Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"The Singing Bee" stung for November sweeps

Last night's Halloween episode of "The Singing Bee" pulled its lowest rating to date, a 3.9 Fast Nielsen with a 6 share. As a result of its low ratings, the show has been pulled from the NBC schedule for the November sweeps period. Two-hour episodes of "The Biggest Loser" will take its place.

Source: The Futon Critic

"The Biggest Loser" 10/30

Neil Tejwani’s team better not be below the yellow line from now on at the weigh-ins, or his big gamble from last week will not pay off for him.

Challenge: Each team had to hang on to a rope while on a steel structure as long as possible. If any member of the team fell into the water, that team was out. The last team standing gained some sort of an advantage later on.

Tejwani’s team lost quickly! The winning team consisted of Bryan Washington, Ryan Rodriguez and Nicole Mikalik. As a result, each member of that team got to cast a vote at the next elimination ceremony, instead of one for the whole team.

Now, for the weigh-ins. Tejwani’s team went up first.

He weighed in at…339, for a 33-pound loss- A NEW SINGLE-WEEK RECORD! However, he wasn’t too happy about that because he knew what he did was wrong.

Isabeau Miller’s new weight…the same as last week, 255 lbs. Thus, this team lost 5.26% this week.

Now, for Washington’s team.

Mikalik weighed in at…235 lbs., for a loss of nine pounds! She’s lost 44 pounds this season so far.

Washington then took the scale at…289 lbs., for a respectable eight pound loss.

Rodriguez then weighed in at…308, so he lost 13 pounds! This team lost 30 pounds this week, for a percentage of…3.48%, meaning Tejwani and Miller were safe.

Zimmer’s team was next.

Zimmer weighed in at…254, so she lost 11 pounds! Good! She’s lost 43 pounds so far this season.

Bill Germanakos’ new weight….251, for a ten pound loss!

Julie Hadden wrapped things up for the team by weighing in at…186 lbs., meaning that’s a six-pound loss for her. This team lost 27 pounds, for a percentage of…3.76%, meaning they were safe!

Kae Whang’s team needed to have lost at least 25 pounds to avoid elimination.

Hollie Self started things off with a new weight of…218, for a five-pound loss.

Whang then learned her new weight was…168, for a six-pound loss.

David Griffin needed to have gone down to at least 301 lbs. or less to send them to the next round. His new weight was….

…312 lbs., so he only lost three pounds, meaning his team was off to the elimination room.

There were five possible votes in the elimination ceremony.

First vote, from Tejwani’s team, went to…Griffin.
Second vote, from Germanakos’ team, went to…Griffin. One more vote and he was eliminated.
Third vote, from Washington, went to…Whang, so Griffin was still alive for now.
Fourth vote, from Mikalik, went to…Griffin, so his game is over.

10/31/2007 Results- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

WWTBAM: We begin with Christopher Hardgrave, who is a waiter from Broken Arrow, OK. He is a waiter, but he has problems remembering his own name while in the studio! $8,000 question:

The band Franz Ferdinand shares its name with a historical figure whose assassination is often said to have triggered what conflict?

C: War of 1812
D: Spanish-American War

He asks the audience. 61% said WWI, 21% said the Spanish-American War and 11% said WWII. He goes with WWI…right! $16,000 question:

Often found on boats, a “burgee” is a type of what?

A: Inflatable raft
B: Air horn
C: Rope
D: Flag

He says flag with no hesitation….right for $16,000! For $25,000:

Which of these scientists developed an anthrax vaccine for sheep and cows?

A: Joseph Lister
B: Louis Pasteur
C: Jonas Salk
D: Albert Sabin

The 50:50 leaves Pasteur and Salk. He then locks in Pasteur….he’s got $25,000! He made that guess from of all things, an episode of “Seinfield” ! For $50,000:

Though they eventually settled throughout the world, the nomadic people known as Gypsies originally migrated from what country?

A: Morocco
B: India
C: Armenia
D: Hungary

He calls Jay, who’s very sure it’s India. The player agrees…up to $50,000 he goes! After switching out, here is his $100,000 question:

Until they get official names, new chemical elements receive temporary names based on Latin and Greek translations of their what?

A: Atomic number
B: Date of discovery
C: Founder’s surname
D: Molecular weight

He has no clue, so he goes home $50,000 richer! It was atomic number.

Lyn Payne from Orlando is next. Here’s her eight grand question, and the last question of the day:

What ancient civilization domesticated the Caffre cat, believed by many to be the ancestor of short-haired domestic cats?

A: Roman
B: Aztec
C: Chinese
D: Egypt

She decides to call, I think, Leczek Pawlowicz!!!! He says Egyptian, but it’s only a guess. She goes with him anyway….RIGHT, so she’ll be back tomorrow!

TPIR: The intro background is in the Halloween spirit! Also, most of the music cues and some other graphics are in the holiday mood too! Cool! Rich Fields also announces like a vampire, and Drew Carey’s wearing false vampire teeth!

Today’s first four players are Elizabeth Vincent, Dayvion Comride, Talia Gibbon and Nicholas King. The opening IUFB is a sailboat.

Nicholas: $1,750
Talia: $2,500
Elizabeth: $1,107
Dayvion: $1,800

ARP: $1,895, so Comride will play ½ Off. The first pair of items are marked $35 apiece, a flashlight and a coffee center. At this point, since it’s messing up his speech, Carey takes his vampire teeth out. Anyway, the player guesses that the coffee thing is $ Next are a football humidifier marked at $35 and a flash drive marked at $54 (which I use a lot lately). He says the flash drive is $ is! He’s won those items and $500. The last pair of items are a pet brush marked at $20 and a car telephone marked at $25. He says the phone is $50...NO. Now, wins with just eight boxes have happened before, especially with Kyle Jefferies last season (when he pulled off the greatest win ever in this game). Left for the $10,000: #1, #3, #6, #8, #9, #12, #14 and #16. He thinks the ten grand is in #3.….

…BULLSEYE!!! The first Dob-stopper of the season, IMO!

The next player is Leanna Cruz and the second IUFB is a sleeper sofa.

Leanna: $750
Nicholas: $850
Talia: $800
Elizabeth: $851

All are over.

Leanna: $439
Nicholas: $675
Talia: $600
Elizabeth: $452

ARP: $699, so King will play That’s Too Much for a Dodge Charger. The first price is $16,121, so this might be an easy playing. The second price is $17,950. Third price is $20,159. Fourth price is $21,962. Fifth price is $23,235, and like me, he says the magic words….NO! Believe it or not, the ARP was $26,657, and he should’ve stopped at the seventh price of $27,995. He got robbed big time, IMO. That car had no reason to cost that much the way it was described.

The next player to get to Contestant’s Row is Alexandra Rosso and the third IUFB is a treadmill. The winner also gets $40 worth of V8 juice.

Alexandra: $1,987
Talia: $1,100
Elizabeth: $1,550
Leanna: $792

ARP: $1,299, so Gibbon will play Pick a Pair for a dining room worth $3,845. The items are NutraMist, Oxi Clean, Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, a bag of cat food, Jell-O and Mylanta. She picks the soup, which is $1.07. She thinks the other $1.07 item is the soup and it is!

SSD1: King spins 40...and 70, so he leaves with parting gifts. Gibbon spins 75 cents. The ½ Off winner spins 40...and 55 to get into the Showcase!

Next to exit the audience is Christopher Farrah and the next IUFB is a chest. The winner also gets $40 worth of Clorox wipes.

Christopher: $1,875
Elizabeth: BUCK (STUPID BID)
Leanna: $1,420
Alexandra: $1,000

ARP: $1,488, so Cruz will play Pushover for a spa. Board:


It’s either $6,650 or $9,266, IMO. She says $6,501, neither one of my guesses…she just missed it. It was $6,650.

The next player to leave the mob is Lashaun Warner and the fifth IUFB is a set of guitars. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Halls cough drops.

Lashaun: $2,200
Alexandra: $1,100
Christopher: $1,375
Elizabeth: $1,400

ARP: $1,281, so Rosso will play Line Em’ Up for a Pontiac Vibe. Board:

?- $829- Kitchen appliances
?- $13- Desk lamp
?- $956- Clock

Her first guess is $18,395.…only one digit is wrong. She then says $19,395, which is so wrong. The ARP was $18,195. This was a pretty tough playing. The only way she could’ve won is if she had said $19,365 on her first guess.

Our last player is Michael Roman (who is a firefighter and recently just celebrated his birthday) and the final IUFB is a set of snow sleds. The winner also gets $40 worth of Ziploc bags.

Michael: $1,325
Christopher: $650
Elizabeth: $1,326
Lashaun: $651

All are over.

Michael: $625
Christopher: $595
Elizabeth: $626
Lashaun: BUCK

ARP: $580, so Vincent is the latest member of the First Four Breakfast Club and Warner now plays One Right Price for a daybed and a BBQ. Today’s given price is $2,804, and she thinks that’s what the BBQ costs…but it doesn’t. It’s $3,806. Roger had some mean setups for most of the games today, so I can’t really blame the players for not winning much at this point.

The lady who lost Line Em’ Up is in the Showcase.

The first Showcase tells a story about a vampire being a contestant on the show last Halloween. First, it was a bad idea because he hates light, especially with a set of lamps as a prize. Second, he freaked out when he was told he could win a trip to Italy, which is a place vampires hate to be in! Finally, he was so freaked out over the experience, he turned himself into a bat and flew into his new home, a new 26” TrailManor trailer! The lady bids $21,000, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY. The man sees a mummy’s favorite things- sleeping bags, a sauna and a Ford Mustang. He bids $32,000, which is a WILLY.

ARP for him: $24,205, so he’s over. ARP for the lady: $35,264, so she wins big, to the tune of $36,792 in prizes! The man leaves with $12,538 in cash and prizes.

Family Feud: Today, John and William are dressed as cowboys. Here, the Spauldings are here for their third time against the Chatmans.

Opening question: Name something people give on Halloween that kids don’t like. Starting with:

1. Apples/healthy food (59, Monica)

The challengers play. Terry’s guess is toothbrush…all dental products are #2 (13)! Frances says a book…no. Geremy then blanks out. Siandra then says stickers…three straight strikes. For the steal, Alicen goes with pencils…that’s #3 (5) to give the champs 72 points! Not said:

4. Popcorn (5)
5. Money (3- How the heck that got on the board is beyond me.)

Second question: Name something that may be a “pizza topping” in a horror movie. Starting with:

6. Fingers (9, Steve)

The champs play. Linda starts the round with fingers…#2 (19)! Becky says eyeballs…TOP ANSWER (24)! Bob then says spiders…that or bugs are #4 (11)! Alicen then hit’s the dirt for her answer…but it’s a dud. Steve then has heart as his answer…that falls under guts/organs as #5 (11)! Back to Linda, who then says what I thought was teeth, but it’s feces instead…and feces is not there. Becky then goes with frogs…three strikes. Monica then says worms for the steal…that’s #3 (12) for a two-point lead at 74! The bottom answer was a dead mouse (3).

Double: Name something people bust out of. We start with:

1. Jail (46, Linda)
2. Los pantalones/seams (34, Frances)

The champs get the first crack at a question again. Becky starts things off with house…can’t do it. Bob then guesses school…also no good. Alicen then says cars…three strikes in a row for the second time today! Tough luck. For another steal, Monica says windows…NO, so the champs re-take the lead with 232. Not said:

3. Cake (8)
4. Sad mood (3)
5. Rut (2)
6. Shell (2)

That was a hard question.

Triple: Name something men hate asking for. Geremy says money….#3 (25). Becky then goes with the hot answer of sex…NUMBER ONE (30), so the champs can close this game out here. Bob then says directions….#2 (28)! That puts them in prime position to win their third game. Alicen says #4 is help….IT IS (8) for the win at 505!

Fast Money: Becky and Alicen tackle this series of questions.

1. Name something that might crawl into your boots when you go camping.
2. Name a children’s story with a very scary witch.
3. Name something that’s cooked in oil.
4. Name something that returns in the springtime.
5. Name another word for “scared”.

My guesses:
1. Ants
2. “Hansel & Gretel”
3. Chicken
4. Bears
5. Frightened

Alicen says spiders (#1), “The Wicked Witch of the West”(really bad), chicken, grass and frightened (#1) for 114. Becky says scorpions, “Wizard of Oz”, popcorn (bad, and John asked the board with Ray Combs’ classic line of “What did the survey say?”), flowers (#1) and terrified for….206 and $20,000, giving them $40,590 for three days! Unsaid #1 answers:

2. “Hansel & Gretel” (They should’ve gotten this one, but it didn’t matter.)
3. French fries/potatoes

Crosswords: Today’s opening players are Dan Holland (a NYC contractor) and Cathy Dedler (a teacher from Ohio).

The lady got SNAP to put a mini-vacation to the Golden Gate City in her podium. When the man gets SRS for his first fifty bucks, the Crossword Extra pops up. He decides to bet $500:

_ _ _ _S

Clue: Informs that “I’ll be there”. He got RSVPS…but left out the S, sending him to $450 in the hole! Ouch. At the end of the round, the lady has $650 and the man is now at $350 in the red.

Today’s Spoilers are Jeremy, Linda and Warren. Linda soon took over the lady’s podium with $950 and the S.F. trip. Let’s pick up the action from here.

(Five-letter word)- Outpouring from ducts. Holland said TEARS…correct to go to $450.
(_ _ S _ _)- Lessens, as pain. Holland rung in with EASES this time…and he’s got $650 now.
(_ _ _ _ S)- Words before “directed” in a common phrase. Warren goes for his first spoil with USEAS…right for $1,150!
(Five-letter word)- Heart chambers. Holland said AORTA at the last second…no. Warren then rung in with ATRIA…that’s right to go to $1,350 while the other man now is back to $450. The Crossword Extra then shows up and he bets $900:

_ _ _ A _ _ _

Clue: Man from Acre. He has nothing, so this game is tied. It was ISRAELI.

(Three-letter word)($100)- Peakish. Dedler tried to get back to the main row with WAN…not it, so she’s blacked out. It was actually ILL.
(Five-letter word)- Double-edged literary device. Holland said IRONY…and he’s back to $650 and the lead.
(_ _ Y)($100)- Underhanded. Warren said SLY…he’s now within $100.
(Three-letter word)($100)- Word often substituted for a miss. Warren tries to tie things back up with ERR…I don’t think so. My guess of HIT was wrong too, because it was actually SHE.
(Five-letter word)- It may be set to capture game. Warren again tries to tie the game with TRAPS…wrong again, so he’s down to $250. It was SNARE.
(Three-letter word)- Epcot center? Linda goes for a spoil with PCO…DQ. It was CEE.
(Six-letter word)- The end of Howie’s phrase, and I know this. But Holland doesn’t, as he says OR NO!!! Darn. It was NO DEAL, as in the new popular game show “Deal or No Deal”. That drops him to $450. That ends the second round.

After Warren knows about the star on a Scrabble board, he’s got $950 while Holland has $1,150 as we pick up Round 3 at this point.

(Three-letter word)($100)- Consultation cost. Holland says FEE to go to $1,250.
(Four-letter word)- Out-of-pocket amount. Warren says COST…and he’s up to $1,150.
(Four-letter word)- Morales of “NYPD Blue”. Holland says that first name is ESAI…and it is to go to $1,450.
(Five-letter word)- Red-eyed songbird that builds a hanging nest. Jeremy’s the only one in, so all the Spoilers are finally back in the game. His free guess is ROBIN…nope. It was VIREO.
(Three-letter word)($100)- Third man in the ring. Warren says REF to go to $1,250 and then finds the Crossword Extra. His wager is $400. For a slight lead, the four-letter clue is:

Group with a clock in its emblem.

His guess is…NOTHING, so he drops to $850 and is all but out of this. It was ELKS.

(Three-letter word)($100)- “___ the Bounty Hunter”. Warren says DOG to go to $950.
(Four-letter word)- Well out of range. Warren says AFAR this time…right again to go to $1,150.
(Three-letter word)($100)- Actress Dawn Chong. Holland all but seals the match up with RAE for a new total of $1,550...and that was the end anyway.

Crossfire: Mr. Holland can go to St. Lucia with $3,550 if he can fill in the remaining twelve blanks…he does with 20 seconds left over!

WOF: On this Halloween, our players tonight are Maureen Winship (in the yellow) from Kingston, NH (who is a paralegal), Maryann Marquez from Vicalia, CA (who is a part-time fitness instructor and loves to water ski) and Matthew Brunner from Westbrook, Maine (who is a charter boat fisher and married his wife, Kelly, just before this episode was taped!).
Winship quickly gets BOBBING FOR APPLES for $1,000, while the guy gets THE ITALIAN RIVIERA for two.

Round 1 category is Before & After, and there’s a $5,000 trip to Vegas on the wheel now. After he buys the I’s, we have…

S _ E A _ I _ _

E _ _ A _ E _ E _ T

R I _ _

..I don’t know the top word. He calls a dud in D next. Winship calls four G’s for $2,400, and one of them is the last letter of the word up top. After calling four N’s for $1,200 and a $550 M, she calls a dud in H. Marquez steals SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT RING to get her first $1,000.

(Flashback moment from San Diego in 2003: Sara breaks her toss-up buzzer!)

Jackpot Round category is Landmark. When we get to Marquez, we have…

_ E _ _ _ _ S T _ _ E

_ A T _ _ _ A _

_ A _ _

…I know this now. She calls the N’s for $900 and then the L’s for the $1,000 gift certificate. After buying the I, she solves YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK to move to $3,250 and the lead.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Living Thing. The winner of the last two rounds gets the Free Spin right off the bat. But after she hit’s a Bankrupt, she has to use it. She calls the N’s but calls a dud vowel in O. The man also calls a dud in D. After Winship calls the G’s, we have…

G E N T _ _/S _ A _ _ N G/_ A _ _/TREES

…I think I know. After the I is bought, she calls two Y’s and solves GENTLY SWAYING PALM TREES (I would’ve missed it with GENTLE SWAYING PALM TREES) for $2,450 and a trip to Jamaica, for a new total of $9,850 and the lead.

The man then solves WISCONSIN CHEDDAR to go to five grand. Next category is Thing. After the leader buys the E’s, we have…

_ _ _ R _ _

_ E N _ E R _ _ E _ E

…I don’t know. She calls the T, and I now know the second word is CENTERPIECE. After she buys the A and the I, we now have…

_ _ _ R A _

_ E N T E R _ I E _ E

…I think I know. She calls the C’s for $1,200, but it’s time for Speed-Up Mode. Consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. After calling the L’s, she solves FLORAL CENTERPIECE to lock up the match with 16 grand in cash and prizes. The man has $5,000 and the other lady has $3,250.

She spins the C and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ E _ _/T _ E/_ _ _

I think it’s CHECK THE ______. Winship calls M, H, C and A and gets…

C H E C _/THE/_ _ _

…she got no help on the bottom. As a result, she can’t solve CHECK THE BOX for $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Let’s see if Paul Glaser goes down tonight. He faces Whiton Paine (a restaurant owner from New Orleans) and Sarah Kulihin (a student/bookseller from Plain View, NJ). We start with these categories:


Glaser gets the opening clue in Treats, but the other man gets the next three there heading into the Daily Double under the final clue. He bets a grand:

Legend says its name goes back to when an Atlantic City candy stand was flooded during high tide.

“What is salt water taffy?”…right again to go to $2,800! At the first break, he’s got $3,600 to the champ’s $1,600. Glaser then strikes gold on Monster Mash, trying for a sweep of that category on this $1,000 clue:

This other name for a vampire may come from the Greek word “Nosophoros”, or plague-carrier.

He rings in with “What is nosphoratu?”…SWEEP! Also, he takes over the lead with $5,400! He then gets all but the middle clue in It Happened on Halloween and three of the last four clues in Fear Net to end the round with $9,600. Paine has $4,600 and the lady is $400 in the red.

DJ! categories:

24-- THE NOVEL(this category features books that were told in a 24-hour span)

Paine starts the round by getting all but the $1,600 clue in the Greek category to go to nine grand and just be $600 behind the champ. The champ gets the last three clues in the sports category to increase his leading score to $14,800. The lady in the middle screws up a few times along the way, getting deeper and deeper in the hole. The champ then goes for his second category sweep of the game in the dentist category. Here’s the $2,000 clue:

From the Latin for “to close”, it’s the alignment and spacing of your upper and lower teeth when you bite.

Nobody rings in, so no sweep this time. It was occlusion. The lady then gets the $400 and $1,200 clues in the 24 category to get back to -$800. She can get out of the hole if she gets this next clue right for $2,000:

This author of “The Berlin Stories” later lived in L.A. and wrote “A single man” about a day in L.A.

Nobody tried it. It was Christopher Isherwood. She then heads to this $1,600 clue:

This novelist has Clarissa Dalloway re-examine her life choices in between dealing with last-minute party details.

The champ rings in with “Who is Virginia Wolfe?” to go to $20,400. Last clue in the category, for $800:

This author was a prisoner in a labor camp before writing “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”.

To get back to zero, the lady rings in with “Who is Gogel?”….NO. Everyone gets this one wrong- it was Solzhenitsyn.

Only two categories are left, and both Daily Doubles are still available. The male challenger finds one of them under the $1,600 clue in Economics after getting the $1,200 clue there. He has $9,800 to the champ’s $20,800. He wagers eight grand:

This two-word labor level has been the goal of many; a 1978 act of Congress named for it actually settles for 96%.

“What is Middle Management?”….NO. It was full employment, so he drops to $1,800. He then finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Oklahomies with $4,200 to the champ’s $18,800. He bets $4,100 this time:

Born near Ada, OK in 1918, he was one of the first evangelists to hold large-scale televised revivals.

“Who is Billy Graham?”….NO! It was Oral Roberts, so Glaser will be a four-time champ. And the lady wipes out at -$3,600, so she leaves with $1,000. It just wasn’t her day. The male challenger has $100 at the end of the round.

FJ! category: Animals.

For 2006, between Oct. 25 and Nov. 1, the L.A. SPCA, like many other shelters, banned adoption of these.

Correct: What are black cats?

Both miss it (the challenger said bats, while the champ just had cats), and the champ only gets $800 tonight. But he still returns tomorrow with $89,202 so far after four games.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"The Contender" Semifinal Bout 2

Remember, it was #2 Sakio Bika vs. #3 Sam Soliman. The winner will face Jaidon Codrington next week for the championship, live on ESPN.

Round 1: It was pretty even for the first minute, but Bika started to turn things up with a few good shots. Late in the round, Soliman started to get things going, including a decent uppercut. Thanks to a bunch of good shots by Bika at the last second, I gave him the round, 10-9.

Round 2: Soliman got off to an OK start, but Bika clobbered him several seconds later with a few real strong shots. Bika later got Soliman down to the ground, but it was ruled a slip, not a knockdown. 20-18 Bika after two.

Round 3: Soliman had his best start in a round thus far. But again, Bika fired up in the middle of the round. I decided to give 10s to both fighters this round, so my scorecard after three was 30-28 Bika.

Round 4: This time, it was Bika who got off to a pretty good start, but things looked up for Soliman near the middle of the round. I decided to give Soliman this round, making my score 39-38 Bika.

Round 5: It was even until Soliman unleashed a combination of 4-5 good punches on Bika! Thus, I had the score at 48 all after five rounds.

Round 6: Soliman got off to his usual good start. He kept it up at the midpoint of the round when one of his strong shots sent Bika back first against the ropes! At this point, I had Soliman in the lead, 58-57.

Round 7: Soliman landed a good shot to the jaw early. Then, he hit Bika nicely in the jaw and the upper part of the chest. 68-66 Soliman heading into the last round.

Final Round: Soliman had another decent start, but was warned by the ref for holding the back of Bika's head while he was punching. There was no knockout the rest of the way out, so I had Soliman winning the fight, 78-75.

Now, for the actual judges' scores. Two scored it 78-74, while the other had it 77-75. The winner, and facing Codrington in the championship, was....

...Sakio Bika! Second time this season I blew the fight scoring.

Great Moments and Bad Answers Day 2

First, some more memorable moments:

1/1/07- Robert McKee's amazing performance in Bonus Lingo on "Lingo". Click this link to watch it!

1/12/07- Barry Lander's record $343,000 win on "1 vs. 100"! Check the "1 vs. 100" section on's video player to watch!

1/25/07- A small man named Tim Rodman hits it big on "Wheel of Fortune"!

2/9/07- Larry Zerner outlasts game show legends like Ken Jennings to win the $250,000 jackpot on "1 vs. 100"! Watch his winning moment on the video player, if you can.

2/16/07- David Walter pulls off the biggest "Jeopardy!" tournament final comeback EVER during the last days of the Teen Tournament!

2/21/07 & 2/22/07- Crazy Jeff Jones wins $250,000 during "Million Dollar Movie Week" on "Millionaire"!

3/5/07- Antiah Greer's addiction afro hair pays off on "Deal or No Deal" to the tune of $402,000!

3/16/07- Christina Howard plays the best "Identity" game ever en route to winning $500,000! Watch her big win here!

Now, for some more bad answers:

1/25/07 ("Family Feud")- Players had to name a famous Hogan, real or fictional. Two players of the Rowe family gave incredibly dumb answers. Laqueena said Blue, while Robert says The! Despite these mistakes, they went on to win the championship that day.

1/29/07 ("Family Feud")- When asked to name some foods that can describe other people, after Jeff of the Miller family said shark, Jennifer says the non-food item of people!! The Millers went on to lose the game that day.

2/13/07 ("WOF")- During the $10,000 Mystery Round on the second episode of Country Music Stars Week, after the team of Julie Roberts and Troy Gentry called four P's for 14 grand, this was showing in the category of Before & After...

DELTA/D A _ N/D I S _ _ A S _ I N G/L I _ _ I D

...instead of the right solution of DELTA DAWN DISHWASHING LIQUID, they said DELTA DAWN DISAPPEARING LIQUID!! I've never seen a liquid disappear, nor have the show's producers.

2/15/07 ("TPIR")- Jose Linendo, after almost getting shut out on Plinko (he won $500 there), had to bid on a Showcase that featured a living room and a pair of motorcycles. The ARP was $20,685. His bid? 60 grand! He was just not meant to win much on this show.

2/21/07 ("TPIR")- Another breaking of the 0 rule on Safe Crackers occurred on this day when Joanne Mick, while playing for a trip to Austrailia worth over $15,000, messed up big time figuring out the price of a set of luggage. The numbers in the price were 0, 6 and 7 and her guess was $607, when the ARP was $760.

2/22/07 ("TPIR")- Miles Debain bid nine grand on a sofa during the third IUFB, costing him the chance to play for a car in Cover Up.

"Dancing with the Stars" 10/30- Which star gets spooked off the stage?

The encore dance of the week was the group dance from last night.

There were some firefighters in the audience. Barry Manilow then performed "Oh Babe (Dance)".

Jane Seymour's team was safe early on! However, Seymour didn't appear tonight due to being scared of the California wildfires. I have a feeling that story saved her butt.

Then, a clip of auditions from the upcoming show "Dance War" was shown. Also, a preview dance performance was done on the stage.

Barry Manilow later performed "Mandy".

In this week's bottom two are Cameron Mathison and Sabrina Bryan. Bryan, my favorite to win.....

....HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Tough luck!

10/30/2007 Results- 1st Anniversary Week Day 2

TPIR: We open the show with Tiffany Bishop, Pearl Holmes, Kevin Boogan and Kelly Thomas. Opening the IUFBs is camping equipment.

Kelly: $999
Kevin: $1,010
Pearl: $1,003
Tiffany: $1,100

ARP: $1,169, so Bishop plays Switch for a motorcycle marked at $2,825 and a sofa marked at $3,349. She switches and wins no problem!

Next to exit the audience is Ivan Perez and the second IUFB is a chandelier.

Ivan: $5,400 (STUPID BID)
Kelly: $1,150
Kevin: $1,200
Pearl: $1,100

ARP: $1,618, so Boogan plays Ten Chances for a tool kit, a pair of picnic baskets and a Pontiac G6. For the tool kit, the possible numbers are 0, 5 and 8. His first guess is $50 and he’s on the board. The possible numbers in the price of the phones are 0, 4, 6 and 9. His first guess is my gut of $640...but that’s wrong. He then says $469...he’s starting to panic. His next guess is $ Next is $460...right! Now, the numbers in the price of the car are 0, 1, 3, 8 and 9. His first guess is $19,830...not quite right. Second is $18,930...just missed again. Next is $19,380
and he wins!

Next up is Frances Delgado and the next IUFB is a set of silverware. The winner can also drink up $40 worth of V8 juice.

Frances: $700
Pearl: $1,200
Ivan: $550
Kelly: $600

ARP: $900, so Delgado will tackle the Punchboard. The first item is a rechargeable jump starter marked at $19, and she says higher…$35. Second is an electric citrus press marked at $180, and she says lower…$150. Third is a wireless speaker marked at $170 and she says lower…also $150. Finally, we have a toaster oven marked at $70 and she says higher…but it’s just $50. She punches out holes #15, #46 and #8. We start with #15...$500. She passes and goes for #46...she’s still at $500. She goes on to the last hole…and drops to $100.

SSD1: Delgado spins 75 cents. The other lady spins 15...and 90, so she’s over by a nickel. The big man spins 70...and is also over by a nickel, so Delgado heads to the Showcase.

The next player is Donald Ponchas and the next IUFB is a steam shower.

Donald: $3,600 (STUPID BID)
Pearl: $1,500
Ivan: $1,300
Kelly: $1,799

ARP: $2,299, so Thomas will play Squeeeeeeeeeeze Play for a TV. Board:


I say $4,995, but she says $4,195...should’ve listened to me.

Next to leave the crowd is Cristel and the next IUFB is a storage bar. The winner also gets $40 worth of Oxi Clean spray and will go for a car in Card Game.

Cristel: $1,000
Donald: $2,200
Pearl: $1,500
Ivan: $2,201

ARP: $1,650, so Holmes will try to bid well on a 2008 Ford Fusion while at the card table. Just like the last two Card Game players, her range is $3,000. After the starting $12,000 is lit up, she draws a 3...a 5.…a Jack…a deuce…two more 3s…a 9...another deuce…another 5 and she stops at $16,200. I hope they didn’t load that baby. The ARP is….$18,495, so she wins with a difference of $2,295!

The last player to leave the mob is Phillip Backstrum and the final IUFB is a Playstation 3 video
game system. Cool!

Philip: $750
Ivan: $600
Cristel: $675
Donald: $676

ARP: $850, so Backstrum will play Hi-Lo for a trip to Singapore worth $9,281. The products available are pain relief lotion, oatmeal crème pies, Senokot, freezer bags, cough drops and Pine Sol. He picks the Senokot first, which is $7.49. His second pick is the lotion, which is $14.99. Finally, he picks the cough drops, but the audience gets mad, so he goes for the Pine Sol instead, which is $4.49. The crème pies are $1.39, the bags are $2.79 and the drops are $2.15, so he wins!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 65 cents. Backstrum spins 80 cents. Holmes spins 35...and goes over, so the man is in the Showcase.

I believe a trailer could be awaiting somebody in the Showcase. The first Showcase takes a visit to Port O’ Price, and the boat there has a popcorn cart, a Spider Man pinball machine and a GEM car, and Delgado bids 21 grand, which I think is a WILLY. For the man, we hear the story of Stallwart Stingington, III. First, in order to reduce the wear and tear of her mansion, she rides a new bike. Second, instead of freezing stuff in her refrigerator, she cuts her costs by doing so in Alaska. Finally, she’s so stingy about using her own water, so she gets her own while sailing the seas in a new West White Potter sailboat! He bids $14,000, and I think he’s bidding so low because he thinks she’s over.

His ARP: $20,958, a difference of $6,958. ARP for the lady: $17,723, so she is over and Backstrum wins $31,089 in prizes!

WWTBAM: Ready to continue is Pete Kane, who is a communications assistant for the NY ACLU. $16,000 question:

A: “The Sound and the Fury”
B: “The Power and the Glory”
C: “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”
D: “The Pit and the Pendulum”

After thinking about, he says “The Pit and the Pendulum”…he’s got $16,000! $25,000 question:
This year, what TV funnyman was honored with his own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream called AmeriCone Dream?

A: Stephen Colbert
B: Jay Leno
C: David Letterman
D: Jon Stewart

It’s either Colbert or Stewart, IMO. He quickly says Colbert…that’s right for $25,000! After switching out, here is his $50,000 question:

Although its subject is the Caribbean, the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” shares its name with a city in what U.S. state?

A: Michigan
B: Indiana
C: Minnesota
D: Wisconsin

He says Indiana for $50,000! $100,000 question:

The first x-ray photograph taken of the human body was an image of the hand of what scientist’s wife?

A: Enrico Fermi
B: Hans Geiger
C: Wilhelm Roentgen
D: Niels Bohr

He quickly calls Horry, who is a co-worker at the ACLU place. This man says nothing, so the 50:50 is used, leaving Geiger and Roentgen. He wants to say Geiger, but he throws in the towel at 50 grand. Could he have won 100 grand….NO! Good job!

Kathleen Yuhanick from Ocean View, Delaware is next. She won a contest at a grocery store for a free trip to the show’s studio to take the audition test. For $8,000:

The ancient region known as Gaul, once ruled by Romans, is now occupied by which of these countries?

A: Turkey
B: Norway
C: Egypt
D: France

She asks the audience, and 82% said France. She agrees and is right. Last question of the day, for $16,000:

Music duo Gnarls Barkley is made up of rapper Cee-Lo and a DJ named what?

A: Count Duckula
B: Deputy Dawg
C: Danger Mouse
D: Top Cat

She decides to call Tupper, another name for Christopher. He says nothing, so the 50:50 is used, leaving Deputy Dawg and Danger Mouse. Still no help, so she takes home the $8,000 and we call it a day. Answer: Danger Mouse.

Family Feud: The Spaulding family defends for the first time against the Whites (Vanna not included, so sorry). Today, John and Co. dress as pirates. The champs score the first 38 on movie monsters that might best resemble your husband, according to 100 wives. The Whites then score 92 on tools that are used as weapons in horror movies.

Double: Name something your wife has a taste in, according to 100 married women. Starting with:

1. Clothes (37, Linda)

The champs play. Becky says decorating the house….#2 (36)! Bob then says food…#3 (13)! Alicen then goes with music…not there. Steve then guesses other men…that or himself is the bottom answer (2)! Linda then goes with jewelry…no. Becky has the last chance to sweep this board for the family. She says wine…their turn is over. To retain the lead, Tony says cars…that’s #4 (9) to send his team to 268!

Triple: Name an insect that becomes giant-sized in a sci-fi movie. Becky goes with a fly…NUMBER ONE (40), so the champs play! Bob goes with a spider…#2 (33)! Alicen’s guess is a lizard…not there. Steve then goes with a guess of ant…it’s #3 (21), so they’re in the driver’s seat now. This round will decide things. Linda says mosquito…WIN (2) at 326!

Fast Money: Alicen and Becky try to do it again.

1. Name something people do while watching a really scary movie.
2. Name something you see in a chemistry lab.
3. Name another term for “stealing”.
4. Name something men like to collect.
5. What time do trick or treaters start showing at your door?

My guesses:
1. Scream
2. Test tubes
3. Rob
4. Cars
5. 5 PM

Alicen blanks out on question four. She says hold the person next to them, beakers, pillage (bad) and 7 PM for just 33. Becky says scream (#1), Bunsen burner, thieve, baseball cards and 6 PM (#1) for 118 and $590, bringing them to $20,590. Unsaid #1 answers:

2. Test tubes
3. Rob (They should’ve gotten this one.)
4. Coins/money

Jeopardy!: Paul Glaser will try to become the last entrant in next week’s Tournament of Champions. He faces Kevin Hullihan (an Air Force officer from Great Falls, Montana) and Linda Ulery (a stay-at-home mom from Glendora, CA) this time. Opening categories:


The champion starts off by getting everything right in Piece except for the fourth clue to start in the lead with $2,200. But the Air Force man then gets in on the action, and at the first break steals the lead away with $3,600. The champ has $3,400 and the lady has a grand. Near the end of the round, the champ finds the Daily Double under the middle clue of the vowel category. He has $5,200 to the other man’s $5,400, while the lady is still at a thousand. He bets $3,000. To get the lead back:

A woodwind instrument: B.

He says “What is oboe?” no problem to go to $8,200! He gets the last two clues of that category to reach ten grand. At the end of the round, he’s got $12,200. The Air Force man has six grand and the lady has only added $200 to her thou since the first break.

DJ! categories:


The champ finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 food clue after getting the $1,200 clue right. Of his $13,400, he decides to bet $3,400:

Someone suddenly saying flattering things to you may just be doing this, like on toast.

“What is buttering you up?”…of course that’s right, and he’s now at $16,800! He then gets the $2,000 clue there to go to $18.8K. Heading into the last category of the round, Fictional Females, the champ now has $21,600. The other man is eight grand behind, and the lady has $5,200. First clue of the last category:

This Nabokov Nymphet first appears peering over dark glasses.

Hullihan says “Who is Lolita?”…right to go to 14 large. Next:

Isadora Wing is the lusty heroine of this 1973 Erica Jong bestseller.

The lady in the middle says “What is Fear of Flying?”…she’s up to six grand. The middle clue:

Becky Thatcher is in “Tom Sawyer”; this Becky is the heroine of “Vanity Fair”.

Nobody gets Becky Sharp. $1,600 clue…DAAAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLY DOUBLE!! She needs to bet big and get the next clue right to stay alive. She bets four grand. Here is the important clue:

This title heroine tries to set up her friend, Harriet, with Mr. Elton & is dismayed when Elton proposes to her instead.

I couldn’t understand her response, but it’s wrong, so she’s all but out of this game now with two grand. It was Emma. Final clue:

This Sue Grafton detective was once part of the Santa Teresa Police Department.

Nobody gets Kinsey Milholm.

FJ! category: License Plates of the Famous.

In 2006, his car was auctioned for charity, along with its personalized Nebraska plate reading “Thrifty”.

The lady wrote down “Who is Fr. Flannigan”…I don’t think so. She drops to a dollar. The Air Force man’s response was “Who is Warren Buffett?”…that’s the man, and he doubles to 28 grand! Does the champ have it?….

…YES, so he wins with $28,001, making his three-day total $88,402! That means the show crowns a new top winner on the season for the second week in a row!

The Singing Bee: Thanks to the pre-emption two weeks ago, the next episode after last week’s is skipped, at least for now. But I can tell you this- Jon lost on that episode. Karen is now the champion.

Since we’re a day away from Halloween, Ray Parker Jr. and Co. did the “Ghostbusters” song!
Joey Fatone is dressed as a vampire, while Ray Chew is dressed as a pirate.

Angie, #24, is first with the song “Monster Mash” by Bobby Forrest Pickett. She sings the target as “It was a graveyard smash”…right!

The champ now has to sing “Devil Went Down to Gerogia” by The Charlie Daniels Band. She sings “Lemme tell you how it’s been”…all wrong.

Erin, #54, sings “ take on a bigger spin”…also totally wrong.

Tino, a police officer marked #10, sings the line as “I bet you that I win”…also totally incorrect. It was “Cause I’m the best there’s ever been”.

The next song is “Spooky” by Classics 4. She sings the necessary lyric as “Love is kinda spooky for a”…and she immediately notices that she’s goofed. Some of her guess is right.

Erin then sings the line as “I’m gonna let it all hang out”…NO FREAKIN’ WAY.

Tino tries it out with “Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you”…that’s right!

The possible last song of the round…”Time of the Season” by the Zombies. The champ sings “Is he rich like me?”…she’s still alive!

Angie is from Charlottesville, VA! Tino is from Hawaii and he does a good impression of Cher!

Round 2 this time is called “Singing with the Enemy”. One sing is played, and each player gets a chance to sing three phrases from that song. The two players who get the most songs right move on to the Chorus Showdown.

The round’s song is “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf. On Angie’s cue, she sings “Head out on the highway”…right!

Tino sings his line as “And whatever comes my way”…not quite. It was “And whatever comes our way”.

The champ sings her cue as “Gonna live in this wild embrace”…not even close. “Take the world in a love embrace” was it.

Angie’s second phrase guess is “Explode into space”…right again!

Tino sings his second line as “Heavy metal thunder”…he’s on the board!

The champ then sings her next lyric as “With this feelin’ that I’m under”…close, but no cigar. The correct answer was “And the feelin’ that I’m under”.

Since Angie’s already in the final round, her last phrase is for free. She sings her last target as “And like a true nature child”…no. It was “Like a true nature’s child”.

If Tino gets his last phrase correct, Angie must say goodbye. He sings…”Born to be wild”….round over! We don’t know what Angie’s leaving with.

Angie’s song in the Chorus Showdown is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. She…strikes out.
Tino can become the new champion if he breezes past “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. His attempt…is a success, so he’s going for the money!

Final Showdown: The policeman gets three songs before the strikeout for $15,000.

Temptation: On yesterday's episode that I didn't catch, Cynthia (a fitness coach) started her run as champion on a wonderful note, being the first regular player to sweep a Super Knock Off board! She hasn't won anything yet, but she has $327 in her bank account. If she could play like this two more times this week, she will drive away in a new Lexus ES 350 (Fairly loaded) worth $37,437. The car goal is $935. Her opponents in her second game:

Matt- A computer technician who's being called "Big Bargain Matty" by her girlfriend.
Raina- An administrative director who has a weakness for jeans and hats.

After Speed Round #1....

Cynthia: $35
Matt: $25
Raina: $15

...Cynthia got tempted with a trip to Palm Springs and a collection of skin care products from Kinerase, all worth $1,510 for a sale price of $15. The final offer was $10. Going once....SOLD!
Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ' _

_ _ _ _

Category: Food & Drink.

1. I came out the year Ulysses S. Grant became president.
2. My colors were inspired by Cornell's football team.
3. In China, they sell a flavor called "The Gizzard".
4. But in the U.S., you're more likely to find tomato.

Cynthia rung in with this showing...

C A _ P _ E L _' S

_ O _ P

...she said CAMPBELL'S SOUP to retake the lead with $40!

Knock Off category...celebrity authors.

Julie Andres
Mia Hamm
Maria Shriver
Amy Grant
Bette Midler
David Duchovny
Sylvester Stallone
Katie Couric
Marisa Tomei
Allison Janney
John Lithgow
Leonard Nimoy

Raina started things off with Maria Shriver for $2 and $17 total. The man in the middle chose Leonard Nimoy first...and that was a $5 answer, giving him $30. The leader then went with Bette Midler....that was the $10 answer, which was certainly music to her ears! She went to $50 at that point. Raina's next pick was Allison Janney....NO. Matt then went with Katie Couric...that was a $2 answer, taking him to $32. Cynthia then chose Mia Hamm with no hesitation...that was a $5 answer, making her new total $55. Then, Matt went with Julie Andrews...also only worth $2, giving him $34. Cynthia's next stop was Sylvester Stallone...$15 KNOCKOUT! She shot up to 70 bucks then! Matt tried to stay close with Marisa Tomei....oops. Here was the rest of the round:

1. John Lithgow- $2 ($72)
2. David Duchovny- NO

Amy Grant was the last $5 answer. Cynthia's next Instant Bargain was a visit to Brite Smile for an hour to get her teeth whitened, plus a pearl necklace from Michael C. Fina, for a total of $1,224. The sale price was $15, and she bought quickly!

The two choices in Speed Round #2 were dance and hairstyle.

1. Beehive
2. Jitterbug
3. Ducktail
4. Fish
5. Charleston
6. Fingerwave
7. Conga
8. Hustle

After the last few questions...

Cynthia: $82
Matt: $34
Raina: $22

...Cynthia was offered a chance at a grand in Instant Ca$h, but she would be insane to give up a $48 lead for that chance...and she doesn't want to be that insane. She would've chosen the red jackpot. It was in the brown one.

Cynthia won the game after the final Speed Round with...$102! She was now up to $429 in her bank account.

In addition to the Lexus, here's what's in Shopper's Paradise right now:

$107: One year's membership at Beg, Borrow and Steal ($3,300)
$272: Novori jewelry ($6,000)
$395: Hawaiian Cruise package ($7,550)
$600: Pulaski bedroom and dining room ($12,481)
$935: LEXUS! ES 350 ($37,437)

At this point, she could have bought the cruise, but if she did as well as she did the last time at Super Knock Off, she could move up to the furniture and be that much closer to the Lexus.

Super Knock Off category: Products introduced in the 1970s.

Miracle Whip
"The Joy of Sex" book
Ballpoint pen
TV remote controls
Pet rocks
Silly Putty
Floppy disks
Ford Pinto
"Born in the U.S.A." album
Hamburger Helper

1. "The Joy of Sex"- $25
2. Ford Pinto- $25
3. Pet rocks- $25- STOP

She would've lost on the next pick of Silly Putty. The $50 was behind the flopy disks and the $100 was behind Hamburger Helper. The other correct answer was Weebles.

She now had $504. Will she be back on Wednesday....NO! She's decided to take the cruise to Hawaii. Her final total: $10,284 in prizes. It's a shame she didn't stay on the show longer, because she looked like a person who could've gone on to win that car.

Crosswords: The base players were Jack Wilson (an account manager from Ohio) and Arika Mittman (a writer from NYC).

When the man got ASPEN on one clue, he put a mini-vacation to Lake Tahoe in his bank! Talk about irony! The lady controlled the Crossword Extra, but only had $100 while the guy had $450. She bet $500 on this:

_ R _ _ _

Clue: Lunar path. Sadly, she stared into space, so she fell to -$400. Answer: ORBIT. When the first round ended, the man was up to $700 while the lady was $550 in the hole.

The day’s Spoilers were Ari, Margaret and Richard. When Wilson knew about Led Zeppelin, he put a mini-vacation to Vegas in his bank and was up to $1,200. The lady had fifty bucks at this point. Let’s pick up all the action from here.

(_ _ _ _ D)- Made great demands on. Richard got a last-second spoil chance and said TAXED…right to go to $1,400!
(_ E _ _ _)- Out of sorts. Total stumper- it was TESTY.
(Five-letter word)- Bars on wheels. Mittman rang in with CARTS…nope. Ari then said AXLES…that’s right to steal her $50.
(_ _ _ L _)- Some are decked with holly. Richard said HALLS…and he was up to $1,600.
(Seven-letter word)($300)- Kidd and colleagues. Wilson tried to get his old podium back with CAPTAIN…NO. It was PIRATES.
(Three-letter word)($100)- Collagen target. Margaret rang in with LIP…and that gave her $1,700!
(L _ _ _ _)- Army Corps of Engineers construction. Richard tried to steal his podium right back with LEVEE…and he got it back with $1,900! He then found the Crossword Extra and bet a grand. Here’s the layout:

_ V _ _ _ _ _ _

Clue: Farmers use them for cover-ups? I knew it was OVERALLS…but he had nothing, so he fell to $900.

(Six-letter word)- TV street “where the air is sweet”. Richard said SESAME at the buzzer…and that was right to take him back to $1,100.
(_ _ M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Course with cooking. Mittman went for a spoil with HOMEECONOMICS…correct to go to $1,400! This answer’s length tied the all-time record!
And that was it for Round 2.

After she got the first three clues of Round 3 to go to two grand, Wilson got his old podium back from her with a new total of $2,200 in addition to the trips! After Margaret was the only Spoiler left following a clue that stumped everybody, Wilson was at $2,600 and Ari had only fifty bucks. Let’s pick up the action from here.

(Five-letter word)- BBC comedy, “To the ____ Born”. Wilson rang in with MANOR to get back to $2,800 and hit the last Crossword Extra. He then bet a grand on it:

_ O _ _

Clue: 100, I.Q.-wise. He said NORM…that brought him to $3,800!

(_ _ N _ _ _ _ )($300- Stones shows. Wilson said CONCERTS…and he got to the four large mark with $4,100!
(Three-letter word)($100)- Responded to hunger pangs. Wilson said ATE…he gobbled up another hundred!
(Three-letter word)($100)- One of the Irvings. Ari said AMY to go to $150.
(Another three-letter word)($100)- Egg mass. Wilson said OVO…nope. It was ROE, so he dropped to $4,100.
(Four-letter word)- Buzzing annoyance. Wilson said BEES…wrong again, so he lost another $200. Ari then blanked out, sending him to $50 in the hole. Answer: GNAT. Time expired then, so Wilson won $3,900 and both mini-vacations!

Crossfire: Another $2,000 and a trip to Antigua was at stake. He had to fill in 18 blanks…and he did it with 11 seconds left! He did a victory dance at the end! He took home $5,900 and all three trips!

Some of next season's "The Apprenice" stars announced

According to Reality TV World, at least most of the stars for the upcoming season of "The Apprentice" have been announced. They include the WWE's John Cena, the UFC's Tito Ortiz, former boxer Lennox Lewis and former "Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. Others include supermodel Carol Alt, actor Stephen Baldwin, actress Merilu Henner, acotr Vincent Pastore and former "KISS" star Gene Simmons.

This Week in Game Shows: Oct. 29-Nov. 4- 1ST ANNIVERSARY WEEK!!!!

This week is a very special week, as you very well know, because this is the 1st Anniversary Week at Game Show Kingdom! In addition to showing some of the best and worst moments, here's what's on tap:

Family Feud: The producers apparently weren't satisfied with having one Halloween special per season, so they decided to do Halloween specials all week long!

The Amazing Race: At the end of this week, the 12th season of the multi-time Emmy-winning reality show begins!

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: It's Celebrity Month on the show, and Regis Philbin and Clay Aiken will kick things off this Thursday!

The Biggest Loser: Upon further review, it turns out that Neil Tejwani's 17-pound gain last week was ON PURPOSE, because he was using some mean strategy. This likely puts him in Sudden Death mode. Can he survive another week?

Also, catch Halloween episodes of "The Singing Bee", "Jeopardy!" and "TPIR".

GSN brings back Thanksgiving marathon as "Viewers' Choice Marathon"

Buzzerblog reported yesterday that GSN has decided to bring back its marathon for the Thanksgiving holiday under a new name- "GSN's Viewers' Choice Marathon". It will air the day after Thanksgiving from 9 AM to 7 PM, and viewers can go to the voting page to vote on a variety of choices.

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Deal or No Deal" posts best Friday rating of season

Last Friday's episode of "Deal or No Deal" posted a 6.6 Fast Nielsen with a 12 share. Not only was that its best Friday rating of the season, it was also the night's most watched show overall.


"Dancing with the Stars" 10/29

Each team did their own dance, and the last dance of the night was a big group dance. Also, Harold Wheeler, the show's band director, was not there tonight.

The first team to perform was the one consisting of Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas. They did the Fox Trot. My score was 9...only Carrie Ann agreed with me. The other two judges gave 8s, for a total of 25.

The second ones up were Jennie Garth and Derek Hough with the Mambo. They weren't quite fast enough, and after listening to the judges, I gave an 8. As for the judges...everyone gave a 9, for a total of 27!

Third were Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani with a Jive routine. I gave a 9...but all of the judges gave lower scores. Carrie Ann had an 8 while the others handed out 7s, for a 22. Since they were in the bottom two last week, they could be in big trouble tomorrow night.

Fourth were Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska. Their dance was the Samba. I gave them an 8....the men agreed with me, but Carrie Ann had a 9, so they earned a 25.

Fifth were Melanie Brown and Maksim Chermovskiy with the Rumba. My score was a 9....while all of the judges had 10, for the second perfect score of the season!

Up sixth were Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts. They dealt with the Pasa Doble. I gave them a 7....only Bruno agreed with me, as the others dealt 8s, for a total of 23.

Wrapping up the team dance part of the show were Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough. They did the Cha cubed (Cha-Cha-Cha), and my score for that was 9. What did the judges say...only Len disagreed, but he had a 10! That gave the team a 28!

Everyone then came out to do a group dance with a sports theme!

I think Jane Seymour is in deep trouble. 23 is not a very good score at this stage in the competition. Given that Marie Osmond could land in the bottom two as well and has that safety net due to what happened to her last week, Seymour runs the most risk of being eliminated tomorrow night.

Great Moments and Bad Answers Part 1

As promised, during this week, I will list some of the most memorable moments, on-air or off-air, from the game show world, as well as list some of the stupidest answers ever given from my past year. Now, for the memorable moments:

10/29/06- Game Show Kingdom is born! The first show that I recapped? "The Amazing Race"!

11/6/06 and 11/7/06- Ogi Ogas works his way to $500,000 on "Millionaire"! To see this moment, visit

12/18/06- Steve Unite's $5 Daily Double bet during his first win, causing Alex Trebek to give him a nasty look! This moment can also be found on

12/19/06- Robert Talon becomes the first-ever $500,000 "Identity" winner! Click this YouTube link to see it!

Now, for some of the lousy answers:

11/6/06 ("Family Feud")- The question was to name a fictional island. Krissy of the Abesamises said Rhode Island, which is a real U.S. state!

11/8/06 ("Family Feud")- On a question that asked to name a famous fishing movie, someone said "Go Fishing". How dopey.

11/10/06 ("Family Feud")- A question asked to name a famous pig, and Amber Brockington said a mother-in-law pig! Maybe they should've turned her into a pig for such a bad answer?

11/14/06 ("The Price is Right")- A playing of Clearance Sale offered a pinball machine, a motorcycle and a dinette. The sale prices were $1,100, $2,850 and $4,000. Pinball machines cost a lot, but not according to Donna Newell, who put $1,100 on the pinball machine and $4,000 on the dinette and wound up losing, even though she has $2,850 right for the motorcycle.

11/14/06 ("Jeopardy!")- On a Final Jeopardy! clue that asked for the smallest country out of the five countries that make up the U.N. Security Council, Isaac Mizrahi, a famous fashion designer, said "What is my apartment?".

11/28/06 ("Family Feud")- There was a triple points question that I really enjoyed on this particular day- name a reality TV show that has the crankiest judges, past or present. Rachel Klena said "America's Funniest Home Videos", which is not even a reality show! On the steal for the Carrascos, Marian caused her team to lose when she said "The Apollo Show", which doesn't even exist!! I think she was going for "Showtime at the Apollo" there, but she was screwed either way.

11/30/06 ("The Price is Right")- While not mentioned often as in "Ten Chances", contestants have to remember the zero rule when trying to figure out the ARP of the three-digit prize of the game's prize package. But there was a guy named Lorenzo who didn't realize that particular rule. While playing for a living room, he had to figure out the price of a small clock. The numbers in the price were 0, 5 and 7, and he said, of all prices, $507. It was actually $750.

10/29/2007 Results- YEAR 2 IS UNDERWAY!!!!!

TPIR: The first four in Contestant's Row this day are Mary Ruth Salune, Veronica Graham, John Naluca and Deborah Morrison. The opening IUFB is a home gym.

Mary Ruth: $1,300
Veronica: $2,000
John: $999
Deborah: $3,000

ARP: $2,899, so Graham will play Money Game for a 2008 Ford Explorer (Std., Stereo, Sensor)! Board:


The middle number is 2 ($ _ _, 2 _ _). Her first pick is Second pick is 27, which is the front of the car ($ 2 7, 2 _ _). Her third pick is 52....that's another $52. Third pick is 95....WIN! She wins the $27,295 SUV and $75 for gas!

The next player is Susana Santiago and the new IUFB is a globe.

Susana: $555
John: $1,999 (Drew mistakenly said $1,899)
Deborah: $577
Mary Ruth: $600

ARP: $2,600, so Drew's mistake doesn't matter, as the only man in Contestant's Row at that time goes for 16 grand in (It's) In the Bag. The products are Castiva pain relief lotion, a big jug of cat litter, ACT mouthwash, index cards, Plug Ins and candy. The first bag has an item that costs 69 cents, and he picks the index cards. I got worried already at this point, as either the candy or the cards could cost that much. The second item on the line costs $14.99, and he says the cat litter at first, but the audience makes him place the lotion there instead. The third item costs $1.79, and he picks the candy. The fourth item costs $5.49, and his guess there is the mouthwash. The big money item costs $6.74, and he says the Plug Ins, but the audience gets nasty at him, so he chooses the cat litter instead. I believe he has them all right, but does he go all the way?......

...NO, because he stops at $4,000. Indeed, he had them all right, so he could've won $16,000.

The next player is Marjorie Vilhour and the third IUFB is a home theatre system.

Marjorie: $1,800
Deborah: $1,700
Mary Ruth: BUCK
Susana: $1,000

ARP: $1,597, so Santiago will play Cliff Hangers for a very nice bedroom worth $8,690. The first item is the electronic pedometer, and she guesses $35...$15 too much, because it's $20. The second item is a toy bank and she bids $'s $30. The final item is a lantern radio, and she has to get the price of it within $6. Her guess is $45 and she wins! ARP: $40.

SSD1: The guy spins 45...and goes over. Santiago spins 35....and 50 for 85 cents. Graham spins the dollar for $1,000 and a ticket to the Showcase! She overspun her Bonus Spin.

The next player to get to Contestant's Row is David Rekow and the next IUFB is a set of camping equipment. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Oxi Clean spray.

David: $1,100
Marjorie: $800
Deborah: $700
Mary Ruth: $1,300

ARP: $945, so Vilhour will play Barker's Bargain Bar for a jukebox marked at $1,295 and a wine cabinet marked at $1,610. She thinks the jukebox will net her the biggest savings. ARP for the cabinet: $2,310, a difference of $700. ARP for the jukebox: $2,495, so she wins the prizes!

Next to "Come on Down" is Charlene Argah and the fifth IUFB is a grandfather clock. The winner will also receive a $40 supply of Dr. Scholl's gel insoles and get a shot at a car in One Away.

Charlene: $2,400
Deborah: $2,700
Mary Ruth: $2,800
David: BUCK

ARP: $2,275, so the one buck strategy works out for Rekow! He's playing for a Pontiac Solstice (Std., Premium, Pref., Wheels, Stereo)! The wrong price is $38,871. My first guess would be $27,960. His first guess is $29,780...three are right. Does he change to $27,980?.....

...YES, so two really nice cars have been given away today!

The final player is Sarah Skelton and the final IUFB is a pair of digital cameras.

Sarah: $816
Charlene: $995
Deborah: $2,300
Mary Ruth: $500

ARP: $548, so Salune will play Easy as 1-2-3 for an HDTV, a punch set and ski equipment. She places 1 on the ski equipment, 2 on the punch set and 3 on the TV. ARP for the snow stuff...$2,494. Oh dear. ARP for the punch set...$1,575, so she should've listened to the audience. The HDTV was $3,299.

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 90 cents. Vilhour spins 80...and goes over. The big man spins 80....and 20 for the $1,000 and a ticket to the Showcase! As for the Bonus Spin...nada.

Both car winners are in the Showcase today! I love it when that happens. Also, both have already won at least $30,000 in cash and prizes!

The first Showcase features prizes where you might "draw the line". First, you could go on a cruise line to Alaska. Second, your mother-in-law would be drawing the line if she totally rearranged your furniture in exchange for a new living room. Finally, a neighbor of yours could be crossing the line if they think that your lawn is the perfect place to park her new Chaparrell SSI 180 ski boat! The man bids $26,000. The lady hears about organizations that could feature rallies for causes aronud them. First, there's Mother Under Dirty Dishes, who raise money for those housewives that need serious help washing dishes in a new dishwasher. Second, People Overwhelmed by Keno and Excessive Roulette, which is an organization designed to help those people who gamble way too much in Monte Carlo. Finally, Dudes Idolizing Rocky Terrain is for those people who love to go off road on a new ATV. She bids $17,500.

ARP for her: $21,983, a difference of $4,483. ARP for the guy: $33,735, so Graham is the biggest winner of the season so far with $53,252 in cash and prizes! The guy leaves with $31,295.

Crosswords: We start off here with Byrnes Fogel (a New Mexico salesman) and Terry Kaye (a NYC police specialist). At the Crossword Extra, the man has $350 and the lady has $250, and the guy is in control. He bets $250 on this ten-letter word:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Clue: Jamaican percussion instruments. He blanks out, so he's down to a single Benjamin. Answer: STEELDRUMS. After the round ends, he has $200 while the lady has $50 more than him.

Our Spoilers are Ken, Jeanne and Benjamin. Fourth clue of the round:

O _ _ _

Clue: Like many, a thesis defense. Jeanne has a spoil opportunity with ORAL...and she steals Kaye's podium, now with $650, while the other guy has $400. Let's pick up all the action from here.

(_ _ L _ _)- "The House of the Seven Gables" location. Ken gets a spoil chance with SALEM...he's got $850!
(_ _ A _ _)- In baseball, it can be a big deal. Ken says that's a TRADE...and he's up to $1,050.
(_ _ T _ E M)- Regard highly. Fogel buzzes in this time with ESTEEM, which is correct to move to $600 and put a mini-vacation to Vegas in his bank.
(_ S _ _ _)- Balance sheet positive. Ken's guess is ASSET...$1,250.
(E _ _ _ _)- Collections of Scandinavian myths. Fogel says EDDAS on this...and he's correct to go to $800.
(S _ _ _)- Pine cone, essentially. Fogel says SEED...he's hit the grand mark.
(_ _ _ E)- It can fall flat. I say TIRE, and Ken agrees....NO! Fogel blanks out, so it's spoil time. It's ditto for Terry and Jeanne, so they're DQed from gameplay for now. The correct answer was NOTE. That was hard!
(_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Lawn intruder that sounds like a mighty fine king of the jungle. Fogel tries DANDELION...and he's got a $50 lead at $1,100!
(D _ _ _)- Scott of antebellum legal fame. Fogel's in again, this time with DRED...he's up to $1,300.
(_ _ _ _ _)- Charlie of the Stones. This time, Ken buzzes in with WATTS and is now at $1,250, just $50 behind. He then finds the Crossword Extra after that, and he bets $250. For a $200 lead:

S _ _ _ _

Clue: Check the contents of someone's medicine cabinet, e.g. He says SCOPE...incorrect, so he's down to one thou. The answer was SNOOP.

($300 ten-letter word)- Same-day medical service. Benjamin gets a free spoil chance with OUTPATIENT...correct to zoom to $1,600!
(_ U _ _)- Wahine's wiggle. Benjamin says HULA...he might do it soon, because he adds another $200 to his total.
(_ _ _ O _ _)- Release, as from charges. Jeanne goes for another spoil with PAROLE...incorrect, so she's out of gameplay again. Fogel tries to get his podium back with LETOUT...also wrong. It was LETOFF. That's all for Round 2.

Ken blows $200 on the first clue of the final round, dropping him to $800. The second word of the round is five letters long, and here's the clue:

Was bold enough.

Kaye tries to get back to the bottom row with DARED...and she's got two grand! The third word is also five letters, and the clue this time:

Build a reserve of.

Benjamin got the first shot to spoil here with STOCK...not it, so he's frozen. Jeanne says Fogel then says AMASS...that's the right answer, so he's got his old podium back with $2,200 and the Vegas trip! A few clues later, he's got $2,400 while Ken is back at a thousand, as we head into this next word, four letters long. The clue:

Make like a mad mare.

Benjamin says BUCK...sorry, so he's blacked out. It was REAR. Fogel gets the next clue right to go to $2,600 as he hits the last Crossword Extra of the game. He bets $600 on a five-letter word with this clue:

Greatly admiring.

He says ADORE...good guess, but wrong. That drops him to two large. The answer was INAWE.

(Four-letter word)- Couturier Christian. Fogel says DIOR...he's back to $2,200.
(Four-letter word)- Funnd Johnson of "Love at First Bite". Ken says ARTE (who was the former host of "Knockout") to go to $1,200.
(Four-letter word)- One whose range falls somewhere around F below middle C. Kaye goes for a possible winning spoil with ALTO....RIGHT to go back to the bottom row with $2,400!
(Four letter word)- Prayer bench, prie-____. Kaye says DIEU...correct to go to $2,600.
(Yet another four-letter word)- Operatic soprano Gluck. Jeanne now has a possible winning spoil chance with ALMA...WIN at $2,800! She also wins the trip to Vegas!

Crossfire: She'll leave with $4,800 and add a Puerto Rico trip to the Vegas trip she already has if she's smart and lucky enough. She has 19 blanks to fill in...she doesn't do it.

WWTBAM: Our first player today is Anita Miller from Chambersburg, PA. She's celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary with somebody at the time of this taping. $2,000 question:

Something in a state of disarray is often said to be "at" what numbers?

A: 2s and 3s
B: 4s and 5s
C: 6s and 7s
D: 8s and 9s

She asks the audience. 42% said C, 32% said D, 18% said A and 8% said B. Those are nasty numbers, but she says C and I winced...but that's correct! She then hits this $16,000 question:

What variety of bird has a name that is also a verb meaning "to cheat" or "to deceive"?

A: Macaw
B: Grouse
C: Quail
D: Gull

The 50:50 leaves the top and bottom choices. She then says her gut of gull...right! $25,000 question:

A bizarre neurologic disorder in which a person's hand moves on its own, anarchic hand syndrome is also known as what?

A: Citizen Kane syndrome
B: Dr. Strangelove syndrome
C: Willy Wonka syndrome
D: Inspector Clouseau syndrome

She calls Randy, who works with her at a bar, and he says it's either of the top two choices. He says it's only a guess. She wants to say Dr. Strangelove, and she eventually goes for it....that's $25,000! But neither $50,000 question does her any favors, so she leaves with that amount.

Pete Kane from Brooklyn is next. $2,000 question:

"Clear eyes...full hearts....can't lose" is the rallying cry of the high school football team central to what TV series?

A: "Friday Night Lights"
B: "Closer to Home"
C: "One Tree Hill"
D: "Brothers & Sisters"

He polls the audience. 86% said "Friday Night Lights", and he agrees with them for $2,000. Last question of the day, for $8,000:

Lillehammer, the site of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games, is located in what European country?

A: Norway
B: Austria
C: Finland
D: Germany

He says Norway...we'll see him tomorrow!

Family Feud: It's Halloween Week! Today, John O' Hurley is dressed as a King, and his young child William is dressed as a prince! The Spauldings are ready to face the Hibberts. An "ogre" takes William away before the game begins. The Spauldings take the first 67 points on things you do on Halloween night when you run out of candy. They add another 84 on slasher movies that have become classics.

Double: Name something you might get rid of because it causes too much trouble. Starting with:

1. Pets (37, Joseph)

The Hibberts play. Jackii's guess is car...#2 (24)! Kayan says a spouse...that or mate is #3 (5)! Toney says clothing...dud. Adriane blanks out. Back to Joseph, who says a child...three strikes in a row. For the steal, Alicen says a, so the Hibberts get their first 132 points. Unsaid:

4. Swimming pool (4)
5. Garden/yard (4)

Triple: Name an expression children use when going to the bathroom. Jackii buzzes in with hold/bend over (?!?!?!?)...UH, NO. ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Becky says "I've got to go to the potty"...that's #2 (25), so the Spauldings play. Bob says "I've gotta go pee"...NUMBER ONE (50)! Alicen says Steve then says tinkle...bottom answer (4)! Linda says wee-wee...not #3. Back to Becky, who says the final answer is make water...NO. This steal is for the game. Toney says #1...NO, so the Spauldings win with 415! #3 was #2, aka poo-poo (6)!

Fast Money: Representing the family from Minnesota are Becky and Alicen.

(A weird sound plays when the clock is put on the screen instead of the dinger, scaring John to death. Also, a different think music for the holiday spirit is played.)

1. Name something a man would want to have two of instead of one.
2. Name something people would like to do around a campfire.
3. A word that rhymes with "ghost".
4. A candy bar that starts with M.
5. Name a reason why someone would want to wear a mask.

My guesses:
1. TVs
2. Roast marshmellows
3. Host
4. Milky Way
5. It's Halloween

Alicen says tools (bad), toast marshmellows, toast, M & M's (bad, because that's just a candy, not a candy bar) and Halloween (#1) for 92. Becky says wives, tell stories, most (#1), Milky Way and masquerade ball for...$20,000! Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Cars
2. Sing
4. Mars

WOF: Looks like I was wrong, as there are no teens to be found. It's another regular week of shows, and it's the last one before the NYC road trip. Tonight's players are Leslie Orsburn (in the blue) from Arcadia, CA (who is a principal at a private school), Amy Dolgos from Lancaster, NY (who is a homemaker and has danced in the past in Hollywood) and Jason Brown from Maple Valley, WA (who is a sales manager for ten sales reps).

Orsburn solves THE ROYAL TREATMENT for $1,000 while the other lady gets BEARDED COLLIE for two large.

Round 1 is Same Name and out on the wheel now is a trip to NYC (inspired by "Spider Man 3") worth $5,073. BTW, the enlarged $2,500 space is out of play, at least for this week. After Dolgos buys the E's, we have...

S E S _ _ E


E _ S _

S T _ E E T

...I know it. After she calls the R for $300 and the Free Spin, she solves SESAME & EASY STREET for $2,850 and $4,850 total.

(Flashback moment from 2003: A contestant from Armed Forces Week in San Diego slaps Pat's butt after he solves a puzzle!!!)

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun & Games. After the man in the middle calls the L's, we have...

THE/T H R _ L L/OF/_ _ R _ _ _ _ L _ _ _

...I don't know the last word. He buys three I's and a $600 L. After a $600 G, he gets Bankrupt. Orsburn calls a dud in D. Dolgos calls a $600 S and an $800 P, and the last word now reads...

P _ R _ S _ I L I N G

...she then solves THE THRILL OF PARASAILING for $1,400 and a trip to Mexico, for a new total of $11,789 in cash and prizes.

Big Money Round subject is "People". After Dolgos calls two N's for $7,000, we have...

R E _ E A _ _ N _

_ N T E R _ _ E _ _

...I know this. She calls the G for the $1,000 gift certificate from and buys the I's. She calls the P, but it's a dud, so she uses her Free Spin, which nets her a Bankrupt. The man then hits a Mystery Wedge. He calls two V's and flips...$10,000! He then solves REVEALING INTERVIEWS to get on the board with that amount!

Dolgos then solves RED VELVET CAKE to go to $14,789. Speed-Up Round category is Event, and consonants are worth $6,000! But, there aren't that many consonants left. Board now:

_ _ S S _ N _

_ N S _ E _ T _ _ N

Orsburn starts off by calling an good. Dolgos calls two P's and we now have...

P _ S S _ N _

_ N S P E _ T _ _ N

...she solves PASSING INSPECTION to win the match with $28,339! The man has ten grand and the other lady has a grand.

Cars this week are a Saab 9-7X and an Infiniti G35 (I think). She spins the next-to-last zero and the category is Fun and Games. Starting with:

R _ _ _ _

My brother, Andrew, thought it was RUGBY right off the bat. I know it's not RODEO. Dolgas calls D, M, P and A and gets nothing. She agrees with my brother on RUGBY....BULLSEYE!!! Can you believe it?!? She wins $25,000 for a total of $53,339 in cash and prizes!

At the end, a commercial for the show was shown!

Jeopardy!: Paul Glaser (a research scientist from Albany), $24,401 richer so far, defends for the first time against Pat Kennedy (a substitute teacher from Pennsylvania) and Kathleen Lohmann (a benefits coordinator originally from Yuma, AZ). Opening topics:

JEPOETRY (the players have to come up with the word from the given poetry piece that was replaced with "Jeopardy!" in each correct response)

At the first break, Lohmann leads with three grand while the champ has $1,800 and the other lady has $800. The champ then gets on a roll late and hits the Daily Double under the $800 clue in Vampires. He has $5,600 now and leads by a grand over Lohmann ($4,800), while Kennedy still has $800. His wager is two grand:

Meaning "the land beyond the forest", it's the area in which vamps camp.

"What is Transylvania?"...that's the place, so he's got $7,600! At the end of the round, he's up to $8,400. Lohmann has $5,200 and Kennedy has $800.

DJ! categories:

THE 1920s

Kennedy makes a few early mistakes and plummets to $1,200 in the hole, while the champ finds the first Daily Double under the last clue in the five-letter word category. He has ten grand to Lohmann's $6,800, and his wager again is two thou:

A follower of the philosopher Diogenes was called this, from the Greek for "doglike".

"What is canine?"...cynic. He drops to eight thousand. Soon after, both players crack five figures, but the man is still in front. He later tries for a sweep in the E-90 category via the other Daily Double. He now has 22 large compared to Lohmann's ten grand and Kennedy's goose egg. He bets $6,000:

E-90 goes through Brindisi; this famous ancient Roman road ended there.

"What is the Appian Way?"....SWEEP! He's got $28,000! At the end of the round, Kennedy gets back in negative territory after once getting out of it, so she goes home now with $1,000.

FJ! category: African Geography.

From 1889 until 1961, this mountain's highest point was known as Kaiser-Wilhelm Spitze.

Correct: What is Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Both are right, but Glaser wins the highest-one day check of the season, I do believe- $36,000! He now has $60,401 after two games!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My reflections on my first year at Game Show Kingdom

Folks, that wraps up my first year covering American game shows. I would like to get some stuff off my chest here during this post.

Several years ago, I somehow sneaked into a game show site called, which was and is still hosted by Steve Beverly. That site kept up most of the time with game show news and results from game shows, while it was on a daily basis. It would also name its "Player (s) of the Week" almost every week as well, and I tried to use enough ESP from the game shows I had watched that week to match Mr. Beverly's pick to it. Nowadays, that site is only updated a few times a week, as it has shifted to a weekly "magazine". Nowadays, it even features audio interviews with many famous people.

A few years later, I then found Gameshownewsnet. They did their own game show news and results, but are much more dependable today than, as Mr. Beverly tends to get exhausted at time and/or gets very busy with his college basketball commentating job.

Since day one, I have tried as hard as I can to keep up with the game show news and results in my own style while having to deal with heavy college work. I will never be perfect at reporting.
This site has made it easier for me (and some other people) to remember all of those good and bad memories that have happened inside or outside game shows. It also makes it easier for me to do any necessary game show record-keeping. Sometimes, my brother, Andrew, would put pictures with some stories/results.

I would like to end my first year by thanking all of the people, beside me, that have spent even one second visiting this place. I would also like to thank Mr. Beverly and the entire crews at, Golden and the Sony Pictures Messenger Boards. Without any of you, I would not be doing this today.

I would also like to dedicate this site to the members and friends of my family who unfortunately passed away in the past three years or so (including my father), as well as those unfortunate people who had to endure the tragic shootings last April at Virginia Tech.

We start our second year sometime on Monday, and I hope to see you then. Until then, God Bless America.

-Bobby McBride

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for Oct. 22-28

MVPs: Angela Sheehai ("Wheel of Fortune") and Nick Swezey ("Jeopardy!")

These two contestants set new season-high totals on the shows they were on. The lady listed here won $77,850 (all cash) on her "WOF" appearance last Tuesday night, and made it to endgame thanks largely in part to her $25K+ win in the Big Money Round. The male contestant listed won $78,202 in his four regular games on "Jeopardy!" this week, including a $32,001 win on his first day. This man likely will be in the show's Tournament of Champions not too long from now.

Other Big Winners:
Neal Washington- $236,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Shad Small- $61,101 as three-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Scott Johnson- $51,176 ("WOF")
Daniel Black and Carol Burrage- $50,000 each ("WWTBAM")
Narineh Khachatourians- $41,398 ("TPIR")

Friday, October 26, 2007

"Survivor: China" 10/25

To start, Todd Herzog said to Amanda Kimmel that he knew that the first Immunity Idol of the season was somewhere on their island, but he couldn't find it. He wanted her to help him.

Reward Challenge: One person at a time from each tribe ran into a house to collect a long puzzle piece of their tribe's color. Once a tribe collected all eight of their pieces, they must move them continuously until they get their board to show a certain phrase made famous by Confucious. It was "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". The first team that did this won the right to go to a tea house where they could bathe themselves, as well as have a light snack and tea. Also, they got to take one member of the other tribe hostage until the Immunity Challenge AND join them for their reward. Fei Long chose to sit out Denise Martin, Courtney Yates and Amanda Kimmel for this challenge.

The winning team was.....

...Fei Long! They then chose James Clement to take hostage.

Here was the next Immunity Idol clue:

There are four that surround it, and four much the same;
The one etched fiber could salvage the game.

Herzog then figured out the prized thing was behind the small photo on the wooden surrounding. Therefore, he and Kimmel used a stick to try to force the idol out of the picture. However, Frosti Zernow tried to help out too! Eventually, it came out, but Zernog got worried that Zernow would spoil the whole thing. The trio, for now, formed an alliance over the idol. Zernog then talked some idol strategy with Clement.

Immunity Challenge: It's the ever-popular food-eating competition! All the foods were traditional, unpleasant Chinese dishes. Several head-to-head rounds were held. In each round, the first person that ate the given food won a point for their tribe. It was a best-of-seven match, so the first team that earned four points won immunity.

First up were Zernow (Fei Long) and Peih-Gee Law (Zhan Hu) with ten chicken hearts apiece. Zernow won easily.

The second pair of players were Yates (Fei Long) and Jamie Dugan (Zhan Hu) with three pieces of eel. Dugan tied the match up at a point apiece.

Up third were Kimmel (Fei Long) and Erik Huffman (Zhan Hu) with three baby turtles. It was a close finish, but Huffman beat the lady to give Zhan Hu a 2-1 lead.

Fourth were Martin (Fei Long) and Clement (Zhan Hu), and the dish this time was two chicken fetuses. Martin stuggled for the most part as Zhan Hu took a 3-1 lead.

Fifth were Zernow (Fei Long) and Huffman (Zhan Hu), and each player was served a thousand-year-old egg. Another close finish...Huffman just beat out Zernow to score the immunity win for Zhan Hu!

Martin never got a vote at Tribal Council, which kinda surprised me.

The two people in danger were Jean-Robert Bellande and Sherea Lloyd. By a vote of 5-2, the next loser was.....


"America's Next Top Model" contestant throws in the towel

Ebony Morgan, after she was placed in this week's bottom two with Ambreal Williams on "America's Next Top Model", was told that she was moving on to the next round. However, she then decided that she didn't feel like she belonged in the competition, and therefore decided to withdraw. That gave Williams another shot in the competition.

There will be no episode next week.

"The Biggest Loser" 10/23

To start, everyone played a version of poker. The winner got to choose where he/she wanted to be on a trio and what the other trios would look like, because the game changed at this point. All of the remaining contestants were split into teams of three.

In the poker game, instead of betting chips, the players had to bet calories from an array of foods on a table. Also, for whatever food's calories they wagered, they had to eat that food. It was a one-card poker game. The player who held the highest card after all the bets were made would be the winner.

The game started with a two cookie ante for each player. However, Kae Whang decided to withdraw from this challenge because she felt eating cookies wasn't worth it. After those players made their antes, they were each given a card. Bryan Washington then bet three vanilla wafers. Bill Germanakos decided to raise three vanilla wafers and two crackers. Amy Zimmer then added five peanut butter cups to the last wager! Neil Tejwani and Ryan Rodriguez folded their cards. David Griffin also bowed out of the game after he ran out of bluffing power (he had a deuce, BTW). Hollie Self decided to raise three cookies, putting Julie Hadden on the spot. Hadden had to eat three vanilla wafers, two crackers, five peanut butter cups, three cookies and something else, but she decided to fold. Jez Luckett decided to raise two peppermint patties.

At this point, seven players were left. Washington decided to raise two cheese crackers and two chocolate creme cookies. At this point, 1,103 food calories were in the pot. Bill then folded. Zimmer then went ALL IN. The other players after her folded, leaving her, Washington and Luckett (who was also ALL IN) in the game. Washington then folded.

Zimmer had a 9 of Hearts, while Luckett Ace of Hearts, making him the winner! Here are the four teams of three:

1. Kae Whang, David Griffin and Hollie Self
2. Amy Zimmer, Julie Hadden and Bill Germanakos
3. Bryan Washington, Nicole Mikalik and Ryan Rodriguez
4. Jez Luckett, Neil Tejwani and Isabeau Miller

While working out, Zimmer was showing some ill effects from that last challenge, as she had trouble.

In the next challenge, each trio had to put two of its members on a metal platform. The other person from each trio had to spin their platform 75 times. Each trio could swap out members at any time. The first trio that completed their 75 revolutions won. Each member of the winning trio got a Biggest Loser home gym.

The four pushers to start were Bill Germanakos, Washington, Rodriguez and Tejwani. Tejwani struggled early, forcing Luckett to pick up the slack for his team. Washington and Rodriguez had the early lead. Later on, Bill's team took over the lead with Hadden pushing them...and they won!

Now, for the weigh-ins. The trio who had the lowest weight loss percentage had to eliminate one of their members.

Things began with the team who won the last challenge. Bill weighed in at...261, so he lost seven pounds.

Zimmer's new weight...the same as last week, 265 pounds. If her team finished dead last, she was in big trouble. I was not surprised she fared that poorly.

Hadden then weighed in at...192, for a loss of three pounds. This trio lost ten pounds as a whole, for a percentage of 1.37%.

Washington started his trio's part of the ceremony by registering a new weight of...297, resulting in a seven-pound loss, putting him under the 300 pound mark! He's lost 49 pounds so far this season.

Rodriguez's new weight...321, meaning he GAINED a pound. Ouch.

Mikalik tried to make up for that disaster. Her new weight...244, for a four-pound loss. That meant they also lost ten pounds, but their percentage was only 1.15%.

Whang's team was up next. She weighed in at...174, a loss of four pounds. She's lost 51 pounds so far this season.

Self's new weight...223, a loss of two pounds.

Griffin then took the scale at...315, for an eight-pound loss! This trio lost a combined 14 pounds, for a percentage of 1.93%, which put them in the lead!

The last trio needed to have lost at least 11 pounds to be safe.

Luckett started things off by weighing in at...289 lbs., for a loss of six pounds. Good start.

Miller's new weight...255 lbs., for a four-pound loss.

If Tejwani lost even a single pound, his team was safe. He weighed in at 355 the last time. This time, he weighed in at....

...three hundred....72 pounds! OUCH!!!! HE GAINED AN ALL-TIME RECORD 17 POUNDS. Was he eliminated?......

....NO. I guess the other trios thought differently. Jez Luckett lost.

10/26/2007 Results

TPIR: Today, someone will play for $10,000. Who will that be? We'll find out soon enough.

The first four players are Stacey Dryesmela, Jason Longfellow, Jason Kinslow and Veronica Robetar. The first IUFB is a swimming pool.

Stacey: $700
Longfellow: $2,000
Kinslow: $1,235
Veronica: $1,000

ARP: $2,974, so Longfellow is the first Jason to escape Contestant's Row and will play Range Game for a King-sized bed. The range is $5,100-$5,700. He hits the red button at $5,338-$5,488. The ARP is five thousand...389! Host Drew Carey, when asking for the price of the prize in this game, says my line of "Light it up!".

The next player is Irene Estrada and the second IUFB is a cheap-looking popcorn cart.

Irene: $400 (STUPID BID)
Jason: $765 (STUPID BID)
Veronica: $550 (STUPID BID)
Stacey: $900

Dryesmela wins this one by default, as the ARP is $1,419. She gets the shot at the $10,000 I previously mentioned in Grand Game. The target price is nine bucks. The products are Senokot, Citracal, bird seed, arthritis pain relief lotion, sunflower seeds and some jellybeans. She picks the jellybeans first, which are $2.99. Her second pick is the sunflower seed bag, and that's $1.09. She then picks the Senokot at first, but the audience makes her swap that out for the bird seed, which is $4.29 to get to $1,000. She then goes with the Senokot she wanted to choose in the first place on the third's $7.49 and she's won $10,000! The calcium was $10.97 and the lotion was $14.99.

The next player is Michael O' Shea and the next IUFB is a wine bar wall unit.

Michael: $1,350
Irene: $750
Jason: $1,355
Veronica: $1,250

ARP: $1,499, so the other Jason will play 3 Strikes for a Cadillac DTS (Fairly loaded)! The numbers in the price are 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. He first pulls the 5 and says that's the second number...but it's not. He then pulls the strike twice. He then pulls the 3 and says that's the first number, which is wrong. He then pulls the 4 and places that as the first number....NO! I can't believe that! He then strikes out on the next pull. ARP: $54,936. That car was much more expensive than I thought!

The first winner of the day gets to the Showcase. I felt really bad for Mr. Kinslow- he had such horrible luck in 3 Strikes.

The next player is David Aguiano and the next IUFB is in-line skating equipment.

David: $750
Veronica: $725
Michael: BUCK
Irene: $700

ARP: $810, so Aguiano will play Race Game for a drum set, a hostess set, a sofa and power tools. The prices are $486, $1,100, $1,330 and $2,250. He first places $486 on the tools, $1,100 on the drum set, $1,330 on the sofa and $2,250 on the hostess right with 22 seconds left. He then switches the prices for the sofa and the drum set...two are right, but time is up. He was way too slow for this game, but he does win the drum set and the garden tools. The hostess set was $1,100 and the sofa was $2,250.

The next player is Kristine Whitaker and the next IUFB is a chandelier.

Kristine: $1,250
Veronica: $1,400
Michael: $1,150
Irene: BUCK

ARP: $1,259, so Whitaker will play Dice Game for a Dodge Dakota. The first number in the price is 2. She rolls a 5 for the second number, which is wrong, and she goes lower, which of course is right. For the third digit, she rolls a 2, which is wrong, and she goes higher. For the fourth digit, she rolls a 3, which is right! For the last digit, she rolls a 5, which is not it, but she goes lower. The second number is 1 and the last number is 4. If that third number is NOT a 1, she's 5 and she wins the $21,534 truck!

The last player to "Come on Down" today is Harold Young and the last IUFB is a HDTV.

Harold: $1,200
Veronica: $3,000
Michael: $2,100
Irene: $1,400

ARP: $2,199, so O'Shea will play Safe Crackers for an Alaskan Cruise and some camcorders, all worth $4,503. The numbers in the price of the camcorders are 6, 8 and 0. My gut was $860, and he agrees...we're both wrong.

SSD2: O' Shea spins 20...and 50 for 70 cents. The other man spins a nickel...and 40. The lady spins 95 cents and is in the Showcase!

The first Showcase has a dining room, dinnerware, a security system and a party boat. Longfellow bids $28,000. The lady takes a visit to the Priceini Vineyards. First, there's a drink called White Spinfandel, which symbolizes peeling the skin from the grapes like some of the lint that might come out of your clothes from a new washer/dryer. Second, there's Lardonnay, which is for those who want to lose weight, especially while working out on a new treadmill. Finally, there's Pinot Greasy-O, which is a drink made specifically for those who want to hit the road in a new Dodge Magnum (Std., Paint, SRadio, Organizer)! I say $25,000 on that Showcase, but she says $29,000, which is a WILLY.

Her ARP: $26,623. ARP for the man: $31,175, so there's still no Double Overbid yet this season and he wins his Showcase! Total: $39,538. The woman leaves with $22,793.

WWTBAM: Rich Swanson is back to finish up. For $8,000:

In 2006, what philanthropist announced plans to give away 85 percent of his estimated $44 billion fortune?

A: Richard Branson
B: Ted Turner
C: Sumner Redstone
D: Warren Buffett

He immediately says Buffett...right! Next:

What is the chemical formula of dry ice?

A: CO2
B: H2O
C: H2O2

He asks the audience. 60% said CO2, 21% said H2O2 and 17% said CO. He goes with CO2....right for $16,000! Next:

In 2007, George W. Bush received a hero's welcome when he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit what country?

A: Norway
B: Morocco
C: Albania
D: Venezuela

He goes for it with Albania...he's got $25,000! For $50,000:

Expressed using old-fashioned slang terms for money, which of the following amounts is equal to $20?

A: One sawbuck and two fins
B: Two fins
C: Two sawbucks and one fin
D: Four sawbucks

He switches out, and he would've said A....which would've been right. That's too bad, because he then misses the next question and leaves with $25,000.

Rebecca Loza from NYC left with $8,000 as the week wrapped up.

WOF: Wrapping up a good week here, our players tonight are Jason Broce from Decatur, IL (who works for what I think is a security group at an unknown university), Rosemary Eleteri from Canton, OH (who works at a college in the Boston area) and La Rasha Smith from Austin, TX (who is an office manager/paralegal, and has a twin sister).

The only man on tonight's panel gets THAT TAKES THE CAKE for $1,000, while Smith gets EASTER LILIES for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Thing and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a trip to St. Lucia (with tickets to a food and wine festival there) worth $7,860. After she buys the A's, we have...

_ A I N T I N _/_ _/A/_ A T A _ _ _

...I have an idea, but I'm not sure. She calls the G for another $2,500 (after getting $5,000 on her previous turn), but her W call is a dud. The man calls a P for the Wild Card and the M for $2,500, and we now have...

PAINTING/_ _/A/M A T A _ _ _

...I still have no clue. He buys two O's and says the puzzle is PAINTING OF A MATADOR for $2,250 and a trip to Madrid, Spain, for a new total of $8,250.

(During the intro, Paula Deen did a shout out.)

Jackpot Round category is "People". After the winner of the last round buys the E's, we have...

_ _ S _ _ R A T _ O _ A L

R E A L- L _ _ E

_ E R O E S

...and he solves INSPIRATIONAL REAL-LIFE HEROES for $3,050 and the trip to St. Lucia, for a new total of $19,160.

Big Money Round category is Song & Artist. After Eleteri calls six T's, we have...

S O _ E T _ _ _ _/TO/T _ _ _/_ _ O _ T/_ _/

_ O _ _ _ E/R _ _ T T

...I know this, but she doesn't. She buys the A's and the I's, then three N's for $2,400. After she buys the U, she solves SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT BY BONNIE RAITT for $6,250 and is now on the board.

The man then gets EXCHANGING GIFTS (I would've said EXCHANGING FIFTY instead) to go to $22,160. The next subject is Food & Drink. After he buys the A's, we have...

_ R A _ _ E _

A _ _

T A _ _ E R _ _ E _

...I know this, but he hits Lose a Turn. Eleteri calls the N's for $2,400 and buys the I. After a $500 D, she buys the O. After she calls the G's, she solves ORANGES AND TANGERINES for $3,000 and $9,250 total.

Speed-Up Round category is Proper Name and consonants are worth $1,900 apiece. The man wants to hang on to that lead so that he can pick a fourth consonant in the endgame. After he calls the S's, we have...

_ _ T T S _ _ R _ _

S T _ _ _ _ R S

...and he solves PITTSBURGH STEELERS to seal the match with $27,860! Eleteri has $9,250 and Smith has $2,000.

He spins the single star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ R _ S/_ _/_ _ S _ _ _

His first four choices are C, M, P and U. His final choice is F. We get...

_ _ R _ S/_ F/_ _ S _ _ M

...I say WORDS OF WISDOM. Does he? NO. But he had nothing to lose, because $25,000 was at stake here.

Next week, the teens come to play.

Deal or No Deal: Tonight's first contestant is Neal Washington from Detroit. He works at a meat house in the area, and even brought a steak for the banker! His case of destiny is #1.

1. #7- $300,000
2. #2- $500
3. #5- $500,000 (the player's dream was to win that amount, BTW)
4. #26- $25,000
5. #6- $10!
6. #4- $50!


1. #10- $200
2. #9- $25!
3. #13- $75!
4. #3- $200,000
5. #18- $75,000


1. #8- $100,000
2. #21- $50,000
3. #12- $5,000
4. #20- $750,000


(Before the fourth round started, a live feed from Vernon Elementary School, presumably the school he attended, was shown.)

1. #17- $5!
2. #11- $10,000
3. #25- $1,000

FOURTH OFFER (written on a card above a porterhouse steak served by a banker's assistant): $88,000- NO DEAL

1. #15- $400,000
2. #16- PENNY!

He's got two strikes against him. One more strike and he's out.


His next pick is #22...$100! The new offer: $121,000....NO DEAL. He then picks #19.....

...BUCK! New offer: $236,000.....

...DEAL! However, had he gotten to the last two cases, the $1 Million and $300 would've still been in play, and the final offer would've been $502,000. His case had.....

...ONE MILLION DOLLARS. But don't feel bad for him at all, because given he was only on for 40 minutes tonight, there was no way he was going to win it. He did as well as he possibly could have, especially since he had no safety net for most of the game. $236,000 is probably enough to buy a lifetime supply of meat, maybe even from his own store!

Our returning player next time is Michael Abbruzzese from Newton, Massachusetts. He's a motorcycle cop. His case selection is #3, and he puts caution tape all over his podium!

1. #1- $750,000
2. #5- $10,000
3. #10- $1,000
4. #15- $75,000
5. #13- $300
6. #22- $25!


ROUND 2 (Last round this episode):
1. #2- $1!
2. #26- $400,000
3. #25- $5!
4. #7- PENNY!
5. #21- $500