Thursday, May 31, 2007

5/31/2007 Results- "....5th Grader" returns

TPIR: The opening players are Judith Young, Douglas Hoffman, Julia Higgins and Stephen Regalnado. The first IUFB is a portable spa, and here are the bids:

Judith: $3,000
Douglas: $3,925
Juilia: $1,489
Stephen: BUCK

ARP: $1,499, so Higgins will play Step Up for a possible $3,000, a computer, a sofa, a BBQ and a tea set. Her first pick is the tea set, and that's $950. Her second pick is the sofa, and that's $1,801. She goes on with the's $2,535! She now has $1,500 and the three chosen prizes now, and she quits with that loot. Good thing, because the computer is $1,348.

The next player is Tina Thomas and the second IUFB is a wall clock. Bids:

Tina: $725
Stephen: $650
Judith: $550
Douglas: $599

ARP: $1,200, so Thomas, who is crying tears of joy even as we speak, will play Pathfinder for a Jeep Wrangler (Std., Heater, Cap, Prot). Board:


The ARP is the same one as the one used in the last playing of One Away. She goes with the 8, but that's wrong. The lantern is $25 or $40, and she says $25, but that's wrong. The stoneware set is $25 or $35, and she says $25, which is right. She then steps to the 9, which is right ($ 1 9, _ _ _). The third number is 2, 5 or 7, and she steps to the 7, which is wrong. The coffee station is $35 or $50, and she says $35, which is right! But she steps to the 2, which is wrong, so the game ends. ARP: $19,514.

Angela Bedingfield then comes on down, and the third IUFB is a set of electric guitars. Bids:

Angela: $829
Stephen: $1,100
Judith: $1,400
Douglas: BUCK

ARP: $620, so Hoffman will play Range Game for a pair of motorcycles. Range is $5,900 to $6,600. He stops at $6,002 to $6,152, and the audience disapproved of his early stoppage, but we all know what happened the last time. ARP: $6,298, so the audience was right this time.
But he does get to the Showcase.

The next player is Jeremy ? from the U.S. Air Force, and the next IUFB is a rug. Bids:

Jeremy: $850
Angela: $1,100
Stephen: $1,001
Judith: BUCK

ARP: $2,498, so Bedingfield will play Barker's Bargain Bar for trips to Boston and Barbados.
Boston is marked at $3,861 and Barbados is marked at $4,324. She thinks Boston is the bigger bargain. ARP for Barbados: $7,324, a difference of $3,000. Not good. ARP for Boston: $5,861, so she loses.

Next is Jenna Rose, and the fifth IUFB is a recumbant bike. Bids:

Jenna: $1,100
Stephen: $1,200
Judith: $1,101
Jeremy: BUCK

ARP: $599, so the Air Force guy will play Card Game for a Dodge Caliber. He draws the $1,000 range card. He draws a King, a seven, another King, an eight and a two and stops at $15,700. ARP: $15......510! Over by $190! Darn.

The last player is Jeanette Schnieder, and the last IUFB is ladies' golf equipment. Bids:

Jeanette: $600
Jenna: $750
Stephen: BUCK
Judith: $751

ARP: $720, so Schnieder will play Now or Then for a day sailer. The products are a bag of cat food, Hills Bros. coffee, Tums, Ziploc bags, Aspercreme and Irish Spring soap. First pick is the cat food, and it's marked at $3.99. She says now and that's right. At this point, she could win with the soap and the cofee, the coffee and the Tums or the soap and the Aspercreme. Her second pick is the soap, and it's marked at $1.99. She says then, which is wrong. Her next pick is the coffee, and it's $3.97. After wanting to say now, she says then and is right! This is it. The Tums are $4.21, and she says now and wins! And she gets to the Showcase!

The first Showcase shows what it's like to be a fly on the wall. First, a fly gets to see interesting stuff, like a lady calling in food with a new cell phone. Second, the fly gets to see that same lady mess up the dinner on a new range. Finally, the fly notices she's been cheating, because she got the food from a take out place while using a new Ford Focus (Std., AC, ALB). She bids $26,000 and is over (ARP was $16,619). The man has a bedroom, a TV and a trip to Thailand, and he bids one dollar and wins! He wins a $20,462 Showcase and takes home $21,122 in prizes. The lady leaves with $7,835.

WOF: Let's see how we can follow a $100,000 win this time. Tonight's teachers are Heidi Lingwald (from L.A. in the yellow), Lyndee Belenger (who comes from an unheard of town in Wisconsin, and when she was little, she was like me echoing the game show hosts on TV!!) and Steven Hopper (from Des Moines, Iowa). Round 1 category is Before and After, and out on the wheel now is a Chile river rafting trip worth $9,300! The sole man on the panel gets the Wild Card right out of the gate. After calling the O's later, we have...


S _ O T

_ _ N

_ O _

O _ _ _ _ E didn't come to me immediately, but I know it now. He calls the P for $2,500, but decides to save the Wild Card for now. He then buys the U and the I. He calls the R's for $600 and lands on the $10,000 spot late! After calling the F's, he picks it up and solves SEE SPOT RUN FOR OFFICE for $13,600, and with the $2,000 Toss-Up, he's now up to $15,600!

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Star and Role. Lingwald calls the T at the start for the Free Spin, and then calls three N's for the Chile trip. After she calls the E's, we have...

_ E _ E N

_ _ R R E N

_ _

_ _ E E N

E _ _ _ _ _ E T _

...the E's did it for me. But she hits Lose a Turn, and she uses the Free Spin. She then hits Bankrupt. Belenger calls the H's for $1,800, and doubles that with the L's, and she solves HEREN MIRREN AS QUEEN ELIZABETH for $3,600 and a trip to London, for a total of $8,100. Everyone is on the board now.

The Mystery category this time is Living Thing. The winner of the last round lands on a Mystery Wedge early on. She calls an R and flips....Bankrupt. After she calls the C later, we have...

_ _ N D _

C _ B


_ N

C _ _ T _ _ _ T _

She calls two P's for the $1,000 gift certificate, and solves PANDA CUB BORN IN CAPTIVITY to go to $12,100!

The man gets APPLE-POLISHER to go to $18,600. Next is a Phrase, and in the middle of that puzzle we go to Speed-Up Mode. Leftover consonants are worth $1,350, and here's the board:


_ _ _ _ _ N' T

_ _ _ N _ _


T _ I N _

I know it now. Lingwald calls the G's, but can't solve. The other lady steals with I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING to finish with $14,800, but the man is our champion with $18,600! Lingwald has $1,000.

For the second time in a row, the champ will choose four consonants in the endgame! He spins the last zero. Category this time is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

T _ E

_ _ _ _ T

For whatever reason, I think it's KICK THE HABIT, but I'm not 100% sure. His first letter picks are H, D, P and A. His last consonant pick is C. We get....

_ _ C _


H A _ _ T

It is KICK THE HABIT....but he doesn't get it for $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Will the first six-time champion of the season be Mehrun Etebari? We'll find out as he faces Mike Donner and Renee Paradis. Opening categories:

RHYME WAVE (Each correct response will rhyme with "wave".)

Etebari sweeps DESCARTES for $3,000! After AMERICANA is taken out of play, Paradis has $2,200. At the first break, the champ has $4,800. Paradis has $2,600 and Donner has $1,400.
The champ then gets four of the five clues in BEFORE (all clues in that category were pictures, BTW). The last clue of the round in Pudding is the Daily Double. With $9,000 at this point, he bets a grand.

When sausages are thrown into the batter of this English treat, it's known as toad-in-the-hole.

I think it's Pigs in a Blanket. He says "What is Blood Pudding?"....we're both wrong. It was Yorkshire Pudding. But he still leads with eight grand. Paradis has half that ($4,000) and Donner has $600.

DJ! categories:


Donner gets the first three clues in the "A" category to start and finds the Daily Double there under the $1,600 clue. With $3,000, he bets IT ALL.

Pro cyclists are forbidden from using this class of synthetic steroids that help increase strength.

"What is anabolic?"....DOUBLE! He's got $6,000 and is now in the game. He had a chance to tie the game at that point on the $2,000 clue there, but the champ got it right to go to ten grand. He later finds the other Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in PRESIDENTIAL POLITICAL PARTIES. At this point, he has $9,200 to Etebari's $11,600, while the lady in the middle is $400 in the hole. Donner bets six grand for the lead.

James Madison, 1808 (This hyphenated party).

"Who are the Democratic-Republicans?"....HE'S GOT THE LEAD WITH $15,200! At the end of the round, he still leads with $17,200. The champ has $13,200 and the lady has $3,200.

FJ! category: Actresses.

This actress, who won a 1976 Oscar, later earned acclaim for playing an actress who won a 1945 Oscar.

The lady has "Who is Faye Dunaway?"...hope the guys got that, because that's right! But she bet nothing. Etebari has....

...Meryl Streep, so he loses $6,700, and is down to $6,500. Donner has.....

...Streep also. If he bet more than $10,700, Etebari is the first six-time champion of the season. Wager....

...$9,201, so Donner is the new champion with $7,999, and we STILL don't have a six-time champion. Darn. But Etebari still leaves with $130,100.

"...5th Grader?": It's back for a summer run! First up is Michael Warren, and he's a big fan of Bruce Springsteen. His first partner is Kyle, and here are the categories:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade U.S. History
4th Grade Health
4th Grade Math
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Literature

First category pick is 1st Grade Social Studies.

Irving Berlin wrote what patriotic anthem that contains the words, "Stand beside her and guide her"?

He said "My Country Tis' Of Vee", which is wrong. Kyle said "America the Beautiful", WHICH IS ALSO WRONG!!!! It was "God Bless America"! At least he had nothing to lose....well, except for some of his dignity. Second time ever that a player "Flunks Out" on the first question. Jeff Foxworthy then brings his wife, Kelly, to console him.

Believe it or not, Kelly is the next contestant!!! Her first partner is Kyle. Categories this time:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Earth Science
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade Literature

Her first category pick is Spelling.

When reciting the English alphabet in order, what is the fourth consonant you'll say?

She says F to already do better than her husband! Next category selection is 2nd Grade World Geography.

France borders which ocean?

She says the Atlantic Ocean....right again for another $1,000! Her new partner is Marki Ann, and the next chosen category is 1st Grade Animal Science.

T or F: Every adult rhinoceros has exactly one horn.

She takes a peek at Marki Ann's answer, which is true. She DISAGREES to definitely keep her in the game....and she's right on her own! Her next chosen subject is 3rd Grade U.S. Geography.

What state's nickname is "The Show Me State"?

She copies Marki Ann's answer of Missouri...she now has $10,000! Her new partner is Alana, and the next category choice is 2nd Grade Social Studies. To get to the $25,000 guarantee:

What man, who would later be President, was the Commander-In-Chief of the American army during the U.S. Revolutionary War?

She says George Washington....RIGHT! That means she is definitely doing much better than her husband, because she's guaranteed $25,000! Next category is 3rd Grade Earth Science. To double to $50,000:

Which of the following scales is used to measure earthquake intensity?

A: The Richter Scale
B: The Saffir-Simpson Scale
C: The Fujita Scale

I think it's The Richter Scale, and she agrees....$50,000! Her new partner is Jacob, and the next category selection is 4th Grade Math. To double to $100,000:

How many numbers between 10 and 20 are perfect squares?

She says one, and Michael doesn't like that answer. He says two. But it was one, so she now has $100,000! She chooses 4th Grade Astonomy next. This question will either add $75,000 or deduct $75,000 from her winnings. Question:

Approximately how long does it take for the moon to make one full orbit around the Earth?

A: One day
B: One month
C: One year

She says one month, which is what Jacob wrote down...and she now has $175,000! The $300,000 question is played under the category of 5th Grade Measurements.

How many pecks equal one bushel?

She has no clue, and it's late in the show, so I suggest she quit.....

...and she does! The answer was four.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Cash Cab" goes primetime!

Time now for two new episodes of "Cash Cab" at night! Time for the first show.

The first game this time goes 45 blocks to 14th between 2nd and 3rd, and the players are Beth, Lori and Laura, and they all hail from Brooklyn. They get very excited when they learn they're playing the game!

They get all of their $25 questions. They made their first mistake by thinking the "Fozberry Flop" is a move in the sport of pole vaulting, when it's actually the high jump. They get their last $50 question after that to go to $250 heading into the $100 round. They get their first four $100 questions right to go to $650 before an RLC comes up! Question:

Name four of the seven most popular names for new popes.

They say Gregory, John, Benedict and Pius to go to $900! Unsaid names were Leo, Clement and Innocent. They get their last $100 question right to finish with a grand! They waste no time throwing the Video Bonus away and taking the $1,000 from Ben!

The next game heads 47 blocks to 52nd between 5th and 6th. Jen and Mike are the contestants this time. Sadly, they lose after missing this first $100 question:

Originating in Scandanavia, what sport's participants are allowed to have a map and a compass, but no GPS device?

They said the trialathon, but it was orienteering.

The last game of this first show goes 33 blocks to 9th between 51st and 52nd. He misses the last $25 question. He then misses this $50 question:

Introduced in 1958, one of Chevrolet's best-selling models of all time was named for what Speedy Gonzales animal?

He said my answer of Corvette, but it was actually the Impala. He goes on to strike out after a failed Mobile Shout Out. Time now for the second episode.

Gabe and Ike are headed to the B & H photo shop. This trip is 42 blocks long. They sweep the $25 round to start. They miss the opening $50 question for their first strike. After getting the second $50 question right, they have to use their Mobile Shout Out on this $50 question:

Named for a British artillery officer, what is the term for the sharp metal fragments that burst from an explosive?

Ike calls his friend, Ron, who says shrapnel and they agree....right to go to $200! They get the last $50 question right to go to $250, and nail their two $100 questions to finish with $450. They risk it for $900 on this Video Bonus Question:

Niagara Falls looked like a leaky faucet next to these majestic African waterworks. Located on the Zambezi River, these famous waterfalls were named by David Livingstone in honor of whom?

Ike says Queen Victoria, as in Lake Victoria, for $900! They celebrate by throwing their money all over the Cash Cab's floor!

14th between 3rd and 4th is the target destination for our next player, Mickie (obviously, it's not my hometown's Mickie James, as this show was filmed in NY). This game is 40 blocks long. She struggles early on and winds up busting on a $50 question after a failed Street Shout Out.

Susan and Chris are also headed somewhere on 14th for their game. This game lasts a potential 42 blocks. They get by the opening $25 questions. They miss one of their $50 questions, so they're up to $250 after the $50 round. On their last $100 question with two strikes, they have to use a Shout Out on this question:

Before melting glaciers covered it up, what 1,000-mile land bridge did explorers use to trek from Asia to North America?

Chris calls his friend, Mike, who says not much of anything. They say the Bering Land Bridge....right for $450! They take that money home.

"Grand Slam" host is Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller, one of America's funniest comedians, has been named the host of GSN's "Grand Slam".

Source: Buzzerblog

"Camouflage" host is Roger Lodge

Roger Lodge, best known as the host of "Blind Date" and the short-lived "ESPN's Trivial Pursuit", was announced as the host of the new GSN show "Camouflage" this week.

Source: Buzzerblog, Gameshownewsnet

GSN's Charles Nelson Reilly tribute taking place this weekend

This Saturday, GSN will pay tribute to Charles Nelson Reilly with a "Match Game" marathon from 9 AM to 7 PM that day. The marathon will consist some of Reilly's most memorable moments on that show. The "Match Game: Behind the Blank" special will air after that in the 7 PM slot that night. At 3 AM early Sunday morning, a 1964 episode of "What's My Line" will feature Reilly and at 3:30 AM, a 1972 episode featuring Reilly as the guest on "I've Got a Secret" will air.

Source: Buzzerblog

5/30/2007 Results

TPIR: Opening the show are Angela Brass, Marie Rice, Brandon Hamptek and Mandy Branchley. The first IUFB is a refrigerator/freezer with a TV built into it. Bids:

Mandy: $2,100
Brandon: $1,000
Marie: $2,053
Angela: $1,001

ARP: $3,149, so Branchley will play Easy as 1-2-3 for a karaoke machine, a bike and a wooden dinette. She places #1 on the karaoke machine, #2 on the dinette and #3 on the bike. The karaoke machine is $739. The dinette is $2,500....and the bike is $1,499, so she loses.

The next player is Benjamin D. Cocarnick, and the next IUFB is a navigation system. Bids:

Benjamin: $600
Brandon: $437
Marie: $500
Angela: $601

ARP: $985, so Brass will try to win a trip to Florida in Bonkers. Wrong price is $7,253. First guess is lower, higher, lower, higher....BULLSEYE! ARP: $2,619. She did that in about nine seconds, and that may be a record!

Next is Rebecca Stark, and the third IUFB is a rotating bar cabinet. Bids:

Rebecca: $950
Benjamin: $700
Brandon: $1,100
Marie: BUCK

ARP: $650, so Marie Rice will play Stack the Deck for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Pref., Prots). Board:


This is the most expensive car offered in this game. First items are Poli Grip and Ranch dressing, and the target is $3.55. She says that's the price of the dressing, but that's $2.99. Next pair of items are Gold Bond cream and cat litter, and the target is $6.79. She says the cat litter is $6.79 and it is. She picks the last number, and it's 7 ($ _ _, _ _ 7). Last pair of items are eye drops and remedy, and the target is $7.99. She says the remedy is $7.99 and it is. She picks the third number, and it's 4 ($ _ _, 4 _ 7). But she wanted to take the first number first, and it was revealed before the third number, and it was 2 ($ 2 _, 4 _ 7)! But she loses anyway, because she says $21,467, when it's actually $20,467.

SSD1: Rice goes home with parting gifts after going over. Branchley spins 90 cents. Brass spins a nickel....and 80, so Branchley is in the Showcase.

The next player is Darin Barnes and the fourth IUFB is SCUBA gear. Bids:

Darin: $1,570
Rebecca: $1,200
Benjamin: $800
Brandon: $801

ARP: $2,114, so Barnes will play Secret X for a bedroom. First SP is a citrus press, and it's either $150 or $200. He says it's $150....and it is. He places the second X in a way that he can win if the Secret X is in the top square. The pig humidifier is either $16 or $30, and he says $30....right! He places the last X in a way that he can win if it's in the middle. If the Secret X is not in the dreaded rock bottom spot again, he wins....but it's in the middle and he wins!

The new player is Eric Krasner, and the fifth IUFB is a hammock. Bids:

Eric: $725
Rebecca: $750
Benjamin: $1,100
Brandon: BUCK

ARP: $839, so Stark will play Squeeze Play for a golf cart. Board:


Her guess is $7,256, and after she hits the reveal button herself....she's a winner!

The last player is Barbara Warton and the final IUFB is a desk. Bids:

Barbara: $1,200
Benjamin: $800
Brandon: $975
Eric: $1,201

ARP: $2,500, so Krasner will play Line Em' Up for a Ford F-150 (Std., Carpet). Board:

?- $849, Dinnerware
?- $13- Shower Radio
?- $872, Outdoor Clock

If he says $19,370 or $19,380 on the first try, he might have a shot at this. His first guess is $19, is right. I have a feeling the 7 is right. His second guess is $18,320...but it's $18,170.

Barnes gets $1,000 from the Big Wheel, and then does a great victory dance! He doesn't win any more money in the Bonus Spin like the man from yesterday, but does get to the Showcase. I believe that one of the Showcases will have a boat.

First Showcase has a living room, a soda fountain and a Wurlitzer jukebox. Branchley bids $14,500, and she garfed on that one. Barnes sees prizes from All American Annie. There's a stereo system, a trip to Washington D.C., and a party boat. He bids 25 grand, and I think he's won.

ARP for Branchley: $21,015, a difference of $6,515. ARP for Barnes: $27,814, meaning he does win and takes home $35,635 in cash and prizes!

Cash Cab: Starting the show off are Mark and John, who are going to 34th and 8th. This first game lasts 38 blocks. They sweep the $25 round. After getting the first three $50 questions right to go to $250, it's RLC time. Question:

In his lifetime, Ernest Hemingway published six fiction novels and a novela. Name four of these seven works.

They say "The Sun Also Rises", "The Old Man and the Sea", "Farewell to Arms" and "For Whom the Bell(s) Tolls" for the $250! Unsaid were "To Have and Have Not", "The Torrents of Spring" and "Across the River and Into the Sea". They double up to $500 as a result. They decide to use a Mobile Shout Out on this last $50 question:

Located near Atlanta, what men-only golf club has hosted the Masters golf tournament since 1934?

John calls his friend Carrie, who says Augusta (National) Golf Club to go to $550. They get their first X when they thought that Alberto Fujimori resigned from the government in Chile in 2000 due to an incident involving Tokyo, when he actually came from the Peru government. They finish the game with $750, but decide to risk it for a $1,500 Video Bonus Question:

Manatees mix it up in coastal waters that feature a combination of fresh and salt waters. What is the geographic name for the aquatic crossroad where the river meets the sea?

After thinking of estuary at first, they say tidewater....THEY SHOULD HAVE STUCK WITH THEIR FIRST INSTINCT!! Darn. They lose all of their money after playing such a great game.

Kat and Mark strike out after such a great start thanks to a failed Street Shout Out on a $100 question.

Joel, Candace and David manage to accumulate $300 on their way to their destination, and risk it on this Video Bonus Question:

Bats leave behind droppings to make everything from fertilizer to gunpowder. What is the common term for this bat waste?

They say guano for $600!

WOF: The teachers on our panel tonight are Robb Harkey (in the yellow), Kelli White and Shanda Clarke. The man gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Thing puzzle. Out on the wheel now is a DirectTV Sat Go! system worth $4,640, and he picks it up right away by calling two R's. But he loses that and the money to a Bankrupt later. When we get to White, we have...

_ R _ _ T _ A T _ _ _

_ _ T _


_ E A T _ E R

_ A _ _

She calls three H's for $1,350, but the F is a dud. Clarke misses out on picking up the $10,000 when her G call is also a dud. The man calls a $600 L and three W's for $7,500, and we now have...

W R _ _ T W A T _ H

W _ T H



_ A _ _

...I could have sworn it was graduation-related at first. He calls the I's and solves WRISTWATCH WITH A LEATHER BAND for $7,850 and goes to $10,850!

Jackpot Round category is Headline. White calls the T's at the start for the Free Spin. After calling the E's, we have...


_ _ T

_ _


H _ T

T _ _ _ _

_ _ _ T _

"Jeopardy!" paid tribute to Dr. Seuss yesterday, and this show is doing their own tonight with this puzzle. She calls a $350 C and two N's for $600, and then a $600 R. After buying the I's, she says THE CAT IN THE HAT TURNS FIFTY....right on for $1,950!

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Places. After Clarke calls the D, we have...

S N O _- _ _ _ _ _ _ D

_ O _ N T _ _ N

_ E _ _ S

She buys the A's and calls the P's for the Wild Card. She soon solves SNOW-CAPPED MOUNTAIN PEAKS for $2,150, the $1,000 gift certificate from Image Entertainment and a trip to Europe, for a total of $11,700 and the lead! Everyone is now on the board!

The man solves FUTURE MOTHER-IN-LAW to go to $13,850 and take the lead back. Next category is Event. White uses her Free Spin after calling a dud. After she calls the P's, we have...

P L _ _ _ N _


P _ R S _ N _ L

_ _

She calls a $900 C, and we know the first word is PLUCKING. After she calls the D at the end of the puzzle, she solves PLACING A PERSONAL AD, which was a very tricky puzzle to me, for $4,600 and $6,550 total. Speed-Up Round category is Quotation, and consonants are worth $1,400 apiece. This will decide it. After White calls the C, we have...

Y O _

C O _ P L _ T _

_ _ guess. Clarke calls the M's and solves YOU COMPLETE ME to win the match with $17,300, and gets an extra consonant choice in the endgame! The man has $13,850 and White has $6,550 in cash and stuff.

With that Wild Card in play, the bonus round losing streak might very well come to an end tonight. She spins the S in BONUS and the category is Proper Name. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ N

Clarke calls D, M, C and A first. Her final consonant pick is B. We get...

_ _ _ _

_ A C _ M A N

Does she get HUGH JACKMAN?? YES! As a result.....

...SHE'S PROBABLY THE LAST $100,000 WINNER OF THE SEASON!!!!! Total: $117,300!

Jeopardy!: Let's see if Mehrun Etebari will be a five-time champ in addition to being a six-figure champ already. Trying to stop him are Dianne Lindsay and Phil Cunneff. Incidentally, Lindsay was on Art Fleming's "Jeopardy!" 40 years ago! The last time we had a player from that era appear on this version of the show, that person won the championship. Back then, Lindsay was a four-time champ with winnings of less than $3,000. Opening categories:


Etebari finds the Daily Double under the $400 clue in Beginning and End. He has $4,800, while Lindsay has $1,200 and Cunneff has two Benjamins. The champ bets three big ones.

In 2006, it began on July 1 in Strasbourg and ended on July 23 in Paris.

Lance Armstrong was the mainstay figure in this event before his retirement. He says "What is the Tour de France" to go to $7,800! Alex himself gave the $600 clue while he was at the Mark Twain House in Hartford. At the end of the round, the champ leads with $12,400. Lindsay has half value, or $6,200, and Cunneff has $1,400.

DJ! categories:

BEST PICTURE OSCAR-WINNERS IN OTHER WORDS ("Double Talk" and "Shoot for the Stars", anyone?)
AN E FOR AN I (In this category, there will be two identical words. One will have an E in it, while the other will have that E replaced by an I.)

Try this first clue in the last category that I just listed at home.

A Hawaiian wreath becomes an area sheltered from wind.

"What is Lei and Lee" was the correct response, and Lindsay got that one right. Now, here's an $800 clue from the category that is like "Double Talk" and "Shoot for the Stars".

1932: "Magnificent Inn"

Lindsay got that one with "What is grand hotel". She then finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in An E for an I. She has $10,200 at this point, while Etebari has $14,000. The other man is $200 in the hole. She bets four large for the lead.

"Gentle" becomes "to blend".

She draws a blank. Correct: What are mild and meld? She drops to $6,200. Etebari gets on a roll from there, getting over the $20,000 mark later in the round. After getting the $1,200 clue in Transportation, Lindsay is now at $12,600 with the $800, $1,600 and $2,000 clues left in the round, and one of them is the other Daily Double. But after getting the $800 clue, Etebari finds the other Daily Double under the $2,000 clue as the last clue played this round. He has $26,800 to the lady's $12,600. He'll have the game all but locked up if he bets $1,599 or less. His wager is a grand, and he's in the driver's seat! The clue just for the heck of it:

Since 1899, these stalwart animals used in transport have served as the mascots of the Army Corps of Cadets.

"What are mules?"...he now has $27,800! The other man barely gets to FJ! with $600.

FJ! category: The British Theatre.

Richard Attenborough, who was in the origianl 1952 cast of this play, helped celebrate its performance number 20,000 in 2000.

Correct: What is "The Mousetrap"?

Cunneff has "What is The Importance of Being Earnest", which is wrong, and he sinks to a buck.
Lindsay has "The Mousetrap" and bets ten grand to go to $22,600. Etebari has her response and wins $29,000! As a result, not only he is a five-time champion, he is now the biggest winner of the season with $128,100!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ben Silverman named co-chairman of NBC Universal; Kevin Reilly fired as entertainment president

Ben Silverman, producer of "Nashville Star", "The Biggest Loser" and "Identity", has been named co-chairman of NBC Universal with Marc Graboff. In addition, Kevin Reilly's firing as the president of NBC Entertainment was confirmed. This came despite the success of "Deal or No Deal" a year ago.

Source: Broadcasting and Cable

RW/RR Inferno III 5/29

The team challenge this time is called "Hand Car". Why? Because each team will be competing in, what else, a handcar race! The track is 300 yards long. Each team will start with two members on their handcar. When they get to the end of the track, they will pick up another member from their team. Every member of the team must pump the car at least once, and the first team to completely finish has $10,000 put in their jackpot. Right now, the Bad Asses have a $60,000 bankroll, while the Good Guys have a pot of $40,000. The Bad Asses have to bench somebody since they have one extra team member. At the request of Aneesa wanting to contribute to the team after not being in the last two challenges. Jenn sits this one out.

Starting off are Abram and Derrick (Bad Asses) and Alton and Susie (Good Guys). Alton and Susie get off to a rough start, as they can't figure out how to move their handcar at first! Kenny is the first member of the Bad Asses to get picked up, while Paula is the first of the Good Guys to get picked up. But Abram and Kenny start to get confused over their handcar's controls, so the Good Guys take over the lead! Janelle (Bad Asses) and Ace get picked up next, while Abram and Alton, the ones who have controlled their handcar from the beginning, are still in control. After Aneesa and Cara get picked up, the teams decide to finally swap Alton and Abram out. Kenny (Bad Asses) and Ace (Good Guys) now fill their respective voids. The Good Guys manage to maintain their lead and get the victory, making their bank $50,000.

Susie of the Good Guys and Jenn of the Bad Asses are put up for Inferno consideration.

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

Next time, the next Individual and Inferno Challenge.

"On The Lot" being like "The One" in the ratings

Remember "The One" from ABC? It did so badly in the ratings that it was cancelled after just two weeks. The way things are going now, "On the Lot" might not finish its run on TV. Monday's episode scored a 1.8 Fast Nielsen with a 3 share. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is the lowest-rating for a new episode of a series in the network's history.


"On the Lot" 5/29- Three directors are cut

This is how the elimination process works.

The 18 directors are divided into three rows. In each row, there will be one who has one of the three most popular films this week, and there will be one who is being cut tonight.

In the back row, Zach Lipovsky had the most popular movie from that row. The three most popular movies this week are shown again. The back row elimination came down to two of the three directors who I thought were most likely to be eliminated- Carolina Zorilla De La Martin and Marty Martin. The first director cut is....

...Zorilla De La Martin. Amen to that.

Now, for the middle row. Will Bigham's "Lucky Penny" was the most popular film of the row! In a shocker, Kenny Luby was spared elimination, and Claudia La Bianca was eliminated next.

The front row is last. Despite poor judge reviews, Jason Epperson's film, Getta Rhoom" was the most popular movie of the row. Either Phil Hawkins or Jessica Brillhart will be the last director cut tonight. That person is....

...Phil Hawkins.

5/29/2007 Results

TPIR: Today's first four players are Amanda Gee, Katherine Bolan, Dorian Arnold and Melissa Warrez-Dion. The first IUFB is skateboarding equipment. Bids:

Melissa: $675
Dorian: $800
Katherine: $850
Amanda: $875

ARP: $887, so Gee, who has an early picture of Bob Barker on her shirt, will play Clock Game for $1,000, gardening equipment and a dinette. The ARP of the equipment is $699. She starts with $800....$700....$600...$650....and goes to $699 with no trouble in about nine seconds! The ARP of the dinette is $833. She starts with $1,200....$1,100....$900....$800...$890....$850....$840....$830...and she one ups from there and wins!

The next one to "Come on Down" is Lasandra Thomas and the second IUFB is a BBQ. Bids:

Lasandra: $1,101
Melissa: $1,150
Dorian: $1,700
Katherine: $1,151

All are over, so they bid again.

Lasandra: $901
Melissa: $850
Dorian: $875
Katherine: $902

All are over again!

Lasandra: $726
Melissa: $650
Dorian: BUCK
Katherine: $651

ARP: $779, so Thomas will play More or Less for luggage marked at $300, stemware marked at $1,200, a motorscooter marked at $2,900 and a Ford Ranger (Std., Wheels, Cruise/Tilt, Prot).
She says more for the luggage and is right. Now, I'm starting to get worried from here on out. She agrees with me that the stemware is less...but we're both wrong. It was $1,680.

Scott Walsh then goes to Contestant's Row, and the next IUFB is a roll-top desk. Bids:

Scott: $575
Melissa: $1,200
Dorian: $750
Katherine: $790

All are over.

Scott: $530
Melissa: $450
Dorian: $399
Katherine: $425

ARP: $499, so Warrez-Dion will play Grand Game. Target is $6.50, and the products are Garlique, a scrub brush, cat litter, Pine Sol, Airborne Jr. and Maxwell House Coffee. First pick is the brush....$4.89. Second pick is the Pine Sol....$2.29. Third pick is the coffee....$3.99. She wants to go with the cat litter, but the audience gets mad at that choice. But she stuck with it and loses, because it's $8.49. The Garlique was $9.99 and the Airborne Jr. was $5.99.

Despite the fact that she needed Bob's help to spin the wheel due to a doctor's note when it came to bypass surgery, Thomas gets to the Showcase.

Adam Hetrick then comes on down, and the next IUFB is a chair. Bids:

Adam: $600
Dorian: $450
Katherine: $455
Scott: $601

ARP: $788, so Walsh from Canada will play Balance Game for a Greek Islands Cruise. The last three digits are 4, 0 and 2. The bags available are $3,000, $4,000 and $5,000. He chooses the $3,000 and $5,000 bags, for a guess of $8,402, after originally considering $9,402. I'm worried about this....but the scale balances, and he's jumping up and down!

Wanda Haggert then comes on down, and the fifth IUFB is a portable boat. Bids:

Wanda: $1,150
Adam: $1,200
Dorian: $1,201
Katherine: BUCK

ARP: $1,565, so Arnold plays Any Number for serveware or a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, ALB, Stereo). First number of the car is 1. First pick is 8...last number of the serveware. Second pick is 4, and that's the middle number of the car. Third pick is 9, and that's the second number of the car ($ 1 9, 4 _ _). Fourth pick is 7, and the piggy bank is worth at least $7 today. Fifth pick is 3, and that's the middle number of the serveware ($ _ 3 8). Sixth pick is 2, and that's the middle number of the piggy bank ($ 7. 2 _). Seventh pick is 5, and he wins the $538 serveware. The car was $19,410 and the piggy bank was $7.26.

The last player to "Come on Down" is Heather Brown, and the last IUFB is an LCD HDTV. Bids:

Heather: $1,300
Katherine: $799
Wanda: $1,200
Adam: BUCK

ARP: $1,499, so Brown will play One Right Price for some guitars and a daybed. The One Right Price is $1,281, and she says that's the price of the daybed....NO WAY. It was $2,262.

The men tie with 95 cents in the second Showcase Showdown, so it's spin-off time. Arnold spins the dreaded nickel, while Walsh spins the dollar for $1,000! He then gets $10,000 in the Bonus Spin!!!

The first Showcase tells people to get a clue. First, ever wonder why people don't get raises from their bosses at work? That's because they've been listening to their new iPod. Second, people's cooking can be lousy at times because they're not cooking in a new kitchen. Finally, to fix a bloated hair problem prior to getting to work, drop the top on a new Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., ALB)! Walsh bids $29,000, and I like that bid. For Thomas, we have a home gym and a spa, and Thomas bids $23,000.

We know Thomas's over, because her ARP is $15,591. As for Walsh......

...$28,491! Darn. But he still leaves with $20,190 in cash and prizes.

Cash Cab: First up is Seth Betsy, who works for a show on Sirius Satelite Radio's Broadway Channel. This first game is 29 blocks long to a spot near the Natural History Museum. He gets past the first four questions for his first hundred smackers. He then gets all of his $50 questions right to triple up to $300. He doesn't get the sole $100 question, but he still finishes the game with the $300 intact. He opts out of the Video Bonus question.

Going to 40th Street between 8th and 9th are Dave and Josh. Their game is 41 blocks long. They sweep the opening questions for $100. They get their first strike when they think the weird version of Pepsi that was introduced in 1992 was called Clear Pepsi, when it was actually Crystal Pepsi. After they get the next two $50 questions right, one of which was a spelling question ("hyperbole" was the word they had to spell), we get to a RLC. The question:

Eight U.S. Presidents have last names that end in -son. Name six of them.

They say Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Madison and Wilson for the $250! The unsaid ones were Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson. They're up to $450 at this point. They get their last $50 question right to even the total to $500. They miss one of their $100 questions on their way to the end, but finish with $800. They decide to risk it for $1,600 on this Video Bonus Question:

Columbus captained three of these ships on his 1492 voyage. But one of them was Columbus's most cherished vessel. Also known as the Santa Clara, what name is this ship best known as?

They say the Santa Maria, the obvious one....NO!!! I don't believe that! It was the Nina, and they lose their money.

In the last game, Kelly, Liz and Nate are going to a town ironically called Columbus at 85th. The game is 48 blocks long. They got to $375 after the $50 round with one strike, and an RLC pops up. The question this time:

Name six of the seven Muppet characters that served as regulars on "Sesame Street".

They say Grover, Kermit the Frog, Snuffalupagus, Oscar, Big Bird and Bert to go to $625! They then get their first $100 question right, but miss the second $100 question. They get their last $100 question to finish the game with $825! But they risk it to try for $1,650 on this Video Bonus Question:

Roulette is the fastest game in Vegas. On a standard casino Roulette wheel, what is the only number to appear in green?

They say zero for $1,650!

WOF: Tonight's teachers are Shelli Burke (in the yellow), Lisa Coffrin and Todd Bennington. Nobody gets the $2,000 Toss-Up PONDEROSA PINES, so the man will start Round 1 with the category of Event, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a trip to Spain worth five grand. After Burke calls the S's for $1,200, we have...

R E _ _ _ I N G

S _ N S E T

S T R _ _ _

After buying the U, she calls three L's for $1,650 and we now have...

R E L _ _ I N G


S T R _ L L

...I know now. She buys the O, but is still stumped, and blows her turn by calling K. Brown calls a $450 X and solves RELAXING SUNSET STROLL for that money and a trip to Cancun, for a total of $5,306.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. After the man lands on Jackpot and calls the M's for $1,000, we have...

_ _ M _

_ _ T

_ _ M _

_ _ T

_ _ _ R _ _ _ R

_ _ _

_ R _

...and believe it or not, he solves COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE! I was shocked! That adds the $6,900 jackpot to get him on the board with $7,900!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Before and After. After Burke calls the F's, we have...

_ _ R _ F _ E _

_ _ T E R

_ _ F F _ L _

I don't know the top word. She buys the A's and calls the B for the $1,000 New gift certificate. After buying the O, she calls the W for $300 and buys the U's, and we now have...

_ U R _ F _ E _



...I know it now. She calls a $3,500 D , but does the same thing as in the first main round- she spins on late in the round and calls a dud, this time with an M. Brown gets a Bankrupt. The man lands on a Mystery Wedge, but the C call is a miss. Burke rebounds from her earlier mistakes by solving PURIFIED WATER BUFFALO for $3,950 and the gift tage, for a total of $5,950.

The man solves THE TAJ MAJAL with only one of the J's showing to go to $10,900. Next is a Food and Drink puzzle. After Brown calls the C's, we have...

_ _ T T E R _ C _ T C _

_ R _ _ _ _ E _

...I have a feeling what this is. She buys the O's and calls a $400 H. After buying the U, she calls the S's for $900 and the B's for $10,000, but her A call is a dud! Speed-Up Mode commences, the man calls a $1,600 N and solves BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES for game, set and match with $14,900! Burke has $5,950 in cash and stuff and Brown has $5,306.

He spins the quad star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ R

_ _ L _ E

Bennington calls C, P, H and O and gets...nothing. No magic this time- it was FAIR VALUE, and he doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Mehrun Etebari goes for his fourth win against Carlos Alcala and Katy Hardy. Opening categories:

2006 National Geographic STORIES

Etebari gets off to another one of his fast starts, leading with $4,200 heading into the first break. Hardy has $1,600 and Alcala has $1,400. The champ finds the Daily Double under the middle clue in Sounds Like an Army Unit with $5,600, and he bets two grand:

Best Picture Oscar winner for 1986.

"What is Platoon?"...right to go to $7,600! At the end of the round, he has $10,400. Alcala has $3,400 and the lady in the middle has $1,800.

DJ! categories:


This is a themed board about Dr. Seuss, but today's date is NOT his birthday, because it's on March 2nd. Alcala finds the first Daily Double under the $800 clue in "O" The Places You'll Go with $3,800. He bets $3,000:

In 1989, part of this city's Nimitz Freeway collapsed as the result of an earthquake.

"What is Oakland?"....during the 1989 World Series, that is right to go to $6,800! He gets very close to tying the champ for the lead, but the champ then gets on a roll of his own. Both men are in five figures at this point. After nailing two of the first three clues in Butter Battle Books, the champ finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue there. He has $18,400, while the other man has $13,200 and Hardy has $3,800. The champ bets two big ones:

Coronary bypass survivor Joseph Piscatella wrote "The Road to a Healthy" this "Runs Through the Kitchen".

"What is heart?"....$20,400! At the end of the round, he is up to $28,400! But he is still not out of the woods yet, as Alcala has $18,800 and the lady is virtually out of it with $3,800.

FJ! category: Notable Women.

On January 4, 2007, she said, "For our daughters & our granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling".

The lady has "Who is Nancy Pelosi"...I hope the men had that, because that's right! She doubles to $7,600. Alcala has that too and bets $11,000 to go to $29,800. Etebari has that and with a wager of $9,500, he has another big win! This time, it's $37,900, and he now has $99,100! Way to go!

Chain Reaction: Here are tonight's teams...

Girls: Alex, Miranda and Colleen (University of Pittsburgh students)
Guys: Andrea, Daniel and Zack (high school buddies)

The first chain:


The second word begins with S, and Alex says that word is STRING...first $100 goes to the ladies! The third word starts with C and Miranda says CHEESE for another $100. The middle word begins with S and Colleen has a guess of STRING, but that's already been used. The second letter there is T (ST....) and Andrew says STICKS...but that's not it. The third letter is E (S T E _ _) and Alex says STEADY (?!?!?!?)....not going to work, bro. Daniel steals it with STEAK for the male team's first $100. The fifth word begins with K and Zack says KICKBOXING (?!?!?!?)...there were two possibilities for the fifth word, and his guess is definitely NOT one of them. The second letter is N (K N _ _ _), but Miranda draws a blank.
Andrew saves that word for later and heads for the word above CRIME. That word starts with F and he says FIRST....wrong. Colleen then gets KNIFE to get the ladies to $300. Back to the sixth word we go. The second letter there is I and Alex says FIGHT....right to go to $400! Opening Speed Chain:

2. T
3. S

I thought this was a toughie, but they say THEME SONG....right to go to $500! $200 Chain:


The second word starts with T and Daniel has a feeling it's TIES....NO. The second letter is R (TR....) and Miranda guesses TREE....right to go to $700! Third word has a starting letter of S and Colleen says STEM....wrong. The second letter is U (SU....) and Zack says SUGAR....not a sweet guess. The third letter is R (SUR....) and Alex says SURLY, which is wrong. I think she drew a blank on that. The fourth letter is G (SURG....) and Andrew says SURGER (?!?!?!?)....I DON'T THINK SO. The fifth letter is E (SURGE....) and Miranda says SURGEON...on the money to go to $900! Colleen heads for the middle of the chain, and the word there starts with G. She says GENERAL, as in the Surgeon General for the cigarette joints....right to break the $1,000 mark with $1,100! The fifth word begins with E and Alex and I think it's ELECTRIC....right again for $1,300! The word above JOCK starts with S (S _ _ _ _) and Miranda says SOCKET, which is incorrect. The second letter is H (S H _ _ _) and Daniel says SHOCK to give the men $300. $200 Speed Chain:

2. V
3. S

It's VACATION ________. They say VACATION SPOT....right on to go to $500! $300 Chain:

1. AT

The second word begins with L, and it's either LAST or LARGE. Zack goes off the board with LEISURE...I don't think so. The A is put in, and Colleen goes with the former (LAST)....right, and the ladies now have $1,600! The third word begins with N and Alex says
The second letter is E (NE....) and Andrew says NEXT (?!?!?!)...that makes no sense whatsoever. The third letter is R (NER....) and Miranda says NERVE....the ladies are now at $1,900! The center word has a starting letter of D and Colleen thinks it's DENDRITE (?!?!?!)...never heard of that, and it's wrong. Daniel tries the word above DYNAMIC next, and that word begins with G. He says GORGEOUS (?!?!?!?)....general descriptions are not supposed to be like that, sir. Alex tries the fourth word again, and the second letter is A (DA....). She says DARE, which is wrong. Zack goes back to word six, and the second letter there is R. He says GROUP, which is a much better guess...and that's right to go to $800! The third letter in the middle word is M (D A M _ _ _) and Andrew gets DAMAGE to get the guys to $1,100! The fifth word is left, and it begins with C (C _ _ _ _ _ _). Daniel says CORE, which is incorrect. Second letter is O (C O _ _ _ _ _) and Miranda steals it for the women with CONTROL! The ladies now have $2,200! The last Speed Chain looks remarkably like this:

2. L
3. F
4. END

This was a hard one. They say LEFT FRONT, but it's LOOSE FITTING. At this point, the ladies, with $2,200, have twice as much money as the men. Gambling Chain:

7. PAL


The ladies go on to win with $2,200 after the men go broke. Complete chain:

6. PAY
7. PAL

Instant Reaction: Colleen is in the hot spot. She gets chocolate to start. She then gets horse, though the formers had a bit of trouble forming the last words of the question. She gets library no problem. She then gets wings! Are we going to see a perfect round? 32 seconds are left at this point. The next word is doctor...despite the team not getting the full question out, Colleen says doctor for the 5 for 5 sweep and the $5,000! They had 25 seconds left on the clock! They will
each get $2,400, for a total of $7,200!

Monday, May 28, 2007

"On The Lot" Round of 18

Each of the remaining 18 directors will show a one-minute comedy movie. I will rate each one from zero to four stars, in half star incriments. The home viewers will vote on each movie, and the three directors whose movies got the lowest amount of votes will be cut on tomorrow's Box Office Results Show.

The judges this week are Carrie Fisher, Garry Marshall and this week's guest judge, D.J. Caruso.

The first one up is Adam Stein. His short is called "Dance Man". I gave it 2.5 stars. Fisher thought it was a very charming movie. Caruso agreed. Marshall agreed with the rest because it had a beginning, middle and end.

Director #2 is Carolina Zorilla De San Martin from Spain. The title of her short is "Deliver Me". This was HORRIBLE, especially the first part of it, where a lady is put in a hospital bed. That is a huge insult to those who been lying in hospital beds. It was not funny at all. Therefore, my score is ZERO STARS. Fisher thought it was terrific. Caruso loved the movie's visuals. Marshall liked it.

The third one up is Andrew Hunt, with "Spaced Out". This was WAY better than the last one. The alien characters throwing up on the policeman was just brilliant and hilarious. For that, I gave it FOUR STARS! Fisher suggested that he do merchandise with the aliens. Caruso liked it, as did Marshall. But Marshall thought barfing wasn't his first choice for a movie.

The fourth director is Kenny Luby with "Wack Alley Cab". This was terrible on all accounts. Not only was it not funny, the graphics IDing people was totally unnecessary and intrusive. ZERO STARS. Fisher didn't see where this was going, and thought the short was not a success. Caruso thought he was watching a late-night spoof, and agreed with Fisher that it wasn't that funny. Marshall thought the short was wacky, but like Fisher, got lost following what was going on.

Fifth is Hilary Graham with "Bus #1". The story where the lady was trying to go to the bathroom was hilarious! But I wanted to see the lady literally try to go to the bathroom. My score is 3.5 stars. Fisher was disappointed at urine being in the story. Caruso didn't like the subject, and Marshall thought it wasn't her best work.

Sixth is Marty Martin with "The Big Bad Heist". This guy, IMHO, BLEW IT BIG TIME. This was nothing more than a MOVIE PREVIEW, not a COMEDY SHORT. ZERO STARS. Fisher thought that the preview was well done, even though she wanted to see an outright film. Caruso saw potential in the idea, and he wanted him to be more courageous when doing his next film.
Marshall said he liked it because there was no barfing or urinating.

At the lucky seven spot is Will Bigham. Speak of the devil, the word "lucky" is in the title-
"Lucky Penny". The spots where the man runs into bad luck because of rubbing the penny was freakin' hilarious! FOUR STARS! Fisher thought it was a great silent film. Caruso thought it resembled Buster Keaton, and loved the piano shot. Marshall thought the director and the actor were great! Tonight is her young daughter's first birthday, and he considers her to be his "Lucky Penny"!

Director #8 is Jessica Brillhart with "....To Screw In a Light Bulb". The idea was admirable, but I only laughed at the end part. I gave it 1.5 stars. Fisher thought it was cute, but she didn't really get it. Caruso thought the movie had a poor concept that wasn't executed well, and he got confused. Marshall thought the film had the punchline, but it didn't quite deliver.

The ninth director is Mateen Kemet with "Soft". I thought the movie was good, especially the part where the man in the blue shirt got KOed by the lady so that she could get his wallet. The only real problem I had was "Soft" appearing at the start, which I thought was unnecessary. My score is three stars. Fisher thought he did a good job, but wanted the crowd in the movie to be more edgy, and Caruso thought the same way. Marshall thought some of the people in the mob looked like they came from a chess group.

The tenth one up is Claudia La Bianca with "Blind Date". I loved the part where the lady went
into the MEN'S bathroom to take a dump and then meet her date! But I wished there had been a lot more funny material overall. I gave it 2.5 stars. Fisher thought it was good, visual-wise, but she sensed that comedy wasn't this director's forte. Caruso thought that the film got off to a good start, but it chickened out by going for the farting joke, and he thought the joke was unnecessary. Marshall thought the director was an artist, and thought comedies are tricky.

#11 is Jason Epperson with "Getta Rhoom". I only thought it was funny at the end, so I gave it only one star. Fisher didn't get the notion that the guy was nerdy, and also thought she was offended by the film. Caruso thought the character was cheap and uninspired. Marshall thought the humor was pitch dark.

In the #12 spot is David May and "File Size". I liked the idea of an angry worker, but there wasn't quite enough humor. I gave it two stars. Fisher thought it was very well made. Caruso was intrigued by the directing, but he suggested that there be better subject matter for the next time. Marshall wanted the actors to do more.

In the dreaded #13 position is Zach Lipovsky with the short "Danger Zone". It wasn't very funny, but I thought the effects involved in the chain reaction of disasters was very cool. I also gave it one star. Fisher thought it was awesome because of the way the effects were contained in a single shot. Caruso thought it was brillant. Marshall admitted he couldn't do what this director did.

Director #14 is Trever James, and he did "A Golf Story". There wasn't that much to it. I only gave it half a star. Fisher thought it was well made, but didn't get the idea. Caruso thought it was smart to spoof a certain sport. Marshall thought the satire was great.

Next is Shalini Kantayya with "Love in the Year 2007". I personally thought it was wise to do a comedy around a love story, since love stories tend to be comedies all the time, but it wasn't too funny. I gave it one star. Fisher thought she had the beginning, middle and end parts right, and thought it was very ambitious. Caruso thought the acting wasn't strong enough. Marshall agreed with me that the humor wasn't strong enough.

#16 is Phil Hawkins from England. His short is titled "Please Hold". I loved the phone part, but it was too eerie for my tastes and there wasn't quite enough humor. I gave it two stars. Fisher thought the short had a distinctive look, but it was average. Caruso thought the 911 joke lasted longer than it should have in the short. Marshall thought the story was a little off in the short.

Next is another foreigner, Shira-Lee Shalit from Johannesburg, South Africa. The title of her short is "Check Out". It was only funny at the end, so I only gave it a star. Fisher thought it was great to take a typical dry airport thing and turn it into a striptease act. Caruso and Marshall thought it was good, as well.

Sam Friedlander has the night's final film, "Replication Theory". The frequent farting during the movie was hilarious! I gave it FOUR STARS! Fisher thought it was great, and saluted the director for making farting classy. Caruso thought the film was very well shot, and Marshall thought the farting was made fancy in the film.

The three people who I would cut are Carolina Zorilla De La Martin, Kenny Luby and Marty Martin, with Luby being the most likely cut. Hilary Graham, based on what the judges said to her, is also in trouble.


I regret to inform you that legendary "Match Game" panelist Charles Nelson Reilly passed away at the age of 76 in California last Friday due to pneumonia complications. In addition to "Match Game", Reilly did many game shows, including "Super Password", "Body Language", "Hollywood Squares", amongst others. He even hosted the panel show "Sweethearts". GS fans will greatly miss this man.

5/28/2007 Results- Happy Memorial Day!

TPIR: The East/Central areas of America didn't get to see this episode last Thursday because of President Bush. This episode aired in its entirety elsewhere. This episode is re-airing today for those who missed out.

Starting the show off are Patrick Rowe, Kati Haley, Jerry Haye and Alena Jackson. The first IUFB is a kayak. Bids:

Patrick: $800
Katie: $950
Jerry: $701
Alena: $951

ARP: $873, so Rowe will play Squeeze Play for a trip to Tahiti. Board:


It's not at least $10K, like it had been when trips there were featured in some Showcases.
His guess is $7,576....but it's $7,876, my guess.

The new player is Kathleen Waygar, and the next IUFB is a chandelier. Bids:

Kathleen: $1,250
Katie: $1,000
Jerry: $1,050
Alena: $1,251

All are over, so they must bid again.

Kathleen: $930
Katie: $675
Jerry: $750
Alena: $850

All are over again! That's one cheap chandelier!

Kathleen: $550
Katie: $450
Jerry: $350
Alena: BUCK

ARP: $599, so Waygar plays Plinko, and she has a shirt with three Plinko logos on it!
First SP is a coffee thing marked at $67. She picks the 7....$37! Second SP is a mop marked at $18, and she picks the 8, but it's $10. Third is a travel mug marked at $12, and she picks the's $15. Finally, we have a tool kit marked at $90 and she picks the 0, and it's $50. She will have four chips to work with. After the first chip gets's worth nothing. The second chip lands in the right $500 slot. The third chip lands in the other $500 slot, and the last chip is worth nothing, giving her $1,000 in addition to the other stuff.

The next player is Timothy Spencer, and the third IUFB is a massager collection. Bids:

Timothy: $650
Katie: $475
Jerry: BUCK
Alena: $675

ARP: $1,000, so Jackson will play Hole in One for a Pontiac Grand Prix. The products are salsa, scar cream, mouthwash, soup, eye drops and a bag of dog food. Her order of products, from least expensive to most expensive, are the soup, salsa, mouthwash, eye drops, dog food and the scar cream. The soup is $1.07. The salsa is $2.69. The mouthwash is $5.49. The eye drops are $8.99, and she'll putt from the fourth line, because the dog food is $4.49. Bob makes his putt....and so does Jackson, so she wins the car that will replace her banged-up 1978 Volvo!

SSD1: The only total loser this half spins 60....and a quarter for 85 cents. Waygar spins 40....and just a nickel. Jackson gets 85 cents to force a spin-off. The man spins 95 cents, while Jackson gets 55, so the man is in the Showcase.

The next player to exit the audience is Christopher Nowiki, and the fourth IUFB is a grandfather clock. Bids:

Christopher: $1,800
Timothy: $1,600
Katie: $1,480
Jerry: $1,000

ARP: $2,100, so Nowiki plays Race Game for a tricycle, a dinette, a storage box and an HDTV. This is his favorite game. The prices are $795, $1,299, $2,199 and $2,725. His first guesses are $795 for the dinette, $1,299 for the box, $2,199 for the trike and $2,725 for the TV....all are wrong with 28 seconds left. Second guesses are $795 for the box, $1,299 for the trike, $2,199 for the TV and $2,725 for the is right....NOT! All of them are right, so he wins!

Next player is Melinda Robertson, and the fifth IUFB is a patio heater. Bids:

Melinda: $575
Timothy: $400
Katie: $401
Jerry: $402

ARP: $525, so Haye will play Money Game for a Dodge Caliber (Std., Paint, AC, SRadio, Mats, Heater). Board:


The middle number is 5 ($ _ _, 5 _ _). He picks 16 first, which is worth $16. His second pick of 85 is worth $85 more. His third pick of 15 is the front of the car ($ 1 5, 5 _ _). He picks 90 next, which is worth $90 more. His last pick is 35...he only wins money, $226 to be exact. The ARP was $15,545.

The last player to exit the audience is Lauren Caesar, and the final IUFB is a wine bar. Bids:

Lauren: $800
Melinda: $950
Timothy: $1,000
Katie: $1,001

ARP: $1,499, so Haley finally makes it out of Contestant's Row, and will play for a sauna. It's $4,150 or $5,230. She picks $4,150...and wins!

SSD2: The only loser this half goes over by spinning 35 and 70. Haley spins 85 cents. Nowiki spins 75...and a dollar, so Haley is in the Showcase to face Rowe for a chance to possibly win a Showcase featuring a trailer.

The first Showcase has a female park ranger showing some fake destinations that didn't make the grade. The first one is the Bland Canyon, which is a canyon that looks so bad, that people would want to watch prettier places on a new portable DVD player. The second one is The Fatirondaks, which is a place that is all about weight loss. Those people there would want to use a new treadmill to lose weight. Now, for the trailer, located in Mellowstone National Park. Nobody wants to get out of a new TrailManor trailer! Rowe gets this stuff and bids $18,500, and I hated that bid. Haley sees some dams. First, there's The Hoover Dam, which is a dam you might visit on a trip to Las Vegas! Second, there's a movie called "Damn Yankees", which took place in NYC! Finally, there's an airdam located on the front of a new Chevy HHR (Std., AT/Remote, Heater)! Haley bids $23,894.

ARP for Rowe: $30,344, a difference of $11,844. ARP for Haley: $25,310, so she wins and takes home $30,999 in prizes!

WOF: Our first group of teachers this week are Lorana Hoops (in the blue), Kenya Moore-Kerr and Cameron Quinn. Round 1 category is Song Lyrics, and out on the wheel now is a $6,000 trip to Amsterdam. After the man calls the E's, we have...

R _ _ _ E R

_ _ _ _ _ E

Y O _' R E

_ _ E

O _ E

This was sung on "Seasame Street" by Ernie. He calls a $600 H, a $500 N and then buys the U's. He then calls the B's to pick up the $10,000! He calls a $300 T and solves RUBBER DUCKIE YOU'RE THE ONE for $12,000 and $14,000 total!

Jackpot Round category is Same Name. When we get back to the man, we have...

T H R E E- H _ _ E


_ R _ _ T

_ _ _ _ H

He calls an L for the Wild Card. After he calls the P for the Amsterdam trip, we now have...

T H R E E- H _ L E


_ R _ _ T

P _ _ _ H

He calls a $400 N, and it's in the middle of the last word, so we know the second half of the puzzle is FRUIT PUNCH. After buying the O, the first half is totally filled in- THREE-HOLE.
But can he figure out the second half? He calls the F for the Free Spin and solves THREE-HOLE & FRUIT PUNCH for the trip and $150, for a new total of $20,150!

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Things, and this round is again sponsored this week by The same man lands on a Mystery Wedge early on. He calls an S and flips...but it's a Bankrupt, so he loses the Wild Card. After the lady at the right of him calls the A's, we have...

G E N T L _

L A _ _ I N G

_ A _ E S

After calling a $400 Y, she calls the P's for $1,200, and the first two words are GENTLY and LAPPING. But her D call is a dud. Moore-Kerr calls a W and solves GENTLY-LAPPING WAVES for $300 and a trip to Hawaii, for a total of $7,934. Everybody is on the board now.

She then solves HARVARD YARD to go to $10,934. Next category is Food and Drink. The man uses up the Free Spin after hitting a Bankrupt. When we get to Speed-Up Mode, consonants are worth $6,000! Board:

S _ R _ _ _ _ R R _

_ R _ S _ R _ _ S

After Hoops calls the E's, we have...

S T R _ W B E R R Y

_ R E S E R _ E S

..and she solves STRAWBERRY PRESERVES to finish with $7,000. But the man in the middle is our champion with $20,150!

Cars this week are a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Lexus IS. He spins the H and the category is Things. Starting with:

L _ _ T _

_ _ _ L S

Quinn calls G, M, C and I and gets...

L _ _ T _

G _ _ L S

I think it's LOFTY GOALS. Does he? NO, and he doesn't win another $25,000.

Lingo: Tonight's teams are Vince and Will and Jill and Tracy. It's a battle of the men and the women this time. The ladies get WAGON to score first and get this board:


Jill gets 30, meaning a 46 will give them a Lingo right now...but Tracy gets 56. The ladies then get the gong for saying CLOCA instead of CLOCK. The men tie it up by stealing CLEAR to get this board:


They draw 13 and 37, opening up 63 for a Lingo. They get BOUND on their last chance to double up. Vince has 21, opening up 45....while Will has 05, opening up lucky 07. They also get MERRY in the max to go to 75. Vince pulls out 53...while Will has 55, and both balls were of no help. They get STATE to reach 100. Vince has 39, opening up 31....and Will has lucky 07, so they Lingo and go to 150! The ladies get PEARS to go to 50. Jill has 32, making 16 and 38 available....and Tracy gets 14, opening up 62. They get QUILL in three to reach 75, and Jill has 16 for a Lingo, and the ladies end the round with 125!

The ladies get RIDER at the start of Round 2 to take a slight lead with 175! New board:


They draw 22 and 52. They solve FIXED in four to go to 225. They draw 06 and 18, opening up 26 for a Lingo, as well as the WILDs. But they get disqualified for saying ABLED. The boys then get ANGLE to go to 200 and earn this new board:


They get 55 and 59. They get TIMES in three to take the lead back with 250. Vince has a WILD to start, and he marks 47, meaning another WILD, 01 or 51 will give them another Lingo. Will gets 01 for the Lingo and 350, and time expires, so they win!

The guys have three Bonus Letters to work with in Bonus Lingo. They lose a lot of time on VAGUE. They get three words right. Board:


A 43 on the first draw is worth today's jackpot of $13,000. Vince has....21. That opens up 13 and 51 as new possibilities for $5,000. Will has 01, which is of no help. On the last draw, Vince has....13 for five grand!

Jeopardy!: Mehrun Etebari is back for his third day, with $28,400 so far. He defends against Grace Tighe (an air traffic controller from Roanoke) and David Turley. The opening categories:

DC COMICS (each clue in this category has a picture of a comic book superhero)

The champ gets off to a fast start by sweeping the 20th century category for $3,000, while the others are in the red. At the first break, he leads with $6,600, while Turley has a grand and the lady has $400. The champ shortly finds the Daily Double under the $400 clue in Gemstones, and still has $6,600. He bets two large:

It's the playing unit that's most often sacrificed in a gambit.

"What is a pawn?"....right to go to $8,600! At the end of the round, the champ leads big with $12,600, while Turley has $2,000 and the lady has $1,800.

DJ! categories:


The champ continues to build on his lead, and the lady finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in D.C. Comics. She has three grand at this point, while Turley has $5,200 and the champ has $17,800. She bets $2,200 to tie for second place if she's right...

A t-shirt promoting these two fake news stars as 2008 running mates promised, "Truthiness and justice for all".

"Who are Jig and Jag?"....I don't think so. The actual pairing was Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. She's down to $800. Turley finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue in American Women. With $5,600, he bets five grand.

This Democrat was elected to the House of Representatives from NY's 9th Congressional district in 1978.

"Who is Geraldine Ferraro?"...RIGHT! He's now up to $10,600! At the end of the round, the champ still leads with $19,800. Turley has $15,800 and the lady has $2,000.

FJ! category: Famous Names.

One of his early engineering projects was an iron bridge over the Garrone River at Bordeaux in 1858.

The lady has "Who is Eiffel?"....right to double to $4,000! Turley has that also and bet $11,700 to go to $27,500. The champ is also right....and bets 13 grand to win again! Three-day total: $61,200!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Celebrity Fit Club" 5/27

When we left off, Dustin Diamond walked out of the weigh-in room after a heated argument with Harvey Walden IV, causing everyone else to walk out as well. Tiffany and Diamond decided to go home that night to compose themselves. No team weigh-in was held that time because of the situation.

Since Kimberley Locke wasn't able to weigh in on the last show, she got to do it this show. Her new weight....157 lbs., for a three pound loss. Target for the next time is two pounds.

On Day 71, each person had to climb a pole and after walking in the center of another pole, must swing off from the poles thirty feet towards a cliff. Everybody there had a lot of fun doing that!

Joining Diamond as not being at the weigh-in room was Dr. Ian Smith, who left the show to take care of his new baby. Now, for the solo weigh-ins.

Warren G took the scale first...and the new weight is 194 lbs., meaning he matched the week's target! Target for the next time: three pounds.

Second was Tiffany....and she weighed 134 lbs, meaning she lost three pounds! Her target for the next weigh-in is four pounds.

Third was Maureen McCormick, who continues to amaze at the scales...and weighed in this time at 121 lbs., meaning she lost another pound! That's twenty-nine pounds lost by her so far, and a total loss percentage of 19.3%! Her target for the next time: three pounds.

Fourth up was Da Brat...and sadly gained a pound this time, because her new weight was 154 pounds. Ouch. She had a five pound target for the next time.

Fifth was Ross Matthews....and he weighed in at 181 lbs., meaning he lost another pound, for a new overall total of thirty-three pounds lost! He also had a weight loss percentage of 15.4% at that point! He had a three pound target for the next time.

Next was Cledus T. Judd....and his weight was the same as the last time- 185 lbs. He was given a two pound target for the next time.

The last person up was Kimberley Locke...and she lost two more pounds with a new weight of 155 pounds! Her target for the next time: four pounds.

The team weigh-in was held this time. At this point, the Athletes are in the lead by losing 12.6% of their base body weight, while the Regulators have lost 12.1% of their weight.

Next time, Dustin Diamond is back.

Next Week in Game Shows: May 28-June 3

On the last week of May, here's what's on tap:

Wheel of Fortune: Some teachers will come out to play. Will this week be as bad as the last Teacher's Week that "WWTBAM" had?

On the Lot: The real fun begins as the remaining 18 directors show their one-minute movies. Three judges will score them, and then the home viewers will vote on the best movies. The three directors with the week's lowest scores will be eliminates on Tuesday's Box Office Results Show. I don't know about the rest of you, but I see potential in this show, since the summer movie season is in bloom.

Pirate Master: It's Mark Burnett's pirate version of "Survivor". But for now, I won't be watching it.

Cash Cab: This Wednesday, it makes its prime time debut with two episodes at 10 PM EST.

The Next Food Network Star: It begins its third season next Sunday while "Celebriity Fit Club" has the week off.

Also, will the third episode of "National Bingo Night" see the light of day?

MVP and Big Winners Annoucement for May 21-27

MVP: Jordin Sparks ("American Idol")

This young 17-year old lady is related to former NFL player Phillippi Sparks. Idol judge Randy Jackson praised Jordin for her ability to sing any song even at a young age. Jordin really hit her stride midway through the competition, and thanks to a fantastic rendition of the Martina McBride song "A Broken Wing", she replaced LaKisha Jones as my personal favorite to win the competition. In the end, my wish became a reality, as she defeated Blake Lewis to become Idol's youngest winner ever! As of right now, she is the frontrunner for the 2007 Grand Championship in the next Salute of Champions.

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough- WINNERS ("Dancing with the Stars")
Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson- Runners-up ("Dancing with the Stars")
Blake Lewis- Runner-up ("American Idol")
Stuart Siegal- $100,000 ("WWTBAM")
Kenneth Savoy- $50,829 ("TPIR")
Mary ? and Kati ?- $40,000 as two-game champs ("Lingo")
Lucia Anselmo- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")
Jim and Kelly0 $17,000 ("Lingo")

Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Chain Reaction" 5/26

Will "Chain Reaction" be the third show this week to endure a WIPEOUT? Let's find out.

Girls: Casandra, Alyson and Kathleen
Guys: Justin, Romeo and Don (college buddies)

The first chain:


The sixth word starts with C and Dustin says CAVE...but that's wrong. The second letter is I (CI.....) and Casandra says CITY...the ladies score their first $100! The second word begins with W and Alyson's guess is WORLD....two for two! Kathleen has the fifth word next, and it begins with S. She says SAME (??!?!!?)...TOTAL DUD. Second letter is U (SU....) and Romeo's guess is SUN...thinking of Arizona, incorrect. The third letter is R (SUR....) and Casandra says SURF...$300 for the girls! Alyson heads for the third word, and it starts with W, like the second word of WORLD. She says The second letter is I (W I _ _) and Don has a guess of WILD (?!?!!?)...he blew it! When the D is put in that word, Kat gets WIDE for another $100 to the girls' total. Now, for the dead center word. It begins with B, and Casandra says BALL...strike. Second letter is O (BO....) and Justin says BODY....the guys are on the board!
First Speed Chain:

2. B
3. A

It's BATTLE ________. They say BATTLE AXE....right on to double to $200! Speaking of that amount, each correct answer in the second chain is worth that much money. Here it is:


The second word starts with R and Romeo says RACE to Alyson saves that one for later and heads for the word before TEARS. It starts with S and her guess here is SHED at the buzzer...right to go to $600! Kathleen heads back to the second word, and the second letter is O (RO....). She says in the legendary Elton John song "Crocodile Rock", that is right for another $200! The third word begins with S and Casandra has a guess of STATE (?!?!?!)...there is a rock state called Colorado, but her guess is wrong. The second letter is T (ST....) and Don says STORY...sorry. Third letter is A (S T A _) and Alyson says STAR as in the Mark Burnett show "Rock Star" to get the lady team to a grand! Kat heads for the middle of the chain, and the word there starts with P. Her guess is PIXIE (?!?!?!?)...never heard of it, and I don't want to know about it. Furthermore, that's a wrong answer. The second letter there is O (PO....) and Justin says POWER to double the male team's money to $400. The fifth word begins with T (T _ _ _) and Romeo says TOOL for another $200. $200 Speed Chain:

2. S
3. P
4. TAG

This was a tough one. They said SPEAKER PRICE...SPEAKER was right, but the other part was PHONE.

$300 Chain:


The word before HUNTING starts with an H and Don's guess is HIGH, which is wrong. The second letter is O (HO....) and Casandra says HOG...oink all you want, but that's wrong. Third letter is U (HOU...) and Justin guesses HOUSE...right to go to $900! If the men give the next right answer, they will take the lead. Romeo heads up to the word above it, and it starts with D. He says DOG....incorrect. The second letter is R (D R _ _ _) and Alyson says DRY (?!?!??!?)....NO FREAKIN' WAY. The third letter is E (D R E _ _) and Don has a guess of DRESS...not much better. The fourth letter is A (D R E A _ ) and Kat says DREAD (?!?!?!?)...these people must have never heard of Bob Eubanks. Justin finally jumps in with DREAM to give the guys the lead with $1,200. "Dream House" was hosted by Bob Eubanks from 1983-1984, and will be revived soon on ABC, but as a totally different reality series. Back to the game, Romeo then heads for the word below EMOTIONAL next, and that word has a starting letter of R. His guess is RENDITION....nope. The second letter is E (RE....) and Casandra says REMEDY....well, I am taking one because of my anxiety, but that's a wrong answer. The third letter is S (RES....) and Don's guess is RESULT....incorrect. The fourth letter is C (R E S C _ _) and Alyson gives the answer of RESCUE to give the ladies the lead back with $1,300. The third word begins with M, and I have a hunch it's ME. Kat says MASCOT instead, which is so wrong. The second letter there is I, so my guess is out the door. As for Justin, he says MISSION...guys take the lead back at $1,500! The middle word begins with I (I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Romeo picks off IMPOSSIBLE to give the men $1,800. The last Speed Chain looks like this:

2. M
3. T

The men have a guess of MAN TONE....MUSCLE TONE, actually.

The score is still $1,800 to $1,300 in the male team's favor as we head into this Betting Chain:



The guys go on to win with $2,500, after a $500 bet by Romeo on the middle word of GUTTER works out. The ladies finished with $400. Complete chain:


Instant Reaction: Justin is in the hot seat. He gets throne with no problem at the start. The team gets a bit nervous forming a question on a clown, but Justin gets the answer anyway. They pass on lake, and Justin gets dragon easily. The team gets wreath, and they have 31 seconds to close it out for the big money. After the team asks a question about the terrorism war, Justin locks in with Iraq to kill the show's WIPEOUT and win the men $5,000! Thus, they triple their winnings to a final total of $7,500!

"National Bingo Night" Episode 2 rating

This week's "National Bingo Night" scored a 3.6 Fast Nielsen with a 6 share. That is only down slightly from last week. That's not too bad of a number, considering it was a pretty quiet night of TV.


Friday, May 25, 2007

"National Bingo Night" Episode 2

Felicia Hamm is the first studio player tonight, and she's very excited! She's trying for an Around the World trip in this first game. She's playing "Red or Black". On each turn, the player must guess whether the circle outline on each ball that comes out will be red or black. If she gets eight matches before a Bingo is made, she will win the big trip plus a $5,000 KMart gift card.

For you people at home, the red cards are in play for this game. $5 KMart gift cards are given to those who make a Bingo, and one lucky Bingo in this game will be worth a $10,000 KMart card.


At this point, a lady is one number away from a Bingo.


Six new people are closing in on a Bingo.


The number of people who are close to a Bingo DOUBLES to 14.


She has the eight matches. If nobody made a Bingo, the trip's hers....

...NO BINGO MADE!!! She's won a trip Around the World and the KMart gift card!

The white cards will be in play for the next game. Each Bingo is worth a "Kyle XY" DVD, and one Bingo is worth a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Christina Wakini is our next studio player. She is playing Bingo Crossword. On each turn, she must decide if each ball's number will be higher or lower than the one before it. Each time the player is right, one letter is zapped from the board. Knocking off the whole puzzle (thus requiring at least nine matches) is worth $50,000 and the cruise. Only one I is in the puzzle The base number is 31, Wakini's age.


A man is now close to a Bingo.


Only the IN's are left now, and two new people are closing in on a Bingo.


One more person is closing in.


Seven people are now close to a Bingo.


At this point, 18 people are close to a Bingo.


As I feared after that, a man gets a Bingo, so she loses. The man in the audience gets the cruise.

The blue cards in this last game are now in play. One lucky Bingo is worth a trip to the NBA Finals, another is worth a trip to the set of "Desperate Housewives", and another is worth $50,000.

The last studio player is David Van Diver from Nashville, and he's a former pro wrestler! His gimmick was "Gentleman Jim Corbett".

He plays Odd or Even under the title of Money Bags. This is the serial number that was found on the $100 bill he took from one of the security cards:



Eight people are now closing in on a Bingo. He goes on to lose, and the man who made the Bingo in the audience gets $5,000.

"On The Lot" opening week ratings not good

The premiere episode of "On the Lot" scored a 5.4 Fast Nielsen with an 8 share, losing a lot of its lead-in from "American Idol". The second part of the auditions on Thursday did even worse, scoring a 3.4 with a 6 share. The real test will be the main movie showings that will start next week. Monday's episode starts at 8 PM, and will be two hours long. The Box Office Results show will air Tuesday at 8 PM, and will last an hour.


5/25/2007 Results

TPIR: The first four players are Susan Shelley, Dennis Costik, Christel Catlin and John O' Carson. The opening IUFB is a hot tub. Bids:

Susan: $1,350
Dennis: $1,200
John: $2,300
Christel: $1,201

ARP: $3,495, so O' Carson plays Most Expensive for a computer system, a crib and a scooter.
He picks the scooter as the most expensive prize, and I winced. The computer is $3,864. The crib is $3,225...and the scooter is $2,695, so he loses.

The next player to come out of the mob is Adrianne Johnson, and the second IUFB is a series of guitars. Bids:

Adrianne: $1,595
Christel: $2,400
Susan: $1,400
Dennis: $1,350

ARP: $1,976, so Johnson will play Cliffhangers for a dining room. The first SP is an MP3 holder, and she bids $'s $28. Second SP is an apple dipper, and her bid is $'s $30. She must get the ARP of the coffee maker within $18 to win. She bids $'s $40 and she wins!

The next player to get to Contestant's Row is Gloria Langley, and there's now a desk to bid on. Bids:

Gloria: $1,595
Christel: $1,090
Susan: $1,600
Dennis: BUCK

ARP: $498, so Costik will play Lucky Seven for a Dodge Caravan (Fairly loaded). First number is 2. His second number guess is 3, but it's 1, so two bucks are gone. His third number guess is's 5, so another dollar gone. Fourth number guess is 7, but it's 2 and he's broke. ARP: $21,529.

SSD1: The only loser this half spins 15...and 75 for 90 cents. O'Carson spins 55...and goes over. Johnson spins 30...and 60, so we go to a spin-off. The man spins 60...and the lady gets 35, so the man is in the Showcase.

Jeffrey Ostwald from the Army then comes on down, and the next IUFB is some luggage. Bids:

Jeffrey: $530
Gloria: $575
Christel: $576
Susan: $577

ARP: $970, so Shelley will play Bullseye for a day sailer worth $9,955. Her first pick is ten soups. Each one is $1.07, so she's an instant winner with a total of $10.70!

Daniel Lacata then makes it to Contestant's Row, and the fifth IUFB is a wall clock. Bids:

Daniel: $750
Jeffrey: $800
Gloria: $400
Christel: $401

ARP: $2,160, so Ostwald will play That's Too Much for a Dodge Dakota (Fairly loaded). First price is $12,610. Second price is $14,185. Third price is $15,206 and he stops, which is an automatic loser. ARP: $22,854, and he should've stopped at the eighth price, which was not revealed.

Debbie Harvey is the last player to come out of the audience, and the last IUFB is a treadmill. Bids:

Debbie: $675
Gloria: $1,200
Christel: $700
Daniel: $1,201

ARP: $1,299, so Lacata plays Credit Card for a recliner, lamps, chainsaws, stemware and coolers. The credit limit this time is two large. First pick is the coolers....$605. Second pick is the chainsaws...$418. Last pick is the lamps...they're $750 and he wins! The stemware was $1,344 and the chair was $1,320.

Sadly, the horrible That's Too Much player gets to the Showcase.

The first Showcase features the Consumer Retorts Test Lab. First, a chisel was tested to be unacceptable, and it must be put into a new dishwasher. Second, a clown nose goes under the radar, and it's rated to be unfunny. A better way of making people laugh is finding some funny shows on a new TV. Finally, the effectiveness of some running shoes are not good. Instead, to get around town, use a new Ford Fusion (Std., Heater). He bids $23,600 and he's over (ARP was $21,287). But considering how he did in That's Too Much!, that might be a good thing. The other man has a fireplace, a living room and a trip to Buenos Aires, and he bids $15,750, after thinking on originally bidding $26,000. I thought $20,000 myself. ARP: $15.....655, so he's still over and we have a Double Overbid. Both leave with parting gifts.

WWTBAM: Lucia Anselmo is back. For $8,000:

In 1964, dictator Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier declared himself "president for life" of what country?

A: Cuba
B: Panama
C: Honduras
D: Haiti

She asks the audience, and 81% said Haiti. She agrees and is right. Next up, for $16,000:

In "Caddyshack", Bill Murray plays a deranged assistant greenskeeper who claims to have once caddied for whom?

A: Bigfoot
B: Jimi Hendrix
C: The Dalai Lama
D: Richard Nixon

The 50:50 leaves the bottom two. She says the Lama....she's reached her goal on the show- $16,000! Next, for $25,000:

Which of these adverbs appears in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

A: Peaceably
B: Freely
C: Hastily
D: Solemnly

I believe it's Solemnly. But she decides to call Jason, who is her trusted partner when it comes to playing trivia games at their house! Jason's guess is peaceably, and she agrees...that's $25,000!
For $50,000, after switching:

The two-humped Bactrian camel gets its name from the ancient land of Bactria, which now lies within which of these countries?

A: Iraq
B: Libya
C: Afghanistan
D: Ethiopia

She says Afghanistan....$50,000! She stops here.

Doug Smith failed to make it to the next episode after missing this $2,000 question, leaving all of his lifelines on the table:

Of the first five U.S. Presidents, four were born in what state?

A: New York
B: Virginia
C: Massachusetts
D: Pennsylvania

He said Massachusetts. Correct state: Virginia (my state!).

The show will be in repeats for the next two weeks, but will return on June 11 to start the final three weeks of the season.

WOF: The show is once again in danger of a WIPEOUT, and Anna McInnis (in the blue), Mitch Beroudi and Tonya Matthews-Wall are here to stop it. McInnis gets the first Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Star and Role puzzle, which is tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is the most expensive NYC trip of the week, one that includes tickets to "Momma Mia!", and it's worth $8,123! After she calls the N's, we have...

_ _ _ N N _

_ E _ _


_ A _ T A _ N

_ A _ _

S _ A R R _ _

...this has something to do with "Pirates of the Caribbean". She buys the O's and calls the J's for the $1,000 Tickets gift certificate, and she solves JOHNNY DEPP AS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW for $3,250, the gift tag and a Caribbean Cruise! Total: $13,200.

Jackpot Round category is Around the House. After Matthews-Wall calls the C's, we have...

C _ E R R _

_ _ _ _

C R E _ E N _ _

..she then calls a $300 H and a $350 Y. She buys the A, which is the last letter of the puzzle. But she calls the A again, so her turn is done. McInnis continues her shutout ways by solving CHERRY WOOD CREDENZA to win another $50 and the NYC trip, for a total of $21,373.

Our last Mystery Round category of the week is Before and After. After Matthews-Wall calls the S's for $7,000, we have...

_ _ R E _ _ _

T _ _ _ _ E

_ E _ R E S S _ R

...only the top word is a stumper. But her A call is a dud. McInnis calls the M, also a dud. The man calls two N's for $1,100 and we now have...

_ _ R E _ _ N

T _ N _ _ E

_ E _ R E S S _ R

...I think I know now. But he blows it with a C call. Matthews-Wall gets a Lose a Turn. McInnis calls the G's for $600 and hits a Mystery Wedge. After calling a D, she passes on the $10,000 opportunity and solves FOREIGN TONGUE DEPRESSOR for $1,600, and is now at $22,973!
(The Mystery Wedge she was on had a Bankrupt.)

She then keeps it going by solving HONEY-BAKED HAM to go to $25,973. Next category is Show Biz. After she calls the A's, we have...

E _ T E R T A _ _ _ E _ T

_ E _ _

_ R _ _ R A _ _

After buying the I, she calls four N's for $1,200 and buys the I. She then calls two S's for $1,100 more. After she calls the O, the last word is now _ R O _ R A _ S. I know the puzzle now, but she gets a Bankrupt. The man calls a $900 W and a $300 P, but messes up by calling the F. When we get to Speed-Up mode with $1,600 a pop for each consonant left, the other lady calls the M's and solves ENTERTAINMENT NEWS PROGRAMS for $3,200! The man has the $1,000 consolation, and we obviously know who our champion is.

She seems like the person to prevent a WIPEOUT. She spins the double star and the category is Thing. Starting with:


_ _ _ _ _

S _ _ _ _ _

McInnis calls D, M, C and O and gets...


_ _ _ C _

S M O O C _

I believe it's A JUICY SMOOCH. Does she? NO, and we have hopefully the last WIPEOUT of the season. Even I was wrong on this one- A QUICK SMOOCH was it. At least she had nothing to lose there, since there was $25,000 on the line here.

Next week, it's Teachers Week.

Lingo: It looks like every Friday for a while, the Online Players and the Best TV Players will battle it out. This time, former $35,000 winners Mary and Kati face online players Kyle and Rick. The boys steal WEARY to get on the board first and get this board:


Kyle has 32, meaning a 36 will give them an instant Lingo...but Rick has 12. They get LLAMA in three to double up. They draw 44 and 48, meaning 52 is now available. They get BINGE in four to go to 75. Kyle then gets 52 for a Lingo and a new total of 125! Mary and Kati finally get on the board with HASTE in three tries, but Mary gets a stopper right away. The boys then get PRISM in four to go to 150 and get this new board:


They get 28 and 50. They get CHANT in three to go to 175. Kyle has 24 first, opening up 14...but Rick has 42. That does, however, open up 54. They get ADORN on their last chance to go to 200. Kyle then gets 54 to give the boys 250! The ladies get BOGUS to go to 75. Their first board:


Kati has 11, while Mary has a WILD, and marks 31 with it, meaning another WILD or 35 will give them a Lingo. They then zap THONG in three to go to 125. Kati then has 35 to make this a real game with a new score of 225! Kyle and Rick get DUVET in four to go to 300, and get this new board:


Kyle gets a WILD, and marks 08, but Rick has a stopper. The ladies then get YODEL in three to go to 275 and get this new board:


They get 09 and 53. They then solve KIOSK in four to take the lead with 325! They draw 63 and 57, opening up 23 and 67 for them for their second Lingo. They get DQed for saying GUAGE, giving the boys a chance to take the lead back. But the boys also get DQed for saying the same thing as the ladies! The ladies then get GUAVA to go to 375. Kati has 39, opening up 49...Mary has 31, which opens up 05 and 35. They get RERUN to lock the game up with 425, and Kati has a WILD to give them a Lingo and a final score of 525!

These ladies have three Bonus Letters to use in Bonus Lingo. They got off to a slow start, but manage to get six words. Board:


If a 43 comes up on the first draw, they will win $12,000 more, and will become the all-time top winners. Kati has...

...59. Mary makes a Lingo three draws later for $5,000, giving them $40,000!

Chain Reaction: Tonight's teams....

Girls: Lindsay, Alli and Janell (wild girlfriends)
Guys: Kendall, Everett and Damien (buddies)

First chain:


The second word starts with T and Kendall says TAIL....on the board the guys go! The third word begins with F and Everett says FEATHER....two in a row for the guys! Damien tries the sixth word next, and it starts with B. His guess is BRIGHT....nope. Lindsay goes for the middle word next, and it starts with P. She says PILE....wrong. The second letter in the sixth word is A (BA....) and Kendall guesses BACK....$300 for the guys! The second letter in the middle word is I (PI....) and Everett offers a guess of PIT....I don't think so. Alli goes for the fifth word, and its base letter is F. She says FACE, which is wrong. Damien stays with that word, and the second letter is I (FI....). He says Janell goes back to the fourth word, and the third letter is L (P I L _ _ _). She says PILLOW for the ladies' first $100! The third letter in the fifth word is G (F I G _ _). Lindsay says FIGURE (?!?!?!)...NO WAY. Fourth letter is H (F I G H _) and Kendall says FIGHT for a new total of $400 for the male team. Opening Speed Chain:

2. T
3. A

It's _________ AIR. They say TOP AIR.....THIN AIR is what the actual answer was.

$200 Chain:


The second letter in the second word is A and Alli says ATTACK...right for $200 and $300 total! Janell tries the word before FIRST next, and that word starts with A. She says ALL, which is wrong. Everett tries the third word next, and that word starts with D. He says sorry. The second letter in that same word is O (DO....) and Lindsay says DOG...the ladies now lead with $500! The middle word begins with T and Alli's guess is The second letter is R (TR....) and Damien sasys TRAINER...not it. Third letter is A (TRA...) and Janell says TRACK....the ladies now are at $700! The fifth word begins with a T and Lindsay's guess at it is TRIP....sorry. The second letter there is E (TE....) and Kendall has a hunch it's TEACHER...but it's not. The third letter is A (TEA....) and Alli says TEAM....$900 now for the girl team! The second letter in the sixth word is M (AM....), and Janell runs out of time.
The third letter is E (AME....) and Everett says AMERICA....the guys score to go to $600!
$200 Speed Chain:

2. A
3. L

This was a tough one, and we're all clueless. It was ANONYMOUS LETTER. $300 Chain:


The sixth word starts with B and Damien guesses BACK...wrong. Second letter is A (BA...) and Lindsay says BARELY (?!?!?)....not going to work. Third letter is N (BAN...) and Kendall says BAND....right to tie the game at $900! Everett heads up to the fifth word, and that word starts with B. His guess is BOY...can't do it, kids. The second letter is L (BL....) and Alli has a guess of BLACK...wrong. Third letter there is U (BLU....) and Damien says BLUE....that's acceptable for BLUES, so the men take the lead with $1,200! The middle word starts with D and Kendall thinks the blues of this chain are the DANCE ones...nope. Second letter is R (DR....) and Janell says DRINK (?!?!?)....I don't think so. Third letter is E (DRE...) and Everett says DREADFUL....sorry. The fourth letter is S (DRES....) and Lindsay says DRESS....we have a tie game again, this time at $1,200! The third word starts with P and Alli says The second letter is A (PA....) and Damien says PARTY...the men go to $1,500! The second word starts with I and Kendall says INDIA (?!?!!?)....NOT ON THIS PLANET, JUNIOR. The second letter is N (IN....), but Janell has no guess. The third letter is D (IND....) and Everett says INDECENT...wrong. Fourth letter is E (INDE....) and Lindsay says INDEPENDENCE...not quite. The fifth letter is P (I N D E P _ _ _ _ _ _ _) and Damien says INDEPENDENT to allow the men to keep the lead, and they go to $1,800!

(The teams went from bottom to top for this round. I don't remember that happening before.)

Final Speed Chain:

2. P
3. C

They say PICTURE CRISP...but it was PERSONALITY CONFLICT. At the end of the round, the guys lead $1,800 to $1,200, heading into this Betting Chain:

7. HIT


The ladies go on to win with $2,000 to the guys' $600. The sixth word was MOB.

Instant Reaction: Janell is on the spot here. They only get two correct in the first 50 seconds.
They make a decent comeback with clock and badge, but it's too late to get the fifth one. They finish with $400 this round and $2,400 overall.