Friday, August 31, 2007

"Set for Life" FINALE

Back with us is Tad McKitterick from Boston. When last we left, he managed to get to the 3 year mark, worth $133,200. Let's resume, shall we?

14/$/5 Years
4/$/10 Years- STOP

#5, #8 and #11 had the remaining reds. Now, did his Guardian Angel stop him at all?.....

 step too soon. But $222,000 ain't bad at all!

Our final contestant is Marina Kassajikian from Anaheim, CA. She is a retiree and a grandmother. Her Guardian Angel is her daughter, Vicki. Her base amount is $2,300. After the first month, here's how the money grows:

6 Months: $13,800
1 Year: $27,600
2 Years: $55,200
3 Years: $82,800
5 Years: $138,000
10 Years: $276,000
15 Years: $414,000
20 Years: $552,000
25 Years: $690,000

She went home with.....


Richmond Game Show Schedule Updates

As of right now, here is when all of the sydnicated game shows will air in the Richmond, Virginia area starting September 10th:

-"WWTBAM" will air at 10 AM weekdays on WTVR. "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" will follow it at 10:30 AM. In its third season, "Millionaire" aired in the 10 AM timeslot before it was taken off the schedule for the 2005-2006 season.
-Back-to-back episodes of "Temptation" will air on Richmond's MyNetworkTV affilliate at 11 AM and 11:30 AM.
-"Family Feud" stays on WRLH FOX, and will move back to the time slot where it was most of the time when it moved to that station beginning in its third season- 12 PM and 12:30 PM.

"Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy" remain in their usual homes on WRIC at 7 and 7:30 PM, respectively.

"Big Brother 8" Updates

The date for the season finale of "Big Brother 8" has been changed. It will now air on September 18th.

Also, I have just received word that the current week the houseguests are on now is a DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK. That means America's Player, Eric Stein, is possibly in more danger than ever of being evicted and demoted to the jury.

Source: The Futon Critic

"Without Prejudice?" marathon to air this Sunday

A marathon of "Without Prejudice?" will air this Sunday, beginning at 4 PM on GSN.

"Big Brother 8" shatters last week's season high

Last night's episode of "Big Brother 8" scored a 6 Fast Nielsen with an 11 share. With these kind of ratings, expect the show to return in the near future.

As for the final repeat of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" before its season begins next week, it pulled a 4.2 with an 8 share.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Dancing with the Stars" spinoff show on tap for winter

According to The Futon Critic, ABC has opened a casting call for people who can dance and sing on the spin-off series of "Dancing with the Stars" that's called "Dance Wars: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann". It will be at least six episodes long, and it will be hosted by former "Dancing with the Stars" champion Drew Lachey. It will air this winter.

"Big Brother 8" Eviction Show 8/30

America wants Amber Siyavus gone. Badly. Let’s see if it happens.

The first regular vote went to Jameka Cameron…and if Siyavus gets voted out, it won’t be via a unanimous vote, as she voted to evict Zach Swerdzewski. With America’s vote, we’re tied at one vote apiece.

The next vote was casted by Dick Donato…and it went to Siyavus.

The last vote went to Daniele Donato……

…and Siyavus better be happy she won that $1,000 on “Power of 10”, because she’s not winning anything on this show. She’s evicted tonight.

Now, Swerdzewski is marked for another eviction nomination this week. This means that he must win this Head of Household competition, or else he will be nominated for eviction this week and face a Sudden Death situation in the Power of Veto Competition. That’s because his three opponents in the HoH Competition are the Donatos and Eric Stein.

In the HoH Competition this time, each of the four eligible contestants are standing next to a giant teapot. Each one is filled with 55 gallons of tea. Each person needed to transfer enough water from the flowing teapot to make their silver bowl fill so high, that they will be able to grab the tiny ball inside. The first person to do this is the new HoH.

A soda water leak later burst out as part of the surprises that awaited the players as they continued to try and finish up.

(WOF Time’s Up Signal)

But we won’t know the results right now, because time’s up. To get the results, go search crazy on the Internet for “Big Brother 8”, or watch the results on Sunday’s episode.

"Cash Cab: After Dark" 8/29

First up, headed to Jeremy’s Ale House on Pearl St. were a couple named David and Helen. The target was 29 blocks away. They swept the $50 round of questions. They then missed their first $100 question about Georgia O’ Keefe. After getting a Pepsi question right to reach the $300 mark, it’s RLC time. Question:

Name five of the eight Democratic presidential candidates featured at the first Democratic Presidential Debate in April 2007.

They got Hilary Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Dodd…and though they had difficulty pronouncing his name right, Kucinich for the $250 and a new total of $550! Unsaid: Biden, Richardson and Grevelle.

They decided to use a Street Shout Out on this next question:

Until 2006, what D.C. area office building featured a snack bar called “The Ground Zero Café”?

They asked a couple in Tribeca, who said my guess, the Smithsonian, but I wasn’t sure. But the players decided to say The Pentagon…that’s right to go to $650!

They finished their trip with $950, and wasted no time throwing away the Video Bonus opportunity.

Meredith and Melissa tried to survive 43 blocks in order to get to Mel Picken’s. They swept the $50 round…but it all went downhill from there, as they struck out in the $100 round.

Headed to a spot at Bowry and 2nd was Dan, a magazine editor. The target was 26 blocks away. He also swept the $50 questions. He got his first strike on a question about Flash Gordon. He got his second strike on his opening $200 question, so this last question decided if he would get to the decision part at all:

In gambling, what kind of bet links together two or more individual wagers, and requires each of those wagers to be won?

I thought “splitting”, as in Blackjack. He decided to call his brother, David. David said parlaying, and Dan agreed…that’s got it for $700! That’s his final total, as he then called it quits.

Headed to a steakhouse called Sparks located at 3rd and 46th were John, Jennifer and Tom. The target was 33 blocks away. They swept the opening questions. After getting their first $100 question right, here’s an RLC:

Name four of the six fast food restaurant chains owned by Yum! Brands.

They got KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut…but that’s it. The other ones were Long John Silvers, A & W and Wing Street.

They finished their trip with $500, but tried for $1,000 on the night’s first Video Bonus:

This traditional Indian string instrument has been co-opted by bands that include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Metallica. Often made of teeth, deer horn and pumpkin gords, what is the name of this influential import?

They said the sitar….they got the grand!

Trying to get to a spot at 3rd and 83rd was Philip. The target was 37 blocks away. He swept the $50 questions. The RLC came after he answered the third $100 question to reach $500:

Name five of the six countries that have won the gold medal in the Winter Olympics for Men’s Ice Hockey.

He said Russia, Canada, U.S., Czech Republic….and with four seconds left, Great Britain to go to $750!

He didn’t get to the $200 round in time, but he never missed a question, so he finished with $850. He then decided to try to make that $1,700 with this next Video Bonus:

Due to its unusual façade, this L.A. building has been compared to McDonald’s Fries and Medusa’s Bad Hair Day. What is the name of this latest addition to the L.A. Skyline?

He said The Opera House….NO WAY, so he lost. Answer: Disney Concert Hall.

For the night's last game, Brian and John tried to get to the John St. Bar and Grill, which was 31 blocks away. They….made it and quit with $600.

"Power of 10" Wednesday rating

With the recent winnings drought on "Power of 10", the Wednesday rating dropped from last week to a 5.4 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share. It still managed to win its 8 PM timeslot.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Power of 19" 8/29 not good

The losing streak on the $100,000 question continued, as the first two finalists to get there missed it. In addition, the last finalist of the night missed the $1,000 question, meaning she not only failed to make it to the next episode, she became the second finalist to lose everything.

"Dancing with the Stars 5" cast announced

Here are the 12 new teams for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars", according to The Futon Critic:

-Former "Spice Girl" Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
-"Cheetah Girl" Sabrina Bryan and newcomer Mark Ballas
-IRL driver Helio Castroneves and defending co-champion Julianne Hough
-Dallas Mavericks owner and former "Benefactor" host Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson
-Former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star Jennie Garth and Derek Hough (the brother of Julianne)
-Supermodel Josie Maran and Alec Mazo
-Camron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska
-Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Karina Smirnoff
-Former "The Entertainer' host Wayne Newton and former two-time champion Cheryl Burke
-Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts
-Clothing spokesperson Albert Reed and Anaa Trebunskaya
-Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani

The season will begin with a three-episode week. On Monday, September 24th, the female celebrities will perform; on Tuesday, Sept. 25th, the male stars perform. On those two days, each team will be performing either the Fox Trot or the Cha-Cha-Cha. The first team is then eliminated on Wednesday, Sept. 26th (the first results show of the season). On the first results show of the season, Dolly Parton will perform.

CBS scores in Tuesday ratings

Last night's "Power of 10" scored its highest rating to date, a 6.3 Fast Nielsen with an 11 share.

"Big Brother 8" followed with a 5.2 with an 8 share, and barely beat a rerun of FOX's "House" in total viewers.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 8/28

The other five houseguests watched the "Power of 10" episode that we just saw.

Joining the obvious three in the Power of Veto Competition were Daniele Donato, Eric Stein (thanks to Zach Swerdzewski drawing a "Houseguest's Choice" ball) and Jameka Cameron.

Obviously, the odd person out (Dick Donato) hosted this competition. The lawn was transformed into a murky forest. This is a riddle version of "Jeopardy!". The big cat in the tree gave an answer to a player on each turn, and the player then had to find a rat with a proper riddle, and throw it to the cat. The last person that gave a correct riddle on each turn was eliminated.
The first answer is Dustin Erikstrup. The first correct riddle was "He was #6 to go, enemies to one named Joe".

Cameron was the first to get that right. Siyavus and Swerdzewski gave that riddle as well. Daniele was also right with "Parading in his cape and crown, his eviction made him frown". Stein also said that, so Hughbanks was the first one eliminated.

The second answer was slop. Stein was the first one that gave "This concoction is crude, barely passes as food". Also having that one was Swerdzewski. Daniele gave "Your outlook seems bleak when you eat this for a week". Also having that one was...Siyavus, so Cameron's gone.

For the third riddle, everyone needed to give a riddle related to Nick Starcevic. Daniele had to find her rat inside the tree with a spider's web, and she was the last one to arrive. Stein gave "Who could know he'd be the fourth to go?". Swerdzewski gave "His heart rang like a bell for houseguest Daniele". Siyavus also gave that, so Daniele's gone.

The fourth set of riddles needed to be related to Jen Johnson. The first riddle of "Big Brother thought it would be hard, but she loved to wear that unitard" was given by....Siyavus. The second riddle of "She was HoH #2, and claimed her word was always true" was given by....Stein, so thanks to an extremely close finish between him and Swerdzewski, the latter's out.

Now, here's the situation. If Stein won, the nominees will stay the same, unless something out of the ordinary happened afterwards. Otherwise, Cameron will most likely fill Siyavus' place in the eviction ceremony Thursday night.

The answer, fittingly was veto.....

....and "It may come as a shock; if you win this, you're off the block" was given by Stein, so he's the winner!

Now, before we found out if there was another Veto Ceremony shocker, Hughbanks (naturally) was the name inside the America's Player envelope that America voted to have kissed by Stein. Of course, he completed that task no sweat.

Now, did Stein pull off a big act of betrayal at the Veto Ceremony?......

......not this time.

"Power of 10" 8/28

Back with us is Carissa Scarpa, who's ready to shoot for $100,000. If she won it, I hope for Pete's sake that she stopped at that mark, unlike the last contestant. Here's the $100,000 question:

What percentage of Americans have asked themselves "What would Jesus do?" when trying to make a decision?

I think it's 10-30%. The player's base guess was 65-85%. As for the audience, the results were nearly all over the board. Some were in my ballpark (10-30%), some said 45-50%, and a fair amount of people said 60-70%. Her father thought the answer would be in the player's ballpark, but maybe a little lower. Her final guess was 56-76%, and I had a bad feeling about this. Answer.....

....54%- missed it by just 2%! Darn.

Now, it's time for the "Big Brother 8" contestants, Amber Siyavus (from Las Vegas) and Daniele Donato (from Tito Ortiz's main town, Huntington Beach, California). First question:

What percentage of Americans have danced the Macarena?

Amber: 46%
Daniele: 70%

Answer...48%, so the Vegas lady scored first. Second question:

What percentage of Americans are currently working two or more jobs?

Amber: 42%
Daniele: 54%

Answer....16%, so we could have had a winner on this next question:

What percentage of Americans have looked inside the medicine cabinet of another person's house?

Amber: 33%
Daniele: 24%

Answer...41%, so Siyavus pulled off the sweep! Now, for $1,000:

What percentage of Americans have been audited by the IRS?

Her partner was her cousin, Katie, and upon seeing her, she cried. That's why I've been calling her the Ashley Ferl of "Big Brother".

Her base guess was 8-48%, but I thought a tad higher. The audience said 20-40%. After Katie said the base guess was fine, Siyavus locked it in...and the answer's 17%, so she scored. For ten grand:

What percentage of Americans think women in the military should not be allowed to fight in combat situations?

I think the answer may be in the 40-60% range. Siyavus' base guess was 11-41%. The audience leaned toward my 40-60% ballpark! At that point, Siyavus already changed her guess to 29-59%. After some talking with Katie, her final guess was 30-60%. Answer: 33%, so she's now up to $10,000! For $100,000:

What percentage of Americans think people should not be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?

My guess was 20-40%. Her base guess wa 27-47%. The audience mostly leaned toward 30-40%, while some went for 60-70%. After she conferred with Katie, her final guess was 18-38%. Answer was.....

...55%, so she's out. But after this week, she probably will do 1,000 times better than on "Big Brother" in terms of TV winnings.

Next up- Tyrone Miller from Trenton, N.J. (who's wearing a pair of lucky underwear!!!) and Tom Heckmann from L.A. (he owns a clothing store). First question:

What percentage of Americans have had naughty pictures developed at a photo lab?

Tyrone: 40%
Tom: 14%

Answer: 8%, so the L.A. guy's on the board first. Second question:

What percentage of Americans said they hated the NY Yankess more than the Boston Red Sox?

Tyrone: 67%
Tom: 63%

Answer: 56%, so we could have had another Elimination Round sweep by somebody after this next question:

What percentage of Americans have gone hunting?

Tyrone: 30%
Tom: 19%

Answer: 47%, so there's no sweep this time. Next:

What percentage of American women have been asked if they're pregnant when they weren't?

Tyrone: 35%
Tom: 12%

Answer: 27%, so this Elimination Round came down to the very last question:

What percentage of Americans think people in prison should NOT be allowed to watch TV?

Tyrone: 16%
Tom: 22%

Answer: 44%, so the L.A. guy pulled it out after blowing a 2-0 lead. For $1,000:

What percentage of Americans would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he were allowed to run for president?

My guess was 10-50%. The player's base guess was 21-61%. The audience mostly said 10-35%. The player's final guess was virtually my guess, 11-51%. Answer: 26%. $10,000 question:

What percentage of Americans feel sympathy for Hollywood celebrities like Lindsay Lohan whose lives appear to be deflating?

I said 20-50%. The player's base guess was 5-35%. The audience mostly went with 10-27%. The base guess was his final one...and the answer was 21%, meaning I've gotten both questions right in this game so far, and he's up to $10,000. Can somebody finally get the $100,000 question right tonight? Let's see if he could do it with this question:

What percentage of Americans said they would adopt a baby of a different race?

I said 10-30%. The player's base guess was 12-32%. The audience mainly leaned towards 30-50%. A fair amount of people said 20-30%, and another fair amount said 60-70%. The final guess was 30-50%. Answer.....

...60%, so we only had $1,000 winners tonight. Like another Michael Davies show, "WWTBAM", this is the norm.

Kurtney Noonan will be back next time after defeating Juan Namnun 3-1 in the Elimination Round.

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"- Celebrity Edition details announced

The celebrity episodes of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" will air in November. Stars include former "WWTBAM" host Regis Philbin, former "Let's Make a Deal" host Billy Bush, "American Idol" contestants Clay Aiken and Kellie Pickler, Tony Hawk and current Miss America Lauren Nelson. All starts are guaranteed $25,000 for their charities.

Source: The Futon Critic

Monday, August 27, 2007

"World Series of Blackjack"- FINALS

Taking the final seat in the championship game via the blind draw is....

....T.J. Boros! He's facing Alice Walker, Marlin Horseman, Rick Fortin and Kristine Johnson.

On an early hand, Johnson blew the early lead when she doubled down on a base hand of 10, and the dealer had a face card. The dealer wound up making 21, and the player only had 12.

Incidentally, I believe I might not have told this to you all when recapping this year's tourney- Alice Walker's signature bet is $8,000. Don't ask me why. She took over the lead a few hands later, but Horseman's successful Double Down bet for $48,000 propelled him into the lead with $132,000 to Walker's $116,000. At the first KO Hand, here are the scores, after Boros blew it big time on a Double Down bet for $40,000:

Marlin: $134,000
Alice: $106,000
Rick: $98,000
Kristine: $86,000
T.J.: $46,000


Marlin: $4,000
Alice: $6,000
Rick and Kristine: $7,000 each


Marlin: (AC)(7S)
T.J.: (3S)(10H)
Alice: (AC)(9C)
Rick: (10D)(JD)
Kristine: (JD)(JS)

Dealer's opening card....7 of Diamonds. Everyone stands immediately except for Boros, who uses his Power Chip to replace that 3...but he gets an even worse card, a Deuce of Clubs. He hits and gets a 4 of Spades to go to 16, and one hit later....he gets a Queen of Hearts and is done for good. The dealer busted as well.

After that, Horseman still leads with $138,000. Walker has $112,000, Fortin has $105,000 and Johnson has $93,000. By the 12th hand, Horseman starts to pull away. A few hands later, after nearly falling to last place, Johnson moved to second place with a $19,000 bet on a hand. At the second KO Hand, here are the scores now:

Marlin: $179,000
Alice: $155,250
Kristine: $144,000
Rick: $139,500

The last two people on this list bet the $50,000, while Walker bet $40,000 and Horseman bet $30,000. Opening hands:

Marlin: (7C)(10C) = 17
Alice: (4S)(7S)
Rick: (4H)(9H)
Kristine: (QD)(6C)

Dealer starts this hand with...a 10 of Diamonds. Johnson uses her Power Chip to replace the 6..and ges a Jack of Clubs in return to stop at 20! Walker hits...and gets 21 with a Queen of Diamonds! Fortin decides to be extremely bold and doubles down on a 13. He then uses his Power Chip to look at his first Double Down card, which he throws away. It was a deuce. Final dealer hand...

(10D)(5H)(8H) = BUSTED!

That means that either Fortin or Johnson will be eliminated here. If Fortin's final card is between an Ace to an 8, he's back in the game big time and Johnson's eliminated; otherwise, he's gone. His final card is... Ace of Spades, meaning Johnson is out. Not only that, that makes Fortin the new leader with $239,500! Horseman has $209,000 and Walker has $195,250. Bets for the first of the final five hands:

Marlin: $40,000
Alice: $45,000
Rick: $40,000


Marlin: (10C)(KC) = 20
Alice: (3D)(QS)
Rick: (AH)(2S)

Dealer's opening card...Deuce of Clubs. Everyone stands, with two standing at 13. Final dealer hand:

(2C)(2S)(9S)(2H)(7C) = BUSTED BY ONE!

Fortin now has $279,500, Horseman has $249,000 and Walker has $240,750. Horseman bets $50,000 while the others bet 40. Hands:

Marlin: (8C)(8H)
Alice: (3D)(9S)
Rick: (2D)(7C)

Dealer's opening card...5 of Diamonds. Walker makes a questionable move in standing on 12. Fortin decides to Double Down. Horseman splits his eights.

A: (8H)(3H)- DOUBLE DOWN AT 11
B: (8C)(JD) = 18

Horseman's tournament life rests on the dealer's final hand...

(5D)(5C)(2S)(10S) = BUSTED!!!

I could've sworn that last card was a 9 of Spades, but I was hallucinating! That means Horseman is all but home free with $399,000. Fortin has $359,500 and Walker has $280,250. Everybody bets 50 grand on the next turn.

Marlin: (10H)(JH) = 20
Alice: (3H)(6D)
Rick: (8S)(10C) = 18

Dealer's opener...8 of Spades. Walker DOUBLES DOWN. She then uses her Power Chip and loves her final card. Dealer's final hand...

(8S)(5S)(10S) = BUSTED!!!

...a bust, so Walker's risk shouldn't have been doubted! Horseman has $449,000, Fortin has $409,500 and Walker has $380,250. We see max bets from everyone again on the next-to-last hand. Hands:

Marlin: (3C)(10D)
Alice: (4D)(9S)
Rick: (6S)(JD)

Dealer's first card...Ace of Clubs. Horseman makes a $25,000 insurance bet...but there's no Blackjack, meaning he's in danger of losing the lead here. He then surrenders, going back to $399,000. Walker hits...and gets a 3 of Hearts to go to 16. She hits again...and gets a 4 of Clubs to stop at 20! Fortin makes a questionable surrender call to go back to $384,500. Final dealer hand...

(AC)(3H)(3D) = 17

...and Walker's now the leader with $430,250! Everybody bets $50,000 on the last hand. Hands:

Marlin: (4S)(KS)
Alice: (AH)(KD) = BLACKJACK!!!!!!!!
Rick: (5C)(9C)

Dealer's base card....


Horseman won $75,000 for second place and Fortin won $25,000 for third place.

"Big Brother 8" rating

Last night's episode of "Big Brother 8" scored a 5 Fast Nielsen with a 9 share.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Set For Life" rating drops

Last Friday's episode of "Set for Life" scored a 2.8 Fast Nielsen with a 6 share. That is down from last week.


"Big Brother 8" 8/26

In the Luxury Competition, the boys faced the women.

Suds started to pour out of a chute when it started, and everyone had to run to a display with a series of clothes. Each piece of clothing had a letter attached to it, and the teams had to unscramble the words to form three pieces of clothing related to the show by placing their pieces of clothing on their clothesline. The catch is, everyone had to grab the lettered clothes NAKED!!!! They were- BUNNYSUIT, TOGA AND UNITARD. The first team to do this won a two-minute shopping spree.

On the blue team were the men, and the red team had the women. The winners were.....

...the women!

The shopping spree was about clothing, and the shopping took place inside the house.

Stein was ordered by America to have Amber Siyavus nominated for eviction. Was she?.....

...YES, and the other was Zach Zwerdsewski.

The two who just got nominated are whom I consider the "spoilers" this season. The other five are capable of winning this.

New America's Player Question: Which houseguest do you want Eric Stein to kiss? (Gee, I wonder who they're going to choose on this one....)

Fall 2007 GSN schedule update

"Playmania" will only air Wednesdays-Saturdays effective September 10. At midnight on Tuesday nights, "WWTBAM" will air. Then, at 1 AM early Wednesday morning, "Trivia Trap" will air, and at 1:30 AM, "Now You See It" with Jack Narz will air.

Here's the revised 3-8 PM schedule at that time:

3 PM- "Family Feud" with Richard Dawson
3:30 PM- "To Tell the Truth" with John O' Hurley
4 PM- "That's the Question"
4:30 and 5 PM- "Family Feud" with Richard Karn
5:30 PM- GSN's "Chain Reaction"
6 PM- "Lingo"
6:30 PM- "Whammy!"
7 PM- "Weakest Link" with Anne Robinson

Here's the new Tuesday-Saturday 8 PM-Midnight schedule:

9 PM- "That's the Question"
9:30 and 10 PM- "Family Feud" with Richard Karn
10:30 PM- GSN's "Chain Reaction"
11 PM- "Lingo"
11:30 PM- "Whammy!"

The schedule changes were announced last Wednesday by

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Next Week in Game Shows: August 27-September 2

Next week is the last week before the new game show season starts to get in gear. Here's what you can expect...

World Series of Blackjack: At this point, there are two ladies in the championship round (and it could be three based on what happens in the pre-game blind draw). Will a lady finally win this event?

Grand Slam: The tourney reaches the semifinal stage. Will the rumored Ogas-Jennings final become a reality?

Power of 10: At this point, it's two episodes a week. In one of Tuesday's games, Amber Siyavus and Daniele Donato of "Big Brother 8" compete for a chance at all of the money.

Set for Life: Can this possibly short-lived series starring Jimmy Kimmel go out with a bang?

Also, GSN's "High Stakes Poker" begins it's fourth season on Monday.

MVP and Big Winners Annoucement for August 20-26

MVP: Terry Fator ("America's Got Talent")

Since the Top 10 round began, this ventriloquist became one of the early favorites to win, with The Glamazons and Sideswipe in his league. But when the latter two groups bowed out in the semifinals, Fator took full advantage of the opportunity, pulling out an easy victory over Cas Haley to win $1,000,000 ($25K for the next 40 years, unless he opts for the lump sum) and the right to perform in Vegas. The win also makes him eligible for the 2007 Salute of Champions at the end of the year.

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Ken Jennings and Michelle Kit- Semifinalists ("Grand Slam")
Alice Walker and Marlin Horseman- Finalists ("World Series of Blackjack")
Taye Swing- $97,200 ("Set for Life")

"Grand Slam" Quarterfinals Part 2

To start, we have #2 Ken Jennings vs. #10 Phyllis Harris. Starting Round 1 is Jennings.

Q1: Trumpet legend John Birks Gillespie is better known by what nickname?
Guess: Dizzy- YES (56.48 left for Jennings)
Q2: The Muslim holy city Mecca is located in what country?
Guess: Iraq- NO WAY (A: Saudi Arabia)
Q3: What hyphenated word describes a hammer with a metal head that's rounded on one side?
PASS- Ball-peen
Q4: On his 1995 album "Mirror Ball", Neil Young was backed by what Seattle grunge band?
PASS- Pearl Jam
Q5: Old West gunman John "Doc" Holliday was actually what kind of doctor?
PASS- dentist
Q6: King Nebuchadnezzar II is credited with building which of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World?
SWITCH- Jennings says Hanging Gardens of Babylon- RIGHT (54.69 left for Jennings; 30.25 left for Harris)
Q7: Named after a British mathmatician, what illustration uses circles to show the links between two or more groups of things?
PASS- Venn Diagram
Q8: In 2005, comic strip character Cathy married what long-suffering boyfriend after 28 years?
SWITCH- Jennings says Bess- WRONG (A: Irving; 16.44 left for Harris)
Q9: Which takes the longest period to rotate on its axis- Earth, Mars or the Moon?
Guess: Earth- NO (A: The Moon)
Q10: Which popular magician spent more than two days encases in a chamber of ice in Times Square in 2000?
Guess: David Blaine- RIGHT (41.78 left for Jennings)
Q11: What organ in the human body produces the hormone insulin?
Guess: Pancreas- RIGHT (12.09 left for Harris)
Q12: Which of these horror films is NOT a remake of a Japanese movie- "The Grudge", "The Ring" or "The Others"?
Guess: "The Others"- RIGHT (35.49 left for Jennings)
Q13: During photosynthesis, plants produce sugar and release what gas?
Guess: Carbon Dioxide- NO (A: Oxygen)

While she misses another question along the way, time expires, so Jennings' new final round clock total is 1:35.49. She can redeem herself in Round 2.

Q1: What is 84/6?
Guess: 16- SORRY (A: 14; that's the first Round 2 question she's missed in this tourney)
Q2: What is 77.7 + 88.8?
Guess: 166.5- RIGHT (46.05 left for Harris)
Q3: 32 + 4y = 88
Guess: 14- RIGHT (52.78 left for Jennings)
Q4: All magazines are fun to read. "Bowling Today" is a magazine. True or False- "Bowling Today" must be fun to read.
Guess: True- RIGHT (38.79 left for Harris)
Q5: How many wheels are there on 18 tricycles?
Guess: 54- RIGHT (47.90 left for Jennings)
Q6: The 100th day of a non-leap year is what month and day?
PASS- April 10th
Q7: How is 1,500 expressed in Roman numerals?
Guess: MD- RIGHT (25.90 left for Harris)
Q8: What is (27 X 3) - 17?
Guess: 64- CORRECT (41.18 left for Jennings)
Q9: 12= 4y- 28
SWITCH- Jennings says 10- RIGHT (20.29 left for Harris; 40.11 left for Jennings)
Q10: A 225-pound man who can bench press 180 pounds is able to lift what percentage of his body weight?
Guess: 25%- NO (A: 80%)
Q11: In the U.S., the standard red stop sign is what kind of polygon?
Guess: Eight-sided octagon- RIGHT (about 5 seconds left for Harris)
Q12: What is 6/5 of 20?
Guess: 30- NO WAY (A: 24)
Q13: What is 779-393?
SWITCH- Harris starts to say something in the 400 range, which is immediately wrong (A: 386)

Jennings wins again, so his new final round clock total is 2:07.85. Round 3, which he starts, begins now.

Q1: What letter comes 17 after D in the English alphabet?
Guess: U- RIGHT (55.67 left for Jennings)
Q2: Chain Reaction- BROADWAY _________ CHAIRS (seven-letter word needed)
Q3: (LOUWKEEN)- Seperate the first names of the famous twins jumbled here.
PASS- Luke and Owen (Wilson)
Q4: Puzzle....

_ A R R _ _

_ U _ G E _

Clue: Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
Guess: Warren Burger- RIGHT (39.23 left for Harris)
Q5: Spell "zephyr".
Successful- YES (52.23 left for Jennings)
Q6: How many vowels appear in the word "punctilious"?
Guess: 4- OFF BY ONE (A: 5)
Q7: (LEAVE QUICHE AT HER HOUSE)- Name the purple flower hidden in this phrase.
PASS- HEATHER (as in my long-time school/college friend Heather Safley)
Q8: (HER RAT ETHIC)- Name the "Desperate Housewives" star jumbled here.
PASS- Teri Hatcher

She took another royal beating at the hands of Jennings, and he added a whopping 47.88 to his clock for a final total of 2:55.73! Needless to say, Jennings advanced to the semifinals....with 2:19.77 left over!

He gets the winner of #6 John Carpenter vs. #14 Michelle Kitt. "Johnny on the Spot" gets the first question.

Q1: The Rosetta stone helped decipher a system of writing from what ancient culture?
Guess: Greek- WRONG (A: Egyptian)
Q2: What English monarch abdicated his throne to marry American Wallis Simpson?
Guess: Edward VIII- YES (A: 48.45 left for Carpenter)
Q3: On the TV show "Lost", the castaways crashed on their island while flying what fictional airline?
Guess: "Oceanic"- RIGHT (53.54 left for Kitt)
Q4: What is the two-letter chemical symbol for the element Copper?
Guess: Cu- RIGHT (43.48 left for Carpenter)
Q5: Completed in 2004, the world's tallest building is located in what Asian city?
Guess: Kuala Lumpur- NO (A: Taipei)
Q6: A myocardial is more commonly known as what?
Guess: Heart attack- RIGHT (42.19 left for Kitt)
Q7: What 1999 independent horror film followed three film students in the Maryland woods?
Guess: "Blair Witch Project"- YOU BET (36.84 left for Carpenter)
Q8: In Greek mythology, what goddess was the twin sister for Apollo?
Guess: Athena- WRONG (A: Artemis)
Q9: What polymer in newspaper causes it to turn yellow when exposed to light and air?
PASS- Lignin
Q10: Who appeared in "The Devil Wears Prada" and shares her name with William Shakespeare's wife?
Guess: Anne Hathaway- RIGHT (24.28 left for Kitt)
Q11: What scientist accidentally discovered penicillin in 1928?
PASS- Alexander Fleming
Q12: In the board game "Risk", what continent has the fewest points of attack from other continents?
Guess: Austrailia- RIGHT (23.01 left for Carpenter)
Q13: Which of Beethoven's nine symphonies is known as the Pastoral Symphony?
Guess: #8- NO (A: #6)
Q14: What zodiac sign is represented by two fish?
Guess: Pisces- RIGHT (15.34 left for Kitt)
Q15: In 1995, Craig Newmark launched the online community Craigslist to serve what city's populace?
I didn't understand his guess, but I know it's wrong (A: S.F., California)
Q16: Movie director Martin Scorsese won his only Oscar for directing what film?
Guess: "The Casino"- NO WAY (A: "The Departed"; he only has about 10 seconds left)
Q17: In 1997, what Grammy-winning singer launched the traveling music festival "Lilith Fair"?

Kitt's new final round clock total is 1:15.34. And she starts Round 2.

Q1: What is 123 + 456?
Guess: 579- RIGHT (53.90 left for Kitt)
Q2: What is the monetary total of 13 nickels plus 6 quarters?
PASS- $2.15
Q3: How many square feet are there in five square yards?
Guess: 75- WRONG (A: 45)
Q4: What is 30% of 210?
Guess: 70- NO WAY (A: 63)
Q5: What is 13 squared?
Guess: 169- YOU BET (31.78 left for Carpenter)
Q6: What is 174.6- 98.4?
PASS- 76.2
Q7: If Susan arrives 43 minutes early for an 8:15 a.m. meeting, what time did she arrive?
PASS- 7:32 a.m.
Q8: Which of these numbers is a multiple of 11- 441, 451, 461 or 471?
Guess: 441- NO (A: 451)
Q9: What is 1/8 of 360?
PASS- 45
Q10: If all people are boneheads, and all boneheads rise to the occasion, then do all people necessarily rise to the occasion?
Guess: YES- RIGHT (19.33 left for Kitt)
Q11: 9y - 40 = 4y
Guess: -4- NO WAY (A: 8)
Q12: What's longer- 18 yards or 50 feet?
Guess: 18 yards- RIGHT (15.54 left for Carpenter)
Q13: What is 12 X 11?
Guess: 132- YOU BET (14.65 left for Kitt)
Q14: What is the sale price of a $60 blouse that is marked 30% off?
Guess: $18- NO (A: $42)

Carpenter runs out of time on the last question, so Kitt's final round clock total now rises to 1:29.99. The man starts Round 3.

Q1: (CAUSED BY SLUDGE OR GIANT SQUID)- Name the U.S. state hidden in this phrase.
SWITCH at 50.60, and Kitt passes after five seconds (A: GEORGIA)
Q2: (_ S P _ D_ _ L L _)- Fill in the rest of this puzzle to get a type of shoe.
Guess: ESPADRILLE- YES (51.12 left for Carpenter)
Q3: Spell "fallacy".
Successful- YES (45.52 left for Carpenter)
Q4: Chain Rection- PARKING _______ OFFICE (six-letter word needed)
SWITCH to Carpenter, who PASSES (A: TICKET. 47.49 is left for Kitt and 40.33 is left for Carpenter)
Q5: (AMARSHYLEKYATE)- Seperate the first names of a famous pair of celebrity twins jumbled here.
Guess: Kate and Ashley Olsen- NOT ACCEPTABLE (The Mary in Mary Kate was left out)
Q6: (IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE YOU)- Name the rap artist hidden in this phrase.
Guess: ICE T- RIGHT (28.97 left for Carpenter)
Q7: (NAGASAKI)- What Greek appetizer of flaming cheese is anagrammed here?
Q8: What Hebrew word can men hello, good-bye or peace?
Guess: Shalon- RIGHT (34.81 left for Kitt)
Q9: Puzzle....

_ A _

A _ D

_ R I _ E R

Clue: A popular magazine.
Guess: CAR AND DRIVER- YES (21.15 left for Carpenter)
Q10: Spell "gondolier".
SWITCH to Carpenter, but he's successful (32.07 left for Kitt; 17.02 left for Carpenter)
Q11: Chain Reaction- CAPTAIN ________ STANLEY (six-letter word needed)
Q12: What does the O stand for in the reference book known as the OED?
Kitt uses her last SWITCH. Carpenter says Original, which is WRONG (A: Oxford. 20.41 left for Kitt, about 12.5 left for Carpenter)
Q13: What three-letter word is formed by every other letter in "floor"?

Kitt's final round clock total is now 1:50.40, but it can still be done. The lady begins the round, and the man is back to three switches.

Q1: The Aztec empire covered the southern half of what modern country?
Guess: Mexico- RIGHT (1:45.55 left for Kitt)
Q2: What massive government building features a layout consisting of five concentric rings?
Guess: Pentagon- RIGHT (54.01 left for Carpenter)
Q3: (CDOEPNEMNHAARGKEN)- Seperate the European country from its capital in this jumble.
Guess: COPENHAGEN, DENMARK- RIGHT (1:40.73 left for Kitt)
Q4: Scientist Jane Goodall is best known for her work with what apes?
Guess: chimps- RIGHT (49.22 left for Carpenter)
Q5: What is 91-19-27?
Guess: 55- NO (A: 45)
Q6: Spell "hacienda".
SWITCH, but Carpenter's successful (1:29.10 left for Kitt, 45.68 left for Carpenter)
Q7: Calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate are the most common chemical bases of what writing material?
Guess: Pencil- WRONG (A: Chalk)
Q8: What Hanna-Barbera cartoon character was named after a famous Yankee catcher?
PASS- "Yogi Bear"
Q9: Which letter in "pneumonia" appears twice?
Guess: N- RIGHT (1:10.99 left for Kitt)
Q10: Of King Henry VIII's six wives, three of them shared a first name with what common pronunciation?
Guess: Aunt- NO (A: Catherine)
Q11: (C _ R P _ C C _ _)- Add vowels to get the surname of a Renaissance painter OR the beef dish named after him.
Guess: CAPACCIO- RIGHT (32.69 left for Carpenter)
Q12: What former American politican released the controversial 2006 book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid"?
PASS- Jimmy Carter
Q13: Name both of the months in the cliche that describes a romance with a large age-gap.
Guess: May and December- RIGHT (56.52 left for Kitt)
Q14: What is the common three-letter Internet domain assigned to educational institutions in the U.S.?
Guess: .edu- YOU BET (26.20 left for Carpenter)
Q15: What is 4.5 X 8?
Guess: 36- RIGHT (50.70 left for Kitt)
Q16: In the Steven Spielberg film "Saving Private Ryan", who played Private James Ryan?
Guess: Matt Damon- RIGHT (20.29 left for Carpenter)
Q17: What "N" is the name of a research firm that measures and reports TV ratings?
Guess: Nielsen- YOU BET (45.07 left for Kitt(
Q18: How many vowels are in the word "tenacious"?
Guess: 4- NO (A: 5)
Q19: What is 17/20 of 100?
SWITCH, and Kitt says 80- WRONG (A: 85. Only 10.52 is left for Carpenter, while Kitt has 40.43 left)
Q20: What "A" is a river that flows through downtown Pittsburgh, PA?
PASS- Allegheny River
Q21: Which of these measurements is longer- 25 feet or 8 yards?
Guess: 25 feet- YES (28.22 left for Kitt)
Q22: In the "Beverly Hills Cop" movies, Axel Foley is a cop originally from what city?
Guess: Detroit- RIGHT (6.17 left for Carpenter)
Q23: Spell "mausoleum".
Successful- NO (20 seconds left for Kitt)
Q24: On the Las Vegas strip, what hotel is a replica of an Egyptian pyramid?
Guess: The Luxor- RIGHT (14.82 left for Kitt, and I thought it was the MGM Grand)
Q25: Which U.S. area code is further north, 323 or 415?
Guess: 415- RIGHT

At this point, Carpenter has only .79 left on his clock, meaning this is Kitt's game to lose. If she can get one more question right within 14.82, she'll be facing Ken Jennings. Otherwise, it will be Carpenter.

Q26: (LET PLANNER END)- Name the magic duo anagrammed here, and one of the two is a former game show host.

The female giant killer continues her run! The semifinals are next time!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Name change for "Big Brother 8" contestant

I have just recieved word that Amber Tomcavage's name on TV will now offically be Amber Siyavus. Siyavus is her maiden name, although Tomcavage is also in the full name.

"Set For Life" Episode 6

Taye Swing's final total, based on her partner's decisions, is.....$97,200. I thought he wasn't going to stop her at all.

Next player is Ed Houdak from Brooklyn. He's an elevator technician. His Guardian Angel is his twin brother, Joseph. Base amount this time is $2,900. After the first month, here's how his money stacks up:

6 Months: $17,400
1 Year: $34,800
2 Years: $69,600
3 Years: $104,400
5 Years: $174,000
10 Years: $348,000
15 Years: $522,000
20 Years: $696,000
25 Years: $870,000

2/$/6 Months
3/$/6 Months
6/X/6 Months
10/$/2 Years

Now, the best he can hope for is that Joseph stopped him at 2 Years ($69,600). Otherwise, he joins a club that nobody wants to be in. Joseph.....

...NEVER STOPPED, so Ed's the second contestant ever to go broke.

Our final contestant tonight is Tad McKitterick from Boston. He's a "duck driver"- a person who drives a WWII amphibious landing craft, and gives people a tour on it while wearing a goofy superhero costume. His Guardian Angel is his brother, J.C. The base amount for this game is $3,700. After the first month, the money ladder grows like this:

6 Months: $22,200
1 Year: $44,400
2 Years: $88,800
3 Years: $133,200
5 Years: $222,000
10 Years: $444,000
15 Years: $666,000
20 Years: $888,000
25 Years: $1,110,000

7/$/6 Months
3/$/2 Years
15/$/3 Years

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

That's all for tonight. He'll be back on the finale to finish up.

"Big Brother 8" hits new season high

Thanks to the eviction of Jen Johnson, last night's episode of "Big Brother 8" hit its highest rating of the season so far- a 5.3 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Big Brother 8" Eviction Show 8/23

Jen Johnson violated her 30-day rule of eating "nothing but slop" per an earlier competition. Because of this, she has been given a technical vote for eviction. Originally, the ruling was that if she survived this week's eviction ceremony, she would be automatically put up for next week's eviction, but Johnson felt this was unfair to her friend, Jameka Cameron.

Amber Tomcavage gave the first vote to...Johnson.
Dick Donato wanted....Johnson gone. Because of the penalty, if she got one more vote, she's demoted to jury duty, and unless some special sweepstakes occur, she's leaving empty-handed.
Eric Stein had the next vote courtesy of America...and Johnson's it, so she's done.

Johnson was evicted by a unanimous vote, so she would've still been dismissed even if she hadn't gotten that penalty. In any event, she's the second member of the jury, joining Dustin Erikstrup.

In tonight's HoH Competition, Eric Stein, Jessica Hughbanks, Dick Donato, Amber Tomcavage and Zach Swerdzewski are all seated on dunk tanks. Questions will be about comments said by the first five houseguests evicted this season (those who missed out on the jury altogether). There will be two choices for each question. A correct answer keeps a player in the game, and a wrong one eliminates them, and are then dunked via a button pressed by Jen Johnson. If there's only one person left before time runs out, that person become the new HoH.

Question #1:

Who did Joe Barber say was in serious need of a slop diet?
A: Zach
B: Jameka

Everybody said Zach, which is correct. Next:

Who did Carol Journey say would do the worst at a spelling bee?
A: Jessica
B: Amber

Everyone but Stein said Jessica. If the answer's Amber, Stein's won...but it's Jessica, so he's eliminated and dunked. Next:

Who did Kail Harbick say she wanted to give her Bible to?
A: Jameka
B: Dick

Everyone said Jameka, but that's wrong.

Which person did Nick Starcevic say that he would least like to see running around stripping naked?
A: Eric
B: Zach

Tomcavage and Swerdzewski said Eric, while the others said Zach. Answer....Zach, so Hughbanks and Dick remain. Next:

Who once said "Meet the Fockers"?
A: Mike
B: Joe

Answer is......

...Joe, so Hughbanks is now a two-time HoH!

"Wheel of Fortune" Season 25 News

Here's what's on tap for the upcoming 25th Anniversary Season of "Wheel of Fortune"....

-The three theme weeks for the NYC road trip that will air in November will include "People Celebrity Week", "Best Friends Week" and "Heroes Week".

-For May 2008, three weeks of episodes will come from Chicago, Pat Sajak's hometown, and the show will originate from the Navy Pier. These episodes will be taped in March 2008.

-During the season, videotaped congratulatory messages from fans and famous faces will be shown on TV and the Internet. Also, some of the more famous moments in the show's history are shown, most notably those with Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

-The Mystery Round may be done for, as Round 3 is now known as the "Big Money Round". During this round, one wedge on the wheel is designated as the "Big Money Wedge", which has a video screen shuffling up five different things- Bankrupt, Lose a Turn, $5,000, $7,500 and $25,000. The jumbler on that wedge will start shuffling once the wheel has started spinning. Winning a cash amount from that wedge works the same way as the $10,000 cash prize does in the first maingame round- if you call a letter and it's in the puzzle, instead of that amount being added to your bank, it acts as if it's a trip or a gift tag, and CANNOT be used to buy vowels.

Also, a "25" wedge is on the wheel. This wedge also acts as a special prize on the wheel, and will be used in Round 2. The prize is 25 of something worth a total of $2,500, such as 25 $100 bills and 25 $100 gift certificates from somewhere.

A few new categories will be introduced- "What Are You Doing", "What Are You Making" and "Fictional Families".

"TPIR" season premiere date with Drew Carey announced

According to the official CBS press release for "TPIR", Drew Carey's first aired episode will take place on October 15th.

"Crosswords" primetime preview yanked

A Game Show Forum member just informed me that the preview episode of the new Merv Griffin game show "Crosswords", originally scheduled to air September 8th at 8:30 PM, has been removed. The 8 PM slot that night features an episode of "Most Outrageous Moments" and 8:30 is the NBC Fall Preview Show.

NBC reviving "American Gladiators" reports today that NBC will be reviving "American Gladiators" for midseason 2008. This version will be produced by Reveille and MGM.

"Power of 10" becomes Wednesday's most-watched show

Last night's "Power of 10" scored a 5.8 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share. Not only did that win its time slot at 8 PM, it was the most-popular show that night.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Top Chef: Miami"- Restaurant Wars Part 2

We all know the teams from last time, and they tried to redeem themselves.

This time, for each restaurant's course, at least two options must be given. But before we get to that, it's time for this challenge.

Quickfire: This is a relay race. For each team, one team member had to shuck 15 oysters, one had to dice five onions, one had to break down four chickens and the other had to crack and seperate three eggs and beat the whites until they're stiff enough to still be in the bowl after the bowl is turned upside down for five seconds. The first team to complete all of their tasks won the right to get interior help for their restaurant from Christopher Ciccone (a famous interior designer), as well as an additional $200 to spend on wine.

We started with the oysters, and Howie Kleinberg (Garage) and Brian Malarkey (April) started things off. Malarkey finished first.

Chopping the onions were Sara Mair (Garage) and Casey Thompson (April). Mair finished first to give Garage the lead.

Hung Huynh mastered the chickens and Dale Levitski breezed past the eggs, so The Garage won! Thompson was still chopping the onions at the time, and she did so as slowly as you can get.

Here was Restaurant April's revised menu for their first three courses.

Course #1 featured a choice of Wild King Salmon or seared scallop. Course #2 had a choice of carrot ginger soup and lobster salad, and the third course had a choice of monkfish or beef tenderloin.

The guest judge this week is Geoffrey Zakarian, the chef/owner of the Town and Country Restaurant in Manhattan.

The other team decided to change their restaurant's name to "Quatre". Here's their revised menu.

The first course offered Gnocchi with Poussin or tuna tartare. The second course offered lamb or halibut, and the third course offered a crepe or a Panna Cotta with fresh berries.

The tuna tartare came with egg vinaigrette. The pussin came with mini ginocchi, sweet pea puree, carrots and hazelnuts.

The halibut was served with grapes and braised leeks. The lamb was served with white beans and haricot verts.

The crepe came with orange and Grand Marnier sauce. Now, for more details about Restaurant April.

The seared sea scallop was served on a corn and black truffle custard. The Wild King Salmon came with Macadamia Nut Pesto and grapefruit. Judge Ted Allen said "that is the worst dish I've had, probably, in a long, long time". Another judge called it a "car wreck in Times Square".

The soup was chilled, and the lobster salad came with Arugula and carmelized cauliflower. The lobster was said to have been too salty.

The monkfish came with Mascarpone potatoes. The seared beef tenderloin came with smoked potatoes. The host said the monkfish was overcooked, and another judge called it forgettable.

Did Quatre win this challenge?..... bet! The individual winner was Mair.

The ones in the most danger were Malarkey and Wilcox. Of those two.....

...just Wilcox was eliminated.

"Cash Cab After Dark" 8/22

Starting things off tonight were Carlton, Sandy, Bob and Caddie, and they tried to get to a downtown mall located at 46th and 9th, 43 blocks away. They swept the $50 round. After they got their opening $100 question right to get to $300, it’s RLC time. Question:

Name four of the top five drinks on “Forbes’ List of Fattening Cocktails”.

They got Pina Colada, Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea….and with five seconds to spare, White Russian to reach $550! They soon had to use a Mobile Shout Out on this later $100 question:

Located in the state of Washington, what video-game company serves as part-owner of baseball’s Seattle Mariners?

Carlton called his “Godson” Brandon, who was unsure it’s Microsoft. He agreed, which is wrong. It was Nintendo. They got another strike when they didn’t know that a U.S. tourist got arrested for skinny-dipping in the fountain near Rome’s Spanish Steps. After they got their first $200 question right to go to $850, this will decide whether they got to the Video Bonus part, or lost everything just as they got to their target mall. Here’s the question:

Averaging ten times faster than the U.S., what wired Asian nation is second only to its neighbor, Japan, in broadband Internet speed?

Carlton said South Korea….they’ve got $1,050! And they decided to take the money and scram. Sandy’s share of the dough was a birthday present for her. Nice!

Next, who attempted to get to Lotus (a copying joint) at 14th and 9th, were Kevin and Carmen. They had to survive 30 blocks. They got their first strike when they didn’t know about ant farms being toys on their second $50 question. They got the other ones to begin with $150. But they then missed all of their $100 questions and lost.

Headed to a café called Chat and Chew on 16th and 5th were Pat, Kelly and Chris, and the target was 38 blocks away. They took this trip in the middle of their school year. They breezed past the $50 round. Aftey they got their opening $100 question, they were posed this RLC question:

As determined by a Nielsen Ratings survey, name four of the five most-used web search engines in the U.S.

They quickly got Google, Yahoo and…and then MSN to reach $550! Unsaid: AOL. They then got their first strike when they didn’t know about the “Shake N’ Bake” brand from Kraft. They got their last $100 question to finish with $650, but decided to try to make that $1,300 on this Video Bonus Question:

This traditional Brazilian dance takes center stage at Rio De Janiero’s “Carnivale“. From a Central African word meaning “bellybutton bump”, what is the name of this celebratory, syncopated dance?

They said the Samba….that’s good for $1,300!

Headed to a cafeteria at 7th and 17th was Rick, 28 blocks away. He got $400 during his run, but tried to make it $800 with this:

The Pikeplace Fish Market is filled with flounder. One of the oldest farmer’s markets in the U.S., this tuna-tossing tourist destination can be found in what seaside city?

Remembering past stories about the place, he said Seattle for the $800!

Headed to a spot at 35th and 3rd , 43 blocks away, were Matt, Casania, Adam and Josie. They swept the $50 questions. They got their first $100 question right, but not the second one about monoliths. They then got the other two $100 questions to zoom to $500. But they blew all of that money by missing both $200 questions.

Wrapping up the night, headed to 52nd and 8th, were Michael and Kyle. They had to survive 40 blocks. They knocked out the $50 questions. After getting the first $100 question to reach $300, they’re posed this RLC question:

Name four of the six best-selling kinds of doughnuts served at…..Dunkin’ Donuts.

They got Boston Kreme, Glazed, Chocolate Glazed and Old-Fashioned to get to $550. Unsaid: Jelly and Chocolate Frosted.

They got the rest of their $100 questions to reach $850. They got all three $200 questions to finish with $1,450 and decided to stop there.

"Power of 10" Episode 4

Back with us is Dewey Morgan from New Orleans, who will try his best to break the drought of giving away at least $100,000. Here is his $100,000 question:

What percentage of Americans think that Americans should be allowed to own automatic weapons?

I thought something in the middle to start. His base guess is 9-29%. The audience said 20-40%. He changes his guess and locks it in at 15-35%. Actual answer....

...41%, meaning he should've gone even higher, and he leaves with $1,000.

Our next Elimination Round pits Will Cleckler from Savannah, GA (a personal trainer) and Julie Foehr from Bloomington, Illinois (a radio talk-show host). First question:

What percentage of Americans have quit their job after only one day of work?

Will: 65%
Julie: 27%

Answer...16%, so the lady scores. Second up:

What percentage of Americans said they've had to use trigonometry since leaving high school?

Will: 7%
Julie: 11%

Answer...30%, so the lady's one away. Third question:

What perccentage of Americans said they have been attracted to their first cousin?

Will: 7%
Julie: 19%

Answer...15%, so the lady pulls off the sweep, and maybe she'll break the drought. First question for $1,000:

What percentage of Americans think a woman should take her husband's last name when she gets married?

I think the answer's high. Her audience partner is her radio talk show partner, Bob. Her base guess is 45-85%. The audience says 70-80%. Bob makes Foehr change her guess to 54-94%. Answer is 79%, so she's on the board. $10,000 question:

What percentage of Americans said George W. Bush should've released Scooter Libby from his prison sentence?

I think it's fairly low. She first says 12-42%. The audience says 20-40%. The base guess is her final one, and the answer is 27%, so she's guaranteed that $1,000. For $100,000, which they've been trying so hard to give away ever since Jamie Sadler won that $1 Million:

What percentage of Americans believe that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol?

I think the answer's low here, too. Her base guess is 18-38%. The audience peaks at 30-50%, as well as 65%. She changes her guess to 38-58%. Is the losing streak over?......

...YES!! Answer: 57%, meaning she just barely got it! For ONE MILLION DOLLARS:

What percentage of Americans think there should be a mandatory cutoff age for elderly people?

I think the answer's real high. Believe it or not, I think the answer's 90-100%. Her base guess is 55-65%. The audience says 70-85%. I suggest she QUIT AT $100,000 NOW. DID SHE??....


...HER FINAL GUESS WAS 62-72%.........

...AND SHE LOSES. ANSWER: 38%, WHICH NOBODY SAID. But hey, at least she does have $10,000, which is more than most contestants have won so far on this show.

New players are Carissa Scarpa from Flagstaff, AZ (who is a mother, and is part of a family who wears the same tattoos in her family) and Dana Rainey from Redford, Michigan (who thinks she's smarter than the average person. I think she needs to try out for "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"). Opening question:

What percentage of Americans think their mother-in-law is a good cook?

Carissa: 34%
Dana: 31%

Answer: 68%, so Scarpa scores first. Second question:

What percentage of Americans currently live in the city or town where they grew up?

Carissa: 22%
Dana: 34%

Answer: 37%, so the round's tied. Third question:

What percentage of Americans think they would rather be ugly and smart than good-looking and dumb?

Carissa: 62%
Dana: 43%

Answer: 80%, so Scarpa's one away. Fourth question:

What percentage of Americans think they're not afraid to visit the dentist?

Carissa: 62%
Dana: 38%

Answer: 81%, so Scarpa's playing for the cash.

She got by the $1,000 question no sweat, so she's playing the $10,000 question for a chance to return the next time. Here's the question:

What percentage of American MEN have flashed their middle finger at a fellow motorist while driving?

I think the answer's pretty high. Her base guess is 50-80%, but she quickly changes it to 48-78%. The audience said 80-90%. Thanks to the audience, her final guess is 53-83%. Answer...58%, so she's coming back next time!

Another Mark Burnett traditional game show on tap soon

Since a few days ago, various sources have confirmed that Mark Burnett's new NBC game show, "Amne$ia", will debut sometime in 2008. Question material will deal with the contestant's own life.

Tuesday ratings

The first hour of the "America's Got Talent" season finale did a 7.6 Fast Nielsen rating with a 13 share. The second hour and change did a 9.1 with a 15 share.

"The Singing Bee" managed to win its 10 PM timeslot with a 5.5 with a 10 share.

The rerun of the previous episode of "Power of 10" on CBS did a respectable 4.2 with a 7 share. The "Big Brother 8" episode that followed it did a 4.8 with a 8 share.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 8/21

Eric Stein was ordered by America to share a moment with that "Woobie"....with his good buddy, Jessica Hughbanks! Needless to say, he got that task done no problem.

Joining the obvious three in this week's Power of Veto Competition were Zach Swerdzewski, Dick Donato and Hughbanks.

This competition meets "Power of 10" tonight. That's because all of the players are asked five questions polled to "Big Brother" fans, and had to register the appropriate percentage guess. The one farthest from the actual percentage on each question was eliminated. The last one standing won the Golden Power of Veto, BUT, the winner and the runner-up will win a mini-vacation to an unknown destination. Here's the first question:

What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician?

Zach: 27%
Jessica: 13%
Amber: 45%
Daniele: 32%
Jameka: 45%
Dick: 78%

Answer: 19%, so Dick's gone. Second question:

What percentage of those polled think life in the Big Brother House is easy?

Zach: 62%
Jessica: 52%
Amber: 50%
Daniele: 34%
Jameka: 45%

Answer: 14%, so Zach was done. Third question:

What percentage of those polled think Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe?

Jessica: 67%
Amber: 65%
Daniele: 34%
Jameka: 65%

Answer....47%, meaning Hughbanks was done. This will decide which two won the bonus mini-trip:

What percentage of those polled think they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike?

Amber: 60%
Daniele: 83%
Jameka: 87%

Answer...70%, meaning Jameka Cameron was out, so Amber Tomcavage and Daniele Donato just each won the bonus. Now, if the Donato wins, the current nominees for eviction will virtually stay as they were (a HoH has NOT won the Veto Competion, BTW), while if Tomcavage wins, she will be free from eviction. Final question:

What percentage of those polled think Zach was the sexiest bunny of them all?

Amber: 65%
Daniele: 46%

The answer is....after some "Power of 10" like tampering with the reveal meter, 35%, meaning Donato has won the Power of Veto Competiton for the third time.....

...but I was stunned to hear that despite the fact she was the current HoH, she freed Tomcavage from eviction and put Jen Johnson up for eviction against Cameron. Wow!

As for the bonus for Tomcavage and Donato?.....


"America's Got Talent"- MILLION DOLLAR FINALE

Each of the Top 10 acts performed in a big group performance to "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.

Each of the final four acts then did a duet with a famous national act. In this case, Butterscotch teamed up with Sean Kingston on "Beautiful Girls". Butterscotch then watched a message from her grandmother.

Terry Fator and his partner did a duet of "You've Got a Friend" with Kermit the Frog. Other Muppets acted as judges, and Miss Piggy gave the special message this time!

Julienne Irwin sung with Taylor Swift on the song "Teardrops on my Guitar". The videotaped message was done by Martina McBride (who is NOT related to my family in any way, shape or form).

Cas Haley wrapped up the special duets by teaming up with UB40 on "Red Red Wine", and doing the taped message was Lionel Richie.

The first person to be eliminated is....

...Julienne Irwin. The second one eliminated is....

...Butterscotch. That meant in terms of points, I have correctly predicted the final two people standing- Cas Haley and Terry Fator.

After David Hasselhoff sung "This is the Moment", and Bianca Ryan (last year's winner) did a message......



...TERRY FATOR!!!!! He also won the right to perform his act at the Jubilee Theatre in Las Vegas, since he's dreamed all his life of performing in Vegas!

Piers Morgan questionable for "America's Got Talent" season finale tonight

"Entertainment Tonight" reports today that "America's Got Talent" head judge Piers Morgan was involved in a car accident last Friday in Santa Monica, breaking a few ribs. He had to go to the hospital that day. Morgan says that he will try the best he can to make it to tonight's show.

Monday, August 20, 2007

"World Series of Blackjack"- Second Semifinal

Tonight's players ae Jarek Markowiak, Three-Card Poker Champion Alice Walker, George Mandilaras, Jeff Swenson and Marlin Horseman. The two big winners tonight, along with the lucky winner of the blind draw, will join Rick Fortin and Kristine Johnson in next week's $500,000 Championship Game.

After Swenson busted while making a $25,000 bet, he fell to last place wth $50,500. On the next hand, he bet $50,000, virtually going all in. At that point, Walker had the lead after making two Blackjacks, although she pushed in one case because the dealer also had made a Blackjack (at one point, the dealer acheived an extremely rare feat by pulling two Blackjacks in a row). Here's Swenson's first two cards:


Dealer's opening card...Queen of Diamonds, and the dealer makes a BLACKJACK, so Swenson's done tonight and he only adds $1,000 to his total. But he might get lucky with next week's blind draw. The dealer went on to make *4* Blackjacks in the first 12 hands, and hasn't busted once at that point.

Shortly after the dealer busted for the first time tonight, here are the scores:

Alice: $90,000
Jarek: $86,000
George: $82,000
Marlin: $75,000

On the next hand, here are the bets:

Alice: $10,000
George: $30,000
Jarek: $2,500
Marlin: $3,000


Alice: (9C)(10C) = 19
George: (3H)(5H)
Jarek: (10C)(QC) = 20
Marlin: (4S)(10S)

Dealer's opening card...5 of Clubs. Horseman takes a hit...and gets a Queen, so he busts. Walker and Markowiak freeze. Mandilaras hit and got a King of Spades to freeze at 18. Final hand for the dealer...

(5C)(2D)(QC) = 17

...a 17, so those not named Horseman win, and for Madilaras, it's a big one as he takes the lead with $112,000. Walker is back to her 100 grand base stack, Markowiak has $88,500 and Horseman is last with $72,500. Next hand's bets:

Alice: $15,000
George: $30,000
Jarek: $2,500
Marlin: $36,000


Alice: (7C)(7D)
George: (2C)(7C)
Jarek: (AS)(5S)
Marlin: (7H)(JD) = 17

Dealer's opener...5 of Clubs, again. Walker splits her sevens. On her first split hand, she gets a 3 of Diamonds to add to her first 7, and decided to Double Down on that split hand. On her other split hand, she got a 4 of Hearts to add to her other 7 and decided to Double Down there, as well.
After his first hit yielded him a Deuce of Clubs to go to 11, Mandilaras hit again...and got a 7 of Spades to freeze at 18. Markowiak decides to Double Down. Here's the dealer's final hand:

(5C)(4D)(2S)(5C)(8C) = BUSTED!!!

That means that Walker jumps to $160,000, while Madilaras has $142,000. Horseman has $108,000 and Markowiak has $93,500. On the next hand, Mandilaras is still addicted to betting $30,000 and Walker bets half that. Base hands for both:

Alice: (3H)(10H)
George: (8S)(8D)

Dealer's base card...Queen of Hearts. Mandilaras surrenders and goes back to $127,000. Walker hit...and gets an 8 of Diamonds to get 21! Final dealer hand...

(QD)(5D)(7C) = BUST BY ONE!

...and thanks to Mandilaras' surrender, Walker has a bigger lead with $175,000 to Mandilaras' $127,000. Next bets from everyone:

Alice: $20,000
George: $12,000
Jarek: $28,000
Marlin: $12,000


Alice: (AS)(3C)
George: (5H)(10H)
Jarek: (AS)(JH) = BLACKJACK!
Marlin: (AD)(2D)

Dealer's base card...4 of Clubs. Horseman decides to be a bit risky by Doubling Down, and Walker follows suit. After Mandilaras freezes at 15, here's the final dealer hand...

(4C)(QH)(JH) = BUSTED!

...and after hearing another big scream of delight from Walker, she now leads with $215,000. The other three are close to each other, as Mandilaras has $139,000, Horseman has $138,000 and Markowiak has $133,000. But when we get to the KO Hand, the game's gotten tighter again between everyone.

Alice: $185,000
Marlin: $172,000
Jarek: $156,500
George: $148,000


Alice: $15,000
George: $20,000
Jarek: $24,000
Marlin: $18,000


Alice: (2S)(6C)
George: (6D)(JS)
Jarek: (2H)(KS)
Marlin: (4S)(7S)

Dealer's base card...Jack of Spades. Mandilaras surrenders to go back to $138,000. Markowiak does the same and goes back to $144,500, and Mandilaras realizes that he goofed by surrendering. Horseman hits and gets a 3 of Hearts. Another hit later...he busts. Walker got up to 14 with her first hit, but busted with her second hit via a Queen. The dealer had a base hand of 16, and Mandilaras's surrendering mistake has cost him big time, as he's been eliminated with $2,000 tonight. But, there's always the blind draw.

Alice Walker and Marlin Horseman went on to the finals after Markowiak's late big betting costed him dearly. Walker won the $25,000 tonight.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 8/19

When Daniele Donato became the Head of Household for the second time last Thursday, I had a sinking feeling that Eric Stein was going to be put up for eviction on tonight's episode. I hope I was proven wrong.

Shortly after the HoH Competition had taken place, Stein said that he and Jessica Hughbanks have formed a secret alliance with the Donatos in order to assure their safety from eviction, but I'm not 100% sold on it.

Food Competition: The eight contestants (including Daniele) formed two teams of four. The teams...

Red: Dick Donato, Zach Swerdzewski, Eric Stein and Jessica Hughbanks
Blue: Daniele Donato, Jameka Cameron, Amber Tomcavage and Jen Johnson

...and the game is called "Slopball". Here, each team has their own set of ten big cans. The objective was for a team to fill all ten of their cans with a volleyball. Each person from the team
got one chance to fill in one of the team's cans. The first team to fill all ten cans won food for the week, while the other team was relegated to eating slop, unless both teams got a ball in their respective "Feast" can, at which point everyone got to enjoy a feast later in the week.

The results were.... came down to the last can for both teams, and it was between Stein of the Reds and Cameron of the Blues. The one who finished the job first was...Stein, so the Red Team won full food privileges for the week! It's not a total washout for the Blue Team, though- both teams filled their respective "Feast" can, so everyone will enjoy a fantastic feast very soon.

In a bit of a surprise, America told Stein to have Tomcavage nominated for eviction. The next America's Player poll asked America to decide which of the other seven houseguests do they want Stein to share a childhood woobie with.

Daniele put up for eviction......

...Tomcavage and Cameron.

Next Week in Game Shows: August 20-August 26 (BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK)

On the week where I begin my possible final year at Virginia Commonwealth University this Thursday, here's what's on tap:

America's Got Talent: The $1 Million winner is announced this week. Will another young singer win it and create more controversy?

Grand Slam: The other four quarterfinalists go head-to-head, including Ken Jennings.

The Singing Bee: I lied when I said last week's new episode was the season finale. This week's new episode is the season finale and will be about an hour long, but I won't be watching it.

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for August 13-19

I've decided that in order to avoid total heat from other people, I have decided to let two people split my MVP honors this week. They are, as follows:

MVPs: Michael Amaroso, Jr. ("Set for Life") and Ogi Ogas ("Grand Slam")

Last Friday, Amaroso, after starting his game with a red light, went on an incredible tear, pulling eight white lights in a row and froze at $504,00. Although he could've possibly won $1,344,000 had he continued on, he's still the second biggest traditional game show winner this year, only trailing Jamie Sadler, the $1 Million winner from "Power of 10". However, he is NOT a guarantee to make this year's "Salute of Champions", given how many people have called "Set for Life" one of the worst game shows in history.

Ogas made history not long ago on "Grand Slam" when he pulled off the upset of the current all-time game show winnings king, Brad Rutter, on last night's first quarterfinal episode. He did so thanks to his continued mastery of one of my favorite subjects, Math. He is also the first contestant to beat Rutter on any game show he has been on.

Other Big Winners and Notables:
David Legler- Semifinalist ("Grand Slam")
Sabra Johnson- $250,000 ("So You Think You Can Dance")
Rick Fortin and Kristine Johnson- Finalists ("World Series of Blackjack")
Lauren ?- $50,000 ("The Singing Bee")

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Current "American Idol" winner signed to record deal

Jordin Sparks, the youngest-ever "American Idol" winner, will have her first single called "Tattoo" on August 27th, with her first album being released sometime in November. She was signed under Jive, a division of Zomba Music Group. Zomba's most famous artists are Pink and Ciara.

Source: Reality TV Magazine

"Grand Slam" Quarterfinals Part I

To start, we have #1 Brad Rutter vs. #9 Ogi Ogas. The winner will face either Leszek Pawlowicz or David Legler in the semifinals in two weeks. Ogas starts the opening round.

Q1: Where are the headquarters of the Boeing Company?
Guess: Seattle- WRONG (A: Seattle)
Q2: What Babylonian king is associated with the legal principle "an eye for an eye"?
Guess: Hammurabi- RIGHT (50.04 left for Ogas)
Q3: Mammoth Cave National Park is located in what U.S. state?
Guess: Wyoming- WRONG (A: Kentucky)
Q4: What Greek physician is credited with founding the study of medicine?
I didn't understand his answer, but I knew it's wrong. It was Hippocrates.
Q5: What Martin Scorsese chronicles the story of Maria informant Henry Hill?
Guess: "Goodfellas"- RIGHT (44.57 seconds left for Rutter)
Q6: What two characters are described in a William Shakespeare play as being "star-crossed lovers"?
Guess: "Romeo and Juliet"- YOU BET (44.08 left for Ogas)
Q7: The Latin adage "Cogito, ergo sum" was coined by what French philosopher?
Guess: (Rene) Descartes- RIGHT (33.25 left for Rutter)
Q8: What color of M&M was unavailable for most of the 1970s and 80s due to worries over a food-coloring product?
Guess: Green- NO (A: Red)
Q9: What is the first and last name of Henry VIII's widow?
Guess: Katherine Parr- YES (32.23 left for Ogas)
Q10: What planet is eight-furthest from the Sun?
Guess: Uranus- NO (A: Neptune)
Q11: In 2006, what former Senator was appointed to lead a steroid investigation for MLB?
Guess: (George) Mitchell- RIGHT (29.04 left for Rutter)
Q12: From what university did the three founders of the humor magazine "National Lampoon" graduate?
Guess: Harvard- YES (26.96 left for Ogas)
Q13: What pastor has sold over 25 million copies of his book, "The Purpose Driven Life"?
Guess: Rick Warren- RIGHT (24.07 left for Rutter)
Q14: What do the letters in the TV series "JAG" stand for?
PASS- Judge Advocate General
Q15: In his 2002 State of the Union Speech, President Bush called Iran, Iraq and what other country an "axis of evil"?
Guess: North Korea- CORRECT (12.80 left for Ogas)
Q16: In what film did "Dirty Harry" Callahan first utter the words, "Go ahead, make my day"?
Guess: "Sudden Impact"- RIGHT (18.63 left for Rutter)
Q17: In May 2000, Angelina Jolie married which former co-star in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony?
PASS- Billy Bob Thornton

Time runs out on question #18, so Rutter adds 18.63 to his final round clock, making it 1:18.63. And he starts Round 2, where Ogas has never answered a question incorrectly so far.

Q1: What is 1/7 of 224?
SWITCH to Ogas, who says 32- RIGHT (56.12 left for Rutter, 58.87 left for Ogas)
Q2: What is 5.4 + 6.7?
Guess: 12.3- ABSOLUTELY NOT (A: 12.1)
Q3: 20 +44 = X - 22
Guess: 42- DOPE (A: 86)
Q4: The abbreviation for "master of ceremonies", when used as a Roman numeral, converts to what standard number?
Guess: 1,100- RIGHT (38.44 left for Rutter)
Q5: What is 52 - 26- 13?
Guess: 13- YOU BET (A: 54.88 left for Ogas)
Q6: If it's 7 PM in L.A., what time is it in NYC?
Guess: 10 PM- INDEED (33.54 left for Rutter)
Q7: What's the dollar value of 7 quarters and three dimes?
Guess: $2.05- BINGO (49.41 left for Ogas)
Q8: If x is greater than y, and y is less than z, do we know that x is greater than z?
Q9: What is the greatest number of 150-pound men who can ride an elevator with a maximum load of 1,000 pounds?
Guess: 7- OFF BY ONE (A: 6)
Q10: Two lines that are in the same planeand never cross are what kind of lines?
Guess: Parallel, after originally saying perpendicular- RIGHT (A: 13.71 left for Rutter)
Q11: If The New York Times implements a 6% price increase on it's $3.50 Sunday paper, what is the new price?
Both players SWITCH twice, and Rutter passes after Ogas uses his second pass (A: $3.71)
Q12: How many days is 1 week- 72 hours?
Guess: 3 days, just before saying the right answer of 4 days- WRONG

Ogas still has not answered a math question wrong, at least in Round 2, and adds a whopping 39.08 to his final round clock. And he starts Round 3.

Q1: (TARMAC NOSE)- What U.S. state capital is anagrammed here?
Guess: SACRAMENTO- RIGHT (55.65 left for Ogas)
Q2: (FROUBLTERTON)- Unscramble this board to get the first and last name of a famous inventor.
Q3: (DID ANNALISA THEN ACTUALLY GO?)- What Greek goddess is hidden in this question?
Q4: How many consonants appear in the word "destitute"?
Guess: 5- RIGHT (39.82 left for Rutter)
Q5: Chain Reaction- DUST _____ SLOPE (five-letter word needed)
Q6: Adding what letter to the word "dove" changes its meaning to "a large mass of people moving as a body"?
Q7: Fill in the rest of G _ N _ A G _ to form the name of a university located in Spokane, Washington.
Q8: Spell "tarantula".
Successful?- YES (31.30 left for Ogas)
Q9: (TCHOAGDO)- Decipher the two African countries hidden in this jumble.
Guess: CHAD AND TOGO- RIGHT (33.66 left for Rutter)
Q10: (IT'S YODEL AWARNESS MONTH!)- What U.S. state is hidden in this phrase?
Guess: DELAWARE- RIGHT (27.39 left for Ogas)
Q11: Fill in the rest of this puzzle to get the name of a popular reality TV show:

_ M E _ I _ A' _

_ E X _

_ O P

_ _ D E L

Guess: "America's Next Top Model"- YOU BET (27.33 left for Rutter)
Q12: What "P" is the name for the groove in your upper lip that runs up to your nose?
PASS- Philtrum
Q13: Chain Reaction- PORTER _____ LIGHTS (five-letter word needed)
Guess: HOUSE- RIGHT (18.20 left for Ogas)
Q14: (SCILWAFRLK)- Seperate the last names of the American explorers hidden in this phrase.
Guess: LEWIS AND CLARK- RIGHT (22.95 left for Rutter)
Q15: (DRY ALLIES)- What astronaut's name is anagrammed here?
Q16: In the abbreviation of the Arab political group "PLO", the letter "L" stands for what word?
Guess: Liberation- RIGHT (7.12 left for Ogas)
Q17: Spell "daffodil".
Successful?- YES (19.05 left for Rutter)

Rutter went on to win the round with 14.20 left. That meant that Ogas's final round clock remains at 1:39.08, while Rutter's final round clock grand total is now 1:32.83, so unlike most of the past few matches during the first round, it's still anybody's match. And Rutter starts the final round, with each player now having two switches at this point.

Q1: What opera sta's name means "peaceful Sunday" in Spanish?
PASS- "Placido Domingo"
Q2: What is 74.7 - 28.8?
PASS- 45.9
Q3: What African great lake is surrounded by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?
Guess: Lake Victoria- RIGHT (1:17.95 left for Rutter)
Q4: (SIT IN SOBERLY)- What late Russian leader's name is anagrammed here?
Q5: What is the capital of the state of Washington?
Guess: Olympia- RIGHT (1:27.40 left for Ogas)
Q6: In Braille, what letter of the alphabet is represented by only one dot?
SWITCH to Ogas, who says A- YOU BET (1:26.19 left for Ogas, 1:12.34 left for Rutter)
Q7: Fill in the rest of _ P _ R _ _ I T _ to get the name of a famous Greek mythological character.
Guess: APHRODITE- RIGHT (1:07.16 left for Rutter)
Q8: What is the highest number under 200 that is a perfect square?
SWITCH to Rutter, who PASSES (A: 196)
Q9: In the U.S. Army, what rank comes immediately before major?
Guess: Lieutenant Colonel- NO (A: General)
Q10: In fall 2007, NBC will debut a remake of what 1970s TV series that starred Lindsay Wagner?
Guess: "The Bionic Woman"- YOU BET (51.41 left for Rutter)
Q11: What 20th century artist was married to painter Frida Kahlo?
Guess: Diego Rivera- RIGHT (1:16.84 left for Ogas)
Q12: Which of these numbers is not ever divisible by 13- 26, 52, 92 or 117?
Guess: 117- NO (A: 92)
Q13: Fill in the rest of _ _ _ _ _ R O Y to get the name of a fabric.
Guess: CORDUROY- RIGHT (42.41 left for Rutter)
Q14: What philosopher wrote the line "Hell is other people"?
Guess: Sarger- RIGHT (1:11.92 left for Ogas)
Q15: (MARCH GREAT HATTER)- What former world leader is anagrammed here?
Q16: What is 19.65 - 18.72?
PASS- .93
Q17: In Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven", what word does the raven constantly repeat?
Guess: "nevermore"- RIGHT (25.34 left for Rutter)
Q18: Which President Bush administration member performs in a band called "Beats Workin'"?
PASS- Tony Snow
Q19: Spell "squalor".
Successful?- YES (1:01.03 left for Ogas)
Q20: Who is the only woman of African-American descent to have won the Oscar for Best Actress?
Guess: Halle Berry- RIGHT (19.09 left for Rutter)
Q21: Chain Reaction- DRAW ______ CHEESE (six-letter word needed)
SWITCH to Rutter, who says STRING- RIGHT (18.65 left for Rutter, 57.62 left for Ogas)
Q22: Which movie had a larger U.S. opening weekend at the box office- "Spider Man 3" or "Shrek The Third"?
Guess: "Spider Man 3"- RIGHT (50.60 left for Ogas)

Ogas went on to win with 16.82 left on his clock, meaning the all-time GS champ goes down because of his struggles early on in the final round.

His semifinal opponent will be decided right now, because Legler and Pawlowicz are next. The killer Pawlowicz starts the opening round.

Q1: In May 2006, what politician won re-election as the mayor of New Orleans?
Guess: Ray Nagin- RIGHT (A: 54.79 left for Pawlowicz)
Q2: The 38th parallel is most associated with what military conflict?
Guess: Vietnam War- WRONG (A: Korean War)
Q3: What artist directed the movies “Chelsea Girls”, “Blue Movie” and “Eat” in the 1960s?
Guess: Andy Warhol- RIGHT (48.53 left for Legler)
Q4: What reality TV show’s first winner was a businessman named Bill Rancic? PASS- "The Apprentice"

Q5: What famous American’s only son was named “Edsel”?
Guess: Henry Ford- RIGHT (43.89 left for Pawlowicz)
Q6: How many James Bond movies did Pierce Brosnan star in as “007”?
Guess: 4- RIGHT (42.95 left for Legler)
Q7: What 90s band took its name from an outdoor sculpture in Seattle?
Guess: Nirvana- NO (A: Soundguard)
Q8: TV personality Cesar Milan is known by what moniker?
Guess: “The Dog Whisperer”- RIGHT (32.73 left for Pawlowicz)
Q9: Rattlesnake, Kelleys and South Bass are all islands on what Great Lake?
Guess: (Lake) Michigan- NO (A: Lake Erie)
Q10: The 1997 movie “Jackie Brown” is an adaptation of what Elmore Leonard novel?
PASS- “Rum Punch”
Q11: What is the name of the sword owned by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth character, Bilbo Baggins?
Guess: Sting- RIGHT (22.26 left for Legler)
Q12: In the U.S. Army, what is the rank immediately above corporal?
PASS- Sergeant
Q13: What #1 1996 song inspired a dance craze?
Guess: “Macarena”- YOU BET (21.71 left for Pawlowicz)
Q14: What part of a person’s eye determines its color?
Guess: Iris- RIGHT (18.04 left for Legler)
Q15: What animal is the mascot for the fictional high school football team on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”?
Guess: PASS- Panther
Q16: What carotenoid gives tomatoes a red color?
Guess: Lycopene- RIGHT (10.91 left for Pawlowicz)
Q17: In 2007, Haliburton made news when its corporate headquarters relocated to what foreign country?
Guess: France- NO (A: United Arab Emerates)
Q18: In 2007, Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for his portrayal of what former world leader?
Guess: Idi Amin- RIGHT (3.57 left for Legler)
That means that if Pawlowicz can answer a question correctly within 10.91, he’ll win the round.
Q19: What sport is known as “the sweet science”?
Guess: Boxing- WIN!

Pawlowicz adds 6.94 to his final round clock. Legler will try to fare better in Round 2, which he’ll start.

Q1: What is the square root of 225 divided by the square root of 25?
Guess: 3- YES (54.23 left for Legler)
Q2: How many quarters equal $30?
Guess: 120- RIGHT (55.64 left for Pawlowicz)
Q3: How many feet are in a fathom?
Guess: 6- RIGHT (51.12 left for Legler)
Q4: What do you get when you cube the number of U.S. senators currently representing Rhode Island?
Guess: 8- RIGHT (49.45 left for Pawlowicz)
Q5: 5x- 5 = 7x- 19
Guess: 7- RIGHT (45.77 left for Legler; I would’ve passed immediately on this question)
Q6: What number is represented by the Roman numeral CXCVI?
Guess: 196- RIGHT (42.40 left for Pawlowicz)
Q7: What is 105/3?
Guess: 35- RIGHT (40.77 left for Legler)
Q8: In Geometry, a line that touches the circle at only one point, without intersecting, is called what?
Guess: Secant- NO (A: Tangent, and I think Pawlowicz quietly said the F word upon missing that question)
Q9: What is 4/3 of 27?
Guess: 36- RIGHT (32.22 left for Pawlowicz)
Q10: What is 5% of 150?
Guess: 7.5- RIGHT (33.87 left for Legler; I would’ve said 3)
Q11: What is 43 + 29 - 13?
Guess: 46- NO (A: 56, and I‘m not sure if Pawlowicz quietly said the S word or shoot after getting this one wrong)
Q12: If some grogs are bobos, and all bobos are flumps, are any grogs flumps?
Guess: NO- WRONG
Q13: A newborn is 8 pounds. If it increases its body weight by 50% every six months, how much will it weigh after one year?
Guess: 18- RIGHT (7.18 left for Pawlowicz)
Q14 consists of this board:
(2) (4) (6)
(1) (3) (5)
(5) (?) (9)
Guess: 7- RIGHT (27.13 left for Legler)
Q15: Which of these numbers is NOT a multiple of 9- 27, 36, 42, 54?
SWITCH to Legler, and if he’s right, he clinches the round….he says 42 and wins!

Legler beats Pawlowicz big time in the round Pawlowicz excelled in, and his final round clock total stands at 1:25.38! Pawlowicz will try to redeem himself in Round 3, which he’ll start.

Q1: (WILL ABC CANCEL LOST NEXT YEAR?)- What musical instrument is hidden in this question?
Guess: CELLO- RIGHT (55.85 left for Pawlowicz)
Q2: In online dating ads, the “W” in the abbreviation “SWF” stands for what?
Guess: “White”- RIGHT (54.25 left for Legler)
Q3: Chain Reaction- TOP _________ REPUBLIC (six-letter word needed)
Both players SWITCH to each other until Pawlowicz runs out and passes (A: BANANA; Legler has one Switch left)
Q4: Complete A _ _ R _ _ R _ to get the name of a mechanism in a camera that regulates light passing through the lens.
Guess: APERTURE- RIGHT (42.34 left for Pawlowicz)
Q5: In the Greek alphabet, what letter comes three after rho?
Guess: epsilon- RIGHT (46.13 left for Legler)
Q6: Spell “alfalfa”.
Successful?- NO
Q7: (OLD MIRAGE)- What 20th century world leader is anagrammed here?
Q8: What “Q” is a nosy person or busybody?
PASS- quidnunc
Q9: (DID CAL WIN AN ENDICOTT AWARD?)- What Canadian city is hidden in this question?
PASS- OTTAWA (Pawlowicz had it on the tip of his tongue, and only has about 17 seconds left!)
Q10: In medicine, what does the “IV” stand for in an “IV drip”?
Guess: Intravenous- RIGHT (12.62 left for Pawlowicz)
Q11: (BACRLATORAN)- Unscramble the board to get the first and last name of a famous nurse.
SWITCH to Pawlowicz, who says CLARA BARTON- RIGHT (40.22 left for Legler; 11.91 left for Pawlowicz)
Q12: What word is formed by every other letter in the word “courtliness”?
PASS- cuties (I don’t blame Legler for passing that one.)
Q13: Chain Reaction- SWORD ______ GROUND (four-letter word)
Q14: (A SCUBA)- What device used for addition is anagrammed here?
Guess: ABACUS- RIGHT (21.54 left for Legler)
Q15: What is the middle letter of “equidistant“?

That means Legler’s grand total for his final round clock is 1:46.92, while Pawlowicz has a final round clock total of 1:06.94. Legler starts the final round.

Q1: In the film “Cast Away”, what is the name of the imaginary friend made out of a volleyball?
Guess: Spalding- NO (A: Wilson)
Q2: How many consonants are in the word “loquaciousness”?
Guess: 6- SORRY (A: 6)
Q3: In part 2 of Shakespeare’s “Henry VI”, a character says, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the”
Guess: “lawyers”- RIGHT (1:30.17 left for Legler)
Q4: What Israeli leader won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize along with Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin?
Guess: Ariel Sharon- WRONG (A: Shimon Peres)
Q5: What famous author has published novels under the name “Richard Bachman”?
Guess: Stephen King- RIGHT (55.34 left for Pawlowicz)
Q6: (FREE WILL)- Add a letter to this phrase to get the name of a hit movie.
Guess: Y (as in “Free Willy”)- RIGHT (1:25.42 left for Legler)
Q7: In square feet, what is the area of a rectangle with sides of 14 feet and 13 feet?
Guess: 182- RIGHT (47.66 left for Pawlowicz)
Q8: In casino blackjack, if you have a soft hand, what card must you be holding?
Guess: Ace- RIGHT (1:20.65 left for Legler)
Q9: What “F” is a steep-sided sea inlet typically found in glacial regions?
Guess: fiord- RIGHT (42.91 left for Pawlowicz)
Q10: What is 14 x 7 x 2?
Guess: 196- RIGHT (1:13.58 left for Legler)
Q11: What club was founded on a Spanish island in 1950 by Gerard Blitz?
PASS- Club Med
Q12: What word is used to describe two words fused together , such as “smog”?
Guess: Portmanteaux- RIGHT (31.23 left for Pawlowicz)
Q13: The Sharks and Jets did battle in what Leonard Bernstein musical?
Guess: “West Side Story”- RIGHT (1:08.72)

Legler goes on to win with little trouble, as 44.55 was left on his clock, meaning he’s Ogas’ opponent for the semifinals.

"Set For Life" rating rises again

The big-winning episode of "Set for Life" scored a 3.2 Fast Nielsen with a 7 share, setting a new series high rating for the second week in a row. If this should keep up, maybe ABC should bring this series back for next summer.


GSN schedule update

According to, beginning Sept. 9th, "Playmania" will no longer air at early Monday mornings. Instead, after the Sunday night schedule ends, "Super Password" will air at midnight, "Double Dare 1976" will air at 12:30 AM, "Body Language" will air at 1 AM and "Beat the Clock" with Monty Hall will air at 1:30 AM.

Friday, August 17, 2007

"Big Brother 8" Note

Unless I am told otherwise, as a result of CBS's recent scheduling plans for "Power of 10", the season finale for "Big Brother 8" will now air on a Sunday- September 16th.

"Power of 10" to air two new episodes a week soon?

According to CBS and a board member from the Game Show Forum, CBS is expected to add a second regular time slot for "Power of 10" starting next week. This Tuesday's episode will be a repeat of the previous episode, with a new episode airing this Wednesday. Beginning on the week of August 27-September 2, the Tuesday-Wednesday schedule will take effect. All episodes are still expected to start at 8 PM.

"Set For Life" Episode 5

Tonight’s first player is Michael Amaroso Jr., a home inspector from Smithtown, NY. He recently had to put up his own house for sale because he wasn’t making enough money as he had hoped for while doing family business. His Guardian Angel is his father, Mike. The base amount for this game is $2,800. After the first step, here’s how the money grows:

6 Months: $16,800
Year: $33,600
2 Years: $67,200
3 Years- $100,800
5 Years- $168,000
10 Years- $336,000
15 Years- $504,000
20 Years- $672,000
25 Years- $940,000

11/$/1 Month
14/$/6 Months
5/$/1 Year
13/$/2 Years
9/$/3 Years
7/$/5 Years
4/$/10 Years
1/$/15 Years- STOP

If Mike stopped him just one step too soon, or never stopped at all, Amaroso will become the all-time top winner on this show. Did Mike stop at all?....



Next up is Taye Swing from Calastaic, CA. She is a clothing designer and a motorcycle nut. Her Guardian Angel is her husband, Gary. Base amount is $2,700. Here’s how the money grows in this game, after the first month:

6 Months: $16,200
Year: $32,400
2 Years: $64,800
3 Years: $97,200
5 Years: $162,000
10 Years: $324,000
15 Years: $486,000
20 Years: $648,000
25 Years: $810,000

She stopped picking just before time ran out on the night, with one red light out of the way at….$162,000. But she’ll have to wait until the next time to see how much money she’s actually taking home.

"So You Think You Can Dance" finale rating and note

The first hour of the "So You Think You Can Dance" season finale scored a 5.2 Fast Nielsen with a 9 share. The second hour and whatever overrun did a 6.5 with an 11 share.

For those that missed any part of it (including yours truly due to that freakin' weather in my area), check out the replay on Fox Reality tonight at 8 PM EST (so says my mother).


"Temptation" and "Crosswords" to get primetime TV previews

According to and The Futon Critic, GS fans will get an early first look at both of the new sydnicated game shows a week before their intended series premiere.

The sneak preview of "Temptation" will consist of two episodes, and it will air on Wednesday, September 5th at 8 PM on MyNetworkTV.

The sneak preview of "Crosswords" will air September 8th at 8:30 PM on NBC.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"So You Think You Can Dance" final results

The eliminations took place IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

The first person out of the running is.....

...Lacey Schwimmer, meaning Danny Tidwell may be home free at this point.

The second dancer eliminated is.....

...Neil Haskell, meaning either my second choice to win it all has won, or we will have our first ever female champion on this show.

After Cat Deeley and Nigel Lythgoe had their dance cartoon shown, courtesy of the folks at JibJab.....



.....NONE OTHER THAN......