Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"America's Player" clarification

I have a more detailed description of Tuesday's "America's Player" task. According to Reality TV Magazine, Eric Stein has to get at least three houseguests on five different days to use the selected catchprhase.

Also, I have just received word that because of Jen Johnson being replaced on the chopping block by Nick Starcevic, the task that Stein thought he had completed is now null and void, meaning he STILL hasn't won any money yet.

"Big Brother 8" 7/31

Joining Dustin Erikstrup, Jen Johnson and Kail Harbick in the Power of Veto Competition were Jameka Cameron, Daniele Donato (who has won two Power of Veto Competitions so far) and Jessica Hughbanks. America's Player, Eric Stein, got to host.

Just before the competition started, the houseguests saw an Italian feast.

Now, for the rules. There were nine paintings that resembled famous terms or phrases related to this show. Contestants had to identify the term or phrase that was resembled by each picture. Only the first player to buzz in got to answer. Each player was given 1,000 "Big Brother Bucks". Every time a player buzzed in and got a phrase right, he/she got some more "Big Brother Bucks". But when a player messed up, he/she was out of the challenge. The player with the most "Big Brother Bucks" at the end won the Golden Power of Veto.

Picture #1 looked like Spongebob Squarepants in a way, as the house was yellow and was smiling. Donato rang in with "Head of Household"...correct for 500 and to go to 1,500!

Picture #2, also worth 500, had a brick wall with a memo attached to it. Donato said "Memory Wall"...right again, and she's doubled her base score to 2,000!

Picture #3 was worth 750. It featured a blue house with a purple top on it. Harbick rang in with "Diary Room"...that's right to go to 1,750!

Picture #4 was also worth 750. It featured a big white object on a green background. Donato rang in with "Veto"....NO, so she loses all of her "Big Brother Bucks" and is out. It was "Power of Veto".

Before the next pictures were shown, the five remaining contestants were given the chance to spend whatever "Big Brother Bucks" they had up to that point on a nice prize. Only the first person to buzz in got the prize, and the proper deduction was made to their score.

The prize was....a trip for two to Barbados, worth 750 "Big Brother Bucks".....and Erikstrup bought it! But he made himself a target to many of the houseguests.

Back to the game, the fifth picture was worth 1,000. It featured a gnome on top of a woman's legs. Harbick rang in with "Need to Know Basis"....NO, so she's out. It was "Nominee". As a result, Erikstrup still was at 250 while the others were tied for the lead at 1,000.

Picture #6 was also worth 1,000, and it featured a shadow of a lion with ants on top of it on a yellow, red and orange background. Cameron rang in with "Alliance"...she's doubled her opening stake and just took the lead!

Picture #7 was also worth 1,000, and it was a straight-up rebus. Erikstrup rang in with Julie Chen...correct to go to 1,250!

Picture #8 was worth 1,500, and it featured a city on a bed of fire. Erikstrup tried "Chopping Block" for the lead....yes, and he now went to 2,750!

Before the final picture, it was time for another Instant Bargain. This time it's.....

..$5,000 in cash for 1,500 "Big Brother Bucks"! Going once, going twice....sold to Erikstrup, so he's got both of the featured prizes in the game and is back down to 1,250. But the most important prize here is, of course, the Power of Veto.

It was given to the one who led after the last picture, worth 2,000. It featured a power line with hands near it.

Johnson rang in with "Safety". If she was right, she's the winner; otherwise, Cameron won. The correct answer was....

.."The Power Is Up For Grabs", so Cameron was the winner!

The catchphrase America chose for Stein to try and use was "I'd do that for a dollar!".

Cameron decided to remove Johnson from eviction. Erikstrup decided to place....

...Nick Starcevic up for eviction against Harbick. Harbick could be in serious trouble on Thursday.

"The Singing Bee" 7/31- 1980s

For this night only, all of tonight's songs on "The Singing Bee" will come from the 1980s!

The opening song was "Footloose".

First up tonight....the lady marked #8 with "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown. She sung the target lyric as "Gettin' chicks is how I live"...not quite.

The boy at #42 had it with "Gettin' girls is how I...", but put "am" as the last word instead of "live"! Ouch.

The lady marked #102 totally blew it with "Ego trips is just my thing".

The #92 boy sung "Getting' chicks is how I am"....not quite.

The lady at #37 totally messed up with "That's just the way I am".

The #56 lady finally got "Gettin' girls is how I live" to advance to the next round.

New song..."Who Can It Be Now" by Men at Work. #8 sung the target lyric as "In my house today"....all wrong.

#42 sung "And here I'll have to stay"...bingo!

Next...."Holding Out For a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. #102 sung the target line as "And he's gotta be fresh from the fight"....exacta!

Next....Gina Easton and "Morning Train". #92 sang the line as "N' Sync is better than New Kids"....he pretty much threw in the towel on that one. You might get away with that on "Don't Forget the Lyrics!", but not here.

#37 sung "To find me waitin' for him"...the Round 2 field is set!

#42 is Rico and #92 is Laura. The game here is the "unscramble the lyric" one.

First song, to Laura, is "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston. The target lyric has nine words. She sung the line as "I just like to talk when I watch your mouth"...NO WAY. It was "And when you talk I just watch my mouth".

Rico's first song is "The Safety Dance" by Men with Hats. The target actually asks for TWO lyrics. He sung "And if they don't dance well, they're no friends of mine"...he's in the final round!

#102 is Adrian and #37 is Pamela.

Adrian's first song..."All Out of Love" by Air Supply. There are 12 words in the target. She couldn't come up with it- it was "I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong".

Pamela's song...."Arthur's Theme" by Cristopher Cross. The target lyric begins the second series of lines for this song, and there are 11 words. She sung "When you get caught between the moon and New York City"...she will face Rico in the finals!

Rico's song in the finals...."I Love Rock n' Roll" by Joan Jett. He's....unsuccessful, as he screwed up his second target line.

Pamela's big opportunity could come from this song..."Ebony and Ivory" by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. She....messed up the middle word of the third lyric, so it's Sudden Death time.

Year...1985. The song was done by....Phil Collins. Pamela buzzes in and decides to play. The song is called "Sussudio". The target lyric follows "Now she don't even know my name". Did she sing the next lyric as "But I think she likes me just the same"?....

...yes indeed!

The first song in "The Final Countdown" is called "What I Like About You" by The Romantics. She sung the lyric as "Thinkin' about true romance"...but the first word was actually "Think", so it's strike one.

Next..."Flashdance" by Irene Cara. She sung the target as "Take your passion and make it happen" to get on the board.

Next...."Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top. She sung "'Cause every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man"....strike two. She shouldn't have added an "S" after "girl".

Next song, which could be her last..."The Tide is High" by Blondie. She sung the target as "I'm gonna be your number one"...she's still alive.

But that's the last song she would get right, as she messes up on "Superfreak". But like the last champ, she does leave with $10,000. The loss wasn't too surprising, since the gameplay was rather poor to me tonight.

The next episode will be on Monday at 8 PM. It will last an hour, and all contestants will be women.

"America's Got Talent"- The Finals Begin!

Joining The Glamazons, Julienne Irwin, Butterscotch, Robert Hatcher and Sideswipe in the finals are...

...Terry Fator, Cas Haley, The Calypso Tumblers, The Duttons....

...and Jason Pritchett, meaning Boy Shakira/Britney must sit down.

Now, the ten final acts will all perform tonight. Once that's done, the voting begins and the two acts with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated next week. All ten acts' previous scores are reset to zero.

First up are The Duttons, who did "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band. Their singing wasn't all that, but they made up for that with their great orchestra. So, I gave them a 9. With David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne liking it as well, I added a five point bonus, for a total of 14.

Second is Robert Hatcher with "Because You Love Me" by Celiene Dion. I gave him a 5. Hasselhoff and Osbourne liked it the best, so he also gets a five point bonus for a total of 10.

Third are the Calypso Tumblers. I gave them a 10! All of the judges liked it, so they get the top score of 20 from me!

Fourth is Jason Pritchett, who should not have gotten this far, with "When You Say Nothing At All". He did very good, but I've never heard of this song. I gave him an 8. Osbourne and Hasselhoff liked it, so he gets a five point bonus, for a total of 13.

Performing now at the halfway mark is Butterscotch. She did "It's Your Thing" by The Isley Brothers. I gave her a 7. Everyone liked it a lot, so she gets a ten point bonus for a total of 17!

Sixth are The Glamazons with "Viva". I gave them a 9. I gave them a five point bonus, for a total of 14.

Next up....Cas Haley. He did great, but I've never heard of the song at all. So, I gave him an 8. I then gave a five point bonus, for a total of 13.

Next....Terry Fator. He and his puppet sang "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole. I gave them a 10! Everyone liked it, so he gets the maximum of 20! Piers Morgan called Fator the best ventriloquist he had ever seen!

The next-to-last act is Julienne Irwin. She did a great job with the singing, but I've never heard of the song she sung, so I gave her a 9. All three judges thought the song was too big for her. Despite that, I decided to not take away any points.

Sideswipe has the night's final act. I gave them a 10, but that's their final score because all three judges thought their performance was a bit over the top.

"Family Feud" with Ray Combs, "Super Password" doubleheader returns to GSN schedule

According to a friend at the Game Show Forum, beginning August 6th, the noon airing of "WWTBAM" on GSN will be replaced by a second airing of "Super Password" and "Family Feud" with Ray Combs.

Monday, July 30, 2007

"World Series of Blackjack"- Wild Card Game I

Prior to each of the Wild Card Games, 12 of the 24 players who failed to advance after the first game took part in a special random draw. Each fifth place player got one card with their name on it put into the mix. Fourth place players got two cards and third place players got three cards. The male dealer than drew a card and whoever's name is on it represents the player that would fill the final spot for that particular Wild Card Game. In this case, it was Henry Tran. I believe this random draw will also take place prior to the Championship Game.

Joining Tran tonight are Kami Lis, "Rock N' Roll" Darrell Arnold, Rick Fortin and Danye Long. Only the winner of each Wild Card Game gets money, and more importantly, a spot in the semifinals. The cash prize here is $20,000.

Early on in the match, Lis made two Blackjacks in a row to take the early lead! But when we get to the first Knockout Hand, Tran took the lead on the previous hand with a Blackjack on a $25,000 bet! Here are the scores:

Henry: $136,500
Rick: $116,500
Darrell: $110,000
Kami: $107,000
Dannye: $106,000

Tran bet the $50,000 maximum, which I thought was a STUPID move. Long bet $7,500 and the rest bet $12,000 each. Opening hands:

Henry: (3D)(6C)
Darrell: (JD)(QH) = 20
Dannye: (10C)(10C) = 20
Kami: (4C)(8D)
Rick: (AS)(10D) = BLACKJACK!

Dealer's base card...King of Hearts. Tran reconsiders his stupid bet and surrenders the hand to go back to $111,500. The lady hits and gets a 3 of Diamonds, and after hitting again....2 of Diamonds, but she uses her Power Chip...and gets a Queen of Spades, so she busts and is in deep trouble. That means she needs Long to lose this hand or she is out of here. Dealer's final hand...

(KH)(QH) = 20

That means that there will be no finals appearance this year for Kami Lis. By the 14th hand, Fortn is the new leader with $148,500. But after Fortin lost that hand and Arnold made a successful double down bet for $36,000, he took over the lead with $143,750. Also, Long is in last with $78,250. He made an initial bet of $38,500, but decided to double down and virtually put his game on the line. Initial hand:


Dealer's base card...4 of Diamonds. Final dealer hand...

(4D)(9H)(8H) = 21

...oh boy. The only thing that will save Long is if he's got a ten or face card. It is....a 5 of Diamonds. Ouch. He went on to be the second player eliminated.

In the first hand of the last five, Fortin made a BIG Blackjack on a $40,000 bet to take the lead with $143,500, while Arnold had $138,750. Tran has $70,500. Bets on the next hand:

Henry: $20,000
Darrell: $16,000
Rick: $35,000


Henry: (AH)(5D)
Darrell: (3D)(7H)
Rick: (AS)(10D) = BLACKJACK!!!

Problem is, an Ace of Diamonds pops up as the dealer's base card. Arnold placed a $5,000 insurance bet while Fortin made a $15,000 insurance bet....and the dealer then turns over a Queen of Spades, so Fortin has a BIG lead with $173,500 while Arnold has $132,750. Bets on the next hand:

Henry: $50,000
Darrell: $33,000
Rick: $35,000


Henry: (4S)(QD)
Darrell: (4C)(6D)
Rick: (QH)(4D)

Dealer's opening card...8 of Diamonds. After Arnold hits....5 of Spades, but he uses his Power Chip...and got a King of Clubs in return to stop at a 20! Fortin gets a 9 of Clubs to bust, but he also uses his Power Chip...and still busts with a 10 of Spades. Tran uses his Power Chip to replace the 4 from his base hand...and got a Queen of Clubs in return to freeze at 20! Dealer's final hand:

(8D)(4H)(KS) = BUSTED!

That means Tran stays in the game with $100,500. Fortin is now up to $138,500 and Arnold still leads with $165,750. Next bets:

Henry: $50,000
Darrell: $38,000
Rick: $45,000


Henry: (5H)(10H)
Darrell: (7C)(8S)
Rick: (3H)(6C)

Dealer's base card...6 of Spades. Fortin doubles down, while the others stand. Dealer's final hand...


That means everyone wins. Entering the last hand, Fortin has the lead back with $228,500 while Arnold has $203,750. Tran has $150,500. If Tran wants to pull off the upset, he needs to win with a large bet and have the others lose. In fact, everyone bets $50,000. Hands:

Henry: (9S)(QS) = 19
Darrell: (4H)(7H)
Rick: (5H)(7D)

Dealer's base hand....4 of Clubs. I thought he wasn't going to do it given all the circumstances, but Tran doubles down anyway! We all know about Kathy Lis's Ace miracle last year. Will a similar miracle happen with Tran? EVERYBODY doubles down for $100,000. Dealer's final hand...

(4C)(JS)(KS) = BUSTED!

Now, for the double down reveals. Now, for Fortin's final card. If it's a 9 or less, he's won the $20,000 and the semifinal berth, and the other reveals will be moot. He's got....

...a 3 of Hearts, so he's the winner!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: "Pirate Master" contestant dies from suicide

I have just received word from Reality TV Magazine that Cheryl Kosewicz, a contestant off of "Pirate Master", has passed away. She died from an apparant suicide, which may have been as a result of her frustration concerning the TV show being pulled from the CBS broadcast schedule. She was 35.

"Big Brother 8" 7/29

It's official, ladies and gentlemen- I am comparing Amber Tomcavage to the crying lady who was overjoyed over Sanjaya Malakar on "American Idol". That lady's name was Ashley Ferl. It seems like she's spent a majority of her time in the house crying over stuff, whether she's shedding good tears or sad ones. If this lady wins the $500,000, I suggest that she date Sanjaya Malakar before Ferl gets the opportunity.

She was overjoyed at Dustin Erikstrup becoming the new Head of Household not too long ago, because he is her best friend. Incidentally, when visiting his HoH room, he got a letter from his brother.

The food competiton was called "The Humpty Scramble". The ten contestants not named Dustin Erikstrup were divided into teams of two. Here are the teams:

Amber Tomcavage and Jen Johnson (Red)
Daniele Donato and Nick Starcevic (Green)
Eric Stein and Zach Swerdzewski (Gold)
Jessica Hughbanks and Jameka Cameron (Purple)
Kail Harbick and Dick Donato (Blue)

There was a pool of puzzle pieces. Each team had to form an egg puzzle of their corresponding team's color. The first team to complete their egg and place their team's flag on a post after finishing their egg won and were the only ones guaranteed not to eat slop for the week.

That team was...

...the girls in purple! Those two ladies then chose the five people who would be forced to eat slop this week. They were Harbick, Dick Donato, Swerdzewski, Starcevic and Johnson.

Speaking of Johnson, she's the one America wants Stein to see get nominated for eviction. Remember, if that happens now, that will be the fifth America's Player task Stein has completed, and he will be guaranteed at least $10,000 when his game is over. The ones put up on the eviction block were.....

...for the second week in a row, Harbick and Johnson- meaning Stein just won $10,000!
Next America's Player Poll is a very interesting one:

Which catch phrase should Eric Stein start in the house?

A: "Sweet Chicken!"
B: "Booyakah!"
C: "I'd Do That For a Dollar!"

BREAKING NEWS: New "TPIR" Executive Producer is Syd Vinneage

Former "Wordplay" executive producer and current "TPIR" staffer Syd Vinneage has been named the new executive producer of "TPIR".

Also, the theme will be modified for stereo format, and some unknown set changes will be made.

Source: Buzzerblog, Golden Road.net

Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Set For Life" rating

The second episode of "Set For Life" scored a 2.6 Fast Nielsen with a 5 share. That is down slightly from last week.

Source: Zap2it.com

Next Week in Game Shows: July 30-August 5

As we enter August, here's what's on tap...

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: I just have this feeling that someone will get a shot at the Million Dollar Song on this particular week. Will I be proven right?

Grand Slam: This week, weekends will really be enjoyable when 16 of the best game show players ever go to war in a single-elimination tournament for $100,000! It all starts next Saturday at 7 PM.

America's Got Talent: The finals (I think) get underway as the other five finalists are revealed.

So You Think You Can Dance: Can either Lacey Schwimmer or Dominic Sandoval stay alive?

Set for Life: Will the series make it to its third episode?

Plus, "Top Chef" returns, and "American Inventor" crowns its second winner (but I won't be watching that).

MVPs for July 23-29

The two who share MVP honors for this week have one word in common....comeback.

On Monday, Victor King rebounded from a puny $1,000 win on "WWTBAM" by winning $500,000 on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?". Getting there wasn't easy though- he had already used two of his cheats early on. He was out of cheats after the $50,000 question. But he then knew every single answer right off the bat from that point on to win the money. With zero knowledge on the category of help, he stopped at $500,000.

Just last night, Meryl Federman, part of a very deep field in the latest "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament", entered last night's Game 2 of the final in third place with absolutely nothing. Just shortly before the first commercial break, she started to catch fire. Federman was on the verge of making the comeback complete when leader Greg Peterson missed a Daily Double. She then wagered enough while getting Final Jeopardy! correct to make up a $25,000 deficit, the second-highest deficit ever erased by anybody to win a tournament on this show, to win the $75,000 top prize.

Both players have a chance to make the 2007 Salute of Champions later this year.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Notes about Friday's J!

Meryl Federman's INCREDIBLE comeback tonight was the second-biggest deficit ever overcome after Day 1 of a tournament final on this show. Only David Walter's $25,800 deficit was bigger. Also, this was the biggest comeback ever by any third-place player on Day 2 of any tournament on this show.

"Set For Life" Episode 2

Shenise Lewis is back with us. She's perfect so far and is thus at the two year mark. Picking up the game...

13/X/1 Year
7/X/6 Months
1/$/1 Year
4/$/2 Years
6/$/3 Years
8/$/5 Years
12/X/3 Years

Now, she has to hope that her partner saved her. If she didn't, she loses everything. Her partner stopped at....

....two years, so she wins a total of $69,600!

Next up is Shane Callahan from Louisville. He wants to win enough money to take a trip to Ireland. Since he wants to go to a lucky town, this is the perfect show for him, because it's all just full of luck. His Guardian Angel is his father, Jeff. The base dollar amount....$2,900, meaning his game will play the same way as the last one. Here we go.

11/$/1 Month
7/$/6 Months
12/$/1 Year
5/$/2 Years
2/$/3 Years
1/X/2 Years
8/X/1 Year
4/$/2 Years
10/$/3 Years
9/$/5 Years

His mom wants him to stop, but he decides to continue. He was torn between #14 and #15, but he decided to pick #14.

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

But he won't be able to get any money tonight, because time's up. If the show's on next time, he'll be back as well.

J! 7/27- Teen Tournament Finals Part II (Season Finale)

As the female player knows, big comebacks have been known to happen in the second part of Jeopardy! tournament finals, especially in the previous Teen Tournament. Will history somehow repeat itself tonight? Let's find out. First categories in Game 2:


On the fourth clue of the round, the $800 clue in Student & Teacher, Kyle Neblett finds the Daily Double with he and Peterson tied at $600. He bets the $1,000 max.

Mozart & Haydn each taught this composer, briefly; maybe he just wouldn't listen.

"Who is Bach?"....sorry. It was Beethoven, so he's $400 in the hole. Just before the first break, the lady starts to get into the game. At the first break, she has the lead with $2,600, while Peterson is $200 behind her and Neblett is now a grand in the red.

After she and Peterson get into a tight battle, the lady starts to pull away and at the end of the first round, she has $9,800, which is a good start to make a big tournament comeback. Peterson has $4,200 and Neblett is at flat zero.

DJ! categories:

COMING AT YOU IN 3-D (each correct response contains three D's.)

The lady continues her romp from the first round, and finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in the 19th century category. She now has $13,400 while Peterson is still at $4,200 and Neblett is now at $1,600. She bets...three large.

Lincoln's brief speech dedicating the battlefield at Gettysburg as a cemetery was in November of this year.

"What is 1863?"....that's got it to go to $16,400! After she misses the $2,000 clue in the same category to fall to $16,000 and Peterson gets it, he then finds the other Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in South American Countries. He has $4,600, and he bets IT ALL.

It's the South American country whose capital city lies the closest to zero degrees latitude.

"What is Peru?".....

....NO. Correct: What is Ecuador? A very critical miss by the leader after Game 1, as he's now down to zero. He gets the first two clues in the animal category, but gets the $1,200 clue wrong to go back to zippo. At the end of the round, the lady has $22,000, people. Peterson has $6,800 and Neblett has $9,200.

It all comes down to the FJ! clue in the category of....Landmarks.

Some of its pieces, which weighed up to fifty tons, were quarried at Marlborough Downs, about twenty miles away.

Peterson has "What is Stonehenge?"....RIGHT! He doubles up to $13,600 tonight, for a final total of $38,600. He can't do worse than that. Neblett has that also, and also bets everything, so he will leave us with AT LEAST $36,400. Now for the lady. She has....

..the right response. If she wagered $16,601 or more, another great comeback in Jeopardy! tournament history is complete. Wager......


"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" rating hits new high

Last night's hour-long episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" posted its best rating to date, a 5.4 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share.

Source: Zap2it.com

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"So You Think You Can Dance" Elimination Show VI

Mika did a special guest performance.

The female bottom two were Lauren Gottlieb and Jaimie Goodwin.

The male bottom two were Kameron Bink and Dominic Sandoval.

After those four did one last solo, it's time to face the music.

The female eliminated.....

...Jaimie Goodwin. As for the male.....

...Kameron Bink. Darn- both shouldn't have been eliminated!!!

"Big Brother 8"- Eviction Show III

America wants Kail Harbick to be evicted next. That surprised me, since she's a big fan of the show and that I thought Mike Dutz was going to be evicted. Remember, if Harbick bows out tonight, Eric Stein will win $10,000.

First vote, from Zach, goes to....Harbick.
Second vote, from Jameka, goes to....Dutz.
Third vote, from Jen, goes to....Dutz.
Fourth vote, from Dustin, goes to....Dutz.
Fifth vote, from Eric, goes to Harbick because of America's orders.
Sixth vote, from Amber, goes to....Dutz. One more vote and not only would he be gone, Stein wouldn't get the $10,000.
Seventh vote, from Nick, goes to....Dutz, meaning his move during the Veto Competition was a suicidal one. That means no more Dutz and no money for Stein (at least for now).

The final tally was 7-2.

The HoH Competition this time is called "Eliminator". Questions will be asked (Carol, Joe or Mike), and each player must respond with either one of those three, or none of the above. Only the first person to buzz in gets to answer, and players can buzz in at any time. If correct, that player gets to eliminate one of the other players. Otherwise, he/she is eliminated. If there is only one player left standing before time runs out, that player becomes the new HoH. Question 1:

At the eviction ceremony, which ex-houseguest said, "During their plea, the time is now to stand up...."

Stein buzzes in with Joe Barber...correct, so he eliminates Jen Johnson. Question 2:

Which ex-houseguest was the only one to play in the competition "Hide and Seek Veto"?

Erikstrup says Carol Journey, which of course is right, so he eliminates Zach. Third question:

In the "Mushroom Madness" HoH competition, which ex-houseguest said, "Tastes like chicken"?

Nick Starcevic rings in with none of the above....right, so he eliminates Harbick. Next:

Which ex-houseguest acted like a big baby....

Cameron tries Mike Dutz...yes indeed, so she eliminates Starcevic. Next:

Which ex-houseguest did not compete in the "Butter Me Up" competition?

Erikstrup buzzes in with none of the above...right, so he eliminates Jessica Hughbanks. Next:

If all the ex-houseguests were standing up, whose nose would be closest to the stratosphere?

Stein is in with Barber, which is correct, so he cuts Amber Tomcavage. Next on the docket:

When the enemy twist was revealed, which ex-houseguest said, "If my enemy is who I think it is...."?

Stein says none...right again! He eliminates Daniele Donato. Next:

Which ex-houseguest made it to the tie....

Stein says none....NO WAY, so he is out. Full question- Which ex-houseguest made it to the tie-breaking question in the "Getting Schooled" HoH competition? It was Dutz. Only Cameron and Erikstrup remain in the running to become the new HoH. Final question:

Which ex-houseguest spun the longest in the "Mushroom Madness" competition?

Erikstrup says Barber....he's the new HoH! America is now being asked who they want Stein to have nominated for eviction next.

"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" 7/26

Back with us is Eddie Mui. For $100,000, his next category selection is R & B, and the song choices are "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray and "Baby Love" by The Supremes. He decides to try "Baby Love", and there are six missing words in the target. They follow after the interlude and the "Baby Love, My Baby Love" lyric. He sings it as "I love you, oh how I". He's not too sure about his answer, so he uses the multiple choice backup. Choices:

A: "Why should we separate our love"
B: "We must not separate our love"
C: "Why must we separate, my love"

He says A.....NO, so he's the first loser on this show. It was C. But it's not a shutout- he does leave with $25,000.

Theresa Ryan is next, from Las Vegas. Her categories are: 1970s, Love Songs, Rock Anthems, Pop, Ballads, R & B, Girls, Girls, Girls, Rock and Hall and Oates.

The lady's first subject pick is Rock Anthems. She has a choice of either "Rock and Roll All Night" by Kiss or "We Are the Champions" by Queen. She tries the Queen song, and the target requires four missing words. They follow after "I've had my share of sand kicked in my face...". She completes the lyric with "...but I've come through" and locks them in for her first $2,500.

She tries Love Songs next, and the choice is now between "Every Breath You Take" by The Police or "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. She tries "Ain't No Sunshine", and there are again four missing words needed. They follow after "And she's always gone too long". She sings "Anytime she goes away" and locks them in to go to $5,000.

Next for Ryan is Girls, Girls, Girls, and the song choices are "Lola" by The Kinks and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. She tries "Billie Jean", and three missing words are needed this time. Lyric:

"She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she _____ _ _______"

She fills the blanks with "left the scene", but decides to use the two words backup. She chooses the first and third words....good thing she did that, because "left" is wrong. It was "caused". The word "scene" is right. She decides to change her answer to "...caused a scene" and locked the words in...that's $10,000!

She'll reach $25,000 if she can get past the category of Ballads. The song choices are "Lady" by Kenny Rogers and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison. She tries the Poison song and five words are needed. Lyric:

"Just like _____ ______ _ _______ ________"

She completes the lyric with "every night has its dawn". She locks the words in and has $25,000! Next up for her is R & B, and the song choices now are "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gate and "At Last" by Eita James. She tries "At Last", and five missing words are needed this time, following "Ooh yeah at last". She sings "My lonely days are over", but decides to use her multiple choice backup. Good thing, because that is incorrect. Choices:

A: "A love's arrived that's true"
B: "My feeling's now are new"
C: "The skies above are blue"

She chooses C and locks them in....correct for $50,000! She goes for the 1970s next, and the song choices are "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band and "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner. She tries "Hot Blooded", and a whopping ten missing words are needed in the target lyric. They follow after "But you've got to give....", and she sings....not enough words, so he brings Mike up for some help, and he says "...me a sign, come on girl, some kind of sign". She locks in his words.....and is up to $100,000!

Her next category pick is Hall and Oates, and the choices are "Private Eyes" or "Rich Girl". She goes with "Rich Girl", and TWELVE missing words are needed. They follow after "You can.....". She completes the lyric with "..say money money won't get you too far, get you too far" and locks them in....she doubles to 200 grand!

She now has a slim chance of tying the record high winnings so far on this show, and she's going to try to match the record with the category of Pop. The song choices are "Easy" by The Commodores and "Flashdance....What a Feeling" by Irene Cara. She tries "Flashdance" and ten missing words are needed. They follow after "And make it happen". She sings "I can have it all, now I'm dancing through my life"....I believe that's too many words, so she does the right thing and take the $200,000. Correct: "Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life".

J! 7/26- Teen Tournament Finals Part I

Kyle Neblett, Meryl Federman and Greg Peterson are the final three in this latest Teen Tournament. The big winner after tomorrow's show gets at least $75,000, while the runner-up is assured of at least $25,000 and the third place player is assured of at least $15,000.

Opening categories for Game 1:


Federman finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in Story Spoilers. She has $1,400 while Peterson has $800 and Neblett hasn't gotten off the zero mark. She bets the whole wad.

Sherlock Holmes discovers a cane, then a family curse, howling is heard, the culprit drowns on the Moors.

"What is Hound of the Baskervilles?"....she doubles up! At the first break, she still leads with $4,600. Peterson now has $3,800 and Neblett is now on the board with $1,000. From that point on through the rest of the round, Neblett gets on a bit of a roll and takes the lead after getting the one grand clue on the Disney Channel. At the end of the round, the game is EXTREMELY TIGHT, as both men have five grand and the lady is just $200 behind them.

DJ! categories:


The lady loves the Online Insults category from the start of this round. Peterson gets the last three clues in the Olympics category to hit five figures. Late in the round, after Peterson's two challengers get into a tight battle for second place, the lady finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 of her favorite category- Online Insults! Right now, Peterson leads with $14,600. She has $9,600 and Neblett is $1,000 behind her. The lady bets two large.

If someone uses the term "PEBCAK", it's a dis meaning the "problem exists between these two places".

She has.....nothing, so maybe she should change her mind about her confidence about the subject. Correct: What are the chair and the keyboard? She's down to $7,600 and third place. After the $2,000 clue in World Heritage Cities with only a full slate of clues in Anatomy & Medicine left to go, the lady is down to $5,600 while both men are in five figures. The $2,000 clue in the medicine category is the other Daily Double, and Federman had a real chance to get into the thick of things if she had gotten the $1,600 clue right, but she missed it. Peterson got that clue to get the Daily Double, and he still leads with $22,200. Neblett has $12,200 and the lady has $4,400. The leader bets $2,800 after originally wanting to bet $4,800.

It's also called the auditory tube and when it's blocked, an earache can result.

"What is the ear canal?"...good thing he changed the bet, because he's wrong. It was the U-station tube, and he's down to $19,400.

FJ! category: American Authors.

Injured on the Austro-Italian Front on July 8, 1918, he also crossed the English Channel with U.S. forces on "D-Day".

The lady has "Who is Heller?"....no, and she loses the whole bundle. Neblett wrote down "Who is Hemmingway?"....that's right! He bet $5,800 to go to $18,000. Peterson has the right response and with a $5,600 bet, is the leader after Day 1 with 25 THOOOOOOUUUUUUSAAAANNNNNDDDD DOLLARS (Sorry, couldn't resist)!

"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" rating

The latest Wednesday episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" pulled a 4.7 Fast Nielsen with an 8 share. That is the same rating as last week's Wednesday episode.

Remember, tonight's episode will begin at 8 PM, and will be the first hour-long episode of the series.

Source: Zap2it.com

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Cash Cab" primetime doubleheader

The first episode of tonight's "Cash Cab" twin bill is a special one- all questions are about sharks, since Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" is upcoming. This year is the week's 20th anniversary.

Nick and Jennifer are headed to an arena that is mostly known for ECW events- the Hammerstein Ballroom. They're headed 35 blocks there. They miss their third $25 question for their first strike. They miss their second question of the $50 round as well, but after getting their last $50 question correct to go to $225, it's time for the Red Light Challenge. Question:

In 2006, eight U.S. states were reported to have had the most shark attacks against humans. Name seven of them.

They get Florida, Texas, California, South Carolina, New Jersey, North Carolina, and with six seconds to spare, Oregon to go to $475! Other state- Hawaii. But that happiness would be short-lived, as they get their third strike on their opening $100 question.

Headed to a spot in Broadway are four ladies, 23 blocks away. They swept the $25 round. They blew their Street Shout Out on their last $50 question for their first strike. They finished their trip with $550, and wasted no time rejecting the Video Bonus.

Carla, Amy and Matt wrapped up the show by trying to get to Gotham Comedy Clubs, 34 blocks away. They got there with $650, but tried for $1,300 on this:

This so-called waste basket of the sea is known to snack on baseballs, tires and the occasional swimmer. Named for an equally-fierce land predator, what is this rabonous species of shark?

They said tiger shark....they got the $1,300!

Now, for the ordinary episode.

Headed to 3rd and 21st was Mike, and had a 36-block trip. He missed his first question right off the bat, when he didn't know about buckteeth. After getting his first three $50 questions right to get to $225, it's RLC time. Question:

Over 100 million Muslims live in the country of Bangladesh. Name five of the other seven countries that boast over 50 million followers of Islam.

He only got Iran, Indonesia and Egypt, so he stayed at $225. Others: Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Turkey. He got the last $50 question right to reach $275. He got to his target....but with three strikes, as he missed two $100 questions late.

Headed to a spot at 44th between 8th and 9th were Nancy and Linda, 37 blocks away. They got there....with $325, and they decided to call it a game there.

Headed to 9th and 37th to wrap up the night were Nola and Jason, and they had to survive 50 blocks. They made it with $825, but decided to try to make it $1,650 with this question:

Once home to a possum named "Pogo", this Georgia wetland is covered in layers of tea-colored, unstabled pete. Meaning "trembling land" in Seminole, what is the name of this swamp?

They said the Okefenokee Swamp...that's good for $1,650!

"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" 7/25

At bat now is Eddie Mui from Seattle. Will he be the first person to lose here?

Prior to appearing on the show, he once opened up a fortune cookie and the message said...

"An interesting musical opportunity is in your near future."

Well, how about that. The categores are Break Up Songs, 1980s, Disco, Pop, Duets, R & B, Cover Me, Rock and Classic Rock.

He tries the Break Up category first. Choices are "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash, and "Return to Sender" by Elvis Presley. He tries the Elvis song, and the target lyric has three missing words. Here it is....

"No such number, __ ___ ___"

He completes it with "...no such phone?" His backup partners are Shiren (his wife) and Melody (a friend). With his uncertainity, he decides to use the two words backup. He decided to check the third word...and it's actually "zone". After confirming the second missing word is "such", he locks the lyrics in for $2,500. He heads for Pop, and the choices are "Mickey" (Mickie James, anyone?) by Tom Basil and "Mandy" by Barry Manilow. Mercifully, he chooses "Mandy".

In the target this time, there are four missing words, and the target follows "I never realized". Here it is:

"How ____ ___ ____ __"

He completes the lyric with "...happy you made me" and locks them in for five grand. $10,000's on the line in the category of Duets. Choices are "Ebony & Ivory" by Phil McCartney and Stevie Wonder and "Solid (As a Rock)" by Ashford and Simpson. The player chooses "Ebony & Ivory", and three missing words are needed for the target.

"Keyboard, oh lord, ___ ____ __ "

He sings "why don't we?" and locks the words in for $10,000. He tries to lock up at least $25,000 with the category of Disco. His choice of song is either "Brick House" by The Commodores, or "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer. He tries "Brick House", and five missing words are needed. They follow "This is how the story goes". He sings "She knows how to take off her clothes." LOL- too many words and too funny!!! She decides to use Melody for help. They sing the lyric as "You know she's got everything" and lock it in....$25,000!

He tries the 1980s next, and the choices are "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer and "New Attitude" by Patti Labelle. He tries "Addicted to Love", and four missing words are necessary. Lyric:

"Another kiss, ____ _____ _____ _____"

He completes it with "And you'll be mine" and has $50,000, and will be back tomorrow!

"So You Think You Can Dance"- Top 10

As of right now, the judges are cutting any more contestants at this point- it's all up to America. America will now be voting for their favorite single dancer. At this point, the least popular male and female from tonight's show will be eliminated tomorrow. Mia Michaels is back as the third judge tonight.

Each person will dance with a new partner that's determined by drawing one person out of the big hat. Also, each person will be doing a solo, and I will score each one from 1-5.

Lauren Gottlieb drew Pasha Kovalev, and they're doing a Hip-Hop dance to "Fuego" by Pitbull. The lady was too slow for most of the dance, while the man was superior. I gave Gottlieb a 4, giving her a new total of 41, while Kovalev gets a 10, for a new total of 39.

Jaimie Goodwin then does the night's first solo, to "Waiting For the World to Change" by John Mayer. All of this round's solos will be to that song, and be danced under the same routine. I gave her a 2, bringing her new score 43.

Dominic Sandoval then did his solo, and I also gave him a 2, for a new total of 33.

Sabra Johnson's partner....Kameron Bink. They're dancing a Contemporary one to Crystal Lewis's rendition of "Amazing Grace". I personally thought that was one of the best dances I've ever seen on this show, so I obviously gave both a 10! Johnson now has 44 and Bink is now at 50. But all of the judges didn't like the way the man conveyed the emotion of the dance.

Sara Van Gillern then did her solo. I gave her a 4, giving her 39 now.

Pasha Kovalev then did his solo...I gave him a 5, for a new total of 44!

Lacey Schwimmer's partner....Danny Tidwell, and they're dancing the Samba to "Hip Hip Chin Chin" by Club Des Belugas. The man got off to a shaky start, but rebounded nicely. I gave Schwimmer a 10, meaning she now has 51, and I gave Tidwell a 7, meaning he now has 35.

Lauren Gottlieb then returned for her solo...and I gave her a 4 for a new total of 45.

Neil Haskell then did his solo....and I gave him a 2, mainly because he did the first pounce too hard. New total: 42.

Next in the solo department- Sabra Johnson. I gave her.....a 5, meaning she has a perfect 15 tonight, and a new total of 49!

Another solo is on tap now, this time from Kameron Bink....he didn't do the scream as well as the last person did, but he did just well enough to get a 5 from me, meaning he also has a perfect 15 and a new total of 55!

Jaimie Goodwin's partner...Dominic Sandoval. They're doing a Hip-Hop routine to "Man of La Mancha" by Linda Eder. I gave Goodwin a 9, giving her a total of 52, while I gave Sandoval a 5, for a new total of 38. All three of the judges agreed with me that the man's performance was lackluster.

Lacey Schwimmer then did her solo....and I gave her a 3, because she failed to do the fist pounce in the routine. New total: 54.

Wrapping up the solos is her partner from tonight, Danny Tidwell....and I gave him a 2, because he didn't do his scream long enough, and he also failed to do the fist move properly. New total: 37.

The last dance of the night comes from Sara Van Gillern and Neil Haskell. They're doing a Disco dance to "Knock on Wood" by Rachel Stevens. I gave both a 9, meaning Haskell has 51 and Van Gillern has 48. The scoreboard:

Lacey Schwimmer- 54
Jaimie Goodwin- 52
Sabra Johnson- 49
Sara Van Gillern- 48
Lauren Gottlieb- 45

Kameron Bink-55
Neil Haskell-51
Pasha Kovalev- 44
Dominic Sandoval- 38
Danny Tidwell-37

J! 7/25- Teen Tournament Semifinal #3

The last three semifinalists...

Kriti Gandhi
Greg Peterson
Jeffrey Baer

Opening categories:


Peterson gets off to a fast start, and after the $200 clue in Say You Want a Revolution, he goes Daily Double hunting, and so does Gandhi. Nobody finds it by the first break, but Peterson leads big with $5,600, while the others have $1,400 apiece. Shortly after the first break, Gandhi finds the Daily Double under the $600 clue in U.S. History. She has $2,200 while Peterson has $5,800. Her bet is $1,500.

He was the earliest President ever to be photographed, and the first to have a middle name.

After some thought, she says "Who was John Quincy Adams?"....that's correct to go to $3,700! Now, I'm going to cover the TV category in this round, because it's about reality TV shows. First clue:

8 academically impaired babes and 8 dorky guys help each other on this CW show.

Peterson says "What is Beauty and the Geek?" to go to $7,000. Next:

Teams go 45,000 miles across five continents to gain fame and hard cash on this show.

The lady has "What is Amazing Race?" to go to $4,100. Next:

Moto and Ravu are tribes on the 14th go-round on this show.

Peterson says "What is Survivor?"...whose next season will feature some changes and Ashley Massaro as a contestant, that is correct to go to $7,600. Next:

Boogie was bounced in season two but came back and won the all-star competition in this fraternal game.

Baer gets "What is Big Brother?" to go to $2,600. Final clue:

This supermodel and one-time judge on "America's Next Top Model" started her own "Modeling Agency".

Peterson says "Who is Janice Dickenson?" and goes to $8,600. After Hodgepodge gets cleaned out, Peterson has $9,200. Gandhi has $5,100 and the other man has four grand. This game ain't over yet by a longshot.

DJ! categories:


The round starts off on the wrong foot as Baer goes Daily Double hunting right off the bat, and all three players are incorrect on the $1,600 clue in Math. After an incorrect guess on the $2,000 clue in the same category, Baer is $400 in the red. After he gets the $1,600 clue in Word Origins to go to $1,200 in the positive, he finds the first Daily Double under the $2,000 clue there. He bets the $2,000.

This term for a leading character of a literary work comes from the Greek for "first combatant".

"What is protagonist?"...is correct to go to $3,200. When Peterson finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Nutrition late, he has $20,800 and has a chance to close out the game, as Gandhi has $10,700 and Baer has $8,400. His bet is $5,401.

Tea, grape juice and blueberries are all rich in substances called anti-these that help prevent cell damage.

"What are anti-oxidants?"...BINGO! At the end of the round, he's got the game in the bag at $28,201. Gandhi has $10,700 and Baer has $8,800.

FJ!, just for fun, is in the category of Theatre Around the World.

This Swahili phrase has been said or sung more than 450,000 times in theatres all over the world.

Correct: What is Hakuna Matata?

Peterson was the only one to get it right, while the others got it wrong and wagered everything. Peterson's winning score tonight....$33,333! He had all 2's the last time!

BREAKING NEWS: New GSN President/CEO is David Goldhill

According to a story posted by Aaron Barnhart on "tvbarn2", David Goldhill, the former president of Universal Television Group, has been named the new President and CEO of GSN.

"Without Prejudice?" Episode 2

The players this time are:

Kevin Patrick- 26, Hollywood.
Kristine Prechetti- 43, Las Vegas.
Shane Hale- 28, Austin, TX.
Helen Long- 33, Los Angeles.
Henry Tarlow- 61, North Hollywood.

My favorite out of those five is the oldest person of the group. The first person I would cut is the Vegas lady.

Rita McKenzie noticed there’s a lot going on with Patrick. Ryan Fox didn’t like Hale because he was from Texas, and he thought Texans are uneducated. Randy Mayberry liked Long, but didn’t think she was good-looking. Bill Weiner thought Long was the sincerest person out of the five. The other panelist on this episode is Tiffany Dunn. Votes:

Ryan: Hale
Rita: Tarlow (she thought he was an alcoholic)
Tiffany: Hale
Randy: Tarlow
Bill: Hale

That means Hale is the first one cut. Now, for Round 2.

Patrick: Born in Birmingham. His parents seperated when he was only 2. Frequently got into trouble at school and ran away from home.
Prechetti: Her parents divorced when she was only four months old. She majored in Criminal Justice, but dropped out of college after three years.
Tarlow: His father was born in England. His mother was a stay-at-home mom and is 96 years old. Graduated from high school in only 2.5 years, and went to college when he was 17.
Long: Born in Hong Kong. Her neighborhood was one that was strict and middle-class. She didn’t do well playing sports. She immigrated to the U.S. at 17.

Now, for everyone’s work and personal life:

Patrick: Moved to L.A. at the age of 16 in order to start the band he’s in right now. He’s an ordane minister, and has the right to do funk funerals. He’s also a professional fire breather.
Prechetti: She was a Vegas showgirl, but is now a blackjack dealer. Struggled with Autism for most of her life.
Long: She had cosmetic surgery in order to have breast implants and the right to shave. She’s pursuing a career in acting and dancing.
Tarlow: After leaving college, he voluntarily joined the Army. While serving in the National Guard, he met his wife, Michelle, at the L.A. County Fair, and they were together for 32 years. After she passed away, he married Serena.

Patrick has got to go. Let’s see if they agreed.

Ryan: Prechetti
Rita: Long
Tiffany: Long
Randy: Patrick
Bill: Long

That means Long is out. Now, for everybody’s beliefs. The three topics this time:

-Gay/Lesbian marriages
-Legalization of prostitution
-The right for a parent to spank their children

Patrick did not approve of the said marriages, and thought all marriages should have nothing to do with the government. The Vegas lady was fine with the marriages, and she showed no confidence at all. Tarlow said any marriages held outside the churches should be considered contracts or covenants.

Patrick had no comment on prostitution, the remaining lady didn’t support prostitution and Tarlow wanted prostitution cut back.

Patrick didn’t approve of spanking, the lady thought spanking somebody was difficult, and Tarlow said his family had a one-punch system, and thought some scenarios required some strict disclipline, like the grounding of children.

McKenzie didn’t like Tarlow’s comments about spanking, and thought no children should be spanked for anything. Fox disagreed with her.

Now, for the behavior scenario. This time, actors were posing as other contestants.

Patrick thought the actors’ behavior, especially when one said they had a short-term memort, was very funny. Tarlow’s own behavior seemed funny.

I thought the lady’s behavior was dull. Did they agree with me that the Vegas lady had to go? YES, by a 4-1 vote.

Now, let’s find out if I am 2 for 2 on predicting the $25,000 winner on this show. I’m rooting for Henry Tarlow.

First vote, from Weiner, goes to….Kevin Patrick.
Second vote, from Mayberry, goes to….Tarlow!
Third vote, from McKenzie, goes to….Tarlow! One away from $25,000!
Fourth vote, from Dunn, goes to….Patrick, so Fox is the decider.

Am I 2-0 on predicting the winner of this show?.....


"The Singing Bee" rating drops again, as well as the rating for "America's Got Talent"

Despite the announcement of the first five finalists on "America's Got Talent", this week's episode pulled a 6.35 Fast Nielsen rating with a 12 share, down from last week. The first hour did a 6/11, while the other 30 minutes did a 6.7/12.

The latest rating for "The Singing Bee" took a full point plunge from the last 30 minutes of "Talent", scoring a 5.7/10.

Source: Zap2it.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 7/24

Joining the obvious three in tonight's Veto Competition were Jessica Hughbanks, Zach Swerdzewski and Nick Starcevic.

Early on in the episode, Swerdzewski decided to run into the pool naked!!!!!

Eric Stein had to vandalize at least part of Jen Johnson's stuff...and he did just that by spraying mustard on one of the pillows on her bed! If he completes one more America's Player task, the worst thing that can happen to him when his game is done is that he leaves with $10,000.

Veto Competition: Here, the six participants are dressed in silly costumes. Each must not only stand on their own platform, they must balance a glass of water on their hats at the same time. If they fall off their platform, or if their glass falls off their hat, they're out. The last person standing won the Golden Power of Veto.

The last two were Dick Donato and Jen Johnson. The houseguests did everything they could to throw Donato off. Donato pleaded to Johnson to throw the competition so that he could assure her that she would stay after the eviction ceremony on Thursday. She declined. Eventually, after Mike Dutz continously pleaded to Donato that this was only a game, Donato decided to drop from his platform, meaning Johnson won, and after removing herself from the block, Donato put Dutz up for eviction!

If America gets their way on who to evict this week, America's Player will be $10,000 richer.

"The Singing Bee" 7/24

The preliminary song was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.

The lady marked #80 had to do "Mini Moni" by Billy Idol. She sung "And I feel alright now"...correct!

The lady marked #136 had to do "Finally" by CeCe Peniston. She sung "And I just cannot hide it"...two winners in a row!

The man at #60 did "Only In My Dreams" by Debbie Gibson. He sung the target lyric as
"And I can never be free"....no.

The lyric follows "And I realized how much I miss you". Did the lady that get marked #109 sing it as "And I realize how it feels to be free"? NO WAY, as she starts the lyric with "You're the only one....".

The #212 lady gets it, meaning only one spot remains for Round 2.

New song is "Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton, and recently redone by Il Divo. The man at #25 sings the target as "And walked out of my life"....this round is over!

#80 is Monica, while #136 is Jean from London! Round 2 is the Scrambled Lyric round from the series premiere.

The first song in this round is "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5. The target lyric follows "But someone picked you from the bunch, one glance is all it took". Monica followed that up with "Now it's too late..."...NO. It was "Now it's much too late for me to take a second look".

Jean's first song is "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. She sung "Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure"....RIGHT, so she's in the finals!

#212 is Erin and #25 is Shawn (from San Diego).

Erin's first song...."Personal Jesus". Her lyric guess is "I'll lift up...."....sorry. It was "Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer".

Shawn's song...."Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The target follows "For I must be travelling on, now". He sings it as "'Cause there's too many places I've got to see"....he's the other finalist!

Jean's song in the finals...."Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something. She's....unsuccessful.

Shawn's song...."She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer. He's.....not too good either.

Back to Jean, she's doing "Bad Case of Loving You" by Robert Palmer. She....messes up late.

Shawn now does..."Give Me All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top. He's....not even close, as he messes up right out of the gate. It's Sudden Death time.

The song is from 1973, and it's done by Billy Joel. The lady rings in and decides to pass it to the man. The song title..."Piano Man". The target follows "There's an old man sitting next to me". He sings the lyric as "Makin' love to his tonic and gin"....WINNER!

The first song in The Final Countdown is called "I'm Every Woman" by Whitney Houston. The lyric follows "I can read your thoughts right now". He sings "Every single thing you say"...NO. It was "Every one from A to Z".

Second song is the "Banana Boat Song" by Harry Belafonte. The target follows "Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana". He sings "Tally me banana"...got $5,000!

He gets one more song right before he strikes out, sadly. But he does leave with $10,000.

"America's Got Talent" Semi-Finals Part II- First five finalists revealed

First up are “The Second Story Guys”. They were slower and duller than the last time. I gave them a 6. But all of the judges liked it, so a ten point bonus is given, for a total of 16!

Second are “Southern Girl”, who are doing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. I gave them an 8. But Piers Morgan and I thought they weren’t together for most of the song, while Sharon Osbourne thought that she couldn’t recognize the lead singer of the group.

Third is the act called “Popovich Comedy Theater”. This didn’t look like a comedy act all. I gave it a 1. All of the judges didn’t like it either, so their final score is ZERO.

Fourth is Cas Haley, who sung “Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson. I gave him an 8. All of the judged liked him as well, so his final score is 18!

Fifth is ventriloquist Terry Fator. His turtle puppet did a Kermit the Frog singing impression of “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. I gave the act a 9! The judges loved it as well, so he now has the lead tonight with 19!

Sixth are “The Fault Line”, who sung “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. I also gave them a 9! But Morgan and Osbourne didn’t like the song choice. I decided not to add or subtract any points.

Seventh is the act known as Boy Shakira, who is singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by another troublemaker, Britney Spears. On the stage, Boy Shakira was renamed Boy Britney. I would have given him a 10, but since the performance wasn’t long enough, I gave him a 9. With a five-point bonus, his final score is 14.

Eighth is Jason Pritchett, who sung “Life is a Highway”. His voice was up there, but it was out of tune and key. I gave him a 3.

Ninth are The Calypso Tumblers. I gave them a 7. All three judges really liked it, so they get another 10, for a final total of 17!

The last semifinal act performing are The Duttonss, who are doing “La Bamba” by Los Lobos. I gave them a 9. But Morgan and Osbourne thought there was just too much going on in the act, with too many solo parts.

Based on my scores from last week, Sideswipe, The Glamazons, Johnny Lonestar, Butterscotch and Julienne Irwin should be the first five acts to advance to the finals. The actual ones to advance….

…Julienne Irwin, Butterscotch, The Glamazons, Sideswipe and Robert Hatcher. Johnny Lonestar and the other four get the shaft.

J! 7/24- Teen Tournament Semifinal #2

Tonight's players....

Lisa Ackerman
Meryl Federman
Aiden Pink (when introduced, he did a punching pose like a boxer; also, Alex Trebek did it as well during his entrance!!)


Pink starts off a bit slowly in the first part of the round, but he gets the lead at the first break with $4,200. Federman has three grand and Ackerman just has one grand. During a tight battle between he and Federman, the man's the one to find the Daily Double under the $1,000 clue in Mountains. He has $4,800 to Federman's $4,200. The other lady has only 1/3 of the second place total right now. The man's bet is ALL OF IT.

Geological evidence shows that this 5,000-mile mountain chain may extend south into Antarctica.

"What is the Andes?"....there's a KNOCKOUT, meaning he now has $9,600! At the end of the round, he's the first to five figures with eleven grand. Federman has $7,400 and the other lady has $6,000 less than her.

DJ! categories:


After closing out the Literature category, Federman ties the man for the lead at $11,800. After getting the first clue in Synonyms, she finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue, and bets $4,000 of her $12,200.

Synonyms for "crowd" include throng, flock and this word that can also mean an infatuation.

She has nothing. Correct: What is a crush? She's down to $8,200. But she gets the $1,200 and $2,000 clues to get back to $11,400 and within $400 of the lead. After losing the lead for a bit, the man gets the lead back at $14,200 by getting the $1,600 TV clue on the now former game show "Identity". Don't forget about Ackerman- after the $1,600 Law Enforcement clue, she's starting to sneak into this one with $5,800. With two full categories left, July and Companies Younger Than You, Federman takes the lead back and finds the other Daily Double under the $1,200 July clue. She has $16,200, while the man is $4,000 behind her. Ackerman still has $5,800. The leader's bet is $4,000 again.

A July 17, 1917 royal proclamation changed the name of the British Royal Family to this, like a castle.

"What is Windsor?"....RIGHT to go to $20,200! At the end of the round, she has $21,800. The man has $16,200 and Ackerman is all but out of it with $3,800.

FJ! category: Animals.

The genus of this Asian animal is Ailuropoda, and its species name, appropriately, is Melanoleuca.

Ackerman has "What is a panda?"....that's right! She bet everything but a buck, so she's up to $7,599. The man has the white elephant instead, and just KNOCKED HIMSELF OUT OF THE GAME BY WAGERING EVERYTHING!!! Ouch. Federman has "What is a black panda?"....NOT ACCEPTABLE. Now, if she wagered $14,200 or less, she's a finalist. Otherwise, Ackerman has pulled off the upset and is going to the finals. Wager.....

...$10,601, meaning Federman is going to the finals!

BREAKING NEWS: "Pirate Master" pulled from CBS schedule

As a result of low ratings for a majority of the season, the remainder of "Pirate Master" has been relegated to CBS.com, and will air Tuesdays at 3 AM EST. "48 Hours Mystery" will replace the current time slot for "Pirate Master".

Source: The Futon Critic

Monday, July 23, 2007

"World Series of Blackjack 2007"- Final Preliminary Game

Tonight's celebrity guest is Shannon Elizabeth. She's facing Henry Tran, Marvin Ornstein, Dannye Long and Angelo Merkouris (from Greece!).

Elizabeth is doing just fine heading into the first Knockout Hand. Scores:

Angelo: $143,000
Shannon: $115,000
Dannye: $109,500
Henry: $104,000
Marvin: $103,000


Marvin: $47,000
Dannye and Shannon: $45,000 each
Angelo: $15,000
Henry: $50,000

Opening hands:

Marvin: (AS)(KD) = BLACKJACK!!
Dannye: (AH)(2C)
Shannon: (8H)(QD) = 18
Angelo: (5H)(8C)
Henry: (2D)(QS)

Dealer's base card...10 of Spades. Tran decides to use his Power Chip to replace the two...and gets a King of Diamonds in return to stop at 20! If everyone wins this hand or if he loses this hand, he is eliminated. Long also decides to use his Power Chip to replace his opening deuce...and he gets a 10 of Hearts in return, meaning he just scored a Blackjack! Elizabeth also uses her Power Chip to replace her opening 8....but it doesn't work out as well, getting a Deuce of Clubs. After she hits...she gets a 7 of Hearts and freezes at 19. After the Greece man hits, he gets an 8 of Diamonds and stops at 21! That means that if the dealer makes a 20, Elizabeth is out; otherwise, Tran is out. Dealer's hand...

(10S)(JS) = 20

...it is indeed a 20, meaning Shannon Elizabeth finishes DEAD LAST tonight and leaves with $1,000. By the start of the 14th hand, Ornstein took the lead with $182,250, Long has $179,500, the Greece man has $168,000 and Tran has $95,000. Tran bets half his total. His base hand:


Not good. Dealer's base card...10 of Spades. After one hit....Tran gets a 9 of Hearts and is at 15. After another hit...he gets a five and freezes at 20! Dealer's hand:

(10S)(7D) = 17

That means Tran is back in the thick of things. After a blown double down bet of more than $50,000, the Greece man is now betting for his life. He bets $50,000, starting with these two cards:


Dealer's up card...Ace of Clubs, but there's no Blackjack. After a hit to go to 15, he hits again...but a King of Clubs shows up, so he uses the Power Chip...and he still busts, getting a 9 of Clubs in return. The dealer had a 20. He goes ALL IN on the next hand, and here are the base cards:


Dealer's opening card...Jack of Diamonds. After he hits...he gets another 4 of Diamonds and stops at 18. Dealer's final hand:

(JD)(2D)(JS) = BUSTED!

That means he's still alive, at least for now. He's closing in on Tran for third place, as he has $89,000 while Tran has $101,500. Tran bet the full 50 grand while the other bet 45 grand. Opening hands for both:

Angelo: (7D)(7S)
Henry: (6D)(JH)

Dealer's base card...3 of Clubs. The other KO Card pops up in Ornstein's opening hand, so the next hand will eliminate one player. Both players stand. Dealer's final hand...

(KS)(3C)(5D) = 18

That means both players lose. Merkouris sinks to $44,000 and Tran has $51,500. Long has $142,750 and Long is the leader with $219,750. Bets on the KO Hand:

Marvin: $20,000
Dannye: $26,000
Angelo: $44,000
Henry: $50,000

Opening hands:

Marvin: (10D)(QS) = 20
Dannye: (2S)(9C)
Angelo: (AC)(3S)
Henry: (4C)(JC)

Dealer's opening card...Jack of Hearts. After Long hits, he gets a King of Diamonds and gets his 7th 21 tonight! After the Greek man got a flat 14 after his first hit, he hits again...he gets a 4 of Hearts and freezes at 18. Tran hits...and he gets a King of Hearts, so he busts. Dealer's final hand...

(JD)(10H) = 20

...a 20, so the Greek man leaves with $2,000 in American cash. Tran then went broke on the next hand, leaving with $3,000. That means that Marvin Ornstein and Dannye Long are moving on in the tournament no matter what happens in the rest of the game, but let's find out who will have to get past another game in order to go to the semifinals, and who will get $25,000 and a semifinal berth.

At the final hand, Ornstein leads with $228,750, while Long has $197,500. Ornstein wagers $5,000 while Long bets twice as much. That locks up the match for Ornstein even before the cards are dealt, so he wins the $25,000. Long will either play his Wild Card Game next week or in two weeks time.

Note about Victor King on tonight's "....5th Grader"

Victor King, who just won $500,000 on tonight's aired episode of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", was previously a contestant on the current sydnicated version of "WWTBAM" during its fourth season back in December 2005. He won just $1,000 back then.

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" 7/23

The player at bat now is Victor King, who is 42 years old, and is an attourney from Cal State University. Subjects:

1st Grade Vocabulary
1st Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Math
2nd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade Science
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Cultural Studies

His first partner is Spencer. First category pick is Math.

What is 309 rounded to the nearest hundred?

He says 300 for an easy $1,000. Next question is in the category of Vocabulary.

T or F: The word "stern" refers to the FRONT of the boat.

King decides to peek at Spencer's answer, which is False, and he disagrees to guarantee that he'll stay in the game....it's False, so he only has the copy cheat left at the $5,000 level. His new partner is Jacob, and the next category selection is 4th Grade Science.

The force of attraction between any two objects that have mass is called what?

A: Gravity
B: Friction
C: Fusion

He says gravity...he's up to $5,000. He'll try to double that in the category of 2nd Grade Spelling.

The names of how many colors in the rainbow spectrum are spelled with only three letters?

I thought two at first, but I reconsidered, and the player says one...it's red and he now has $10,000. His new partner is Alana, and the next category is 1st Grade U.S. Geography. To get to the important $25,000 mark:

What state borders South Dakota to the north?

North Dakota was my gut, but I was not 100% sure. King agrees with me...and that's right! He'll try to double that in the category of Measurements.

What unit of power is abbreviated by the letter "W"?

He says watt....and has $50,000! His new partner is Marki Ann, and he'll try to double his money again with the next category of Animal Science.

T or F: The Alaskan Malamute is a species of fish.

King copies Marki Ann's answer. The correct answer was False, which was the player's gut instinct...and Marki Ann has it for $100,000! King is now on his own from here on out. He chooses 4th Grade World Geography next.

In terms of area, what is the largest desert in Africa?

I had a feeling it was the Sahara, and King agreed with me....correct for another $75,000! Only the 5th Grade categories remain, and he chooses Cultural Studies. To get to $300,000:

The ancient region known as Mesopotamia was bordered by the Euphrates and what other river?

It's the Tigris River...while NONE of the classmates wrote down that answer, King has my answer to go to $300,000! If he gets the 5th Grade World History question right, he most likely will go home with $500,000, which, considering the "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament" is concluding this week, would be quite an accomplishment. The question:

The League of Nations was formed at the conclusion of what war?

The answer is World War I....

...AND HE GETS IT- HE'S GOING HOME WITH $500,000!!!! The Million Dollar Question he passed on was in the category of 5th Grade Health.

Of the 32 teeth in the typical adult human moth, how many are bicuspids?

The answer was eight, said by Jacob and Kyle. King said 4, said by Alana.

J! 7/23- Teen Tournament Semifinal #1

Tonight's players are:

Kyle Neblett (who blew his competitors away in last Thursday's game)
Rachel Gottesman (who got one of the last Wild Card spots after Friday's highly-competitive game)
Andy Hutchins (who was in a very competitive game last Monday)

Categories for the opening round:

THE LARGEST IN AREA (three countries are given in each clue)

After Gottesman gets the $200 clue in the college team category, Hutchins gets the $400 clue there and uncovers the Daily Double under the $600 clue. He bets the full $1,000.

This word describing Penn State's lions comes from an Algonquian term meaning "single mountain".

He says "What is nittany?" to go to $1,400. At the first break, he has a slight lead with $2,200. Neblett is just getting into it with $1,800, just after getting the first three clues in The Largest in Area category, and Gottesman has $1,200. The second half of the round was mainly a battle between the two men. When the round ended, Hutchins is still ahead with seven grand. Neblett has $4,600, and the lady has $2,800.

DJ! categories:

PREFIXES (contestants need to tell the meaning of the stated prefix in each correct response)

After Hutchins makes a mistake on the $1,200 clue in Myths and Legends, Neblett gets it to take the lead. He lost the lead for a little bit, but he gained a fairly sizeable lead by getting the $800, $1,200 and $1,600 clues in the movie category to reach five figures. Hutchins had a chance to take the lead after getting the $1,600 clue in Adventures in the Air to reach $12,600 heading into the $2,000, but Neblett got the final clue right. He finds the first Daily Double of the round under the $1,600 clue in Islands. He leads Hutchins, $16,200 to $13,400, and decides to bet three large.

This large islands's two highest peaks lie in the Maoke Mountains on the Indonesian side.

"What is Borneo?".....NO. The right island was New Guinea, so he drops out of the lead by $200 with a new total of $13,200. Everyone then got the $2,000 clue wrong in the same category. After Neblett took the lead back shortly after the category of Prefixes got started, he finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue there. He now leads Hutchins, $13,200 to $11,800. His bet this time...$500.


"What is around?"...right to go to $13,700. But he then gets the $2,000 clue wrong in the same category to fall out of the lead again by $100, and Hutchins then makes the lead $2,100 by getting the same clue right. But after getting the $800 and $1,200 clues in the makeup category, he's now within $100 of Hutchins, $13,800 to $13,700. $1,600 clue:

In the 1930s, Max Factor introduced "Pan-Cake", which was this makeup base.

Neblett rings in with "What is foundation?"...and has the lead back! Final clue of the round:

Some makeup shades come in one of these containers named for a board on which artists mix paints.

The lady says "What is a pallet?" and goes to $4,400 as the round comes to a close. Neblett leads after the round with $15,300, while Hutchins has $13,800. With both men's scores very close to each other, the lady is not out of this one.

FJ! category: Italian Inventors.

In 1910, his new invention helped Scotland Yard catch a murderer escaping to North America across the Atlantic.

The lady writes down, apparently in embarassment..."Who is Marcone? Congrats, guys. Hi Sarah"...Marcone is correct, and she risked.....$21! She obviously needs both guys to mess up. But Hutchins didn't mess up, even though he had a different spelling of the name...AND BET IT ALL, meaning he now has $27,600! Neblett has...


....and with a $14,000 bet, he's going to the finals! The other two get $10,000 apiece.


I have just received word from widespread Associated Press sources, as well as Buzzerblog, that Drew Carey announced that shortly before, and on his appearance of "Late Show with David Letterman", which will be airing tonight, he has announced will be replacing Bob Barker as host of "The Price is Right". We'll see how he does as a regular game show host, beginning with "Power of 10", which debuts in early August.

Ratings notes

"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" posted its best rating to date last Thursday night, scoring a 5.3 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share.

The debut rating for "Set For Life" fell into the "National Bingo Night" level of ratings mediocrity, scoring a 2.7 with a 6 share.

Source: Zap2it.com

This Week in Game Shows: July 23-29

On the last full week of July, here's what's on tap:

Jeopardy!: Who will win what has been an ultra-competitive Teen Tournament?

The Singing Bee and Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Will someone ever lose money on either one of these shows?

America's Got Talent: The first five finalists are announced, and the second half of the Top 20 performs.

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 will now be shuffled into different teams. How will this affect everybody?

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for July 16-22

MVPs: Amy Henry ("The Next Food Network Star"), Victor Lee, Andrew Unterberger and Andrew Weber ("World Series of Pop Culture")

The team listed here defeated three other teams in NYC, including sweeping Wocka Wocka in the finals, to win the second "World Series of Pop Culture", which was much more competitive than the first one, IMHO.

A few weeks ago, Finley came this close to walking away from her chance to make it on the Food Network because of missing her family back home. But she decided to press on, and after JAG decided to walk away after the semifinals, she came all the way back to win the big contract and the car that came with it.

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Rachel Kayhill, Kelly Bishop and Robert Bishop- Runners-Up ("Worls Series of Pop Culture")
Luke Adams- $350,000 ("Don't Forget the Lyrics!")
The nine "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Summer Games" semifinalists
Clay Sellers- $100,000 ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
Lori ?- $50,000 ("The Singing Bee")
Michael Graham- First $25.000 winner ("Without Prejudice?")

Sunday, July 22, 2007

"The Next Food Network Star" Season 3 FINALS

The finale was hosted by MARC SUMMERS!!!!

JAG showed up with some new glasses. Those were weird.

The winner announcement was made by Emeril Lagasse.

The winner of the network contract, the automobile, and therefore is The Next Food Network Star is........

....AMY FINLEY!!!! The comeback lady does it!!

"Big Brother 8" 7/22

Dick Donato could be headed for trouble. On tonight's episode, it was reported that he made a potentially disturbing comment to some of his houseguests while eating slop, saying that having Jameka Cameron eating slop was "like going to Africa and having hamburgers or something".
This hurt Cameron later on when she was in a personal conversation with Mr. Donato (who, BTW, is the current HoH).

The Food Challenge this time was called "Mission Inpastabowl". The twelve remaining houseguests were divided into teams of two. Each pair on turn slid into two big bowls of spaghetti and meatballs. Each of the meatballs has the name of a food. Should both members of a team find a pair of balls with the same food, they must place the corresponding balls besides their team on the board. Doing so wins the house that particular food for the week. Five minutes were given for this challenge.

The teams were:
Amber and Dustin
Zach and Mike
Kail and Jen
Dick and Eric
Jameka and Jessica
Daniele and Nick

It looked like each team got three pairs of matching food pairs, so it seemed like plenty of food was earned for the house this week. Of course, everybody got in a pasta fight at the end!

America decided that Eric Stein should try to get Jen Johnson nominated for eviction. That's a good call, considering what happened last week, and the fact that on this episode, the two got into a WWE-style brawl!

She, and the first HoH, Kail Harbick, got nominated for eviction this week, meaning Stein is two challenges away from $10,000. Next America's Player question:

Whose personal property shhould he covertly target?

BREAKING NEWS: "Pirate Master" may be done on CBS

According to my TiVo data this week, as I was scrolling through it, I saw the next Tuesday episode of "Pirate Master" get replaced by an episode of "48 Hours Mystery". Given the ratings for the show, I have a feeling that's not a good sign for the series.

Analysis of the second-week J! Teen Tounrament field

After watching the first week of the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Summer Games, and after looking over my recaps of those five games, I will have to say the current nine-person field, with the exception of two people, is deeper than the previous Teen Tournament. As of right now, the four people that have the best chance of winning this are Greg Peterson, Andy Hutchins, Meryl Federman and Kyle Neblett. The first three people that I listed engaged in an extremely competitive matchup last Monday, as all three players reached at least $20,000. Neblett totally dominated his Thursday game. However, I wouldn't totally count out the other five.

Friday, July 20, 2007

DEBUT: "Set for Life"

Tonight's first contestant is Chris Reynolds from Shelby, Michigan. He is a karate enthusiast. His "Guardian Angel" is his brother, Kevin.

Here's how the game works. There are fifteen sticks. Eleven will turn white when picked, and the other four turn red. Unlike the British version of the show, the potential dollar amount that could be paid each month over a certain period of time is predetermined. In this case, it's $4,625. The ladder:

SET FOR LIFE (40 years): $2,220,000
25 Years: $1,387,500
20 Years: $1,110,000
15 Years: $832,500
10 Years: $555,000
5 Years: $277,500
3 Years: $166,500
2 Years: $111,000
1 Year: $55,500
6 Months: $27,750
1 Month: $4,625

For each white stick found, the contestant will move up one step on the ladder. For each red stick found, the contestant will move down one step on the ladder. The player's Guardian Angel controls how much money the contestant can win. The Guardian Angel is placed in an isolation booth to watch the player's moves, and the player cannot see what he/she is thinking in there. The player can stop after any white stick found, but must go on if a red stick is found. When the Guardian Angel thinks the player has won enough money, he/she must hit the red button, and whatever amount the Guardian Angel locks in with it is what the player will be taking home, no matter what the player does for the rest of the game. However, if the player finds all of the red sticks and is not saved, the player loses everything.

I will denote white stick selections with a dollar sign, and red stick selections with an X. Here we go....

Pick/$ or X?/Time of Payment
#4/$/1 Month

Beginning with the second pick, one of the player's children, Corey, is helping him out choose numbers.

#8/$/6 Months
#7/X/1 Month
#1/$/6 Months
#9/$/1 Year
#10/$/2 Years
#5/$/3 Years
#6/$/5 Years
#12/$/10 Years- STOP

Now, it all depends on when the brother stopped, if he did at all. Before that happened, if the player had listened to Corey and picked #14, he would gotten a red and dropped down. The other red was behind #3. Now, when did the brother stop??.....

...at the five year mark. But still, $277,500 is not a bad way to start this show!

Next is Shenise Louis from Baton Rouge, Louisana. She was recently crowned Miss Plus America. Her Guardian Angel is her friend, Natasha. The target amount for this game is $2,900. If she somehow goes all the way, she could win $1,392,000 over 40 years.

#11/$/1 Month
#14/$/6 Months
#9/$/1 Year
#15/$/2 Years

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

And we're out of time. If the show is back, she will be back to finish her game.

J! 7/20/2007

Jeopardy!: The scores tonight's three teens have to beat are $14,000 and $17,400. If both of those scores are beaten by all three players, all three will be in the semifinals that begins on Monday. Players:

Rachel Gottesman (a junior from somewhere in NY I've never heard of)
Jeffrey Baer (a senior from Canada)
Lisa Ackerman (a senior from Livermore, CA)

Opening subjects:

"The World Almanac 2007"

The man finds the Daily Double in the final clue before the first break, under the $1,000 clue in State Capitals. He has $2,200, but Ackerman is the current leader at $4,000 and Gottesman is at $1,800. His bet is the whole works. For the lead or zero:

A statue of Ethan Allen stands within the portico of the State Capitol Building in this city.

"What is Montpelier?"...in Vermont, that is right to double up to $4,400 and take the lead! But when the round ends, Ackerman is back on top with $7,200. The man is down to third with $3,200 and the other lady has $4,200.

DJ! categories:


Gottesman finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 Science clue. She has $6,200 at this point, while Ackerman still leads at $9,200, and the man has $4,400. Gottesman wagers $2,021, which is such an odd figure.

We went underground to learn this unit is equal to about 6.022 X 10 (to the 23rd power) molecules of a given substance.

"What is a mole?"....bingo, and she's up to $8,221. She then gets the $2,000 clue in the same category to take the lead. Right now, it's a tight battle between the two women. After taking the lead back late in the round, Ackerman finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in the 1990s category. She has $14,400, while Gottesman has $10,621 and the man is now at eight grand. The leader bets two grand.

On January 1, 1993, two new European nations were formed from the split of this suddenly ex-country.

"What is....Czechoslavakia?"....that is right to go to $16,400! The man comes on strong in the final several clues of the round, and now we have a very interesting FJ! showdown here. Ackerman is still attached to the lead with 18 grand. The man is now in second with $13,600 and the other lady has $10,621.

FJ! category: 17th Century People.

Reverend John Robinson, minister to these people, wrote them a letter saying how upset he was not to be going with them.

Gottesman wrote down "Who are the pilgrims?"...YES! Wager...$7,100, so she's up to $17,721. The man got it right also...AND BET IT ALL, so that means he's guaranteed to be in the next round no matter what happens. But all three of tonight's players could move on to the next round depending on how Ackerman did. She wrote down....the right response. She only bet $500, meaning the man has pulled out the comeback win....but ALL THREE OF THESE PLAYERS ARE IN THE NEXT ROUND!!!

"Don't Forget the Lyrics!" renewed for second season

According to Buzzerblog, FOX has renewed "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" for another 13 episodes. No word yet on when that season will begin.

"So You Think You Can Dance"- Elimination Show V

The bottom three teams were Anya and Danny, Jaimie and Hok and Lauren and Neil.

Jason Samuel Smith, a world-class tap dancer, did a special performance.

Anya Garnis danced first in the "Dance for Your Life Round". She danced to "Proud Mary" by Ike and Tina Turner. She was just OK.

Danny Tidwell danced to "Never Felt This Way" by Brian McKnight. I loved his spinning late in the 30 seconds, but I'm wasn't sure if that was going to save him.

Jaimie Goodwin danced to "One Moment More" by Mindy Smith. She did very good.

Hok Konishi danced to "Black Devil Car" by Jamiroquai. He did an excellent job!

Lauren Gottlieb closed out the female portion of the round with "Walk Away" by Christina Aguilera. Good job!

Neil Haskell concluded the round when he danced to "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5. I thought he did the best solo tonight.

After Enrique Iglesias sung "Somebody's Me".....

....Anya Garnis and Hok Konishi must sit down in the audience, because they're eliminated.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" 7/19

Tonight's contestant is Clay Sellers, who is a 36-year-old customer service manager from California. His first partner is Alana, and here are the subjects:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Measurements
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Math
3rd Grade Cultural Studies
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade Life Science
4th Grade Social Studies
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Astronomy

First category selection is Animal Science.

T or F: All camels have two humps.

He said false and is right. Next category pick is Measurements.

If you're traveling due southeast and make a 180 degree turn, what direction are you now heading?

He said northwest to double his thousand. After he chose Marki Ann as his new partner, he chose 2nd Grade Math.

What's 101 + 98 + 4?

He gets 203 to go to $5,000. He then took a shot at U.S. Geography.

What city is the capital of Texas?

He gets Austin for $10,000. He then chose Kyle as his new partner, and the next category selection is World Geography. Now, the player's kids made a bet prior to the show that he wouldn't get to the $25,000 mark. If he gets this question right, they will have lost their bet and this man will be guaranteed to leave with at least $25,000. Question:

The Baltic Sea is surrounded by what continent?

He immediately decided to peek at Kyle's answer, which was Asia. But he decided to go with Europe instead...and Europe is right, so the save remains intact and he has $25,000! He then decided to go with 4th Grade Social Studies.

The phrase "Of the people. by the people. for the people" is stated in which of the following?

A: The U.S. Declaration of Independence
B: The U.S. Constitution
C: The Gettysburg Address

His guess was The U.S. Constitution...no. It was The Gettysburg Address....but Kyle has it to save him, and the player now has $50,000! His new partner is Jacob, and the next category pick is 3rd Grade Cultural Studies.

T or F: English is an official language of India.

Sellers decides to copy Jacob's answer of True....and that is True for $100,000! He decided to drop out with the 100 grand after not knowing the answer to this question in the category of Astronomy:

Halley's Comet is named after an English astronomer. What was his first name?

It was Edmond. The next episode will be an hour long, and will air Monday at 8 PM.

"Big Brother 8" Eviction Show II

America wanted to see Joe Barber be the second one this season to be evicted, and thus leave empty-handed.

Now for the voting, which was done live. There are ten possible votes. In the event of a 5-5 tie, Jen Johnson will cast the deciding vote.

The first vote went to Dustin Erikstrup, who voted to evict...Barber.
Second vote went to Daniele Donato, who voted to get rid of...Barber.
Third vote went to Eric Stein, who naturally wanted to get rid of Barber because of how America feels.
Fourth vote went to Amber Tomcavage, who voted to evict...Barber.
Fifth vote went to Kail Hairbick, who voted to say goodbye to....Dick Donato.
Sixth vote went to Jameka Cameron, who voted for....Barber. One more vote and he is gone.
Seventh vote went to Mike Dutz, who voted for...Barber, so he is done.

The final tally was 9-1.

The next HoH competition can basically be called this show's version of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?". Here, True/False questions will be asked about common school subjects that are somehow related to the Big Brother House. Those who answer correctly stay in the game, and those who answer incorrectly, unless everybody is right or wrong on that question, are eliminated. If only one person is left standing before time runs out, that last person becomes the new Head of Household. Opening question, in the category of History:

After finding out she was the first person evicted from "Big Brother 8", one of the first things that Carol Journey said was, "fabulous".

The answer is True, and Erikstrup is the only one who said False, so he's done. Next question, in the category of Math:

In the "Butter Me Up" competition, when you add up all of the butter collected by both teams, the total amount was 117 lbs. Answers:

Daniele: FALSE
Amber: FALSE
Jameka: TRUE
Eric: TRUE
Jessica: TRUE
Zach: TRUE

Answer: False, because the actual amount was 114 lbs. That means that Jameka Cameron, Eric Stein, Jessica Hughbanks and Zach Swerdzewski are all out. Next, in the category of Geography:

The animal topiaries found in the house's backyard are based on the "Garden of Eden" sculptures by Michaelangelo.

If the answer is True, Harbick will be a two-time HoH. Answer....False, so Harbick must sit down. Next, in the P.E. category:

When Jen Johnson won the second HoH Competition, she said, "Please don't steal this from me. I really would be sad."

Amber and Nick said True, while everybody else said False...and it's False, because Johnson said that after she won the leotard gift in the previous Power of Veto Competition. That means Amber Tomcavage and Nick Starcevic are out. Next, in the category of Math:

When you add up the number of bites taken in the "Name That Pie!" challenge, there were MORE THAN 45 bites.

Everybody said False...but that's True. If Daniele Donato had gone with her gut of True, she would have won! But we have to move on to this question in P.E.:

When Jen Johnson won the unitard, she jumped up and down and said, "Thank you, Santa!"

Again, everybody said False...and it's False because Johnson actually said, "I wanted this!".

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

It's time for the final numerical question.

From the moment she opened her present in the previous Power of Veto Competition, how long has Johnson actually worn that unitard? Guesses, in hours:

Daniele: 145
Dick: 120
Mike: 108

The actual number of minutes that Johnson has worn the unitard is......

....125 hours, so Dick Donato is the new Head of Household! America is now being asked which of the remaining houseguests should Eric Stein have nominated for eviction.

"World Series of Pop Culture"- NEW CHAMPIONS CROWNED

We know that Twisted Misters are in the finals. But who will be their opponents? We'll find out right now as Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0, the online contestants, will face Wocka Wocka.

Rachel Kayhill helped Wocka Wocka take first blood by beating Lucien Aldred, 4-2, on questions about the movie "Dirty Dancing".

Kyle Webb and Robert Bishop knew everything about singers that were each only known for two hit songs, so it's tiebreaker time. Category....the ten regular albums produced by Madonna.

Robert: "Like a Prayer"-$
Kyle: 'Music"-$
Robert: "Ray of Light"-$
Kyle: "Like a Virgin"-$
Robert: "Confessions of a Dance Floor"-$
Kyle: "Madonna"-$
Robert: "American Life"-$
Kyle: "Justify My Love"-X

That means Wocka Wocka is one win away from the finals! Others: "Bedtime Stories", "Erotica" and "True Blue".

Trying to seal the deal for Wocka Wocka is Kelly Bishop, who faces Tod Galleon with the category of "The Pitch". Here, the plot of a famous TV series is given as if it was a producer pitching it to a network to get it on the air. First question, to Galleon:

A sharp-tounged butler oversees a governor's mansion, eventually joins his staff and later runs for the office himself.

"Benson" is correct. Bishop's opening question:

Four saucy Southern ladies work together as interior decorators, assisted by an ex-con who delivers their wares.

That sounds like "Desperate Housewives" to me, but she says "Designing Women"...I'm wrong and she's right! Next:

Two recently divorced women share a home in NYC and raise their three children as one big happy family.

"Kate and Alley" is correct. Next:

Robotics expert Ted Lawson passes off his Voice Input Child Identicant as his adopted daughter.

She says "Little Sister", which is incorrect. The man says "Small Wonder" to be one correct answer away from keeping his team afloat. Next question:

Accompanied by their servant Max and their dog, Freeway, a self-made millionaire and his journalist wife travel the world as amateur detectives.

After thinking about it, he says "Heart to Heart"....game over! He now faces the other Bishop, Robert. The category is "Marty", where questions are about films directed by Martin Scorsese that did NOT win him an Oscar. Famous quotes from those films are given, and the players must ID the movie titles. First question to Robert:

"You talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here."

That sounded like "The Godfather", but he says "Taxi Driver"...correct! Tod's first question:

"For guys like me, Las Vegas washes away your sins. It's like a morality car wash."

"Casino" is correct to tie it up. Question #3:

"Whenever we needed money, we'd rob the airport. To us, it was better than Citibank."

"Goodfellas" is correct. Next:

"Each of the Five Points is a finger. When I close my hand it becomes a fist. And anytime that I wish I can turn it against you."

Tod said "Raging Bull"....that film fits the category, but that is incorrect. Robert tries to steal with "Gangs of New York"....right on! For the game, the match and a ticket to the finals to face Twisted Misters:

"And tell Jimmy I want ten chocolate chip cookies, all right? Medium chips. None too close to the outside."

"Mean Streets".....is wrong. But he can still win the match if Tod misses. He says "Goodfellas".....NO, so Wocka Wocka heads to the finals! Answer: "The Aviator".

Now, it's time for the finals. The rules are the same.

In the first game, the category was "The Simpsons". Kelly Bishop and Victor Lee swept the six questions, so here comes a tie breaker with this category...TV shows since 1981 that have won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. 14 shows are on the list.

Victor: "E.R."-$
Kelly: "Lost"-$
Victor: "24"-$
Kelly: "The Sopranos"-$
Victor: "L.A. Law"-$
Kelly: "The West Wing"-$
Victor: "Law & Order"-$
Kelly: "NYPD Blue"-$
Victor: "Thirtysomething"-$
Kelly: "Northern Exposure"-$
Victor: "Picket Fences"-$
Kelly: "Hill Street Blues"-$
Victor: "The Practice"-$
Kelly: "St. Elsewhere"-X

The last one was "Cagney & Lacey", so Twisted Misters are two games away from all the marbles!

The second game had a category of "Movie Spoilers", where a summary of a movie is given that is so detailed, that it spoils the movies for the rest of the people. Andrew Unterberger managed to beat Rachel Kayhill, 4-2, so Twisted Misters are one game away from the money and the championship. Trying to stop them is Robert. If you saw Wocka Wocka in the quarterfinal against Team Motherboy, we all know that Robert has eliminated everybody off a team before by himself. Can he do it again for the championship? Let's find out.

His first obstacle- Victor Lee. The category is "Bite Me", where questions are about foods that have appeared in movies. Lee's first question:

In what racy 1986 film did Mickey Rourke's tools for seducing Kim Basinger include strawberries, honey, a cherry tomato, a glass of milk and two spoonfuls of cough syrup?

"That's 9 1/2 Weeks." Correct! Bishop's first question:

"The man ate bacon at every meal....you just can't do that!" is a memorable line from what 1991 Billy Crystal comedy?

"City Slickers?"...correct! Next:

In the 2005 film, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", Violet Beauregarde chews an experimental gum that transforms her into what giant-sized fruit?

Lee says "That would be a blueberry"...and he's right! Next:

In the 1991 thriller "The Silence of the Lambs", Hannibal Lecter calmly explains that he ate a census taker's liver with what food-and-beverage combination?

"Fava beans and a nice Chi-an-ti" is correct to tie it up at 2 apiece. Next:

In the 1985 film "The Goonies", Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen famously befriends the lovable giant Sloth by offering him what kind of candy bar?

"Baby Ruth" is right for Lee to take a 3-2 lead! Bishop needs this for a tiebreaker.

What 1988 comedy features a scene in which John Candy's character eats a mammoth 96-ounce steak called "The Old 96er"?

"The Great Outdoors"....

...is right to force a tiebreaker! Category....name the six actors who rode in the yellow VW bus in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine".

Victor: Alan Arkin-$
Robert: Abigail Breslin-$
Victor: Steve Carell-$
Robert: Greg Kinnear-$
Victor: Toni Collette-$
Robert: TIME-X