotten to the final two, the cases would have $75,000 and $750,000. He had....

...$75,000 in his case, so he made a great deal!

Next is Beth Eva from Michigan. Her case choice is #3.

Round 1: Her first pick is #9....$10,000. Second pick is #8.....$10! Third pick is #5....$25,000.
Fourth pick is #15.....$300,000. Fifth pick is #13....$75,000. Last pick is #20....PENNY! First offer that was thrown away: $20,000.

Round 2: First pick is #16.....$200,000. Second pick is #21.....$1,000. Third pick is #12....$500,000. Fourth is #14.....$500. Last pick is #22....$50! Second offer out: $53,000.

Round 3: Before this round started, the nieces were given special cases. When opened from left to right, they read- WE LOVE YOU CHA-CHA! Back to the game. First case is #11....$750.
Second choice is #25....$50,000. Third choice is #19....$5,000. Last pick is #18....$300.
The next offer turned down: $78,000.

Round 4: #7 is visited first....$750,000. Next is #23.....$1! The final pick is #4....$100,000.
New offer, as revealed by two of the banker's "nieces": GO AWAY CHA-CHA- $65,000.

Round 5: First choice is #2....$5! Other choice is #6....$1,000,000-OUT OF HERE. The $400,000 is the only biggie left. Because of this bad situation, she takes the $49,000 deal. Turns out, if she had extreme testacles, she would have had the $400,000. Bad luck!

Tueday ratings

The second "American Idol" semifinal show for the boys did better than last week, vocal wise and ratings wise. It scored a 16.5 Fast Neilsen with a 25 share for the first hour, and an 18.5 rating with a 27 share for the other half hour.

The premiere of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" didn't drop off a lot from Idol. It scored a 14.8 with a 22 share.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DEBUT: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

There are five kids- Laura, Kyle, Jacob, Alana and Spencer. Our first contestant is Seth Finn. He chooses a kid, which is Laura. Now, for the rules. The player has to try to answer a question in each of ten categories. Each grade level has two subjects apiece.

The first two correct answers are worth $1,000 apiece. The third correct answer is worth another $3,000. #4 doubles the pot to $10,000. #5 is worth another $15,000. Each of the next two correct answers after that doubles the money, up to $100,000 for question #7. #8 is worth another $75,000, and #9 adds $125,000. If a player gets all ten right, they will have a total of $500,000 and will try to double it to $1 Million on one last question. If at any time they are out of help, they need to literally say in front of the camera, "I'm NOT Smarter Than a Fifth Grader!" in order to take home whatever is earned up to that point.

Finn's first choice is 1st Grade Social Studies. For $1,000:

In what month do we observe Columbus Day?

While he's thinking about it, the girl writes down her answer. The helps (Cheats) in the game are: You can look at someone's answer and take it, or you can force yourself to go with the answer a student has. Also, if a player gets a question wrong, but the student partner has the right answer, he/she can continue on in the game. An incorrect answer at any time with no help at all loses all the money.

Finn says September....WRONG ALREADY. It's October. But Laura has October, giving the man his first $1,000.

Finn takes 1st Grade Animal Science. For another $1,000:

True or False: In the wild, polar bears typically feed on penguins.

Finn decides to look at Laura's answer, which is False. He agrees....and is right!

Now, another rule: Each student gets to be with a contestant only two questions at a time. Finn chooses Spencer as his new partner. The category choice is 4th Grade Math. For $3,000 more:

If a triangle has an area of 16 square inches and a base of 8 inches, how long is its height.

I think it's 128 inches. But Finn uses his last Cheat, which is to copy Spencer's answer, which is 4. I think I blew this one...

...but he doesn't with Spencer, so he now has $5,000. He chooses 4th Grade U.S. History next. To double to $10,000:

Who was the first U.S. President to be impeached?

He thinks it's John Quincy Adams, but he decides to say the magic words and take the $5,000.
It was the right thing to do- it was Andrew Johnson instead. He struggled all game long, but at least he has some money to take home.

Next is Lakisha Livingston. Her first partner is Kyle. First category choice is 2nd Grade U.S. History:

Name the ship the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, England, to the Plymouth Colony in America in 1620.

She says The Mayflower and is right! Next category choice is 4th Grade Health.

Part of a person's sleep cycle is called the REM Cycle. What does REM stand for?

She decides to copy Kyle's answer of Rapid Eye Movement....and that's the answer for $2,000!
She'll be back next time, if there is a next time.

American Idol Top 20- Boys

Jeff Foxworthy is in the audience tonight!

Starting off is Phil Stacey. Simon thought he was the best of the boys last week. He sings "I Ain't Missin' You". He improved from last week- I gave him a 9! Randy says it was hot, Paula loved it too, and Simon knew he was very popular, but he wants to hear something unique. His total score from me at this stage is 17.

Second is Jared Cotter. He did pretty good here- I gave him an 8! Randy says it was pitchy, but it was OK. Paula says it was a song she didn't want to push, and she nearly dies laughing at Cotter's facial expressions during the song! Simon says he tried to make a statement, but says it was as corny as "The Love Boat". My total score for him is 12.

Third is AJ Tabaldo. He chose a song I've never heard of, and he didn't do that well, either. I gave him just a 3. Randy says it was better than last week. Paula said it was nice. Simon says it was nearly very good. My total score for him: 10.

Fourth is Sanjaya Malakar, who I thought did the best last week among the men. He was OK, but was pitchy at times. I gave him a 5. Randy says it was really wierd and weak. Paula said he was on pitch, and wants him to do songs that celebrate his youth. Simon compared this performance to a lunch peformance gone wrong. His score so far: 14. Malakar dedicated the performance to his grandfather.

Fifth is Chris Sligh, and he dedicates his performance to his wife. He sung his life away- I gave him a 10! Randy says he improved from last week, and the other two judges agreed! His score after two rounds: 14.

Sixth is Nicholas Pedro. The girls are probably going to love his performance, and so did I- 10!
Randy thought like the others so far, they are doing much better this week, even though he was a bit pitchy. Paula agreed, and Simon thought he lacked charisma for a love song. My score for him now is 16.

Seventh is Blake Lewis. He had fun, but lacked a little in enthusiasm. I gave him a 9. Randy says he really returned to form this week, especially with the end, and Paula agreed. But Simon thought the first part of his performance was nothing more than a copycat. His score so far: 17.

Eighth is Brandon Rogers. In the spirit of tonight, he dedicates his performance to his son.
He sings "Time After Time". He was WAY OUT OF TUNE. I gave him the lowest score possible- a 1. Randy said it was fairly boring. Paula felt her heart, but Simon said he needs to bring it on and put in a "wow" impression, and feelings like the song he did doesn't work.
His score from me so far is 7.

Ninth is Chris Richardson. He was good, but not great. I gave him a 6. Randy says Chris was here to win, and thought it was hotter than the original! Paula agreed, and Simon said he was the best of the night so far! My score for him so far: 9.

Last is Sundance Head. He sings "Mustang Sally"! This was AWESOME- I gave him a 10!
Randy said he dropped it like it's hot with all of that soul! Paula was stunned that he had that much singing range. Simon said the old Sundance was back! He has a score of 18, tops among the men!

2/27/2007 Results

TPIR: Starting today is Michelle Hammett, who plays for luggage marked at $2,000, a floor clock marked at $3,375 and a globe marked at $2,800 in One Wrong Price. I think the luggage is wrong, and Hammett says the globe...but I'm right and she's wrong. The luggage was $1,060.

Rishi Mukai then plays for $10,000 and other stuff in Half Off. First pair of small prizes are a telephone marked at $60 and a pitcher marked at $11. He picks the phone, but that's still $60. Next pair are a shaving system marked at $55 and a coffee press marked at $37. He picks the shaving system, which is $110! Last pair of items are an electronic game marked at $30 and a salad shooter marked at $23. He picks the salad maker, which is $46! Left for $10,000: #5, #8, #10 and #15. He picks #8, which is what I thought....THE MONEY'S THERE! Congratulations!

Mandy Johnson then plays Pass the Buck for a Ford Fusion worth $17,995! First pair of items are Poli Grip marked at $4.89 and Downy marked at $5.99. She thinks the Poli Grip is $5.89....but it's not. Other pair of items are mouthwash marked at $5.79 and bags marked at $4.99. She thinks the mouthwash is $6.79....right! Her first pick off the big board is #3....nothing.
#5 has....$1,000.

The $10,000 winner gets into the Showcase!

Gail Bishop, a kissing bandit, is fourth. She plays Bonkers for a trip to Belgium. Wrong price is $2,587. First guess is....well, she doesn't understand the game because she only places one marker up there and tries to hit the button. Bob tries to explain the game once again and resets the clock. You can pretty much guess she loses afterwards. Price is $4,214.

Dean Pearson then plays Line Em' Up for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, ALB). Board:

?- $498- Digital Frames
?- $68- CD Player
?- $724- Chandelier

This should be easy. His first guess is $18,620....only the fourth digit is wrong. He then guesses $18,'s $18,670 instead and he loses. Too bad.

Kimey Murray then plays Barker's Bargain Bar for a refrigerator/freezer with a mini TV marked at $2,149, and a fireplace marked at $2,500. Murray's pick is the refrigerator. The fireplace ARP is $3,200, a difference of $700. The other prize must be at least $2,949 to win...and it's $3,149! She then spins the dollar at the wheel for $1,000 and gets to the Showcase!
First Showcase visits Dr. Tucknip, who gives patients unusual requests. First, someone wants a bigger nose so they can smell the food cooked on a new grill. Second, somebody wanted their ASS to be bigger so they can feel more comfortable sitting down with a new computer! And finally, somebody wanted a fin attached to their back so they can swim to a new West Potter Sailboat! He bids $29,500, and he's over. For the lady, we have a bedroom, golf clubs and a golf cart, and she bids $18,795. ARP for her: $17,440, so we have a Double Overbid.

Family Feud: Boxes try to put win #4 in their "box" against the Millers. The Millers score first with 93 on things of yours that might be in bad shape. They get another 35 on things that you say you do that you might actually do more often of.

Double: Super Match question- Get Out Of __________. Starting with:

#1- Here!!!! (27, Boo)

The champs play. Baker says the, sir. Jason says town....#2 (16)! Rebecca says line....NO. Mike says jail....good in Monopoly, but bad here, so three strikes. For the challenger steal, Jason says my way.....86 more for them! Others: my house and Dodge.

Triple: Something that has a face. Baker says human, but believe it or not, it's #2 (33). Danielle says animal....#3 (16), so the champs will try to force Sudden Death. Jason says clocks....NUMBER ONE (44)! If they win this round, it's playoff time. Rebecca thinks #4 is a coin....nope. Mike says dollar bills...that type of money is also a dud. Boo says dreams....all together at home- BOO!!!!! Jason will try to give the Millers the championship with radio....time to boo him, because we're going to Sudden Death! #4 was mask (2).

Sudden Death: Lisa and Jason play. Question: An occasion that grandparents show up for. #1 answer was birthday....

...and the champions retain at 423!

Fast Money: Boo and Rebecca tackle these:

1. From 1-10, how happy are you with your doctor?
2. Name someone or something that starts with lady.
3. A fruit often served at a salad bar.
4. An animal that makes a lot of noise.
5. Something you bend your knees to do.

Boo says 8 (#1), Lady Marmalade (BAD?!?!), pineapple, lion and tying your shoes for just 56. Rebecca says 10, Lady Godiva, tomato (REALLY BAD), tiger and picking up money (#1) for 119 and $595 today, for a four-day total of $22,030. They'll try to be undefeated family number TEN tomorrow.

WOF: Tonight, we have Carrie Wilson (from Virginia!), Gina Esh and Mike Christian (from L.A.). No one got the $1,000 Toss-Up. Wilson gets the $2,000 Toss-Up of TRENDSETTER to start Round 1, with the category of Before and After, and a trip to Hawaii worth over $5,000 is on the wheel now. After the man calls the H's, we have...


_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _

_ _


_ E _ R

The only word I don't think I know is the second word. He calls the Y, and calls two A's and one O. After he hits $2,500 and calls three F's, we now have...


_ _ F F _ _

_ A _




I still have no clue. He calls two M's for $1,200, but spins again and gets Bankrupt. Ouch.
Wilson steals by calling the N's and solves THE MUFFIN MAN OF THE YEAR to go to $3,000.

Jackpot Round category is Living Things. After he calls the A's, we have...

_ _ _ _ I E S

_ A _ _ I N _

T _ E I R


I know this now. When he calls the G's for $900 apiece, only three appear, all in the second word. My guess is dead now. He gets the Bankrupt, so Wilson could steal again. She solves PUPPIES WAGGING THEIR TAILS for a trip to Hawaii, taking her to $8,300!

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food and Drink. After the lady in the middle calls the A's, we have...

_ R _ N _ _

_ A N I _ _ A

I _ _

_ R _ A _

I know this now. She calls two L's for $1,800, and she solves FRENCH VANILLA ICE CREAM for $4,100 and a trip to France, getting her on the board with $8,600 and the lead by $300!

Wilson gets the lead back with SIGN PAINTER to get the lead back with $11,300. Next category is Thing. After the lady in the middle calls two O's, we have...

_ _ S _ _ R _ T _ O _ _ _

T R _ E

S T O R _

She calls the Y and two A's, then hits $5,000 and calls two N's, and solves INSPIRATIONAL TRUE STORY for $12,350, and the lead is back with her with $20,950! Speed-Up Round occurs in the middle of the next round, with the category of Fun and Games, and consonants are worth $1,350 each. After she calls the N's, we have...

_ N _ _ _ T _

R _ _ _ _


_ A _ N _

...but she can't solve. The man calls three S's, but can't solve. After he calls the P several turns later, we have...

_ N _ _ _ T S

R _ _ _ S


P A _ N S

...I know the last word is PAWNS, but he doesn't know. Wilson eventually solves KNIGHTS, ROOKS & PAWNS for $1,350 and finish with $12,650, but the lady in the middle is our champion with $20,950!

The Mini Cooper at stake this week is of the convertible variety, and the Ford Escape is the Hybrid. She spins the U. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _ N _

_ _ R

_ _ _

I think it's something FOR YOU. Ish calls G, D, M and I and gets...

_ _ M _ I N G

_ _ R

_ _ _

Does she know....YES, with JUMPING FOR JOY! Not what I had in mind at all! She wins $30,000 and takes home $50,950 in cash and stuff!

Monday, February 26, 2007

2/26/2007 Results

TPIR: Starting the day is Luigi Trevezano. Mama Mia! He's playing Step Up for up to $3,000 cash, plus a computer, dinnerware, a banjo and a wine cabinet. He picks the dinnerware first, and it's $771. He picks the computer, which is $2,178, so he has those prizes and $500 at this moment. But he stops. Good thing- the banjo was $1,805, and the wine cabinet is $1,320.

Kristin King, who is said to be the "Female Warrior" at her place, is next. She plays for the big money in Plinko! First small prize is a frother, and the wrong price is $48. She picks the 8....$28!
Next is a snow-cone maker marked at $21, and she picks the 2....$28! Next is a veggie masher marked at $90, and the pick is 0....$70. Finally is a teapot marked at $38, and she picks the 3....$32, so she wins all the small prizes and all the chips! Her first chip lands in the left $1,000. Second one lands in $10,000! Third one lands in the left $1,000. After getting stuck the first time, the fourth chip lands in the left $500. The last chip lands in $100, giving her $12,600!

Barbara Paleo is third to play Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., ALB, Interior,
Prot). First number is 2. For her second number guess, she picks 2, but it's 6, so she loses $4.
For her third number guess, she picks 7....but it's 3 and she's broke. The ARP was $26,351.

SSD1: Paleo goes home with parting gifts after going over. Luigi spins 55....and 15 for 70 cents.
Kristin spins a dime....and a quarter, so Luigi is in the Showcase!

Michael Hernandez is fourth to play Switch? for a pool table marked at $2,370 and a cabinet marked at $3,385. He switches....and wins!

Jerry Condra then plays Dice Game for a Chevy Aveo (Std., AT, ALB, Heater). First number is 1. Condra loves this game. She rolls a 5 for the second number, which is right! For the third number, she rolls a 4, which is not it. She says lower, which is right! It's 3. For the fourth number, she rolls a 5, which is not it, but she says lower and is one away! That's 1. On the last number, she rolls a 5....and she wins the $15,315 car!

Faride Gonzalez is last to play for a jukebox worth $7,000. Game is Now or Then, and the Then period is March 1997. Products: cat food, Poli Grip, shampoo, Aspercreme, Colgate toothpaste and sleep aid. Her first pick is the toothpaste, marked at $3.39, and she says Now, but it's Then.
Second pick is the cat food marked at $6.99, and she says Then....Now. She must get the Poli Grip, shampoo and the Aspercreme right to win. For the Poli Grip, the price is $4.89, and she says Then....WIPEOUT.

SSD2: Gonzalez spins 50....and 55 to go home. Hernandez spins the dollar for $1,000! Condra can't tie, so she goes home. The man doesn't win any more money, but does go to the Showcase.

First Showcase features the female pirate unloading some booty off her ship. We have a soda fountain, a basketball arcade game and a pair of motorcycles. Luigi gets this and bids $12,500, a bid I hate. For Hernandez, we have a living room, a security system and a trip to Rio. He bids $16,415, and I think he's won.

ARP for Luigi: $25,093, a difference of $12,593. ARP for Hernandez....

....$15,787. Mama Mia- Luigi wins and takes home $31,041 in cash and prizes!

Family Feud: The Boxes are back again to face the Reiders. The challengers score first with 76 on things you might have that reflects your personality. The Boxes take over the lead with 88 on men names that begin with P.

Double: A store that appears in almost every mall in America. Starting with:

#4- Macy's (8, Boo)

The champs play. Baker says Nordstrom (?!?!)....NO WAY. Jason says Radio Shack.....NO. Rebecca says The Gap.....#2 (15)! Mike says Express (?!?!?)....DEFINITE STRIKEOUT. For the challenger steal, Audrey says's #1 to go to 122, but only 17 said that. Others:
Wal-Mart, McDonald's and JCPenney.

Triple: Something a mansion might have at least a dozen of. Baker says maids...all servants are #2 (7). Alaine says cars.....sorry. Champs play. Jason says rooms....NUMBER ONE (78)! Rebecca says closets....NO. Mike says people....NO. Boo says security cameras....NO, so three strikes. This steal is for the game. Audrey says chandeliers(?!?!?)....ABSOLUTELY NOT, so the champs retain at 343! #3 was doors (6) and #4 was chimney/fireplace (3).

Fast Money: Boo and Rebecca are dealt these questions:

1. An occupation that gets criticism of all types.
2. The age people most frequently get overweight.
3. A breed of dog that's really good with kids.
4. Something that has the word "play" in it.
5. A food that has raisins in it.

Boo says doctor, 35, Cocker Spaniel, Play Ball! (#1) and trail mix (BOO!!!!) for 57. Rebecca says the President (#1), 30 (#1), labrador (#1), playground and cookies for 154 and $770, giving them $21,435 so far.

WOF: They're back at home after that wonderful time in Charleston. Tonight's players are Ben (who played in last year's World Series of Poker!), Shontel Brewer and Satara Brown.
Brewer solves the $2,000 Toss-Up DEAL OR NO DEAL (!!), giving her the right to start Round 1, with a category of Phrase, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! On the wheel now is a trip to Montreal. After she calls the G's, we have...

G E _ _ _ N G

_ H E R E

_ _

H A _ _

_ H E

_ _ N

She then calls the O, but it's a dud. Over to Brown, who calls four T's for $3,600. After calling the I and the U, we have...



I _

H A _ _


_ U N

She then calls the S for the Wild Card, and calls two F's for $800, and solves GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN for $3,900 and a Mexican Cruise! She's on the board with $9,178.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. After the winner of the last round calls the E's, we have...

_ N _ O N

_ _ R _ E N T E R

_ N T _

I'm not sure about the last word. She loses the Wild Card to a Bankrupt. The man calls the C and the P for a grand. After he calls the A's, we have...

_ N _ O N


A N T _

I thought it was UNION CARPENTER ANTE, but it's not now. After calling the S, he solves UNION CARPENTER ANTS to go to $2,050.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Food and Drink. The man calls the T's to pick up the Montreal trip. After he calls the E's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ T E

_ E _ _ _ T

_ _ T T E R

_ _ E E _ E _ _ _ E

I know this already, but he hits Bankrupt. Brewer calls the B for the Empire gift certificate, and calls a $300 S. She then buys three A's, and four C's for $1,200 more, and then buys a couple of O's. After calling the U's and the H's, she solves CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CHEESECAKE for $2,850 in cash and stuff and $4,850 total.

Ben's going to be kicking himself after not getting the $3,000 Toss-Up of HOME POKER SET, won by Brown, going to $12,178. Next category is Place. After the man calls the T's, we have...

_ _ _ _ T R _ _ _ _ S

S _ _ _ R S T _ R _

I know the second word, but not the first one. He calls an N for $300, and after buying the E's, we have..

E _ E _ T R _ N _ _ S

S _ _ E R S T _ R E

...I know this now. But he gets the Bankrupt again. The lady in the middle calls two C's for $600, an L for $800, and solves ELECTRONICS SUPERSTORE for $2,600 and $7,450 total.
Speed-Up Round category is Living Thing, and consonants are worth $1,700 apiece. After the winner of the last round calls the N, we have...

_ T _ N _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

...and she says STANDARD POODLE- by golly, she got it! But with $9,150, it's not enough, as Brown is our champion with $12,178.

Cars this week are a Ford Escape and a Mini Cooper. Both are pretty cheap, so getting the money looks like the best way to go. She spins the second zero. Category is Things. Starting with:

_ _ _

_ N _

_ _ S T

Brown calls D, M, P and I and gets...

_ _ _

_ N D


I had no clue, but she does with FOG AND MIST for $25,000 and a total of $37,178!

Jeopardy!: Marc Spraragen and Chuck Newell challenge current champ Sri Narayanan, who is $60,000 richer at this point. At the first break, Spraragen has $4,800, while Newell has half as much.

Spraragen gets the last two clues in Drugstore to build on his lead heading into the final category of Round 1, This Means War!. The Daily Double is hidden somewhere under there. Newell gets the $400 clue to find the Daily Double under the $600 clue, and he has $4,000. He can't lead after this, because Spraragen has $8,400. He bets $2,000:

The French Revolution inspired a similar one in this Carribean country in 1791.

"What is Haiti?"....he now has $6,000! Spraragen still leads after the first round with $8,200.
The champ has $2,600.

The champ sweeps An "Arm" or a "Leg" to get the lead with $8,600, just like that!
But Newell finds the first Daily Double under Best Pictures In Other Words (the Oscars were yesterday), and with $7,200, he bets $2,300 for the lead:

1945: "Saturday and Sunday Gone Astray"

"What is Lost Weekend?" leader at $9,500! It is a tight match between all of the players. At one point, $100 seperated the players, as all three were at least up to $11,000. Spraragen finds the other Daily Double in the last category of the round, Opera. After being given $4,000 back from a reverse ruling on a response he made in Round 1, he now has $15,400 and the lead. He bets two grand:

The Franco-Prussian War delayed this Verdi Opera's premiere; scenery couldn't leave beseiged Paris for Cairo.

"What is Aieta?"....RIGHT, just as the round ends. He has $17,400. The champ has 13 large and the man in the middle has $12,700.

FJ! category: Americana.

In a February 22, 1936 reenactment, retired star pitcher Walter Johnson threw this across the Rappahannock.

Newell says my guess, "What is a baseball?"....but it's wrong. He falls to $7,900. The champ has "What is a cannonball?".....NO, and he loses $12,800, meaning at $200, he's done. Spraragen has that too. Correct: What is a silver dollar? But he still wins $8,799 today, and the champ leaves with $61,000.

DOND: Ishmael Brown is going for really big money sometime during this show. More on that later.
In the meantime:

Round 3: His first pick is #1....$25,000. Second pick is #19....$400. Third pick is #25....$10!
Final pick is #8....$100! Great round. New offer: $55,000. NO DEAL. At this point, $400,000, $500,000 and $750,000 are still in play.

Round 4: #3 is his first pick....PENNY!! Second pick is #22....$750. Final pick is #17....$5,000. Another good round. Next offer he rejects: $103,000, which was sung by the big choir Brown brought!

Round 5: Brown picks #4 first.....$75! Other pick is #23....$1! Howie and Ishmael take a lap around the studio afterwards! Next offer he tosses away: $188,000. One case mode now.

Brown's next choice is #16....$500,000. Next offer he throws away: $157,000.

He then chooses #12......$500! New offer, as mentioned in the promo for this show: $261,000. But will he blow a lot of money just like Raul Torres did on "1 vs. 100", or will he wise up?
He says....

...NO DEAL! Will history repeat itself?

His next choice is #20....

...$750,000 is out, so he's playing for $400,000 now. Offer is $92,000....

...DEAL, and he hit the button THREE times! That's gotta be a record. Had he gone on, he would have taken out $10,000, and would have been left with an offer of $182,000, with the $5 and the $400,000. He had....

...just $5, so he made a good, but not great, deal.

Next is Wayne Ramos from New Jersey. His case is #2.

Round 1: Opening pick is #3.....$200. Second is #13....$5,000. Third pick is #14.....$500,000.
Fourth pick is #21....MILLION IS OUT. Fifth pick is #10.....PENNY! Last pick is #23....
$5! First offer he tosses out the door: $13,000. Joe Torre makes a cameo appearance via satelite!

Round 2: #7 for Mickey Mantle is first....$25,000. Second pick is #17....$750. Third pick is #26.....$10! Fourth pick is #1....$50! Final pick is #19....$100! Next offer he throws out: $40,000.

Round 3: #15 is first.....$500. Second pick is #6....$1,000. Third pick is #8....$200,000. Final pick is #25....$50,000. Next offer he rejects: $81,000. Joe Torre, regardless of what happens to the Ramos family, is inviting them to a Yankees game next season! He will be back on Wednesday.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

RECAP: Amazing Race All Stars Show 2

After the first show, Drew had to receive medical help because of having signs of altitude sickness.

Clue #1: Teams must travel close to 2,500 miles by plan to Santiago, Chile. Once they get there, they must travel 12 miles by taxi to the Codelco Building. The next clue is waiting inside.

Kevin and Drew have more problems early on in this stage. They get their car stuck in the mud. With Kevin's power, they pulled the car out of there, but Kevin isn't happy with Drew.

Thanks to their flight being delayed, it looks like Rob and Amber lost their lead. To make matters worse, it looks like they are in last place.

When the teams arrive in Chile, Eric and Danielle have the lead. The Agus are second.

Roadblock: For our first roadblock of the season, one member of the team will have to search the suits the people are wearing and the boardroom table itself to find letters of the alphabet.
The person needs to realize that these letters can be unscrambled to form the name of one of the landmarks, whose picture is among ten pictures of landmarks. When the person thinks he/she has solved the puzzle, that person must write down the answer on a piece of paper. If right, the security guard in the room will give them their next clue. At this point, the Agus now lead.

Dustin and Kandace are the first ones to solve the puzzle, which is Chuqicamata.

Clue #3: Teams must travel to the location they just solved in the last challenge by plane, which takes them over 200 miles.

The Agus really struggled with the last puzzle, and are now in ninth place. Rob and Amber, thanks to what I think was cutting in a line at the airport, is back in the lead, heading into....

Detour: Choices are By Hand or By Machine.

By Hand: Teams must choose one of two big wheels on one of the bulldozers and put together all of the nuts and bolts for that wheel. When successful, they will receive their next clue.

By Machine: One team member must operate a bulldozer and cover a certain spot with enough dust so that it will pass the yellow line. Once that is done, the team will receive their next clue.

Rob and Amber are one of the teams operating the bulldozers. Charla and Mirna do the big wheel task, but one of the midgets has problems reaching parts of the wheel because she's small. Most of the teams do the big wheel task. They get into a shouting match because one doesn't know there's a stepstool nearby. This could be trouble. After Rob and Amber finish their task first, we enounter this:

PIT STOP: Teams must choose a marked car and drive down the Valley of the Moon. During this time, road conditions permit drivers to go no more than 40 km per hour. Once they finish that path, they can go as much as 50 km per hour, and must find the Valley of the Dead, the Pit Stop location for this leg of the race, where the first place team wins a prize, and the last place team WILL BE ELIMINATED.

After their Detours, Oswald and Danny are second, and the Agus are third. Struggling on the wheel task are Kevin and Drew and the midgets. Kevin and Drew get theirs done before the midgets; the teams are 7th and 8th, respectively.

While driving down the path to the Pit Stop, the midgets and Dustin and Kandace encounter a man looking for world peace. He is asking both teams to give him $100 before they can move on. Charla and Mirna are very frustrated with the man, resulting in them falling to last place.

Rob and Amber are first again, winning this time a motorcycle for each of them. Oswald and Danny retain their second place spot.

After passing the Valley of the Moon, the Agus go right on the intersection, which does NOT lead to the Pit Stop. Eric and Danielle take the right way, but their car breaks down.

Joe and Bill are #3, Eric and Danielle are #4, and the Agus are #5.

A few teams, desperate to stay in the race, complain that other teams are going over the speed limit in the heat of the moment. Those teams include Kevin and Drew and the midgets.

Sixth: Dustin and Kandace.

Seventh: Terri and Ian.

Eighth: Charla and Mirna.

Ninth: The Conleys.

DEAD LAST: Kevin and Drew. They gave it all they had despite Drew's personal setbacks, but it's all over for them. Drew is not happy about the result.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

"1 vs. 100" rating drops again

The latest episode of "1 vs. 100" scored a 5.8 Fast Neilsen rating with a 10 share. That is down from last week's 5.9.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Next Week in Game Shows: February 26- March 4

On the last week of February and the first few days of March....

American Idol: Part 2 of the semifinals.

Deal or No Deal: It airs three times on this week. The Wednesday show of this week will be the last regular Wednesday show. At the end of the week, Deal will debut in its new Sunday at 9 PM slot.

Nashville Star: Some people say it's a battle of the Hackers. Will either one win, and will the final two be the Hackers?

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for February 19-25

MVP: Jeff Jones ("WWTBAM")

This movie fan can now be put up there among the best contestants the show has ever had, much less the most enthusiastic! He won $250,000 while becoming just the second contestant on this version of the show to last three shows. Given the coverage on my main rival,, expect an interview with him on there very soon. I think he's the best game show contestant I've seen this season.

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Pyion Kong- $211,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
The three "Nashville Star" finalists
Steve Fishman- $100,000 ("Millionaire")
Dimitra Apostolopoulos- $95,000 ("DOND")
Devon Grover- $91,366 ("TPIR")
Bruce Seville- $78,000 ("1 vs. 100")
Sri Narayanan- $60,000 as current two-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Kristina Cordina- $52,965 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Casey Barnhart- $50,000 ("Millionaire")

2/23/2007 Results

TPIR: Leslie Velasco is first to play Shopping Spree for snowboarding equipment, a bar set, picnic baskets and a hutch. She must pick the three prizes that combine for a total of $6,000 at least to win. She picks the snowboarding quipment, which is $2,494. Her second choice is the bar set, after originally considering the picnic baskets.....$2,396, so she must pick the prize that is at least $1,110 to win all the prizes. The final pick is the hutch, and it's $1,288 to win! The picnic baskets were $460.

Dorothy Myrick then goes for $10,000 in Grand Game. Target is $8, and the products are Gold Bond lotion, cat litter, Ziploc bags, sleeping aid, a scrub brush and supplement. Her first pick is the Ziploc bags, which are $2.79. Next is the brush, which is $4.89. Third pick is the snoring aid, which is $2.99, so she's at $1,000! I thought she said the litter, but she says the lotion....'s $9.95 and she loses. The litter was $6.79.

Bruce Lucley, who calls Bob a living legend, goes for a Chevy Impala (Std., ALB, Mats, PProt) in Pathfinder. Given the 2007 Impala has been lost only once this season, we may have a win today. Board:


First number is 2. For the second number, we have 0, 1, 2 and 6 as choices. He picks the 0 but is wrong. He uses the slow cooker, which is either $10 or $12. He picks $12 and is right. His next second number guess is 1, but is wrong again. Unfortunately, he doesn't get either of the remaining small prizes right, so the game ends and he only wins the slow cooker. The price of the car was $22,719. But he does get to the Showcase.

Benjamin Gibbs then plays Race Game for a popcorn cart, a buffet server, lawn equipment and a BBQ grill. Prices are $750, $1,419, $2,030 and $2,535. He puts $2,535 on the lawn equipment, $2,030 on the grill, $1,419 on the popcorn cart and $750 on the buffet station....two right, and I think I know which ones he should switch. He switches the first two prizes....none right. He then changes them back and switches the other two to win!

Kimberly Scales then plays Money Game for a Chevy Aveo (Std., AT, ALB). Middle number is 2, and the numbers are 40, 35, 15, 90, 16, 17, 85, 70 and 65. She picks 17, which is worth $17. She picks 35, which is worth $35 more. She then picks 16 for $16 before finally picking 15 as the first two digits ($ 1 5, 2 _ _). She picks 85, but that's worth $85 for a total of $153. It was $15,265.

Melissa Hughes is last to play Coming or Going for a bed. If she's coming, the price is $8,985. If she's going, the price is $5,898. She goes and wins! But the Race Game man is in the Showcase.

First Showcase has some models looking for stuff in a cave. They find a cappichino machine, a range and a Prowler trailer. Gibbs bids $19,500, which sounds like a good bid to me. Mr. Lucley gets to see pies. First, there's a pie in an arithmatic formula, which you may never have to do by hand if you use a new computer system. Second, we have pizza pies that you could taste in Italy! And finally, you might eat humble pie if you don't win a pair of motorcycles. He bids $17,500.

ARP for Lucley: $23,382, a difference of $5,882. ARP for Gibbs....

...$20,849, meaning he wins and takes home $28,452 in prizes!

WWTBAM: Our possible last contestant this week is Carrie Specht, who could win $100,000 or $250,000 in one show if she's lucky. She is from Los Angeles. For $16,000:

Because he grew up there, Alexander Payne has set three of his feature films in and around what U.S. city?

A: Tulsa
B: Witchita
C: Des Moines
D: Omaha

Specht calls the audience, and we've got nasty numbers- 28% said C, 27% each said B and D, and 18% said A. She uses the 50:50, leaving the 27% said answers. She says Omaha....and is right!
She gets to $25,000 before seeing this for $50,000:

Which of the following is NOT one of the famous "Road" movies starring the legendary comedy team of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby?

A: "Road to Zanibar"
B: "Road to Timbuktu"
C: "Road to Utopia"
D: "Road to Singapore"

Specht's watched a lot of Bob Hope stuff, and is pretty sure about B not being one of the said's not for $50,000! For $100,000, after switching:

The 2004 movie "Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" takes its title from a poem by whom?

A: Alexander Pope
B: John Donne
C: Matthew Arnold
D: William Wordsworth

She calls Carol, her friend, who is of no help. This is the last question she takes, and she takes a guess. For $100,000, she says C.....

...NO. It's A. But she does go home with $25,000. This week definitely lived up to the hype from the last one!

Family Feud: The Boxes, $20,000 richer than they were before, defend for the first time against the Silvas. The Boxes score the first 76 points on people that might sit with you just before you eat. The Silvas fire back, but only with 28, on countries with the most attractive models (America was #1).

Double: A thing you know about Dumbo. Starting with:

#1- Big ears (48, Boo)

The champs play. Baker says the friend is a mouse...bottom (3). Jason says he's an elephant....#3 (18)! Rebecca says he can fly....#2 (25)! Mike says he's in the circus....TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP to send them to 274!

Triple: Name something that happens at the end of an argument between any couple. Lu says they don't sleep together that night....bottom (8). Baker says the women win...NO, so the Silvas play. Isaac says the man says sorry....NUMBER ONE (58)! George says they stop talking to each other....#3 (10)! #2 could win them the game. Egla says no food for them....NO. Steve says take her to Disneyland (?!?!?)....THAT'S FOR SUPER BOWL WINNERS, ONLY, IDIOT. Back to Lu, who says have a nice dinner....NO, so it's steal time. Rebecca says they leave. If it's there, they win; otherwise, we go to a playoff. It's....

...there for the game at 502!

Boo and Rebecca get 133 on their second trip to Fast Money, giving the clan $20,665 for two games.

WOF: On the show's last night from Charleston, our players tonight are Willis Rebel III (in the yellow), Keisha Walker and Courtney Owens. The man in the middle gets both Toss-Ups for $3,000, and starts Round 1. Category is Person, and on the wheel now starting this round is an Alaskan Cruise worth $7,000. He gets the Wild Card right off the bat. After Walker calls six A's, we have...

_ _ A N _

_ A _ S H A L

_ _


_ A _ A _ _

I know this. She calls the M, then three R's for $7,500, then two D's for $1,800 more, and solves GRAND MARSHAL OF A PARADE for $10,050!

Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After Owens calls the N's, we have...



_ A _ _ I _ N

_ _ A T E

I don't know the middle word. She calls the O, the L and the P. She calls the M, but there are none of that. The man calls the S for $500, then picks up the Free Spin by calling the H, and solves DINNER & FASHION PLATE for $1,000 and $4,000 total.

Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. A car was won here yesterday- will it happen again? After Owens, who has yet to get on the board, calls the A's and E's (three of each appear),
we have...

S _ E _ _ A _ _ _ A R

_ _ R A _

R E E _

I know this now, and the trip will involve it. She calls an F, three C's for $1,650, but the I call is a dud. The man gets two L's for $600, but loses that money and the Wild Card to a Bankrupt, and has to use the Free Spin, but he gets a Bankrupt again. Walker calls the T for $300, and lands on a Mystery Wedge. She calls one P and flips....Bankrupt. Owens finally solves SPECTACULAR CORAL REEF for $2,100, a gift tag and a trip to the Virgin Islands! She's on the board with $11,002 and the lead!

Walker takes the lead back with KITCHEN PANTRY, going to $13,050. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase, and consonants are worth $3,200. After Owens calls the H's, we have...

_ H _ _ _

T H _

H _ _ _ T

_ _

I think I know this already...but she doesn't. The man calls two R's, but can't solve. Walker calls four E's, and solves WHERE THE HEART IS for the match with $16,250!

She spins the W. Category is Things. Starting with:

_ _ R E _ _ N

_ _ R _ S

I think it's something CARDS, but I'm not sure. Walker calls M, P, C, and A, but gets nothing. She doesn't solve FOREIGN WORDS. Even more bad news- she loses the $100,000 too. At least she picked the best possible way to lose it on.

Jeopardy!: For the fifth time in seven regular weeks, it comes down to the Friday show. We have not had a champion successfuly defend their title, despite a lot of money being won this week. That would be a shame if that happened, but let's hope not. Sri Narayanan, with $30,000 to his name, defends against Dorothy Cassetta and Jim Sherman. Sherman finds the Daily Double early on in U.S. Cities and gets it right to go to $2,200. The champ leads him by $200, $3,600 to $3,400, heading into the first break.

But Sherman gets on a bit of a roll later on, leading after the first round with $9,400. The champ has five grand and Cassetta has $2,600.

Double Jeopardy! had a category called Historical "Law & Order" Pleas. That's right- all of the clues will be given by stars of all of the "Law & Order" series, past and present. Sherman builds on his lead, and Cassetta gets in the game. The champ doesn't do much, and Sherman finds the first Daily Double in Tough Science with $18,600. He bets two large:

The first director of the radiation lab at Berkley, his name will live forevermore on an element.

"Who is Fermi?"....Lawrence. Still has the lead, though. With only a few clues left, the champ finds the other Daily Double in It's Complicated. After a reverse ruling sends Sherman back to $14,200, the champ currently has $8,200. The lady in the middle has $11,400. The champ bets $7,000:

12-letter adjective that means "resembling a mythical Greek maze".

"What is labyrinith?".....

...RIGHT, AND HE HAS THE LEAD WITH $15,200! After the round ends, he had $15,600. Sherman has $14,200, and the lady has $11,400.

FJ! category: Literature.

This 1877 novel was written, "To induce kindness, sympathy and an understanding treatment of horses".

The lady writes, "What is Black Beauty?"....right for another $1,400, and she has $12,800. Sherman has "What is Jayme, Isabel Lillian"....WTF? But he lost nothing.
The champ has....

...THE RIGHT RESPONSE, AND FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW WINS $30,000!! Total: $60,000! And he's back Monday!

1 vs. 100: Starting tonight is Joanna Nguey. In the mob this game- members of the Three 6 Mafia, seven Playboy Playmates, Perez Hilton (a celebrity blogger), Allison Dubois (the one who inspired the show "Medium") and Dr. Ruth Westheimer!

23 missed the first question she got right, giving her $23,000. Among the notables eliminated: Dr. Ruth and DJ Paul of the Three 6 Mafia. Second question:

On the Galapagos Islands, you spot a nice pair of boobies. What are you looking at?

A: Tropical Melons
B: Giant Birds
C: Aquatic Birds

She says B....BUT IT'S C!!! The quickest loss ever to the Mob! 52 mob members will get about $442.30 each.

Herman Wilkens is next. Dr. Ruth, Three 6 Mafia and Allison Dubois are brought back, because they're playing for charity.

He knocks out 4 people on question one for $4,000. Twice as much missed question two, tripling Wilkens's winnings to $12,000. Juicy J of the Mafia wa eliminated that question. On the third question, he knocked out 26, including Dr. Ruth, to go to $38,000.

He got the first $2,000 question right, and eliminated 11 to go to $60,000. Perez Hilton and the other half of the Mafia were among the ones eliminated. On the other $2,000 question he got right, he knocked out 21 to go to $102,000! 30 mob members now stand between him and $1,000,000.

$3,000 question:

What punctuation mark would indicate that a "smiley" emoticon is winking?

A: Ampersand
B: Semicolon
C: Colon

After thinking, he says B....right! 5 missed it for $15,000, giving him $117,000! Allison Dubois was among the ones eliminated.

$4,000 question:

You're crossing the street while a "Don't Walk" symbol flashes at you. Where is the thumb on that sign?

A: On the right
B: On the left
C: Not visible

He says he does a lot of walking, and is confident it's B.....but it's A!! That means 13 will each get $9,000.

Bruce Seville is our last player. He won $78,000, despite his game being rather quick.

RECAP: Survivor Fiji Week 3

Reward Challenge: Before this challenge ever starts, we learn that Ravu started their own fire, which is a rarity for any tribe in this game! As for this challenge, it will be a head-to-head challenge. One person from each tribe will run and slide down a path and retrieve one of the numbered calls assigned by host Jeff Probst. When the players get their balls, they must shoot it into their tribe's basket. The first person to do this scores a point for their team; six points wins the game. There's a choice of rewards today- fruit, fishing goods or luxury goods. Also, the winning tribe chooses one member from the losing team to go to Exile Island, who will soon rejoin the tribe before the next Immunity Challenge. Gary Stritesky and Anthony Robinson are first- the ball is #9, and despite slipping twice along the way, Stritesky gets it into the basket first to get Moto on the board! Next are Rita Verreos (Ravu) and Cassandra Franklin (Moto)- the ball is #3, and both slip early on, but Verreos ties the match up for the team! Next are Boo Bernis (Moto) and Rocky (Ravu)- ball is lucky #7, and Bernis does the process perfectly by doing a great slide to the ball, and getting it into the basket on the first shot to give Moto the lead! Next are Stacy Kimball (Moto) and Michelle Yi (Ravu)- ball is #6, Kimball had her ball when she grabbed it, but drops it! But she gets it into the basket to give Moto a 3-1 lead! Next are Alex Angarita (Moto) and Mookie Lee (Ravu)- ball is #10, and Lee does a great slide towards the ball, and gets it in on the second shot to make the score 3-2! Next are Sylvia Kwan (Ravu) and Liliana Gomez (Moto)- ball is #2, and while Kwan tiptoes through the path instead of sliding to get the ball, Gomez scores to give Moto a 4-2 lead! Next are Earl Cole (Ravu) and Edgardo Rivera (Moto)- ball is #11, and Rivera tackles this no problem to make Moto one point away from winning! They win the challenge on the next turn, and choose the fishing gear. They send Kwan to Exile Island.

The next clue for the first Immunity Idol:

When night has fallen and the tribe is asleep,
Find it under the cave's threshold, if you dig deep.

Kwan thinks this clue is very helpful. Back to Moto, Mr. Stritesky is feeling ill. Franklin says he didn't know where he was. Angarita says that he might not be able to participate in the Immunity Challenge, and suggests to him that he withdraw from the competition.

Immunity Challenge: It's another head-to-head challenge. This time, they have to eat food.
Ravu is happy about this, since they say they're very hungry. The first team to score four points wins. Basically, if Ravu wins, Stritesky is likely a goner, and if Moto wins, Kwan is likely a goner.
Liliana (Moto) and Rocky (Ravu) are first, and they must eat a giant clam....Rocky gets it down quickly, and wins the first point for Ravu! Next are Kwan (Ravu) and Herd (Moto), and the food is octopus tentacles....Herd is first to tie! Next are Lisi Linares (Moto) and Mookie Lee (Ravu), and the food is peanut worms....Lee is first to gave Ravu the lead! During that time, Lee taunted Linares and wanted her to throw up- after that portion of the challenge, there was tenison between the two tribes. Next are Cole (Ravu) and Angarita (Moto) and the food is sea cucumbers....Angarita is first to tie it up! Next are Yi (Ravu) and Rivera (Moto), and the food is fish eyes....Rivera is first to give Moto the lead! Next are Mr. Stritesky (Moto) and Mr. Robinson (Ravu), and the food is pig snouts...and "Papa Smurf" of Moto just won them immunity once more!

That means, as I thought, Kwan is out of the game.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

RECAP: Nashville Star 2007 Semi-Finals

Chris Young, last season's big winner, did the opening performance.

Zac Hacker sung first. He sung "Lady". He did a nice job with it- I gave him an 8. Blake says Zac is a very sexy man. Queen Anastasia loved the performance. Randy says win, lose, or draw, he should keep trying again.

Joshua Stevens sung second. He did a decent job. I gave him a 7. Randy credits his attitude. Blake says it was a great performance, although he says he isn't as countryish as he should be.
Queen Anastasia thought it was a great performance, but does not think he will win the whole competition.

Third is David St. Romain. He's singing "Live Like You're Dying" by Tim McGraw. I gave him a 9. Queen Anastasia thinks that he has continued to prove himself. Randy says it was great, and Blake says he was good, but he still needs to find a song that will truly define him.

After Blake did his own performance, Angela Hacker is last. The song she had told a story, like several country songs do, and she did great- I gave her a 10! Blake loved it. Queen Anastasia thinks of platinum records when she thinks of her, and thinks the final will be between the two Hackers. Randy says she was the most consistent singer of the season.

The one of these people who will NOT be going to the finals is....

...Joshua Stevens. Here are my final scores before the finals:

Angela Hacker- 66
David St. Romain- 54
Zac Hacker- 48

Some people say the final two should be the Hackers, but I don't think so. How will it go, and who will win it all? Find out next week!

Idol eliminations: Boy picks unsurprising, Girl picks surprising

The first week of the semifinal round is over, and here's who's gone:

Boys: Chris Richardson and Rudy Cardenas
Girls: Amy Krebs and Nicole Tranquillo

The girls who left got shot down by bad luck from the home viewer votes, IMO.

2/22/2007 Results- Will J squared Take Big Payoff?

WWTBAM: The character mentioned in the above headline, Jeff Jones, is back for his third and final day on the show. He is only the second contestant in this version's history to stay on three consecutive shows, the other being Jeff Gross from 2004. For $500,000:

In the 1982 movie "Diner", what is the name of the diner where the characters hang out?

A: Windsor Hills
B: Rosemont
C: Fells Point
D: Allendale

He has NEVER seen this movie, but has a wild inclination of C. He decides to stop with the quarter million, but could he have won $500,000???....

....YES. Doggone it! But still, if the year had ended right now, I would have named him the 2007 Grand Champion right now. Enjoy your money, Jeff!

Casey Barnhart is next to try to fill his shoes. Believe it or not, he gets to the $25,000 mark without using a lifeline! He switches out the first $50,000 question for this:

At the end of the 1982 movie, "Casablanca", Ilsa leaves behind her beloved Rick to board a plane for what city?

A: Istanbul
B: Lisbon
C: Budapest
D: Zurich

Barnhart now asks the audience, and 50% say B, 22% say A and 18% say D. He uses the 50:50, leaving the top two. He chooses Lisbon....everyone was right all along for $50,000! For $100,000:

According to its closing credits, The Beatles' 1965 movie "Help!" is dedicated to the inventor of which of the following?

A: Cotton Gin
B: Reaper
C: Sewing machine
D: Steamboat

Barnhart calls Randall, his film critic buddy. He runs out of time before giving a guess, so he quits with $50,000. Answer was the sewing machine.

Family Feud: The Schweitzers ($21,405) want to be the TENTH undefeated family this season. To get a chance to do that on Friday, they must beat the Boxes (!!) today. The champs sweep the first question on things you hated sharing with your siblings as a kid for 95 points.
The Boxes get 77 back on things a woman might see that might force her to stop the car.

Double: Super Match question: Hit __________. Starting with:

#1- And Run (27, Boo)

The Boxes will play. Baker says Hit Em' Up (?!?!?)....NO WAY. Jason says hit the streets...not much better, and not there. Rebecca says Hit the Road, Jack.....NO!!! What kind of people are they surveying here? For the champion steal, Debbie says Hit Me with your Best Shot.....Hit Me was all we needed as #2 to go to 149! Other matches: man, the ball, parade and "...or miss".

Triple: A number that would be rude about a woman. Baker says her age.....NUMBER ONE (66), so they get to play. Jason says weight....#2 (26)! Rebecca says her phone number....NO!
Mike says how many months she's been pregnant, which may remind Feud fans of the incident that involved a pregnancy question in Fast Money in 1980 that featured the September response that made Richard Dawson absolutely lose it! As for Mike's answer....not there.
Boo says her boob size....bottom (2)! Baker says #3 is pant size for the game, but I don't think so....and it's not. Debbie says for the steal IQ.....

...NO, so the Boxes are the new champions at 359! #3 was the number of marriages. I thought it was going to be height.

Fast Money: Let's see if Boo and Rebecca can help put $20,000 in this family's "box".

1. What's the longest amount of time you've taken to eat lunch during work?
2. A woman who has empowered other women.
3. A flavor of salad dressing often seen at salad bars.
4. A musical instrument starting with T.
5. The most common place on one's body to pull a muscle.

Boo says 90 minutes, Oprah (#1), Ranch (#1), trombone (#1) and hamstring (#1) for 180! Rebecca says two hours first....23 is good enough for $20,000! One hour was #1 for that question.

TPIR: Ryan Sparks is first, playing for a trip to Cozumel in Pushover. Board:


$2,970 is my guess. He says $6,297....but I'm right and he's not.

Brett Robinson goes for the big money in It's In the Bag. Products: storage bag, cat litter, supplement, adhesive, granola bars and a small can of Pringles. The first bag, worth $1,000, has a 79 cent product. He says the chips. For the $11.68 product, he says the supplement. For the $3.29 product, he says the granola bars. For the $5.99 product, he says the adhesive, and for the $4.89 item, he says the cat litter. He's right about the chips for $1,000. He goes on and is right about the supplement for $2,000. He goes on and is right for $4,000! He stops there, and wisely so. The adhesive should have been placed on the last bag. The previous item at $5.99 was the storage bag.

Miles Debain on the third IUFB, bid $9,000 on a sofa!! As a result of his blunder, Patricia Carruthers plays Cover Up for a Pontiac Vibe (Std, AT, Stereo, Heater, Prots). Board:

First Number: 1 or 3?
Second Number: 2, 4 or 9?
Third Number: 0, 1, 2 or 7?
Fourth Number: 2, 4, 5, 8 or 9?
Last Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 7?

First guess is $19,282....first two numbers are right. Second guess is $19,756....only the fourth number is wrong now. Final guess is....

...$19,726 and she wins! And she gets to the Showcase!

Miles Debain rebounds from his blunder in the third IUFB by hitting the exerciser's price on the nose at $950, winning a $500 check! He can win $1,000 more, plus a tennis machine and a fireplace in Clock Game. The ARP of the tennis machine is $849. He starts with $650.....$950....$700....$800....$850....$820....$830....$840 and so on in one-up mode to win that! He has 15.5 seconds to win the fireplace, which costs $969. He starts with $1,000.....$900....$950....$975.....$965....and $969 to win it all!

Kelsey Beare then rolls the dice in Dice Game for a Chevy Colorado LS Regular Cab (Std., AT, Mats, Street, Prot). First number is 1. She rolls a 5 for the second number, which is not it, and that worries me. But she definitely thinks it's higher, and it is, because it's 6. She rolls a 5 for the third digit, which is not it. She says lower this time. Fourth digit roll is 3, which is not it, and she says higher. Last roll is 2, which is not it, and she says higher. Third number is....6 and she loses already. The ARP: $16,614.

Jody Leil is last to try for a GEM car in Flip Flop. Board:


I know the price, and she does at $7,995! But the $9,000 bid man goes to the Showcase.

First Showcase has Lanisha scratching her back a lot for some things. First, she can't quite reach the place she's going in the garden, so she uses her new garden tools. Second, her back still itches, so she tries a pool cue from a new pool table. Finally, with her back still itching, she tries the side view mirror of a 2007 Chevy HHR LS (Std., AT/Remote, Airbags)! The lady passes this to the man, who bids $18,500, which is a bid that I like. For the lady, we have a year's supply of sourdough bread, a dining room and a TV. She bids $14,728.

ARP for the man: $19,407, a difference of $907. ARP for the lady....

...$13,684, meaning the man wins! Total: $23,675.

WOF: Tonight, we have Jodie Capian (in the yellow), Steve Brown and Chardra Bass. Capian gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, meaning she'll start Round 1. Category is Before and After. After she calls the E's, we have...

_ E _ _ R _

_ A N _

_ E _ S T

She calls the L afterwards, which is a dud. Over to the man, who calls a $300 B, a $600 H, and then buys an I. Next, he calls a K for $550, and buys the O. He calls the M's to get the Free Spin, and solves MEMORY BANK HEIST for $1,000.

Jackpot Round category is Food and Drink. The man has to give up his Free Spin immiediately.
Bass hits Jackpot and calls two D's for $1,000, and we have...

_ _ _ A _ _


_ _ D D _ N _

I don't know the top word, and neither does she. She gets the Bankrupt next. The lady in the middle calls the P for $600 and a $400 G. She then calls the I and the U, which don't do much help. She calls an R for $550, which is the second letter of the top word, but her O call is a dud.
The man calls the C, the first letter of the top word, but goofs by repeating the U instead of saying E. Bass gets the Bankrupt again, and the lady in the middle goes on to solve CREAMY BANANA PUDDING for $1,550 and $4,550 total.

Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. Remember, someone this week in this round could win a car if they're lucky. The lady in the middle lands on a Mystery Wedge, calls the H and flips....CAR! After she calls the O, we have....


T H I _ _

_ O _' L L

_ E

_ L E _ _ _ _ T L _

_ _ R _ R I _ E _

I know this now. She calls two A's, and then two U's. She calls three S's, and solves I THINK YOU'LL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to win the Nissan Versa, $4,350 cash and a trip to Scotland! She's up to $27,324 in cash and prizes!

Bass solves CAREER WOMAN to get on the board with $3,000! Speed-Up Round category is Thing, and consonants are worth $1,600. After she calls the N, we have...

S _ _ T _ _ R N

_ _ S _ _ T _ _ _ T _

I know this, and it fits the location. She gets another chance by calling the L, and for $8,000....NO. The lady in the middle solves SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY to ice her cake with $30,324!

She spins the S in CASH, which was spin for the second time this week at least. Category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ S _ _

_ E _ R _

I think it's something BEARD. Capian calls C, M, P and A and gets...

_ _ S _ _

_ E A R _

The Y and the U shot her down- it was BUSHY BEARD, and she won't be adding another $30,000.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stars competing on this season of "Dancing with the Stars"

Here's the roll call for the celebrities who are participating with the dancers in Season 4 of "Dancing with the Stars", which premieres in mid-march:

-Laila Ali
-Billy Ray Cyrus
-Clyde Drexler
-Joey Fatone
-Leeza Gibbons
-Heather Mills
-Apollo Anton Ohno
-Vincent Pastore
-Paulina Porizkova
-Ian Zering

Cheryl Burke, two-time defending champion dancer on this show, is teamed with Zering.

American Idol Top 24- The Girls

Starting the show is Stephanie Edwards. She was too karokey. I gave it a 4. Randy says that was better than any of the boys last night. Paula says she was a star. Simon says she was a million times better than anyone else so far.

Next is Amy Krebs, who sings "I Can't Make You Love Me". I thought she did a very good job! I gave her an 8. Randy says it was average. Paula agreed with him, and Simon said she doesn't remember her well with that performance.

Third is Leslie Hunt. She sings "I Feel like a Natural Woman", by Aretha Franklin. If it hadn't been for the beginning, I might have given it a 10. I also gave this an 8. Randy thought the song was too big for her.
Paula agrees with me, and Simon says it wasn't great, and she felt uncomfortable on stage.

Fourth is Sabrina Sloan. AWESOME performance- I gave her a 10! Randy says we now have a competition after that one! Paula and Simon agree too!

Fifth is Antonella Barba. She sings "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. I didn't really hate this one, but I didn't like it either- I gave it a 4. Randy says it was pitchy and bland. Paula says it wasn't that bad, and Simon says it didn't work.

Sixth is Jordin Sparks, who is 17. She sings "Turn My Back Around". This is another tough song meant for boys singing, but she wasn't that bad. I gave her a 7. Randy says she has a big voice, and has a lot of natural talent, but advises her not to be afraid on stage. Paula says the song selection was great. Simon says with her voice, she could surprise people.

Seventh is Nicole Tranquillo. She did a great job, but she sung a song that I don't really remember. Therefore, I gave her a 9. Randy says it didn't really work. Paula disagrees.
Simon says it looked indulgent, but was fake.

Eighth is Haley Scarnato. I also really liked her too- I also gave her a 9! Randy says it was just OK, but liked the song choice since she has a Broadway voice. Paula said she did a nice job, and Simon said she sounded like she was old.

Ninth is Melinda Doolittle. She did AWESOME, and sounded like Aretha Franklin! Thus, I gave her a 10! Randy says that's how it's done. Simon said she was an incredible singer!

In the 10 spot is Alaina Alexander. She sings "I'm Special". She did no body language in the song at all and sang poorly. I gave her a 2. Randy says it wasn't great. Paula says she didn't really go for it this time. Simon says it wasn't special and it was a mess.

Next-to-last is Gina Glocksen. She started out slowly, but was great later. I gave her a 7. Randy says it was nice. Paula says it was the right song choice, and Simon says he didn't expect her to sing like that, and says she didn't quite perfect it.

Finally, we have LaKisha Jones. I thought she was the best singer tonight- I obviously gave her a 10! Randy thought she reminded him of Jennifer Hudson, and told her to watch out! Simon said that the other 23 should go home after that great performance! Amen.

2/21/2007 Results

TPIR: Karen Webber first plays for a pair of motorcycles in Freeze Frame. Remember the rule for the last digit for a pair of one prize. Her guess is $3,875....doesn't follow the rule. ARP: $4,138. When Bob said if the board stops, it can't be started again, Webber added the "37 hours gag" from Range Game!

Sharon Jenkins is now the second one to play More or Less! At stake today-an electric violin marked at $3,500, a bar set marked at $4,100, a pinball machine marked at $3,700, and a Jeep Wrangler! Jenkins first says the violin is less, and it's $2,345. Next, she says the dinette is less, and it's $3,510! Then, she says more for the pinball's $4,995, so she's won the first three prizes, and she's going for the Jeep! Same process like the other three prizes. Wrong price is $17,500, and she says more.....'s $18,765 and she's the first winner of this new game!

Joanne Mick is third to play Safe Crackers for a trip to Austrailia and luggage worth a combined $15,624! The numbers in the price of the luggage are 0, 6 and 7. Her guess is $607 (?!?!)....NO WAY. She would have still lost even if she guessed $670-it's $760.

SSD1: The old fart gets 15....and 75 for 90 cents. Webber says she and her mom watch the show, and remember that there was a Christmas showcase. She spins 60 cents.....and 35 for 95 cents, and the old fart mercifully gets the hook! The More or Less winner gets a nickel...and 50, so the loyal Price watcher is in the Showcase!

Fourth is Robert Goldstein, who got the ARP of $1,799 exactly right on the fireplace, winning a check for $500! Then, he plays That's Too Much for a Ford Focus Sedan (Std., AC, ALB, Airbags, Prot), and when he hears the news that he's going for a car, he pulls a Cody and runs up on the turntable! What's going on here? Anyway, the first price is $15,998. The second price is $16,005. Third price is $17,121. Fourth price is $18,990, and he says THAT'S TOO MUCH......too far. The ARP was $16,277.

Fifth is Daniel Cloth, who mentions his father was on the show about a quarter of a century ago, plays Grocery Game for a dining room. He first takes two fabric softeners. Each one is $6.99, for a total of $13.98. He must spend between $20 and $21 to win. He next takes two Hot Pockets. Each one is $2.49, giving him $18.96. He thinks the Tums is between $1.04 and $2.04.....but it's $4.21 and he loses.

Last is Jessica Pagan, also a LFAT of this show, who plays for a spa in Squeeze Play. Board:


She takes the 1, for a guess of $5,'s $5,125. Believe it or not, More or Less was the only game won today. Go figure. But she does get into the Showcase after the first two spinners go over.

The first Showcase has a home gym and a Mediterranean Cruise. Pagan is given this one and bids $11,500. Webber sees fake favorite record albums. First, there's Jefferson Scareplane, which is a band that plays music inspired by new horror DVDs. Second, there's Grateful Bed, which is a band whose members get their tune ideas while they sleep in a new bedroom. And finally, A Ski'D Ski is a band who writes their music while they ride in a new ski boat! Webber bids $22,000.

ARP for Webber: $29,792, a difference of $7,792. ARP for Pagan: $20,480, a difference of $8,980, meaning Webber wins and takes home $33,091 in prizes!

WOF: Tonight, we have Dustin Henderson (in the yellow, who is attending The Citadel and is a member of the Snack Pack there), Debra Collins and Dr. Rayna Clay. The man in the middle gets both Toss-Ups for $3,000 as we put a California trip worth $7,500 on the wheel in time for Round 1, whose category is Song/Artist. After the doctor calls the S's, we have...

_ S N' T

S _ E

_ _ _ E _ _

_ _

S T E _ _ E

W _ N D E _

I know this now. She picks up the trip with an R call, and she solves ISN'T SHE LOVELY BY STEVIE WONDER to win $10,200 in cash and trip!

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. After Collins calls the W's and hits Jackpot, we have...

_ _ _


_ N _ W

W _ E R E

_ _ _ E

W _ _ _

T _ _ E

_ _ _

...she hits Bankrupt next. The man in the middle calls two Y's for $1,600, and calls three O's and two U's. He calls a $350 H and two K's for $1,600, then two I's, and we now have...





_ I _ E

W I _ _

T _ K E


I don't know the word after WHERE. He calls the A, and after getting three L's, he solves YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE LIFE WILL TAKE YOU for $4,950 and a trip to Spain! New total for him: $14,348.

The Mystery Round category is Before and After, and a Nissan Versa could be awaiting a contestant after this round. The one who has yet to get on the board gets the Wild Card early on. After the man calls the E, we have...

R _ _ _ E R

_ A L L

_ _ _ N

The only word I don't know is that last word. He loses his turn by calling the C. The person at the zero mark calls a D, another baddie. The doctor gets three B's for $900, and one U. Then, she calls the O, and the O is the second letter of the final word. She calls the G, and solves RUBBER BALL GOWN for $1,000 and $11,200 total.

The man gets DESSERT BOWLS to go to $17,348. Speed-Up Round category is On the Map, and consonants are worth $6,000 each! After the doctor calls two N's, we have...

_ _ N

_ _ _ N

_ _ _ R T _

R _ _ _

...and she solves SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO to win the match with $23,200! The lady at the end gets the $1,000 consolation.

The doctor spins the third zero. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ _ _ R _ _ _

The doctor calls G, H, M and O....but none are there. She doesn't solve PAPRIKA for another $25,000. The P's and A's would have done it.

WWTBAM: Jeff Jones is back. For $25,000:

In the 1997 satire "Wag the Dog", the White House distracts the nation from a sex scandal by staging a fake war with what country?

A: Albania
B: Estonia
C: Montenegro
D: Belarus

He calls Mr. Holliday, who is his English teacher. But he draws a blank, so Jones asks the audience. 40% say A, 29% say B, 19% say D and 12% say C, which is also not much help.
He then uses the 50:50, leaving A and D, and Jones was leaning towards A from the start.
He eventually says Albania as his answer....that's $25,000! For $50,000, after switching:

Anthony Hopkins has said that Hannibal Lecter's voice is a mixture of Truman Capote's, Katherine Hepburn's, and what other voice?

A: Norman Bates
B: HAL 9000
C: C-3PO
D: Colonel Kurtz

He says HAL 9000, and is worried that Norman Bates is actually it....but it's HAL 9000 for $50,000! For $100,000:

Which of these Hollywood couples starred in two movies together in 2006?

A: Kate Beckinsale and Adam Sandler
B: Jodie Foster and Clive Owen
C: Scarlett Johanssen and Hugh Jackman
D: Diane Lane and Adrian Brody

After thinking about it, he says C....

...$100,000!! For $250,000:

In "Office Space", Peter's co-worker admits that his high-tech, get rich scheme came from what movie?

A: "Beverly Hills Cop II"
B: "Cannonball Run II"
C: "Superman III"
D: "Revenge of the Nerds II"

Jones has a huge smile on his face, because he knows it's "Superman III" for $250,000!! But, he won't be able to claim the money today- time's up. We'll see if he can bring home the really big money tomorrow.

DOND: First on the player docket tonight is Dimetra. She's a first generation Greek person. Her case choice is #22. The lady holding #9 is Greek, BTW.

Let's pick it up with Round 5. The board at this point: PENNY, $75, $300, $400, $5,000, $300,000, $400,000 and $750,000. First pick is #25...$400! Other pick is #18...$750,000.
New offer is $44,000. NO DEAL. Into one case mode now.

Her next choice is #21....$300! New offer: $91,000! NO DEAL.

Next choice is #13, after Leyla holds the player's bracelet for good luck....PENNY!!! And some of his family members break plates on the floor in celebration! The new offer: $109,000.....


Her new choice is #3......

....$300,000, so the safety net looks gone to me. Offer now is $95,000.....

....DEAL! But the $400,000 was in her case. Sorry.

Ishmael Brown is next. His case choice is #11.

Round 1: Mr. Brown chooses #14.....$200,000. Second choice is #15....$100,000. Third choice is #6....$200. Fourth choice is #26....MILLION IS GONE NOW. Fifth choice is #2.....$50,000.
Last pick is #10....$300,000. First offer he turns down: $9,000, which I think is a record low for a first offer.

Round 2: #21 is first.....$50! Second pick is #18...$75,000. Third pick from Brown is #7....$25! Fourth pick is #9....$300! Last pick is #13....$1,000. The next offer he turns down: $33,000.
He is back on Monday.

Boys are lackluster on Idol according to ratings

According to, while the ratings were their big self, it was said that the ratings dropped for the boys performance show around 9:30.

"Let's Play Crosswords" cleared in major markets

According to Broadcasting and Cable, the NBC owned and operated stations have cleared the new Merv Griffin show "Let's Play Crosswords" in the major markets. No word yet on where it will air in the Richmond area, if it will at all this fall...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol Top 24- The Boys

Well, the real fun begins on American Idol with the Top 24 Round upon us! The boys are in the first half of the two-part performance extravanganza tonight, and the second part tomorrow will feature the ladies. A one-hour results show is on Thursday to determine which two boys and girls are eliminated.

First boy tonight is Rudy Cardenas. He sings "Thrill Ride". That sounded kariokish to me, so I gave it a 4. Randy says while it's always difficult to start the show, it was very corny. Paula thought it was fantastic, and Simon thought the song choice was not memorable or unique.

Second is Brandon Rogers. He got off to a rough start, but got better as time went on. I gave it a 6. Randy says it was a bit pitchy. Paula said she did great, and Simon said the song was predictable.

Third is Sundance Head. He sings "I Love You". He did a good job, although he was a little flat at times. My score is 8. Randy says it was pitchy. Paula says he picked the wrong song, and Simon says Rogers was like a dad at a wedding, and was old-fashioned.

Fourth is Paul Kim. He was way out of tune, and was extremely flat. I gave him a 3. Randy says it was pitchy at the start, and got better as time went on. He still saw potential in him. Paula says he oversang the song and was pitchy, and Simon says that he should put his shoes on, and thought the performance was ordinary.

Fifth is Chris Richardson. He sings "I Don't Want to Be". I thought it was very shaky and flat. I gave it a 3. Randy says the show really got going here, even though he says it wasn't his best performance. Paula says he had a great arrangement, and Simon said his voice was small in the song, but thought the girls might vote for him at home.

Sixth is Nicholas Pedro, who is the comeback kid from last season. He did OK- I gave him a 6.
Randy says the performance was boring. Paula says it was the right type of song, but it fell flat. Simon says the performance wasn't that bad, like I say.

Seventh is Blake Lewis. Although he was a bit flat, he still did a good job. I gave him a 7.
Randy kinda felt his performance. Paula says his vocals were spot on. Simon says his performance was more like today, even though it wasn't the best of performances.

Eighth is Sanjaya Malakar. He performed much better than I thought-I gave him a 9! Randy thought he fell into the trap of doing a Stevie Wonder song, and wasn't even close. Paula says she wished she had seen more personality from him, and Simon says it was the most dreary performance of the night.

Ninth is Chris Sligh. He had fun, but he was pitchy. I gave him a 4. Randy says his voice was on par for the most part, even though he was rushing. Paula said he had a great time, but Simon said the performance took him back to a student gig.

10th is Jared Cotter. His performance was "eh" to me- I gave it a 4 also. Randy thought it was pretty good on a tough song, but didn't like the ending. Paula says his performance was more like Brian McKnight would have sung, and Simon says he was nasaly and uneventful, although his apperance looked good. He also wanted him to take more risks.

Next-to-last is AJ Tabaldo. He sang "All My Love". I thought he was solid- I gave him a 7.
Randy says the vocals were decent. Paula says he can definitely sing, and Simon says it was decent, but predictable.

Final singer this show is Phil Stacey. He sang "I Could Not Ask For More", and I thought he did very well. I gave him an 8. Randy says it started out rough, but said it was the best performance of the night. Paula says he nailed it, and Simon thought it was OK.

BREAKING NEWS: New host of "The Biggest Loser" named

According to an NBC press release posted by The Futon Critic, Caroline Rhea will NOT return as the host of "The Biggest Loser" next season. Instead, soap star Allison Sweeney will now host.

DOND rating improves

This week's Monday edition of "DOND" scored a 10.8 Fast Neilsen rating with a 16 share, which is way up from last week.


2/20/2007 Results

TPIR: Devon Grover is walking the Golden Road! At stake is flatware, a Yamaha snowmobile, and worth more than 80 large, a Winnebago Outlook motorhome (Std., Z, TV, Paint, Interior)!!!
A can of beans is 71 cents. For the flatware, we have a price of $ _ 5 0. He chooses the 7 and is right. For the snowmobile, we have $ 6, _ 9 8, and choices of 0, 5 or 7 as the third digit. I'm not sure about it, but I think 5, and he agrees....$6,598 is right! For the motorhome, we have
$8 0, _ 7 3, and choices of 5, 6, 8 or 9 as the third digit. He chooses the nine......

...HE'S WON THE MOTORHOME!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Cody Easterbrook has the ineviable task of following that up by playing Plinko! He runs up the turntable upon hearing the good news! First small item is an ice cream globe, and the wrong price is $69. He picks the 6....but it's $29. Next is a retro telephone marked at $20, and he picks the 0....$60! Next is an iron marked at $21, and he picks the 2....$24! Last is some tools marked at $58, and he picks the 8....but that's $50. He has three chips with him. First, he drops it in $1,000. Next, he drops it in $500. Finally, he drops it in $100 for $1,600 total. In between rounds, he got good luck kisses from Gaby!

Third is Martha Gerald. When she was called on down, she met Bob and bit her!!! After she got on stage, she played Barker's Bargain Bar for trips to Charleston and Chicago. Charleston is marked at $3,623, and the Windy City is marked at $4,579. Her pick is Charleston. ARP for Chicago: $6,579, a difference of two grand. Charleston must be at least $5,723 to win. ARP:
$5........123, so she loses.

SSD1: Gerald spins 60 and stops. Easterbrook spins 95 cents. Grover spins 60 cents....and goes over. But he does leave with $91,366 in prizes, making him the third biggest winner this season!
Easterbrook goes to the Showcase, and he helps Bob do the commercial plug after mugging him!

Ryan McCarney then plays for a catameran. It's either $3,560 or $4,395, and he chooses $4,395....and wins!

Stacy Guess then plays Any Number for a chandelier or a Ford F-150 (Std., Stereo). First number of the truck is 1. Guess guesses 8....second number of the truck ($ 1 8, _ _ _). Guess next says 3....third number of the truck ($ 1 8, 3 _ _)! Next guess is 7....first number of the chandelier ($ 7 _ _). Next guess is 0....middle number of the chandelier ($ 7 0 _). Next is 5, which is the last number of the truck ($ 1 8, 3 _ 5)! She thinks the fourth number there is 9....but she wins the chandelier with that. The fourth number was 1, and the piggy bank was worth $6.24.

Peggy Alminor is last to play Hi-Lo for a pair of motorcycles. She first picks the Citracal, which is $10.97. Then, she picks the Capazin HP....$14.09! Final pick is the storage bag....$5.99. Everything else must be less than that to win. Plug-Ins are $3.99, the Hot Pockets are $2.49, and the Goldfish is 89 cents, so she wins! But the only man to play this half is the other Showcase participant after a spinoff.

First Showcase features something that is today- a TPIR fan club. First, the agenda is posted on a new laptop computer. Second, they watch episodes on a new TV. Finally, they take a trip to the studio in a new Ford Mustang (Std., Locks). McCarney bids $26,000.
For Wild Cody Easterbrook, we have a living room, a piano and a spa, and he bids $17,000.

ARP for McCarney: $23,742, so he's over. ARP for Easterbrook: $21,511, so he goes wild and wins $25,644 in cash and prizes!

WWTBAM: Movie Week continues with Becky Nawrot. For $4,000:

After she watches a scene from "The Insider", Christopher Plummer portrayed what TV newsman?

A: Morley Safer
B: Mike Wallace
C: Bob Simon
D: Dan Rather

She polls the audience, and 77% say Wallace. She agrees and is right. BTW, with or without any money, all contestants will receive 1 year's worth of service from Netflix. Next, for $8,000:

In the 1995 children's movie "Jumanji", whai is Jumanji?

A: Elephant
B: Comic Book
C: Witch Doctor
D: Board Game

The 50:50 is used, leaving B and D. She says D for $8,000. For $25,000:

What was the first James Bond film to have 007 ordering a martini "shaken, not stirred"?

A: "Diamonds Are Forever"
B: "Goldfinger"
C: "From Russia With Love"
D: "Thunderball"

Nawrot phones her sister, Katherine, who is not sure on A. She quits. Actually, the movie was "Goldfinger".

Next is Jeff Jones. During the first five questions, he gets some laughs on the questions because he wants some stuff "quoted". OK. He gets to $2,000 before he has to wait until tomorrow to continue.

WOF: Tonight, we have Matt Romeback, Stephanie Wilson and Kristina Cordina. The only man on the panel tonight gets both Toss-Ups for $3,000, and he starts Round 1, and the category there is Thing, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! After Wilson calls the C, we have...

E _ T E _ S _ _ E

R _ _ _

S E R _ _ C E

_ E _ _

The only word I don't know is the last one. She calls the I, and calls the V's for the Sherri's Berries gift certificate. But she hits Lose a Turn. Cordina calls two M's for $600, and an M is the first letter of the important last word. She calls two N's for $5,000, and solves EXTENSIVE ROOM SERVICE MENU for $5,600 and a trip to Austria, for a total of $10,100.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. After the man calls two N's for a grand, we have...

N _ T

_ _ _ T

_ N _ T _ E R

P R E T T _

_ _ _ E

I know this. But he hits Bankrupt. Wilson calls the H for $3,500, then the H for $900, and solves NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE for her first $4,400!

Mystery Round this week has a special prize- a Nissan Versa worth $13,924! Category is Before and After. After the man calls the R's, we have...

_ R.

_ _ T _ T _

_ E _ _

_ _ E R

_ E E _ _

I know this. He then hits a Mystery Wedge and calls an M, and flips....CAR! He then calls three O's. But he gets the Bankrupt again. Cordina says MR. POTATO HEAD OVER HEELS first for $2,550, $12,650 total.

Wilson solves VEGETABLE GARDEN to go to $7,400. The Speed-Up Round category is Landmark, and consonants are worth $1,300. After Wilson calls the S's, we have...

T H _

R _ _ _ N

_ _ L _ S S _ _ _

..and she solves THE ROMAN COLOSSEUM, but falls $50 shy of the match win with $12,600.
Cordina wins with $12,650.

One of the cars this week is a VW Eos. She spins the S in CASH. Category is Person. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ E _

_ _ N

I think it's something FAN. Cordina calls M, C, H and O and gets...

H O C _ E _

_ _ N

I say HOCKEY FAN....and so does she! She wins a Saab 9-7X SUV worth $40,315, and she takes home $52,965 in cash and stuff!