Monday, April 30, 2007

"Dancing with the Stars" 4/30

Each of the six remaining teams will do two dances.

The first team up is Laila Ali and Maksim Chermovisky. Their first dance tonight is the Quick Step. It was nothing special, so I gave them a 6. The judges…all gave 10s except for Len, who gave a 9. Total: 29.

Second team up is John Ratzenberger and Edyta Sliwinska. Their first dance tonight is the Foxtrot. Their dance was very good. My score was 8. The judges…agree with me except for Len, who gave a 7. Total: 23.

Third ones up are Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough. They are also doing the Foxtrot. Theirs was a bit better than the last Foxtrot, so I gave them a 9! The judges…again, only Len disagrees with me. He gave an 8, so their total score is 26.

The fourth ones at bat are Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke. They do the Tango. I also gave them a 9! The judges all agree with me, so it’s a total of 27!

Fifth are Billy Ray Cyrus and Karina Smirnoff. They do the Waltz. Another 9 from me!
The judges….not as good. Carrie Ann gave a 5, while the men each gave a 6, for a total of 17.

The last team doing their first dance are Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson. They do the Foxtrot. They did the best Foxtrot so far, so I gave them a 10! Only Len disagrees with me, as he gave a 9, so the total score is 29!

Laila and Maksim’s second dance is the Samba. I LOVED this dance from them, so I gave them a 10! As for the big panel….THEY ALL AGREE!!! Their final judges total tonight is 59!

John and Edyta are back to do the Rumba. They didn’t do much for me this time. I gave them a 4. The judges….Carrie Ann and Bruno had 7s, while Len had an 8, meaning the team’s final total tonight from the judges is 45.

Apolo and Julianne then come back to perform the Mambo. I gave them a 10! But only Bruno agrees with me, as the others gave 9s. Final total: 54.

Next to return are Ian and Cheryl, who also do the Mambo. They get a 10 from me!
The judges gave them three 9s again, meaning they double up to 54.

Billy and Karina then perform the Samba under “Living in America” by James Brown!
I gave them only a 5 this time. The judges all gave a 7, meaning the team’s final judges total is 38.

Joey and Kym wrap up the night with the Jive. I gave them another 10! As for the judges? THEY ALL AGREE, meaning they tie for the lead with 59!

My scoreboard:

Joey and Kym- 72
Apolo and Julianne- 64
Laila and Maksim- 59
Ian and Cheryl- 56
Billy and Karina- 53
John and Edyta- 43

Note about Monday's Jeopardy!

Because of a DVR "scheduling mistake" on part, I was not able to finish watching the first episode of the Jeopardy! College Championship. Because of that, the results will be posted later.

4/30/2007 Results

TPIR: Brian Sebastian, after winning a trip to Lake Tahoe, then plays Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., Theft, PProt). First number is 2. His second number guess is 4, and it's actually 5, so there goes a dollar. Third number guess is 7, and it's 4, so there goes three dollars. Fourth number guess is 6, and it's also 4, so he's down to his last dollar. He says 7, my guess, for the last digit....but it's 1 and he loses. Tough break.

(Thus, according to my math, the $26K+ Mustang that was offered here a little while ago was actually $26,351, not $26,352. Oh well.)

Janice Tomper then plays 1/2 Off. First pair of SPs are a spa spinning brush marked at $15 and a storm tool marked at $40. She says the brush is $30, but it's still $15. Next are a CD player marked at $9 and a slow cooker marked at $15. She says the CD player is $18, and of course it is. Last pair of items are an ice cream maker marked at $29 and a milk frother marked at $14.
She says the milk frother is $28, and it is! Left for the $10,000: #2, #5, #9 and #11. Pick is the green deuce, #2.....that green box means all of the green is hers!

Penny Goumeatte is third to play Take Two for a treadmill, a punchset, an outdoor clock/temperature sensor and a grill. The target this time is $4,110. First picks are the grill and the punch set. The grill is $2,535, and the punch set is $1,575, and that totals $4,110, so she wins all the prizes!

SSD1: The only loser this half spins 90 cents and stops. Goumeatte spins 75 cents...and a dollar, so she's over. Tomper spins a quarter and a nickel, so the man is in the Showcase.

Joan Zeaththe then plays Check Out for a living room. She bids $1.07 for the soup, which is dead on. Next is 69 cents for the Goldfish. Next is $2.29 for the canned pineapple. Fourth guess is $6.99 for the dog food. Final guess is $5.01 for the Kaboom cleaner, for a total guess of $16.05.
The Goldfish is actually 89 cents. The pineapples are actually $1.79. ARP for the dog food is $4.49. If the cleaner is between $5.81 to $9.81, she wins....but it's just $4.69 and she loses by $1.12 (over).

Shamar Bass, direct from the U.S. Navy, then plays Dice Game for a Chevy Colorado (Std., AT, Mats, Street, Prot). First number is 1. For the second number, he rolls a 3, which is wrong, but he says higher and is right. It's 6. For the third number, he rolls another 3, and that's not it, and he says higher again...right again! That's also 6. On the fourth number, he rolls a 5, and that's not it, but he says higher and is one away from a win! It's 1. For the last number, he rolls a 2, and he says's 4 and he wins the $16,614 truck!

Joel Wilson then goes to Barker's Bargain Bar and plays for SCUBA gear marked at $2,727 and a dinette marked at $1,477. He thinks the bigger bargain is the dinette. The ARP for the gear: $4,227, a difference of $1,500. The dinette must be at least $3,077 to win..and it's $3,477!

SSD2: The old lady spins 95 cents and stops. It's not beaten, so she's in the Showcase to face Sebastian!

First Showcase visits the lab for some new medications for some patients. The first medication is Smile-a-Nol, which can make people smile, especially when they watch a collection of movies from a new TV. Second, we have Scoot-a-Fed, which is for people who really want to use stuff like a new motorbike. Finally, we have Plaidvil, which is for those who want to wear kilts really badly, especially while in Scotland! The man bids $14,000. The lady has a bedroom, towels and a catameran to shoot for, and she bids $19,567.

ARP for her: $22,173, a difference of $2,606. ARP for the man: $16,195, a difference of $2,195, so he just barely wins and takes home $18,814 in prizes.

Family Feud: The Adevas defend for the first time against the Horns. The Horns honk onto the scoreboard first with 59 points on things small towns have that big towns sometimes don't. On the face-off for the second question, Sunnary buzzes in while John is in the middle of reading the question, and she says ground the kids. The something the parents have the freedom to do once the kids move out. DOH!!! The champs steal 76 points from that question, and the #2 answer up there was running around naked!!!! The top answer was going on vacation.

Double: Name a person, real or fictional, that has the word "Kid(d)" in their name. Starting with:

#1- Billy (42, Uncle Rick)

After the challengers play, Stephanie says Jason Kidd....bottom answer (4). The Tyrone at the end of the line says Ralph Kidd (?!?!?!?)....ABSOLUTE DUD. Carol says Nicole Kidman...NO. Tyrone #1 says The Cisco Kid....#4 (4)! Back to Uncle Rick, who says Billie Jean Kidd (!?!?!?), and that's a definite third strike. For the champion steal, JoJo says Kid Rock, and that gives the champs another 100 points! That was #2 (39). #3 was The Sundance Kid (4).

Triple: A city that starts with San. Stephanie of the Horns says San Fransisco...NUMBER ONE (49), so the challengers play! Tyrone #2 says San Antonio....#3 (8)! Carol says San Diego, and that's #2 (38)! Tyrone #1 says the bottom answer is San Bernadino...NO. Uncle Rick says the last answer is....I don't understand him, but I know his answer is a dud. Back to Stephanie, who says it's San Jose...and it is (3) to win at 353!

Fast Money: Instead of the Tyrones, Carol and Stephanie play.

1. The first thing you might spend on if you won the lottery.
2. A beverage people mix with alcohol.
3. A hotel chain everybody's heard of.
4. Something this country has grown a lot of.
5. Something nervous people do to a pencil.

Carol says house (#1), Coke (#1), Hilton, land (bad) and chewing for 128. Steph first says a buisness to spend lottery winnings on....dud. She says orange juice for an alcohol mix-in, and I got worried...but 25 said it! She then says Sheraton for a hotel chain....nothing. Holiday Inn was the #1 hotel chain. She then says grapes (?!?!!?) for growing...that's a definite nada, and the #1 answer for that was my answer of corn. She says for the pencil question beating one on the table. It's #1.....but 45 means they still fall two points short! Darn. They settle for $990.

WWTBAM: Can Warren DeLuty add on to his $25,000 bankroll? Let's find out. After switching, this is his $50,000 question:

Since 2001, scientists have monitored an 80-square-mile "land bridge" in what U.S. state to see if it may turn into a volcano?

A: New Mexico
B: Alaska
C: Montana
D: Oregon

This was a tough one. It was Oregon, and he says Alaska, so he wins no more money today.

Next at bat is Stephanie Danchak. She had to ask the audience to get the $300 question right.
For $8,000:

While its citizens were celebrating a World Series victory, what was named the most dangerous U.S. city overall in 2006?

A: Houston
B: Chicago
C: Detroit
D: St. Louis

The 50:50 leaves Chicago and St. Louis. She then calls Jim, who says St. Louis, which is the answer, but he says he isn't sure. But she agrees anyway and is right! For $25,000:

In the movie "Scream", Drew Barrymore's character gives what response to the query, "What's your favorite scary movie?"

A: Halloween
B: Friday the 13th
C: Poltergeist
D: The Exorcist

She's sure it's Friday the 13th...NO. It was Halloween, so she leaves with $1,000.

David Sampugnaro is back tomorrow to start at the $8,000 question.

WOF: Time to begin “Mom and Me Week” from San Diego! The teams tonight are Laura Uptagrow and Joanie Manuel (in the yellow), Peggy and Jessica Payne and Deborah and Miles Romney. Round 1 category is Living Thing, and it’s tonight’s Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a trip for each person of the team to Peru worth $8,000!
After the ladies in the middle call the H, we have…

_ N _ _ _ S H

S _ R _ N _ _ R

S _ A N _ _ _

I know where the bonus trip this round is to. They call two L’s for $800 and now we have…

_ N _ L _ S H

S _ R _ N _ _ R

S _ A N _ _ L

…and they say ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL to win $1,300 and a trip for each to London, for a new total of $11,020!

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. The Romneys get the Wild Card early on in the round, but they lose it later in the round. After the leaders call the O’s, we have…

_ O F F _ _

_ R O _ N _ S


S _ S _ _ _ _ O N

I have an idea. But they get Bankrupt. The Paynes call two C’s for $1,400 and call the E’s, and the last word of the puzzle now reads S _ S _ _ C _ O N. Now I know the puzzle.
They land on Jackpot and call a G for $500, and solve COFFEE GROUNDS FOR SUSPICION for the $9,500 jackpot and $3,000 in extra cash, for a grand total of $14,500!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Song and Artist, and it’s a fairly big puzzle. After the Romneys call the N’s, we have…

_ _ _ _ _ _ R N _ _

_ R E _ _ _ N’

_ _


_ _ _ _ S

_ N _


_ _ _ _ S

The title of this song is also the name of the finishing move that is rarely done by WWE Women’s Champion Melina. They call two D’s for $7,000. They call the C for the Peru trip, and solve CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ BY THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS for $11,600 and the trip for each to Peru, meaning they go from zero to the lead with $19,600!

The ladies in the middle score $3,000 more with TUTTI-FRUITI, and they have $14,020.
Speed-Up Round category is Phrase, and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After the Romneys call the T’s, we have…

_ _ _’ T

S _ _ _

_ _ _ R S _ _ _

S _ _ R T

…I know it now, but they don’t. The ladies call the L’s and solve DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT to win the match with $21,820! Everyone did well tonight- the Romneys have $19,600 in cash and trips and the other all-lady team takes home $14,500, all cash!

The cars offered on this week are in pairs. One pair of cars are the Toyota FJ Cruisers.
They spin the quad-star, and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ N _

_ N

_ _ L _

Uptagrow and Manuel call M, G, D and O and we get…

_ _ _ _ N G

_ N

_ _ L _

..only the obvious G. The winning streak comes to an end, as they can’t solve BUYING IN BULK. If they had called the B’s and the U’s, they might have won another $50,000.

DOND: Haley Tucker, a 19-year-old tennis player from Nashville, is back with us. In her first round, she kept all the big amounts from $100,000 to the $1 Million in play, and turned down $55,000 on the first offer. Her case was #25.

Round 2: First pick is #13….$10! Second pick is #15….$5,000. Third pick is #20….$200! Fourth pick is #7….$300! Her final pick is #22…$5!! Another great round for her! New offer: $126,000, and that’s not even a record! NO DEAL.

Round 3: Opening pick this round is #2….$400! Second pick is #11….$10,000. Third pick is #8….$750,000, and that’s her first big blow of the game. Last pick is #6…$300,000. Offer drops to $94,000, and she says NO DEAL.

Round 4: #21 is Tucker’s first choice…$500! Second pick is #16….$400,000. Last pick is #23….$750! New offer: $141,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: First of Tucker’s two picks is #26…$100! Her other pick is #5….$1!!
New offer: $239,000! NO DEAL.

Left at this point heading into one case mode: $75, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 and $1 Million.

Next pick is #4….

…$1,000,000- OUT OF HERE. Offer sinks to $98,000. NO DEAL. Next pick is #1….

…$75!! She’s guaranteed $50,000!! New offer: $188,000! NO DEAL. Next pick is #12….$500,000 is gone. Offer is now $88,000. NO DEAL. Her next pick is #14…..

…$200,000. Final offer is $83,000, and she takes that deal. Her case had the $50,000 all this time.

Lingo: Michael and DJ face Kirstin and Sara for a chance to win up to $13,000. The boys get QUICK in two for 25 points and this board:


They get 29 and a stopper. The ladies get DQed for saying STYMIE as STIMY. The boys get SPICE to double up. Mike has 31, meaning a 39 will give them a Lingo...but DJ has 37. They get CHILD in the max to go to 75, and Mike has 13, meaning 63 is also good for a Lingo...but DJ has 45, meaning a 21 or 53 will give them a Lingo as well. They also get RULES in the max to go to 100. Mike has 07 (making 05 available for a Lingo), while DJ has 15 (making 55 available as well). They then get gonged for saying FROHT, and the ladies get on the board with FRONT, and get this board:


They draw 54 and 16. They get BENCH in four after struggling with it the first three tries.
Kirstin has 64 first, meaning an 08 will give them a Lingo, but Sara has 70, meaning 06 is also available for a Lingo. They get NASTY in three, and if they get a Lingo now, they will take the lead. But Kirstin has a stopper. The ladies steal GRILL to tie the game at 100 apiece. Kirstin has 22, meaning a 30 is also good...but Sara has 38, making 14 and 32 also Lingo possibilities. That ends the round.

I thought the ladies would get buzzed for saying MEALY, but it's allowed. The first two letters are in the right place, and the A is out of place. The guys would steal MEDIA to take the lead back with 150, and Mike has a WILD for a Lingo, and they go to 250. The ladies then get TREND to go to 150, and Kirstin has 06 for a Lingo, and we're tied again at 250! The guys get WAVES to go to 300 and get this new board:


Mike has 37, meaning a WILD or 33 will mean another Lingo, but DJ gets 55. They get HOLLY in four to lock up the game, but can they get another Bonus Letter in Bonus Lingo? They don't, because Mike has a stopper. They still win at 350.

With two Bonus Letters to work with, the boy team only gets JUMPY within the two minutes. This is the second time in less than a week that a team faces the situation of either getting $100 or the jackpot. The winning ball is 43, and DJ has 13, so they only get $100.

"Let's Play Crosswords" host named

Broadcasting and Cable reports that Ty Treadway, a soap opera star, has been named the host of the upcoming game show, "Let's Play Crosswords".

Schedule note: 100th "DOND" episode delayed a day

I have just received word that the 100th episode of "Deal or No Deal" will air a day later than planned on Monday, May 7 at 8 PM. A regular new episode of the show will air a day earlier at 8 PM, airing opposite the finale of "The Amazing Race".

This Week in Game Shows: April 30-May 6

As we start the big month of May...

The Amazing Race: Will an all-female team finally win this show?

Jeopardy!: The College Tournament starts this week from USC. Will it be anywhere near as exciting as the Teen Tournament from Feburary?

Wheel of Fortune: They begin their stay in San Diego this week with Mom and Me Week. How long will the bonus round winning streak last?

American Idol: This week, contestants will do rock songs. And this is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION WEEK.

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for April 23-29

I'm being generous this week, so I'm giving the MVP honors to multiple people.

MVPs: John Zole ("Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?"), Amy ? and Laura ? ("Lingo")

The man listed became the second straight $500,000 winner on the show he was on. He was also one of the more enthusiastic GS contestants I've seen all year long. The team listed here became the biggest all-cash winners in the history of GSN's "Lingo" when they won their $41,000 jackpot in Bonus Lingo last Tuesday.

Other Big Winners and Notables:

The week's five "WOF" bonus round winners
The three final teams on "Amazing Race: All Stars"
Dawn Runyan- $139,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Andrew Rostan- $50,300 as current two-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Melissa Sandvig- $50,000 ("Identity")
Teressa Lee- $48,364 ("TPIR")
The Hannas- $41,135 as four-time champs ("Family Feud")
Deborah Crude-Marhsall- $36,436 ("TPIR")
Jacob Brassington- $36,420 ("TPIR")

Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Amazing Race: All-Stars" 4/29

The all-boy team, Oswald and Danny, were marked for elimination on the last show. And they can’t finish last now, because this episode will decide the three final teams in next week’s championship show. Dustin and Kandace won the previous leg.

Clue #1: Teams must travel about 7,500 miles by plane to Guam. Once there, they have to drive to Andersen Air Force Base. At that point, each team will have to choose a military escort to drive them to an air traffic control tower, where the next clue is located at the top of it.

Dustin and Kandace were the only team to get on the earliest flight to Guam, the 3 AM one.

Detour: The tasks this time are tasks from the U.S. Air Force. Care Package or Engine Care?

Care Package: Teams must take a big box from a tent and load it with five hundred pounds of goods.
Once that is done, the teams must board a military plane to watch the main exercise. Once a team lands from the plane, they will be handed their next clue.

Engine Care: Teams must choose an engine pod and a wing flap of a B-52 plane to completely wash off themselves. Once finished, they will be given their next clue.

The midgets, Charla and Mirna, were the only team to do the care package task.

Clue #3: Teams must travel twenty-one miles to the U.S. Naval Base Guam. Once teams get there, a naval escort will take teams to their next clue.

After the Detour, Dustin and Kandace still have the lead. Despite having little trouble with the package task, the midgets are in last place.

Roadblock: One person from each team will take part in a naval search and rescue exercise. First, each person, with a GPS system to help them, must locate one of four training officers hidden in the jungle.
Once one is found, that officer will program additional info into the GPS for the next part of this task.
Each person at that point must set off a smoke grenade and call a helicopter to pick them up from where they set off the grenade. Once the helicopter has picked up a person and returned he/she to their respective teammate, the team will be given their Pit Stop destination.

Kandace doesn’t seem to be having much trouble here, while Mirna doesn’t understand how the GPS system works.

PIT STOP: Teams must travel eleven miles to Fort Soledad. Remember, only the first three teams to get here will compete for $1 Million on the championship show next week.

Dustin and Kandace win a stage again, and they each win an ATV.

Back at the Roadblock, Danielle also is having trouble with finding things.

The second team to advance is Eric and Danielle. The last team to advance…..

….is Charla and Mirna! That means the penalty for Oswald and Danny is disregarded, and they are the final team eliminated. They will leave the race with trips to Maui, St. Lucia and Hong Kong, and will serve as spectators, like all the previously eliminated teams, at the finish line.

If Eric and Danielle do NOT win this race next week, the team that wins will become the first all-female team to win the grand prize on this show.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Amazing Race: All Stars" finalists to be announced tonight

After a couple of weeks off watching "The Amazing Race: All Stars" following the sad elimination of the Agus, I am back to watching the season's final two episodes. The final three teams will be announced on tonight's episode.

Regis Philbin back on TV

After a month or so off TV following heart surgery, Regis Philbin returned alongside Kelly Ripa on last Thursday's "Live with Regis & Kelly", receiving a standing ovation and a "Regis" chant from the audience. David Letterman even was a guest on that day's show. Sadly, I couldn't record the show. Shame on me....

Chain Reaction 4/27

My first show in a while. Teams this time:

Girls: Candy, Katie and Danielle (former cruise ship performers)
Boys: Sparks, Jan and Nick (bachelors from NYC)

First chain:

The boys start. The first letter of the second word is T, and Sparks says TOUGH….wrong. Second letter is E (T E _) and Candy says TEAM (!?!?!?)….where is this lady’s mind at? Jan steals it for the boys with TEN. The third word starts with F, and Nick agrees with I on FINGERS…but we’re both wrong. Second letter in that word is O (FO…..) and Katie says FOLD to even up the game at $100 apiece….but that’s wrong too. Third letter is U (FOU…..) and Sparks says FOUNTAIN….nope. Fourth letter is the last letter of this word, so it’s not given (F O U _). Danielle says FOUR to tie the game. The middle word starts with
E, and Candy says EYES….holy smokes, that’s right to give the ladies another $100! The fifth word starts with O, and Katie says OPEN….good for another $100! The last word before WORM starts with B (B _ _ _), and Danielle says BOOK to give the ladies a total of $400 heading into this first Speed Chain:

2. G
3. P

They saying GOES POSTAL….can’t accept it. It was GOING POSTAL.

Second chain:


The second word starts with T and Jan says TASTES….right for $200! Third word starts with G and Nick say GOOD….it’s good for the lead! Word in the middle starts with E and Sparks says EATS….so sorry. Candy skips that one and goes for the word before LINE, and that word starts with T. She says TALL….no. Jan heads back to the middle, and the second letter is V (E V _ _ _ _ _). He says EVENING to send the boys to $700. The fifth word begins with W and Nick says WEATHER….wrong. Second letter there is E (WE….) and Katie says WEAR….right to send the ladies to $600. If they get this last word, they will have the lead back. The second letter in that word is H (T H _ _), and Danielle says THIN to take the lead back with $800! Second Speed Chain:

2. A
3. D

I thought ANNE DICK, but they say ANDY DICK…and that’s right to go to $1,000!

Third chain:


The second word has a base letter of S, and Sparks says STARE, which is wrong. The second letter is A (SA….) and Candy says SAND, my guess….but that’s wrong. Third letter there is L (SAL….) and Jan says SALAD…wrong. Fourth letter is V (S A L V _ _ _ _ _) and Katie says SALVATION to give the ladies $1,300! Danielle knows the third word is ARMY for another $300. Candy goes for the word before ELVIS, and it starts with V. She says VELVET ELVIS, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh….right to go to $1,900! Katie goes up to the middle word, and it starts with N, and the guess is NETWORK (?!?!?!)….NO WAY. Nick saves that for later and knows the fifth word is BLUE (not BLACK as I thought) to get the guys to the one grand mark. The second letter in the middle word is A (N A _ _) and Sparks says NAVY to get them to $1,300 and get a crack at this $300 Speed Chain:

2. M
3. W

They say MOUTH WASH, instead of my guess of MACHINE WASH….and MOUTH WASH is right to go to $1,600! Betting Chain:


The second word starts with C, and for $200, Jan says CHICKEN (?!?!?)…I hope he has a lot of fun making chicken noises, because that’s totally wrong. The second letter is E (CE…..) and Danielle bets $100 it’s CELLAR…but it’s not. Third letter is L (CEL…..) and Nick bets $100 it’s CELL….nope, so the guys are down to $1,300. The fourth letter is E (CELE….) and Candy bets $100 on my guess of CELEBRATION….NO! Fifth letter is B (C E L E B _ _ _ _) and Sparks says CELEBRATORY…UH, NO, so another $100 goes down the drain for the boys. Katie then gets finally CELEBRITY for $500 and take the ladies to $2,200! The third word starts with R, and Danielle bets $100 on ROUSE being the answer….not even close. The second letter there is O (R O _ _ _) and Jan says ROAST to take the boys to $1,400. Nick goes for the word before CLUB, and it starts with B. For $300, he says BOYS…right to go to $1,700! The middle word starts with B, and for $300, Sparks says BOAST (!?!?!?)…DOH!!! The ladies get BEEF and JERKY as the fourth and fifth words of the chain to win with $2,400.

Instant Reaction: Danielle is in the hot seat. The team totally flubs the first question on rodeo when they start with “Where is horse manure….”. LOL! They go on to finish with three correct answers, meaning each of the ladies get $900, for a total of $2,700.

Bullrun Show 7

At this point in the run, only the top two teams at the checkpoint are guaranteed to start the other part of a stage from their checkpoint positions after the checkpoint challenge. The other teams automatically have to face each other in the challenge.

The first leg runs to the checkpoint in Moab, Utah. The My Way/Highway option is back in play, as of right now. Also, at the time this episode was taped, it took place in the wee hours of the morning.

The Alsops get stopped by police because their front lights were on. As Morgan said, that’s ridiculous. I’ve never really heard of a law in this country where people can get ticketed for having certain lights on their car.

The Oldsmobile and the Charger teams go their own way. The Oldsmobile team gets stopped because one of their headlights burned out.

At the checkpoint, the Alsops (Trans Am) and the Oldsmobile teams are first and second respectively, so they will start from those spots in the second part of the stage. The leading team’s selection for a matchup is the Lotus team versus the Honda team. The second place team chooses the F-150 team against the Charger team.

In the latest challenge, each team must stay behind a truck with cargo boxes dropping out of the doors. Each team starts out with a base time of a minute, and a second is deducted from their time for each of the boxes they are able to avoid. They must do so while being in between the two ropes that are attached to the truck. If a rope is taken out, a ten-second penalty is given. The team with the best time wins.

The second selected matchup takes place first, with the F-150 team trying to get out of fifth place by facing the third place Charger team. The Charger team got by 31 boxes, meaning they have a final time of 29 seconds. The F-150 team missed….just 20 boxes, so the Charger and F-150 teams stay where they are in the standings.

The Honda team missed 22 boxes, for 38 seconds total. The Lotus squad….missed three more boxes than the Honda team. That means both teams stay where they were in the standings, with Lotus being fourth and Honda being last.

The finish line is located in Monument Valley, Arizona. The Time Bonus, after being absent the last time, is back in play this show. Just after getting started, most teams notice a mountain called Hole in the Rock, and just like I thought, the teams noticed it was a joke.

The Lotus and Trans Am teams continue their alliance during this part of the stage. The Alsops get the first of just two Time Bonus cards available, and each one is worth 45 minutes off a team’s final time. The F-150 team gets the other card.

The Oldsmobile team gets on a very dangerous dirt road in which if they had slid off the road, they would have taken a plunge and died.

Now, for the final standings:

The Alsops (Trans Am)

The seventh team eliminated is….

…as I thought it would be, Team Honda.

"Identity" rating

The possible last episode of "Identity" scored a 3.5 Fast Nielsen rating with a 7 share.


Friday, April 27, 2007

4/27/2007- WOF goes for PERFECTO; Identity's last stand?

TPIR: Stephen Charlamoore is first today to play Plinko. He gets by all the small prizes to get all five chips. First chip lands in nada. Second chip lands in the left $1,000 slot. Third chip lands in the $100 slot at the right end of the board. The last two chips each land in $1,000, meaning this man has $3,100 in addition to all of those prizes.

Christine Lazenbean then plays Clock Game for $1,000, a gas grill and a fireplace. She doesn't waste much time in winning it all- she gets the $779 grill in 13 seconds and then gets the $999 fireplace with just six seconds left!

Katrice Powell, a lieutenant from the U.S. Air Force, then plays Let Em' Roll for a Chevy Aveo.
She has no problem with the groceries, so she has three rolls to win. First roll gives her three cars and $2,500. Second roll yields another car and $1,000. Last roll....she ends up doing the worst anyone can do in this game, $500.

BTW, everyone who got on stage in the first half won a bit of cash. I think that has never happened before on this show.

The Clock Game player gets into the Showcase after a spinoff with the Plinko man.

Fourth is Keith Rodeneber, who plays Most Expensive for a daybed, a popcorn cart and a treadmill. This man agrees with me that the popcorn cart is the most expensive. But I'm not as sure now, because the other day I saw a daybed that cost almost $3,000. The treadmill is $1,299, the daybed is $2,262....and the popcorn cart is $3,038, so he wins!

Billy Hider, from Jacksonville, Florida, then hits the picnic equipment ARP of $500 on the nose in the fifth IUFB, winning a $500 bonus! He then plays Coming or Going for a Ft. Lauderdale! That's a bit close to his home, isn't it? Anyway, if he comes, the guess is $8,817, and if he goes, the guess is $7,188. Eight grand plus sounds too much for Florida to me. Hider agrees to go to $7,188 and he wins!

Teressa Lee, who is NOT the one who won the $100,000 Tournmanent on "Street Smarts" in its last season (the big winner there had one less S in her first name), is last to play Any Number for some dinnerware or a Ford Mustang (Std., Airbags, WLocks). First number of the Mustang price is 2. When this show was taped, this was Lee's birthday. Hopefully she'll make it a very nice one. First pick is 9, and the dinnerware is worth at least $900. Second pick is the other 2, and that's the fourth number of the car ($ 2 _, _ 2 _). Third pick is 1, and that's the middle number of the dinnerware ($ 9 1 _ ). Fourth pick is 4, and that's the middle number of the car ($ 2 _, 4 2 _ ). Fifth selection is 3, and that's the middle number of the piggy
bank ($ _. 3 _). The sixth pick is 6, and that's the last number of the piggy bank ($ _. 3 6).
Lee picks 0 next, and that's a wise pick, because first of all, the piggy bank can't be just thirty-six cents, and number two, that's the second number of the car ($ 2 0, 4 2 _). It comes down to this last pick.....

...she picks 5 and wins a Mustang ($ 2 0, 4 2 5) as her big birthday gift! The dinnerware was $917 and the piggy bank was worth $8.36.

SSD2: The first man this half spins a quarter....and goes over. The Florida man spins 20....and a nickel for a total of a quarter. Lee wins by spinning 80 cents and will go to the Showcase, where she will have a chance to win a boat to go along with that Mustang!

First Showcase features a fake superhero called The Untangler. First, she can live up to her name by untangling the cords from a new computer system. Second, she snags a lady's hair after it had been ruined by a new spa. Now, for that boat I was referring to. She has to help out a ship anchor untie the anchor rope off the propeller of this boat- a Reinell 18" 185 Ski Boat!
Lee bids here and after originally considering $28,000 and $35,000 as her bids, she bids 25 grand. I'm not so sure about that bid. The Clock Game champ has a living room, a security system and a trip to Athens to go for, and she bids $19,500, and I think she's won.

Lee's ARP: $25,974, a difference of $974! But did the Clock Game woman do even better? Her ARP: $15,927, meaning she's over and Lee adds the boat Showcase to her huge birthday haul, for a grand total of $48,364! The other lady leaves with $3,548 in cash and prizes.

Family Feud: The show tries again to crown undefeated family #10. The Hannas try to take that honor and possibly be the last entrants in the Winner Take All Tournament coming up very shortly, if there is one. But first, they must beat the Adevas. The Adevas strike first with 66 on daytime divas (one of which was Meredith Viera!). After winning that round, two members of the family do a similar bumping pose that people saw by a team on "Lingo" not too long ago!
The champs take the lead with 87 on public places that usually has at least one crying baby inside, and I HATE crying babies with a passion.

Double: Things you get hit by at the beach. Starting with:

#1- Beachballs (60, Tom)

The champs take control. Tandi says frisbees...#2 (12)! Israel, whom Marci says is the star of the team, says surfboard....strike. Marci says waves, and that's #3 (9)! Becki says sand shovels...sorry. Tom says sand....#4 (7)! Back to Tandi, who says umbrellas....three strikes.
For the challenger steal, JoJo (sorry, not the popular lady singer) says the sun's rays....NO, so the champs go to 263! #5 was bird/droppings (5) and #6 was boats (2).

Triple: An excuse a friend gives for not helping you move. Sarah of the challengers says work....NUMBER ONE (51), so they'll play! Marie says having kids....sorry. JoJo says being out of town....bottom answer (7)! Sunnary says being sick...#3 (10)! If they get #2, we've been robbed again of our tenth undefeated family. Joseph says a bad back is is, so they win the championship at 360! The Hannas leave with $41,135.

Fast Money: Tom and Sunnary play this one out.

1. A food people are allowed to eat following dental surgery.
2. An appliance that makes a loud noise.
3. A pet you could carry in your pocket.
4. A musical instrument that's difficult to play.
5. Name something someone goes to the hospital to have removed.

Tom says soup, blender (#1), hamster, piano and teeth (bad, because he misunderstood the question) for 73. Sunnary says water (bad), drill (really bad), mouse (#1), violin (#1) and appendix (#1) for 160 total and $800.

WOF: One of these three players will have the chance to help us make history. They are:
Tracy Olsen (in the blue), Jay Pelano (who wears a WOF tie!) and Jean Hein. Round 1 category is Before and After. After Hind calls the I's, we have...

S A _ R I _ I _ I A L

L A M _

_ _ _ _ S

Now I know. She calls the C's for the Free Spin, and solves SACRIFICAL LAMB CHOPS to score her first $1,000.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is People. After the winner of the last round calls the A's, we have...

_ T A _ _ A N

_ _ E _ A

S _ N _ E _ S

...and she calls three I's. She calls the L for $300, and after calling the R's for $1,200, we have...


_ _ E R A

S I N _ E R S

...and she solves ITALIAN OPERA SINGERS for more money and a trip to Venice, for a new total of $9,618.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Event, and it's a fairly big puzzle. Olsen spins a Mystery Wedge off the bat and calls two N's. She flips....$10,000! After Hein calls the P's later, we have...

_ E _ E _ _ P _ N G


P H _ T _ G R A P H

_ N


_ A R _ R _ _ _

I don't know the last word. She calls five O's, and two O's follow the second R in the last word of the puzzle. Now I know. She calls two D's for $1,100, and solves DEVELOPING A PHOTOGRAPH IN THE DARKROOM to go to $14,518, and she still has that Free Spin.

The man has CLOSE TO HOME on the $3,000 Toss Up to go to $5,000. Next category is Thing. After losing the Free Spin, Hein calls two N's for $10,000! After calling the G, we have...

_ N _ _ _ R- _ _ T _ _ _ R

_ A R _ E T _ N G

It's something MARKETING. After calling two D's, she says INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPETING....I've been duped, and she wins $12,650 more, and she now has $27,168!
Speed-Up Round category is In the Kitchen, and consonants are worth $1,350 each.
After she calls the R, we have...

_ _ T T _ R

_ N _ _ _

..and she solves BUTTER KNIFE to win the match with $31,218! The man has $5,000 and Olsen has $1,000.

Now, for the moment of truth. Should Hein win this bonus round, it will be just the third time in five years that we have had a perfect bonus round week. She spins the N in BONUS, and the all-important category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ ' _

_ _ N _ R _

I know this. She calls B, D, Y and I and gets...

I' _

_ _ N _ R Y

...does she know I'M HUNGRY????.....

...YES!!!!!!!! PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK!!!!!!! And she wins $40,000 for a total of $71,218! What a way to go out as the show will head to San Diego next week!!

WWTBAM: We may be going from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, as this show is in danger of a WIPEOUT for the first time all season long. The player who has the best chance of doing so on this episode is Ryan Dickerson. For $4,000:

Gruyere cheese takes its name from a region in what European country?

A: Germany
B: Switzerland
C: Belgium
D: The Netherlands

Dickerson asks the audience. 66% said Switzerland and 24% said Belgium. He agrees with Switzerland and is right. Next, for $8,000:

At the State of the Union Address, who usually sits with the Vice President right behind the President?

A: Speaker of the House
B: Chief Justice
C: Secretary of State
D: Senate majority leader

Dickerson uses his 50:50, leaving the top two choices. He wanted to go with my choice of A originally, but he agrees now and is right. For $25,000 and to avert the WIPEOUT:

Meryl Streep has won two Oscars, one for "Sophie's Choice" and the other for what movie?

A: "Silkwood"
B: "Kramer vs. Kramer"
C: "The Bridges of Madison County"
D: "Out of Africa"

While he works in movie theaters, he's not that familiar with movies. So, he calls his movie buff, Eric, who came with Dickerson to the show's tryouts. With only about five seconds left, he says "Kramer vs. Kramer", and Dickerson agrees to kill the WIPEOUT threat and get to $25,000!
For $50,000:

Theoretically the lowest temperature possible, absolute zero has roughly what value on the Fahrenheit scale?

A: -260 degrees
B: -360 degrees
C: -460 degrees
D: -560 degrees

Having a memory of hearing about this from a previous source, he says -360 degrees....IT WAS A BAD SOURCE. It's actually -460 degrees. But he still saved the week from being a total disaster, and he is going home with $25,000!

Next is Wareen Deluty. He is on a roll, heading into this $25,000 question. This is for a chance to come back the next time to go for at least $50,000:

As a symbol of friendship between the two lands, the state flag of Hawaii features the flag of what nation in its upper-left corner?

A: Canada
B: Japan
C: Great Britain
D: The Philippines

He uses the 50:50, leaving Canada and Great Britain. His original though prior to the 50:50 is not there anymore. He then asks the audience, and 75% said Great Britain, while 25% said Canada. Knowing that the audience tends to be wrong on questions valued of at least $25,000, he calls his cousin, Mariam. She knows it's Great Britain, and when the player agrees, he'll be returning the next time!

Jeopardy!: Andrew Rostan, who won 31 big ones on the last show, defends for the first time against Juli Hinds and Brian Marshall. Whoever emerges as the champion after this show will take a rest for two weeks while the $100,000 College Tournament begins this Monday, which will eminate from USC.

In the meantime, we have this game. For Round 1, The New York Times section featured this show is The Arts. Rostan almost sweeps The Civil War, but Marshall gets the $1,000 clue.
The match gets fairly tighter afterwards up to the first break, and when we get there, Rostan leads with $3,200. The lady has $2,200, and Marshall has $2,000. Marshall starts to tip the scales in his favor after the two challengers each screw up on a few clues, having $5,000 at one point while the challengers have only about $1,000 each. He tries to sweep In the Middle of the State, where each of the clues there will have a few letters that are part of the state's name, and the players must come up with the right state. When he tries for the sweep on the $1,000 clue, he finds the Daily Double with $8,000, and he bets half ($4,000):

"Ask" me about these two states (I love them).

"What are Alaska and Arkansas?" UH, NO. "Ask" is nowhere to be found in Arkansas. The other state was Nebraska. Down to $4,000 he goes. After he gets the final $1,000 clue in It's a Scientific Fact, he ends the round still in the lead with $5,000. Marshall has $2,800 and the lady has $2,200.

One of the categories in Double Jeopardy! is "This Old House: The Green Project". Marshall gets back to the roll he was on late in the first round after getting the $2,000 clue in They Played Wyatt Earp, and he now has $11,400. Marshall, after getting the $1,200 clue in Fictional Ships, finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue. He has $4,800 to the champ's $11,400, and he bets $2,000:

Lieutenant Steve Maryk takes command of this destroyer-minesweeper from an unstable captain.

"What is....The King?"....right, and he now has $6,800! But Rostan adds to his lead by getting the $2,000 clue there. After getting a few clues in "T" Time, he is over the $15,000 mark. But the lady finds the other Daily Double in You Can Czech In Any Time You Like, and she has $4,800 at this point. Marshall has $7,200, and the champ has $15,400. The lady bets $3,600:

It's what we're experiencing outside in the Czech capital, or the name of Czechlslovakia's moment of reform in 1968.

"What is.....The Fresh Air?" LOL!!!!! The event was The Proad Spring, and she sinks to $600.
The "This Old House" category featured video clips from the show as Alex read the clues.
After the round ends, the champ has $17,800. But it's not over yet, as Marshall has $9,600 and the lady has $7,800.

FJ! category: U.S. Transportation.

Writing in the 1820s, Lafayette's secretary called it a "great channel of communication, executed in eight years".

I'm thinking of something like The Panama Canal. The lady writes down "What is the Erie Canal?"....right! She adds everything but a buck, and goes to $15,599. Marshall has that and doubles up to $19,200. Rostan has that....and bets $1,500 to retain and have a two-day total of $50,300! We'll see him again after the collegians have their fun.

Identity: This could very well be the last show of the series. They get off to a bad start when Jennifer Anderson busted out when going for $50,000.

The show tried to end with some money being won when Melissa Sandvig took the podium.
IDs for this game:

Jazz pianist
Beer tester
Co-hosted "The View"
NBA team owner
Ghost hunter
Porcupine trainer
Invented TiVo
Hostage negotiator
Ice skating teacher

Her first guess is #3 being the supermodel, and that's right for $1,000.

She then says the lady at lucky #7 was a co-host of "The View"....and she was, Debbie Matenopoulos to multiply the bank by five.

Sandvig then says the man at #9 is the Trekkie....yes, and she doubles to 10 grand.

She makes her first error by saying the man at #8 is the ghost hunter.

Then, she uses the Tri-dentity on the ice skating teacher, leaving the man at #8, the man at #4 and the woman at #5. Instead of asking the experts, she guesses #5 is the teacher....and that's another $5,000 for her.

Sandvig knows that the man at #6, Joe Maloof, is an NBA team owner (Sacramento Kings, to be exact) to go to $25,000.

Sandvig has trouble talking it out with her family members about IDing the mime, so the experts are asked. Mark says it's #4 because he believes that man held the position for a long time, just on the man's refusal to budge. All of the experts say #4. Sandvig agrees and doubles to $50,000! I suggest she stop now.....

...and she does! Not too bad of a way to go out. She would have guessed the man at #11 was the hostage trainer, but he's actually the TiVo inventor. The man at #1 was the porcupine trainer, the lady at #2 was the ghost hunter, #8 was the jazz pianist, the lady at #10 was the hostage trainer and the lady at #12 was the beer taster.

"....5th Grader?" rating and schedule news

This week's episode of "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" scored a 6 Fast Nielsen rating with a 10 share. That is up slightly from what it has been doing the past few weeks.

Also, please make note that in two weeks, the first season finale will be TWO HOURS.

Source: The Futon Critic

"Survivor: Fiji" 4/26

Reward Challenge: The remaining eight are divided into two teams of four. At the start, one person for each team will be on a platform. The other three will try to catch balls from them with a catch basket. The first team to catch five balls wins a bath kit including Olay Ribbons Body Wash and the right to stay at a luxury spa resort. Also, the one chosen by the winner to go to Exile Island will get a clue to the location of an Immunity Idol. Since Alex Angarita used his Immunity Idol on the last show, it has been re-hidden. The teams are:

Yau-Man Chan (launcher)
Cassandra Franklin
Boo Bernis
Mookie Lee

Stacy Kimball (launcher)
Dreams Herd
Earl Cole
Alex Angarita

On Kimball's first launch, Cole had the ball but dropped it. Bernis helps the orange team draw first blood. On a Kimball launch, Lee steals the point for the orange team! But Kimball would redeem herself, as a later launch would be caught by Herd for his team's first point. On one of Chan's later launches, Bernis apparently injures his knee while sliding in the mud. Bernis complains about his ACL. But he decides to continue in the challenge. On the next Chan launch, Bernis had a ball but dropped it. Herd would then tie the challenge up at two apiece. But the orange team takes the lead back when Lee gets a ball. But Herd would tie the challenge back up again at three apiece. Bernis drops a ball after getting one again. But Lee would give the orange team a 4-3 lead. Angarita then steals a Chan launch to tie at at four balls apiece. The winning team is.....

...the green team! The one chosen to go to Exile Island is Bernis.

This is the clue given to him at Exile Island:

The island's back has your very own beach,
It's close to a singular tree and easy to read.

By knowing the Immunity Idol is not there, Bernis says it gives him some time to rest his potential ACL injury.

Immunity Challenge: Each person will choose three squares on a big 25-square grid. The chosen squares by each person must touch each other. Then, each person will call out a letter and a number to represent a coordinate on the map, in the hope that it will be one of their opponents' squares. Once all of a person's squares are bombed, that person is out. The last one standing wins immunity. The letters available on the grid are A through E on the x-axis, and the numbers are found on the y-axis, 1 through 5. Here are where the people are headed:

Kimball: E3, D4 and C5
Chan: C3, D4 and E5
Lee: A3, B4 and C5
Franklin: A5, B4 and C3
Herd AND Bernis: B1, C2 and D3
Angarita: B4, C4 and D4
Cole: C2, D3 and E4

Each person does NOT know if the coordinates they chose will also be chosen by another.
Herd gets the first pick, and it's D3, giving he, Bernis and Cole their first strike. Franklin picks C3, and she gets her first strike, along with Chan. Lee picks E4 next, and Cole gets his second strike. Cole picks B4, and Lee and Angarita each get their first strike, while Franklin gets strike two. Chan picks C2, which makes Cole STRIKE OUT of the challenge, and Herd and Bernis each get their second strike. Kimball picks B1, and Herd and Bernis both STRIKE OUT. Angarita picks D2...that's a dud. Franklin picks A4 next...ditto. Lee picks A5 next, and Franklin is the next to bow out of the challenge. Chan picks C5, and Kimball gets her first strike, while Lee gets strike two. Angarita says good. Kimball says A4, which also does nothing, because that's already been called! Lee calls C4, and Angarita gets strike two. Chan takes A3, and Lee strikes out. Angarita picks E5, giving Chan his second strike. Kimball picks D4. Now, everyone takes a hit, which means both Chan and Angarita lose and Kimball wins!

Now, for Tribal Council.

First vote goes to Angarita.
Second vote goes to him too.
Third vote goes to Lee.
Fourth vote goes to Bernis.
Fifth vote goes to Lee.

Unfortunately, Lee gets the remainder of the votes and is demoted to the jury.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

4/26/2007 Results

TPIR: Daniel Kempsel is first today to play One Wrong Price for a BBQ island marked at $3,806, an HDTV marked at $3,998 and a dinette marked at $2,250. This is a tough setup.
He says the HDTV price is wrong...but that's still $3,998. The dinette was actually $1,495.

Kristen Parks then plays One Away for a Ford Ranger (Std., Wheels, AC, Prot). Wrong price is $26,578. First guess is $17,689....three numbers are right. She then says $17,469 and loses. ARP was $15,687. This was tough, because they don't offer cars that cheap in this particular game.

When Carmie Stanato came on down for the 3rd IUFB, it was learned that she is the mother of Amber Schroder, who is also in Contestant's Row!! I've never seen that happen before- this is a mother-daughter team! Bob also says this has never happened before. The one who makes it out of the row next is Nancy Estridge, and she then plays the Punchboard. She got three of the SPs, meaning she gets to punch three holes. She punches out holes #2, #27 and #50. #2 has $100, and that's thrown away. #27 has $250, and that's tossed aside. #50 has.....only face value, aka $50. Too bad. These contestants have had no luck today.

SSD1: Estridge spins 45....and 15 for 60 cents. The man spins 90 cents. Parks spins 85...and goes over, so the man is in the Showcase.

Stanato is the first of the mother-daughter clan to make it on stage, and plays Pushover for a pair of motorcycles. Board:


I think the price is $8,960. Remember, there is a little rule that contestants need to follow when playing for two of the same prize- the last number must end in 0 or an even number. She agrees with my guess of $8,960....but we're wrong! They were $4,738. More bad luck!

Sandra Webb then plays Money Game for a Dodge Caravan (Fairly loaded). Board:


Middle number is zero ($ _ _, 0 _ _). She picks off 23 and 22 for $45 before picking 21 as the front of the van ($ 2 1, 0 _ _). She picks 40 as the last two numbers, which is what I thought....but that's just worth $40. She picks 79 and wins just $164. The ARP was $21,035.

Joyce Tall then plays Hi Lo for a chance to prevent a skunk, and to win a new bedroom. Products are Oxi Clean spray, Walgreens hand lotion, cat litter, Trimspa drink, Swiss cake rolls and salsa. First pick is the Trimspa, which is $19.99. Second pick is the cat litter, and that's $8.49. Last pick is the hand cream, and that's $7.99. I feel good about this. The rolls are $1.39, the salsa is $2.09 and the spray is $2.66, so we have a winner! And she gets into the Showcase!

First Showcase is an Around the World Showcase. The trips in there this time are Paris, Japan and Bali. The man bids $15,000. The only winner today sees a Showcase where a customer hears announcements. First, a flight was delayed a half hour because someone decided to bring on the plane a set of luggage. Second, another flight was delayed an hour because someone decided to try and fit a new Wurlitzer jukebox inside the plane. Finally, a flight was cancelled because someone decides to park directly inside the airport terminal a new Ford Focus (Std., AC, ALB)! This lady bids $24,500, and I really like that bid.

ARP for the man: $16,079, a difference of $1,079. ARP for Tall......

...$25,225, meaning she does win and takes home $31,271 in prizes!

WOF: Tonight, we have Karen Starr (in the blue), Ben Rosen and Brooke Haggerty. Starr shoots for the stars by getting the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Places puzzle, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Don't forget that at this point all week long, the $4,000 gift certificate is on the wheel. After the man calls the I's, we have...

_ I L E S

_ _

_ N S _ _ I L E _

_ E A _ _ E S

...but he then gets a Bankrupt. Haggerty calls a $600 F and two O's, and calls a $400 D. After calling the U, she says MILES OF UNSPOILED BEACHES....right for $500 and a trip to Tahiti! Total: $7,500.

Jackpot Round category is Living Thing, and it's a pretty big puzzle. After the man calls the C, we have...


_ A R R _ _

_ E R C _ E _

_ N


_ I R A _ E' S

S _ _ _ L _ E R

He calls two H's for $1,800, and currently has $7,350 in his pot. But his M call is a dud. Haggerty calls the D's for the vacation gift certificate, and now we have...


_ A R R _ _

_ E R C H E D

_ N


_ I R A _ E' S

S H _ _ L D E R

I know this now. But she gets a Bankrupt. Starr calls the P's and solves A PARROT PERCHED ON A PIRATE'S SHOULDER for $1,500, and she goes to $4,500.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Phrase, and all week long the round is sponsored by After Haggerty calls the E's, we have...

_ _ T

_ _ T _

T _ E

_ _ _

_ N

_ _ T _

T _ E


..and she quickly solves OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW to go to $12,350!

Starr solves CERAMIC CANNISTERS to go to $7,500. Next category is Food and Drink.
After Haggerty calls the E, we have...

_ R _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ E D D _ R

S _ _ _

I don't know the top word, at least. After calling three C's, we have...

_ R _ C C _ _ _

C _ E D D _ R

S _ _ _

..the C's did it for her- she solves BROCCOLI CHEDDAR SOUP for another $3,150, and she goes to $15,500. Speed-Up Round category is Thing, and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After calling the G's, the man has this showing...

R _ N G _ N G

_ _ _ N _

..and he gets off the zero mark with RINGING PHONE to take home $2,600! But we know who our champion is.

I have a good feeling that we will have a shot at a perfect bonus round week on Friday. She spins the last zero, and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

L _ _ _ _

_ _ _

Haggerty calls D, P, M and O and gets...

L _ _ _ _

_ O _

Not much help, but with this lady, you never know....and she knows it right away with LUCKY YOU! That wins her $30,000, gives her a grand total of $45,500 in cash and Tahiti, and we will have a chance at a perfect bonus round week tomorrow!

"......5th Grader?": There's a new student on the panel tonight- Marki Ann (Meyer). She is replacing Laura, who is on a new sitcom on FOX. At the contestant podium now is John Zole, who is a 26-year-old watch salesman from Orlando, FL. His first partner is Kyle. These are the categories he's working with:

1st Grade Grammar
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Astronomy
4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade Math
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Literature

First category pick is Social Studies.

What is the name of the landmark that is located in our nation's capital? It is NOT The White House.

He says The Washington Monument for his first grand. Next category pick is Grammar.

T or F: The word "monsters" is the subject of this sentence:

"The idea of monsters living under his bed kept Kyle awake at night."

I say that's false, and he agrees....he doubles his money. Kyle is the subject of that sentence, and the player's new partner is the new student on the block, Mary Ann. A video clip of the band at the middle school he went to is shown playing this show's theme song!

The next subject chosen is Measurements.

Jacob left his home for school at 7:45 a.m, and returned home the same day at 3:45 p.m. How many full hours was he gone?

The answer is eight hours, and Zole knows that for another $3,000! Next category is Animal Science.

The female of what animal is called an ewe?

Zole has the answer of sheep to double to ten grand! New partner is Jacob, and the next chosen category is U.S. Geography. To guarantee $25,000 when this game is done:

Referring to the highlghted state on the U.S. map on the right side of the given page, what state is being highlighted?

Everyone knows it's alaska, and Zole is up to $25,000! Next category pick is 4th Grade World Geography.

Bern(e) is the capital of what European country?

Zole decides to peek at Jacob's answer, which is Switzerland. He agrees and is right to double to 50 large! Next partner is Alana, and another doubler is at stake in Astronomy.

T or F: Light is the only thing that can escape a black hole.

He says false to go to $100,000! Zole says he wants to buy a 35" pontoon boat with all the money that he may win here.

Next category is 5th Grade U.S. History. For $75,000 more:

What man who would later be U.S. President represented the British soldiers who were on trial for the Boston Massacre?

He says John Adams. Alana said James Madison. Actual answer....

...Adams! His save is still there! Spencer is his last partner. Next-to-last category is 5th Grade Literature. To get to $300,000:

Mark Twain is the pseudony of what famous American author who wrote "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"?

Zole decides to copy Spencer's answer, and he must go with it. The answer was Samuel Clemens. Did Spencer have it?....

...HE DID! For $500,000 in the category of Math:

What is the sum of 11.5 and -14?

I know it. It's -2.5. Does he have it?....

...HE DOES!!!!! Now, I forgot to mention this in last week's show- all helps accumulated up to this point are dead at the $1 Million question. Category is 5th Grade Math. He decides to drop out with the half million. He drew a total blank when shown this question for fun:

What is the only prime number that is a factor of 16?

My answer was 4, but it was 2. As it is, we have two $500,000 winners in a row!!!

WWTBAM: Maria Bates is back. For $25,000:

2005 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mohamed ElBaradel heads an agency that focuses on what international problem?

A: Global warming
B: AIDS crisis
C: Child poverty
D: Nuclear proliferation

Bates calls Steve, an attorney she works for. He says D at the buzzer. Bates was leaning towards C instead. With her uncertainity, she leaves wtih $16,000. The attorney was right on this question.

Megan Powers is next, and she is a student from Minneapolis. For $2,000:

Jimmy Buffett's signature hit "Margaritaville"opens with the singer nibbling on what snack?

A: Sponge cake
B: Corn chips
C: Bean dip
D: Chicken wings

Powers asks the audience, and 60% said sponge cake, while 24% said corn chips. She agrees with the audience on sponge cake and is right. Next, for $4,000:

Since 1966, which of these pro football teams has traditionally played a game on Thanksgiving Day?

A: Minnesota Vikings
B: New England Patriots
C: Green Bay Packers
D: Dallas Cowboys

I know this, but she uses the 50:50, leaving the Patriots and the Cowboys. Powers wants to say the Cowboys, but she's unsure, so she calls her boyfriend Scott. He says the Patriots instead, and he's 100% sure. She agrees......I suggest that she dump him, because it's the Cowboys, and he just cost her half of the $2,000 she thought she had won.

Lee Anne Spencer from San Fransisco is next. Her aunt, Helen, passed away at the age of 106.
She would love to win lots of money to honor her. For $4,000:

Often seen on engagement ringss, princess diamonds are what shape?

A: Heart-shaped
B: Bear-shaped
C: Oval
D: Square

She asks the audience, and 65% said square. She agrees and is right. Next, for $8,000:

Which of these famous landmarks was built piecemeal over a span of 2,000 years?

A: Machu Picchu
B: Great Pyramid
C: Great Wall of China
D: Taj Mahal

She uses the 50:50, leaving Machu Picchu and The Great Wall. She goes with The Great Wall and is right! Next, for $16,000:

What Hollywood's legend three acting Oscars are for his roles as Randle Patrick McMurphy, Garrett Breedlove and Melvin Udall?

A: Warren Beatty
B: Clint Eastwood
C: Jack Nicholson
D: Dustin Hoffman

She says Beatty....NO. It was Nicholson, and she also goes home with $1,000.

Ryan Dickerson will start at the $2,000 question Friday. If no one gets to the $25,000 mark after that show, the show will WIPEOUT for the first time this season.

Family Feud: Well, I'm back to watching the show now. On the Monday show I missed, the Hawks from early March returned and were defeated by the Hannas, Jack not included. That team won the $20,000 that day. They are still here for their fourth game, with $21,135 to their credit so far. They're facing the Trovaos this time. The challengers score the first 79 points on things politicans don't want to be caught for. They add 70 on things you blow up.

Double: Things about a beautiful woman that would make a man lose interest in her. Starting with:

#5- Bad teeth (5, Tom)

The champions take over. Tandi says being Israel says lack of smartness.....#2 (13)! Marci says she belches a lot....that's what I do after eating nowadays, and that's a dud. Becki says being too materialistic....strikeout. For the challenger steal, Denise says bad breath....NO, so the Hannas have their first 36 points of the game. #1 was a bad personality (25). #3 was smoking (8), #4 was the voice (5) and #6 was being married (5).

Triple: Advantages to being married. Frank of the challengers says taxes....that's #2 (35). Tandi says being able to grow old with someone else...NUMBER ONE (52), so they get to play!
Israel says having children...bottom answer (2)! If they get #3, they will pull it out. Marci says having sex....NO. Becki says #3 is never being bored (?!?!?!)....NO WAY. Tom says getting the chance to have a conversation with someone.....STRIKEOUT. This steal will decide it. Denise says #3 is keeping the family alive......NO, so the Hannas win again at 303! #3 was no more dating (7).

Fast Money: Tom and Marci take a shot at it.

1. The age when children best learn their ABCs.
2. Something you keep in a suit jacket.
3. A sugar-coated thing.
4. A type of person that gives children words of encouragement.
5. A souvenir people buy at Disneyland.

Tom says 3, handkerchief, doughnuts, teacher (#1) and stuffed animals for 103. Marci first says two for the ABCs question....25 said that, and that's #1! She then says for the suit jacket a comb (?!?!?)...she gets lucky, as three said that. Wallet or comb was the #1 answer for that. For a sugar-coated thing, she says my answer of candy....38 said that, and that's #1! 31 away from the 20 grand. She then says mom as a good person of encouragement....28 said it, and they're just three points away! For a Disneyland souvenir, she says mouse ears....'s #1, and 48 said that to give the family $20,000! Total: $41,135!

Jeopardy!: Unleash that "The Legend of Zelda" theme song, because the champion is Zelda Nash! She has $28,100 to her credit, and defends against Pam Spitzner and Andrew Rostan.
The New York Times Round 1 category this time is House and Home. Speak of the devil, Nash finds the Daily Double there under the $400 clue, and with just $200, she bets $600:

The December 28, 2006 edition suggested recycling this object into garden mulch.

"What are eggshells?"....NO FREAKIN' WAY. It was the Christmas tree. She does get out of the hole by the first break, as she has $800. But the man in the middle (Rostan) is the leader with $3,800 at this point. Spitzner gets the $600 clue later on in Before Computers to tie Rostan for the lead at $4,000. She takes the lead by getting the next clue there, but Rostan takes the lead back with the $1,000 clue there. At the end of the round, Spitzner has the lead back with $5,200. Rostan has $4,800 and the champ has $3,200.

Double Jeopardy! is going to be a fun one, because the first five categories are past game shows that Alex Trebek have hosted!!!! They are Reach for the Top, High Rollers, Pitfall, The Wizard of Odds and "Double" Dare! The last category is My Life in Game Shows. Rostan finds the first Daily Double in "Double" Dare under the $1,200 clue. With just $200 seperating him ($5,400) and Spitzner ($5,600), he bets $2,200:

This is the shapely 1950s discovery that is best associated with DNA.

"What is the Double Helix?" You bet it is, and he has $7,600 and the lead! Spitzner gets the $1,600 clue there, but the man responds with a correct response to the $2,000 clue. Now, for the My Life in Game Shows category. First clue:

He hosted one game show from 1956 to 1974 and another from 1972 to 2007.

Believe it not, NOBODY KNOWS IT'S BOB BARKER!!!! Unbelievable. Next:

This Toronto native ran a carpet business long before success as the host of "Deal or No Deal".

Rostan mercifully says Who is Howie Mandel for $800. There's an error in this $1,200 clue:

In the 1980s, Johnny Gilbert was the announcer on the $20,000 version of this Dick Clark-hosted game show.

The said version of the show in question is the $25,000 version, not the $20,000 one. The $20,000 one was for the most part in the 70s. Rostan says What is "The $20,000 Pyramid"...the judges accept it for "Pyramid". $1,600 clue there:

After sitting next to Brett Somers on "Match Game" for many years, he starred in the one-man show "The Life of Reilly".

Rostan says Who is Charles Nelson Reilly for $1,600 more. The last clue has Kitty Carlisle Hart as the correct response, and Spitzner gets that for $2,000.

The champ finds the other Daily Double in Pitfall. She has $5,200, while Rostan has $14,400 and Spitzner has ten grand. She bets $3,000:

It's the foolhardy 1854 military action that was shown on the screen.

"What is the Battle of Buena Vista?"....never heard of that before, and that's wrong. What is The Charge of the Light Brigade? She's down to $2,200. The challengers continue to battle against each other in a tight match, and at the end of the round, Rostan leads with $16,800. Spitzner has $14,400 and the champ has $4,600. Nash is in a situation that Laura Wimberley was in her first two victories- she needs to bet low and have the other two blow it big time.

FJ! category: The Oscars.

The two men who directed Marlon Brando's Oscar-winning performances.

Nash has "Who are Coppola and Wise?".....only Coppola is right, and she loses EVERYTHING, so she isn't as lucky as Wimberley, and will leave with $29,100. Spitzner has "Who are Kazan and Coppola"...Kazan's the other, so she's right! She adds two grand to finish with $16,400. Rostan says the right two and bets big to win the championship with $31,000!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"American Idol" 4/25- Idol Gives Back Part II

This is going to be interesting. Ryan Seacrest SCREWED UP THE INTRO!!!!!

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but there is a slight chance, IMHO, that this week will be a non-elimination week. As for the number of people who called, Seacrest said over 70 million people called in! The show reached its goal and then some!

People at home were given the chance to call 1-877-IDOL-AID to add to that impressive total.

As you already know, hosting the Walt Disney Concery Hall parts of the show is Ellen DeGeneres! Earth, Wind and Fire were the first singers to perform. The six remaining contestants did a group number called "Time to Care", which was written by Randy Jackson himself!

Ben Stiller made a taped appearance singing "Reminiscing", and he sung badly!

In Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest has Jack Black come out of the audience to sing "Kissed from a Rose" by Seal. But the judges cut him off, and Black complained that he wanted to instead be America's Next Top Model!!!!! LOL! Simon thought he was better than Sanjaya Malakar!
But Seal thought Black's rendition of that song was the best ever! After that, Carrie Underwood's rendition of "I'll Stand By You" was played.

Tom Anderson, a co-founder of Myspace, was in the audience. This company also helped out with this event.

There was a piece where several different celebrities danced and tried to sing to the song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. Amongst the cast: Dr. Phil, Teri Hatcher, Lebron James, Shaquille O' Neal, Miss Piggy, Hugh Lawrie and Ryan Seacrest himself!!!

I see a video clip where Seacrest and Cowell are overseeing the heartbreak of a mother having to take care of at least children in her family, and at least three of the children are HIV positive, because their parents previously had that disease. Mr. Cowell was so heartbroken over the poor conditions of where those people were living, that he demanded others who are living in the poor areas to go the hospital.

Ellen DeGeneres made a $100,000 donation to charity on her own behalf! Josh Grobin afterwards sung his classic song "You Raise Me Up" with an African children's choir.

Kelly Clarkson then did a performance with Jeff Beck called "Up to the Mountain".

An animated short with "The Simpsons" was shown, with all of the Simpson family, except for Margie and Maggie, serving as audition judges for SIMON COWELL!!!! He tried to sing "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls, and needless to say, he blew it. But it still made for a priceless moment!

Then, the mystery duo was revealed- it was Celiene Dion and a computerized representation of ELVIS PRESSLEY!!!!!! You know what- Celiene Dion may have been computerized as well, but who cares.

After Annie Lennox did "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at the concert hall (which means either Gwen Stefani declined at the last minute, or she was edited out of the broadcast and relegated to ITunes), the big announcement......

....NOBODY IS ELIMINATED THIS WEEK!!!!!! That means that next week will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION WEEK.

New Season of "World Series of Blackjack" to feature familiar faces

GSN's "World Series of Blackjack" begins a new season on June 4th at 11 PM. Matt Vasgersian returns as the main host after a one-year hiatus. Amongst the final contestant pool: Penn Jillette, Caroline Rhea, and the series's last two big winners, Ken Einiger and Dr. Jeff Bernstein.

4/25/2007 Results

Rosie Belshar is first today to play Cover Up for a Ford Fusion (Std., ALB, Heater, Prot). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 0, 4 or 9?
Third number: 3, 5, 6 or 8?
Fourth number: 2, 6, 7, 8 or 9?
Last number: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9?

First guess is $19,696, and only the first two numbers are right. Second guess is $19,869….game over. ARP: $19,324.

Jared Miles then plays Range Game for a Jacuzzi spa. Range is $10,800 to $11,400. He stops the board at $10,982 to $11,132. ARP: $11……148. Not quite.

Alicia Mentky then plays Shopping Spree for a tree house, a serving set, a desk and a drum set. She must pick the three prizes that combine for a total of at least $4,000 to win all four prizes. After she nearly tries to cheat by trying to look at what’s behind the price tags, she picks the desk, and that’s $1,497. Next pick is the drum set, and that’s $1,330.
She thinks the serving set is at least $1,330…and it’s $1,425! The tree house was $771.
And she gets into the Showcase!

Tina Clark then plays Pass the Buck for a Chevy Aveo worth $14,865. First pair of items are pasta sauce and Plug Ins. She thinks the Plug Ins should be $3.99…and that’s right.
Other pair of items are Ziploc bags marked at $2.79 and a bag of cat food marked at $5.99. She thinks the bags are $3.79, but they’re still $2.79. First pick off the big board is #5, and that’s $1,000. She goes on and goes next door to the right, or #6….she wins the car and $1,000!

Jonathan Schmerer, who earlier in the show got confused in a Come on Down segment with another Jonathan, then plays Secret X for a trip to Ireland worth $6,735. This man is from Oregon State University. First SP here is a corn popper, and it’s either $24 or $35. He says $24, and I groaned…but that’s right! The other SP is a coffee maker, and it’s either $40 or $60, Guess is $40….right again! If the Secret X is not in the “rock bottom” spot (the lower red square), he wins….but it is rock bottom!

Deborah Crude-Marshall then hits the exercise bike price of $799 on the nose in the last IUFB, winning a $500 bonus! She then plays for a catamaran in Side by Side. The pairs of numbers available are 75 and 97, with 97 stacked on top of 75. Thus, the prize is either $7,597 or $9,775, and her guess is $9,775, with approval from the audience…winner!

SSD2: The OSU student spins 50….and 15 for 65 cents. Crude-Marshall spins 85 cents.
The big winner this half spins 60…and 95, so Crude-Marshall heads to the Showcase to face Mentky!

First Showcase has a dining room, an AMC Theaters gift card and a Chevy Cobalt (Std.,
Heater). Crude-Marshall bids $22,400 on that stuff. Mentky sees not-so-subtle hints from an anxious mother. First, don’t bother leaving travel brochures in your bedroom if you’re planning to get married in Niagara Falls. Second, you can’t forget you’re having a family when there’s a new baby crib in your house. Finally, you know your mother is very pushy every time she asks you to meet her new husband in your new Pontiac G6 Convertible (Std., Airbags, Premium, Sport)! She bids $26,000.

ARP for Mentky: $39,936, a difference of $13,936. ARP for Crude-Marshall: $25,222, meaning she wins and takes home $36,436 in prizes! The other lady leaves with $3,045.

WOF: Tonight, we have Julie McClaine, Kelly Brose and Anthony Smith. McClaine gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Food and Drink puzzle. Remember, at this point in the show all week long, the $4,000 gift certificate is put on the wheel. After Brose calls the R, we have...

_ _ A S S _ _

_ R _ E _

S E A _ _ _ _

_ _ A T T E R

I think I know. But her H call is a dud. Smith calls two D's for $1,200 and two F's for another $900. He calls two L's for another $1,200, and calls the O's. He calls the P and two I's, and solves CLASSIC FRIED SEAFOOD PLATTER for $3,200.

Jackpot Round category is Who is It?, and it's a big puzzle. Don't forget about the $3,000 bonus question at the end. After Smith calls the I's, we have...


I _ _ _

C A S T _ _ _

_ E C A M E

_ S C A R' S

_ R E A M _ I R _

I know this. He calls the B for that Wild Card. He then calls the O's. He flirts with a Bankrupt, but hits Jackpot! He calls two L's for $1,000....but spins again, and picks up the Free Spin with two D's. He calls the G for $800 more, but his P call is a dud, so he forks over the Free Spin. But it's a waste, as his Y call is a dud too. McClaine steals AMERICAN IDOL CASTOFF BECAME OSCAR'S DREAMGIRL for $1,800. Does she know it's Jennifer Hudson....yes for another $3,000, and she now has $7,800.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fictional Character. After Smith calls the A and the O's, we have...

_ _ T _ O L O _ _ _ A L

_ E R O

_ E R _ _ L E S

I know where the bonus trip is for this particular puzzle. He calls three H's for $2,700, but hits Lose a Turn. McClaine calls the C's for $1,600 and calls the U. McClaine calls a $300 M and solves MYTHOLOGICAL HERO HERCULES for $1,650 and a trip to Athens, Greece, for a new total of $13,950!

Brose finally gets on the board with FOREIGN AMBASSADOR for $3,000! Speed-Up Round category is Around the House, and consonants are worth $6,000 each! After Smith calls the S's, we have...

_ _ N _ N _

T _ _ _ _


S _ _ _ _ _ _ R _

S _ T

I only don't know the third word. He has $24,000 and the match at stake...but no guess. McClaine calls the L, but can't solve. Brose calls the B's, and now has $18,000 and the match at stake, but can't solve. Smith calls the G, but can't solve. McClaine calls the D's and solves DINING TABLE & SIDEBOARD SET to win the match big time with $49,950!

She spins the dollar sign, and the category is Things. Starting with:

_ _ N

_ _ _ T S

I think my brother got this before me. McClaine calls F, D, P and A and gets...

F _ N

F A _ T S

It was my brother's guess of FUN FACTS. Does she know? YES, at the buzzer! That's our first four-show winning streak of the season. Now, if the $100,000 came up, she's the show's all-time winner....

...but it didn't happen, as there's just $25,000. But she still has a final total of $74,950!

WWTBAM: Chris Hayes is back with the phone still left. For $16,000:

In 2006, it was reported that media mogul David Geffen sold what artist’s “No. 5, 1948” for a record $140 million?
A: Jasper Johns
B: Cy Twombly
C: Robert Rauschenberg
D: Jackson Pollock

Hayes is stumped, so he calls his uncle Ted, but he is of no help, so he takes the $8,000 home. Answer was Pollock.

Next is Brendan Murphy. For $4,000:

Named after a village in England, Stilton is a strong-flavored type of what?
A: Honey
B: Beer
C: Tea
D: Cheese

Murphy has it down to tea and beer, and he uses the 50:50, leaving beer and cheese. He asks the audience, and 74% actually said cheese, while the other 26% said beer. He goes with the audience on cheese….had he not asked the audience, he would have been screwed, because cheese is right! For $16,000:

In the U.S., how many pecks are in a bushel?
A: 4
B: 15
C: 50
D: 64

Murphy calls his dad Les, who I thought said 16, but that’s not a choice. I think he meant 15. Murphy is not sure enough, so he’s the second $8,000 winner on the day. Answer was actually 4.

Maria Bates is next from Vegas. She is a homemaker. For $8,000:

L.A. is approximately 1,700 statute miles from which of these major U.S. cities?
A: Seattle
B: Chicago
C: Las Vegas (!)
D: Boston

Wouldn’t it be funny if Vegas was the answer? After the audience is asked, 67% said Chicago. Vegas was said by only 9% of the audience. She agrees with the audience on Chicago and is right. Next, for $16,000 and a chance to come back Thursday:

Bauxite is the principal ore mined to produce what metal?
A: Iron
B: Zinc
C: Aluminum
D: Copper

The 50:50 leaves Zinc and Aluminum. Bates goes with Aluminum…and she’s coming back tomorrow!

Lingo: The show is starting out fresh this time, as a result of what happened on the last show.
$10,000 could go to either John and Greg or to Becka and April. The guys get FLUSH to score
the first 25 points and get this board:


They get 53 and 13, meaning 05 or 17 will give them a Lingo. They get DADDY in four to double up. John has 45...and Greg has 29. They get EIGHT in three to go to 75, but they get 65 and 57, so there’s still no Lingo yet. But the picks do open 41 and 61. They get VODKA after the girls can’t take advantage of their steal opportunity. John draws 37, meaning a 33 is also available to Lingo on….and Greg has 61 to take them to 150!

Becka and April finally score with TRUTH in two, and get this board:


They draw 62 and 14, meaning an 18 or 50 will Lingo for them. They get WALTZ on their last chance to go to 50. Becka gets 10, while April gets 26, and those draws are of no help. They get BUILD in the max to go to 75, but Becka has a stopper to end the round.

After a missed steal by the boys to start the round, the ladies get PIZZA to go to 125, and have a chance to take the lead. With the WILDs in play, they have an ever better chance of making that Lingo. Becka has 46, while April has a WILD, giving them the Lingo and the lead with 225!
The boys get GIANT in three to go to 200, and get this new board:


They draw 19 and 39, meaning an 03 or a WILD will give them their second Lingo of the show.
The ladies steal RANCH from them to go to 275, and get this new board:


They draw 16 and 20. The girls get disqualified for saying APRIL, which shocked me. I could have sworn it was legal, but it was a proper noun, and such words are not allowed here. The boys steal ALLOW to go to 250. Now, this will be the last drawing round of this game. If they get a Lingo now, I think they will win. John has 51, which is of no help…..and Greg has 55, so the ladies win by 25 points, 275 to 250.

The ladies have two Bonus Letters to potentially use in Bonus Lingo. They completely miss CREAK at the start. They get their first word, LOWLY, with about 43 seconds left. And believe it or not, that’s all they get! Now, I don’t need to show the board now, because it only takes one number to win the $10,000. That number is 44. Only one time in history has a team still won Bonus Lingo with only one draw earned. Can April make it happen a second time???….

…NO. She has 24 instead, so they leave with just $100, or 50 bucks a lady.

Jeopardy!: This is the first time in a while that I’ve watched this show. As of right now, Laura Wimberley is our champion, and this is her fourth day, but has only amassed $23,999, mostly because on her first two victories, she won low payouts thanks to dumb luck. She is being challenged by Zelda (!) Nash and Misha Dashevsky. All week long in the first round, the last category will be about The New York Times. In this case, it is about business. The man in the middle finds the Daily Double at the end of Back in the U.S.S.R. He and the champ have $1,600 each, and they trail Nash by $200. The man bets all but $100:

Once Lenin’s heir apparent, in 1926 he was removed as commissar of war; by 1929, he was banished from the country.

“Who is Leon Trotsky?”…right for the lead with $3,100! But he misses the $400 clue in TV Roles about Susan Lucci’s character on “All My Children” (which was read by Lucci herself), and at the first break is in second with $2,700. The champ has $2,600 and Nash is back in the lead with $3,000.

The match gets very tight after the break, and at the end of the round, Nash still leads with $4,400. The man has $3,500 and the champ has $100 less, or $3,400.

Double Jeopardy! had a category called "Wheel of Fortune" with it being underlined!!!!! If it's what I think it is, this should be fun. Nash finds the first Daily Double of the round in the middle of The Devil. With $5,200 at this point, she bets a grand:

After making a deal with the devil in this 1968 film, John Cassavetes gets a Broadway role.

"What is Rosemary's Baby?"....right to go to $6,200! The champ gets the $1,600 and $2,000 clues in Touring the Tarot Deck to stay close behind at $7,000. After getting the $1,600 clue in The Hermit, she takes the lead with nine thousand! Nash takes the lead back by getting the $2,000 clue in that same category. During the next few clues, most of which came from the category of The Fool, the challengers are battling it out on the buzzers. After getting the $1,200 clue in The High Priestess, the man in the middle finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue. At this point, he has $11,500, and is $700 behind Nash for the lead. The champ still has $9,000. The man bets $500 only on this:

These priestesses vowed thirty years of service, and if they broke the chastity vow, they were buried alive.

"Who are the members of a harem?"...he was wise to bet low, because they were actually the Vestal Virgins. He then heads to the WOF category! All of the clues in this category are incomplete puzzles, and the players must try to solve each one with a clue given by Alex Trebek. First clue there:

R _ _ _ L

_ L _ S _

Clue: It's tops in cards. Wimberley has ROYAL FLUSH to go to $9,400. Next:

P E _ _ L S

_ E _ O _ E

S _ _ _ E

This has something to do with pigs. Wimberley has PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, and she's up to $10,200! $1,200 clue:

B _ _

B _ _ _

_ H _ O R _

Clue: Fred Hoyle's spaced-out name for how we ended up here. The man rings in with BIG BANG THEORY to tie the game with $12,200! $1,600 clue:

P _ _ P

_ N _

C _ _ C U _ _ _ _ N C _

This is the song that is usually played at graduation ceremonies, and is also the well-known theme song for "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Nash says POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE to take the lead back with $13,800. Final clue there:

A _ _

_ H _

K _ N _' _

_ _ N

You can hear this line near the end of the famous poem called "Humpty Dumpty". The champ gets it to tie the man for second with $12,200! Nash gets the last clue of the round for $2,000 in The High Priestess, meaning she finishes the round still in the lead with $15,800. The other two have $12,200 apeiece.

FJ! category: International Authors.

Starting in 1948 at Cornell, he lectured on books written in his native language, like "Dead Souls" and "Anna Karenina".

The champ has "Who was Nabokov?" in Vladimir Nabokov, that is right! But she didn't wager a penny. The man in the middle also got that and bets $11,999, meaning he now has $24,199. Nash has that and bets $12,300, meaning she's the new champion with $28,100, which is a bit more than what our departing champion is leaving with- $24,999. For people who hated Wimberley, you can rest easy now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For those of you who were wondering....

...BACKSPLASH, the bonus round puzzle solution on tonight's Wheel, is a type of paneling attached to a stovetop's back or to a wall behind a countertop. Also, it is an upright surface or border made of tile that protects walls behind a sink or a stove.


"Deal or No Deal" to celebrate 100 episodes on May 6th

The 100th (taped) episode of "Deal or No Deal" will air on Sunday, May 6th. It is technically the 103rd first-run show on NBC. Brooks Leach will get a second chance to play the game on this show, and the audience will consist of former contestants on the show as well! Also, the Lucky Case Game will be worth $100,000!

"American Idol" 4/24- Idol Gives Back

Remember, each song featured from each of the remaining contestants tonight will be about compassion and hope.

First up is Chris Richardson, who does "Change the World" by Eric Clapton. He sounded real nasaly in this performance. I gave him only a 2. But all of the judges thought it was great. Total:

Second is Melinda Doolittle, who sings "There Will Come a Day" by Faith Hill. She got off to a tough start, but went on to do very well! I gave her an 8. Randy said she continues to perform well. Paula thought there was no one like her today on stage. Simon thought that vocal made him believe it was recorded by Doolittle herself, and even said the second half of that song was incredible. Total: 65.

Third is Blake Lewis, who sings "Imagine" by John Lennon. He should have been louder, but I gave him a 9! Randy thought it was only OK. Paula had the same thoughts at the beginning, but later on thought the performance was good because it was emotional. Simon knew it was a song that couldn't be screamed out, and thought he sung with sincerity. Total: 67.

Fourth is LaKisha Jones, who for the second week in a row is singing a song from a former champion. This time, it's from Fantasia Barrino with "I Believe". It wasn't as strong as the champ's. I gave her a 7. Randy liked it, but disliked some pitch problems she had. Paula continues to praise her for being such a powerhouse singer. Simon noticed how difficult it was for her to say the champ's version was better. All of the judges agreed with my comments. Total: 87. With another average performance, and the face that she was in the bottom two last week, this could be trouble.

Fifth is Phil Stacey, who sings "The Change" by Garth Brooks. I liked him a lot, so I gave him a 9! Randy thought it was another great performance from him. Paula thought that he continues to stay in the comfort zone. Simon said although the performance was very good, he needs to sing in a country fashion in order to continue a lot farther in this competition. Total: 72.

Last is Jordin Sparks, who sings "You'll Never Walk Alone", which is the song that is done at the end of every year's MDA Telethon, hosted by Jerry Lewis. In my opinion, she did the best tonight- I gave her a 10! Randy agreed with me, thinking it was one of the best performances ever on this show! Paula and Simon also agreed with me, and Simon even said she needs a record deal as a result of that performance! Total: 73.


LaKisha Jones- 87
Jordin Sparks- 73
Phil Stacey- 72
Blake Lewis- 67
Melinda Doolittle- 65
Chris Richardson- 44

Remember, for those who are voting, you have up to four hours for this week only to vote. When you vote, News Corporation will donate ten cents for every call made to help out Africa, and can donate a total of at least $5 Million there if at least 50 million people call! The decision on who to eliminate is going to be interesting. IMO, I think Chris Richardson is in serious trouble. Also in danger is LaKisha Jones, because the judges thought her performance was good but not great.

"Dancing with the Stars" Elimination V

In the bottom two: my marked-for-elimination team of John and Edyta and Heather and Jonathan (the latter team was in the bottom two last week). John's team.....

 safe, meaning I've been duped and Heather's team is eliminated.

4/24/2007 Results

TPIR: Dornechia George is first to play Credit Card for a laptop computer, a bow and arrow set, a sofa, a massager and a serving set. If she picks the three prizes that total $1,500 or less, she will win all five prizes. First pick is the massager….$500. Second pick is the bow and arrow set….$221. Last pick is the serving set, and if it’s $779 or less, she wins all five prizes….it’s $538!

Katie Tester then plays Pocket Change for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Airbags, Stereo).
First number is 1, and the remaining digits are 0, 3, 6, 8 and 9. Her second number guess is 8, but that’s wrong. She says 6, which is also wrong, before saying 9 as the second number. For the third number guess, she says 6, which is right! For the fourth number guess, she says 8, but it’s 3. She gets the last two numbers to fill out the ARP of $19,630, and the car sells today for $1. First envelope has a nickel. Second one has a dime. Third one has a quarter, meaning she must have 50 cents or more in the last envelope to win……but it’s just a quarter.

Payge Whipple then plays Grand Game for $10,000. Target is a whopping $11, and the products are Jewelry Clasp, Capazin HP, Ziploc bags, Trimspa, toilet tissue paper and cat food. First pick is the tissue paper, and that’s $3.09. Second pick are the storage bags, and that’s $2.79. Third pick is the cat food, and that’s $3.99. Last pick is the jewelry clasp….and that’s $9.99 for $10,000!

SSD1: The only lose this half spins 35…and 75, so she leaves with parting gifts. George spins 75 cents and stops. Ms. Whipple spins 20 cents….and a dollar too late, so George is in the Showcase!

Andrew Brown then plays for a TV in Flip Flop. Board:


Brown flips to $4,289….but he should’ve flip-flopped to $4,298, and he was about to before he settled on $4,289. Darn.

James Mosher then hits the price of the gumball machine at $999 on the nose, winning a $500 bonus! He then plays Dice Game for a Chevy Monte Carlo (Std., Heater, Mats).
First number of this car is 2. For the second number, he rolls a 3, which is wrong, and I groaned when I saw the 3. But he says lower, which is right, because the actual second number is 1. He also rolls a 3 for the third number, and that’s not it, but he says higher and is halfway home. It’s 6. For the fourth number, he rolls a 4, which is right! On the last number, he rolls a 2, which is wrong, but says higher on that and wins the $21,645 Monte Carlo! This is the first time this season a $20K car has been won in this game!

During the last IUFB, the wrong Stacia comes on down, which is the one in the pink shirt! The actual Stacia is the one in the black shirt.

Derek Olek then plays One Right Price for trips to Seattle and Sante Fe. The One Right Price is $3,258, and he says Seattle costs that much….it does, and Sante Fe is $4,756!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 55….and a dollar, so both losers this show go home with parting gifts. The two trip winner spins 55 cents….and the same amount for the second spin, so Mosher automatically is in the Showcase!

First Showcase features picks. There’s one for a new electric guitar. There’s a pick axe that is part of new garden equipment. Finally, you might have a pick in your mouth every time you relax in your new Fleetwood Wilderness Trailer (Std., AC, Interior Pkg., Exterior Pkg.)! Mosher bids on this one and bids $21,839, which is a fine bid to me.
For George, we have a bedroom, a collection of Kona King Coffee and some motorcycles, and she bids 20 grand.

ARP for Mosher: $24,589, a difference of $2,750. ARP for George: $21,115, meaning she wins and takes home $25,378 in prizes! Mosher leaves with $23,144.

WOF: Tonight, we have Ryan Slattery (in the yellow), Tracy Scott and Debbie MacGilvery.
Round 1 category is Show Biz, and all week long on the wheel, there is a $4,000 gift certificate on the wheel. MacGilvery picks up the $10,000 check on her first shot, but she loses it to a Bankrupt just as quick. The man gets the Wild Card, and after calling two N's for $5,000 and the E's, we have...

_ _ _ _ E _ _

_ _ _ R _ S

_ _ S T E _

_ _

E _ _ E N

_ E G E N E R E S

I know this. He calls the D's for $1,200, and the L's for $1,100. He calls the G and then the O.
After calling the B, he calls the H for another $300. He calls the Y's for $600 more and solves ACADEMY AWARDS HOSTED BY ELLEN DEGENERES for $8,750 and the $4,000 vacation gift certificate, giving him a new total of $13,750!

Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After MacGilvery calls the W's, we have...

_ _R _


W E _ _ _ T

W A T _ _ E R S

..and she solves BIRD & WEIGHT WATCHERS to go to $3,000.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event, and this round is sponsored by all week. After Scott calls the N's, we have...

_ R _ _ R _ N _

_ _ N N _ R

_ N

_ _ _ N _ _ _

She calls the I's and the E's, but she gets Lose a Turn. The other lady calls two D's for $1,600 and calls a G for another $600. After calling the O and the A, she calls two S's and solves ORDERING DINNER IN SPANISH for $3,500 and a trip to Acapulco, for a new total of $11,000!

She then solves STILLWATER OKLAHOMA to take the lead with 14 grand. Next category is Phrase. After the man in the middle calls the R's, we have...

I T' S

_ _ I T _ _ R

_ _ R _

_ _ R

T _ _ R _

He calls six E's next. He calls two N's, and solves IT'S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE to take back the lead with $16,850! Speed-Up Round category is Place, and consonants are worth $1,300 each. Board at this point:

_ _ _ _ S _ S'

_ _ _ _ _ _

After calling the T's, the man says DENTISTS' OFFICE, but it's wrong. Scott calls an N, but she can't solve. MacGilvery calls the R, but also has no clue. The man calls the obvious A and has no guess. Scott's call of M is a dud. MacGilvery's call of G is no good also. The man calls the L, which is in the middle of the second word, but he still can't solve. After Scott calls the C, we have...

A R T _ S T S'

C _ L _ N _

...she says ARTISTS' CLINIC, but that's incorrect. MacGilvery calls the Y, which is at the end of the puzzle, and she ends this game with ARTISTS' COLONY (that was hard!) to finish with $16,600. But by $250, the man wins with $16,850, and gets an extra consonant pick in the endgame! Scott has the $1,000 consolation.

For the second show in a row, the Bonus Wheel lands on the A. The category this time is In the Kitchen, and we start with:

_ _ _ _ S _ L _ S _

Slattery calls M, C, D, P and A and gets...

_ A C _ S P L A S _

He and I thought it was BACKSPLASH, even though we weren't sure...but that's right! And that wins him $25,000 for a total of $41,850! The win here ties the longest winning streak this season!

Lingo: $41,000 is in the jackpot now, and the team that could win it could be either Linda and Ana or Amy and Laura. It’s All Ladies Day! Amy and Laura steal FIRST to get the first 25 points of the day and get this board:


They get 64 and 10. The other teams steals BROWN to tie it up and get this board:


But Linda has a stopper immediately. Amy and Laura get GLASS, and Amy has 34 first, meaning a 44 will give them a Lingo…but Laura has half value, or 22, meaning 68 will also give them a Lingo. Linda and Ana get ADULT on a steal to tie the game back up, and they draw 05 and 37, meaning a 33 will give them a Lingo. They get gonged for saying STAPLE, which is one letter too many. Amy and Laura go on to steal SPEED, and draw 60 and 02, meaning 14 and 52 are also great balls for them. They get LOSER in four, and Amy has 52 to give them 150! Linda and Ana get PINCH to go to 75, and get 51 and 33 to also give them a Lingo, and they’re up to 125!

They start the round on the wrong foot by giving STRAND, which is too long of a word here. Amy and Laura get SORRY (how ironic!) to go to 200 and keep the lead. New board:


They draw 58 and 62. They get NIECE in four to go to 250, and Amy has 16. That means if Laura has 54, a 70 or a WILD, they will have another Lingo…and Laura has a WILD to send them to 350! They get CURVE in four for this new board:


You know, the 58 on this board for them was in the same place as their last board! Interesting. Amy has 14, meaning a WILD or 18 will give them another Lingo….and Laura has a WILD to take the team to 500!
They go on to win. 550 to 125. Linda and Ana never scored at all this round!
They have four Bonus Letters to work with in Bonus Lingo. They get six words and get this board:

(02)(26)(30) (XX)(64)

If one gets 52 on the first draw, the jackpot is theirs. Laura has…..


WWTBAM: To start the day, we have Nasry Malak, who needs money badly to pay for a future wedding. For $16,000:

In math, which of the following is a perfect number?
A: 6
B: 9
C: 12
D: 24

The 50:50 leaves 6 and 12. Malak then calls Sam, who is positive it’s 6. Malak agrees and is up to $16,000! He stops there.

Jenine Francolla is next. For $4,000:

The Battles of Saratoga, pivotal Revolutionary War conflicts, were fought in a colony that is now what U.S. state?
A: Massachusetts
B: Pennsylvania
C: New Jersey
D: New York

She polls the audience in NYC, and 88% said their own state! She agrees and is right. Next, for $8,000:

Though Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, the rest of the Dutch government is located in what city?
A: Rotterdam
B: Utrecht
C: Maastricht
D: The Hague

The 50:50 leaves Utrecht and The Hague. Not too much help, so she calls Gail, who is a mentor for her job. She is sure it’s The Hague. After Francolla agrees, she’s up to $8,000, and she
decides to leave with that amount after being stumped on a Ralph Lauren question.

Third is Chris Hayes. He used the 50:50 to get the $1,000 question right about the U.S. Presidency. BTW, he needs enough money to buy a new pair of shoes. OK, now. Last question of the day, for $8,000 and a chance to return tomorrow:

In the U.S., members of the Amish religion speak both English and a dialect of what European language?
A: Polish
B: Russian
C: French
D: German

Hayes asks the audience, and 93% said German. After Hayes agrees, he earns the right to come back tomorrow!