Sunday, September 30, 2007

Details of GSK's 1st Anniversary Celebration

In four weeks from tomorrow, Game Show Kingdom will mark its first anniversary on the Internet!

To commermorate this special occasion, the week of October 29-November 4 will be declared Game Show Kingdom's 1st Anniversary Week. All throughout that week, I will reveal some of the most memorable happenings that have taken place, on or outside TV, during my first year covering the game show world. Also, I will reveal some of the dumbest answers that I have heard from my game show viewing!

All this, plus hopefully some big wins on a few game shows, are on tap for the 1st Anniversary Week! Hope to see you then!

"Top Chef 3" Finals- Part 1

The four finalists are Dale Levitski, Hung Huynh, Casey Thompson and Brian Malarkey.

The guest judge for the finals is Eric Ripert, who is a well-known executive chef from Le Bernardin.

The finalists at this point weren’t in Miami- they were in Aspen, Colorado.

Quickfire Challenge: Everyone was standing at the Frying Pan River Valley, Aspen’s main source for trout. In addition to having to catch some trout, everyone was given a camping stove.
Additional ingredients usually found in the pantry were made available on a table. The challenge was to make a dish using the trout and whatever else they chose from the table. Levitski said he was uncomfortable working with seafood.

Malarkey’s dish was trout cooked in rendered bacon fat, trout eggs, red pepper and brown butter.

Thompson did a trout filet with crisped skin, grapes and summer corn. I wasn’t impressed with her.

Huynh served a curried filet of trout with sautéed mushrooms. Could his winning streak continue?

Levitski also did a filet trout, but his was done with cayenne bacon, apple, fennel and bourbon.

The winner was…the only lady left (Thompson)!

Elimination Challenge: Everybody was taken to the Moon Run Ranch, where a rodeo get-together was being held at the time. The remaining chefs each had to cater food for at least 45 people. Since Thompson won the Quickfire, she was allowed to use any of the ingredients she brought with her from the Quickfire for this challenge.

Thompson did a mushroom-crusted loin of elk with a cauliflower duo (one was caramelized, while the other was sautéed with olive oil) and tomato butter.

Levitski’s opener was spiced elk loin with huckleberry and blackberry sauce, cauliflower and fingerling potatoes.

Double H cooked up seared elk loin with Pommes Boulangere and chocolate and red wine sauce.
Malarkey did a whiskey-braised elk shank with potato puree, pancetta, corn and asparagus relish.

Everybody’s food was said to have been good, but who will be only watching the finale (unless he/she is made available as a partner for the final challenge)? That person is….

…Malarkey. Levitski won this challenge.

Next Week in Game Shows: October 1-7

Next week begins a very big month for this site. Among the highlights this month:

Top Chef: Wednesday night's season finale takes place LIVE from Chicago, which is where the fourth season of the show will take place! Will Casey Thompson become the first-ever female champion? Or can Hung Huynh come through?

Deal or No Deal: The Million Dollar Mission continues. Can somebody win the big prize this week?

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: The new classmates arrive this week!

The Singing Bee: The second season begins this Tuesday, and remember, there are now returning champions!

Jeopardy!: The past two weeks have been terrible. Nobody won at least $20,000 during that time. Can things get better just before the kids drop by the following week?

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for Sept. 24-30; Player of the Month for September 2007

MVPs: Patricks ("Family Feud")

This family got off to a slow start on their first two trips to Fast Money. However, they pulled off a rarity on their next two tries there with back-to-back $20,000 wins. They then pulled off a shutout win over the Johnstons to become undefeated champions. Although they fell a little short of closing their run with three straight $20,000 wins (which hasn't been done by any family on this version of the show since the all-time winning Cole family did it with Richard Karn), they still are the biggest winners of the season so far with $42,405, and we may see them again in a Tournament of Champions soon.

(And this is an UNDISPUTED selection, because's choice as Players of the Week matched my pick!)

Other big winners and notables:

Jessica Thieme- $200,000 ("Don't Forget the Lyrics!")
Tim Kryeski- $180,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Greg Johnson- $175,000 ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
Charlene Miranda- $165,000 ("DOND")
Josh Arnold- $100,000 ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
Melissa Vilarealle- $75,601 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Angel Crocksel- $57,150 ("Wheel")
Henry Mitchell III- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")

Now, my Player of the Month selection for the month of September was an easy one. It's "Jeopardy!" legend Ken Jennings, who won "Grand Slam" early in the month.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

"That's the Question" 9/29

The players tonight are Missy Hoss from St. Thomas and Mike Gill from California (who is a golfer). The man gets control with WHAT CHARACTER "MET A PIEMAN GOING TO THE FAIR"?, and then Simple Simon. Here's the first board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/'_ _ _ _'?

ANSWER: Cricket

Believe it or not, the answer to the first mini-question was golf, and the golfer gets it! After he misses a question about the Ice Age, we have...

_ H _ T/I N _ _ C T/R _ _ _/I T _/

_ I N G _/T _ G _ T H _ R/T _/' _ I N G'?

ANSWER: Cricket

I think I might know this now. At this point, the woman leads 9-3.

(VBNIRRRN)- What do Buddhists calls the highest state of consciousness? She says NIRVANA, which is right for a B and another point, bringing her to 10.
(OLLBWRDROLIOTL)- What denomination of U.S. currency depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence? The man blanks out- it was the $2 bill. Two O's go into the question.
(NFDSERIE)- How you doing? That's the question used as a pickup line on which sitcom? She also draws a blank. It was said by Joey, and the answer was "Friends". Three E's go on the board.
(MNATUCSIMO)- According to the title, Karl Marx wrote what kind of "manifesto"? Another blankout- the answer was Communist, with an A going on the board.
(KINSW)- What outer covering of the human body is the first line of defense against infection? The lady snaps the cold streak with SKIN for two W's and two points, and she then solves WHAT INSECT RUBS ITS WINGS TOGETHER TO 'SING'? to go to 17. Here's board #2 of Round 1:

_ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _' _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?


The golfer continues to hit sand traps when it comes to his attempts to coming up with correct answers. After his miss on a question about "West Side Story", we have...

_ _ A T/_ _/A M _ R _ C A' _/

_ A R G _ _ T- _ _ _ _ _ N G/_ _ T _ R G _ N T?


...I definitely know this one know. The score is now 18-3 in Hoss' favor.

(EITBSAAAD)- What computing term refers to a large set of information organized for rapid retrieval? She didn't get it immediately, but she says DATABASE for three A's and points, giving her 21.
(MTGREEKEPIRAN)- We can all blame Carl McGee for what 1930s coin-operated streetside invention? Another blankout by the golfer- it was PARKING METER, so he misses out on six points. Six E's go on the board.
(TAGDSURR)- Nickelodeon's longest-running show starred what animated toddlers? She gets RUGRATS for another point and a D.
(RDJWFO)- What Norwegian word refers to a steep-sided, glacier-carved inlet? He says's a miracle- he finally got another question right! But does he say WHAT IS AMERICA'S LARGEST-SELLING DETERGENT?...yes, so he goes to 9! Last board this round:

_ _ _ _/'_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _'/_ _ _/_/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Madonna

I know the first three words already without any help. After the golfer misses a question on "The Singing Bee", we have...

W _ _ T/'_ _ T _ R I _ _/_ I R _'/W _ S/_/

_ _ _ _ R _ _ _ D _ A?

ANSWER: Madonna, I'm just stumped on the last word. The golfer hasn't scored this round, while the lady still leads with 22.

(RYEEAM)- From the jingle, "If your bologna has a first name, and it's O-S-C-A-R", what's your bologna's second name. She gets MAYER for five E's and five points, taking her to 27. The last word now reads...

_ _ E E R _ E _ D E R

...I know the puzzle now.

(NEWRLEDWAHYT)- What American artist painted a woman and her rural landscape in "Christina's World"? He says It was Andrew Wyeth. He misses out on three points, since three L's go on the board.
(MKYNRKWREENSOYE)- Billy Martin was hired and fired five times as manager by what baseball team? Believe it or not, the lady blanks out! It was the New York Yankees. An M goes on the board.
(ORCOE)- What black and white Nabisco snack is the most popular cookie in the world? He gets Oreo no sweat to go to 10 and put an R on the board, but he can't buzz in on the big question in time.
(HIMALGIEMNNC)- Originally named "Bibendum", what mascot for a tire company looks like a stack of innertubes? She gets MICHELIN MAN for a G and a point, and she solves WHAT 'MATERIAL GIRL' WAS A CHEERLEADER to boost her score to 33 as the opening round comes to a close.

The new board for Round 2:

_ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _' _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

"_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _"?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _ _

After the golfer knows about Jimi Hendrix, he's back in it with 24. The leader has 41. Here's the board now...

_ H _ T/_ S/THE/_ _ L L' S/_ _ _ E/_ _/

"C _ S T/_ _ _ Y"?

ANSWER: _ _ L S _ _

...I don't know.

(PMIZRPE)- What clothing fastener was once known as a "clasp locker"? He says ZIPPER for an M and another 2 points.
(TNISAUI)- The University of Texas is located in what capital city? He gets AUSTIN to go to 30. Two I's go into the question, and another one goes into the answer.
(DNEIRRSTBCENHSPIE)- What 1987 fairy tale does Wesley repeatedly say to Buttercup, "As you wish"? He says "Snow White"...NO WAY. It was "The Princess Bride". Two N's go into the question, and N is the last letter of the answer to it.
(AWZCHNPEMEI)- Jane Goodall has spent most of her life studying what types of animals? The lady gets CHIMPANZEE to go to 45, as two W's go into the question and another is the first letter of the question's answer. All I don't know to the puzzle is the fourth word of the question.
(LIASOLMRHAFLSAE)- When the first open-seen men's briefs went on sale in 1935, what Chicago store's doors were the first to fly open? Neither I or her could come up with the answer. It was Marshall Fields. The next mini-question is the last one for this board.
(TGEHTAMORTREOBSELBAL)- Known as the "Clown Prince of Basketball", Metal Lark Lemmon played for what exhibition team? He says The Harlem Globetrotters...the answer was just Harlem Globetrotters, but the judges give it to him for a B and the two points. He then says WHAT IS THE BALL'S NAME IN "CAST AWAY", and then Wilson to go to 42!

He is just behind by three points now, 45 to 42. The speed round on this last board will decide the winner. Here it is when time was called:

W _ _ T/_ _ S _/E _ _ L O _ E E/T _ T L E/

_ E _ _ S/'S T _ R/S _ _ L O R'?

ANSWER: _ S T R O _ _ _ T

And just as the final letters in the question pop in (the A's), the man rings in just in time with WHAT NASA EMPLOYEE TITLE MEANS 'STAR SAILOR'? and then ASTRONAUT to pull off the greatest comeback win I've seen on this show!

His final score was 64, so he got 64 seconds in the endgame. After they expired, he faced this board for $5,000:

_ H _ _/P B _/_ H O _/_ P P R _ _ _ E _/

P E O P L E' _/O L _/H E _ R L O O _ _?

ANSWER: "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"

At the buzzer, he says WHAT PBS SHOW APPLAUDS...oops. I wouldn't have gotten this one either- it was WHAT PBS SHOW APPRAISES PEOPLE'S OLD HEIRLOOMS?. I would have said APPROACHED instead of APPRAISES for the fourth word of the question. I did know the answer, though- it was "Antiques Roadshow".

Friday ratings- OUCH

Last night's episode of "Deal or No Deal" pulled its lowest rating to date for a first-run episode. It pulled a 4.9 Fast Nielsen with a 9 share.

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" did a 3.3 with a 6 share.

Friday, September 28, 2007

WWE Diva Ashley loses on "Survivor: China"

As many of you know by now, WWE Diva Ashley Massaro was eliminated last night by a unanimous vote, with Massaro voting for Dave Cruser. I knew the outcome after my brother told me several days ago. At least they got her out of the game very early- if she had just missed the championship round, I would have been very heartbroken. But that does mean that since she failed to make the jury, unless I am told otherwise, she will not appear again on the show until the live championship show.

"America's Next Top Model"- 9th season officially gets underway

Here are the finalists this time:


To start, everyone was in the fashion district of L.A., at California Market Center. For the entire season, they all traveled together in a 100% BioDiesel bus.

For their first photo shoot, the topic was the effects of smoking. Each lady had to do two shots. For the first shot, each one had to look glamorous while smoking. For the other shot, a reflection image of the bad effects of smoking was done. The two photos for each lady was then merged.

At this point, the photographer was Mike Rosenthal.

Ambreal started things off. For whatever reason, I wasn't impressed with her first shot. For her bad side effect, she had to imitate lung cancer, and with fake blood coming out of her mouth, I really liked that one.

Jenah was second. I thought her first shot was dull. The side effect she had to imitate was hair loss from chemotherapy. I thought she could've grabbed her hair and acted liked she absolutely hated being bald. She was terrible, IMO.

Heather struck some of her opponents badly because she's said to not be that sociable to others.

Mila went third. She blew her first shot. The side effect she had to act out was the same as Jenah's. Like Jenah, she screwed up her second shot by just laughing there! She could've possibly torn some of her hairs out to make herself look better. Absolutely terrible.

Janet was fourth. Her first shot wasn't anything special. Her side effect was being burned...and she didn't act the way I wanted to. Another poor performance.

Chantal was next. She was OK on her first shot for whatever reason. Her side effect was Tracheotomy, and she looked appropriately disgusted! I thought she did a good job.

Heather and Saleisha then went at the same time. They had to depict second-hand smoking for their side effect. I liked Saleisha better for the first shot, but Saleisha said she didn't care about working with a partner. I liked Saleisha more than Heather for the second shot as well. However, Jay Manuel took note that the two didn't connect at all.

Kimberly did her first shot perfectly- she put the cigarette in her mouth for her first shot, which everyone should've done! For her side effect, she had to put on a sunken face, which was OK, but not as good as the first one. All in all, she did a good job.

Sarah had some trouble with part of her hair during the first shot, so she got off to a tough start. Her side effect was premature aging, and she did that perfectly!

Victoria then had her turn. She was OK for the first shot, as she posed in a sexual manner by having her leg on the table. Her side effect was to act like she had a stillborn child. With the fake tears, she looked good!

Ebony was next. Her first shot was not good, especially as Manuel told her at one point she acted like she was sitting on a toilet! She had to act as if she had a collapsed lung for her other shot. Her other shot was much better, IMO.

Bianca then took her shot. Her first shot was OK, as she came close to putting the cigarette in her mouth. Her side effect assignment was to act as if she had severe gingivitis. The goofy smile was perfect for this situation, IMO!

Lisa was the last one up. She was pretty good for her first shot, as she had the cigarette near her mouth and her facial expression was up to par. She also tried to be sexy, as she had her right leg on her chair. For her side effect, she had to pretend as if she had a facial tumor. She also gave a good shot there.

On my bad list were Jenah, Mila, Janet and Heather. Everyone had to pick out basic items of clothing while they were given the chance to shop at an Old Navy store. Thus, everyone wanted to look their best when they got their reviews from the judges.

The bottom two were Mila and Ebony. The first one eliminated this season was.....


9/28/2007 Results- Original "5th Grader" class' final day

Family Feud: Game #2 today pits the Paynes against the Lamyuens (for whatever reason, the show's logo appeared in place of their name during the intro).

The challengers score the first 93 points on things people would tell their bosses if they caught them cheating on their wives. They then go to 145 on expressions with the word "rub" in them.

Double: Name a sitcom that's so funny that you still laugh just as hard during the reruns. Starting with:

1. "Seinfeld" (18, Sharon)

The challengers play. Susan says "Married with Children"...not good enough for this survey. J.R. says "I Love Lucy"....#2 (10)! Junior says "Three's Company"...I don't think so. Trina says "Good Times", a sitcom my brother watches via the DVD sets...three strikes. Scot then says "Friends"...the champs are on the board with 56, because that's #4 (7). Not said:

3. "Everybody Loves Raymond" (8)
5. "That 70's Show" (5)
6. "All in the Family" (4)

Triple: Name a place where couples might celebrate their wedding anniversary. Susan says Hawaii...#2 (38). Trevor says the beach....not on the board, so the challengers get the first crack at this question. J.R.'s answer is reception (?!?!)...NO WAY. Junior goes with the amusement park...too extreme- strike two. Trina blanks out, so we will be going to Sudden Death no matter what happens when the champs go for the steal, since only 114 points are at stake this round. Scot's steal guess is dinner...that's #1 (56) to take the lead with 170. The remaining answers:

3. Home/bedroom (2)
4. Where it began (2)

Sudden Death: J.R. and Kambria play. a reason why someone might refuse to go on a cruise. The top answer was seasickness (54)...and Kambria's got it, so the Paynes win again at 332!

Fast Money: Scot is back here with Kambria. That's a wise move, IMO, after the way Eliz stunk it up for the team last time.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how good of a dancer are you?
2. Name a state with a direction in its name.
3. Name something you need to make a submarine sandwich.
4. Name something you associate with the month of December.
5. Name a sexy color of lingerie.

My guesses:
1. 10
2. North Carolina
3. Meat
4. Christmas
5. Pink

Scot says 10 (#1), Arizona (really bad, because it has no direction in it!), bread, Christmas (#1) and pink for 101. Kambria says 9, North Dakota (#1), meat (#1), New Year's and black for...216 and $20,000, giving them $22,635 now! The #1 answer for the last question was red.

WWTBAM: Let's see how much farther Rob Kallen can go. $16,000 question:

In 2007, conservative political pundit Ann Coulter had a much-publicized on-air spat with whom?

A: Michelle Obama
B: Elizabeth Edwards
C: Cindy McCain
D: Ann Romney

The 50:50 leaves Edwards and Romney. He then says Edwards...good for $16,000! For $25,000:

The fourth most populous county in the U.S., Maricopa County is home to what major city?

A: Denver
B: San Diego
C: Dallas
D: Phoenix

He goes for it with Dallas...NO. It was Phoenix, so he leaves with $1,000.

Next is Ana Handelman from San Fransisco. She's a bartender there. For $2,000:

From a word meaning "common people", what military academy students are often called "plebes"?

A: Freshmen
B: Sophomores
C: Juniors
D: Seniors

She asks the audience, and 92% said Freshmen. She agrees and is right. Two questions later, for $8,000:

On a standard pinao, the keyboard has fifty-two white keys and how many black ones?

A: 28
B: 36
C: 42
D: 54

She calls Scott, who is a musician, and he says that since there are 88 keys on a piano, the answer is 36. But she's still not sure enough, so she uses the 50:50, leaving 36 and 42. She then says 36 for $8,000. After getting the $16,000 question right, here's her $25,000 question:

Which of the following is a chapter title from Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" and not a Steven Seagal movie?

A: "On Deadly Ground"
B: "Belly of the Beast"
C: "Struggle for Existence"
D: "Under Siege"

With tears of joy in her eyes of winning $16,000, she decides to go home. It was "Struggle for Existence".

Our last player today is Nicole Wolfe from New Port Richey, FL. For $2,000 and to return next time:

All lines of longitude on the Earth meet in two places: Antartica and the middle of what ocean?

A: Arctic
B: Pacific
C: Indian
D: Atlantic

After talking it out, she says Arctic...she's coming back!

Crosswords: Today's base players are Frank Ensenberger (a customer care representative from Illinois) and Gerri Miller (a freelance writer from California). The Crossword Getaway goes unclaimed in Round 1. At the Crossword Extra, the man has $150 while the lady has $100. He bets $500.

_ _ _ _ _ T _

Clue: Box for bad boys, in hockey. He gets PENALTY for a new total of $650. At the end of the round, he's down to $550 while the lady's up to $300.

The Spoilers this time are Kim, Ross and Diane. First word of Round 2:

_ P _ _

Clue: Word on a sign that's flipped daily. This was a very easy one, but neither one of the players in the bottom row rings in! Ross then says OPEN to steal Ensenburger's $750. And believe it or not, the first word of the round is the Crossword Getaway word, meaning a trip to Reno is put into his bank. Two turns later:

_ _ _ E _

Clue: Dangerous reptile, or Dodge status car. This car's coming back for 2008. Diane says VIPER to take over Ross's podium, now with $1,150 in addition to the Reno trip. Next:

_ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _

Clue: On a gambling spree, e.g. Kim rings in with WORLDWIND...NO WAY. It was CAVORTING. Later on, we encounter this:

_ _ _ _ _ _ N

Clue: Bird in a Grisham title. Ross tries to get back to where he was with, but he was too late answering anyway. Answer: PELICAN. That means Ensenberger is the only Spoiler left in the field. Let's pick up all the action from here.

(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Stamen's counterpart. Diane says PISTLE...oops, so she loses $200. Miller goes with PISTIL...that's the right spelling, so she goes to $700. Diane still leads with $1,350, but it's Crossword Extra time for Miller. She decides to wager the full grand.

_ P _ _ _

Clue: Bit of baby's breath. She says SPRIG....NO, sending her $300 in the hole. It was SPRAY.

(_ _ _ _ _)- Gastropod you can easily outrun. Diane rings in with SNAIL to go to $1,550.
(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Perseid unit. Miller says SHOWER...down comes more bad news for her- she's now down $500 in the hole. Answer: METEOR.
(_ _ _ _ _)- It can prove you went on vacation. Ensenberger rings in, but Miller gets in there, so if she's wrong, all three Spoilers will be back in it. Her guess is PHOTO...right to go back to $300 in the red.
(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Noted "Death Valley Days" host. Diane says REAGAN...that's right for a new total of $1,750.
(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Sagan's Muse. Ensenberger's the only one to ring in now, so Spoiler's Row is back open completely. He says It was URANIA.
(_ _ _)($100)- Pricey item? Miller buzzes in with TAG...that's right to move to $200 on the bad side.
(_ _ _ _ _)- Dustin's 1979 co-star. Ross says VOIGH with deep laughter...NO WAY. Ensenberger tries to steal with MERYL...that's right to get his old podium back, now with $1,950 and that trip to Reno! That ends Round 2.

Here's an early Round 3 clue for $300:

_ E S _ _ _ _ _

Clue: Prescription for burnout. Ensenberger rings in, but blanks out, and so does Diane after ringing in herself. Ross says It was RESTCURE, meaning Kim is the only spoiler left in play for the moment. Let's pick up the action from here.

(_ _ _ _)- Tropical spot that's the anagram of lies. Miller says ISLES to go to $200 on the good side.
(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Insultingly small. Ensenberger buzzes in with MINUTE...I don't think so. Miller blanks out, so she drops back down to zip. That means since Kim's next to answer, all of the Spoilers are back in. With a free guess, she says TEENSY...but it's PALTRY. Ensenberger has $2,050 at this point. After Miller gets ACE on the next turn, she finds the Crossword Extra and with just $100, she decides to bet $1,000.

_ _ _ _

Clue: Continent with the shortest name. She gets ASIA no problem to go to $1,100. A few clues later:

_ _ _

For $'s commonly found after a dot. Ensenberger rings in, but blanks out. Kim steals what he would've said, COM, to steal his $2,150 and his Reno tickets. After one more clue, she's the winner!

Crossfire: If she's really sharp here, she'll take home $4,150 and a trip to Puerto Vallarta in addition to the trip to Reno. She needs to fill in just 14 blanks...and fills in the last blank at the buzzer!

WOF: Wrapping up a fine week here, our players tonight are Kathy Henning (in the yellow) from San Francisco, Mike Farrah from Marian, Arkansas (who is an electronics technician) and Angel Crocksel from Austin, TX (who is a pre-school teacher and has a double major at the University of Texas).

Henning gets ANNUAL CONVENTION for $1,000, while the other lady gets STUNT DOUBLE for two.

Round 1 category is Fun & Games, and to make things even more fun, it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a $5,000 trip to New Hampshire. After Crocksel calls the N's, we have...

S _ _ S H _ N _

_ N


_ _ _ E S

...all I think I don't know is the last word. She buys two I's, and she then calls a G for the $10,000! She calls an O next, but that's a dud. Henning calls a $300 L and buys a pair of A's, and after calling the P, she solves SPLASHING IN THE WAVES for $850 and a trip to Costa Rica, for a new total of $6,850.

Jackpot Round category is TV Title. The man calls a T early for the Wild Card. After he buys three I's, we have...

_ _ I _ _ _

N I G _ T

_ I G _ T _

...I know this, I think. He then calls a $400 F, so now I know what this puzzle is, and it airs on NBC. But he makes a careless mistake by saying FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS, which was my original guess, too. Crocksel calls the H's for the $1,000 gift tag from, but she then says the same thing the last guy said (FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS)! Henning calls the L for $450 and then hits Jackpot! She calls a $500 D and solves FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS for $8,200, including a $7,250 jackpot, taking her to $15,050!

(Two stars from that show, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, then do a congratulatory message!)

Big Money Round category is Before and After. The man loses the Wild Card right off the bat. Immediately after that, Crocksel hits the Big Money Wedge for $5,000. She calls an S to put that in her bank (it would have been only added once to her bank, even if there was more than one S in the puzzle). After the man later hits a Mystery Wedge, he calls an R and flips...$10,000! At that point, we have...

_ A T _ A N


R O _ _ N

_ _ _ _ _ A _ S

...I know this now. He buys three I's and then calls two L's for $2,000 more, but loses his turn with the C. Crocksel calls two B's for $7,000, and after taking her time, she spins and calls two M's, and she then solves BATMAN & ROBIN WILLIAMS for $13,150, taking her to $15,150, giving her the lead by a benjamin!

Henning then retakes the lead with ROCKING CHAIR, giving her $18,050. Speed-Up Round category is Proper Name, and $6,000 is offered for each consonant! After the man calls four S's for $24,000, we have...

T H _

_ S S _ _ _ _ T _ _

_ R _ S S

...I don't know, and he has the same thing on his mind. Crocksel calls the A, located at the beginning of the second word, and she solves THE ASSOCIATED PRESS to win the championship with $27,150! Henning has $18,050 and the man, thanks to possibly watching too much boxing, has $1,000 due to the shutout.

We started the week by giving away the motorhome. Can our champ win it to end the week, or can she even win the $100,000? She spins the third zero and the category is Thing. Starting as follows:

_ _ L _-_ _ _ N

I think I know it already. Crocksel calls C, H, P and A and gets...

H A L _- _ _ _ N

...I knew it at the start, and thanks to her choices, she does too with HALF-MOON! Did she get either one of the biggies?......

....NO. She wins $30,000 here, $57,150 total.

Jeopardy!: For the first time in two weeks, I'm covering an episode of this show. However, it's because the show is in danger of having a WIPEOUT for the first time this season. Richard Johnson (a foreign affairs officer from Washington, D.C.), with $16,300 so far, is going to try to stop it against Joseph Thompson (an assistant professor from Fairbanks, Alaska) and Sharon Lin (a research scientist from New Haven, CT). First-round categories:


At the first break, the champ and the lady in the middle has $1,400 apiece, while Thompson has $400. The champ shortly finds the Daily Double under the middle clue of Morgan Freeman. He has $2,800 and leads the female by $400. Thompson now has $1,400. The champ's bet is $1,000. This clue, like the other clues in this category only, was read by the film star himself.

I've narrated two Oscar-winning feature-length documentaries, "The Long Way Home" & this 2005 film.

"What is March of the Penguins?"...correct to go to $3,800! But thanks to an overruling on an incorrect response said by the lady in the middle, she has the lead with $5,200. Thompson is just $200 behind her, and the champ still has $3,800.

DJ! categories:

SITCOM QUOTES (The TV show has to be named in each correct response.)
FILL IN THE BOOK TITLE (Only the first letter of each word in the book's title is given, as well as the author, and the player has to come up with the complete book title.)

The lady gets into five figures thanks to getting the last four clues in the sitcom category, going to $10,800. But Thompson finds the first Daily Double of the round under the $1,600 clue in Fill in the Book Title. He has $5,800, while Lin has ten grand and the champ has $4,200. Thompson's bet is $2,200.

"T.B.A.D." by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

He only comes up with "The", so he drops to $3,600 and last place. It was "The Beautiful and Damned". Johnson hasn't been buzzing in much this round. The lady finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Cats & Dogs. She could possibly put this game away, as she has $16,400. Thompson has $9,600 and the champ has five grand. Her bet is $3,000.

This dog that derives its name from a place on the eastern shore of the Adriatic is also called a coach dog.

She draws "el blanko". It was the Dalmatian, dropping her to $13,400. At the end of the round, she has $14,600. The other people's scores remain the same.

FJ! category: National Holidays.

June 23, National Day in this country, began as a celebration of the birthday of Grand Duchess Charlotte.

The champ wrote down "What is Luxembourg?"...right, and he bet everything but a buck, so he's up to $9,999. Now, he needs the other two to screw up. Thompson has....

...Austria, so he drops to third place with a $9,500 loss and a final total of $100. What did the lady have?.....

...Belgium. Now, if she wagered exactly $4,601, we will have a tie, and both she and Johnson will come back next time. If she wagered less than that, you know what it means. Otherwise, Johnson is a hero. Her wager was.....

...four thousand.....599, meaning the show has WIPED OUT! Darn. She's the new champ with $10,001, while Johnson leaves with $18,300. I wish I could tell you that Kids Week is next week, but next week is a regular week. Too bad.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Josh Arnold is back with us as the original kid class on this show retires after tonight. His partner at this point is Jacob, and his next category is 3rd Grade Cultural Studies. To turn that $50,000 into $100,000:

In Greek mythology, who was Zeus' wife, also known as the Queen of the Gods?

A: Aphrodite
B: Hera
C: Athena

I thought Aphrodite, and so does Arnold...NO. But, Jacob could have saved him. Did he say the right answer of Hera?.....

...YES! The rest of the class got it, too! His next category is 5th Grade U.S. History.

What future U.S. President created the framework for "The Virginia Plan" that structured our government into three branches?

He doesn't know, so he leaves with the hundred grand. Answer: James Madison, which I knew. But he would've said Thomas Jefferson instead and would have left with 1/4 of what he leaves with now.

Next up is Greg Johnson, who is a pro tennis player. His categories:

1st Grade Science
1st Grade English
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Health
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade World History
4th Grade Art
4th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Math

Jacob is his first partner, and his first category is U.S. Geography.

The New England region does NOT include which of the following states?

A: Delaware
B: Vermont
C: Connecticut

He says Delaware to get on the board. Next category is World Geography.

Which of these is not an independent country?

A: Greenland
B: Iceland
C: Sri Lanka

He says Greenland to double up. He then chooses Spencer and the next category of Science.

What gemstone is formed inside mollusks such as oysters?

He says pearl to go to five grand. Next category is World History.

T or F: Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of modern nursing, was born in Florence, Italy.

He says True...right! His next partner is Kyle, and the next subject is Health.

Which of the five senses is most directly related to the olfactory system?

He says hearing...wrong. It was smelling, but Kyle has it to guarantee the tennis player $25,000! He goes for 4th Grade Astronomy next.

The four main phases of the moon are full, first quarter, last quarter and what?

I believe it's half, but he says moon is right to double his money! He then selects Marki Ann, and the next category of English.

Besides "I", what is the only other letter in the English alphabet that you have to "dot" in its lowercase version.

It's J, and he agrees to double again! He goes for Art next, a subject I personally know the least today. Question:

Pablo Picasso, who developed an artistic style as Cubism, was born in what century?

He decides to peek at Marki Ann's answer, which was the 19th century. He then agrees with her and adds another $75,000 to his total! Alana then joins him, and maybe he'll leave with $300,000. His next category is 5th Grade U.S. History.

Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826. What other U.S. President died on the very same day?

He...doesn't know, so he drops out at $175,000. He would've said George Washington...wrong! It was John Adams.

At the end, a special graduation ceremony was held for the departing kids at the end! Host Jeff Foxworthy tells them that they helped contestants win almost $6 Million! In addition, all of the kids were given $25,000 savings bonds! To end the show, clips from the show's classmate auditions were shown. To see more from those, visit The new class will be revealed on Thursday's show.

Deal or No Deal: Charlene Miranda resumes her game with Round 3. She has two strikes against her. One more strike and she loses the chance at the $1 Million. The kid she brought along last time is here tonight, and his name is Aiden. Howie Mandel even lets him call out the models!

1. #12- PENNY!
2. #16- $1,000
3. #3- $300,000
4. #21- $400


1. #1- $200
2. #8- $75,000
3. #7- $500


1. #14- $5,000
2. #19- $100,000


Left heading into one case mode, in addition to the million: $5, $25, $300, $50,000 and $200,000. Charlene's next pick is #11.....

...$25! That pushes the offer to six figures- $141,000! She says to that....

...NO DEAL! Next pick is #25.....

...$200,000, so her safety net is virtually gone. New offer: $165,000.....

...DEAL! She didn't listen to Aiden's advice! But, if she had gone on to the final two cases, $50,000 and $1,000,000 were left, and the final offer would have been $498,000. Has someone selected a million dollar case for the second week in a row?.....

...NO- she had $50,000! Good, but not great, deal for her.

Since this episode is "Family Night", the next game will be played by an entire family for the first time ever! In this case, it's the Drew family from Chicago! The mother and father brought along Kia and Kenya. Their case is #25. Now, Kenya will play Round 1.

1. #6- $1,000
2. #21- $10
3. #19- $300,000
4. #3- PENNY!
5. #9- $1!
6. #5- $25


For Round 2, Kia plays.

1. #10- $50
2. #16- $50,000
3. #13- $400
4. #22- $75
5. #18- $75,000


Round 3 will be played by Bobbi (the mom).

1. #24- $5,000
2. #12- $750
4. #11- $300


Round 4 will be played by the father, Drew!!! Good grief- the first and last name of one's name is that same name!

1. #8- $10,000
2. #4- $5!
3. #20- $25,000


(WOF Time's Up Signal)

They might very well win the $1,000,000. Can they do it? Find out on Wednesday!

"Deal or No Deal" to only air on Fridays soon

According to, NBC has decided to remove "Deal or No Deal" from the regular Wednesday time slot, effective October 24th, for the new reality show "Phenomenon".

"Temptation" news

According to, a similar strike to the one held not too long ago occurred yesterday morning.

Also, the season is intended to be 170 episodes long.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

9/27/2007 Results

Family Feud: Again, only Game 2 today. The Paynes are the current champs with $1,800 so far. Today, they're facing the Cox family.

The Coxes score first with 66 on other words for "tired". They then move to 124 on romantic destinations where people might get married.

Double: According to 100 married men, name someplace you go to hide when your mother-in-law comes to visit you for a few days. Starting with:

1. Friend's house (17, Eliz)
2. Bar/nightclub (13, Stephani)

The champs get to play. Trevor's guess is a strip joint...too extreme for this survey. Kambria goes with a movie...bottom answer (5)! Scot says a sports game...strike two. Kelli says garage....#3 (10)! We then go back to Eliz with the market....fumble. For the challenger steal, Kim says work....NO, so the Paynes are on the board with 90. Unsaid ones:

4. Bedroom (7)
5. Basement (6)

Triple: Name something you love to smell in the morning. Trevor says coffee just before the buzzer...that and breakfast are NUMBER ONE (75), so the champs get the first crack at this question! This round is for the game. Kambria says perfume, thinking it's the dreaded bottom answer...and it is (4)! Scot then says Kelli's answer is the morning dew...also known as fresh air, that's #2 (10)! Eliz says #3 is flowers...WIN (4) at 369!

Fast Money: This time, two ladies try to help this family win the $20,000- Eliz and Kambria.

1. According to 100 women, name something you wish you would never do to your hair again.
2. Name something that has a hand grip.
3. Name something teenagers do faster than adults.
4. How often do you floss?
5. Name something of yours that could soon need a part replaced.

My guesses:
1. Wash it
2. Toothbrush
3. Run/jog
4. Twice a day
5. Car

Eliz blanks out on the third and fifth questions. With coloring hair, a tea kettle and flossing twice a day, she gets 38 points. Kambria says cutting hair, mug (bad), driving, once a day (#1) and car (#1) for 167 and $835, giving them $2,635. Eliz shouldn't be playing Fast Money anymore, IMO. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Comb/brush
2. Bicycle (This question was HARD.)
3. Run/walk

Crosswords: Today's base players are Phil Rose (a stained glass artist from California) and Megan Sule (a Florida transcriber). When Sule knew about the movie "You Got Served", she found the Crossword Getaway, yielding a trip to Scottsdale, AZ to her bank. But Rose finds the Crossword Extra with $350 after getting SCARY. The lady has $100, and his bet is $500.

_ R A _ _ _

Clue: What "Will Rock" in the title of a Tim Robbins drama. "I have CRADLE"....CRADLE is right to go to $850! At the end of the round, he still has that amount while the other has $200.

The Spoilers are Ellie, Tody and Diana. After Sule doubles up on the first word, here's the second one:

_ A _ _ _ _

Clue: Guy after Cronkite. Diana tries to spoil, but says WALTER, which is wrong. It was RATHER, so she's blacked out. Let's pick up the action from here.

(_ _ _)($100)- Bomb's opposite, in the entertainment buisness. Sule gets HIT no problem to go to $500.
(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Kind of heel, or short dagger. Sule gives it a shot with STILETTO...that's right to now trail by only $50!
(S _ _ _)- Not good, not bad. Rose says SOSO to keep the lead and go to $1,050.
(_ O _ _ _)- Push from beneath. Sule buzzes in with BOOST...good to go to a grand! Not only that, she puts the other Crossword Getaway trip into her bank! This round, the trip is to Vegas, featuring tickets to see a performance by Barry Manilow!
(_ _ _ _ _)- Bad things to break in the military. Rose says my guess of RULES...NO, so he falls out of the lead for now. That gives Ellie a chance to spoil, and she says nothing, so she joins Diana on the blacked out list. Answer: RANKS.
(_ _ _ _ _)- Legendary Bill of the Old West. Rose buzzes in...but he has nothing, so another $200 down the drain for him. Answer: PACOS.
(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Safe to eat or drink. Rose misses for the third time in a row with POTABLES, so he drops to $350. Answer here: NONTOXIC.
(_ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Where Ottawa is. I thought CANADA, but that's a letter too short. Sule rings in with ONTARIO...right to go to $1,300!
(_ _ O)($100)- Direction from "to". Sule scores again with FRO, taking her to $1,400.
(F _ _ _ _)- Noted Nixon interviewer David. Rose says FROST...he finally gets one right, taking him back to $550.
(_ R _ N _ _ _ _)($300)- Pots, kettles and other metal tools. No takers- it was IRONWARE.
The next word is the longest I've seen on this show-13 letters long.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For $300, the clue is...caring about your own thoughts, but not mine. Rose says INCONSIDERATE...correct to go to $850 and to hit the Crossword Extra! He bets $500 again.

_ R _

Clue: Cinerary vessel. He says URN...that's right to close within fifty bucks of the lead!

(U _ _ _ _)- Accepted practice, as in grammar. Rose says USAGE for the it!
(_ _ _ _ _ _ G E)($300)- Came back from obscurity. Don't ask me why- I thought LANGUAGE before the clue was revealed. Rose then rings in with REEMERGE...right to go to $1,850!
(_ _ _ _ M)- Largest-toothed whale in existence. Rose goes for SPERM...he's up to $2,050! And that's all for Round 2, with Tody still the only Spoiler in play at this point.

Sule rings in on this Round 3 clue with Tody ringing in also. If she misses, no matter how Tody fares on this, both of the female Spoilers will be back in the game. Here's the word:

_ _ _ _

Clue: Type of beer that's almost non-alcoholic. She says LITE....NO! That drops her to $1,800, and all of the Spoilers are back in the game. Tody then says NEAR...that's right to take Sule's two grand! But Rose still has the lead with $2,250 at this point.

Rose then hits the last Crossword Extra of the day a little later on. At this point, he has $2,850 to the other's $2,400. He decides to the last two times, $500.

_ _ _ _ E _ E R

Clue: Driving range device. He draws a blank- it was ODOMETER, so this game is really tight now. That miss drops him to $2,350, meaning he's back to a fifty dollar deficit.

(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Scribble idly. Tody says DOODLE...correct to go to $2,600.
(_ _ _ _ _)- Types of architectural moldings with snaky shapes. Rose rings in with OGEES...right to go to $2,550!
(_ _ _ _)- Word with "beer" or "collar". Diana tries to spoil with ROOT...right, so she takes over Tody's podium, now with $2,800 in addition to both mini-vacations!
(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Front physicians. Rose says MEDICS...he's got $2,750 now...BUT TIME'S UP, so Diana's the winner at the last second! This was the best game I've seen on the show so far! It's a shame somebody had to lose, especially Mr. Rose; he was a very good player.

Crossfire: Let's see if Diana can top off an extremely hard-fought maingame win with a win here. If she can, she will leave with $4,800, the trips to Vegas and Arizona, and the "Trip of a Lifetime" to...Puerto Rico! She needs to fill in a whopping 24 blanks in ninety seconds...but she falls six blanks short.

WWTBAM: Amy Gross gets to $1,000 with little trouble. For $16,000:

Indonesia's flag, a red stripe above a white stripe, is nearly identical to what country's flag, except the colors are reversed?

A: Denmark
B: Tunisia
C: Argentina
D: Poland

She thinks it's not Argentina, and decides to ask the audience. 54% said Poland, 29% said Denmark and 14% said Tunisia. She was tied between Poland and Denmark. After using the 50:50, only Tunisia and Poland remain! She then says Poland for $16,000. Next, for $25,000:

A popular style of music, the blues takes its name from a shortened form of what phrase?

A: Blue waters
B: Blue moons
C: Blue devils
D: Blue streak

She decides to call Mark, a co-worker/teacher, who says not much of anything. Therefore, Gross throws in the towel at $16,000. It was blue devils, which she wouldn't have said.

Next is Rob Kallen from NYC, who is a paramedic. He has a little trouble with this $1,000 question:

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards made a cameo in which of these summer blockbusters?

A: "Hairspray"
B: "Transformers"
C: "Shrek the Third"
D: "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

He asks the audience, and 81% said "Pirates of the Caribbean". He agrees and gets to the $1,000 mark. Two questions later, for $4,000:

In Opera, which of these categories is used to classify female rather than male voices?

A: Bass
B: Contralto
C: Countertenor
D: Baritone

He talks it out, but he decides to call his father, Ed. The father is 80% sure it's Contralto. Towards the end of his call, when Rob asks him how his day at work has been going, he tells Rob to focus on the game, resulting in laughter in the studio! After Rob agrees with him on this question, he's right. To return tomorrow:

Until it was found to be harmful to lungs, asbestos was commonly used in buildings to guard against what?

A: Fire
B: Water leaks
C: Rust corrosion
D: Insect infestation

He thinks about using the 50:50 here, but he decides to save it and say fire...that's right to let him come back tomorrow!

WOF: Tonight's players are Jon Pate (in the yellow) from Vegas (who has been a casino card dealer for the past eight years), Renae Neumeyer from Pittsburgh (who is a college graduate student, and is aiming for a teacher's degree in the subject of Art) and Dr. Ruth Williams from Horn Lake, Mississippi (who is the director of clinical nutrition services at St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis).

The Vegas man gets A HOP, SKIP AND A JUMP for $1,000, while the doctor gets WORKING MOTHER for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Thing, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a $7,500 trip to Crescent Beach, FL. Early on, the doctor picks up the trip and the $10,000! After she calls the N's later, we have...

T R A _ E _/S E _ T I _ N/_ _/THE/

S _ N _ A _/N E _ S _ A _ E R

...I know this now. If she wins this round and avoids hitting a Bankrupt, she'll win over $20,000 in cash and prizes. She then gets her safety net with the Free Spin by calling the L. After buying the O's, she gets the Wild Card with the V and calls the C for another $400. She then calls the P's for $1,600, and then the F for another $800. Next is a $600 W and the U, and she solves TRAVEL SECTION OF THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER!! She wins $17,750, the Florida trip and a trip to Prague, for a total this round of...$30,250, which I do believe is a new Round 1 record!! Her total is already at $32,250!

Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After the man calls the P, we have...

T _ _ _ L E D

P _ N _

_ L _ _ _ N _ _

...I believe I know this. He calls two K's for $800 and then buys three I's, but screws up the puzzle by adding -ES to FLAMINGO. Neumeyer calls a $450 F and a $3,500 M and solves TICKLED PINK FLAMINGO for her first $3,950.

Big Money Round category is Where Are We?, and it's a pretty big puzzle. After the winner of the last round buys the A's, we have...

_ _ N _ _ E N T

S _ _ T _/D A _ _ T A/

_ R E S I D E N T I A _

_ A _ E S

...I'm not quite there. After calling a $300 L and a $300 P, she calls two M's for another $1,400, and all I don't know now is the last word. After buying the O's and the U's, she hits Bankrupt. The doctor calls a $400 H and then hits Lose a Turn. She then decides to use her Free Spin, and she soon lands on a Mystery Wedge. She calls a K and flips...Bankrupt, so goodbye Wild Card. The man also gets the dreaded black spot. Neumeyer loses another turn, while the doctor hits Bankrupt again. The man calls a $900 F and a $300 C, and he then solves MONUMENT SOUTH DAKOTA PRESIDENTIAL FACES for $1,200 and $2,200 total. He then adds another $3,000 by getting Mount Rushmore as the bonus answer.

He then solves STAND-UP COMEDY to go to $8,200, and the Speed-Up Round category is Place. Consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. After Neumeyer calls the E, we have...

S _ _ R T _ _ _

_ _ _ _ S

S T _ R E

...I know it now, but she doesn't. The doctor calls the G's and solves SPORTING GOODS STORE to seal the match with $40,250, the highest maingame total of the season so far! Neumeyer has $3,950 and the Vegas man has $8,200.

The doctor could break the $100,000 mark if she wins the motorhome tonight, but she would really like the $100,000 check from the bonus round. She spins the quad star and the category is Things. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _ _ T E S

She calls D, H, C and A and gets...

_ _ _ A _ _ T E S

...she can't get GIGABYTES. Did she make a great deal by losing...nope, because there was $45,000 awaiting. But she still did very well, as she leaves us with $40,250!

(BTW, the CBS Television Distribution logo debuted on the show as of tonight, but the King World jingle was played by mistake.)

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Tonight's first contestant is April Tadlack, who is a weddding photographer...and skipped first grade while in school! Her first partner is Marki Ann, and here are the categories:

1st Grade Math
1st Grade Art
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Earth Science
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Grammar
4th Grade Measurements
4th Grade Animal Science
5th Grade Cultural Studies
5th Grade U.S. History

Her first category is Art.

To make the color pink, you should mix white with what primary color?

Honestly, I don't have a clue. She says red and is right. Next category is Earth Science.

T or F: A river's place of origin is its mouth.

She peeks at Marki Ann's answer, which was False. She could've said True to guarantee she'll see another question, but she goes with False...right! Her new partner is Kyle, and the next category is U.S. Geography.

Which of the following states extends the farthest south?

A: Utah
B: New Mexico
C: Nebraska

I say New Mexico, but I'm not sure. The player goes with me...right! She goes for Math next.

Spencer cuts a pizza pie in thirds. Then he cuts each third in half. How many pieces of pizza does he now have?

She goes with six...right! Her next partner is Spencer, and she's going for $25,000 in the category of 3rd Grade World Geography.

The Alps are a mountain range located primarily on which continent?

She goes with Europe, which is right for $25,000! She'll try to double that in the category of 4th Grade Animal Science.

Which of the following is an anthropoid?

A: Bee
B: Lobster
C: Ape

She says bee...incorrect. It was an ape...but Jacob has that to double her money! Her new partner is Alana, and the next category is Grammar.

Which word is the adverb in the following sentence:

"Yesterday, Kyle drove his dad's car."

She says drove...NO. It was "Yesterday", so her $50,000 gets cut in half.

Our other player tonight is Josh Arnold, who is a product analyst and is a former football player. His first partner is Alana, and here are his categories:

1st Grade History
1st Grade Reading
2nd Grade Grammar
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Cultural Studies
3rd Grade Earth Science
4th Grade Astronomy
4th Grade Measurements
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Literature

He first goes with Social Studies.

In 1782, what became the official bird of the U.S.?

He gets the bald eagle no problem. Next up for him is Grammar.

How many articles are in the following sentence:

"Marki saw an owl, which is a nocturnal animal in the bird family."

He decides to copy Alana's answer, which was 3. His guess of 4 would have been wrong....while 3 is right! He then chooses Spencer, and his next category is History.

T or F: The year 1895 was in the 19th century.

He says True to go to $5,000. Next up for him is Reading.

In Mythology, what was the name of Paul Bunyan's blue ox?

He goes with Babe...right! His new partner is Marki Ann, and his next category is 3rd Grade Earth Science. To reach $25,000:

Granite is an example of what type of rock?

A: Igneous
B: Sedimentary
C: Metamorphic

He decides to peek at Marki Ann's answer, which was Igneous. Arnold thought of Sedimentary instead. He decides to agree with her...right! His next category is 4th Grade Measurements.

Kyle is four inches taller than Alana. If Alana is 4"2, then how many inches tall is Kyle?

He says 54 inches tall...right!

(School bell rings)

And we're out of time for tonight. He'll finish up tomorrow night, when the original batch of kids graduate from this studio.

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: On the hot spot now is Jessica Thieme from Indiana. Here are her catgories:

R & B

First up is Love Songs, and the song choices are "Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)" by Robert Palmer and "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin. She goes with the Janis Joplin song. There is a three-word target here. They follow after "Freedom's just another word for nothing". She then sings "...left to lose" for $2,500.

Her second category is Party Songs, and the choices this time are "Puttin' on the Ritz" by Taco and "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge. She chooses "We Are Family", and she faces another three-word target. Lyric:

"Get up ______ ___ ____"

She completes it with "...everybody and sing" and locks the words in to double up.

Her third category is R & B, and the choices are "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray. She tries "If You Don't Know Me By Now", and again three missing words are needed. Lyric:

"Now baby, I know the difference between _____ ___ _____"

She sings "...right and wrong", but isn't 100% sure, so she uses the two words backup. She checks the first and last words, which are both right. She then locks the other word in to go to $10,000.

Her next category is Pop, and suddenly, the host's cell phone goes off!! The person who calls is her husband, Dan, who's overseas! The song choices now are "My Eyes Adored You" by Franki Valli and "Monday, Monday" by Mamas & The Papas. She goes for "Monday, Monday" and now faces a four-word target. They follow after " would still". She sings " here with me" and after consulting with Dan, locks the words up....right!

Next up for her is Rock Albums. The song choices now are "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat & Tears and "Double Vision" by Foreigner. Her choice is "Double Vision", and seven missing words are needed now. They follow after "...'til I can't see straight". She lets not much of anything come out, so she has to use a backup. Her potential helpers are Dan's sister, Laura and her brother, Aaron. She decides to call for the multiple choice. Here are the choices:

A: "Blind my eyes, I want double vision"
B: "Fool my eyes, give me double vision"
C: "Fill my eyes with that double vision"

She goes with C...right to double to $50,000! Her next category is Rock, and the song choices are "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" by Bachman Turner Overdrive and "What I Like About You" by The Romantics. She selects "What I Like About You", and six words need to be filled in. Lyric:

"Tell me all ___ _____ ____ _ ____ __ ____"

She sings "...the things that I wanna hear" and locks them in to go to $100,000! She'll try to double again with the next category of Legends. The choices now are "Rocket Man" by Elton John and "People" by Barbara Streisand. She goes with the song by Streisand, and again, six missing words are required. They follow after "People who need people will". She sings....nothing. She then chooses Laura as her helper. With the help, the final guess is "...the luckiest people in the world", and they go for it....BULLSEYE!

She decided to stop at $200,000 when she got stuck on "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate in the category of the 1970s (The other choice ws "Jet Airliner" by Steve Miller Band). Ten missing words were needed at that point, and they followed after the musical interlude. It was "Come from baby, how did you know I needed you".

Wednesday ratings notes

The "Dancing with the Stars" results show did an 11.1 Fast Nielsen rating with an 18 share.

"Deal or No Deal" scored a 5.6 with a 9 share.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Dancing with the Stars" Tuesday rating

Tuesday's performance episode of "Dancing with the Stars" pulled a 11.8 Fast Nielsen with an 18 share for its first hour, while the second hour did a 13 with a 19 share. Both hours are down from last night. Thus, the average for the night was 12.4.


"Dancing with the Stars" Elimination I

The encore dance was the C-C-C from Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas.

Dolly Parton then performed "Working 9 to 5".

"The World's Greatest Tap Dancer" then performed. This was the night's "Stars of Dance" performance, presented by Macy's.

After Dolly Parton performed again, and a piece with Kenny Mayne was shown, the teams in danger were Josie Maran and Alec Mazo and Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson.

Who won out- the judges or me? The answer....

...the judges, so Maran and Mazo were eliminated first.

9/26/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Can Henry Mitchell III leave with fifty grand, maybe 100? Let's find out. $100,000 question is as follows:

Which of these characters from TV's "Lost" does NOT share its name with a prominent philosopher?

A: Anthony Cooper
B: Edmund Burke
C: Mikhail Bakunin
D: Richard Malkin

Remember, the phone is still available. He decides to call his fourth-grade friend Maria, who says nothing, because she doesn't watch the show. Therefore, Mitchell throws in the towel at $50,000. Answer: Richard Malkin, which he would've said had he taken a wild guess at it.

The next player is Richard Hansen from Vegas. He's a college freshman and really wants to pay for his tuition. He doesn't use a single lifeline by the time he gets to this $25,000 question:

Which of these adjacent U.S. states appear consecutively in an alphabetical list of the 50 states?

A: Florida & Georgia
B: Ohio & Pennsylvania
C: Louisana & Mississippi
D: Indiana & Kentucky

This is an easy one, but does he know? He uses the 50:50, but it's of no help, since it leaves the best two possibilities of A and C. But he gets the question right anyway by saying A! Opening $50,000 question:

In Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham", the hero eventually offers to eat green eggs and ham in all but which of these scenarios?

A: On a train
B: At a park
C: With a goat
D: In a box

I think it's B. But he calls Linda, who says it's not B, but time expires before she could say what she thought the answer was. Therefore, he decides to switch this question, and with good reason, because the answer WAS B. Final $50,000 question:

Which of these was not one of the four original Kellogg's Pop-Tarts flavors?

A: Apple currant
B: Brown sugar cinnamon
C: Blueberry
D: Cherry

He's pretty sure it's apple currant, but he asks the audience. 68% agreed with him, 14% said brown sugar cinnamon and 9% each said blueberry or cherry. The host often says that what he just said may have influenced the audience in their guesses. He says apple currant....for the first time this season, someone misses a $50,000 question. This was a tough one- the answer was cherry. But he still leaves with $25,000.

Amy Gross from L.A. will be back tomorrow to start at the $500 question.

Crosswords: The opening players are Pavlin Lange (a French teacher from L.A.) and Abigail Marshall (an interior landscape designer from Oregon). The Crossword Getaway goes unclaimed this round, and at one point the lady had zero while the man was $150 in the hole. When the man got back to -$50, the Crossword Extra came up. He decided to bet $300.

_ _ _ S _

Clue: Not the brightest bulb on the tree. He has nothing, so he's now $350 in the red. It was DENSE. At the end of the round, BOTH players are in deep doo-doo debt! The man is at -$350 and the lady is at -$100.

The Spoilers are Linda, Brad and Rabia. Opening clue in Round 2:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For $300, the clue could be decided by a nose. Linda goes for the spoil with HORSERACE...right, so she takes over Marhsall's podium, which is back in the money at $200.
The man also gets out of the hole a few clues later. A few clues later, Linda gets back in the hole at -$100, and we now have this:

_ _ _ _ _ _

Clue: "She loves me" units. Lange goes with HEARTS...back in the hole he goes at -$50. Rabia steals it with PEDALS to take over his podium, which quickly goes back to $150. Next:

_ _ _ P

Clue: Hand-over-mouth reaction. Rabia goes for CLAP....back in the hole she goes (-$50). Linda says GASP...that's the answer to go back to $100 on the good side. After Rabia gets back to $150, here's the next one:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Musical number, or Saturday night special. Brad gets in there, but takes too long, so he gets blacked out. He would've said PISTO, which was wrong anyway. It was PEACE. Let's pick this ugly game up from here.

(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- What scientists do. Rabia thinks EXPERIMENT...that's right to go to $450.
(_ _ E _ _ _ _)($300)- Emulated Bob the Builder. Linda says ERECTED...right to go to $400.
(_ _ _ T _ _)- Put through the paces. Rabia says TESTED....good to reach $650.
(D _ _ _)- Cacophonies. Rabia says DINS...right again- she has $850. And it's Crossword Extra time. She decides to bet $300.

E _ I _ _

Clue: Send packing. She thinks of "Big Brother" with EVICT...right to go to $1,150! A few clues later, we have this:

_ E N _ _

Clue: Jamboree enclosures. Marshall tries to get back to the main row with bet! She takes over Rabia's podium, now with $1,550, as Round 2 comes to a close. Linda has $600.
BTW, this is the first time that nobody found a Crossword Getaway during the maingame (at least from the episodes I've watched so far). Brad is also back in the game after that long hiatus.

Here's the second clue of the final round:

_ _ _ _ O _ _

Clue: Surf you can eat. I had a feeling a Spoiler opportunity would arise here, and Rabia takes a shot with SEAFOOD...right to get her old podium back, now with $1,850! Linda has $800 at this point. A few turns later, we encounter this:

_ _ M _

Clue: Rickey need. Marhsall tries to get back the lead again, this time with LIME....right to go to $2,050! Next:

_ A T _ _ F _ E _

For $300, the clue is...meets the requirements of. Rabia tries to get her podium back again, now with SATISFIES...I thought the last correct letter was actually D, but her spelling is right to go to $2,350! Next up:

S O _ _

Clue: It leaves its mark in the snow. Lange tries to spoil for the first time today with SOOT...wrong. The answer was SOLE.

After Linda gets the next clue right, she gets the last Crossword Extra of the day. She has $1,200 now, while Rabia has $2,150. Linda's bet is a measly $200.

_ S _ _

Clue: Where el sol rises. She says ESTE, in an unsure fashion...she should've bet a lot more, because that's right to go to $1,400. Let's pick up all the action from here.

(_ N _ _)- Temperamental tizzy. Linda hits the buzzer and says SNIT to go to $1,600.
(_ _ _ _ _)- Krall of jazz. Rabia gets DIANA no sweat to advance to $2,350.
(_ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Blot on the landscape which hurts to look at? Brad tries to redeem himself from that last unsuccessful spoiler attempt of his with EYESORE...yes indeed- he's got Rabia's $2,650!
(_ _ _ _ Y)- Wood from Ceylon. Rabia rings in, but has nothing, so she's blacked out. Lange tries to spoil with EBONY...that's right to shoot to $2,850! This is the last clue of the game, so Linda's out of this.
(_ _ _ _ _)- What agronomists study. Marshall says SOILS for the win....WINNER! She's just won $3,050!

Crossfire: I don't feel good about her chances, given the way things started this episode. If she can somehow pull it out, she'll leave with $5,050 and a trip to Puerto Vallarta. She needs to fill in a whopping 27 blanks...she doesn't do it.

Family Feud: I'm only covering Game 2 today. Here, the Jimenezs are defending for the second time against the returning Paynes. The Paynes score the first 83 points on things kids always like on their Christmas lists every year. The current champs get 75 on fast food restaurants with a person's last name in their titles.

Double: Name another word or phrase for "Hello". Starting with:

1. Hi (45, Sundie)

The champs play. Betty says howdy...#4 (7)! Rudy says "What's Up?"...bottom answer (5)! Jay then goes with hey...#5 (5)! Megan says the Spanish word of "Hola"...#3 (11)! They're in prime position to sweep this board. Sundie says #2 is Yello...but no. Betty says (Good) Morning...I don't think so. Rudy says "How you doing?"...STRIKEOUT. For the steal, Scot says Yo....NO, so the champs go to 221! #2 was Aloha (13).

Triple: According to 100 single women, name something that's easier to catch than a man. Betty rings in with fish...#2 (26). Trevor says cold...that or the flu is NUMBER ONE (58), so the Paynes play! This round will decide it. Kambria's guess is a drink...I don't think so. Scot says a Kelli says bugs...three strikes in a row. Jay then goes with a taxi for the win...NO, so the Paynes regain their championship at 335! Unsaid:

3. Bus (11)
4. Frisbee (3)

Fast Money: Scot's partner here this time is Trevor.

1. Tell me how many ladies you kissed on New Year's Eve.
2. Name something you see in a jail cell.
3. Name a month with 31 days in it.
4. Name an occupation where you might work all night.
5. Name something you buy a set of for the kitchen.

My guesses:
1. 1
2. Prisoners
3. December
4. Janitor
5. Gloves (Silerware was my second guess)

Trevor says 1 (#1), bars, January, bus driver (bad) and knives for 85. Scot says 5, inmates (#1), December (#1), intercom (bad) and pots and pans for...169 and $845 today, making their two-day total $1,800. Unsaid #1 answers:

4. Security guard
5. Plates

WOF: At the start, Jack Wagner, who was partly responsible for Christine Dinos breaking the show’s one-day winnings record during Soap Stars Week in February 2006, did a congratulatory message. As for tonight’s players, we have Annie Hornbarger (in the yellow) from Sun Valley, NV (who is a sales manager), Amy Buss from Holly Springs, NC (who’s a pharmaceutical sales representative, and just married her best friend Brian) and Jack Lambert from Chicago (who is a community theater director, teaches acting classes and is a big fan of crossword puzzles. He needs to get on “Merv Griffin‘s Crosswords“ while he can!).
Hornbarger gets TOURING A WINERY for $1,000 and then BARBER COLLEGE to go to $3,000.

Round 1 category is Same Name, and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 houseboat trip. After she calls the S’s, we have…

_ _ T T R _ S S/&

_ _ _ _

S _ R _ N _ S

…I’m pretty sure I know it. She buys the A’s and the E, and then calls the P for $300 and the Free Spin. After calling the L for the trip, she solves MATTRESS & PALM SPRINGS for $2,400, the trip and a $1,000 gift certificate from, making her new total $11,400!

(Flashback moment from 1997- Pat and Vanna said they don’t want to be a real-life couple.)

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Movie Title. After Buss buys the E’s, we have…

_ _ _ _ T E S/_ _/T _ E/_ _ _ _ _ _ E _ _:/

_ T/_ _ _ _ _’ S/E _ _/

…I know this already, but she hits a Bankrupt next. The man calls a $300 H and three R’s for $1,800. After buying the A’s and the I’s, he calls a $400 C. Next, he calls the B’s for another $1,200 and the N’s for another $800. He then calls the pair of D’s for $1,600 more, and then the F for $350. After calling the P for the Wild Card, he buys the O’s and solves PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END for $5,700 and a trip to St. Maarten, for a total of $10,700!
Big Money Round category is Around the House. After Hornbarger calls the H’s, we have…

_ R _ N _- _ _ _ _ I N _

_ _ S H I N _

_ _ _ H I N _

…all I think I don’t know is the first word. She calls a $700 M and then buys three A’s. After she took a $300 C, she buys two O’s. The first part now reads…

_ R O N _- _ O A _ I N _

…I still have no clue. She then calls the W for $900 more and two G’s for $700 more. After calling an $800 F, she says FRONT-LOADING WASHING MACHINE…that’s right for $5,400, bringing her total to $16,800!

Buss finally scores with MEN’S FITNESS for $3,000! Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing?, and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop, just missing the $5,000 spot. After the man calls the F’s, we have…

_ _ T/S _ T T _ N G

F _ _/_/F _ _ _ N _

…and he solves PET SITTING FOR A FRIEND for $3,900 and a final total of $14,600. Buss has $3,000 and Hornbarger is our champion with $16,800.

She spins the first zero and the category is In the Kitchen. Starting with:

_ L _ N _

_ R _ _

Hornbarger calls the first four letters of the alphabet and we now have…

C L _ N _

_ R A _

…I believe it’s CLING WRAP, and that’s the right answer…but she draws a blank. She doesn’t win another $30,000.

Deal or No Deal: Before the in-studio action got underway, the $1,000,000 Lucky Case Game winner was announced. That person was....

...from Cottage Grove, Oregon, Rolly Eugene Kishen!

Now, for the in-studio action. Tonight's first contestant was Tim Kryeski from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He's a third-grade teacher. And believe it or not, as the opening player in the Million Dollar Mission series of games, he was told there were two million-dollar cases available! His case of destiny was #2.

He knocked out the first million-dollar case at #13 in Round 2. After Round 3, he was greeted by Woody Woodpecker because that character mostly resembled the player's face!

Let's pick it up with Round 4. Left on the board: $1, $300, $400, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000, $300,000, $400,000 and the $1 Million.

1. #3- $400,000
2. #25- $25,000
3. #20- $10,000



1. #23- $400
2. #17- $300


His next pick was #15....$50,000! New offer: $180,000....

...DEAL! And great timing, too- his next pick of #5 would have taken the million out for good! But, did he have the $300,000?....

...NO- he had $5,000! He made a great deal! #1 had $75,000, #10 had the $300,000 and #24 had the buck!

Returning on Friday is Charlene Miranda, who brought her son on her first appearance. It was the son that informed her about the show's casting call in Boston while they were in the car one day. Her case of destiny was #17, first said by her son. Obviously, he is a big fan of this show.

For this game only, if a million-dollar case is KOed, I will call that a STRIKE.

1. #9- $400,000
2. #6- $50
3. #22- $750
4. #5- STRIKE ONE (That's the second game in a row $1 Million has showed up in this case.)
5. #20- $75
6. #18- $10


ROUND 2 (Last round of the episode):
1. #2- STRIKE TWO!
2. #23- $10,000
3. #10- $1!
4. #15- $100
5. #24- $25,000


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"The Contender 3"- Fight 3

Prior to the fight announcement, Jaidon Codrington learned that his father had passed away.

This time, it was Miguel Hernandez (Gold) vs. Wayne Johnsen (Blue). The Gold Team has won the first two fights.

Round 1: Johnsen got in a few shots, but Hernandez took the lead with a fairly big shot. While Hernandez produced more stronger shots, Johnsen started to get in there late in the round. Therefore, I gave both a 10.

Round 2: Early on, Johnsen carried his late momentum from Round 1 to here with some good shots. However, a little later, Hernandez nailed Johnsen with a good shot near one of his eyes. But Johnsen took control back, hitting Hernandez with a strong shot to the head late. Therefore, I had it 20-19 Johnsen.

Round 3: Hernandez got off to a fairly good start, but the ref warned him not to go for the shoulder very often. Johnsen then started to get his groove back, but Hernandez fired back with some good shots. I scored this round 10-9 in favor of Hernandez, meaning I had the fight tied at 29 after three rounds.

Round 4: This was a fairly tight round, but Johnsen got in the stronger shots, so I had the fight in favor of him, 39-38 heading into the final round.

Final Round: It was real tight early on, but a couple of strong shots put Johnsen in the driver's seat.

Therefore, I had Johnsen winning the fight, 49-47. But what did the judges say?

It was a unanimous decision. One judge had it 48-47, while the other judges had 50-45 shutouts. The winner was....

...Johnsen! Because he led the scorecards by a combined 11 points to Sam Soliman's 12, he's ranked #3 right now.

"Dancing with the Stars" 9/25

Remember, each team this week will do either the Foxtrot or the Cha-Cha-Cha (or as I call it, the Cha Cubed).

First up are Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska with the Foxtrot. I gave them a 7, and all of the judges also gave that score, so they have 21.

Second up are Floyd Mayweather and Karina Smirnoff with the C-C-C. I gave them an 8, but all of the judges had a 6, giving them 18.

Third are Helio Castroneves and defending co-champion Julianne Hough. With their Foxtrot, I gave them a 7. As for the judges...Carrie Ann and Bruno gave an 8, while Len gave a 9, for a total of 25!

Fourth are Albert Reed and Anna Trebunskaya with the C-C-C. My score...7. Judges...all agreed with me, so that's a 21.

Fifth are Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson with the Foxtrot. For whatever reason, I thought Cuban was way too slow for my tastes. I decided to give them a 3. As for the judges...they all gave 7s, so another team has a 21.

Doing the last dance of the night (C-C-C) are Wayne Newton and Cheryl Burke. I gave them a 6....and only Len disagreed with me, who gave a 7, for a total of 19.

Josie Maran and Alec Mazo had the lowest score from the judges this round with a 16, but that doesn't totally mean they're dead. The home viewers might have saved them.

"The Biggest Loser" 9/25

To start, everyone was shown tables of food, representing the total number of pounds that Jerry Lisenby, Bill Germanakos and Phil Hawk have lost combined so far. Those three people are the top three in terms of pounds lost. Everyone was then given the chance to eat some of that food in a four-minute time limit, if they wished. At the end of the time limit, the one person who ate the most food at that point won a three-pound credit for the next weigh-in. The winner was...Patty Gonzalez!

While horseplaying at the gym, Lisenby injured one of his legs.

Team Challenge: This time, everyone had to run on a 100-meter track with three kids- Cooper, Jack and Keala. On each turn, one member from each team had to compete against one of those kids. If an adult beat a kid, that person moved to his/her respective team's Winner's Circle. The team who got the most winners after the third heat won the right to make a phone call home.

The first heat was against Keala. Jim (Black), Bryan Washington (Red) and Nichole Michalik (Blue) chose to compete...the kid won.

The second heat was against Jack, and his opponents were Bill (Black), Hawk (Red) and Kae Whang (Blue)....and Hawk beat Jack, so the red team's on the board!

The final heat was against Cooper. He faced Ryan Rodriguez (Blue), Amy Zimmer (Red) and Hollie Self (Black)...Cooper was first, so the Red Team has won their third straight challenge!

Now, for the next weigh-ins.

The Black Team went first this time. Jim Germanakos' new weight...325 lbs., for a nine-pound loss.

Hollie Self's new weight...239 lbs., a loss of three pounds.

Jez Luckett then weighed in at...316 lbs., so he lost four pounds.

Julie Hadden weighed in at...210 lbs., a loss of three pounds.

Bill weighed in at...298 lbs., so he also lost three pounds.

Isabeau Miller then closed out her team's portion of the round with a new weight of...280, for a loss of five pounds. Altogether, the Black Team lost 27 pounds, for a weight-loss percentage of 1.59%.

The Blue Team was next, and they needed to have lost at least 28 pounds to advance to the next round.

Kae Whang weighed in at...197 lbs., so she lost three pounds.

Ryan Rodriguez's new weight...347 lbs., for only a two-pound loss.

Jerry Lisenby, after taking the scale, weighed in at...254 lbs., so he also lost only two pounds. Not looking good.

Nicole Michalik then weighed in at...262 lbs., for a three-pound loss.

Patty Gonzalez already lost three pounds right off the bat, thanks to that pass. She then weighed in at...260 lbs., meaning she automatically went down to 257 lbs., which gave her an eight-pound weight loss this week! This team has lost 18 pounds so far.

Neil Tejwani needed to have lost ten pounds or more to keep the blue team out of danger. His new weight...386 lbs. That's a three-pound loss, which was not enough. Their overall percentage for the week was 1.22%.

The Red Team needed to have lost at least 17 pounds to avoid elimination.

David Griffin's new weight...338 lbs., meaning he lost six pounds!

Bryan Washington then took the scale at...321 lbs., a four-pound loss. Seven pounds away from safety.

Amy Zimmer then weighed in at...279 lbs., a six-pound loss! Good job!

If Phil Hawk lost even a single pound, his team was safe. New weight...363 lbs., meaning a nine-pound loss was good enough! Not only that, a percentage of 1.89% was enough to win them their first weigh-in!

That meant the blue team had to get rid of somebody for the first time. Gonzalez was safe since she lost the most weight for the team.

First vote, casted by Lisenby, went to...Tejwani.
Second vote, casted by Gonzalez, went to...Lisenby.
Third vote, casted by Michalik, went to...Lisenby. One more vote and he's out of the running for the entire purse.
Fourth vote, casted by Whang, went to...Michalik.
Fifth vote, casted by Tejwani, went to...Lisenby, so he was eliminated. But he could still win $100,000 on the season finale if he works really hard.

9/25/2007 Results

Family Feud: If the Patricks become the second undefeated champions of the season, they will also get a chance to become this version’s third-biggest five day winners. But to get anything today, they must beat the Johnstons.

The Patricks steal the last answer of Iowa on a question that asked to name a state that might have more cows than people to score the game’s first 66 points. They get another 87 on reasons why you might hear from people that you haven’t heard from in a long time.

Double: According to 100 women, which actor do you think gives the best on-screen kisses? Starting with:

1. Brad Pitt (21, Rex)

The champs get a chance to blow this game open. Lynda goes with Denzel Washington…sorry. Mike says Pierce Brosnan…also a dud. Brannon tries Tom Cruise…#5 (5)! Lynsie says George Clooney…#2 (20)! We then go back to Rex, who says Harrison Ford…their turn is over. To get on the board, Jim says Matthew McConaghey…NO, so the champs go to 245! Unsaid answers:

3. Antonio Banderas (11)
4. Sean Connery (7)
6. Mel Gibson (7)

Triple: Name a place where sports fans might get their news. Lynda says the TV….also known as ESPN, that’s NUMBER ONE (54)! That gives the champions a chance to close it out! Mike says the newspaper…#3 (15)! Brannon says my brother’s answer of the Internet…sure enough, that’s #2 (19)! Lynsie says radio is #4.…nope. Rex tries people, one of my guesses….NO! Lynda then goes with sports magazines….NO! To force Sudden Death, Jim says e-mails….NOPE, SO THE PATRICKS ARE FIVE-TIME CHAMPS AT 509! #4 was sports bar (10), another one of my answers!

Fast Money: Let’s see if Brannon and Rex can help this team become one of the biggest-winning clans ever.

1. Name the animal you don’t want to see escape from the zoo.
2. Tell me the average number of movies you see in a month.
3. Name a kind of market.
4. Something that shines.
5. Name something a husband asks her wife to carry in her purse for him.

My guesses:
1. Lion
2. 4
3. Supermarket
4. Sun
5. Money

Rex says lion (#1), 3, supermarket (#1), shoes (bad) and cell phone for 89. Brannon’s first answer is bear…8 said that. His second answer is 5...good for 15. Third answer is stock market..13. Fourth answer is jewelry…28. His final answer is watch…nada. They add $765, making them the biggest winners of the season so far with $42,405! Unsaid #1 answers:

2. 2
4. Sun/stars
5. Wallet

Now, for Game 2. The Jimenezs defend for the first time against the Jacksons.
The Jacksons get the first 32 points on things women do twice as much as men. The champs fire back with 96 on things people put out.

Double: Name something people hope their kids don’t do at their house on Halloween. Starting with:

1. Egg it (44, Sundie)

The champs get the first crack at this question. Betty says throw trash in the grass (?!?!?)…NO WAY. Rudy says wrapping the house in toilet paper….#2 (22)! Jay’s guess is do something with the pets…I don’t think so- strike two. Megan says pumpkin smashing…strike three. For the challenger steal, Vance says tear up the garage (?!?!?!)…NO FREAKIN’ WAY, so the challengers add 132 to go to 228. Unsaid:

3. Graffiti/paint (11)
4. Visit/stop by (8)
5. Burn the house down (4)
6. Take all candy away (3)

Triple: 100 married women were asked to give their best answer to the following fill-in-the blank: “My husband treats his _______ better than he does me.” Betty says car…NUMBER ONE (65), so the champs play! Rudy has a guess of friends…no. Jay says TV…no. Megan goes with dog…all animals are #2 (13)! Sundie offers a guess of sports equipment….oops. To force Sudden Death, Vance says mother…GAME OVER! The Jimenezs win with 462. Not said:

3. Video games (6)
4. Computer (4)

Fast Money: Betty and Sundie try it again.

1. What percent would be a really good tip at a restaurant?
2. A Texas city.
3. Name a type of snake you’d never want to hold.
4. Name an All-American food.
5. Name a sport where players get hit.

My guesses:
1. 50% (My second guess was 100%)
2. Dallas
3. Rattlesnake
4. Hamburgers
5. Football

Betty’s answers are 15%, Austin, Black Mamba, hamburgers (#1) and football (#1) for 30! Sundie’s percentage guess is 20%….29 said that, and that’s the top answer! For a Texas city, she agrees with me on Dallas…that’s also #1 (32), and now they’re just nine points away! Her snake guess is another one of my answers, a rattlesnake…WIN! That was also #1 (39)! They now have $20,955!

(BTW, when a family’s total winnings are displayed on the losing team’s backdrop, it’s now in the same font as the money amounts displayed on the Donny Osmond version of “Pyramid”.)

WWTBAM: Jordana Well is back to try and continue her great start that took place at the end of yesterday's show. Prior to her game resuming, a picture of her baby girl was shown. Back to the game, here's her $8,000 question:

Often said to be the world's first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building was erected in the late 19th cenutry in what U.S. city?

A: Pittsburgh
B: Dallas
C: Philadelphia
D: Chicago

Both of us are stumped, so she polls the audience. 68% said Chicago, 17% said Philly and 10% said Pittsburgh. She goes with "The Windy City" and is correct. Next:

What popular TV series features the menacing character Mr. Bennet, better known as "HRG" or "Horn-Rimmed Glasses"?

A: "Family Guy"
B: "Heroes"
C: "Lost"
D: "Scrubs"

I know it's not "Family Guy". The 50:50 leaves "Heroes" and "Scrubs". Still stumped, she calls Helene, who says "Scrubs", but is only 50% sure. She goes with "Scrubs"....NO. She leaves with $1,000. Maybe she'll watch some TV after today, as she said she doesn't watch that much TV because of taking care of her children.

Next is Henry Mitchell III from Atlanta. He's shy when he meets most people for the first time. For $8,000:

Due to its alleged inaccuracies, what 2007 film inspired to Middle Eastern news headline "Hollywood Declared War on Iranians"?

A: "Epic Movie"
B: "300"
C: "Bridge to Terabithia"
D: "Grindhouse"

My gut is "300". He decides to use the 50:50, leaving that and "Bridge to Terabithia". He then agrees with me on "300"...right! Next up:

Where are the Van Allen belts?

A: On the canals of Amsterdam
B: Inside a carburetor
C: On a strand of DNA
D: In the Earth's magnetosphere

I believe it's D, and he it! For $25,000:

For over 20 years in the 27th century, the celebration of Christmas was banned in what colonial city?

A: Philadelphia
B: Savannah
C: Boston
D: Baltimore

Mitchell polls the audience. 42% said Boston, 28% said Savannah, 19% said Philly and 11% said Baltimore. But he puts his full faith in the audience on Boston...right for $25,000! After switching, here is his final question today. If he's right, he might walk away with $50,000 on the next show. If not, the game is over. Here it is:

The largest Hispanic civil rights organization in the U.S., NCLR stands for "National Council of" what?

A: Los Residentes
B: La Resuelta
C: La Raza
D: Los Remedios

He decides to save his phone lifeline and says La Raza...he's coming back tomorrow!

Wheel: To start, a congratulations message was done by Pam Tillis. Tonight's players are Lana Yuash from Toluca Lake, CA (who is an entertainment attorney), Sheila Lindy from somewhere in Washington (she and her husband are the administrators community in Port Townsend, but she is originally from London!) and Scott Harris from Cheyenne, Wyoming (who is an area technical operations coordinator for a telecommunications company). Yuash gets AHEAD OF SCHEDULE for a grand, while the British lady gets BATTLE CREEK MICHIGAN for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Around the House, and out on the wheel now is a trip to California Wine Country worth $5,500. After the man calls the S's to pick up the check for $10,000, we have...

_ _ _ _ S _ E _ _

S T E R E _

S _ E _ _ E R S

...I don't know the top word. He calls a $600 P and two K's for $800 before buying the A. After buying three O's, the top word now reads...

_ O O K S _ E _ _

...I still don't know. After calling the B, located at the beginning of the puzzle, he says BOOKSHELF STEREO SPEAKERS....RIGHT to get on the board in a big way with $11,750! He also earned the Free Spin in this round!

Jackpot Round category is Occupation. Harris uses his Free Spin after hitting a Bankrupt right off the bat. After picking up the trip to California and buying the O, Lindy has this showing...

C _ _ E _

_ _ N _ N C _ _ L

O _ _ _ C E R

...I know this now. But her turn ends with a dud call of D. Harris hits a Bankrupt again. Yulash hits Jackpot and calls the F's...and she solves CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER for the first jackpot win of the season at $8,250! With the $10,250 this round, she now has $11,250, $500 off the lead!

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink, and it's a fairly big puzzle. The winner of the last round calls a T for the Wild Card, which could very well come into handy for her this round. She later lands on a Mystery Wedge with $2,000 in her bank. She calls two L's and takes the $2,000 buyout (good, because there's a Bankrupt back there). After she calls two D's for $1,600, we have...

_ _ L D

_ _ D _ _ _/&



...I don't know the first half. After buying two I's, we now have...

_ I L D

_ _ D I _ _/&



...I know this now, and I also know a trip to Mexico or Spain is at stake. After buying the E and the U, she solves MILD MEDIUM & HOT SALSA for $4,350 and the trip to Cancun, Mexico, making her new total $22,400!

She then solves PROCRASTINATOR to go to $25,400. Speed-Up Round category is Things, and consonants are worth $1,500 a pop. Prior to the big bell, the leader lost the Wild Card to a a Bankrupt. Board at this point:

_ _ T _ _ _ N

S _ _ _ _ E _ E N T S

After Lindy calls two M's, we now have...

_ _ T _ M _ N

S _ _ _ _ E M E N T S

...I know it, but she doesn't. Harris calls the R, a dud. The other lady calls the P's and solves VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS to polish her maingame win by another $3,000, taking her to $28,400. The man has $11,750 and the British lady has $2,000.

The past three shows now, we've had a new top winner on the season. Can she make it four shows in a row by winning either the motorhome or the $100,000? Let's find out. She spins the dollar sign and the final category is On the Map. Starting with:

_ _ L _

_ _ _ _ _ _

Her picks are D, C, M and A and she gets...

_ _ L _

_ A _ A _ _

...she can't get HILO HAWAII for the Saturn Sky.

(At the end, it was learned that Vanna has her own yarn brand!)

Crosswords: The starting players were Kevin Field and Susan Langer. Field solved DRIVE to put a trip to Vegas in his bank. After he solved SHUE, he was tied at $300 with her opponent heading into the Crossword Extra. He tried to double his money.

_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _

Clue: Deli slice that makes for a popular pizza topping. He got PEPPERONI with little trouble to double up! When the round ended, he still led $700 to $550 over his opponent.

The Spoilers this show were Curtis, Donna and Ed. Here's a $200 clue:

_ _ _ _ _

And the hint...blood component in supply in emergency rooms. All of the Spoilers rung in while the others drew a blank. Ed tried letter too many, so he got locked out. Curtis then tried SERUM...correct to take over the lady's podium, which now stood at $1,150. Ed was back in play at that point. After Curtis got the next clue, here's the clue now:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: What manicurists use across the board. Curtis said EMORY....that's right, but he misspelled the answer, so he fell to $1,150. That gave Ed another chance to spoil, and he said FILES...he got locked out again. The next Spoiler chance went to Ms. Langer, and she said EMERY...that's the right spelling, so she took her old podium back, now at $1,350. After blowing the clue after that, here's the next clue:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For $300...assign a task to someone, or appoint. Langer said DELEGATES....NO, so she dropped to $950 at that time. Ed tried to spoil with DESIGNATE...the third try's the charm for him, so he got her podium, which went back to $1,250. And the Crossword Getaway clue went unsolved somewhere, because the Crossword Extra is next. He led Field by $550. His bet was...all of it!

_ _ _ E

Clue: Tough thing for George of the Jungle? He said TREE....DOUBLE! He shot up to $2,500! At the end of the round, he had three grand while Field had $900.

First clue of Round 3...

_ _ I _'s a number that's rarely in English. Curtis tried to get back to the bottom row with VIII....oops. It was ARIA. Later on, this came up for $300:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ U _

Clue: It gets beat in the West Indies. Langer tried to return to where she was with STEELDRUM...right on to go back to her podium, which was now filled with $3,400! A few clues later...

_ _ _ _ _

...for chili, one of these is laughable. Donna went for the spoil with BEANS...wrong, so she got locked out. Answer: ALARM. A few clues later, we hit this:

_ _ _ _

Clue: Crime drama with Kim Basinger, "____ Money". I thought it was EASY. Ed tried to spoil with that guess....NO, so he got locked out for the third time this episode. Answer: EVEN. After Curtis missed the next clue, all of the Spoilers were back in the game. When Langer hit the $4,000 mark, she found the Crossword Extra. With ten times as much money as Field, she bet $1,500:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Named after Josiah, a big name in China. She offered nothing, so she dropped to $2,500. It was SPODE. Let's pick up all the action from here.

(_ _ _ _)- It can be ready in a minute. Field said RICE to go to $600.
(_ _ _ _ _)- Quaint versifiers. Curtis tried a late spoil with POETS....incorrect. It was BARDS.
(_ _ _ _)- Nothing follows them. Langer's guess was ENDS...right to go to $2,700, and that's all the time for this game, so she won all of that money!

Crossfire: An extra $2,000 and a trip to the British Virgin Islands was on the line here. She had to fill in 14 blanks...and she did so with just five seconds left, sending her on that trip with $4,700 in her pocket!

That's the Question: Tonight's players are Kate Kim (who was planning for an Orange County trip at the time of this episode's taping) and Randy Court (a professional DJ for some private parties).

The DJ gets WHAT ACTION STAR IS CALLED SLY? and then Sylvester Stallone to gain control. Here's the first board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/"_' _/_ _ _ _ _'/_ _"?

ANSWER: McDonald's

Already, I know the last three words as "I'm Lovin' It". After the lady knows about a crocodile, she has a 10-1 lead over the DJ, and the board now looks like this:

_ _ _ T/_ E S T _ _ _ _ _ T/_ _ S/

T _ E/_ O T T O/"I' _/_ O V I _'/IT"?

ANSWER: McDonald's

The guy has the next question.

(SHNDWERLOADJ)- Which 2008 presidential candiate was John Kerry's second banana in 2004? He's not into politics, so he doesn't get John Edwards. An L goes into the puzzle.
(APSNCE)- Before Valentino Tereshkova went there in 1963, where had no woman ever gone before? She gets SPACE to go to 12, but when trying to solve the question, she said WHAT RESTAURANT HAS THE LO....oops.
(CELAPLIAO)- What circus organ was named after the Greek muse of epic poetry? The DJ says Calliope, which is correct for two A's and points, and he steals the question of WHAT RESTAURANT HAS THE MOTTO "I'M LOVIN' IT" to go to 8. Second board this round:

_/_ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _?


The first mini-question here was about "Power of 10" and "TPIR" host Drew Carey! After the DJ knows about the Microchip, the board now reads:

A/MALE/_ I _/_ _ A R E _/W _ A T/_ A M E/

W I T _/A/MALE/_ _ I _ E A/_ I _?


At this point, he leads, 24-23.

(NGHNPYE)- In 2006, "Golf Digest" ranked what jazz saxophonist as the top musician who plays golf? The lady had nothing- it was Kenny G. Two P's went into the puzzle.
(CMSSSAERRPUC'I)- What sports trophy is named for the yacht that first won it? He said WINSTON CUP...uh, that's for auto racing, and that trophy doesn't exist anymore! It was America's Cup. Two S's go into the puzzle.
(KJIIAGNEFANLRMBN)- Who wrote "Poor Richard's Almanack" under the pen name Richard Saunders? Believe it or not, the lady drew a blank- it was Benjamin Franklin.
(ENULSNIE)- If you're watching this show, your viewing habits might be studied by what TV ratings company? He gets Nielsen to go to 25, and he solves A MALE PIG SHARES WHAT NAME WITH A MALE GUINEA PIG? to go to 30. Final big question this round:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _' _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/

_ _/_ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Russia

After Kim knows about a goat, we have:

_ _ A _/N A _ _ O N/_ A _/_ _ _/

_ O _ L _' _/L A _ G _ _ _/A _ _ A _/

O _/_ O _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Russia

I think I know it now, but I'm not 100% sure. At this point, she leads by only one point, 33-32.

(WAMBKCLENIN)- In what movie did Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith protect the Earth from the scum of the universe? He says "War of the Worlds", but it's "Men in Black". Two W's go on the board.
(DWIOA)- What "Hawkeye State" is the birthplace of the Eskimo Pie, introduced in 1920? She gets IOWA to go to 34 and put a D on the board.
(TELIROPNT)- What worldwide law enforcement agency has 186 member countries? He has no guess- it was INTERPOL. Five T's go on the board, and he missed out on reclaiming the lead. The last word now reads _ O _ _ _ T.
(FIIEBSER)- Which flying toy was modeled after a pie tin? Kim gets FRISBEE for an I and a new total of 35.
(PEFTRPOH)- Jeremiah was a bullfrog, but Biblically, he was what type of divinely-inspired messenger? He says PROPHET for two F's and two points, bringing him to 34. He tries to solve the big question, and the last word now reads F O _ _ _ T. He says WHAT NATION HAS THE WORLD'S LARGEST AREA....NO.
(YRLLEN)- In 2002, what rapper sang "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"? She got Nelly for four R's and four more points, but rang in too late when given the chance to solve the puzzle.
(IMCNORESGOS)- What field studies the efficiency and comfort level of people in the workplace? The man misses out on tying the game when he doesn't know that the answer was Ergonomics. Five S's go in, and I know the puzzle now.
(HAMPAHSIN)- What shawl-like cloth is usually made from soft wool? Kim has nothing- it was PASHMINA. Three H's go on the board.
(EBORMICOMBT)- Physicist Robert Oppenheimer has the dubious distinction of being the father of what? He doesn't get Atomic Bomb, so nobody wins the final puzzle of the round. It was WHAT NATION HAS THE WORLD'S LARGEST AREAS OF FOREST? Kim leads 39 to 34 at the end of the first round.

Here's the first board for Round 2:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _

When the DJ got stumped on a question about "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", we now have:

_ _ A _/_ A _ _E _/S _ A R S/E _ C _ A _ _ E D/

_ A _ E R F O _ _?

ANSWER: S_ A _/_ A _ E

Kim has control now, and trails the guy by seven points, 39-46.

(UNDHNEDWSRICSFOOS)- When Wallace Warfield Simpson married British royalty, she became known by what title? She says Duchess of York...but it was Duchess of Windsor. Two N's go into the big question, while an N goes into the answer.
(YEHANCMLDRORNADH)- What oil industry executive, turned author, created hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe? He can't come up with Raymond Chandler, and two H's go into the question.
(LUBEBTJE)- What airline was the first to make its passengers couch potatoes by putting satelite TV in each seat? Kim gets JetBlue for a B and to hit 41 points now.
(RRKCRUTPLRRHRM)- "Someone left the cake out in the rain" in 1968, and the lyrics are still obscure in what Jimmy Webb song? She doesn't know that's "Macarthur Park", missing out on a chance to take the lead, because three L's go into the question, and another appears in the answer.
(OEIQXTNU)- What occasion in spring and fall do day and night have the same length? He says EQUINOX to go to 56 and put five T's into the main question.
(PETNGNAOW)- What five-sided structure is the world's largest office building? He gets Pentagon no sweat, and he then says WHAT BALLET STARS ENCHANTED WATERFOWL? and the answer of "Swan Lake" to go to 72 and score the victory!

Here's what his bonus board looked like after 72 seconds worth of questioning...

_ H O _ _ _/O _/"F _ _ _ _ _ S"/H _ _/_/

_ _ _ _/S _ S _ _ _/O _/_ H _ _/O _ H _ _/

S H O _?

ANSWER: _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _

He drew a blank, so he goes home with $500. The question was PHOEBE ON "FRIENDS" HAD A TWIN SISTER ON WHAT OTHER SHOW?, and the answer was "Mad About You". He probably needed at least 120 seconds to have had any shot at that.