Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Chain Reaction of March

This is the last episode of the month for this show.

Girls: Bridget, Jenn and Angela (Rutgers friends)
Guys: John, Mike and Dan (video game buffs)

$100 chain:


Guys won the toss. John starts with the last word before LICENSE, which starts with H, but he draws a blank. The second letter is U (HU.....) and Bridget says HUG (!?!?!?)....that's my kind of license for attractive women, but it doesn't exist and is incorrect. The third letter is N
(H U N _ _ _ _ ) and Mike says HUNTING to get the guys on the board first! Dan goes up to the fifth word, which starts with J (J _ _) and he says JUMP (!?!?!?).....dude, it's JOB. Jenn steals that to tie it up. Angela heads up to the middle word, which starts with D (D _ _), but she runs out of time. The second letter is A (D A _) and John says DAY to give the guys the lead back.
Mike gets the third word, which starts with G, and he says GOOD....bad. The second letter is
A (GA....), but Bridget has nothing. The third letter is M (G A M _) and Dan says GAME to take the guys to $300. The first word after NEVER starts with M, and John says MAME...not the worst guess, but not right, either. The second letter is I (M I _ _) and Jenn says MIND to give the girls $200 and a chance to tie it up with this Speed Chain:

2. C
3. C

They slam dunk this one with CHRISTMAS CAROL to tie the game at $300 apiece! Next chain:


Angela goes with the second word, which starts with S (S _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and she says SANDWICH to give the ladies the lead with $500! The third word starts with B, and Bridget says BREAD....but that's not it. The second letter is A (B A _) and Mike says BAKE at the buzzer....never heard of a sandwich bake, and that's bologna. The next letter is the last one in that word, and Jenn says BAG to give the ladies $700! The middle word starts with B, and Angela says BABY at the that a lot, because it's a very dumb guess. The second letter there is O (B O _) and Dan says BOY....get this next one right, boys, you tie the game again at $700 this time. The fifth word starts with W (W _ _ _ _ _) and John says WORD (!?!?!?)...NO FREAKIN' WAY. The second letter is O (W O _ _ _ _), but Bridget has a blank on her mind. The third letter is N (W O N _ _ _) and Mike says WONDER to tie the game! The last word before WINNER starts with B, and Dan says BREAD to win the chain and give the guys the lead with $900....yes! To go to four figures....

2. H
3. C
4. PIE

They say HAND CREAM to go to $1,100! The chain worth $300 for each right answer starts as follows:


Jenn starts with the word after UNIVERSAL, and it starts with R. She says REMOTE...$1,000 is theirs! If they get the next one right, they will have the lead back. Angela goes next door, and the third word starts with A. She says AREA...nope. John decides to save that word for later and go to the sixth word, and it starts with S. He says SWITCH...the guys are back to a $400 lead!
Mike heads back to the third word, and the second letter is C (A C _ _ _ _). He says ACCELERATOR (!?!?!?)...ABSOLUTELY NOT. The thrd letter is C (A C C _ _ _) and Bridget says ACCESS...right for $1,300! The middle starts with R, and Jenn says nothing. The second letter is O (R O _ _) and Dan says ROAD....the guys now have $1,700! The fifth word starts with K, and John says KICK...sorry. Angela gets the second letter of I (KI....) and she says KING...kinda leaning towards that myself, but it's wrong. The third letter is L (K I L _) and Mike says KILL....$2,000 for the men! To go to $2,300:

2. H
3. R

They says HOUSE REAL....this was too hard for them. It was HELL RAISING.

Betting Chain:


Bridget gets the second word, and it starts with R. For $100, she says REGULARLY....goodbye, $100. The second letter is O (RO.....), and Dan says ROCK for $100....they lose $100 too. The third letter is U (ROU....) and Jenn says ROUTINE for $300....the ladies now have $1,500!
They trail now by $400. The third word starts with P, and Angela says PRACTICE for $100....sorry. The second letter is H (PH....) and John bets $100 the word is PHASE (?!?!?)....ABSOLUTELY BOGUS. The third letter is Y (P H Y _ _ _ _ _) and Bridget says PHYSICAL...the men's lead has been cut in half! The middle word starts with E, and Jenn says EDUCATION for $200 and a tie....the males' lead is back to $400 now, because that's wrong.
The second letter is V, and for $100....nothing from Mike. The third letter is I (EVI.....)
and Angela says EVIDENCE for $100....right! The fifth word starts with R, and Bridget says RESEARCH for $ Dan saves that for later and goes to the word before CRUNCHER, which starts with N. He says NUMBER....right! They are leading by just $400, so the game is not over yet. The fifth word's second letter is O (RO.....) and John says ROOM for $100. If he's wrong, the girls will have a chance to force a's right and the guys win their $1,900!

Instant Reaction: Mike is the answerer. The men get glasses and rain no problem, then pass immediately on Anna Kournikova. They get candle no sweat, but stumble on marathon and candle. They get finger, and think they've won when Mike says bear, but they form an illegal question. But they still get the $5,000 with computer with 19 seconds left, and they take home $6,900! Much better week for the show after a dreadful last week.

Bullrun 3/27

The first checkpoint is somewhere in Redding, CA.

The F-150 and Firebird teams are forming some sort of an alliance.

The Lamborghini team, who are going their own way, ran over a HUGE raccoon, damaging most of the front of the car. The car had previously had problems with its clutch on the last show,
and Jeff says there has been about $60,000 worth of damage to the car.

Here are the checkpoint standings:

1. Lotus (5:38:47)
2. Trans Am (5:47:45)
3. Mustang (5:51:05)
4. F-150 (6:01:12)
5. BMW (6:05:50)
6. Honda (6:49:05)
7. Charger (6:56:10)
8. Chevy (6:59:25)
9. Lamborghini (7:04:32)
10. Oldsmobile (7:04:35)

The Lotus team decides to pit the F-150 team against the Lamborghini team. The Alsops, drivers of the Trans Am, decide to pit the Chevy against the last place team at this point, the Oldsmobile.

The challenge this time is called Smash and Weave. Teams must take out white lighted targets in the proper order. On the way to the finish line, they must crash through the blue targets, and their car must be stopped within the colored box, or a penalty will be assessed. On this challenge, teams are given the option of whether or not they want the spike rods on their cars.
The Lamborghini team decides not to use the spikes. BTW, any missed targets will result in a five second penalty for each. The Lamborghini's base time was 51.4, and with one five-second penalty for missing a target, their final time is 56.4. The truck's base time was 51.2. If they missed one target or less, they penalties, so they stay in fourth place! The Lamborghini is really in trouble now.

The Chevy and the Olsmobile are next. The Chevy team doesn't use the spikes. They move VERY slow. Their base time was 1:32, and there were no penalties. The Oldsmobile team had a base time of 46.7. Unfortunately, they failed to go around the barrel properly on their way to crashing through the blue targets, so they are given a 1:00 penalty, meaning they automatically lose. With the other penalty for a missed target, their final time was 1:51.7.

Incidentally, these two challenge wins mark the first two times that the higher-seeded team won their challenges.

The finish line is Vallejo, CA. The Ford autombiles use the highway. But the Mustang team is having problems with their engine. It appears their push rod broke, but the Alsops help them out with verbal help from their cell phone while they are still driving. But it doesn't help them much, so their car is put on a wrecker in a last-ditch attempt to fix the Mustang.

At the end, the Lotus team became the new leaders. The Alsops finish second and the F-150 team (winners of the previous two stages) are third.

Even without a time bonus, the Oldsmobile team moved up from last place at the checkpoint to eighth place.

The Chevy and Mustang teams are left.....

...and thanks to the pipe problem, the Mustang team must ride into the sunset.

America's Next Top Model 3/28

Dionne admits early on in the show that the outfit she showed off to the judges last week was ugly.

On this episode, the ladies were intentionally dressed in ugly attire. For the next several minutes, the ladies were ordered to switch some parts of their ugly attire to other ladies.
Dionne thought her clothes need to follow the "Keep It Simple, Stupid" rule.

For the first challenge of the day, the ladies are ordered to get provided clothes and materials from Sears. Then, they must be in a designated position where they must do a pose. If any lady fails to do all of this within the time limit, they are DQed from the challenge. The ladies were divided into three groups- Spring Monarchs (including Sarah and Dionne), Flotes (including Brittany and Jaslene) and Aphrodity's Box (entire group is Jael, Whitney and Natasha). It was said Aphrodity's Box had the best looks. BUT, because Whitney was not properly on the podium in time, the entire group is DQed. The Spring Monarchs were declared the winners, and Sarah was declared the individual winner of the challenge (Whitney would have been the solo winner had her group not been DQed). This was a big win for Sarah- because she won, she will be the only lady this episode to do her next photo shoot TWICE.
After her first photo shoot, Jay will tell her which shots work and which ones don't, and she can re-shoot any shots that are not likeable.

The photo shoot this episode is rather unique- the ladies have to wear MALE clothes, while the malee that accompanies each girl must wear the FEMALE clothes in the shot.

Jaslene does "Nautical Couple". I loved the male there, but I don't like Jaslene's look.

Brittany did the "Outdoor Couple". It was OK.

Renee did the "Glam Rock Couple". I loved that shot!

Jael did the "Bohemian Couple". Without some extra stuff on her face, the man in that shot was just average.

Dionne did the "Power Couple". It was too serious, and lacked physical interactions.
Also, she looked lost.

Sarah is next. Remember, she will get to shoot twice. She does the "Rocker Couple". She was decent to me, but Jay thought most of her first shots were "posey". On the re-shoot, Jay thought her shots were much better and the last challenge win may have saved her.

Whitney did the "Collegiate Couple". This did not look good, as it lacked physical interaction between the two people. Jay also said she looked awkward in most of her shots.

Natasha did the "Hip-Hop Couple". I thought these shots were the best of the bunch!

Diana did the "Red Couple Couple" shots last. They looked great! However, Jay thought she totally lacked expression in her shots, and when she was told the news, she got upset.

As for the elimination, I say it's a toss-up between Dionne and Whitney. But since Whitney caused her group to be DQed in the challenge, I think she's done. But given what happened late, Diana is also in danger. The actual lady eliminated is........

....Diana. It was her show to lose, and she totally blew it on the photo shoot. Whitney got very lucky.

Note about Friday's TPIR

According to a man named Tim on the Game Show Forum, Elise, who was on "The Price is Right" yesterday, was a big winner on "Wheel of Fortune" last season.

"Identity" and "...5th Grader?" ratings dip again

The first episode of the new run of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" scored a 6.2 Fast Neilsen with an 11 share. That is down from last week's 6.4.

"Identity" set another record low this week with just a 4 Fast Neilsen with a 7 share. Also, it was edged out in viewership by a "House" rerun on FOX.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Note about this Sunday

Sunday, "Amazing Race All Stars" will last two hours. Don't forget.

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for last week of March; March Player of the Month named

First, the big player for this week:

MVP: Doug Hicton ("Jeopardy!")

I really liked this man on the show, from what I saw of him. In two of his three victories, he won at least $30,000. He made a great comeback on his last day. Although he came up short in the end, he finished for now with $86,900, and he should be a big threat in the show's next Tournament of Champions.

Other Big Winners:

Brian Beniek- Finalist ("Three-Card Poker National Championship")
Stan Stava- $107,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Toni Purry- $100,000 ("Identity")
Debra Bassest- $100,000 ("Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?")
Jonathan Algano- $63,250 ("WOF")
Chris Soroche- $54,202 ("WOF")

And now, for my next Player of the Month:

Christina Howard ("Identity")

A Shakespeare teacher from Sacramento, CA, Howard kicked off the show's second season in grand style by becoming the first female to ever win the $500,000 grand prize on the show
(and the second person overall)! What made her win so great was that at one point, she used some stategy by saving her guess for the prison guard lady for last, while she was going for $250,000. Expect to see her appear in the 2007 Salute of Champions at the end of the year.


1st Runner-Up: Antiah Greer ("Deal or No Deal")
2nd Runner-Up: Avis Wrentmore ("Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?")

3/30/2007 Results

TPIR: Elise Seargant first plays Clock Game for $1,000, dumbbells and a pair of sofas. Seargant says the Clock Game is her favorite Pricing Game. The dumbbells are $699. $650 is her first guess...then $675....$680....$725....$710...and goes DOWN by one until she hits $699 to win those. I've never seen anyone go down by one before like her in this game. $998 is the price of the sofas. She starts at $1,000....$900....$950...and soon gets to $999, and goes one down to $998 to win all three prizes! She also said the bids in lightening speed, too!

Jacob Hepbell, a U.S. Marine, then plays for a new IKEA kitchen in a shape I've NEVER seen before, plus copper roaster ovens, in Cliff Hangers. First, we have a solar radio, and he bids
$'s $30. Second, we have a coffee press, and he says $'s $37. He must get the cereal dispenser within $17 to win. He bids $ $2, he wins! It was $40.

Lesonia Wilder then hits the pool table price on the nose at $1,300 in the third IUFB, winning a $500 bonus! Then, she plays Temptation for a Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Security). First number is 2, and I know the price already. First prize to offer is a piece of artwork, which costs $3,000, and she says 3 as the second digit. Second prize to offer is a food processor marked at $545, and she thinks the third digit in the car is 5. Third prize to offer is roller skates marked at $200, and obviously picks the 2 as the fourth digit. Last is a karoke machine marked at $500, and she thinks the last digit is 0, thus we have a guess of $23,520. She goes on and loses, because it's $23,425.

The first lady to play today gets into the Showcase.

Keith Draw then plays for a piano in Side By Side, and his wife wants to learn to play a piano. It's either $7,995 or $9,579. He says $7,995, and he and his wife have that piano!

Andrew Peterson then plays Grand Game, with a target of $8. Products: Capzasin HP, salsa,
cat litter, Cortaid, Oxi-Clean detergent remover and Coricidin HBP. His mother tries to help him. He picks the salsa, which is $2.69. He picks the cat litter, which is $6.79. He then picks the HBP at the end, which is $5.99, and now has $1,000. He decides to go for the $10,000 with the detergent's $2.99 and he has the $10,000!

Joyce Willis then plays That's Too Much for a Ford Mustang (Std., Theft). First price is $16,890.
Second price is $18,662. Third price is $19,980. She goes all the way to $25,790, which is way too much. The price was $20,320.

The $10,000 winner gets into the Showcase.

Now, if no one breaks the $35,000 mark after this Showcase today, Price will have WIPED OUT for the week for the second time in three weeks. Hopefully, that won't happen. First Showcase has a living room and a hovercraft, and Seargant gets this one and bids $16,389. The man's Showcase features fake books from Sandra McSnob. First we have Harry Blotter, which talks about a man that leaves ink blots all over a new desk. Second, we have Moby Flick, who has a whalw that loves to watch movies on a new TV. Finally, we have Great Expectorations, which features a camel traveling in Egypt. He bids $11,500.

ARP for the lady: $24,824, a difference of $8,435. ARP for the man: $13,833. Good news- he wins and takes home $26,113 in cash and prizes. Bad news- the show still WIPES OUT for the second time in three weeks. Too bad.

WOF: Wrapping up a fine week here, our players tonight are Mina Aurora (in the yellow), Alex Albani (who is a lady) and a Marco (who is Italian). Aurora gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Before and After puzzle. On the wheel now is a trip to Kauai worth $5,366. After she calls two D's for $5,000, we have...

_ _ D D I N G


_ T

T H _

_ _ _ _ _ _

I have a feeling what this is. She calls three E's but the B call is a dud. Algany gets the Bankrupt.
The man calls a $500 W and two U's, and now we have...



_ T


_ U _ E U _

..and he solves WEDDING NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM for $2,200.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Occupation. After calling the A, Algany has this showing....

_ R _ _ E S S _ R

_ _

E _ R _ _ E A _

_ _ S _ _ R _

I know this, and I'm in one of this person's classes. Furthermore, he sounds kinda Irish.
She calls two P's for $900. She lands on $3,500 next and says what I thought was an S call
(which is a no-no, since that's already been called), but it turns out to be an F call instead, and two are up there for another $7,000! She then solves PROFESSOR OF EUROPEAN HISTORY to get on the board in a big way with $11,700 and a trip to Brussels, Belgium! Total:

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Food and Drink. The Italian man early on hits a Mystery Wedge. He calls two S's and flips.....Bankrupt, so the $10,000 is out of play. After calling the O's and D's, Aurora has this showing...

S _ A F O O D


D R _ _ _ _ _ D

W _ T H

T R _ F F _ _

O _ _

I don't know the oil in this dish. She calls three L's to pick up the $1,000 gift certificate from She then calls the I's, and after calling two Z's for $1,600, she solves SEAFOOD PASTA DRIZZLED WITH TRUFFLE OIL for $3,550, the gift certificate and a trip to Hawaii, for a new total for her of $12,916!

The man solves BEAUTY AND THE GEEK to go to $5,200. Next category is Place.
Late in the round, time runs short, so $1,300 is offered for each consonant. Board at this point:

G R E _ T

_ _ R _ I N G

_ _ _ C E

The man calls three A's and now we have...


_ A R _ I N G

_ _ A C E I know, but he doesn't. Aurora calls an S, but says GREAT PARTING SPACE, which is wrong. Albani steals with GREAT PARKING SPACE to win the match with $19,700!

Will we have a 4 for 5 bonus round week for the second time this season? I hope so.
She spins the star, and the category is Thing. Starting with:

N _ _ T _

_ _ E _

Albani calls C, D, H and O and gets...

N _ _ T _

_ D E _

I say NIFTY IDEA. Does she? NO. She doesn't win the Mazda.

Chain Reaction: The teams tonight are...

Girls: Michele, Tara and Kate (investment bank co-workers)
Guys: Kenneth, Jagger and Dale (theatre friends)

First chain:


The guys won the toss, and Kenneth decides to take the last word before SODA. It starts with C, and he runs out of time. The second letter there is R (C R _ _ _) and Michele says CREAM to get the ladies on the board first! Tara decides to head up one to the fifth word, and it starts with
I (I _ _). She says ICE and the ladies score again! Kate goes up to the middle word, which starts with D, and she says DRY....3 for 3! Michele decides to try the second word next, which starts with F, and she says FINE...nope. The second letter is U (F U _ _ _), and he says FUN....not quite. Tara steals with FUNNY. The third word starts with B, but Kate draws a blank. The second letter is O (B O _ _), but Dale also blanks out. The third letter is N (B O N _) and Michele says BONE to sweep the first chain for the ladies! First Speed Chain:

2. O
3. S

This was easy- they say OFFICE SPACE to go to $600! Second chain:

7. BUTT (!!!)

Kenneth starts with the second word, which starts with G. He says GUY....but it's wrong. The second letter is O (G O _ _ _) and Tara steals $200 with GOING! Kate gets the third word, which starts with S, and she agrees with me on SOUTH....but that's wrong. The second letter is
T (ST.....) and Jagger says The third letter is R (STR.....) and Michele says good. The fourth letter is O (S T R O _ _) and Dale says STRONG....guys are on the board! The middle word starts with A, and Ken says ARM....they double their money!
The fifth word starts with C and Jagger says The second letter is A (CA....) and Tara says CAST...wrong. The third letter is N (CAN....) and Dale says CANDY....right again!
If the guys get the last word right, they will tie the game and have a chance to take the lead in the second Speed Chain. The last word starts with C (C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Kenny says CANE....nope. The second letter is I (C I _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Kate says CIGARETTE to keep the girls leading with $1,000. Next Speed Chain:

1. PAW
2. P
3. J

Another easy one- they say PRINT JOB to go to $1,200!

Third chain:


Jagger gets the second word, starting with G, and he says GLASS....sorry. The second letter is
A (GA....), but Michele blanks. The third letter is R (GAR....) and he says GARAGE (?!?!?)...never heard of a beer garage, and that's wrong. The fourth letter is D (G A R D _ _)
and Tara says GARDEN...another $300, and the ladies have $1,500! The third word starts with V (V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Kate says VINE...not too bad, but incorrect. The second letter is
E (V E _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Kenneth says VERANDA (?!?!?)...NO FREAKIN' WAY. The third letter is G (V E G _ _ _ _ _ _) and Michele finally gets VEGETABLE to send the ladies to $1,800. The middle word starts with O (O _ _), but Tara says ORGAN (!?!?!?)...veggies don't have organs, my dear. Jagger steals it for the guys with OIL to give the guys $900.
The fifth word starts with W, but Dale blanks out. The second letter is E (W E _ _) and Kate says WELL to send the ladies over $2,000! The last word before AGENDA starts with
H, and Michele says HAPPY....wrong. The second letter is I (H I _ _ _ _) and Kenneth says HIDE...not quite. The third letter is D (H I D _ _ _) and Tara says HIDDEN to give the ladies $2,400 and a shot at this last Speed Chain:

2. E
3. C

This was a tough one. They say EYE CHANNEL....but the right channel was ENGLISH.

Betting Chain:


Jagger bets $200 of the guys' money on the sixth word. It starts with C, and he says, so they're down to $700. Kate gets the second letter there, which is O
(CO....) but she draws a blank, so the ladies lose $100. Dale decides to skip that and go for the second word, and it starts with M. But he says nothing, so the guys are down to $500. Michele goes back to the sixth word, and the third letter is R (COR....). She says CORRECTED....
right on the money to send the ladies back to $2,400! Tara goes back to the second word, which has a second letter of E (M E _ _ _ _ _ _) and she says MEATLOAF....I've never heard of a turkey meatloaf, but that's right to give the ladies antoher $100! The third word starts with S,
and Kate bets $100 it's SALAD....another oddball dish guess (meatloaf salad), and it's wrong this time. The second letter is U (SU......) and Ken bets $400 of the $500 that it's SUPPER (!?!?!?)....the guys only have $100 in their account now. The third letter is R (SUR.....) and Michele says SYRUP.....YUCKO. The fourth letter is P (S U R P _ _ _ _) and Jagger says SURPRISE to keep the guys around....they are! Dale bets $100 on the fifth word, which starts with W, but he draws a blank. But Kenneth again keeps the guys around with WITNESS two turns later. The girls win with $2,100 to the guys' $200. The fifth word was STAND.

Instant Reaction: Kate is in the hot seat for the girls. She passes on vulture, but gets Grammy.
She gets three more. It all comes down to crumbs....but she ran out of time before she could buzz in on that question, so the ladies go home with $2,500.

Identity: Tonight's player is Toni Purry. The IDs:

Home Designer Guru
Most Downloaded Woman (Gee, I wonder who that may be??)
Rock n' Roll Drummer
Born in Japan
Pro Drag Racer
Stem Cell Researcher

Her first guess is the man at #5 is the home designer guru....and that's Christopher Lowell, winning her the first $1,000 of the show.

Next is the man at #2 as the Rock n' Roll Drummer....that's $5,000.

I would have saved this pick for the $500,000 level, but she decides now to say that #1, Cindy Margolis, is the most downloaded woman, and she now has $10,000.

Purry then says the man at #12 played Chewbacca. For another five large....yes!

She decides to use the Tri-dentity on the Pro Drag Racer. That leaves the lady at #6, the man at #7 and the woman at #11. She then thinks the lady at #6 is the driver....and she is for $25,000!

Next guess is #7 being the magician....he is Lance Burton, and she now has $50,000!

Purry decides to Ask the Experts on the Stem Cell Researcher. Mark does not know anything about stem cell researchers, but thinks #9 is it based on her accent. Stacy and Christopher agree, and Purry agrees....and she now has $75,000!

She then says the man at #4 is an EMT.....she may need one soon, because she now has $100,000!

Purry then thinks the lady at #3 was born in Japan. For $150,000.....NO. The audience and her family members chant, "Take the money!". But she wants to say #11 is the PTA mom. After a long wait for her to decide, she finally gives in and takes the money.

Bad news, however- that last prediction would have been correct. Even worse news- had she gone on to say the lady at #10 was born in Japan, and then said the lady at #3 was 35 years old, she would have been the third $500,000 winner so far. But since I knew she wasn't winning that anyway, it doesn't really matter, and she does have $100,000.

"Survivor: Fiji" 3/29

When Lisi Linares first arrived on the Ravu beach, she decided it was nicer than she thought. Other tribemates thought she was going to quit the game.

At Moto's beach, Yau-Man Chan decides to look for the Immunity Idol, located on the beaches somewhere. He digs through the ground...and finds it! Earl Cole then says he wants to form a team so that if they're in danger at Tribal Council, most notably Cole, Chan would give the Idol to Cole. OK now....

Reward Challenge: On each turn, one person from each tribe will set a club on fire and throw the flames on them, trying to hit one of the team's three targets. The first team to hit and burn all their targets wins a trip to an island arcade the next day, plus get lots of food to eat.

Cole and Dreams Herd are first. Cole falls inches short, but Herd doesn't, giving the first point to Ravu.

Next are Michelle Yi (Moto) and Linares (Ravu). Both miss.

Next are Chan (Moto) and Edgardo Rivera (Ravu). Rivera is way off, but Chan hits the target, tying the game.

Next are Boo Bernis (Moto) and Mookie Lee (Ravu). Bernis just misses, while Lee barely hits his target, giving Ravu a 2-1 lead! One target away from winning their first challenge ever.

Next are Cassandra Franklin (Moto) and Alex Angarita (Ravu). Angarita is way off, while Franklin is just short.

Next are Rocky Reid (Ravu) and Stacy Kimball (Moto). Both fall just short.

Back to the people who went first this challenge. Cole misses....but Herd doesn't, SO RAVU WINS THEIR FIRST CHALLENGE!! They send Cole to Exile Island because he's been there several times.

Immunity Challenge: One person from each team is designated the caller, while the rest of the tribes are blindfolded. The caller will lead the remainder of the team, one person at a time, to a field with five skulls hanging. Each blindfolded person must cut down a skull, thus releasing some tiles, and then must deposit them on the team's puzzleboard. Once a team has all their tiles, they must unscramble the letters on the titles to form a two-word phrase. The first team to solve the puzzle wins immunity. Teams can change a caller if they need to.

Yi is designated the Moto caller, while Linares is the Ravu caller. Kimball and Angarita are first, and Kimball smashes the first skeleton for Moto. Angarita is really having trouble. Franklin is next for Moto, while Angarita finally gets the puzzle pieces. Ravu decides to name Angarita the caller, and send Linares to the blindfolded stage. In the meantime, Rivera is next for Ravu. Franklin has no trouble on the second batch of puzzle pieces. Rivera also gets the second puzzle bag. Cole and Herd are next for their teams. Cole gets the third puzzle bag first, and Bernis is next for Moto. Reid is next for Ravu. After a few misses, Bernis still beats Reid to the punch on the fourth bag. Chan and Lee will be the last blindfolded people. Yi, while cheering on her tribe, falls from her stand on the ground! But she is OK. Chan is having trouble, so Yi decides to let Bernis be the caller. Chan gets the last bag first. While Moto works on the puzzle, Ravu is way behind, as Lee hasn't even gotten his puzzle bag! He also ran into the walls a few times prior to getting into the last bag. Moto gets CANNIBAL ISLES very quickly to remain undefeated in Immunity Challenges! I think Angarita and Lee are in the most danger of losing.

First vote goes to Linares.
Second vote also goes to her.
Third vote goes to Rocky.
Fourth vote also goes to him, so we're tied. It will come down to the last vote.
Fifth vote goes to him.....

...and he gets the last vote, so he's done. Linares is safe, for now.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Donny Osmond's ABC show is history

"The Great American Dream Vote", which starred Donny Osmond and had Burton Richardson (!!) as announcer, was cancelled by ABC after just two shows due to very low ratings.

Source: Buzzerblog,

3/29/2007- Possible 5th Grader Millionaire?

TPIR: Pamela Harris-Hawthorne starts us off today. She is from Detroit, Michigan. Given that's the big car-making city, I would have loved her to play Triple Play, but she instead plays Pushover for a big TV. Board:


I think it's $4,298. But she says $9,805 instead, and I'm right.

Patsy Moorehart, who is wearing a red hat with a purple feather on top, hits the weather station price on the nose at $760, winning a $500 bonus! She then plays More or Less for amongst other stuff, a Ford Focus (Std., AC). First, the washer and dryer. It's marked at $700, and she says more, and it's $918! Next is a dinette marked at $850, and she says more, and it's $1,195!
Next are some golf clubs marked at $2,000, and she says less....but they're $2,308. Darn.

Alexander Prospery then plays Switch? for a motorcycle marked at $3,149 and an arcade game marked at $4,295. He switches....and loses.

The Detroit lady gets into the Showcase.

Kevin Cupser then plays It's In the Bag. Products today are Stress-Eez, cat food, skin cream, pasta sauce, mouthwash and Starburst. He knows the candy is 55 cents. For the $11.99 product, he says it's the Stress-Eez. For the $1.99 product, he says the sauce. For the $6.99 product, he says the moouthwash. For the $4.69 product, he says the cat food. The first one is right. The second one is right, and so is the third one. He decides to quit at $4,000. Good thing- the cat food and the mouthwash were switched!

Lindsey Barker (!) then plays Money Game for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Pref., Pedals, Heater, Prots).
Middle number is 6, and the numbers available are 50, 35, 20, 95, 18, 42, 80, 77 and 19.
She picks 18 and 19 for $37. She then picks 20, the front of the car ($ 2 0, 6 _ _). She picks 35, which is worth more money. She then says 42....she wins the car ($ 2 0, 6 4 2) and $72! First official winner today!

Amanda Ellis then plays Poker Game for a ship, luggage, a mini home gym and cutlery. She picks the luggage first, which is $970. She picks the gym, which is $610. That gives her a nasty poker hand of two 0s, plus a 9, a 6 and a 7. Needless to say, she passes. The ship is $799 and the cutlery is $899, so she wins with four nines!

SSD2: The poker lady spins 65 cents and stops. The man spins 90 cents and stops. The big winner this half spins 60....and goes over, so the man is in the Showcase.

First Showcase has Gwendolyn uncovering prizes while she uncovers snow. First, she finds a pineapple, meaning a trip to Hawaii. Second, she finds a swimsuit, which means a new spa.
Finally, she uncovers a tire, which belongs to a Ford Ranger (Std., Wheels, AC)! The man bids
$27,000. The poker lady sees prizes from the Train Depot, which features a daybed, a guitar and a waverunner. She bids $20,000.

The man's ARP: $25,646, so she's over. The lady's ARP: $20,787, so she spares us from a Double Overbid and wins $22,075 in prizes.

But our big winner today is the female Barker, who won $23,024 in cash and prizes!

WOF: Tonight, we have Jaime Owens, David Scott and Katy Smith. Owens gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start an Around the House puzzle. Out on the wheel now is an Alan Jackson/Geroge Strait prize package, including a trip to Vegas to see one of Strait's performances, worth $5,490. After Smith calls the D's, we have...

S _ R R _ _ N D- S _ _ N D

S _ _ _ _ _ R S

She picks up the Free Spin with a P, and solves SURROUND-SOUND SPEAKERS for $1,800.

Jackpot Round category is Headline, and it's a big puzzle. After she calls the L, but shortly after a big loss, including the country music prize package, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ N

_ _ N N I N G

N _ _ _ _


_ _

S _ _ _ R

_ _ _ L

She calls the F for $300, and buys the E's and O's. Next is a $550 T, and she cleans out the vowels. She calls a $900 D, and after calling the P's, she solves PEYTON MANNING NAMED M.V.P. OF SUPER BOWL for $3,300, taking her to $5,100 and the lead.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. After Owens calls the L's, we have...

L _ T

_ _ _ R

_ _ _ _ _ N _ T _ _ N

R _ N

_ _ L _

...and she solves LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD early for $1,200 and a trip to Iceland, so she takes the lead with $12,900!

The man gets on the board with NATURE WALK for $3,000, and will start an Occupation puzzle. He gets the Wild Card right off the bat with am S call. After calling a G, we have...

S _ R _ _ _ _ R _ _

_ N G _ N _ _ R

I know it's some ENGINEER. He then calls two T's for $600, and calls an L for another $600.
After the E's are in, he solves STRUCTURAL ENGINEER for $5,300, and goes to $8,300!
Next is a Fun and Games puzzle. After Smith calls the A's, we have...

_ A T E R

_ A _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ T

She gets the $600 W, and after filling in two L's, she solves WATER BALLOON FIGHT to go to $7,100, and this match gets even tighter. Speed-Up Round category is Rhyme Time, and consonants are worth $1,800. After Owens calls the T's, we have...

_ _ S T- S _ _

T _

...she can't solve. The man's call of L is a dud. Smith calls the M and solves MUST-SEE TV to finish with $8,900, but Owens is our champion with $12,900.

She spins the S in BONUS, and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ E T _ _ _ _

Owens calls C, H, M and O and gets...

_ O C _ E T _ O O _

...and when she says POCKETBOOK, the producers will write up a $25,000 check from their own one, and she takes home $37,900 in cash and trip!

"....5th Grader?": This could be the big moment here. At the big podium now is Pat Germano.
He is a tad hyper. His first partner is Kyle. Categories:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Science
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Measurements
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Phy. Science

First pick is 3rd Grade Science:

The lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere is __________.

A: Mesosphere
B: Thermosphere
C: Troposphere

On the big screen, the show misspelled the last choice! He decides to copy Kyle's answer, which is B.....BUT IT'S C!!!!!! After all that buildup, this is the history-making moment?!?!? Darn.
He is the first person to win no money on this show. Tough luck!

Debra Bassest is next. Jacob is her first partner. New categories:

1st Grade Grammar
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade U.S. History
4th Grade U.S. Geography
5th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade Health

She picks 4th Grade U.S. Geography:

What is the southernmost U.S. state?

She wanted to say Florida, but she says Hawaii....$1,000. Next up is 3rd Grade World Geography:

What is the world's longest river?

She says the Nile. It's either the Nile or the Amazon....and it is the Nile. New partner is Laura, and the next category pick is 2nd Grade Measurements:

How many feet are in a mile?

She says 5,280 feet....right on the money for $5,000! Next category is 5th Grade Astronomy:

The planet Mars has how many moons?

She says zero....and it's worth zero, because she's wrong. It was two. But did Laura have it......
yes! She doubles to $10,000, and she chooses Spencer. Next category is 1st Grade Animal Science:

True or False: The Koala is a marsupial.

She says true, and with the save gone.....

...she's right, and can't leave with less than $25,000! She'll try to double that on 1st Grade Grammar:

How many proper nouns are in the following sentence:

"In Oklahoma, Oprah met our ostrich Ozzy."

She decides to peek at Spencer's answer- 3. She decides to go with it....$50,000! She decides to go with Alana. The copy is still left, but we know what happened with it the last time.
New category is 3rd Grade Math:

How many of the interior angles in a scalene triangle have the same number of degrees?

She says Math is not her thing. She wants to stop, but she forgets about the copy. She decides to change her mind and copy Alana's answer. It was 0, but the other classmates disagree.
The answer.... zero- $100,000!

Next category is 4th Grade U.S. History:

What is the most common first name among U.S. Presidents?

She was so indecisive. She wanted to say John. A time limit was enforced after a while- 30 seconds, to be exact. She decides to walk. She was also leaning towards James, but her final guess would have been was the other one. I would have said George. In any event, she did the right thing in taking home the 100 grand!

Chain Reaction: Our player lineup:

Girls: Emily, Isley and Danella
Guys: Edward, Stephen and Michael (poker guys)

First chain:


The guys won the toss. Edward starts with the second word, and it starts with W. Guess is Emily gets the second letter of I (WI....) and says WIDTH....UH, NO. The third letter is S and Stephen says WISE....$100 for the guys! Michael goes next door, and the third word starts with C. He says CASE, but is wrong. The second letter is R (C R _ _ _) and Isley says CRACK, my guess...right on to tie! The middle word starts with P (so it's not JOKE as I originally thought, after CRACK), and Danella says....well, I don't know what she said, but I know it's wrong. The second letter is O (PO.....) and he says POT....$200 for them! The fifth word starts with L, and Stephen says LOCK (!?!?!?) instead of the right one, LUCK. Emily steals this one to tie the game back up at $200. The last word before THERE starts with O, and Isley think it's OVER to give them the lead....this round is not over. The second letter is U (O U _), and Mike says OUT to give them $300 and a shot at this Speed Chain:

2. A
3. P

They say APPLE PIE....PIE is right, but the other word is AMERICAN.


1. CRY

Danelle starts with the second word, which starts with B, and says BABY to take the lead with $400. Emily gets the third word, which starts with S (S _ _) and says SOFT (?!?!?) brother annoys me with that phrase all the time, and mercifully is incorrect. The second letter is I (S I _) and he says SITTER, but is wrong. Isley says SID (!?!?!?)- NO FREAKIN' WAY. Stephen steals with SIT to give the guys $500. The middle word also starts with S, and Mike says STILL...also right! The fifth word starts with B, and Edward says BORN....nope. The second letter is R (BR.....) and Danella says The third letter is E
(B R E _ _ _ _ _) and Stephen says BREAD (!?!?!?).....a silly other way to say stale bread, that is so wrong. The fourth letter is A (B R E A _ _ _ _ _) and Emily says in another way to say bad breath, that's also a total dud. The fifth letter is T (B R E A T _ _ _ _) and says BREATHING....right! The last word starts with S (S _ _ _ _ ), but Edward draws a blank.
When the A is added later, Stephen gets space to give them their fourth $200 payout in a row!
Will they make it five in a row with this Speed Chain?

2. L
3. D

They say LITTLE DEBBIE....another $200! $1,000 for this round for the guys, giving them $1,300 and the lead!



Danelle gets the second word, starting with P, and she says PITCH....that's a $300 home run!
Girls have $700 now. The third word starts with B, and Emily says BALL....that's a strike this time. The second letter is L (B L _ _ _) and Mike says BLACK to give the guys $1,600.
The middle word starts with L, and Edward says LIGHT....never heard of one, and that's wrong.
Second letter is E, and Isley says LEATHER...$1,000 for them now! Fifth word starts with B, and Danella says BELTS...wrong. Second letter is O (BO.....) and Stephen says BOAT (?!?!?).....
ABSOLUTE STINKER. Third letter is O (B O O _ ) and Emily says correct answer away in this round from the ladies tying the game! The last word before DIRECTOR starts with C (C _ _ _) and Isley says CUT....oh no. But when we get to Danella, she says CAMP to tie the game at $1,600! For the lead and $1,900:

2. L
3. T

This was a tough one, which they don't get. It was LAUGH TRACK.

BTW, during the interview segment, Isley has a crush on host Dylan Lane. OK, I wonder what will happen if the ladies win.

Betting Chain:


Since the game's tied, the guys go first since they won the starting coin toss. Edward bets $100 on the second word, which starts with L. He says LIVING....and the guys have the lead back!
Stephen goes next door, and the third word starts with P. For $100, he says's tied again. The second letter is R (PR.....) and Emily says PRACTICE....the girls lose $100 and fall out of the lead. The third letter is O (P R O _ _) and Mike says PROOF....right and the guys now have a $200 lead with $1,700! Middle word starts with P (P _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Stephen says PURCHASE....not the worst guess in the world, but it's wrong, and the guys only have a $100 lead now. Second letter is O (P O _ _ _ _ _ _) and Isley says POLL (!??!?)....yucko- they lose $100 too, so the guys are back to a $200 lead. After a while, Stephen, while the guys have $1,500 at the moment, says POSITIVE while betting $500, giving them $2,000 to the ladies' $1,300! The guys go on to win, $2,200 to $1,200. The last two words were SPIN and DOCTOR.
As a result, Isley's date with the host is off- for now.

Instant Reaction: Edward's in the hot seat. The team flubs on polar bear. Edward gets soup. They struggle from there and finish with $200 this round, giving them a final total of $800 apiece, or $2,400.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ryan got in on the hair act!!!!

At the beginning of tonight's "American Idol" results show, when Ryan Secrest came out, he was wearing a bizzare hairstyle!!!!

American Idol Elimination #3

In the bottom three this week: Phil Stacey, Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh. Phil Stacey was sent to safety.


....CHRIS SLIGH. The judges and my family got their way.

Tuesday ratings

The lastest "American Idol" performance show, this one with Gwen Stefani, did a 15.6 Fast Neilsen with a 25 share, down from last week's such show.

The first "Dancing with the Stars" results show did a 11.4 with a 17 share.


3/28/2007 Results

TPIR: After the first two on Contestant's Row bid over $9,000 on the first Item Up for Bids, a motorcycle, Clarence Gabriel is first to play Half Off. First pair of small items are a coffee maker marked at $67 and an ATM bank marked at $15. He thinks the bank is $ is! Next are a shaving system marked at $55 and an electronic chess game marked at $80. He wisely says the shaving system is $110. Finally, we have an ice cream globe marked at $29 and a CD clock/radio marked at $39. He says the clock/radio is $78, and it is! He wins all the small prizes, and has a 50:50 shot at $10,000! Boxes left: #1 and #16. He says sweet #16....he's won it all!

Rebecca Bomberger then plays Pocket Change for a Ford Fusion (Std., ALB, Heater). First number is 1, and the remaining digits are 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8. For the second number, she first says 6, which is wrong. She says 8, which is right. For the third number, she first says 2, but is wrong. She is also wrong with the 5 before saying 6, which is right. She gets the last two numbers of 2 and 5 to fill out the price at $18,625, and the car sells for $1 today. She gets a quarter from the first envelope, meaning she now has 50 cents. Second envelope has a dime. Third envelope has another quarter. She must have at least another quarter in the last envelope to win....she has 50 cents in the last one, and wins the car!

Kelly Hancock is third to play Flip Flop for a bed. Board:


She does the obvious flop to $2,909....and we have a perfect first half!

SSD1: The last winner this half spins 90 cents! The only male winner this half spins 80....
and busts. The car winner spins 30....and is over, so Hancock is in the Showcase.

Sandra Carr then plays Most Expensive for power tools, a home gym and a sofa. She thinks the gym is the most expensive. The tools are $1,140. The sofa is $1,801....and the gym is $2,899!
Are we going to have a perfect show for the second week in a row?

Ryan Frank then faints for a second after learning he's playing Dice Game for a Chevy Aveo
(Std., AT, ALB, Theft, Heater). First number is 1. He rolls a 4 for the second number, which is not it, but he says higher and is right. It's 5. He rolls a 3, which is not it, and says lower....he's done. ARP: $15,415.

Before the last IUFB, a big lady has a Bob Barker tattoo on her arm! Reminds me of that man the other day. Bob even autographs her arm as a bonus! Then, after Matthew Quinlin wins there, he tries to make up for the Dice Game loss by trying to win a Chevy Cobalt
worth $13,590 in Grocery Game. Products are Aspercreme, Ziploc bags, soup, Hot Pockets and
the big cat litter jug. He buys one cat litter jug, which is $6.79. He then buys one Aspercreme, which is $8.95, giving him $15.74. He then buys two Hot Pockets, each one of which is $2.49,
giving him $20.72 and the car!

The only loser this half gets into the Showcase. BTW, her grandmother, as his shirt says, is her biggest fan.

First showcase has a dining room, an ice wagon and a trip to Fiji. The sole loser bids 15 large.
The lady has prizes with doors. First, we have a collection of music from The Doors and a new steroe system. Second, there are doors on a new refrigerator with a mini TV. Finally, there are two doors on a Chevy Monte Carlo (Std., Mats)! She bids $26,500.

The man's ARP: $24,354, a difference of $9,354. ARP for the lady: $25,625, meaning everyone on stage has won today, and the man wins $25,703 in prizes! The lady leaves with $3,758.

WOF: Our players tonight are Cody Schwett (in the blue from the military forces), Chris Soroche (who is a female) and Nancy Witherphel. The military guy gets the first two Toss-Ups
for $3,000, and will start an Event puzzle, which is tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a trip to Curacao worth $5,800.

After Soroche calls the O, we have...

_ _ _ _ N _

S N O _

_ N _ _ _ S

She then calls two G's for the Wild Card. She then calls two A's, and now we have...

_ A _ _ N G

S N O _

A N G _ _ S

...and she solves MAKING SNOW ANGELS for $2,200 and a trip to Canada, giving her $7,252.

Jackpot Round category is On the Map. After the man calls the R, we have...

R _ _ I _

_ I T _

_ _ _ T H

_ _ _ _ T _

But he can't pick up the trip, because he calls a dud. The first lady gets an S for $3,500, and calls the I's. She then uses the Wild Card and calls two D's for another $7,000, and now we have...

R _ _ I D

_ I T _

S O _ T H

D _ _ O T _

..she calls three A's, and solves RAPID CITY SOUTH DAKOTA for $11,500, and now has $18,752!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Phrase. After the same lady calls the E's, we have...

_ _ _ E

_ _ _ _ A R _ N _

A _ _ _ E _


_ R A N _ E _

I know it's something APPLES AND ORANGES. She calls a C for $600 and calls two I's and O's. She calls two G's, and then two S's, and now we have...

_ I _ E

C O _ _ A R I N G

A _ _ _ E S



...and she solves LIKE COMPARING APPLES AND ORANGES (this was HARD) for $5,250 and now has $24,002!

She then solves COPPER PIPES to go to $27,002. Next category is Song Title. After she calls the A's, we have...


_ A _

_ E _

_ T A N _ _ N _

T _ E _ E

She calls the G, and solves I SAW HER STANDING THERE to go to $29,202. Next are Things.
After the man calls the I's, we have...

_ N _ _ _ _ _ _

I N _ I T _ T I _ N S

But he hits Lose a Turn, and we go to Speed-Up mode with $1,350 for each consonant. After the lady in the middle calls two V's, we now have...

_ N _ _ _ V _ _

I N V I T _ T I _ N S solve. But after the man tries, she knows the puzzle and after the first lady misses, she calls a G and solves ENGRAVED RESERVATIONS to finally win money with $4,050! But we know who our champion is.

She spins the C and the category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ R _ E _

_ _ _ S

She calls B, D, M and I and gets...


_ I _ S

I thought it was FRIED something, but it didn't turn out that way. She says DRIED FIGS (which my brother guessed, but not me) for $25,000 and $54,202 total!

Jeopardy!: Doug Hicton is on a roll, now with $84,900 for three games. He faces Brandan Pimper and Samantha Ross this game. It's tight early on, as Pimper has $2,400 as the leader. The lady has $2,200 and the champ has $1,800. Shortly after break, Hicton finds the Daily Double in the middle of State Trees, and he's tied with the lady for second with $2,200. He bets

Pennsylvania's tree is The Eatern _________. Run, Socrates! Run!

"What is Hemloch?"...he has the lead with $4,400! He builds on his lead to as far as $6,400, but Pimper gets on a roll late and ends the round in the lead with seven grand. Hicton has $6,400 and the lady has $3,800.

Jeff Probst read the clues in the category of Fiji, and his first name is also a category in DJ!.
Pimper continues his roll at the start of the round. The first clue in Jeff had Foxworthy, the host of "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?", as the right response! The champ doesn't get a clue right for most of the round. The lady finds the first Daily Double in Fiji, and gets it right for half of the $6,000 she had up til' then, and she now has $9,000. The champ gets back in it by getting some clues in Now Name the Other. Pimper gets the $2,000 clue wrong in that same category.
The champ continues his roll, and finds the other Daily Double in The Wild and Wooly 1800s.
With $15,600 to Pimper's $20,200, he bets $5,400:

France got this territory back in 1800 & turned around & sold it to the U.S. a few years later.

"What is Louisana?"....famous as the Louisana Purchase, that is right and he has the lead at $21,000! He misses the $400 clue to end the round, but he still leads with $20,600. The other man has $20,200. Since the men are so close to each other, the lady is still in it with 7 large.

FJ! category: Literary Figures.

Bono, Jim Sheridan and Liam Neeson were featured in a 2004 documentary honoring the 150th anniversary of the birth of this man.

The lady has "Who is Wilde?" in Oscar Wilde, that is right! She bet it all, giving her $14,000.
Pimper has Twain....AND LOST IT ALL!!! The champ has....

....George Bernard Shaw, meaning he loses the championship by blowing everything but $799! Darn. But he still leaves with $86,900. The lady is back with us tomorrow.

Chain Reaction: Players tonight are:

Girls: Isley, Susie and Sarah
Guys: Dev, Dave and Bill

First chain:


Starting with two rhyming words, eh? Guys won the toss, and Dev takes the second word. It starts with F (F _ _ _) and he says FEUD (?!?!?)....NO FREAKIN' WAY. Isley gets the second letter of A (F A _ _) and she says FAN.....EVEN WORSE GUESS. Dave finally gets the guys on the board first with FAIR. Bill decides to head all the way down to the last word before DATE, which starts with P. He says PLAIR (?!?!?)....never heard of a plair date, and it's wrong. Susie stays there and gets the second letter of L (P L _ _) and says PLAY....both teams now have $100. Sarah goes back up to word three and it starts with G (G _ _ _). She says GAME to get the ladies in the lead! The middle word starts with N (N _ _ _ _) and Isley says NEVER....that will never be right in this situation. The second letter is I (N I _ _ _) and Dev says NIGHT to tie the game back up. The fifth word starts with S and Dave says SHAVE, which is definitely wrong.
Susie gets the second letter of C (S C _ _ _ _) and says PLAY to give the ladies the $300-$200 lead and a shot at the first Speed Chain:

2. T
3. C

We all knew this one, and they do- TREASURE CHEST! $400 now for them. Next chain:

1. YES

Bill starts with the second word, which starts with M and he says MA'AM....I don't think contractions work in this game, and it's wrong anyway. The second letter is A (MA.....)
and she says MAN....but that's wrong. Dev decides to save it for later and goes to the final word before BOWL, and it starts with T. He says TOILET....but it's no good. Isley goes back to the previous word, and the third letter is S (M A S _ _ _). She says MASTER to give the ladies another $200! Susie heads down next door, and that word starts with C. She says
Dave gets the second letter in the sixth word, which is R (TR....) and he says TREAT, but that's not such a sweet guess. Sarah stays with that word and gets the third letter of I (TRI.....), and says TRIANGLE....never heard of such a bowl, and it's wrong. Bill gets the fourth letter of V
(T R I V _ _) and says TRIVIA to get the guys to $400. The last two words in this chain (TRIVIA BOWL) are a shout out to you, Mike Klauss! Dev heads back to the third word, and the second letter is H (CH.....), and the guess is CHECK, which is so wrong. Isley gets the third letter of E (C H E _) and she says CHESS....sorry. Dave steals it for the guys with CHEF to tie the game at $600 each! Bill goes with the word above TRIVIA, word five, and it starts with B.
I say BASEBALL, but he says BAR.....AND HE'S RIGHT!! I don't believe that. They now have the lead. The middle word starts with S (S _ _ _ _) and Dev says SERVICE, which is wrong.
Susie ties the game back up at $800 with SALAD. The girls get to play another Speed Chain, with $200 at stake for this one:

2. S
3. C

They say SET CHECK....not even close. It was SLEEPER CELL.

$300 chain:


Sarah starts with the second word, which starts with L (L _ _ _) and she knows for sure it's LAVA to give the ladies the lead back with $1,100. Isley goes down to the next word, which starts with L (L _ _ _) and she says LAMP for another $300! Susie goes to the middle, which starts with P, and she says POST....right again! The fifth word starts with M
and Sarah says MAN...not what I thought, and it's wrong. The second letter is O (MO....) and Dave says MONTH, which is totally wrong. The third letter is D (MOD....) and Isley says The fourth letter is E (M O D E _ _) and Bill says MODERN....right! The last word
before STORE starts with C, and Dev says Second letter is O
( C O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Susie says COAT....not the store we're looking for. Third letter is N
(C O N _ _ _ _ _ _ _) but Dave draws a blank. Fourth letter is V (C O N V _ _ _ _ _ _)
and Sarah says CONVENIENCE to take the ladies to $2,000 and give them this last Speed Chain to try:

2. P
3. S

They know it's a SAINT. They says PARKING SAINT (?!?!?)....never heard of such a saint, and that's not the one we're looking for. It was PATRON SAINT.

Betting Chain:


Bill bets $200 of the guys' $1,100 on the second word, and it starts with A (A _ _ _ _ _ _ _). But he draws a blank, so the guys now have $900. Isley earns $100 for the ladies with
ACCIDENT. Susie bets $100 on the third word, which starts with P, and she says PRONE (my guess).....another $100 for them! Sarah decides to try the word before WOODS, and it starts with T (T _ _ _ _). She says TREE....NO. Dev gets the second letter of I (T I _ _ _), but says TIMBER....another $100 lost from the guys. Isley gets $300 by saying TIGER, so the ladies now have $2,400. Susie bets $100 on the fifth word, which starts with P, and she says
PAPER....RIGHT!! Never heard of a paper tiger. Bill gets the middle word of POSITION, but they only have $800, while the ladies win their $2,300 bank.

Instant Reaction: Susie is in the hot seat. The team says they have a coach to practive for ALL parts in this show, including this endgame. I really hope they win. Susie screws up on the first question by saying bib to"What clothing do babies wear to protect from leaks" when it's diaper.
She gets toes, thorn and dice no problem. The team passes on Ferrari, and Susie misses a questions about an operation and taxes. But she gets sweat and Forrest Gump with four seconds left to win the $5,000! Total: $7,300!

GSN's "Camouflage" offically a go for summer

GSN has offically announced that the Buena Vista game show "Camouflage" (not the find the picture one) has been picked up as a series to air starting in July. There will be 40 episodes in the season.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Note about Tuesday night's "Dancing with the Stars" results show

It was reported by Reality TV Magazine that several TV stations, mainly in Chicago and New York, had technical problems with the video feed of the "Dancing with the Stars" results show.
While my station was only affected for a few seconds, other stations were left out in the cold until after the eliminated couple was told to do their last dance.

GSN Schedule Changes effective April 16th

According to a member of Game Show Forum and, here they are:

-The nighttime Dawson run of "Family Feud" will be replaced on the lineup at 10 AM weekdays by "Press Your Luck".

-"Jeopardy!" will replace the first season of sydnicated "Link" at 11:30 AM.

-"WWTBAM" will take the noon slot.

-"Greed" will replace "The Amazing Race" on Friday nights.

First "Dancing with the Stars" elimination

Dionne Warwick did two songs on the show. Jimmy Kimmel did a short piece documenting one of the dances that some of the stars will be doing next week!

The two teams up for elimination: Paulina Porizkova & Alec Mazo and Shandi Finnessey and Brian Fortuna. I can't believe she's in danger already! I hope she isn't eliminated....

...and she wasn't. Paulina's team was eliminated.

American Idol Top 10

This week's theme is Pop Songs. Gwen Stefani is the coach!

First up is Lakisha Jones, who does "Last Dance" by Donna Summer. Good job, but she didn't do that good with the chorus part of the song. I gave her an 8. Randy says it was the first time she did an up-tempo song, and thought it was hot. Simon thought she sounded younger in that performance. Total score now: 53.

Second is Chris Sligh, who does "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police.
In the rehearsal, Stefani thought he was off-tempo. For real, it was average for me. I gave it a 5.
Randy thought the tempo problems in rehearsal got him again, and thought it was a train wreck.
Paula agreed with me, and Simon thought it was a mess, like Randy. Total: 40.

Third is Gina Glocksen, who does "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders. She was OK, but that song in my opinion has NOTHING to do with pop. I gave it a 5 also. Randy thought it was one of her best performances, and Simon thought it was her best. Total: 45.

Fourth is Sanjaya Malakar, who did "Just a Girl" by No Doubt. Stefani thought in rehearsal that it was a difficult song, and he had a hard time. It showed on stage, and he had a HORRIBLE harido, IMO. Another 1 from me to him. I don't think any of the judges said that much about his singing this week. But given his personality, it might not matter to his fans. Total score: 19.

Fifth is Haley Scarnato, who does "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper. Stefani thought in rehearsal that she started out great, but added a melody that wasn't necessary for the song. I gave her a 6. Randy thought it was just OK. All of the judges thought the song wasn't for her. Total score:

Sixth is Phil Stacey, who sings "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. I thought this was also
NOT a pop song, and thought he did good, although I wish he was louder on the main lyrics. I gave him a 7. Randy kinda liked it, but agreed with me that he could've pushed it more. Paula also agreed with me. Simon thought it was very good, and the song choice was great. Total score: 43.

Seventh is Melinda Doolittle and "Heaven Knows" by Donna Summer. I thought it was just average, and thus gave her a 5. Randy thought she did everything with the words. Paula thought Doolittle can tell stories when she sings. Simon said while she was great again, it wasn't a memorable performance, and the ourfit was tacky. Total score: 39.

Eighth is Blake Lewis. I don't know the song, but he did OK. I gave him a 6. Randy thought the song choice was not that good, but thought he did the best he could. Paula thought he tried his best to be original. Simon thought he was the best guy in the competition right now (I kinda agree with him now), but advised him not to be as indulgent as Chris Daughtry did. Total score now: 43.

Ninth is Jordin Sparks, who sings "Hey Baby" by No Doubt. For the most part, she sung flat, which is not like Gwen Stefani, and I didn't like it. I gave it a 3. Randy thought she took a big risk, but said that she could sing anything. Simon thought she was the most improved singer of the past few weeks. Total score: 41.

Final singer is Chris Richardson, who did another No Doubt song, "Don't Speak". He was HORRIBLE. I gave him a 1. Randy thought the song choice was good, but he was just OK.
Simon thought the song choice was better than last week, but thought the vocals were nothing special. Total score: 27. If Sanjaya's luck continues, I think Richardson is gone tomorrow night.


LaKisha Jones-53
Gina Glocksen- 45
Blake Lewis and Phil Stacey- 43 each
Jordin Sparks- 41
Chris Sligh- 40
Melinda Doolittle- 39
Haley Scarnato- 37
Chris Richardson- 27
Sanjaya Malakar- 19

3/27/07 Results

WOF: Tonight, we have Kathy Jo Goudierez, Peter McWilliams (who made a STUPID guess on the first Toss-Up) and Monica White. The first lady on our panel gets both of the first Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Person puzzle. On the wheel now is a hot air balloon trip worth $4,250. The said lady gets the $10,000 right away! Too bad she lost it just as quick to a Bankrupt on the next spin. After the man calls the I's later, we have...

_ _ _ _ R E S S I _ _ _ _

R E _ R E S E _ T _ T I _ E

...and he solves CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE for $3,250.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. The man early on picks up a Cold Stone Creamery gift tag (I love their ice cream)! After calling the A's, we have...

S _ _ _ _ _ _


_ _ _ A

_ _ L A _ A

_ _


_ _ _ L

...and soon loses his turn. After Goudierez calls the I's later, we have...

S I _ _ I N G


_ I N A

_ _ L A _ A

_ _


_ _ _ L

Now I know this. She calls a D for $400, and calls three O's. After calling the P's, she solves SIPPING A PINA COLADA BY THE POOL for $2,700 and a trip to Puerto Rico! New total for her: $10,544.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Before and After. White picks up the Wild Card early.
After she calls the S's, we have...



_ A _ T S

_ _

_ I R _

_ S _ A _ _

I know this, and I just wanted to laugh at the first part of this puzzle! But she hits Bankrupt, meaning the Wild Card goes up in smoke. The winner of the last round calls two P's for $600, and calls the E's. She then solves LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE ESCAPE for $1,000 and goes to $11,544.

She then solves HORNED LIZARD to go to $14,544, after the man bumbles on another Toss Up.
Next category is On the Map. After she calls the O's, we have...

T _ _ _ _ R _ _ _

C O _ O R _ _ O

I don't know the top word. She calls the A, and then calls three L's for $900, and the first word now reads T _ L L _ R _ _ _. She calls an I, and it's also at the top (T _ L L _ R I _ _). She calls two D's (T _ L L _ R _ D _), one of which is at the top. After calling the E's, she solves TELLURIDE COLORADO (?!?!) for $1,600, and she now has $16,144.

Speed-Up Round category is Things, and consonants are worth $1,300. Board at this point:

S T R E _ _ T _

_ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _

White calls five N's, and now we have...

S T R E N _ T _

A N _

_ _ N _ _ T _ _ N _ N _

...for $6,500, she can't solve. The other lady calls the D's, but can't solve. The man steals with STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING to finish with $7,700. White has the $1,000 consolation, and the other lady is our champion with $16,144!

She spins the W, and the category is On the Map. Starting with:

_ _ L _ T _

Goudierez calls Y, M, C and A....but none are there. This was HARD. Without the U's, there was no chance of solving DULUTH. At least she only lost out on $25,000 here.

At the end, some workers from Cold Stone Creamery did an ice cream demonstration, showing how their ice cream was different from others. Also, everyone in the audience that day got a Cold Stone gift card. Neat!

TPIR: Danielle Henry is first today to play Coming or Going for a grandfather clock. If she comes, the price is $3,685. If she goes, the price is $5,863. She comes to $5,863....and wins!

Frank Lapia, Jr. then plays the Punchboard. He got all the small prizes right, thus earning four punches. He punches holes #16, #29, #41 and #9. First one has $100. He passes, and gets $100 again. Third punch was a $50, but the last one was $250. He had a little bad luck here, but at least he didn't win the $50.

Sharon Delford then plays Ten Chances for a flashlight, a pair of guitars and a Dodge Dakota
(Std., Paint, AT, Mats, ALB, Axle, Heater). The potential numbers are 0, 2 and 3. First guess is $32....NO WAY. Second guess is $23....ABSOLUTELY NOT. She takes the maximum four guesses to get the $20 price right for the flashlight. The possible numbers in the price of the guitars are 0, 2, 6 and 8. On turn five, she said $680 for them...but it's wrong. On turn six, she says $ Sadly, her horrible beginning haunts her from here on out, and she never wins the guitars. They were $620. And to make matters worse, she gets to the Showcase.

Becky Lawler, who has no relation to soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler,
then plays Pick a Pair for a bedroom group worth $11,998! Products: cat food, an Oxi-Clean detergent ball, Airborne Jr., squeegee, shampoo and blink spill grabbers. She picks the cat food, which is $3.99. She says the shampoo is also $3.99, but it's $6.99. She decides to go wtih $6.99, and thinks the Airborne Jr. is that in price....but that's $5.99. The other $6.99 item was the detergent ball. The other $5.99 item was the squeegee, and the other $3.99 item was the spill grabbers.

Karen Jaggers then plays One Away for a Jeep Wrangler (Std., AC, Cap). Wrong price is $28,584. Her first guess is $19,675....for the first time in almost two years, we have a winner in this game on the first try! Way to go!

Jody Kendall is last to play One Right Price for a treadmill and dinnerware. The given price is $1,999, and she thinks that's the price of the dinnerware....NO WAY. The dinnerware is even more than that- $2,733, to be exact.

Lawler gets into the Showcase, and won $1,000 from the wheel!

First Showcase has reasons why you could dress badly for an occasion. First, you know that's the case when you toss your clothes in a new trash compactor. Second, you have to change your attire if one person walks by dropping a coin in your coffee cup while you spend your time in NYC! Finally, you dress bad if your boss forces you to leave your office while working and do the rest of it while in a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, ALB)! Lawler bids $16,500, and I hate that bid.
The other lady sees a lady finding about her boyfriend writing in her diary. First, a diary entry says that he's about to ask her to marry while giving her a new diamond ring. Second, another diary entry reveals that he wants to take her to Rome! Finally, another entry says that he has the guts to live away from his house on a a new West White Potter Sailboat! This lady bids $26,200.

ARP for Lawler: $23,716, a difference of $7,216. ARP for the other lady: $30,186, meaning with a difference of $3,986, she wins and takes home $31,605 in prizes. Lawler leaves with $1,898.

Monday, March 26, 2007

DOND 3/26

I didn't watch tonight's show, but thanks to a Golden member, I got a recap of the show.

The player tonight was Stan Stava. He chose case #14.

Round 1: He picked #20 first....$500. Second pick was #22.....MILLION GONE ALREADY.
Third pick was #18....$200. Fourth pick was #10....$25,000. #5 was fifth....$300. Last pick was #9....$400. First offer he turned down: $16,000.

Round 2: First pick was #4....$5,000. Second pick was #23....$25! Third pick was next door, #24.....$750,000. Fourth pick was #17.....$200,000. Last pick was #8....$10! Second offer he threw away: $24,000.

Round 3: #2 was first....$750. Second pick was #25....$50,000. Third pick was #11....$1! Final pick this round was #1.....PENNY! New offer: double the previous offer, or $48,000. NO DEAL.

Round 4: Stava picked #13 first....$75,000. #19 was his second pick....$50! Final pick was #21....
$100! New offer: $87,000. NO DEAL. $300,000 through $500,000 were still in play at that point.

Round 5: #15 was first....$5! Other pick was #6....the WORST you can eliminate at that point, the $500,000. Thus, the offer sinks to $72,000, and he obviously says NO DEAL. One case mode now.

Left at this point: $75, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, $300,000 and $400,000.

He then picked #12....$1,000! New offer: $113,000! But he says NO DEAL. He picked #26.....$300,000. The offer dropped to $93,000. NO DEAL.

Next choice was lucky #7.....

....$100,000. The offer went up to $107,000.....

...DEAL! They didn't let him choose the next case for fun, but he did make a very good deal nonetheless- his case had $10,000.

Heidi Kurtz was next. She chose #3 as her case.

Round 1: She picked #14....$75,000. Second pick was #19....$75! Third pick was #23....$10,000.
Fourth pick was #12....$200. Fifth pick was #16....$300,000. Final pick in the round was #11....$1,000. First offer she turned down: $34,000.

Round 2: #13 was her first pick this round....$10! Second pick was #17....$50! Third pick was #7.....PENNY!! Fourth pick was #22....$1,000,000-OUT OF HERE. Last pick was #10....$50,000. Second offer she turned down: $45,000.

Round 3: #20 was Kurtz's first pick....$100,000. Second pick was #5....$25! Third pick was #2....$5! Final pick was #21....$1! She will say NO DEAL to the next offer of $90,000 the next time, and will continue her game from there.

Three-Card Poker National Championship

This time, the tournment was held at the world-famous Caesar's Palace.

Remember, you make up to three bets in each hand of three-card poker. You must bet on Pair Plus (where you must get at least a pair or better to win) and Ante to start. Players only play against the dealer. Straight flushes are the best hand you can make in this verison of poker. Straights beat flushes in this version of poker. Players can win if their hand beats the dealer, or if the dealer does not have at least a Queen or better in their hand. If the player decides to play on after making their original bet, they must make the third bet on the Play circle, which is the equivalent of their ante bet. Also, if the dealer's hand doesn't qualify on a hand, the player will be paid even money on the Pair Plus and Ante bets, but the Play bet, win or lose, will always be a push here.

Incidentally, last year's hosts are back, one of which is Mark. L. Wahlberg!

Nine people were in the finals. They were:

1. Brian Beniek
2. Jim Vartanian
3. Arnie Clare
4. Andrew Toste
5. Paul Greene
6. Renato Delos Santos
7. Alice Walker
8. Velda Horn
9. Jose "Guadalupe" Flores

The last champion, Bud Salmon, didn't make it to the finals this year.

The nine finalists were broken up in three groups of three. Each group will play 30 hands. The one at each table with the most money earns a spot at the final table for $1,000,000.

Beniek, Flores and Horn were at table one. The lady, Horn, gets off to a fast start. Beniek started to catch up to the lady when he made a big wager on Pair Plus and looked as if he was doing so to bluff the other two players. But he had a flush!

By hand 23, the lady still led with 10 grand. Guadalupe had $8,900 and the other man had $7,600. Guadalupe started to make quite a few flushes!

In hand 29, the other man (Beniek) bet $1,000 on Pair Plus....and had three fours! That was at least a $30,000 win for him on that hand! He won his table after the lady didn't bet everything before realizing that she had a straight in her hand! He won, $36,800-$20,700 over the lady.

The next group consisted of Andrew Toste, Jim Vartanian and Arnie Claire. In the middle of a match, Vartanian flopped three 3s to win big! He took the lead at that point. He still led big heading into the late stages of the match.

Unfofrtunately, I lied- I thought it would be just one show, but it actually will be two shows. The $1,000,000 winner, who will also get a $35,000 championship bracelet, will be revealed NEXT WEEK. I am so stupid....

Dancing with the Stars Round 1 Part Deux

BTW, CHUCK WOOLERY is in the audience tonight rooting for Shandi Finnessey!

The female stars will do the Mambo, and the male stars will do the Quick-Step.

First up is Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough. I gave them a 6. The judges 8 from Carrie Ann and 9s from the men, giving them a Round 1 total of 47! My score for them overall this round is 11.

Second are Shandi Finnessey and Brian Fortuna. I also gave them a 6. The judges give.....
Carrie Ann agrees with my score, but the men each have a 7, giving them a Round 1 total of 39.
My Round 1 total for them is 12.

Third are Clyde Drexler and Elena Grinenko. I gave them a 10! As for the judges....
all 6s, giving them a total of 34. My score for them is 14.

Fourth are Leeza Gibbons (who is celebrating a birthday!) and Tony Dovolani. I thought they were lackluster, especially Leeza. I gave this a 3. The judges......all give 7s, giving them a Round 1 total of 36. My score for them in Round 1 was just 7. Leeza was given some flowers after the scores were announced!

Fifth are Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke. I gave them a 7. The judges say.....everyone except for Len agrees with my score, while he gives an 8! Round 1 total: 43. My Round 1 score for them is 13.

Sixth are Paulina Porizkova and Alec Mazo. Their performance was not special at all. I also gave them a 3. The judges....have nothing but 7s, giving them a Round 1 total of 40. My Round 1 score: 11.

Seventh are Billy Ray Cyrus and Karina Smirnoff. I gave their Quick-step a 10! The judges.....
again give 7s, giving the team a Round 1 score of 34. My Round 1 score for them is 18.

Eighth are Heather Mills and Jonathan Roberts. I gave this a 7, while the judges.....
give 8s, giving the team 42 for the round! My score for them this round: 14.

Ninth are John Ratzenberger and Edyta Sliwinska. I gave them a 9! The judges.....
give three 7s for the third or fourth time tonight, meaning the team's final Round 1 score is 38.
My score for them in Round 1 is 13.

Tenth are Laila Ali and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. I only gave this a 5, because Laila's Ellen-like dance, IMO, didn't fit in. The judges....gave three 9s, giving them 50 for the round, tops so far from the judges! My score for them is 11.

Finally, we have Joey Fantone and Kym Johnson. I gave them a 9! The judges....gave them 8s, doubling the team's score to 48! I think they're the team to beat this season.

If I have it my way, Leeza and Tony will go home. Who does America actually send home? Find out tomorrow at 9 PM EST.

3/26/07 Results

TPIR: Travis Keltner is first today. For getting on stage, he won a trip to Cozumel. Then, he played Swap Meet for a guitar, a BBQ grill, a collection of board games and a dinette. He must match the price of the guitar to the price of one of the other three prizes. He picked the grill, whihc costs $1,199. The guitar is.....$1,199, so he wins!

Pedro Rivas then plays Plinko. First small prize is a teapot marked at $54. He picks the 4....$24!
Next is a candy dispenser marked at $63, and he picks the 3....$33! Third is a frother marked at $21, and he picks the 2, and it's $28! Last is a watch marked at $10, and he picks the zero, and it's $30! He wins all the prizes and all the chips. First chip lands in $10,000 right away! Second chip lands in the right $500 slot. Third chip lands in the right $1,000 slot. Fourth chip lands in a zero. Fifth chip lands in $100, giving him $11,600 in cash!

Natalie Jones of the U.S. Marine Corps then plays Any Number for grillware or a Chevy HHR
(Std., AT/Remote, PProt). First number of the car is 1. Her first pick is 7....the piggy bank is at least $7 today. Her second pick is 6...the fourth digit in the car ($ 1 _, _ 6 _). Third pick is
5....the grillware is at least $500. Fourth pick is 9....that's the second digit of the piggy bank
($7.9_). Fifth pick is 8, which is the second number of the car ($ 1 8, _ 6 _). Sixth pick is
2...that's the last digit of the grillware ($ 5 _ 2). Seventh pick is 3....she wins $7.93. The car was $18,064, and the grillware was $512.

SSD1: The Marine lady gets 45 cents in two spins. Keltner spins 55...and 35 for 90 cents.
Rivas spins 90 cents to force a spinoff. Keltner gets nothing but a dime, while Rivas gets 95 cents, and he goes to the Showcase!

A camerman was celebrating his birthday on this episode.

Barbara McEwen, from Canada, plays for a hottub in Freeze Frame. She says $3,495, my
guess....and she wins!

Rhonda Marshall then plays Stack the Deck for a Chevy Colorado (Std., AT, Mats, Street, Stereo). Board:


She needs to take the middle three digits to have any shot of winning the truck, assuming that she gets all three of the first part questions right. The first pair of items are soup and spaghetti sauce, and the target is $1.07. She says the soup, which is right, and picks the second number, which is 6 ($ _ 6, _ _ _). The second pair of items are salsa and coffee, and the target is $3.99, and she says the coffee, which is right. She picks the middle number, which is 4
($ _ 6, 4 _ _). Last pair of items are Aspercreme and cat litter, and the target is
$6.79. She says the Aspercreme...but that's $8.95. Her truck guess is $16,495, which is wrong.
The price was $16,450.

Melba Santamaria (What a name!) then plays Barker's Bargain Bar for a chaise and a pair of rowbikes. The chaise was marked at $925, and the bikes were marked at $1,098. She picks the bikes. The ARP of the chaise- $1,225, a difference of $300. ARP of the bikes- $1,598, meaning she wins!

One person in the audience had a Bob Barker tattoo on one of his legs!

SSD2: Marshall went home with parting gifts after going over. The lady whose last name was named after one of Columbus's ships spins 85 cents and stays. The Canada lady spins 45....and just misses the 55 cents, and goes over. The middle lady goes to the Showcase.

First Showcase features a visit with Patty, the park ranger. First, she's not happy a camper brought so much food that she can't fit it in her new picnic baskets. Second, she's also not happy that a camper refused to take her new TV out of nature's way. Finally, she's upset that the campers have no clue on how to operate a new Hi-Lo trailer in the woods! The lady gets this and bids $17,500. For the man, we have a bedroom, maid service and a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std.,
AC, ALB). He bids $21,000.

ARP for him: $26,979, a difference of $5,979. ARP for the lady: $22,141, meaning she wins with a difference of $4,641, and takes home $26,389 in prizes! The man leaves with $12,385 in cash and prizes.

WOF: Tonight's players are Jonathan Algano (in the yellow), Rochelle Miller and Keely Schuman. Round 1 category is Before and After, and on the wheel now is a trip to Cabo San Lucas worth $5,440. The only man here spins $2,500 and calls two N's! At that point, we have...

L _ N T

R _ L L _ R

S _ A T _ N _

I'm not sure about the first word. After calling the E, he says LINT ROLLER SKATING....right for $5,650, giving him $6,650!

Jackpot Round category is Husband and Wife, and it's a big puzzle. After Schuman calls the C's, we have...

_ _ L L _ _ M


M _ C _


_ _ L _ C _ T _

H _ _ _ M _ N

I know this, and the latter person is one of the "Desperate Housewives". She calls a $350 W and buys four I's. She then lands on $3,500 and calls four F's! But her O call is bad! Darn. The man in the middle steals with WILLIAM H. MACY & FELICITY HUFFMAN to go to $7,650.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food and Drink. The Mystery Round is sponsored by this week The man gets the Wild Card late in the round, and after calling five I's, we have...

S I C I L I A N- S T _ L E

T _ I C _

C R _ S T

_ I _ _ A

..and he solves SICILIAN-STYLE THIN CRUST PIZZA for some money and a trip to Sicily, to bring his new total to $14,050!

He solves DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM (?!?!?) for $3,000 more, giving him $17,050. Next category is Phrase. After Schuman calls the E's, we have...

_ _ _ N T E _

_ N T _


_ _ R N E R

The only word I don't know is the top one. Her L call is a dud. The man calls two O's, and then a $900 C. He calls a D for $600, and then calls two A's. He then calls a U, but it's a dud. Miller, after calling a P, finally gets on the board with $1,000 with PAINTED INTO A CORNER!

Speed-Up Round category is Things, and consonants are worth $1,550 a pop. After the man calls the G, we have...

_ _ _ S _ N G

R _ _ _ R _ S

..I think it's something REWARDS. When they get back to him, he calls the L, which is the second letter of the first word, and he solves CLOSING REMARKS to seal the match with $23,250!

In addition to the cash, the $67,177 Winnebago Access motorhome strikes again, and we also have a Mazda MX-5 up for grabs. He spins the O, and the category is Person. Starting with:

_ L _ _ _ R _ _ _ T

Algano calls C, D, G, M and I and gets....

_ L _ _ _ R I G _ T

I say PLAYWRIGHT....and so does he! He wins $40,000, and he takes home $63,250 in cash and prizes!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Week in Game Shows- March 26-April 1

March will end with a bang, because GSN will crown its latest millionaire this Monday via the 2007 Three Card Poker National Championship. Catch it if you can at 10 PM.

As for the rest:

Dancing with the Stars: After this week's performances, the first couple goes home.

American Idol: This week's theme is pop songs, and GWEN STEFANI is the mentor and guest this week!!!!

Deal or No Deal: Big note here- the new episode on Monday will air at 9 PM, not 8 PM (the 8 PM show is a rerun).

Jeopardy!: It ends a fairly successful month this week, but will there be a REALLY BIG winner after this week?

Chain Reaction: Can it rebound from a disasterous week last week (which featured the first 0 for 5 on the week bonus round shutout of the season, a WIPEOUT)?

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for March 19-25

MVP: Avis Wrentmore ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")

This elementary school teacher became said show's biggest winner so far with $300,000. Likewise, she played the game as well as it could be played, going for the harder questions on the board early on.

Other Big Winners:

Eric Cyfred- $60,150 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Andy Meeks- $75,000 ("Identity")
Michelle Carney- $62,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Scott Weiss- $63,001 as three-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Jamey Kirby- $62,265 as three-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Telly Rogers- $46,787 ("The Price is Right")
Jesse Nelson- $39,249 ("TPIR")

The Apprentice LA 3/25

Before this week's task was announced, Mr. Trump ordered James, the current Project Manager of Arrow, to send one of the remaining team members to Kinetic. James decided to choose Nicole. Nicole was visibly upset over the decision, because it means she will be away from her loved on the show, Tim.

As a result, each team now has four members apiece. The task this week: sell park passes at the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood to said theme park using a new technology called Adwalker. The teams will be working side-by-side. The team who earns more money from selling passes wins. It's as simple as that. Ivanka will oversee the task this week.

Angela, the Olympic lady, was named the new Project Manager of Kinetic. I wonder why Heidi hasn't been named Project Manager again in a while. The team wants to all dress up as cute ladies wearing roller skates while selling the passes (BTW, all of the people on this team consist of nothing but females). Nicole thought it was a good idea because she believes Arrow can't move around selling the passes.

Tim is still feeling the effects of losing Nicole to Kinetic. Only one female is on Team Arrow, Stefani. Team Arrow tried to throw Kinetic off course by directly lying to their faces that their tickets are much cheaper, and saying the girls must sell the tickets at a table and not by rolling around. The ladies are very concerned that at least one lady looks at the other team's pass prices!

Results are in. The Kinetic ladies made $24,440.37. Arrow made.....

....$31,366.65, so Arrow wins again! Their reward: a helicopter tour of LA.

Tim decides to sneak out of the mansion that Arrow was staying in, and peek through the bushes to see Nicole out near the tents. He just couldn't resist being like me with some girls at school, huh?

James realizes that he will again help Mr. Trump and Co. decide whom of Kinetic to fire. He says it will be hard to fire Nicole, because he's supported her since the beginning.

Mr. Trump says to Angela that her team "got clobbered" this week. She's blaming Nicole for the loss, because she threw the other ladies off course. Trump doesn't like a man supporting a lady on the losing team. Nicole thought Angela didn't really lead at all. James calls Angela's winding about the task nothing but excuses. Mr. Trump says he would really hate firing an Olympian.
The Trumps do their best to try to make Angela make a strong case for herself to stick around.
But it doesn't work out, so:


No medal of any kind for her this time. Nicole takes a HUGE risk in pleading to Trump that she wants Tim back on Kinetic.

Amazing Race All-Stars 3/25- Will the Agus stay alive?

As you know from the last show, the Agus were marked for elimination after finishing last in the first non-elimination leg of the season. Let's see what happens now....

Clue #1: Teams must travel about 1,400 miles by plane to Dar Es Salaam. This is the largest city in Tanzania. After arriving there, teams must travel 10 miles by taxi and find the ferry terminal. They must then take a number off a board to go on one of four boats- Salale, Suninga and Lindi included. Once they are in Zanzibar via the boat, they will find their next clue.

Terri and Ian get to the airport terminal too early like a few other teams, and are arguing amongst each other over whether they should camp inside the terminal, or just stay in the car. Ian decides to stay in the car, and Terri is not happy. He eventually changes his mind.

When Terri and Ian try to book the 8:30 AM flight, they are told the plane has been filled. Terri is so frustrated she wants to give up the race and go back to her hometown of Miami.

When the flight was filled, the other teams had no choice but to take the flight from Johannesburg, which connects to Dar Es Salaam. Charla and Mirna, the leaders from the last stage, are able to get on the early flight to Dar Es Salaam.

Dustin and Kandace, the Agus, Eric and Danielle and Oswald and Danny get the flight from Johannesburg, after they had been on standby with Terri and Ian. But it was later learned that Eric and Danielle were given someone else's seats on the plane, not their own. When Eric and Danielle get on the plane, they are asked to leave the plane because of the mistake. Obviously, they're not happy. They are told of a similar flight leaving tomorrow, but they are again on standby.

The midgets still lead when they get to Dar Es Salaam. The Agus are currently fourth. The boats in the area are called dhows.

Back at the original airport, Eric and Danielle manage to get on a flight. Terri's frustration continues to boil. Joe and Bill were also left behind.

Charla gets seasick on the boat, but gets treated while on the boat. The last two teams still in the airport finally get on the next flight.

Detour: Solve It or Schlep It?

Solve It: Teams must go to a hotel a third of a mile away, and must put together a 62-piece puzzle. When completed, it will resemble an image of Zanzibar's local artwork. Teams afterwards will get their next clue.

Schlep It: Teams must walk a mile to a lumber yard and chose a hand cart. They must then load two 50-pound logs into their cart. They must then push that cart towards a shipyard and deliver the logs to an official, who will give them their next clue.

The midgets and Oswald and Danny do the puzzle. The men were first to complete it.

Clue #3: Teams must travel 15 miles to a village called Kikungwi, where the next clue is located somewhere in the village.

The midgets take over the lead heading into:

Roadblock: Teams must throw the village's signature tool, a rungu, and have it hit a clay target. The next clue can be found in each of those targets.

The midgets complete this first, and we have...

PIT STOP: Teams must go to the Old Fort. The last place team WILL BE ELIMINATED.

Charla and Mirna win a stage for the second straight time! This time, they each win a catermeran. Oswald and Danny are second, and there was no hug attempt by these boys this time around.

Terri and Ian are now in last place, and STILL haven't even gotten to the Detour clue!

The Agus get to the finish, but beause they didn't win, they are sent to the Penalty Box for 30 minutes. But it didn't affect them at all- they're in third place anyway!

Dustin and Kandace finish fourth. They were the only ones to take the lumber Detour task.

Eric and Danielle are fifth.

It is a battle between Terri and Ian and Team Freedom (Joe and Bill) to determine the last team to advance past this round. Team Freedom beat Terri and Ian on the puzzle....

...but when they get to the fort, both of the teams can't find the right door that leads to the end zone. Eventually, the last team to advance is.....

...Joe and Bill! That means Terri and Ian are eliminated, and leave with nothing.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chain Reaction 3/24/07

Girls: Natasha, Lynette and Sonia (GS fans!)
Guys: Kevin, Scott and Chandler (film-makng buddies)

First chain starts with:


Ladies won the toss. Natasha starts with the second word, which starts with S, and she says SHOW....on the board! The third word starts with T, and Lynette says Kevin gets the second letter of U, and he says TUNE....both teams have $100 now. The middle word starts with O, and Scott says OUT....guys have the lead! The fifth word starts with B, and Chandler says BACK....for Outback Steakhouse, that is right! The last word starts with F, and Kevin says FAT....their bank got fatter by another $100, giving them $400 now! First Speed Chain:

2. S
3. C

They say SINGLE CELL....right to go to $500! Never heard of a single cell or a cell block before.

$200 Chain:


Sonia takes the second word, which starts with D, and the GS fan she is, she says DARE, for Double The second letter is U (D U _ _) and Scott says DUTY....another $200 for the guys! The third word starts with F, and Chandler says FREE....right at the buzzer, it's right!
The middle word starts with C, but Kevin takes too long. The second letter is O, and Natasha says COMPUTER....ABSOLUTELY NOT. The third letter is U (COU.....) and Scott says COUNTRY....$1,100! The fifth word starts with R, and Chandler says RANGE, which is wrong.
The second letter there is O (RO.....) and Lynette says The third letter is A
(R O A _ ), and Kevin fills in ROAD to send the guys to $1,300! The last word starts with M
(M _ _) and Scott says MAP to give the men $1,500 and a shot at this new Speed Chain:

2. H
3. E

I know it's HALF EATEN....but they say HEALTH EATEN.

$300 Chain:


Sonia starts with the sixth word, which starts with S, and she says SOCIAL, which is wrong. The second letter is H (SH....) and Chandler says SHEER THERAPY....sorry. The third letter is
O (S H O _ _) and Natasha says SHOCK....$300 for the ladies! Lynette goes up the chain, and the fifth word starts with C. She says COUNTER, but is not right. The second letter there is U
(C U _ _ _ _ _ ) and Kevin says CULTURE...the guys now have $1,800! Scott takes the second word, and it starts with P. He says....nothing, and the audience laughs over the first letter in that word being P. I don't want to know the reason. The second letter there is L (P L _ _), and Sonia says PLUM to give the girls $700! Natasha goes next door, meaning the third word starts with P. She says The second letter there is U (P U _ _ _ _ _), and Chandler says PUMP
(?!?!?)....NO FREAKIN' WAY. The third letter is D (P U D _ _ _ _) and Lynette says PUDDING to send the ladies to four figures! The middle word starts with P (P _ _), and when it's just before CULTURE, Sonia obviously knows that word is POP to give the ladies $1,300 and a shot at this last Speed Chain:

2. S
3. B
4. HOG

This was a tough one. They don't get SECURITY BLANKET.

Betting Round starts with:


Natasha starts with the second word, which starts with W. For $100, she says WOOD....and it is to send the ladies to $1,400. The next word down starts with C, and Lynette says CRAFT...the ladies go back to $1,300. The second letter in the same word starts with H (C H _ _ _ _ _), but Kevin says CHOP, so the guys lose $100. The third letter is O (C H O _ _ _ _) and Sonia bets $100....but she repeats CHOP, so they're down to $1,200. The fourth letter is P
(C H O P _ _ _) and Scott bets $200 it's CHOPPER....and it is, so the guys go to $1,900!
Chandler goes for the sixth word, which starts with R, and is above RAINBOW. He says.....nothing, so the guys are back at $1,800. Natasha bets $100 on the third word, which starts with P and is below CHOPPER. She says PILOT....holy smokes, that's right to send the ladies to $1,300! Lynette goes next door, meaning the middle word starts with L, and she bets $200 the word is LIGHT....they now have $1,500! The second letter in the last word is A
(R A _ _ _ _ _). Sonia says RAINBOW to win the ladies the game in comeback fashion with two grand!

Natasha is the answerer in Instant Reaction. The givers bomb on the first word, forming a statement that's not a question on RUGBY. After passing on the second word, Natasha gets Atlanta, cork, Dan Aykroyd and punt, she tries to get this for $5,000 with little time left-
"What plant...." and she says cactus.....but it was root. They have to settle for $400 here, giving them $800 apiece, or $2,400.