Saturday, June 30, 2007

ESPN's Dan Patrick now a "TPIR" hosting candidate

According to a report by the LA Daily News, longtime ESPN personality Dan Patrick has been contacted by CBS to possibly replace Bob Barker as host of "The Price is Right". As much as I like Dan Patrick as a host on "Sportscenter", as far as being a game show host- NO FREAKIN' WAY.

Next Week in Game Shows: July 2-July 8

On what should be a pretty quiet TV week overall, with most shows taking the week off for the Fourth of July holiday, here's what is on tap...

Jeopardy!: Can Cathy Lanctot set some regular-season records for a female contestant?

Camouflage: Taking the 7 PM and 7:30 PM timeslots occupied formerly by "Lingo", can this new word game show succeed and not bomb like "Starface"?

RW/RR Inferno III: Who will win the $150,000 top prize on what has been a very tight battle between the two teams?

Big Brother: It's season eight for Julie Chen and Co., and one of the latest twists is called "America's Player". Here, one player is unknowingly labeled this, and must do some actions as requested by national polls conducted from time to time during the show. If he/she is successful, he/she will win some cash.

Player of the Month Announcement for June 2007; My current Top 10 contestants of the year


Denise Leveque ("The Price is Right")

On what was a memorable day in the middle of the month, where Bob Barker hosted "The Price is Right" for what was likely the final time in his career, this lady nearly cleaned house on the show. She started off by winning a Corvette in Lucky Seven, and then won $1,000 off the Big Wheel. Then, she defied the odds by winning a $90K+ Showcase that featured a Cadillac XLR Convertible when her bid was only about $5,000 off the ARP, especially since contestants tend to severely underprice Cadillac convertibles. All told, she wound up not only as the last Showcase winner in the Barker era, she became the second-biggest daytime winner in the show's history with a final total of $140,235 in cash and prizes.

1st Runner-Up: Stephanie Womback ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
2nd Runner-Up: Ben Vies ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")

And now, for my current Top 10 contestants of 2007:

1. Jordin Sparks ("American Idol")
2. John Zole ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
3. Denise Leveque ("TPIR")
4. Christina Howard ("Identity")
5. Alex Outhred ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
6. Stephanie Womback ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
7. Christian Saulnier ("Identity")
8. Antiah Greer ("Deal or No Deal")
9. Barry Lander ("1 vs. 100")
10. Jeff Jones ("WWTBAM")

MVPs for June 25th-July 1

The obvious MVP picks for this week are Stephanie Womback of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" fame and current "Jeopardy!" champ Cathy Lanctot.

At the start of this week's episode of "...5th Grader?", with a carryover contestant from the previous episode, the odds of Womback winning a large amount of money despite that were quite high. But she defied the odds, getting most of her questions right without using any helps, to get to $500,000. She could have won the honors outright if she had gone for the $1,000,000 question. Despite the disappointing finish, she still finished as one of the biggest female non-reality winners in FOX history. The highest female winner on a traditional FOX game show is Lauren Griswold, who won $810,000 on "Super Greed".

Lanctot this week became the biggest female winner of the season on "Jeopardy!". She started off her reign with a bang, winning $38,001 on her first show. She is on a pace to break the regular-season winnings record for female players, with $91,301 to her credit. She is also trying next week to become the first female to win at least six games since the unlimited-win rule came into effect in September 2003.

Friday, June 29, 2007

6/29/2007 Results- "Millionaire" and "Lingo" close seasons

WWTBAM: Well, it's the end of the fifth season of the sydnicated version of this show. Not only is this Tim Vincent's last day as host of the show, this is also the last first-run episode on the WRLH FOX affiliate, which also airs "Family Feud". Returning is Jen MacNeil fron NYC. She resumes with this $4,000 question.

Which of the following "I" tunes was a "Billboard Hot 100" #1 hit most recently?

A: "I Will Survive"
B: "I Got You Babe"
C: "I Will Always Love You"
D: "I Love Rock n' Roll"

I'll bet you it's "I Will Always Love You". When the audience is asked, 59% agreed with me, while 22% said "I Love Rock n' Roll". The player agrees...and everyone is right! Two questions later, for $16,000:

In 2000, author Malcolm Gladwell released what best-selling book subtitled "How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference"?

A: "The Tipping Point"
B: "Fast Food Nation"
C: "Nickel and Dimed"
D: "Who Moved My Cheese?"

My first thought was "Nickel and Dimed". The 50:50 leaves....the top two, meaning I'm wrong. The player is right with A. Next, for $25,000:

Because they use glucose and oxygen to produce energy, what cellular structures are known as the "powerhouse" of the cell?

A: Golgi bodies
B: Ribosomes
C: Lysosomes
D: Mitochondria

My first thought was Golgi bodies. She's leaning towards lysosomes at first. But she calls Jim, her cousin and a doctor. He is absolutely sure it's the mitochondria. When she agrees, she has $25,000! Will she be the last $50,000 winner of the season? I hope so. First $50,000 question:

What company was founded in 1937 by a homemaker who began making all-natural bread for her allergy-afflicted son?

A: Pepperidge Farm
B: Thomas'
C: Sara Lee
D: Pillsbury

Call me crazy, but my first thought was Thomas'. But she goes with the obvious choice of Sara Lee.....

...WE'RE BOTH WRONG!!! It was Pepperidge Farm, and for the first time since December 2005, we go a month without a $50,000 winner. Oh well, she still leaves as the last $25,000 winner of the season.

The season's final contestant, Joe Mooney, left with $8,000 when despite using the 50:50, he couldn't identify the setting of the TV show "The Office", which was Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Personally, I thought Tim Vincent did the best job this season as a guest host. I hope he gets a permanent game show hosting gig someday.

Well, folks, despite the disappointing finish this month brought, this was still a great season. This was the first season ever to not feature a single WIPEOUT week, and there was a lot more winning done than last season. In all, a grand total of $6,291,000 was won this season, topping last season's total of $5,894,000. Who knows who will fill in for Meredith Viera next season on certain weeks. And will there ever be another $1 Million winner? Or will next season bring the first ever loser on the $1 Million question? We'll have to wait to get the answers to these questions and more next season. Until then, God Bless America.

Jeopardy!: A win tonight for Cathy Lanctot likely will make her the second-highest female regular play winner. But she must beat Roy Arias (a building inspector from Rancho, CA) and Colleen Shaddox (a writer from Camden, CT). First categories:

THE FEMALE EQUIVALENT (A college is given along with its trademark mascot, and the players must come up with the correct name for a female sports team for that college.)

Lanctot is off to a fast start at the first break with five grand, while the other lady has two grand and the sole man on the panel is just $200 behind for second place. After slacking off a bit late in the round, Lanctot gets the $400 clue in the Catfish category and eventually finds the Daily Double under the $1,000 clue in Tall Structures. She has $7,600, while the man has four large and the other lady has $2,800. The champ's bet is $1,200.

The service elevators in this St. Louis edifice rise at an angle of 78 degrees.

"What is the Gateway Arch?"....and she now has $8,800! She adds a grand to that by the end of the round and has $9,800. The other lady has $4,200 and the man is just $200 behind for second place.

DJ! categories:

"U" 2

A kinda-music themed board for this round. The man gets the first four clues in Rage Against the Machine before the champ responds on the $2,000 clue. Later, the man finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in John Legend. He has $11,200, while the champ has $13,400 and the other lady has $6,600. The man bets $3,200 for a $1,000 lead if he's right.

As the U.S. Constitution was vague, this vice president decided to make himself president instead of calling for an election.

"Who is John Adams?".....but it's Tyler, so he's down to eight thou. He then screws up on the $1,600 clue in the same category, and the champ capitalizes. The man redeems himself on the same category by getting the $2,000 clue right. But Shaddox finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue in Maroon 5. She has seven large to the man's $8,400, while thc champ is still at 15 grand. Shaddox's bet is five big ones to stay in the game.

At the end of a 1719 novel, this title character sells his Brazilian plantation, marries and visits his old island.

"Who is Shandy?"....NO. The right character was Robinson Crusoe, so she's down to $2,000. At the end of the round, the champ has $19,400. She's not out of the woods, though, as the man has $13,600 and the odd lady out has $4,800.

FJ! category: The Caribbean.

Columbus sighted this volcanic island in 1493 and gave it a name meaning "saw-toothed mountain".

Shaddox writes down "What is Haiti?", but she didn't bet a dime. Basically, if the man is wrong, the champ most likely will win. He wrote down "What is Cuba?"...

....NO. He loses $3,999 and drops to $9,601. The champ has "What is Hispaniola?", which is also wrong. Correct: What is Montserrat? But she still wins $11,599 tonight, and now has a four-game total of $91,301. She's getting there...

Lingo: It's season finale time, and $24,000's awaiting for either Erin and John (soccer coaches) or Adriane and Demond. Adriane and Demond steal MIXER to get on the board first. Their first board:


Adriane first pulls 44, meaning a 34 is worth a Lingo....but Demond has 22. They get FALSE in three to double their score, but the lady has a stopper. They steal GUEST to go to 75. Adriane has 02...while Demond has 68. No help. They manage to get BLINK on their last try to keep the shutout alive, but Adriane has the other stopper. They steal HONOR to go to 125. Adriane first has 14, opening up 10...but Demond has 38, which is of no help. After Erin and John fail to take advantage of a steal opportunity, Adriane and Demond keep their streak alive with INPUT. Adriane has 48, making everything but 18, 60 or 64 good for a Lingo. Demond has...06 for a Lingo and 200! Erin and John then finally score with YEARN. Their first board:


They get 01 and 47 to make 59 possible for a Lingo as the round ends.

They then get LEASH at the start of Round 2 to triple up. Erin has 51 first, opening up 55...while John just has one 5. Erin and Josh don't get ENTER at first, even with E-TER showing and the N already on the board, but thanks to a stupid guess of EIHER by Adriane and Demond, Erin and Josh get ENTER to get away with it and go to 125! A Lingo by them will give them the lead. Erin has 59, meaning they have a Lingo and take the lead with 225! This last word will decide the game. The word starts with D, and the first guess from Adriane and Demond is DRAIN...

D R A (I) N

Second guess is DRIPS...


Third guess is DRINK, which is of no help. Fourth guess is DRAPS....DISQUALIFIED!! That's a misspelling of DRAPES, and they could've said DRAPE to save themselves! The fourth letter is E, and Erin and John says DRIED....WINNERS! Nice comeback there!

With two Bonus Letters, they get four words. Board:


If 45 is drawn on the first pull, the $24,000 is theirs. Erin has.....

...21, so that means that we will start next season the same way we did this season- the jackpot will be $25,000. Now, for the $5,000 portion of the round. 17 is now ripe for a Lingo and John has 03, which is of no help. Erin has 57, making 13 available on their last chance. John has...

...59, so the season ends with a whimper. Darn. They leave with $400.

"WWTBAM" returning to its original home next season

According to a story in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch by Douglas Durden, the sydnicated version of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" will return to the station where it all began in Richmond- WTVR6. It will air either at 9 AM or 9:30 AM, along with the new game show "Crosswords" this fall. The season finale results of "Millionaire" will be posted later today.

GSN pulls "Show Me the Money" from schedule

For no reason whatsover, GSN has already pulled "Show Me the Money" off its schedule as of last Tuesday in the middle of its run. This just shows you how unhappy people are with their new schedule for the most part.

Source: Buzzerblog

Thursday, June 28, 2007

"So You Think You Can Dance" Elimination Show III

America got it right on two of the bottom three teams- Anya and Danny and Lauren and Neil, but they also put Sara and Jesus as well. Since Jessi was medically cleared by the doctors, she will be joining these six in the Danger Zone round.

Fergie and Ludacris did their hit song, "Glamorous".

Lauren Gottlieb was first, and danced to "Popozao" by the infamous Kevin Federline. She was lackluster, and she wasted time because she took off part of her clothing in the middle of a routine. With only 30 seconds in this round, I don't think there's any time for taking off any clothing to be a showoff.

Neil Haskell then danced to "Come On" by Ben Jelen. His solo was fantastic!

Next was Sara Van Gillern, who danced to "Ladies First" by Queen Latifah. Her knee dancing looked weak to me.

Next was Jesus Solorio, and he danced to "What I Like About You" by the Romantics. He was just OK.

Jessi Peralta then danced to "Ice Box" by Omarion. I didn't care how she did on her solo; given what she's been through, she needed to stick around.

Danny Tidwell then danced to "A Song for You" by Elliott Yamin. He was pretty good.

The last dancer was Anya Garnis, dancing to "Fields of Gold" by Eva Cassidy. I thought she was terrible.

The lady cut by the judges was....

...JESSI PERALTA. Doggone it- she got robbed!!! The man who was cut was.....

...JESUS SOLORIO. Both people who got sent home shouldn't have been eliminated tonight, IMO.

6/28/2007 Results

WWTBAM: In the hot seat now with Tim Vincent is Pony Winterhart from Schaumburg, Illinois. She struggled on what was a tough day the last time (so I didn't cover that episode), and has no lifelines left at the $4,000 question. Here it is:

In 2006, what classic teen movie was released on a special "Everything's Duckie Edition" DVD?

A: "Fast Times in Ridgemont High"
B: "Pretty in Pink"
C: "The Breakfast Club"
D: "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

She says "Pretty in Pink"....correct. Next:

Boca Raton, a city in southern Florida, borrows its name from a Spanish phrase literally meaning what?

A: Mouse's paw
B: Mouse's eye
C: Mouse's tail
D: Mouse's mouth

She's stumped here, so she bails out at $4,000. The mouth was the right answer.

Next contestant is Lynda Stemmer from Burlington, NJ. She had to ask the audience to get the $300 question right. For $2,000:

A pescetarian breaks from the vegetarian code by eating which of these foods?

A: Pork
B: Beef
C: Chicken
D: Fish

The 50:50 leaves beef and fish. She says fish and is right. For $16,000:

Often heard on medical dramas, "tachy" is ER lingo for what physical symptom?

A: Low body temperature
B: Slow eye movement
C: Rapid heart rate
D: Weak pulse

Given I had an unpleasant experience after getting my wisdom teeth getting pulled out in summer 2004, I know this. And she does, too, by saying C! Next, for $25,000:

During his 1971 moonwalk, what astronaut hit two golf balls off the surface of the moon?

A: John Glenn
B: Neil Armstrong
C: Buzz Aldrin
D: Alan Shepard

She calls her brother-in-law, Robert, who says Buzz Aldrin, but is not sure. The player bails out at $16,000. Had she gone with him, she would have blown 15 grand. The answer was Alan Shepard.

Jen MacNeil from NYC will be back on the season finale after getting the $2,000 question with all of her lifelines still intact.

Cash Cab: First up this time, heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is Debbie Frost. This trip is 42 blocks long. She breezes past the $25 round. She got her first strike on a $50 question when she doesn't know that the word meaning "a complete, ignominious failure" is fiasco. She then has to use a Mobile Shout Out on this next question:

With a redundant-sounding name, what Egyptian diplomat was the Secretary General of the U.N. from 1992-1996?

She calls Kathleen, who says Boutros Boutros Galile. The actual name is Boutros Boutros Gali, but her guess is acceptable. She's at $200 now. She got to the museum with $350 and decided to quit at that point.

Heading to 41st between 7th and 8th are Sam and Mike. The trip is 48 blocks long. They also sweep the $25 round. They miss a $50 question about birds. In this case, they didn't know the bird that makes raucous cries, and have varieties like red-fronted, blue and gold and starlet is the caw (they said parakeet). At the start of the $100 round, they have $250. On their second $100 question, they use a Mobile Shout Out on this:

Named after two local mayors, what Southern transportation hub is the world's busiest passenger airport?

Sam calls Jimmy, who only comes up with Hartfield. The complete name was Hartfield/Jackson Airport. They miss their next $100 question and lose.

Heading to 7th between 2nd and 3rd are Jessica, Sandra and Kerry. Their trip is 45 blocks long. The dramatic moment comes when they had $850 and two strikes against them heading into this last $100 question...

The title of what classic musical is based on a Mark Shegal painting from the Moscow State Giddish Theatre?

They didn't get it immediately, but they say "Fiddler on the Roof" for $950! They decide to quit there.

Jeopardy!: Can Cathy Lanctot approach record territory for female players on this show? Let's find out as she faces Rosemary Travis (a retired patient advocate from Palm Coast, FL) and Amy Ryan (a stay-at-home mom from Renyoldsburg, OH). Travis is another one of those contestants who came from the Art Fleming version of this show, and she was a five-time champion back then! Speak of the devil, all three players are females. The first subjects:


The champ does very well at the start, getting $2,000 before hitting the Daily Double under the middle clue in The 21st Century. The lady in the middle is $400 in the hole and Travis is at flat zero. The champ bets $1,500.

In 2005, there were fireworks on the 4th of July-- 83 million miles away, as the Deep Impact probe hit one of these.

"What is an asteroid?"....NO. Correct: What is a comet? But she makes a good recovery and at the first break has $2,900. The lady in the middle has $200 and the other lady is still at zippo. When the round closes, the champ still has a solid lead with $4,900. Ryan has $2,400 and the other lady, thanks to two late mistakes, is again at zero.

Second batch of categories...


The champ is the first to break five figures. But Ryan makes a little run to get to $6,800. Travis had a chance to get a Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in Ladies in Space, but with only $4,800, she passes for now. After getting the first two clues in the Asia category, she finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue there. She has $5,600, while Ryan has $8,400 and the champ has $18,100. Travis bets $1,600:

No matter what is depicted, putting a red seal as the finishing touch on a black and white painting is called "adding an eye" to this mythic beast.

(This clue was given by Kelly of the Clue Crew from the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco.)

"What is putting the eye to the dragon?"....right to go to $7,200! She then tries the other Daily Double under Ladies in Space and bets $2,200:

Clear and transparent last name of astronaut Shannon, an STS-58 member.

"What is glass?"....oops. Lucid was it. At the end of the round, the champ has this one in the bag with $18,100, Ryan has $6,400 and Travis has three grand.

FJ! category: Presidential Books.

His writings include "The Naval War of 1812", and as co-writer, "The Deer Family".

Correct: Who is Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt?

Travis has the right man and goes to $5,000. Ryan has John Quincy Adams, but only bet $200 to finish in second place. The champ gets it right and wins $22,100 tonight, and has $79,702 after three days.

5th Grader: Returning contestant Andy Gallas got real lucky by getting to the $25,000 level before faultering on the $50,000 question.

Next player is Stephanie Womback. Categories:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Astronomy
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Art
3rd Grade Cultural Stuides
4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade Life Science
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Health

Her first partner is Alana. After clearing the 1st Grade categories, she chooses Spencer as a partner. Next category choice is 2nd Grade Astronomy.

T or F: Meteor showers can occur whan the Earth passes through the dust of a comet's tail.

She says true and is right to go to $5,000. Next category is 3rd Grade Art.

What U.S. city is home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

I just learned about this on "Cash Cab" today! And she knows it by saying NYC! New partner is Marki Ann, and the next selected topic is 2nd Grade Geography. To get to $25,000:

Kyle and Jacob hop in a car in San Francisco, CA, and start driving due east. What is the FIRST state that they will pass into?

My first instinct is Nevada, and Womback agrees....$25,000! Another 25 grand is at stake in the category of Health, her nightmare category.

In the 1950s, Dr. Jonas Salk discovered a vaccine that would protect peope from what disease?

She says polio to double to 50 grand! Jacob wrote down "the chicken disease"! LOL! The player's new partner is Jacob, and another 50 large is at stake in the category of Life Science.

In humans, bone marrow produces which of the following types of cells?

A: Red
B: White
C: Both

She wants to say white, but she peeks at Jacob's anwer, which is both. She decides to agree with Jacob...and has $100,000! She tries 4th Grade World Geography for $75,000 more.

Sweden's longest land border is with what other country?

She's pretty sure it's Norway....and she has $175,000! Kyle is left in the partner pool, and the player will try to make her bankroll $300,000 in the category of 5th Grade World History.

What Egyptian queen was the wife of Roman general Mark Antony? (It's not Jennifer Lopez.)

She nails it down with Cleopatra to reach $300,000! The last question before the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is in the category of 3rd Grade Cultural Studies. For $500,000:

What building is the official London residence of England's Queen Elizabeth II?

She says Buckingham Palace...AND HAS $500,000!!! The MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION category is 5th Grade Music. She's played the violin for a decade, but she decides to take home the half million. Question:

In the 1720s, what man composed a series of violin concertos known as "The Four Seasons"?

Sadly, for the second time in the series, the player knows the right answer after dropping out, and would have been a millionaire. Answer: Vivaldi. I'll bet you if she had been on for the entire episode, she would have won the million without a doubt. Oh well.

Lingo: Two shows left in the season. Tonight's teams are Elizabeth and Cory and Lawrence and Lydia. Liz and Cory get BEGUN in the max to score first. Their first board:


Liz has an instant stopper. After stealing TONIC to go to 50, Elizabeth has 17 first, making 13 available for a Lingo...but Cory has 33. Lawrence and Lydia then pick off MERCY to get on the board and get this first board:


They get 46 and 66, opening up 26 for a Lingo. Elizabeth and Cory go to 75 by stealing PHOTO. Liz then gets 13 for a Lingo and a new total of 125! Lawrence and Lydia get NOISE in two to double their score to 50. They get 54 and a stopper. Elizabeth and Cory then get UPPER in three to go to 150, and here's their new board:


They get 55 and 67, making 19 ripe for another Lingo for this team. Lawrence and Lydia steal FROWN to reach 75. Lydia has 38 first, opening up 06...while Lawrence has 14, opening up 02 and 18. Elizabeth and Cory guarantee they'll lead after this round by stealing HYMNS. Elizabeth has 19, opening up 27...Cory has 51, opening up 63 as the round comes to a close.

The leaders pile on their lead with a steal of OFFER. Liz has 11 first, opening up 03 and 47 in addition to the WILDs...but Cory has a stopper. Lawrence and Lydia get SLING in four to go to 125, and Lydia Lingoes with 18 to tie the game at 225! Liz and Cory get ADOPT in four to take back the lead with 275. Elizabeth then gets a WILD for a Lingo and the win!

With three Bonus Letters, Elizabeth and Cory get eight words. Board:


A 13 on the first draw wins the jackpot- $23,000. The number means Cory's birthday on some month...but he has 43. Two draws later, he wins the $5,000 with 37.

That means that we will end the season the same way as last season- trying to give away $24,000. Will all of that money go out then? Tune in and find out.

"So You Think You Can Dance" Wednesday ratings

The first hour of this week's "So You Think You Can Dance" performance show did a 5.3 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share (up from last week's 5/9) and the second hour did a 6 with a 10 share (up slightly from last week's 5.9/10).


"Top Chef: Miami" Episode 3

This week's guest judge- the recent winner of the James Beard award for the most outstanding chef in the nation, Alfred Portale.

Quickfire Challenge: This time, each person was given 30 seconds to catch as many shellfish as they could from a big tank. After that, everyone had to cook that shellfish as part of a dish in a thirty-minute time period.

The cast was jealous that Hung Huynh went first at the shellfish tank. They also didn't like the man not picking up a shellfish he dropped on the floor, thinking it violated the typical chef's code.

C.J. Jacobsen was first to present pan-roasted fruits De Mer and shaved cauliflower with saffron paprika vinaigrette and olives. If I'm wrong about criticizing the fact that there's little shellfish in this dish, this could be a sleeper.

Casey Thompson's dish was fresh scallops, mussels and cockles and cilantro bread with truffle butter.

Tre Wilcox did shellfish poached in fisk stock, butter and chive oil, with summer corn and grilled leek compote.

Micah Edelstein served up Conch Salad Ceviche with sour orange and finished with "sky juice".

Brian Malarkey's dish was "3 Rivers" wine, butter, garlic and chives with clams, scallops, mussels and crawfish. I liked the looks of that dish.

Lia Bardeen did Raw Bay Scallop, dry fig and lemon zest cockle with tomato water and capellini with crayfish.

Sara Mair presented cornmeal-crusted conch with citrus butter, mango and cilantro mignonette.

Camille Becerra's shellfish entree was crayfish and mussels in a hibiscus sauce and mussels crusted with tarragon.

Dale Levitski did spicy Italian sausage and scallops with tomato sauce, topped with an egg.

Howie Kleinberg did a ceviche consisting of conch, scallops, crayfish and mussels with crispy plantain and greens.

The dishes that were judged the weakest were Edelstein's conch salad because there was a lack of conch, Becerra's crayfish and mussels because the tea flavoring was overpowering, and Wilcox's shellfish because his proportions were off.

The winner was...Brian Malarkey, meaning he's going to the next round. That's his second challenge win of any kind in a row.

Elimination Challenge: This time, the crew had to each update a certain classic family dish out of a choice of 13 dishes on a table into a modern low-cholesterol meal. Bardeen said she had no experience in doing such a dish. The order of choosing dishes started with the person who went LAST in hunting for the shellfish in the previous Quickfire Challenge. In that case, Thompson went first. Everyone had $75 to spend in their 30 minutes of shopping time. The final dishes would be served to two generations of people at the Miami Elk's Club Lodge.

At the lodge, C.J. Jacobsen presented first. He updated a tuna casserole into one with whole wheat pasta and yogurt and topped with flax seed tuile. However, it seemed like he got a lukewarm reaction, which is not a good sign.

Sara Mair updated Chicken a la King so that it also included cream of mushroom sauce and couscous and watercress salad. I had a problem with her being late in finishing the dish.

Lia Bardeen did grilled chicken sausage with dijon lentils, carrots and onions.

Dale Levitski served up chicken-filled potato dumplings with broccoli, horseradish and celery root. This was an update on chicken and dumplings.

Hung Huynh did skinless fried chicken marinated in yogurt and spices with pasta and vegetables.

Sara Nguyen cooked panko-topped snapper with pine nuts, currants, lentils and roasted beets. This was an update on fish and chips.

Micah Edelstein transformed meatloaf and mashed potatoes into Italian-style meatloaf with smashed garlic, tomato and roasted pepper sauces. Unfortunately, she will be in the bottom three or four, because the preliminary comments were terrible. The meatloaf was said to have been too dry and crunchy. And given that Sandee Birdsong lost last week because she had one of the worst dishes in both challenges, this could be big trouble for this lady.

Brian Malarkey did lobster and a shrimp roll with lobster broth.

Camille Bercerra's dish was a beef and chili salsa taco and a tuna tomatillo apple taco. I'm not sure if the tacos looked that healthy.

Casey Thompson cooked rib eye Sloppy Joes with butter pickle and apricot compote.

Joey Paulino did a low cholesterol lasagna with turkey sausage, eggplant and mushroom.

Tre Wilcox updated Chicken Cordon Bleu, one of my favorite dishes, with a roasted version also containing bluefoot chanterelles, asparagus and parsnip sauce. The preliminary comments were just OK, so given he also had a weak Quickfire dish, he also could be in trouble.

The last one in line was Howie Kleinberg, who did fennel-crusted pork chops with apple fennel salad and sultana raisin emulsion.

Dale Levitski and Howie Kleinberg were in the top two this challenge. The winner was....

...Kleinberg, thus making a turnaround from worst to first! He won a collection of books from Alfred Portale and the right to spend a week at the Gotham in NYC.

In addition to Edelstein, Bardeen, Mair and Jacobsen were in the bottom four. Malarkey was also criticized by the judges because his lobster was said to have been too high in cholesterol.
Edelstein's dish had the lowest average score among the guests in the lodge. Mair's dish had NOTHING to do with Chicken a la King. Jacobsen's dish was overpowering with pea juice, and Bardeen failed to make the sausage.

For whatever reason, I think there will be a double elimination this week. safe. safe, leaving Edelstein and Bardeen. Out of those two.....

....Edelstein is cut. The elimination line for this show is "Please pack your knives and go". I don't know if the show has ever had to cut two people in one show, but I would have cut both Edelstein and Mair.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"So You Think You Can Dance"- Top 16

Debbie Allen is this week's guest judge.

Sara Van Gillern and Jesus Solorio are first. They are doing a dance I've never heard of- the Krump. Their dance song is "It's Okay" by The Game (with Junior Reid). I gave the lady a 9 (for a total of 23 so far from me) and the man an 8 (for a total of 22 so far from me).

The second team up is the new team of Shauna Holland and Cedric Gardner, since both of them were separated from their original partners last week. They're dancing a contemporary dance to "I Thought We Had" by The Family Stand. I thought their dancing was very unique, especially when they started! I gave both a 10! Holland has a current score of 28, while Gardner has a new total of 27. However, Mary Murphy said to Cardner that he has a tendency of letting his dance partners down in the near future, and she thought that may have happened tonight.
Nigel Lythgoe also wanted him out.

Next are Lacey Schwimmer (who had a close friend of hers pass away after making it through an episode last week) and Kameron Bink. They're doing the Quick Step to "Big and Bad" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Call me crazy, but I didn't think this was the dance for them. Both tried their best. I gave both a 7. Both have 23.

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell are next. They're doing a Hip Hop routine to "Oh Timbaland" by Timbaland. I thought their dancing, IMO, did NOT resemble the theme AT ALL. I gave each a 2, meaning Garnis has 18 and Tidwell has 13. Lythgoe thought the team looked uncomfortable with the given theme.

At bat now are Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval, who are doing the Rumba to "Stickwitu" by the Pussycat Dolls. I gave both a 7, meaning Johnson now has 19 and Sandoval has 17.

Sixth are Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskell. They're doing the Tango to "Tanguera" by Sextato Mayor. For whatever reason, I didn't think either kept up with the speed of the theme. I gave both of them a 4, meaning Gottlieb has 18 and Haskell has 21.

In the #7 spot are Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi, and they're doing a Jazz routine to "The Chairman's Waltz" by Memoirs of a Geisha. I thought Goodwin was good, but Konishi looked absolutely sloppy. I gave Goodwin a 9 (for a new total of 26) and Konishi a 1 (for a new total of 15).

Therefore, the last ones up are Jessi Peralta and Pasha Kovalev. However, because Peralta had symptoms of a possible heart attack earlier in the week, she has been ordered by the doctors to sit this week out. Filling in for her is Melanie, who is Tony's assistant at the dance studio, and she will NOT be judged here. They're doing the Cha Cha to "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez.
I gave Kovalev a 5 because he wasn't fast enough for most of the performance, giving him a new total of 17.

HOWEVER, Mr. Lythgoe would then explain to Kovalev how the medical situation for Peralta will work. Because of her not being able to compete tonight, she is automatically in the Danger Zone, and if she can't show up tomorrow, she will be withdrawn from the competition.

6/27/2007 Results

Jeopardy!: Let's see if Cathy Lanctot can show some of that dominance she had the last time tonight against Joe Sosnoff (a sales coordinator from Holden, Masschussetts) and Judson Knight (a literary agent/writer from Madison, Georgia). Opening subjects...


I would like to focus on the crossword category, since it likely will be a preview of what's to come in the new game show "Crosswords" coming this fall. $200 clue there:

A boardinghouse for beagles or borzois (6 letters).

Sosnoff is right with "What is a kennel?". $400 clue:

A "loopy" hobby that might needle you (8 letters).

The champ says "What is knitting?", which is right. $600 clue:

A smack-- the romantic kind (4 letters).

The champ is right with "What is a kiss?", and she trails Sosnoff by $800 at $2,000. $800 clue:

It precedes rat or court (8 letters).

Sosnoff says "What is kangeroo?"...believe it or not, that's right! Final clue in the category....

Adjective inspired by novelist Franz (10 letters).

Knight doubles up to $2,000 with "What is kafkaesque?". This is where the first commercial break is taken. Sosnoff still leads with $3,600, and Knight and the champ are tied for second at two grand apiece. After getting the $800 clue in What's In a Celebrity Name?, the champ finds the Daily Double under the final clue there with $3,400 at this point. Knight still has $2,000 and Sosnoff still leads with $4,800. She bets $1,800 for a slight lead if she's right.

This late, great comedienne was named for a character Rita Hayworth played in 1946, the year she was born.

"Who is Gilda Radner?"...she's the new leader at $5,200! She only has a slight lead at the end of the round with $7,700 to Sosnoff's $6,600. Knight is bumbling along with $1,600.

DJ! categories:


Knight quickly finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in World Capitals, and has $2,800 at this point. He bets half of that.

A castle in this world capital was once the home of the kings of Bohemia.

"What is Prague?"...he's up to $4,200. The champ made a few mistakes midway in the round and dropped to less than five grand, but recovered and with only three clues left in the round, the $1,600 and $2,000 ones in the Vatican category and the $2,000 clue in Muscling in, she and Sosnoff are tied again, this time at $9,800 apiece. Knight has $4,600. The $1,600 clue in the Vatican category reads as follows:

Until the 1960s, a pope's death was confirmed by tapping him with a hammer made of this.

Lanctot has "What is silver?"....right to go to $11,400! And her pick of the $2,000 clue in that same category is the other Daily Double! She bets $1,400 here.

Members of this August group are automatically citizens of Vatican City, no matter where they live.

"What is the College of Cardinals?"...correct to go to $12,800! Last clue of the round:

A flexor directs an appendage forward; an exception is the gastrocnemius in this part of the leg.

Knight says "What is the calf?"....and is right to finish the round with $6,600!

FJ! category: Literature.

Maris, Lycon, Laogonus, Erymas, Sarpedon, Erylaus and Patroclus die in Book 16 of this work.

Knight has "What is The Iliad?"....right to double up to $13,200! The other man has that also and risks $8,100 to go to $17,900. The lady has that also and with a $6,801 wager, she wins again with $19,601! Two-day total: $57,602.

Lingo: Tonight's teams are Kelsey and Mara (both ladies) and Jason and Michael (both men). The ladies strike first blood with ELBOW after the men blow a steal. The ladies' first board:


Kelsey has 25, opening up 65 right away...Mara just misses with 67. The men tie it up by stealing LYRIC. Their first board:


Jason has 42, quickly opening up 12 for a Lingo...Mike has 26. They shout SHOUT in three to double their score, but Jason has a stopper. That allows the ladies to tie it back up with BLAND in three. They get 01 and 43, opening up 57. The men steal HONEY to go to 75. Jason just misses a Lingo with 18, opening up 60...while Mike has the other stopper. The ladies tie it back up with PROWL, just like the last time in a stopper situation. Kelsey has 17...and Maria has 57, so they take the lead for now with 125! The men then get CHIMP in four to reach 100, and Jason pulls a 12 for a Lingo and the lead with 150! The ladies barely pull out JAILS to tie it up again at 150. The ladies' new board:


They get 21 and 69, opening up 45 for a Lingo to close the round.

They steal FLUFF to go to 200. A 45 or a WILD will give them a bigger lead. They get 31 and 37, opening up 39. They weasel their way to WORRY to up their score to 250, and after Kelsey has a 53, Mara gets a WILD to put them at 350! The ladies close it out with a steal of MELON to go to 400. But can they get another Bonus Letter in Bonus Lingo? Their final board:


They get 17 and 21. They get VOICE to get another shot at it. Kelsey has a WILD and marks 25 with it, meaning another WILD or 05 will give them that fourth Bonus Letter. Mara has.....33.

The ladies struggle early, but make a late rally to get six words right. Board:


Lucky 13 is worth $22,000 on the first draw. Kelsey has....23. Mara gets 13 on the last chance for $5,000.

"America's Got Talent" ratings drop

The first hour of last night's "America's Got Talent" scored a 6.7 Fast Nielsen with a 12 share (down from last week's 7/13) and the second hour did a 7.6 with a 13 share (down from last week's 8.8/15). The ratings drop is likely because people are starting to travel for the Fourth of July holiday.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RW/RR Inferno III 6/26

After tonight's show, we will find out which ones will at least be sharing in some money on their way to possibly winning their share of $150,000 that could be theirs in the final challenge.

The last Inferno Challenge will be a female one.

At the house, Susie was tackled in the swimming pool by Abram. Susie was very upset, especially since she's eligible for the Inferno.

Individual Challenge: It's called "Nothing But Net". There are two big cargo nets with two flags on each of them. Each team member has to climb up one cargo net, and then unhook a vine from above. They must then swing on the vine to the other cargo net, where they will collect a flag. Once they get to the top of the other cargo net, they must then swing back to the original net and collect a flag there. If at any time a person falls off from a net or a vine, that person is disqualified and given a time of 15 minutes. There is a 15 minute time limit for each person. The team with the fastest average time wins $10,000 for their bank. The lady from each team with the fastest time win the Life Shields, and the fastest man and woman from this challenge overall each win a trip to Hawaii!

Tonya of the Bad Asses was benched for this challenge because she's sick.

John of the Good Guys is first up. He quickly falls off the first vine.

Second is Kenny (Bad Asses), and he fell off, this time on the second vine.

Third is Alton (Good Guys), and he's the first to complete the challenge....and does so with a hot time of 1:59!

Fourth is Derrick (Bad Asses), and he finished with a time of 4:41.

Fifth is Ace (Good Guys), and he finished at 4:25.

Now, for the women. First up is Aneesa (Bad Asses), who is currently in the Inferno. She never really got it going and ran out of time, so unless someone volunteers to take her place, she's in the Inferno.

Second is Cara (Good Guys). She did OK, but ran out of time.

Third is Janelle (Bad Asses), but she dropped while trying to go back to the first cargo net.

Fourth is Paula (Good Guys), and she dropped in the same fashion as Janelle.

Now, back to the men with Derrick (Bad Asses). He finishes the challenge with a time of 2:57.

Susie (Good Guys) is the last woman to tackle this challenge for the Good Guys. Since no female has completed this challenge, all she needs to do is just complete this challenge to win the Life Shield and the trip to Hawaii. She....finishes with 2:56 to spare, meaning she wins a Life Shield and automatically qualifies for the final challenge!

Ev of the Bad Asses was last. She finishes....with little trouble and a time of 5:48, meaning she and Alton are off to Hawaii! She also wins the other Life Shield. The Good Guys had an average time of 63:28, while the Bad Asses had an average time of 57:46, so that means the Bad Asses win their third challenge in a row! They are now at $90,000!

Taking Susie's place in the Inferno to face Aneesa is Paula. They have met in an elimination challenge before, in The Duel with Aneesa winning a "steal the pole" challenge over Paula.

The final Inferno Challenge is called "Shimmy". Each lady starts in their own lane, and they have to shimmy (climb backwards) up their wall, collecting their respective team's flags at the top. The first team to clear their wall entirely goes to the final challenge with their team, while the other person will just be watching the final challenge.

Aneesa struggles from the get go and never recovers, allowing Paula to get the victory!

There are seven members left on the Bad Asses, and each person from that team is guaranteed about $12,857. There are six members left on the Good Guys, and each person from that team is assured of $10,000.

"America's Got Talent"- NYC Auditions

New York City was the last stop on the show's audition tour this season.

Up first was "The Rubberboy" from Santa Monica, and this man did some sick twisting of his body all over the stage! Even though Piers Morgan buzzed it for no reason, the judges put him through to the next round! Backstage, Jerry Springer called it the most unbelieveable thing the show has ever seen. Amen to that!

Later on, Odysy, a musical group from Philadelphia, performed. Morgan buzzed it fairly quickly, but the other judges helped them barely make it through to the next round.

There was a man named Philadelphia Plowden from Orlando doing stand-up comedy. I thought he was only funny at the end of the performance, and the beginning, IMHO, was absolutely dreadful, because his comedy focused on those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Yet, everyone else liked it and put him through to the next round. They started off a hot streak for upcoming contestants at that point in the auditions.

Not going through, however, were Shad-Dai, despite what I thought was a good singing performance from them. They were two identical ladies.

There was this dancing act from Montreal called Illmatic Styles, with Lazy Legz as its leader. Lazy Legz seems to be a handicapped person from what I see on TV. I wish the little man had helped out his group more, but the group did well enough to advance to the next round!

A man and woman team called The Great Throwdini, which featured the throwing of knives on a wall around the women, moved on to the next round! Jerry Springer even faked a head injury from the knives!

3 Redneck Tenors was a unique musical group from Dallas where each singer sung in a different manner. They also advanced to the next round!

A rejected act from last year tried again here- it was Leonid the Magnificent from Brooklyn! They did much better that they moved on to the next round! But David Hasselhoff did not like the outcome that he walked off the set! That's the second time this season he's done that! He returned when the crowd started chanting his last name.

There was an old lady and an old man (Jay Green) doing juggling acts. I and Morgan hated it. Even though all the judges didn't buzz them, they didn't put them through to the next round.
It led to a string of bad audtions that the male judges labeled as the "worst ever". A NYC music group called Ahmir ended that streak.

There was this man who brought a rabbit to do a comedy act all by itself!!! The act advanced to the next round!

Closing the show were a group of four ladies called The Glamazons from Astoria, NY. They did the classic song "Lady Marmalade", and they were HOT!!! Needless to say, they moved on to the next round.

The next episode will be in two weeks, and it will be the Las Vegas part of the auditions.

6/26/2007 Results

WWTBAM: On Day 2 of Tim Vincent Week, Ashley Myers is back. She used up all her lifelines by the $2,000 question. After getting the $4,000 question right, here is her $8,000 question.

Founded in 1970, the NRDC is a nonprofit group whose primary purpose is to do what?

A: Provide low-cost housing
B: Protect the environment
C: Expose consumer fraud
D: Protect women's rights

I winced when she said B...but with the acronym of the organization meaning Natural Resources Defense Council, she's right! Next....

Popular in Mexico and Cuba, guayaberas are what type of clothing?

A: Pants
B: Hats
C: Shoes
D: Shirts

She's totally clueless, so she takes home the $8,000. Answer- shirts.

New player is John Shumate from Louisville, and he's got a lot of energy! For $8,000...

In August 2006, gas prices rose as BP was forced to shut down corroding oil pipelines in what U.S. state?

A: Alaska
B: Texas
C: Florida
D: California

He asks the audience, and 80% said Alaska. He agrees and is right, and here's the next question.

What sitcom features a well-to-do family employing a wise-cracking butler named Geoffrey Butler?

A: "The Nanny"
B: "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
C: "Different Strokes"
D: "Silver Spoons"

He says B....right! Next, for $25,000:

The late French philosopher Jacques Derrida is considered the father of what movement in modern thought?

A: Alienation
B: Formalism
C: Deconstruction
D: Structuralism

The 50:50 leaves the bottom two. He then calls his cousin Donny, who says deconstruction, but is not totally sure. The player agrees...and has $25,000! After switching out, here is his final $50,000 question.

After a stint in prison, what noted author lived out his final years under the pseudonym Sebastian Melmoth?

A: O. Henry
B: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
C: Ezra Pound
D: Oscar Wilde

He says over. The answer was Oscar Wilde, but at least he doesn't have wait to take home $25,000! New player tomorrow.

Jeopardy!: Matt Corcoran is still here, with $33,950 so far. He's defending this time against Cathy Lanctot (a law professor from Bloomington, Delaware) and Brian Lamb (a teacher from Bakersfield, CA). Now, before we start, we would like to point out that Lamb has been on the show before (he was previously on the show in April 2006 as a two-day champion), but has been brought back because of a questionable ruling on a FJ! clue in his final appearance at that time. Lamb has $40,201 so far, and oddly enough, his first reign was thwarted by another former champion who returned due to an error (Bob Mesko). First set of categories:


Lamb takes the lead right at the first break with $3,400. The lady has $2,800 and the champ has $1,400. The lady gets on a roll late in the round and finds the Daily Double under the $600 clue in GM. She has $7,600, while Lamb has $3,400 and Corcoran has $3,000. She bets two grand on this.

This early 1900s racer who gave its name to a major GM division was born in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland.

"Who is.....Cadillac?"....I've never heard of a person whose last name is Cadillac, and that's wrong. It was Chevrolet, or Louis Chevrolet. Oddly enough, Cadillac was the right response in the last clue of the round! At the end of the round, the lady still has the lead with $5,600, but the game is really getting tight now, as Lamb has $4,200 and the champ has four grand.

DJ! categories:


After getting on a roll to start the round, she finds the first Daily Double under the middle clue in Art Herstory with $9,600. Lamb has $4,600 and the champ is close behind with $4,400. She bets $2,000 again.

She learned the art of wax modeling from her uncle and served as art tutor at Versailles before moving to London.

"Who is Madame Troussoue?"....right to go to $11,600! Lamb finds the other Daily Double under the final clue in People Muppet Names. Like before, he is in a tight battle for second with the champ, as he has $7,800 to Corcoran's $7,200, while the lady leads big with $15,200. Lamb bets $7,600, and this likely is his last chance to stay alive in the game.

This patron saint of Mediterranean sailors lent his name to a phenomenon seen during storms.

"Who is Saint Elmo" says Lamb with great confidence, and he's right to take the lead with $15,400! But the lady would take back the lead for the rest of the round, and the end of this round leads to what should be a very interesting FJ!. She has $22,400, while Lamb has 19 grand and the champ has $10,400.

FJ! category: Films of the '60s.

Parts of this 1961 Rock & Roll movie were filmed on location in Oahu and Kauai.

The champ has "What is The Endless Summer?"....not it, but he didn't bet a dime. Lamb has "What is Blue Hawaii?"....RIGHT! And he BET IT ALL, meaning he now has $38,000! The lady has....

...the right response also, after crossing out "Blue Blanket Bingo"! And by $1, she beats BOTH champions and wins $38,001!! Lamb leaves with $42,201 and Corcoran leaves with $34,950.

Lingo: Tonight's teams are Pip and Rebecca and Trish and Taylor (both team members are ladies). Trish and Taylor score the first 25 points of the game by stealing RIVER. This is their first board.


They get 14 and 38, opening up 18 for a Lingo. They get FAIRY in the max to double up. Trish has 46, opening up 02...but Taylor has a stopper. I thought Pip and Rebecca had blown it by saying BOUGH(T), but BOUGH is actually a word! They run out of guesses anyway, so Trish and Taylor steal BREAD to go to 75. Trish then get 18 for a Lingo and a new total of 125! They steal again with PLANE after the other team runs out of time on their first guess! With a new total of 150, the ladies' new board looks like this:


They pull out 16 and 44. After solving SOUTH in two to go to 175, Trish gets a stopper. That allows Pip and Rebecca to get on the board by solving ERASE in two. Their first board:


They get 29 and 33, opening up 37 for a Lingo. They get UNITE in three to double their score, and pull 17 and 65 to open up 01 and 13. Trish and Taylor then steal CRAMP to go to 200. Trish has 52 to open up 48...while Taylor has 24, opening up 64. That ends the round.

Pip and Rebecca get DRIVE to double their score again to 100, and now have a chance to tie the game. A WILD, 01, 13 or 37 will give them that important Lingo. Pip, sadly, gets a stopper right off the top. Trish and Taylor pad their lead with HEART in two. Trish then has a WILD, meaning they're really in good shape with 350! Pip and Rebecca solve JOKER in four to reach 150, and Pip gets a WILD to give them a Lingo and move to 250! Trish and Taylor get TASTE in two to go to 400, and here's their third board.


They get 18 and 68. They lock up the game with CLOUD, but can they get one last Bonus Letter in Bonus Lingo? Trish has 58 first, opening up 64 in addition to the WILDs....but Taylor has 14, opening up 42. They win to the other team's 300.

The ladies get eight words in Bonus Lingo. Board:


If one lady gets a 44 on their first draw, the team wins today's jackpot worth $21,000. Trish has..forty.....eight- just missed it. Four draws later, she makes a diagonal Lingo with 04 for $5,000.

Monday, June 25, 2007

As I conclude tonight....

....I must do so on a somber note. In addition to being a big game show fan, I am a big pro wrestling fan. For those of you who don't know by now, Chris Benoit, along with his wife Nancy and his son Daniel, all died tragically at the family's new home in Atlanta. The death of Benoit really bummed me out, as I thought he was one of the best technicians in sports entertainment. I want to send my deepest sympathy to all of the wrestling fans in Canada, most notably those in Edmonton (Benoit's original hometown) and Calgary (Benoit trained in Stu Hart's famous Dungeon), and also to the Harts as well. Nobody in this world wants a famous person, no matter what genre they come from, to die so soon.

Therefore, I have decided that I will dedicate this week to Chris Benoit. Rest in peace, man.

"World Series of Blackjack 2007" Game 4

This may be the last regular game before we go to the first of the Wild Card Games. Tonight's first-round game players are baseball legend Orel Hershiser, Rick Jensen, Salomon Cohen Botbol, Mikki Sullivan and Philip Richman. Everybody won on their first hand, with Hershiser and Jensen getting blackjacks right off the bat! But everybody lost their second hand because the dealer had a blackjack, wasting a potential great round from Botbol, who had double Aces.

After Hershiser scored another blackjack on the fifth hand, he took over the lead with $106,000. On the sixth hand, he surrendered a hand of 14, even though the dealer's base card was a deuce. As it turned out, the dealer had a 20, so it seemed as if he did the right thing there.

Entering the first KO Hand, here are the scores.

Orel: $115,500
Rick: $114,500
Salomon: $106,000
Philip: $99,000
Mikki: $39,500


Orel: $4,000
Rick: $4,000
Salomon: $1,000
Philip: $1,000
Mikki: ALL IN

Base hands:

Orel: (AS)(5D)
Rick: (2D)(9H)
Salomon: (2H)(8H)
Philip: (5C)(8D)
Mikki: (6C)(8C)

Dealer's base card is an 8 of Spades. Botbol and Jensen double down on their hands. Hershiser hits...and gets another 5 of Diamonds for a 21! The only lady on the panel gets a three on each of her next two hits to stop at 20. Richman hits, but gets a Jack and busts. However, it doesn't matter, as thanks to the lady not getting a Blackjack or any split situation, she is mathematically eliminated and is sent home with $1,000. The dealer had a 19. Jensen lost with a final hand of 17, while Botbol lost with a final total of 13.

In a later hand, Richman bet $46,500 of his remaining $93,500 at that point, while Jensen bet $8,500, Botbol bet eight grand and the baseball man bet four grand. Base hands:

Orel: (7S)(10C)
Salomon: (QH)(KD)
Rick: (2C)(QD)
Philip: (AH)(6S)

The dealer's base card is a 2 of Spades. Jensen hits on his 12 and gets a 5, allowing him to stand at 17. Richman, with his big bet, is seriously considering using his Power Chip...but doesn't use it. And by not doing so, he made a HUGE MISTAKE, because had he replaced that six, he would have gotten a Queen of Diamonds in return and gotten a blackjack. Instead, he has a flat 17. Ouch. Dealer's hand...

(2S)(7C)(9C) = 18

...and that means only Botbol wins his hand, while Richman takes a massive hit in the standings. At this point, Butbol is leading Hershiser by only $6,000, $116,000 to $110,000. Richman bets it all on the next hand. His base hand.....a Queen of Spades and an Ace of Hearts, meaning he just scored a very crucial Blackjack!!!! What's more interesting is that the dealer had a 21, meaning everyone else lost. Therefore, Richman has made the jump from worst to first with $117,500! But he bets big again on the next hand, betting $47,500. His base hand this time....a 3 of Hearts and a 4 of Spades, for a nasty 7. The dealer's base card is a 9 of Spades. He hits...and gets a Queen of Spades, and stands at 17. Dealer's hand...

(9S)(6D)(6S) = 21!!!

...a 21, meaning Richman has now gone from first to worst. He just can't find a happy medium here. He bets 50 grand next and his first two cards this time are....a 4 of Diamonds and a King of Clubs. The dealer's base card is a King of Clubs. He decides to use his Power Chip to replace the 4....but gets another four, this time in hearts! Ouch. He hits...and gets a 9 of Clubs, meaning he busts and loses big again. He goes on to lose and leaves with $2,000.

After the second elimination, here are the current scores...

Salomon: $101,250
Orel: $85,500
Rick: $57,750

On the third of the final five hands, Jensen made a successful all-in bet at $39,000 to go to $78,000 and stay in the match. Hershiser had the lead at this point, but he busted while wagering $20,000 on the next-to-last hand, dropping him to third place with $70,000. Entering the final hand, here are the scores....

Salomon: $86,750
Rick: $78,000
Orel: $70,000


Salomon: $5,000
Rick: $14,500
Orel: $40,000

Base hands:

Salomon: (AS)(8H)
Rick: (7S)(7S)
Orel: (5S)(10C)

The dealer has an Ace of Diamonds....

..and the dealer has a blackjack, so that means Botbol wins $25,000 and goes to the semifinals, while Jensen goes to a Wild Card Game. Hershiser did a good job, but he has to go home with $3,000.

"The Singing Bee" host is Joey Fatone

Recent "Dancing with the Stars" runner-up Joey Fatone has been named the host of "The Signing Bee" for NBC.


6/25/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Time to begin the show's final week of what has been a terrific fifth season. Hosting the season's final week is Tim Vincent (who sounds British), and today's first player is Barbee Callander from San Francisco. The shows taped for this week were done prior to the addition of the permanent video screen at the entrance. She had to ask the audience to get a $200 question right about a certain NFL stadium. For $4,000:

What would be the name of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young if its members' last names were replaced with their first names?

A: Stephen, Neil, David & Graham
B: Graham, David, Neil & Stephen
C: Neil, Graham, Stephen & David
D: David, Stephen, Graham & Neil

When I thought about it, since I thought I knew Neil Young, I thought the answer was D. She goes with that....and is right! Two questions later, for $16,000:

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. is modeled after which of these world landmarks?

A: Roman Pantheon
B: Westminster Abbey
C: St. Peter's Basilica
D: Notre Dame Cathedral

This lady's hoping the Basilica will still be up there after she uses the 50:50. The 50:50 leaves.....the top two choices instead. She then says the Pantheon...right! Next, for $25,000:

Involving acrobatic maneuvers to overcome urban obstacles, parkour, or free running, is an extreme sport that originated in what country?

A: Japan
B: Canada
C: Austrailia
D: France

She's clueless, so she calls John, whom she feels is a sports buff at her house. He says Canada at the buzzer. She was thinking that also at first...but she's not sure enough, so she calls a halt at $16,000. Good thing, because the answer is actually France.

Next is Ashley Myers from Akron, OH. $300 question...

Someone who acts as an informant for the police is commonly associated with which of these animals?

A: Iguana
B: Hedgehog
C: Hyena
D: Canary

I got scared when she's about to say canary with not too much confidence. She goes with it....right! She got to $1,000 after asking the audience to get the fifth question right. For $2,000:
What state's capital city was named in 1867 in honor of a recently assassinated president?

A: Nebraska
B: South Dakota
C: Montana
D: Idaho

The 50:50 leaves the top and bottom choices. This is an easy question, but she's still unsure, so she calls Matt, who is 100% sure it's Nebraska. She agrees and is right, and will be back tomorrow.

Cash Cab: Entering the cab first this episode, heading to Madison, 55th and Park, are Dave and Sarah. This is a 41 block game. They get their first strike right out of the gate when they say Quebec is the Canadian metropolis that is the second-biggest French speaking city in the world, when it is actually Montreal. Three questions later, they mess up their last $25 question by saying the controversial 2002 Attourney General that put up blue curtains while attempting to hide a partially nude statue of a Spirit of Justice was Dick Thornburg, when it's actually John Ashcroft. After getting their first three $50 questions to go to $200, they decide to use a Mobile Shout Out on this:

London Bridge is now located at Lake Havasu as part of a tourist site in what U.S. state?

Dave calls his 6th grade pal, Eric, who says Arizona. They lock it in and are right to go to $250.
But they lose on their first $100 question, which asked for the brainy boy detective that solved cases for 25 cents a day. They said Sherlock Holmes, but it was Encyclopedia Brown. I've never watched a Sherlock Homes mystery, but I have watched a few of Encylcopedia Brown's cases when I was about 10 or so.

Going to a place called J & R are Michael, Lynn and Scott , and their game is scheduled to last 37 blocks. They master the $25 round. They get their first strike on their second $50 question, when they thought of Don Juan as the swashbuckler hero whose name is French for "fox", when it is actually Zorro. After redeeming themselves on their third $50 question, an RLC pops up.

Name five of the six most abundant chemical elements in the human body.

They get Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Calcium to go to $450. The unsaid one was Phosphorous. They get their final $50 question right to reach $500. After getting three $100 questions right, they finish their trip with $800. But they decide to risk it for $1,600 on this Video Bonus.

In 2006, Pope Benedict made a controversial visit to this stately house of worship- The Blue Mosque. Name the world city where this house is located.

They say Istanbul....and they win $1,600!

The last ones up this show are the Deegans, and they are headed 43 blocks to a place at George and Fulton. They made their first mistake on this question:

Called parafin oil in Britain, what flammable liquid for camping stoves is the main component of jet fuel?

They drew a total blank. It was kerosene. They went on to lose late in the game.

Lingo: Tonight's teams are Carin and Tad and Jay and Maggie. Two people may each win $10,000 if they're smart and lucky enough by the end of this episode. Carin and Tad fumble their turn by not being able to solve SUITE with S-ITE, as they said STUMP (how ironic!) instead. Jay and Maggie then steal SUITE to get the game's first 25 points. Their board:


Jay has 16 to start, opening up 54.....but Maggie has 62. Carin and Ted then pull a steal of their own with NINTH, and here's their first board:


They get 11 and 65. The stealing mode continues, as Jay and Maggie get BROIL. Jay has 70 first, opening up 58...while Maggie has 40, opening up 42. They finally get a word on their own, as they get HEARD in four to go to 75. They get 20 and 50, opening up 12. Next from them is an EXACTA with QUITE, and a Lingo when Jay gets 58, making their new score 150. They then steal FANNY to go to 175, after Carin and Tad blow it on a word with only one letter missing for the second time tonight! This time, Carin and Tad, with FAN-Y showing, said FAIRY on their last guess! Anyway, Jay and Maggie's new board looks like this:


They get 42 and 62. But they get DQed when they say IMPUT rather than INPUT. Carin and Tad then steal IRONS to go to 50. Carin has 03 first of all, opening up 15...while Tad has 23, opening up 07 and 69. Carin and Tad get VAULT at the last second on their last guess to go to 75. Carin has 35, opening up 53...while Tad has 69 for a Lingo! The score at the end of this first round- Jay and Maggie with 175 to 125 from Carin and Tad.

Carin and Tad barely get OLDER at the start of Round 2 to tie it up at 175 apiece. New board for Carin and Tad...


They get 37 and 57. They then get MERIT in the max to take the lead with 225. Carin has 09 first, opening up 41 and 49 for a Lingo, in addition to the WILDs...but Tad has the first stopper tonight. They do, however, steal UNCLE to wrap up the game with 275, but can they get another Bonus Letter in Bonus Lingo? Let's find out. Carin has 61, opening up 65 now...while Tad has a WILD, so they will get three Bonus Letters in Bonus Lingo!

They get four words in Bonus Lingo. Board:


The 20 grand is theirs if one gets a 19 on the first pull. Carin has....61. Tad makes a Lingo with 13 for $5,000.

Rosie O' Donnell out of the running for TPIR hosting job....for good

This morning, it has been reported by numerous sources that Rosie O' Donnell has decided to withdraw once again as a candidate to replace Bob Barker as the host of "The Price is Right". It appears as if the withdrawal is for good, as her reason is that she doesn't want to relocate from her NYC home to LA, where "TPIR" is shot.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Next Week in Game Shows: June 25-July 1

On the final week of June, here is what's going on...

WWTBAM: On the final week of the season, Tim Vincent from "Access Hollywood" takes over the guest host role. And will he help anybody do something that nobody has done this month on the show- win at least $50,000?

Lingo: It's also ending its season this week, with "Camouflage" taking over it's nightly time slots the week after. Will the show produce at least one more jackpot win, or will next season begin the same way it did this season- have the jackpot begin at $25,000?

America's Got Talent: The first part of the NYC auditions airs this week.

RW/RR Inferno III: After this week, we'll find out who will be sharing in the money from their respective teams' banks, and thus get the chance to help their teams win the $150,000 top prize in the final challenge.

Cash Cab: This week, it's afternoon block moves to 6 PM.

MVP and Big Winners Annoucement for June 18-June 24

MVPs: Ben Vies ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?") and Nick Diaz ("The Ultimate Fighter")

After some thought about it last night after "The Ultimate Fighter" came to a close, as well as this morning, I decided for the split honors this week. The reason why is that Diaz's opponent, Manny Gamburyan, outdid him in the Octagon, and the only reason he lost was because he got injured. Hence, I didn't think Diaz did enough to win that night. Furthermore, I thought Vies made a nice comeback on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" by winning $300,000 after using his final help to get the $100,000 question.

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Laurel Martin- $272,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Michael Pupillo and Josh Moore- The last $50,000 winners ("National Bingo Night")
Jesse Berry- $42,500 as three-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Alice Walker- $25,000 as semi-finalist ("World Series of Blackjack")

Saturday, June 23, 2007

"The Ultimate Fighter" Fifth Season Finale

It's time to find out whether Nate Diaz will join his friend, Nick, as a full-time member of the UFC. That will only happen if he can win this fight against Manny Gamburyan, and thus win the potential $300,000 contract that goes along with the win. Like the semifinal matches, there are three five-minute rounds, with a Sudden Victory round being held after the third round if the judges' scores are even. The referee is Herb Dean.

Round 1: Gamburyan gets Diaz down first, and has him in a front facelock. Diaz makes his way out of it, but he gets beaten down by Gamburyan while trying to get back up. When Diaz gets up on both feet, Gamburyan has a waistlock applied. Gamburyan takes down Diaz with a Judo takedown with 2:47 to go in the round. Gamburyan totally dominates this round. I score this round 10-8 in favor of Gamburyan.

Round 2: While going for a takedown on Diaz, Gamburyan apparently dislocates his shoulder and taps out unexpectedly, MEANING DIAZ IS YOUR WINNER!!!!! He also wins a customized watch.

In the coach vs. coach fight, B.J. Penn beat Jans Puliver in the second round by making Puliver tap out to a rear-naked choke.

"National Bingo Night" Finale Rating

The final episode of "National Bingo Night" on ABC pulled a 2.4 Fast Nielsen rating with a 5 share. While that was up slightly from last week, it still tied for dead last in its time slot with a rerun of NBC's "Las Vegas".

Friday, June 22, 2007

Season 5 of Sydnicated Millionaire to end with a guest host

This week's episodes of "WWTBAM" were the last first-run episodes of the season that featured regular host Meredith Viera. Next week, the season will end with Tim Vincent guest-hosting a week of shows. Vincent is a reporter for "Access Hollywood" and hosted the pilots for the GSN version of "Chain Reaction".


6/22/2007 Results- "National Bingo Night" ends

Jeopardy!: Can Jesse Berry win for a fourth time, much less get a Final Jeopardy! clue right? We'll find out as he faces Deanna Weibel-Swanson (an assistant professor from Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Matt Corcoran (an administrative assistant from Philadelphia). The first list of categories:


Believe it or not, Benjamin Franklin was a nudist!!! At the first break, Carcoran leads with $3,200. The champ has $1,400 and the lady has $1,200. With only two categories left, all three players are at about $3,000. The lady finds the Daily Double under the $600 clue in Musical Synopses. She has $4,000, while the man in the middle has $3,400 and the champ has $3,200. She bets $1,500.

Spunky gal dreams of riches while stuck in Missouri, marries prospector, loses prospector, gets on Titanic.

"Who is The Unsinkable Molly Brown?"...right to go to $5,500! But thanks to getting the last few clues of the round, Carcoran leads at the end of the round with $6,800. The lady has $6,300 and the champ has $3,200.

DJ! categories are as follows:

THEY DIFFER BY ONE LETTER (Each correct response will consist of two words, one of which will have one letter different than the other one.)

$400 clue in the sixth category:

A fiery fedora.

Carcoran has "What is a hot hat?"....right to go to $7,200. $1,200 clue:

A mallard's playing card set.

The champ has "What is a duck's deck?"....NO. The lady says "What is a duck deck?"...she's right, meaning an extra S cost Berry $1,200 here. Shortly after taking back the lead, she finds the first Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in Travel Europe. She has $11,900, while Carcoran has $5,600 and the champ is starting to slack off at $4,400. She bets three large on this:

Fans of "The Sound of Music" visit this city to see such sites as Mirabell Gardens, where "Do-Re-Mi" was filmed.

She has "What is Salzburg?" to go to $14,900! After getting on a roll late in the round, Carcoran finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue in Presidential Humor with ten grand. The lady leads with $14,900 and the champ is still at $4,400. Carcoran bets three grand.

This president criticized Ed Asner for opposing U.S. foreign policy by asking, "What does an actor know about politics?".

"Who is Ronald Reagan?"....right on to go to 13 large! At the end of the round, the lady still leads with $16,100. Carcoran still has 13 grand and the champ is pretty much out of it with $1,600.

FJ! category: Food and Drink History.

The world's first pure food and beverage law, one pertaining to beer, was proclaimed by the Duke of this region in 1516.

The champ has "What is Bavaria?"...and is right to double to $3,200. Carcoran has that also and bet 12 grand to go to $25,000. The lady has Saxony, costing her $11,000 and making Carcoran the new champ. Berry leaves with $42,500.

Lingo: Believe it or not, the show this week has had a losing record in Bonus Lingo, as it was lost on the week's first three shows. That's totally unheard of, but the losing streak ended last night with a $5,000 win. Tonight's teams are Cara and Jeff (who run a fashion accessories company together) and Troy and Veronica.

Cara and Jeff strike first blood with GIANT in three. Their first board:


They get 57 and 65, making 61 a possibility to make a Lingo. Troy and Veronica steal CANDY to tie it up, and here's their first board:


They get 06 and 34, opening up 50 for a possible Lingo. They solve VALUE in two to double to 50. Troy has 10, opening up 02....but Veronica has a stopper. But they steal ANGER to increase their score to 75. Troy has 14, making 18 available...while Veronica has 54, opening up 38. They chomp up another 25 points by solving SALAD in four. Troy has 02, meaning they Lingo and eat up another 50 points, putting them at 150! Cara and Jeff then get YOURS in four to double their score to 50. Cara has 41 first, opening up 09 and 13...but Jeff has nothing but a stopper. That allows Troy and Veronica to add on to their lead, as they solve HABIT to go to 175. New board:


They get 16 and 48, opening up 24 for another Lingo. They get LOYAL in four to reach 200. Troy has 08, making 68 available...but Veronica has 28. Their next solve comes in three guesses with RANCH, making their new total 225. And Troy has 24 right away, so they make another Lingo and go to 275! Cara and Jeff then get UNCUT after a failed steal by the leaders, taking them to 75. They get 45 and 53, opening up 49 to end the round.

Cara and Jeff start Round 2 by solving BRICK in the max to make their score 125. Cara has 33, while Jeff has 37, opening up 29. They solve EAGLE in two to go to 175. With the WILDs in there now, they have a very good chance of making a Lingo. If they can do that now, they will tie the game. Cara has 05 first, which is of no help...and Jeff has 01, meaning every ball other than the stopper is good for a Lingo now! Troy and Veronica get SHOCK on a steal to go to 325, and here's their new board:


They get 14 and 18. Troy and Veronica lock up the game with DAISY at 375.

Troy and Veronica have three Bonus Letters to use in Bonus Lingo. They do wonderfully by getting eight words. Board:


A 44 on the first pull wins $19,000. Veronica has....just the ordinary 4. Troy makes a Lingo three draws later for $5,000. The jackpot will be worth $20,000 on Monday.

National Bingo Night: Tonight's first player is Sandy Tenenbau from Denver. In her game, she tries for a $50,000 Trip Around the World and a $5,000 KMart gift card. She's playing Red or Black, and she needs to be right 12 times to win.


At this point, five people are close to a Bingo.


She lost at this point to a man. If it's of any consolation, since there were only ten draws in this game before a Bingo was made, so she never would have won.

Michael Pupillo is our next player, and he's from Granada Hills, California. He's playing the crossword game with Higher or Lower. Remember, he needs to light up both B's, N's, G's, and O's, plus fill in the single I on the board for the $50,000, as well as a Royal Caribbean Cruise.
The player's base age is 34.


Now, for $50,000 and the cruise, did anyone make a Bingo?

NO, so he's a winner!

In the last game with the blue cards in play, one Bingo is worth a trip to the Brickyard 400, another is worth a trip to the set of "Brothers and Sisters", and another is worth $50,000.

Tonight's final studio player is Josh Moore from Miami, Florida. He's playing Money Bags for the 50 grand. This is the serial number he needs to wipe out altogether...


He's playing Odd or Even here.


At this point, 11 people are close to making a Bingo.


Only the 3 needs to be knocked off, but there are now 21 people close to making a Bingo.


Now, he's got a very tough predictament here with 21 close to making a Bingo. Do we go out with another $50,000 winner?.....


WWE Diva to be on "Survivor" next season

It has been confirmed that WWE Diva Ashley Massaro will be a contestant on "Survivor: China" this fall, and she has left for China, where taping of the show will begin shortly.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"So You Think You Can Dance" Elimination Show II brings some surprises

In an absolute shocker, Jessi and Pasha and Shauna and Jimmy were placed in the bottom three with Faina and Cedric.

Going first in the "Dance For Your Life" round is Jessi, who danced to "Hurts So Bad" by Kina. I got a little worried for her at the start, but she did good overall.

Pasha then danced to "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That" by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. He did very well.

Shauna then danced to "Everything" by Lifehouse. She was excellent- there is no way she should be cut.

Jimmy's dance song was "Veins" by Charlotte Martin. He was just as good as Shauna!

Faina danced to "Do You Love Me" by the Contours. She started decently. but fell apart towards the end.

Cedric was the last one up here, and he danced to "Hide and Seek" by Modern Heap. He was just mediocre for me.

Daddy Yankee then performed "Impacto".

Now, for who was eliminated......

....I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that Faina Savich was eliminated. The bad news- Jimmy Arguello of my dream team was the other person eliminated. Arguello was eliminated as a result of a very heated discussion between the judges on supporting unique or talented dancers. They went with uniqueness again.

6/21/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Back with us now is Charles Shelton. He resumes the game with this $4,000 query:

A popular kind of sushi, a California roll commonly features what type of "imitation" seafood in it?

A: Squid
B: Tuna
C: Crab
D: Eel

He calls Beth, who says squid, but is not sure. He agrees over. It was actually crab, so he leaves with $1,000.

Next to enter the hot seat is Rosemary Balsinger from Medina, Ohio. For $2,000:

Written over 2,000 years ago, Euclid's "Elements" was a ground-breaking text in what field?

A: Philosophy
B: Mathematics
C: Astronomy
D: Linguistics

She gave me a bit of a scare here, but her guess of mathematics is right for $2,000. For $8,000:

Which of these comedies features both Luke and Owen Wilson?

A: "Old School"
B: "Meet the Fockers"
C: "The Royal Tenenbaums"
D: "Wedding Crashers"

She asks the audience. 65% said "The Royal Tenenbaums", 18% said "Wedding Crashers" and 15% said "Old School". She goes with the most popular choice and is right. For $25,000:

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and what other U.S. President died on the Fourth of July?

A: John Quincy Adams
B: James Monroe
C: Andrew Jackson
D: Ulysses S. Grant

The 50:50 leaves Monroe and Grant, but that is of no help, so she calls Scott. He says Monroe. When she agrees....she has $25,000! After switching, this is her final $50,000 question:

In 1940, a young Fidel Castro wrote FDR a letter in which he made the request to be sent what?

A: Chocolate bars
B: Autographed baseball
C: $10 bill
D: Superman comic book

She said baseball, and she's done.....for good, but at least she doesn't have to wait to claim her $25,000. Answer: $10 bill.

Jeopardy!: Back for his third day is Jesse Berry with $31,000 so far. He defends this time against Mary Ann Hilterhaus (an administrative assistant from Glen Ridge, NJ) and Don Stewart (a teacher from Belmont, Mass.). Opening categories:

ANTHROPOLOGY (I took this as a summer class last year.)

Stewart finds the Daily Double under the middle clue in Hello, Mali! with $1,800 to his credit, while the others are tied for the lead at two grand apiece. He bets $1,000 for a slight lead if he's right.

This European power ruled Mali from 1895 to 1959, when Mali united with Senegal; independence came in 1960.

"What is Portugal?".....sorry. It was actually France, so he's down to $800. After he misses the $1,000 clue there and the champ gets it right, Berry leads with $3,000 while Stewart is $200 in the red at the first break. The lady has $2,000, and BTW, it is later learned that she appeared on the original version of this show with Art Fleming! Towards the end of the round, it is a tight battle between the lady and the champ, as both are at $4,200 heading into the last category of Classic TV Characters. They don't get through the whole category in time, but the champ has the lead with $5,400. The lady has $4,200 and Stewart is $200 in the hole.

DJ! categories:


The categories not named Tough Lit are a play on words of their actual titles. Early on, Stewart got out of the red, but went back $1,400 in the hole after missing the $2,000 clue in Tough Lit. The lady had the lead after getting the $1,600 clue in On the Road, but lost it after getting the $2,000 clue there wrong. She finds the first Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in The Son Also Rises with $6,200, and is trailing the champ by $400 for the lead, while Stewart is the odd person out with just $600. She bets $1,000 to try and take the lead back.

The Devil you say! He inherited the title "Duke of Normandy" from his dad, Robert the Devil, in 1035.

"Who was Robert the Bruce?"....NO. Correct: Who was William the Conqueror? That drops her to $5,200. Berry gets the last two clues in Animal Farm to go to $11,800, and is starting to pull away with it, as the lady has $6,000. After getting the $2,000 clue in Brave New Word, the lady's back in it with $10,400 with only the category of War and Pizza remaining, and one of its clues has the other Daily Double. $400 clue there:

On the Travel Channel's "Pizza Wars", NYC's thin-crust pies were compared to this city's deep dish style.

Stewart gets $400 with "What is Chicago?". $800 clue:

A punny promo for "Superman Returns" saw Papa John's offer free pies to those living on any street named this.

The champ has "What is Kit?", but that's incorrect. Nobody else gets "Who is Lois Lane?". $1,200 clue:

Pizza Hut paid $1 Million to deliver a pie to Yuri Usachov, who was here at the time.

Berry has "What is the International Space Station?" and is right this time to got to $13,400. He finds the Daily Double under the $1,600 clue and bets $3,000.

After a 5-year legal battle with a sugar company, this pizza chain won the right to keep its name in 1980.

"What is Domino's?"....RIGHT to go to $16,400! That ends the round. The lady has $10,400 and Stewart is somewhat alive with $1,400.

FJ! category: State Populations.

Between July 2005 and July 2006, this state gained nearly 580,000 people, more than any other state.

Stewart wrote down "What is Louisiana"...wrong, but he didn't wager anything. I didn't like the way the lady finished writing, and I had a reason to after she put down "What is California?". She dropped $4,000 to $6,400. Berry has "What is Nevada?"...NO. The right state was Texas. His wager....$5,900, meaning at $10,500, he wins again, and now has a three-day total of $41,500. He has been the champ even though he has never gotten the FJ! clue correct. Do I smell a male version of Faith Love here?

5th Grader: Starting the show off is Ben Vies. His first partner is Jacob, and here are the categories.

1st Grade U.S. Geography
1st Grade Grammar
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Astronomy
3rd Grade World History
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Cultural Studies
4th Grade Measurements
5th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade U.S. History.

First selected category is Grammar.

What is the abbreviation in the following sentence?

"The class voted for Mr. Foxworthy as Teacher of the Year."

The answer is Mr., and the man has it for $1,000. Next chosen topic is U.S. Geography.

Alana went on a trip to see Everglades National Park. What state did she go to?

He says Florida to double his money. His next partner is Kyle, and the next selected category is 2nd Grade Astronomy.

T or F: The planet Jupiter has a larger mass than Earth.

He says true to go to $5,000. Next category picked is 2nd Grade World Geography.

What city is the capital of Japan?

He says Tokyo to double to ten grand. Kyle misspelled the city as Tokeio! The player's new partner is Alana, and the next category is 3rd Grade Animal Science. To reach the $25,000 guarantee...

T or F: The Orca is a type of dolphin.

He says false....but it's true. However, Alana wrote down true to get the player to $25,000!
Next category is 3rd Grade World History.

According to the Ancient Roman calendar, the Ides of March falls on which day in March?

He decides to copy Alana's answer. The answer is March 15th....and Alana has it to double to $50,000! Vies's new partner is Spencer, and the next chosen category is 5th Grade Earth Science.

By definition, an anemometer measures the speed of what?

He decides to peek at Spencer's answer, which is wind. That's the right answer, but did Vies agree with it for $100,000?....

....yes! But the player is on his own from here on out. The next selected category is 5th Grade U.S. History.

Who immediately followed Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States?

He goes for it and says Andrew Johnson....RIGHT for $175,000! He tries to make it $300,000 in the category of 4th Grade Measurements.

On a map, if one inch equals 20 miles, how many inches is 180 miles?

I can't believe this was a 4th Grade question. This seems more like a 1st Grade question to me. He says nine for $300,000! The last category left is Cultural Studies. To reach $500,000:

Who was the Greek god of wine?

He drops out here. Believe it or not, if he had gone on and said Dionysus, he would have been $500,000 richer. But he still did great!

Andy Gallas made it to next week's episode, but only has the copy left, and is only at $5,000.

"So You Think You Can Dance" Wednesday ratings drop

Last night's performance episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" was down from last week for both hours. The first hour scored a 5.0 Fast Nielsen rating with a 9 share (down from 5.2/10 last week), while the second hour did a 5.9 with a 10 share (down from 6.2/11 last week). Both hours still won their time slots.


We've got ourselves a singing game show war for this summer

Just one day after the debut date for "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" was announced, NBC has annnounced it will debut "The Singing Bee" on July 10th after "America's Got Talent". In other words, it will air a day before "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" begins.

Source: Buzzerblog

"Power of 10" host Drew Carey latest contender for TPIR hosting job

Variety reported yesterday that Drew Carey, who will host the $10 million game show "Power of 10" later this summer, is being considered to replace Bob Barker on "The Price is Right" because of his "mainstream, blue-collar appeal".

"Top Chef: Miami" Episode 2

The guest judge this time- Norman Van Aken, the chef/owner of Norman's.

Quickfire Challenge: There's a variety of citrus fruits available. Each person had to create a dish using some of that fruit. The kitchen's pantry was also available to everyone.

C.J. Jacobson's dish was presented first. It was pan-seared sea perch with carrots, radicchio, oranges and hazelnuts. I didn't think he used enough fruit in there, and Jacobson felt like he blew it.

Caset Thompson's dish was Play On Smores with vanilla/Tequila cream, blood orange and key lime. I thought this was slightly better, but the judges didn't see enough focus on the fruit.

Sandee Birdsong did a trio of citrus, key lime mojito, grapefruit brulee with shrimp and sea bass with some orange marmalade on it. I thought this was the best dish so far in this challenge.

The season's first Quickfire winner, Micah Edelstein, did spicy avocado citrus soup with carmelized red grapefruit. This contestant thought the soup resembled nothing more than pudding.

Lia Bardeen showed off crab salad with sourdough croutons and grapefruit vinaigrette.

Dale Levitski then presented citrus salad with watercress, endive, fennel, lemon poppyseed and goat cheese. This dish had potential.

Sara Nguyen didn't feel so good when she showed off her blood orange and tangelo citrus salad with shrimp and honey tangerine vinaigrette.

Hung Huynh then showed off some slow-roasted sea bass with citrus crumble watercress and radish salad.

Tre Wilcox's dish here was raw king salmon with macadamia nut pesto, plus coriander-seared salmon with Fuji apple salad. This dish looked very complete to me.

Howie Kleinberg then presented a vanilla butter-poached lobster tail with citrus salad.

Brian Malarkey's entree was Alaskan halibut with blood orange and pomegranate molasses.

Joey Paulino did fennel salad with blood oranges, watermelon and a Grand Mariner shooter.
He did a good job.

The winner was....Hung Huynh! He's automatically in the next round.

Elimination Challenge: Everybody had to do an upscale BBQ dish that would be presented at a champagne BBQ event hosted by Lee Shrager, a famous food person from Miami. Everyone was given $200 and two hours to go shopping. After that, everybody had two hours to prepare their dishes at the kitchen, and then cook their food at the BBQ event location.

Wilcox felt very good about this challenge, since BBQ is right up his alley and he's from Dallas.

Nguyen ran out of time before she was able to fix the problem of having scotch bonnets in her pickling juice, when she was supposed to pickle the cucumbers overnight. Thus, she thought the pickle juice would be inedible.

This challenge was presented by Kingsford Charcoal.

Camille Becerra, whose Quickfire dish was not shown on TV, presented grilled swordfish with chorizo and artichoke potato salad. If she's in the bottom four, considering her Quickfire dish wasn't presented, she may be in big trouble.

Micah Edelstein then presented some lamb with grilled halloumi and pomegranate sauce.

Lia Bardeen then did a lettuce wrap with grilled shrimp and couscous salad.

Casey Thompson's dish here was strip streak, polenta, and bacon-wrapped shrimp with tomato salad. From my looks only, this was the best dish so far.

C.J. Thompson served up New York Steak with salt-baked pineapple lentil puree and dirty rice.

Sara Nguyen's dish was Vietnamese BBQ with pine nuts and a radish and cucumber salad.

Brian Malarkey's dish consisted of scallops, shrimp and seabass sausage with ginger slaw and chili glaze. I liked the looks of that dish.

Tre Wilcox presented peach BBQ-glazed salmon with crab avocado salad.

Sandee Birdsong's dish was vanilla-poached lobster, featured a pancetta-wrapped date and had truffle slaw. This is the second time this episode I've seen somebody do a vanilla-poached lobster dish.

Howie Kleinberg did Jamaican Jerk Pork and mango slaw with citrus vinaigrette.

Joey Paulino's entree was Korean BBQ Chicken with charred corn, tofu and bean sprout salad.

Hung Huynh did a flank steak with grillen corn salad and bagel chips. In the kitchen, he said even though he had earned immunity this week, he still wanted to wow the crowd. He showed the right attitude by saying so.

Two dishes went unshown in this challenge. The judges thought their judging on this challenge was very difficult, because everyone' dishes were very good.

The top three were Brian Malarkey, Sara Nguyen and Micah Edelstein. The winner of this challenge was....

...Malarkey! I thought that was the right call made by the judges.

The bottom four this challenge consisted of Howie Kleinberg, Joey Paulino, Tre Wilcox and Sandee Birdsong.

Parts of Wilcox's salmon were said to be underseasoned and too salty. Paulino's chicken was said by Gail Simmons to not meeting the upscale level, and it was hard for the customers to eat his dish because the utensils were very hot.

Birdsong was shocked to being in the bottom four this week. This could be bad, since she had one of the worst dishes in the Quickfire Challenge. According to head judge Tom Colicchio, Birdsong was not into the BBQ, and Colicchio couldn't taste the lobster.

This is Kleinberg's second straight trip to the bottom four. His dish was said to be too simple, and he couldn't find a happy medium with his dish.

I thought that Birdsong and Kleinberg were in the biggest danger of being cut next. The second one to be benched is......

...Birdsong, because Colicchio thought her dish wasn't a BBQ dish at all.