Friday, November 30, 2007

11/30/2007 Results

Family Feud: Let's see if they can head into their first rerun break on a good note. The Krauses will try to make that happen with the seventh undefeated championship of the season, IF they can beat the Darouvars. The challengers today are led by Sandra, and her cohorts are Sabrina, Sharon, John and Simon.

Opening question: According to 100 women, name a reason why you might like to marry John O' Hurley! Starting with:

2. Hot/sexy/distinguished (23, Michelle)
5. Great dancer (4, Sandra)

The champs play. Alana says having lots of dough...NUMBER ONE (28)! Julie's first guess today is being a good Lee then says he's a good author....NO! He's written a couple of books that I know of for Pete's sakes! Jeff then tries having a nice car...three strikes in a row. For the steal, Sandra says being's #3 (17) for 55. Not said:

4. Fun/nice person (7)
6. Smooth/debonair (4)
7. Well dressed (4)

Second question: Name something you still believe in even though you've never seen it. Starting with:

1. God (60, Sabrina)

The challengers will play this time. Sharon then says nothing for strike one. John says Santa Claus....NO! Another shocker. Simon then answers ghosts...#3 (5)! Sandra's next guess is tooth fairy....NO! What is up with these people surveyed today? For a ten-point lead, Michelle says Heaven...that's #4 (5) for the points! Not given:

2. UFOs/aliens (9)
5. Gravity (2)
6. Honest government (2)
7. Miracles (2)

Double: Reasons why women watch football. Starting with:

1. Hanging out with her man (34, Sharon)

The challengers play this tough question. John says for the love of the sport...#3 (23)! Simon then says in order to Sandra's next answer is hot athletes...#2 (32)! Next is Sabrina with gambling...#4 (3)! Sharon then says to impress sweep with that. John's final guess this round is, as a new LeAnn Rimes song might say, "Nothin' Better to Do" sweep, so it's steal time. Michelle says that bottom answer is to watch those is (3) to go to 249! Impressive!

Triple: Name a holiday whose true meaning is, "No school". John says Christmas (68)'s NUMBER ONE for control! Simon then thinks of Easter...uh, that's a weekend holiday, so that's not gonna work. Sandra tries to do better with Thanksgiving and that's #2 (12)! Sabrina then answers with Columbus Day...bottom answer (5)! Sharon tries to win her team the championship with President's Day....WIN (8) at 334!

Fast Money: Sabrina and John score 168 for $840.

TPIR: Today's first four players are Daniel Kissner, Ute Kelly, Justin Mesai and Bertha Neely. The first IUFB is snowboarding equipment.

Daniel: $1,200
Ute: $1,100
Justin: $900
Bertha: $1,000

ARP: $2,494, giving Kissner the right to play Five Price Tags for a 2008 Ford Mustang. Here are the five choices for the ARP of it:


The first SP is a citrus press marked at $204. He says False and it's $150, so he's on the board. Second, we have a board game marked at $23, and he says True for another right answer. Third, we have a retro alarm clock radio marked at $90 and he says False...but that's True. Finally, we have a pizza maker marked at $100 and he says False...but that's True. Now, for the car. His first pick is $24,322...

$20,045 His other pick is $23,340. It's either that or $20,045.....

$20,045 Was it $20,045...yes. Even if he had won all of the SPs, he probably still wouldn't have won.

Next is Maha Sweece and the second IUFB is a grandfather clock.The winner also gets a $40 supply of NutraMist spray.

Maha: $1,500
Ute: $1,300
Justin: $1,800
Bertha: $2,000

ARP: $1,887, and Mesai will play Grand Game. The target is $8, and the products are Pine Sol, tweezers, Oreos, Senokot, NasoClear and Ziploc bags. First pick is the cookies, which are $3.89. Second pick is the Pine Sol, which is $4.49. Third pick is the bags, which are $2.79. He goes for it with the spray...but that's $8.99, so he wins no money. The Senokot was $7.49 (the last correct one) and the tweezers were $9.99.

The next player is William Kolizak and the next IUFB is a laptop computer. The winner also gets $40 worth of cough drops.

William: $1,250
Bertha: $1,299
Maha: $1,100

ARP: $1,099, so Kelly's strategy works out and she will play Shopping Spree for a motorbike, a dinette, a washer/dryer and a fireplace. The target this time is $5,500. Her first pick is the washer/dryer, which is $2,598. Her second pick is the dinette, which is $1,199. Final pick is the bike and it's $2,069, so she's the first winner of the day! The fireplace was $599, according to Golden

Mesai gets to the Showcase and wins $1,000 off the Big Wheel.

The next player is Dane Chase and the next IUFB is a catameran. The winner also gets $40 worth of HBP medicine.

Dane: $2,900
William: $2,650
Bertha: $2,500
Maha: $3,000

ARP: $3,195, so Sweece's last-second bid wins her the right to play for two West Coast trips- to Scottsdale, AZ and Santa Fe, NM. Arizona is marked at $5,534 and Santa Fe is marked at $4,411. She leaves the prices as they

Next to exit the crowd is Elizbeth Marcucci and the next IUFB is a set of kids furniture and books. The winner also gets a $40 supply of gel insoles.

Elizabeth: $451
Dane: $350
William: $525
Bertha: $526

ARP: $1,055, so Neely is playing Cover Up for a Pontiac Vibe. Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 0, 4 or 8?
Third number: 1, 3, 5 or 9?
Fourth number: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 9?
Last number: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7?

First guess is $18,395...only the middle number is wrong. Does she place the 1 to win the $18,195 car...yes!

The last player is Randall Corneer and the final IUFB today is a diamond necklace.

Randall: $1,800
Elizabeth: $1,495
Dane: $1,500
William: BUCK

ARP: $1,995, so Corneer will play Squeeeeeeeeeeze Play for a spa. The board:


My gut was $6,850 and he agrees...NO! It was $6,650.

SSD2: During the episode, the revived split screen for the Showcase Showdown is gold, and is only used on a contestant's first spin. Corneer spins the dollar for $1,000 in American money! The other loser this half spins a dime...and 70. The only winner this half spins 35...and goes over by a nickel. As for the Bonus Spin...Corneer's $11,000 richer!!

The first Showcase has a game room consisting of a soda machine, a pool table, a chess game table and a player piano. Mesai bids $15,232, which I think is a GARF. Corneer sees things in the models' garage, which are bowling equipment, a Wurlitzer jukebox and a 2008 Chrysler Aspen! He bids $39,000.

ARP for Corneer: $42,775, a difference of $3,775. ARP for Mesai: $18,499, a difference of $3,267, so he barely wins and takes home $21,426 in cash and prizes. Corneer couldn't quite pull it out, but he still leaves with $12,995 in cash and prizes.

WWTBAM: Christine Jock finishes up. Gameplay resumes with this $16,000 question:

In a shocking 2007 issue, what comic book superhero was shot down on the steps of a federal courthouse in NYC?

A: Spider-Man
B: Daredevil
C: Captain America
D: The Incredible Hulk

The 50:50 leaves Daredevil and Captain America. She then says Captain America...

A: Spider-Man
B: Daredevil
C: Captain America
D: The Incredible Hulk

...correct for $16,000! $25,000 question:

Mark Leakey, a famed archaeologist of human-like fossils, made many discoveries at the Olduvai Gorge in what country?

A: South Africa
B: Nigeria
C: Kenya
D: Tanzania

She calls her father Allen, who says he has it down to the bottom two. He eventually says a guess of Kenya. She agrees...

A: South Africa
B: Nigeria
C: Kenya
D: Tanzania

...NO. It was the other choice. She leaves with $1,000 and a DVD game.

Erik Aurigemma from North Salem, NY is next. For $4,000:

Featured in the name of a well-known L.A. attraction, "la brea" is Spanish for what?

A: The beach
B: The gold
C: The steam
D: The tar

The 50:50 leaves gold and tar. He says tar...

A: The beach
B: The gold
C: The steam
D: The tar

...correct. $8,000 question:

What Middle Eastern country's flag features a cedar tree?

A: Kuwait
B: Syria
C: Qatar
D: Lebanon

He asks the audience. 68% said Lebanon, 14% said Syria and 12% said Kuwait. He agrees with the crowd on Lebanon...

A: Kuwait
B: Syria
C: Qatar
D: Lebanon

...right! $16,000 question:

In the classic video game, Pac-Man evaded a group of ghosts nicknamed Blinky, Pinky, Inky and what?

A: Clyde
B: Butch
C: Ralph
D: Duane

This was easy, and we both get Clyde for $16,000! For $25,000:

In the iconic 1851 painting "George Washington Crossing the Delaware", how many people are in Washington's boat?

A: Less than 10
B: Between 10 and 15
C: Between 15 and 20
D: More than 20

He's fairly sure it's A, but he checks by calling his father, Peter. He says B instead. The player decides to agree with his father...

A: Less than 10
B: Between 10 and 15
C: Between 15 and 20
D: More than 20

...he's right for $25,000! But both $50,000 questions let him down, so that's his final total.

Heather Hanson-Mohammed from the Bronx has some trouble on this $500 question:

A person who is compared to a "long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" is best described as what?

A: Drowsy
B: Jumpy
C: Chatty
D: Jolly

87% of the audience said jumpy while 9% said drowsy. She says jumpy and is right. She then gets to $1,000 before time expires for the week.

WOF: Wrapping up a good week here, our players tonight are Chris Zora (in the yellow) from Monticello, IL (who is a network manager for an agricultural processor), Nicole Griffin from Kerry, NC (who is a microbiologist and is about to get a Master's Degree at NC State University) and Amy Boohorn from Hitchcock, TX (who works at a crime lab, mostly for alcoholic beverages).

The man in the middle gets MOTORCYCLE STUNTS for $1,000 (consider that a little tribute to Evel Knievel, who just passed away) and then AIR MATTRESS for another $2,000.

The first round is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and its category is Phrase. Out on the wheel now is a trip to Scotland worth $7,582, and it's inspired by the new movie "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep". After he calls the N for $300 and the Free Spin, we have...

_ U S T/_ _ _ T/_/N E E _ E _

...I didn't get it immediately, but I have it now. After calling the D's, he solves JUST WHAT I NEEDED for $1,400 and a trip to Aruba, for a new total of $10,200.

Wheel Watchers' Club members, if you match the following code and you respond within 24 hours on the designated area on the show's website, you've won a trip to Aruba as well (and $50,000 if you have the Sony Card as well):


Jackpot Round category is the newest category- Fictional Family. After Boohorn buys the I's, we have...

T I N _/T I _/&/_ _ _/_ R A T _ H I T

...I don't have the foggiest idea. After a $500 M and a $300 Y, she buys an O but gets the Bankrupt next. Back to the man, who calls two C's for $600 and two B's for $700 and he solves TINY TIM & BOB CRATCHIT for $1,300 and $11,500 total.

Big Money Round category is Before & After. Griffin calls two R's early on for the Wild Card, but she loses it to a Bankrupt two spins later. After the man buys the O's and the I's, we have...

_ I _ _ _

D E L I V E R _


...I don't know the top word. He then calls a C, but that's a dud, so he can't flirt with the Mystery Wedge he landed on at that point and has to use his Free Spin. He then buys an A, which is at the end of the important top word, and I've got it now. He gets it as well with PIZZA DELIVERY ROOM for $650 and a $1,000 gift certificate from, for a new total of $13,150.

Boohorn then gets on the board with WEAR AND TEAR for $3,000. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After Boohorn calls the C's, we have...

G _ _ _ N G/_ _ C _/TO/THE/C O _ _ _ N _ T _

..only the last word eludes me now, but she says nothing. The guy calls a dud in P. Griffin calls a K but can't solve. After Boohorn calls the M's, the last word now reads...

C O M M _ N _ T _

...I've got it, but she doesn't it, as she goofs on the top word. The man steals GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY for $1,850 more and an even 15 grand so far. Boohorn has $3,000 and Griffin gets the $1,000 consolation money.

Will we have our first 4 out of 5 BR week of the season? Let's find out. He spins the dollar sign and the category is Things. Starting with:

L _ _

_ R _ _ E S

I think it's ______ BRACES, but I know the top word isn't LEG. He calls M, C, D and A and gets...

L _ _

_ R _ C E S

...I think it's LOW PRICES...and he agrees! He triples his winnings to $45,000, because he wins the $30,000 bonus round jackpot!

Jeopardy!: This is my first episode since the Tournament of Champions. Our champion right now is Lisa Klink (a L.A. TV writer), who has won $53,100, and is trying to become the first five-time champion since the ToC ended. Her challengers tonight are Ralph Dellanno (a high school theology teacher from Edison, N.J.) and Per Milam (a graduate student of philosophy from San Diego). Opening categories:


At the first break, the champ has a slight lead with $3,000. Dellanno has $2,200 and the other challenger has $1,800. The last category of the round is the U.S. Cabinet one, and Dellanno now leads with $4,800. The champ has four grand and the man in the middle has $3,800. Opening clue:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The champ says "What is the Department of Transportation?"...that's an easy $200. Next:

Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration

Milam says "What is the Department of the Interior?"...I don't think so, so he's down to $3,400. The other guy says "What is the Food and Drug Administration"...not quite, taking him down to $4,400. Nobody gets Department of Agriculture. Middle clue:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Milam tries "What is the Department of the Interior?"...this time, he's right to go back to four grand. $800 clue....not the DD.

Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

At the last second, Klink rings in with "What is the Department of Energy?"...RIGHT for $5,000 and a shot at the Daily Double! She wagers five bills on this:

Government National Mortgage Association

"What is the Treasure Department?"...I said that too, but that's not right. It was Housing and Urban Development. She finishes the round with $4,500 and a $100 lead.

DJ! categories:

BESTSELLERS OF THE DECADE (the decade must be IDed in each correct response)

This battle stays real tight early on. Thanks to a string of wrong responses by the challengers and a few right ones by the champ, the champ has a little more comfortable lead at $11,700. Milam has $6,000 and the other man has $5,200. Both Daily Doubles are still up for grabs with Hospitals (the first two clues there were triple stumpers) and Westward Expansion of the U.S. as the only two categories left. First clue in Westward Expansion:

It created an all-water link from NYC to the Great Lakes and opened up the settlement of the Great Lakes area.

Milam says "What is the Erie Canal?"...correct to go to $6,400. $800 clue:

On May 10, 1869, telegraph operators in Utah signaled the nation that this had been completed.

Milam's in again with "What is the Transcontinental Railway?"...right again to go to $7,200. Middle clue:

This 1862 act gave 160 acres of free land to anyone who had lived on it and improved it for five years.

The champ's in this time with "What is the Homestead Act?"...that's right to go to $12,900! $1,600 clue....DAAAAAAAIIIIILLLLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE!! She wagers two grand:

In the 1846 Oregon Treaty, the British gave up claims to all territory below the 49th Parallel except this large island.

"What is Vancouver Island?"...RIGHT for a new total of $14,900! Final clue there:

This 1853 deal that brought the U.S. chunks of New Mexico and Arizona is known in Mexico as the Sale of La Mesilla.

Dellanno's guess is "What is the Gaston Purchase?"...correct to go to $7,200. He goes for the $1,200 hospital clue next:

An L.A. "Home for the Incurables" named for this holy mountain later merged with Cedars of Lebanon.

Milam says "What is Sinai?"...right to go to $8,400. He tries the $2,000 DD.

This fittingly-named Paris complex was founded as a Veteran's Hospital by Louis XIV.

The champ rings in with "What is Les Invalides?"...she's right, and just like late last round, by getting the next-to-last clue of a round, she gets to try a Daily Double at the end of the round! She could put this game away with $16,900 so far. She wagers FIFTY BUCKS. You read that right. Here's the clue:

London's HTD, hospital for these diseases, has a consultant parasitologist and leprologist.

"What are tropical diseases?"...right to end the round with $16,950. This is her game to lose.

FJ! category: Word History.

This term for a deadly substance may derive from the name of a love goddess.

Milam wrote down "What is poisonus?" He drops to $5,999. Dellanno's response was "What is ambrosia?"...also not right. That costs him $3,600, meaning he will finish in third place at $4,800 unless the lady screwed up big time. She wrote down "What is venom?"...RIGHT for another $100, AND SHE'S A FIVE-TIME CHAMP! Total now: $70,150!

DOND: Tonight's first contestant is Marisa Ortiz from Davie, FL. Should she win a ton of money tonight, she'll quit her bartending job. Her case of destiny is #6.

1. #2- $25,000
3. #16- $50
4. #7- $400
5. #12- $75,000
6. #18- $100,000


1. #4- $100
2. #20- $5
3. #26- PENNY
4. #15- $50,000
5. #9- $750


1. #13- $500
2. #21- $300,000
3. #17- $10
4. #3- $25


1. #1- $1
2. #14- $300
3. #25- $500,000


1. #8- $750,000 (STRIKE ONE)
2. #24- $1,000


Ortiz's next pick is #10....$10,000. New offer: $70,000....NO DEAL. Next pick is #11....

...STRIKE TWO- that's $200,000. New offer: $63,000....DEAL! And she made a perfect deal, because her next pick of #19 had the $400,000! Her case had $5,000.

Returning on the next show is Jallah Leonard from Newport, RI. He's a math teacher. His case choice is #23.

1. #17- $75,000
2. #10- $100
4. #25- $10,000
5. #16- $500
6. #7- $5


ROUND 2 (Last round this show):
1. #11- $750
2. #6- $5,000
3. #15- $750,000
4. #1- $100,000
5. #5- #10


BTW, this contestant has a crush on Claudia Jordan, who holds case #1! He also got a call from the principal of the school he's teaching at, Patti Dicenso!

BTW, this show will be on for two hours on Wednesday, starting at 8 PM. In the final game that night, a unique couple version of the show will be played. Tune in to see exactly how it works!
December will be called, as I see it, "Deal December".

That's the Question: Tonight's players are Gwen Willheit from L.A. (who is a retired phone operator) and Dennis Hensley, originally from Arizona (who is a writer and was a former dancer on a cruise ship). First board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _?


Later on, we have...

_ _ A T/I _ U I T/_ O U S E/_ I _ _ T/_ O T/

_ A S T/I _/T _ E/S A _ A _ A?


...and the lady leads 10-8.

(AFHL)- From the planet Melmac, what alien sitcom star's real name was Gordon Shumway? He gets ALF for five H's and points, giving him 13 and the lead.
(STMNAEWOHMEELCUTTY)- "How do I love thee?"- That's the question by Elizabeth Barrett Browning preceding what next line? She says "Let me count the ways"...correct for an M, taking her to 11.
(DASGAID)- What athletic shoe got its name from the company's founder, Adi Dassler? He gets Adidas for a G and a new total of 14, and he wants to solve...


...he solves correctly to go to 19. That was a fairly tricky question, but he got it no sweat. Second board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Mr. Bean

After the male knows about a bloodhound, we have...

_ T A R/R _ W A N/A T _ I N _ _ N/P _ A Y _/

W _ A T/_ R I T I _ _/TWIT?

ANSWER: Mr. Bean

...and he leads 28-17.

(LLA'NLERBI)- On "Sadie Hawkins Day", the girls chase the boys on what comic strip set in Dog Patch, USA? She gets Lil' Abner for an L and goes to 18.
(SESUGALKSSN)- What oversized fashion accessory is eclipsing the faces of the rich and famous? He gets SUNGLASSES for a K, and tries to solve another puzzle...


...he didn't need the H's- he's up to 34! Final board of the round:

'_ _ _ _/_-_ _ _ _'/_ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _?


Some of you might have gotten this question right away. After the man knows about Janeane Garofalo, we have...

' _ _ N _/_-M A _ L'/_ _/_ N O W N/A _/W _ A _?


...and he still leads 40-22.

(RSELUKAJEM)- If you're praying at the "Wailing Wall", in what city are you in? She gets Jerusalem, despite having a little pronunciation goof at the end of the word, for two K's and points, so she has 24.
(EAPYLJAUNKE)- Cartoonist Gary Trudeau was married to what TV news personality? He says the wife is Jane Pauley for a J and 41, and he goes for his third puzzle solve this game...


...I got worried that he would forget that E before MAIL, but he didn't and is now up to 46!
First board of Round 2:

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _"/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Later on, we have this showing...

"W _ T E R S _ _ _/_ _ W N"/_ E _ T _ R E S/

W _ _ T/W _ R R E N/R E S _ _ E N T S?

ANSWER: R _ _ _ _ T S

...the man still leads 52-36. The lady is now in control.

(MFEIGBKINAARJNLNN)- Citing bad bird behavior, what patriot felt that the bald eagle was not the best U.S. national emblem? She can't get Benjamin Franklin. Two H's go into the question.
(YNBRBDADBIA)- In "Beyond the Sea", Kevin Spacey did his own singing what he played what pop star? He gets Bobby Darin for eight points and 60 total. Four A's go into the question, and another is the second letter of the answer.
(TRITDEFO)- What "Motor City" erected the first STOP sign in 1814? He gets Detroit no problem for an F and another two points.
(UARSHA)- What Biblical woman laughed to herself when she was told that she would bear a child at age 90? He gets Sarah with a second left for a U and another two points. After being barely late when calling for a puzzle solve, he goes for it right now...



...he does it again! Impressive that he didn't need the B's for the answer! He now has 74! Next board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _

Later on, we have this...

_ _ A T/C A _ D I E _/DID/R _ _ A L D/R E A G A _/

C R A _ E?

ANSWER: _ E L L _/_ E A _ _

...while the lady's in command, she still trails big, 82-44.

(VOAANLRFTEYBEHR)- A pre-fame Bob Dylan was paid $50 for playing the harmonica on the album of what singer of "Calypso"? She gets Harry Belafonte for a V and goes to 46, and she tries to solve...


...uh oh, she pretty much put the final nail in her coffin by messing up on the second word.

(LRPONTOEHH)- This year, a Russian mini-sub planted a flag on the ocean bottom to stake their claim to the sea floor beneath what? He gets North Pole for an H and he tries to pull a sweep of the maingame puzzles...



...he's done it! I don't recall that ever happening before!

After his 94 seconds expire in the endgame, here's what he has to deal with for $5,000...


...this is the second show in a row that someone has revealed the entire question before time expires! With seven seconds left over, he then says the answer is Sony....



...give him the cash! I think he's the best player I've ever seen on this show!

Night of reruns helps "Lyrics" and "5th Grader"

Last night's episode of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" scored a 5.5 Fast Nielsen with an 8 share.

The episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" that followed scored a 5.3 with an 8 share.


NBC midseason notes

-"The Singing Bee" will return on Friday, Dec. 21st with back-to-back episodes starting at 8 PM. Another pair of back-to-back new episodes will air the following Friday at the same time.

-The second season of "1 vs. 100" will now begin a week earlier than planned, Jan. 4 at 8 PM.

-The return of "American Gladiators" on the first Sunday of 2008 will be two hours long. After the first episode, it will air Mondays at 8 PM.

-On the first day of 2008, "The Biggest Loser" begins its fifth season at 8 PM. As you all know, that season will feature teams of two as contestants.

-"The Celebrity Apprentice" is still scheduled to begin Jan. 3 at 9 PM.

Sources: The Futon Critic, Broadcasting & Cable

Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Survivor: China" 11/29

If I didn't post the previous episode recap of this show, I apologize. If you don't know already, Frosti Zernow last got voted out and became the third member of the jury.

This episode started off with a special Reward Challenge at the Tribal Council area. The winner got to stay at the Shaolin Temple, one of the most famous ancient structures in the world. It was located in a mountain chain. There, he/she would witness a Kung Fu demonstration and have a veggie meal. Also, the winner chose two other people to join him/her on the trip.

For this challenge, everyone was asked questions about Chinese culture. The first person to answer five questions correctly automatically went on the trip. First question:

T or F: China is credited with the invention of the abacus.

That was True, and those who said that and scored first were Todd Herzog, James Clement, Peih-Gee Law and Denise Martin. Second question:

Which animal does NOT belong in the Chinese Zodiac?

A: Rat
B: Rabbit
C: Cat
D: Rooster

Answer: Cat, and everyone said that. Third question:

T or F: 99% of the Giant Panda's diet was bamboo.

That statement is True, and only Martin got that one wrong. Herzog, Clement and Law led with three points apiece. Fourth question:

What's the capital of China?

A: Hong Kong
B: Beijing
C: Shanghai
D: Macaw

Answer: Beijing, and Kimmel was the only one to miss it (she had Shanghai). Herzog, Clement and Law were tied at four heading into this next question:

In Chinese culture, receiving a red envelope means that inside is....

A: A love letter
B: Cash
C: A death notice
D: A military draft notice

Answer: Money, and out of the three leaders, Law was the only one to get that right, so she won the trip! BTW, she won the last Immunity Challenge (and she really needed to win badly). She took Erik Huffman and Denise Martin with her.

Immunity Challenge: Each player got three stars to throw at some targets. The targets had various point values- 1, 2, 3 and 5. The top three scoring players after the first round met in the final round, where they only got one star to throw. The winner of that round won immunity.

Here's how everybody did in the first round:

Todd: DUD + DUD + 3= 3
Erik: 3 + DUD + 3= 6
Courtney: 5 + DUD + 1= 6
James: DUD + 3 + 3 = 6
Amanda: 3 + DUD + 3 = 6
Denise: DUD + 2 + DUD = 2

Only four remained for the final round. This time, the target was a bit further back.

Courtney: DUD
Amanda: 2
Erik: 3
James: DUD

That meant Huffman won immunity!

Now, did Clement use one of his Immunity Idols?....

...NO, so he looked confident that Law or somebody else would be demoted.

First vote...Herzog.
Second vote...Clement.
Third vote...Law.
Fourth vote...Clement.
Fifth vote...Clement. One more vote and he blew it....

...and sadly, he did. Ouch.

11/29/2007 Results- Something neat happens on FOX

Anne Hathorn is back to resume her game. She's an attorney who previously won about $48,000 as a champion on "Jeopardy!". Here's the $16,000 question:

Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube starred in both the 2005 comedy "Are We There Yet?" and what 2007 sequel?

A: "Are They Gone Yet?"
B: "Are You Ready Yet?"
C: "Are We Done Yet?"
D: "Are You Happy Yet?"

It's either B or C. The 50:50 leaves those two choices, so that's not too helpful. She then calls her father-in-law Fred, who says not much of anything. She goes with "Are You Ready Yet?"....

A: "Are They Gone Yet?"
B: "Are You Ready Yet?"
C: "Are We Done Yet?"
D: "Are You Happy Yet?" she done yet- yup. She leaves with $1,000 and the DVD game.

Next is Cole Ives from Buffalo, OK. He's said to have done a mean Sean Connery impression. For $8,000:

The Flemings and the Walloons are the two predominant cultural groups of what country?

A: Belgium
B: Hungary
C: Poland
D: Romania

He asks the audience. 74% said Belgium, 12% said Hungary and 9% said Poland. He says Belgium and is right. Next:

For those who can't file their taxes in April, submitting Form 4868 to the IRS extends the deadline until what month?

A: July
B: December
C: October
D: May

He calls Bill, who has a wild guess of October. The 50:50 leaves that and July. He goes with October, since it's his birth month...

A: July
B: December
C: October
D: May

...he's right! Next, for $25,000:

"Plectrum" is a fancy word for which of these items?

A: Ice pick
B: Toothpick
C: Pickax
D: Guitar pick

He says guitar pick right away...

A: Ice pick
B: Toothpick
C: Pickax
D: Guitar pick

...he's got $25,000! But he misses both of his $50,000 questions, so that's what he takes home.

Our final contestant today is Christine Jock from Rock Hill, S.C. Last question of the day, for $8,000 with all of the lifelines still in play:

According to the National Barbecue Association, what distinguishes BBQing from grilling?

A: The type of meat
B: The use of smoke
C: The type of sauce
D: The tenderizing process

She asks the audience. 52% said B, 39% said C, 6% said D and the other 3% said A. This could be trouble. She goes with the audience....

A: The type of meat
B: The use of smoke
C: The type of sauce
D: The tenderizing process

...she's going to return!

TPIR: Today's first four are Rae Hundley, Anthony Sams, Scott Pickle (!) and Erica Hess. The first IUFB is a home gym.

Rae: $2,500
Anthony: $2,100
Scott: $3,000
Erika: BUCK

ARP: $2,599, so Hundley will play Lucky Seven for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler (Std., Paint, AC, Speakers, Heater, Prot). First number is 2. Her second number guess is 2...

$ 2 1, _ _ _'s 1, so there goes a dollar. Her third number guess is 5....

$ 2 1, 5 _ _

...bullseye! Fourth number guess is 5....

$ 2 1, 5 6 _'s 6! With $5 left, all she has to do is say 5 on the last number and she's won. She says....

....5 and wins! ARP: $21,569.

Next player is Rachel Penana and the second IUFB is a retro Coca-Cola machine. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Clorox bleach.

Rachel: $1,800
Anthony: $500
Scott: $800
Erika: $801

ARP: $899, and Hess will try to go to Mexico City via the Balance Game. The last three numbers are 5, 9 and 3. $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000 are the available values today. She puts the $1,000 and $2,000 bags on the scale, for a guess of $3,593, like I would've said...she wins! She also gets a bonus dollar, a Drew Dollar!

The next player is Tina Hall and next in the line of IUFBs is a set of stemware.

Tina: $550
Rachel: $450
Anthony: $551
Scott: $650

ARP: $838, so a Pickle will play Plinko! First SP is a crystal sphere marked at $71 and he picks the 1, but it's $78. Second is a board game marked at $63 and he picks the 3 and it's $23. Third is a teapot marked at $12 and he picks the 2...$32. Finally, we have an iron marked at $45 and he picks the 4, but it's $25. He has three Plinko chips.

1. $1,000 (Left)
2. $500 (Left)
3. DUD (Left)

He gets $1,500 in addition to the other prizes.

SSD1: Pickle spins 35...and 65 for $1,000! Hess spins 75...and again. Hundley spins 60...but no 40. The Bonus Spin yields...nothing extra, but Pickle is in the Showcase.

The next player is Franklin Hiller (who goes the wrong way when coming on down!) and the next IUFB is an iPod with speakers.

Franklin: $325
Tina: $625
Rachel: $650
Anthony: $326

ARP: $6.....29, meaning Hall will play One Wrong Price for a Plasma TV marked at $1,598, a dining set marked at $2,725 and SCUBA gear marked at $3,011. She thinks the ARP of the SCUBA gear is wrong, and I disapproved of that...but it's actually $2,114, so she wins!

Next up is Rosezena Landcraft and the next IUFB is a steel baker's rack. The winner also gets $40 worth of Ziploc bags and will try to do some serious winning in Pass the Buck.

Rosezena: $350
Rachel: $399
Anthony: $400
Franklin: $490

ARP: $2,022, so Hiller gets a shot at some money plus a new 2008 Ford Fusion. He gets by the groceries no problem for all three picks.

1. #3- $1,000
2. #6-$5,000- STOP

He wins six grand. The car was behind #1 (as usual), $3,000 was behind #2 and the Lose Everythings were behind #4 and #5.

The final player is Anthony Caster and the final IUFB is a pair of three-wheel cruisers. The winner also gets $40 worth of gel insoles.

Caster: $700
Rosezana: $658
Rachel: $599
Sams: $701

ARP: $698, meaning Landcraft, after dancing with Drew, will play Flip Flop for a piano. Board:


She flops to $3,559...but it was my gut of $5,395. But she does get to the Showcase.

The first Showcase features some weird kinds of jeans. First, there's Messy ones, which are those jeans that you can wipe stains on while cooking with your new range. Second, there's the Rip-Off variety, where you can take them off in an instant to go to a sunny place like St. Maarten! Finally, the Pantry jeans means you can stuff a lot of junk items into them, and also into a new Supercross trailer (Fairly loaded)! The lady bids $25,000. Pickle has to bed on a bedroom, winter parkas and a snowmobile, and he bids $22,000, which I think is a WILLY.

ARP for the woman: $28,656, a difference of $3,656. ARP for the man: $21,626, meaning he didn't bid as bad as I thought, but he's still over and the lady wins $29,394 in prizes! The other man leaves with $3,393 in cash and stuff.

Family Feud: On their fourth day, the Krauses defend their crown against the Mc Clintons, led by O.G. His partners are Ray, Halima, Ato and Ronald.

Opening question: Name something men have trouble discussing to their mothers, according to 100 men. Starting with:

1. Sex (57, O.G.)

The challengers get to start this question. Ray's first guess today is their wife...#2 (17)! Halima then says finances...#3 (16)! Ato then goes with Ronald then answers jobs...#6 (2)! Back to O.G. now, who says her Ray then says cooking...three strikes. For the steal, Michelle says health...that's #4 (2) to give the champs the first 92 points of this game! #5 was emotions (2).

Second question: Name something cowboys like to do when they get together. Starting with:

7. Sing (3, Ray)

The challengers decide to pass to the champions. Julie says riding horses...#3 (14)! Lee then says sit around campfires...bottom answer (3)! Jeff is next with rounding up some cattle...#6 (5)! Michelle's next answer is chewing tobacco...#5 (5)! Next is Alana with drinking Julie's next guess is having beers...NUMBER ONE (38)! We then go back to Lee with eating...dud. Jeff tries to keep it going with bull riding...#4 (8)! Michelle then tries to sweep the board with sharing cowboy stories...that's #2 (15) for the sweep and another 91, bringing the champions to 183! The pass the question method backfired on the challengers this time.

Double: Name the worst place to get caught sneaking out of. Starting with:

2. Church (15, Halima)

The challengers learn from their mistake the last time and decide to play. Ato starts off with the house...NUMBER ONE (18)! Next is Ronald with a guess of nude club...#4 (7)! We then head to O.G. with jail...#3 (8)! Ray thinks the bottom answer is is (7) for a sweep of their own and their first 110 points of the game!

Triple: Ways that comedians know they've bombed. Lee says quiet crowds...also known as no laughter, that's NUMBER ONE (56) for control! Jeff says geting ejected by the stage Michelle says getting heckled...that and booing are #2 (34)! Next is Alana with departing Julie then answers blank expressions...STRIKEOUT. This steal is for the game. O.G. says one of the two remaining answers is getting their mikes turned off...NO, so the Krauses will get a shot at an undefeated title tomorrow! Here are the remaining answers:

3. Throwing stuff (5; this should've been gotten.)
4. No applause (4)

Fast Money: This was a good game. But can Lee and Jeff top it off with a $20,000 win? Let's find out if they can.

1. During an average workday, how many times do you have to go to the bathroom?
2. Name something people count down the days to.
3. Name a magazine people might read in a grocery store checkout line.
4. A body part that men get waxed.
5. A position on a baseball team.

My guesses:
1. 2 (My first guess was 1)
2. Christmas (My second guess was New Year's)
3. People (National Enquirer was my second guess)
4. Back
5. Catcher (Pitcher was my second guess)

Jeff says 4, Christmas, People, back and pitcher for 157! Lee's first answer is 2...24! Her second answer is New Year's...only 3 said that. Third answer is US. Fourth answer is chest...27 is enough for $20,000! That brings their new total to $41,305! #1 answers not given:

1. 3
3. National Enquirer

Crosswords: Our opening players today are Mike Kelly (a California chauffeur) and Bethany Williams (a technical writer from Florida).

At the first Crossword XBOX 360 Extra, the lady has control with $100 and is behind by $50. She wagers $400 on this:

_ _ _ N

Clue: Setting for "Not Without My Daughter". She says IRAN...


...she's right to go to $500! At the end of the round, she adds another fifty to that while the man just has fifty bucks.

Today's Spoilers are Andrew Stein (from NYC), Harriette Cox-Stuckley (a health educator from Illinois) and Alan Radcliffe (a paralegal from Arkansas).

1. (Five letters)- Runs through a screen. Kelly says SIFTS...he multiplies his winnings by five!
2. (F _ _ _ _)- Discussion medium. Williams answers FORUM to head to $750.
3. (_ _ O _ _)- Conjure up, as memories. Williams buzzes in with EVOKE...another $200 belongs to her.
4. (_ _ U)($100)- One-man show about writer Capote. Kelly says TRU...that's true to go to $350.
5. (_ _ M _ _ _)- It stands for something else. Williams says that's a is for $1,150.
6. (_ _ L _ _ _)- Assert before proof. Williams tries again with ALLEGE...that's $1,350.
7. (_ _ _ _ _ E _)($300)- Beverage that may also be called Tuareg. Stein has the day's first spoil chance with iced tea...good guess, but that's incorrect, so he's blacked out. Answer: mint tea.
8. (Five letters)- Down the road, time-wise. Williams is back in with LATER...she's right again to go to $1,550 and find the round's first Extra. She bets a grand on a four-letter word, and here is the clue:

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the ______.

She says SITH...


...that's right to jump to $2,550!

10. (_ T _ _ _)- Express verbally. Williams says STATE...this time, she's wrong, so she drops to $2,350. Kelly tries to steal, but he blanks out, so he's down to $150. Answer: UTTER.
11. (Five letters)- Richard's disgraced veep. Kelly says AGNEW...good guess, but he's incorrect again, so he's back to fifty in the hole. Williams tries the first name, SPIRO...that's correct to go back to $2,550.
12. (_ _ O)($100)- Rocking Speedwagon. Kelly says REO...he's right to replace that negative with a positive sign.
13. (Four-letter word)- About 27,000 gallons come from one inch of rain falling on one _____.
Kelly says ACRE...that's two in a row, taking him to $250. He then finds the other Extra of the round and wagers the full $1,000:

_ _ C _

Clue: "The Vampire Armand" author. He says RICE at the last second...


...that's right to go to $1,250!

15. (_ R _ _ _ _)- Shop, but not really. Williams agrees with me on BROWSE to go to $2,750.
16. (_ _ E _ _ _)- Rest of the afternoon? Williams guesses SIESTA...right to go to $2,950!
17. (Five letters)- Auto sound system control. Cox-Stuckley goes for a spoil, but she draws a brain fart, locking her out of the game. Answer: FADER.
18. (Five letters)- Leave the straight and narrow. Kelly says STRAY...he's up to $1,450.
19. (_ _ _ _ Y)- "Heavens to" woman. Williams says BETSY to end the round with $3,150!
And we've got a new maingame record for questions in one round, 19. Now, for the final round.

1. (Four-letter word)- Pet that flew in from Kansas? Kelly says TOTO...he's right for $1,650.
2. (_ _ _ O)- With "buco", it's a trattoria dish. Williams says OSSO...right to go to $3,350.
3. (_ _ _ S)- Opus and Agnus, e.g. Kelly says DEIS...he's got it for $1,850.
4. (_ _ _ _ _ D _ T)($300)- Gambled something. Nobody gets "risked it".
5. (Five letters)- Superior type of tea from India. Radcliffe's the only one in, so all of the Spoilers are back in the game. His free guess is OOLON...incorrect, so he couldn't take advantage of it. Answer: PECCO.
6. (Six letters)- Science of light, or fiber ____. Kelly fills it in with OPTICS...he's right for $2,050.
7. (_ _ _ S)- Letters for superfast fliers now in mothballs. Williams' guess is SSTS...she's correct to go to $3,550.
8. (_ _ _ I)- Letters on the cross at Calvary. She says INRI...$3,750!
9. (_ _ _ C)- Company VIP. Williams goes for it again with EXEC...correct to be within $50 of the four grand mark!
10. (Three letters)($100)- Anti-anti. Williams says PRO...$4,050!
11. (Four letters)- Peace-hand link. Stein goes for a spoil, but he blanks. Cox-Stuckley then gets a shot, but it's ditto for her. It was ISAT.
12. (Four letters)- Reveal indiscreetly. Williams says that's to BLAB...and it indeed is, so she has $4,250 now.
13. (Four-letter word)- Gumbo essential. Kelly takes too much time, so he drops to $1,850. Williams then tries OKRA...correct to move to $4,450 and find the day's last Extra! She wagers two big ones on a four-letter answer with this clue:

1998 Tony-winning play about a painting.

She can't get ART, so she's down to $2,450 and we've got a much tighter game.

15. (Three letters)($100)- Its container may be marked XXX in the comics. Williams says RUM...wrong again. Kelly then says ALE...that's the answer to take him to $1,950, while Williams is down to $2,350.
16. (Four letters)- Ridge on a guitar fingerboard. Kelly says FRET and is now just $200 off the lead at $2,150!
17. (Three letters)($100)- Nickname for Rocky's portrayer. Kelly's in first, but he blanks out, so he drops to $2,050. Williams then says SLY to move to $2,450.
18. (Three letters)($100)- Belligerence aroused by a wrong. Williams says IRE...$2,550!
19. (Four letters)- Captain Picard's counselor. Williams answers TROI...she's up to $2,750 and that's the game, so she wins that money! This was one of those terrible days for the Spoilers!

Crossfire: We haven't had a winner here this week, but given today's great gameplay, we just might have a win today. If Williams is successful, she'll take home $7,750, an XBOX 360 and a trip to Mexico. She needs to fill in the remaining 18 blanks...and she does it! I wish she had set a new winnings record today, because she was such a great player!

WOF: To begin, Rob Reiner did a shout out from the "Jeopardy!" set! Tonight's players are Candice Gage (in the blue) from University Park, IL (who is a transportation person for a school there and is a good chess player), Mark Frand from Atoka, TN (who is a chief from the U.S. Navy) and Sarah Ryan from Needham, Massachusetts (who studies Psychology at the University of Massachusetts-Amhurst and also teaches children's sewing classes for eight years as of now).

Gage gets A CHRISTMAS STORY quickly for $1,000 and then COSTA RICA to triple it.

The first round's category is Thing and out on the wheel now is a $6,000 Paris trip, inspired by the new movie "National Treasure: Book of Secrets". After she buys the A's, we have...

_ _ _ T T E R _ _ _

T _ E A T E R

_ A R _ _ E E

...I don't know this at this point, but some of you probably do by now. After calling the H for the $1,000 gift tag from, she calls a dud in C. The Navy man also calls a dud in S. After Ryan calls the N, the first word now reads...

_ _ _ T T E R _ N _

...I now only don't know the top word. Next are a pair of G's for $600 and the Free Spin, and we now have at the top...

G _ _ T T E R _ N G, I've got it. After buying the I's, she calls a $600 L but has to turn in her Free Spin because she calls a dud vowel in O. After buying the U, she calls the M for $450 and the Q for another $2,500, and she solves GLITTERING MOVIE MARQUEE for $3,800.

Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After Gage calls the N's, we have...

_ R _ A _ _ A _ T/_ N/_ _ D/

_ A T H/&/_ _ _ _ N D

...I've got it, but she doesn't quite hit $3,500 and hits Bankrupt instead. The Navy guy also gets the dreaded black spot. Ryan calls the B's for $3,200 and solves BREAKFAST IN BED BATH & BEYOND for $6,250 and $10,050 total.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Show Biz. After Ryan buys the O's, we have...

S _ O O T I N G/ON/_ O _ _ T I O N

...I've got it. After calling a $600 H and a $400 L, she solves SHOOTING ON LOCATION for $1,400 and a trip to Mexico, making her new total $17,950.

Gage then sweeps the Toss-Ups with FAMILY HEIRLOOMS, meaning she doubles up to $6,000. Speed-Up Round category is Food & Drink, and consonants are worth the big $6,000! After she calls the M's, we have...

_ _ _ _ M/O _/T O M _ T O/S O _ _

...for $13,750 and the match...nothing! The man calls the P but has no guess. Ryan calls the F and solves CREAM OF TOMATO SOUP to lock the match up with $23,950! The other lady has six large and the Navy man has the $1,000 consolation cash.

She spins the C and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ N _

T _ _ _ _

I think it's JUNK _______. Ryan calls G, B, M and A and gets...

_ A N G

T _ _ G _

...she doesn't get it right away, but she gets HANG TOUGH! As a result....

...she wins $40,000 and $63,950 total!

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Tonight's first contestant is Tyler Van Buren, a 21-year old college student from UCSD. He's trying to major in Chemistry, and he's part of a very special game tonight. In addition to the five regular classmates, there will be an additional five classmates from a "Visiting Class", which happens to be five members of his fraternity class! They are Russ, Alan, Nick, John and Brad.

His first partner is Nathan, and here are his categories:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Measurements
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Grammar
4th Grade Cultural Studies
4th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade Reading

His first category is Measurements.

If you're standing on the Equator, in what basic compass direction would you look in order to watch the sun rise?

He says the east for $1,000. His second topic is Animal Science.

T or F: A camel's hump is primarily used to hold water.

He says True...NO. If Nathan wrote False, he still alive...yes! He now has $2,000, and his new partner is Alan. Next chosen category is Social Studies.

In the patriotic song "America", what four words follow the opening lyrics, "My country, 'tis of thee"?

He says "Sweet land of liberty" for $5,000. Next category is U.S. Geography.

T or F: The state of New Mexico borders the Gulf of Mexico.

After thinking about it, he says False...right to go to $10,000. BTW, this is the first question tonight that a fraternity person gets correct! Van Buren's new partner is Olivia, and the next category is Math. The next question is a Classroom Club Question written this time by Doc from Hermose Valley School, and that school has a computer lab headed its way. As for the $25,000 question, here it is:

If 15/35 = N/7, then "N" must be equal to what number?

I say 3 and he agrees for $25,000! Next category is Grammar.

What word is the adverb in the following sentence:

"Sierra was so excited to be in Mr. Foxworthy's class because he's a great teacher."

He decides to peek at Olivia's answer, which was "so". That was my guess. He agrees with all of us...he has $50,000!

His next category is Greg and the next category is 4th Grade Cultural Studies. For another $50,000:

Buddhism is a religion which began in what country?

He says China....NO, so he leaves with $25,000. Answer: India.

More bad news followed after that- Ashley McCohn, a bank teller, lost on the first question, which was in 1st Grade Grammar:

What is the only word that is NOT in the predicate of the following sentence:

"Nathan threw his grammar book at the wall."

She said threw. Cody said book. Correct: Nathan.

Now, the neat thing I mentioned earlier in the week involves her. The bad news is that she didn't win anything on this particular show. The good news?......

...thanks to a cameo by Wayne Brady, she's going to get another chance to win money on "Don't Forget the Lyrics"!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Here are her nine categories:

R & B

Her first category is Pop and the choices are "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol and "I Think I Love You" by The Partridge Family. Her pick is "I Think I Love You" and there's a three word target. Here's the lyric:

"Out the ____ _ _____"

She completes that with " of my"...NO FREAKIN' WAY. Her possible backup partners are Delano (a friend) and Les (cousin). She uses the two words backup and fills in the first and third missing words. Here's the lyric now...

"Out the words ____ dread"

...she fills in the last blank with I and locks that in to get on the board.

Her second category is Divas and the song choices are "Hero" by Mariah Carey and "New Attitude" by Patti Labelle. She goes for "Hero" and she has another three-word target. Here's the line this time:

"With the strength __ ____ __"

She sings " carry on" and freezes that to double up.

Her third category is TV Themes, and the choices are "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers (which is the theme song for this game show!!) and "Green Acres". She chooses "Green Acres", which I disapproved of. Oh well. Anyway, she's got a four-word target to deal with, and here is her latest challenge:

"New York is __ ___ ____ _____"

She sings "...not the place to be"...uh, people in NYC are already hating your guts right now. She decides to call on Delano for help, but he's not of any help at all! What he sung instead of the right answer was hilarious! The first three missing words are "...where I'd rather". The three choices for the last word are:

A: Live
B: Play
C: Stay

She says the last word is play...

...NO- SHE IS NOW ONE OF THE FEW TWO-TIME LOSERS IN GAME SHOW HISTORY!!!!!! Maybe she should've gone on "Wheel of Fortune" or "The Price is Right".

Correct: Stay, which her mother got right.

Trying to do much better is Kristin Owsinski from Grand Rapids, MI. She loves to do anything involving adrenaline, including skydiving and bungee jumping. When she gets to $25,000, here are the categories left for her:

R & B

The two words backup is now gone. She picks R & B and her choices are "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave and "The Rubberband Man" by Spinners. She chooses "Soul Man" and she has to knock out a six-word target. They follow after "So honey, don't you fret". She finishes up with not much of anything, so she calls for a backup singer. Incidentally, her two potential partners work on a FOX TV station, I think. They are Lauren (her sister) and Debbie (her mom). They initially appeared on the monitor via satelite, but they later surprised her by coming to the stage themselves! She calls on Debbie for help and here are the three choices:

A: "...I'm the hand you wanna bet"
B: "...cause you ain't seen nothin' yet"
C: "...I'm the man you won't forget"

They lock in B for $50,000!

Owsinski walks away with that amount when she got stumped on the ironic song of "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash.

That's the Question: Tonight's players are Juanita Delrocious from L.A. (who loves yoga, movies and floral arranging) and Brent Marcus from L.A. (who is a public relations person). First board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Chevron

That's one of the shortest boards I've ever seen on this show. Later on, we have this showing...

_ _ A T/_ O M _ A N _/O _ N _/T _ _ A _ O?

ANSWER: Chevron

...I've got it. The lady leads 8-3.

(TTESRESMWAAJS)- What man stages a one-man filibuster in the 1939 classic "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"? The man gets James Stewart for an S and goes to 4.
(EYHGUGNEOSKOIPEOD)- Back in 1909, what magazine introduced its seal of approval? She's stumped- it was "Good Housekeeping". A Y goes on the board.
(SPNDOHGGOO)- What is the canine-sounding stage name of rapper Calvin Broadus, Jr.? He answers Snoop Dogg no problem for an H and another point, bringing him to 5.
(TSNEOSTX)- What company introduced its famous cowboy hat known as "Boss of the Planes"? She says Stet...uh, no. It was Stetson, so an X goes on the board.
(RC-XYAS)- What did Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discover that eventually turned dental assistants into photographers? The guy gets X-rays for two C's and points, and he goes for the big question...

WHAT COMPANY OWNS TEXACO? bet he gets it! He now has the slight advantage with 12. Next board:

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/"_ _ _/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"?

ANSWER: Cecil B. Demille

Later on, we have...

_ _ _/D _ R E C T E D/"T _ E/T E _/

C _ M M _ _ D M E _ T _"?

ANSWER: Cecil B. Demille

...I know this now. The man still leads, 20-15.

(CEOIASADUNQNRG)- What are you doing if you and your partner "Aleman left" and "Do si do"? She gets SQUARE DANCING for two O's and goes to 17, and she tries to solve the question...


...she's right to take a two-point lead. Last board of the first round:

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Nestle

It's possible some of you people at home were able to solve this with nothing on the board right now, even though I didn't come up with it immediately. Here's what's on the board a little later...

_ _ _/_ A _ _ _/R A I _ I _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Nestle

...I know it. The man leads, 23-22.

(YIALOSACC)- What types of paints dry faster than oil-based paints? She says ACRYLIC...she left out the S in ACRYLICS, so she gets nothing. An O goes on the big board.
(RYAKOMLBBE)- What reggae singer's birthday is celebrated with an annual festival in Jamaica? The man is right with Bob Marley for a K and a new total of 24.
(RZRESENIGE)- What brand of battery "Keeps going...and going....and going...."? She gets Energizer for three big S's and points, taking her to 25. She can't solve the puzzle now, though.
(FWRCAAI)- The blood-sucking tsetse fly is responsible for spreading sleeping sickness on what continent? He gets Africa for a W and ties it up at 25 all...but can't solve.
(TOTIEOMSGD)- On what sitcom did Jimmy Walker explode on the scene with his catchphrase, "Dynomite!"? She gets "Good Times" for a T and another point, and she tries for a six-point lead...


...she's right! First board of Round 2:

_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _"?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The man gets on a roll and we now have this showing...

_ H _/_ A _/_ H E/_ E _ _ N D/_ _ N N E _/_ N/

"A _ E _ _ _ A N/_ D _ L"?

ANSWER: _ _ _ E N/_ _ _ D D A _ D

...I've got it with authority. He leads 59-31.

(ATGTBERACRDR)- What tall, funny "Everybody Loves Raymond" co-star has found new life on the FOX sitcom "Til' Death"? He gets Brad Garrett just under the buzzer for two C's and four more points.
(EBLTTLA)- The Joffrey Co. specializes in what type of dance? He gets BALLET for another two points. One T goes into the question and another goes into the answer.
(NERCRWOGAHIS)- Because it was once a hobby where the wealthy took the reigns, what is referred to as the "Sport of Kings"? He can't get HORSE RACING, so he misses out on as much as 16 points, as three W's go into the question.
(EQIUKSAR)- What Pacificist religious group is named for its belief that people should tremble before God? She gets Quakers for three I's and six points, taking her to 37.
(TOEOPENHSU)- What is the name for a luxury apartment that is usually located on the top floor of a high-rise? She gets PENTHOUSE no sweat for four O's and eight more points, but she doesn't want to solve now.
(TSICMCISDLGAMNATON)- On what NBC show can you see comedians competing without a two-drink minimum? She doesn't know about "Last Comic Standing". An M goes on the board, and her greedy strategy in this round may have backfired on her.
(SOGGETNNRHIAEGORW)- Artist Gilbert Stewart's most famous painting is an unfinished portrait of what U.S. President? He gets George Washington for four points, taking him to 69. With two R's into the question and another two in the answer, he goes for the solve...



..and he nails it to go to 79!

Believe it or not, he goes on to win with what I think is a new record score of 135 to the other's 59!

Now, can he take advantage of his new record and win the five grand? Let's see what happens after the time expires...


ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _

...he needed only 105 seconds to become one of the rare people in the endgame to fill in the whole question! I say black, but he says brown and I groaned big time....but I'm wrong and he's right for the money! Had I been in that situation, I would've screwed up big time!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Dancing with the Stars" season finale ratings

Monday's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" did a 16 Fast Nielsen with a 23 share.

Tuesday's season finale did a 16.2 Fast Nielsen with a 24 share. The first hour pulled a 15.7/23, and the second hour's rating was 16.8/26. All ratings are down from November 2006's season finale.

Current "American Idol" champ not sparking charts

Bad news for "American Idol" champion Jordin Sparks- the debut week sales of her first album were the lowest ever for a winner on the show. She only had 119,000 sold bought that week, which was #10 on the top-selling albums list for the week.

Source: Paul Grein, Yahoo! Music

"The Ultimate Fighter" 11/28

Yet again, Team Serra decided to vandalize some parts of the premises before Team Hughes got home. This time, instead of going outside to do the damage, they went inside. The most notable thing was that one person from Team Serra did an "upper decker", which means taking a dump in the toilet's tank!!!!

Jared Rollins was livid, breaking the top of the toilet seat on the house's floor and kicking the door. He then proceeded to get into a fight with a member of Team Serra, and that could've been bad news.

In the meantime, there was the last quarterfinal fight to do. It was Tommy Speer (Hughes) vs. Ben Saunders (Serra). The referee was Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Speer scored the first takedown of the fight within the first minute. But Saunders tried to lock in a triangle choke, and then a cross-arm breaker. He then did an armbar, but still couldn't score a submission win. Incidentally, after some shots by Speer, Saunders was bleeding on the face. I gave this close round to Saunders, 10-9.

Round 2: Again, Speer had the first takedown of a round. After a few knee strikes, he scored another takedown. He dominated this round, so I projected a Sudden Victory round with a 19-19 score....but there was a winner by then. By that point, I then thought Speer had won.

The winner...was indeed Speer by unanimous decision, so both of the Team Hughes members who got to the quarterfinals won their matches!

Here are next week's semifinal matchups:

Mac Danzig (Hughes) vs. Matt Arroyo (Serra)
Tommy Speer (Hughes) vs. George Sotiropoulous (Serra)

"America's Next Top Model" 11/28

Five contestants are left.

I learned that Heather has Asperger Syndrome, which affects her behavior around people.

To start, the five met Shan Jin Ya, a Chinese model, I presume. They had six hours, I believe, to get appropriate clothes for their tests. They were scored on five different categories.

Here's how many "Go Tos" each lady did:

Bianca: 3
Chantal: 4
Heather: 1
Jenah: 4
Saleisha: 3

Saleisha Cooper and Bianca Smith were the only ones to get back on time. The others were locked out of this challenge. Heather Rhetson looked like that syndrome was killing her, as she looked absolutely lost trying to get back to home base.

After the reviews, the winner was....Smith! She won the right to have her face appear on the ad campaign for the 2008 Chinese Olympics.

Photo Shoot: Everyone had to look their best with lion and dragon mascots surrounding them. Nigel Barker shot everybody.

Jenah Doucette was first. For whatever reason, I thought she looked like Gwen Stefani at that point. She didn't do too good, and she needed Rhetson to mess up big time in her photos to stay out of danger, because before the photos were taken, it was said she was too cocky to people.

Cooper was second. Good job!

Smith was third. She was decent, but had a similar smiling problem in the photos related to yours truly- doing fake smiles.

Chantal Alberknowe was fourth. I didn't think she did too bad, but the cameramen thought she posed too much like a Las Vegas showgirl.

Now for Rhetson. She didn't do the worst job, but she got into static poses and did an awkward football-like pose.

Was Heather Rhetson given the boot this week?.....

...yes. Doucette was the other one in the bottom two.

TPIR update

Christopher Francis was the ineligible contestant on today's episode. Therefore, he had to give back his camcorder and $500.

The reason he was DQed shortly after the episode was taped was because, according to his blog, he was working for a CBS affiliate, and the show's rules state that you cannot be working for any CBS affiliate before you try to get on the show.

Note about today's TPIR

I just received word from the Game Show Forum that one of today's players on "The Price is Right" was declared ineligible after the show and has been stripped of all winnings.

11/28/2007 Results

TPIR: Let's begin with Shawn Ostereecher, Carol, David Fran and Dalece Gweeney. The first IUFB is camping equipment.

Dalece: $850
David: $1,000
Carol: $1,495
Shawn: $999

ARP: $960, meaning the lady at the end of the row will play One Right Price for an HDTV and a pair of motorcycles. The One Right Price today is $4,138. I say that's for the motorcycles, but she says the TV...I'm right and she's wrong. The TV was $3,299.

Next is Noel Pea and the second IUFB is a set of power tools.

Noel: $669
David: $650
Carol: $800
Shawn: BUCK

ARP: $1,140, which gives Carol the chance at 1/2 Off. The first SPs are a speaker marked at $150 and a pocket electronic dictionary marked at $14. She says the dictionary is $28 and it is. The second pair of items are a desk lamp marked at $13 and a floor care kit marked at $10. This could be tough. She wants to say the lamp, but she switches that out for the floor care...good move, because that's $20! Finally, we have a webcam marked at $10 and an MP3 player marked at $20. Another big tossup. She says the webcam is $ is! She has all the SPs and $1,500 so far. Now, for the lot. $10,000 is in either #7 or #10. She goes with her initial gut of #10 the minute she came on the stage...but it doesn't happen.

The next player is Sammy Kalter and the third IUFB is a dinette. The winner also gets a $40 supply of V8 juice.

Sammy: $999
Shawn: $800
Noel: $969
David: $750

ARP: $1,189, so Kalter, who is celebrating his 40th birthday, will try for a really nice birthday present...a Dodge Caliber! The first number in the price is 1, and he's playing Temptation for it. The first gift is some cookware marked at $775, and he picks the 7 as the second digit in the car price. The second gift is a BBQ marked at $1,199, and he picks the 9 as the middle digit. The third gift is a watch marked at $899, and he picks the 8 as the fourth digit. The last prize is a small game table marked at $500, and he picks the 5 as the last number. He makes no changes and goes for it...he just missed it. ARP of the car: $15,985, and when he learned he lost, he falls on the floor!! Hilarious!

The first loser today gets to the Showcase.

The next player is Christopher Francis and the next IUFB is a camcorder.

Christopher: $2,000
Shawn: $875
Noel: $1,200
David: $1,400

ARP: $2,000, so Francis just won an additional $500! He now plays Pushover for a bed. Board:


My guess is $4,077, and he agrees, after almost going to $2,407...


...NO! It was his second guess of $2,407! Too bad.

The next player is Cathy Houston and the next IUFB is a washer/dryer. The winner also gets a $40 supply of bleach.

Cathy: $1,500
Shawn: $1,700
Noel: $1,400
David: $1,300

ARP: $2,248, so Ostereecher will play That's Too Much for a Dodge Avenger (Std., Sport, Stereo, Mouldings, Mats). First price is $13,455. Second price is $16,464. Third price is $18,662. Fourth price is $19,120, and he wants to go on, and he stops...BAD IDEA. ARP: $20,635, and if he had gone one more, he would've won! Darn! The fifth price was $21,840.

We may get skunked for the second time this week. The final player is John Spivey and the final IUFB is a set of luggage. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Tums.

John: $799
Noel: $545
David: BUCK
Cathy: $526

ARP: $1,775, so Spivey will try to save the day in Pick-a-Pair. If he succeeds, he'll win a trip to Barbados and some sunblock, all worth $8,044. The products are cough drops, cat food, fruit bowls, NutraMist sleep spray, Plug Ins and a box of candy. The first pick is the cat food, and it's $3.99. He then picks the Plug Ins...that's $3.99, so he has saved the day! Does he get to the Showcase...NO. He lost to the That's Too Much guy in a spinoff.

The first Showcase takes a visit to the First Bank of Price, which contains today MP3 players, a keyboard and a pair of snowmobiles. The lady bids $15,200. For the man, we have prizes inspired by fake shoe brands. First, ski-boks are for those who want to ski in Switzerland. Second, Trikes are for those who might need to escape from a new water trike. Finally, Tommy Hillschlepper shoes are for those who need to see where they're going in a new Chevy Equinox. He bids $27,250.

ARP for him: $36,211, a difference of $8,961. ARP for the lady: $16,054, so she's today's champ with $17,014. The man leaves with parting gifts.

WWTBAM: John Sharpe resumes his game. For $2,000:

Named for distilleries in northern Britain, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie are all brands of what spirit?

A: Rum
B: Vodka
C: Scotch
D: Vermouth

He asks the audience and 87% said scotch. He agrees and is right. $16,000 question:

The 2007 movie "The Hoax" recounts the true story of Clifford Irving's 1971 forgery of what famous American's memoirs?

A: Charles Lindbergh
B: J.D. Salinger
C: Al Capone
D: Howard Hughes

He calls Shawn Peacock, who is a church person, and he says nothing. The 50:50 leaves Capone and Hughes. He says Hughes....

A: Charles Lindbergh
B: J.D. Salinger
C: Al Capone
D: Howard Hughes

...he's still alive! $25,000 question:

Which of the following is the name of the largest city in two U.S. states despite not being the capital of either?

A: Lexington
B: Portland
C: Birmingham
D: Kansas City

After thinking it out, he says Portland...

A: Lexington
B: Portland
C: Birmingham
D: Kansas City

...he's got $25,000! His "caution with the wind" stategy has been paying off for him so far! $50,000 question:

What Broadway musical is based on "7 1/2 Cents", a Richard Bissell novel about labor strife?

A: "The Pajama Game"
B: "Bye Bye Birdie"
C: "Sweet Charity"
D: "Carousel"

After talking it out, he says "The Pajama Game"...

A: "The Pajama Game"
B: "Bye Bye Birdie"
C: "Sweet Charity"
D: "Carousel"

...he's got $50,000 now! After switching, here is his $100,000 question:

A phillumenist is a person who collects what?

A: Dolls
B: Matchbooks
C: Seashells
D: Spoons

He thinks the word means something to light, so he goes for it with matchbooks....

A: Dolls
B: Matchbooks
C: Seashells
D: Spoons

...he just won $100,000!! For $250,000:

Published in 1913, the world's first known crossword puzzle featured what phrase as its first clue?

A: Such and nothing more
B: A written acknowledgment
C: What bargain hunters enjoy
D: A river in Russia

He's ran out of gas, so the 100 grand is now his! Answer: What bargain hunters enjoy.

Anne Hathorn from Clearwater, FL is next. She runs into trouble on this $1,000 question:

According to the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas", the Lone Star State has "stars at night" that are what?

A: "Quite a sight"
B: "Bathed in light"
C: "Big and bright"
D: "Sparkling white"

According to the audience, 95% said "Big and bright". She agrees and locks up $1,000. Last question of the day, for $2,000:

Which of these crafts usually requires the use of two needles at the same time instead of just one?

A: Knitting
B: Crochet
C: Sewing
D: Embroidery

She says knitting...

A: Knitting
B: Crochet
C: Sewing
D: Embroidery

...she's coming back tomorrow!

Family Feud: Back for their third time are the Krauses with $20,655 so far. They're facing the Hernandezs this time out. Pete leads the challengers, and his partners are Paloma, Diana and Melissa, all twins! The other person is Claudia.

First question: According to 100 women, name a man you would like to find under your Christmas tree. Starting with:

1. Brad Pitt (26, Pete)

That means the challengers get to play first. Paloma then says Santa Claus...#4 (7)! Diana then answers Johnny Depp...#5 (4)! The last twin, Melissa, then goes with Orlando Bloom...nope. Claudia, the last lady in line here, says George Clooney...#2 (17)! Back to Pete, who then says Matt Paloma's next guess is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (?!?!?!?!?)....ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE FOR STRIKE THREE. Animals are not going to work on this question. Michelle then says Will Smith for the steal...NO, so the challengers get 54 points. Unsaid:

3. Husband (16)
6. Keith Urban (3)

Second question: Reasons why a girl wouldn't want to serve as a bridesmaid. Starting with:

2. Ugly dress (20, Paloma)

The challengers get to start another question. Diana starts off this time with planning (?!?!!?)....BORING. Melissa says too much money...#5 (9)! Claudia then answers long ceremonies...I would agree, but the survey doesn't. Pete then tries to save the team with being too jealous...NUMBER ONE (23)! Paloma's next guess is not having a date...turn over. Michelle tries again to steal with fighting...NO, so another 52 points go to the Hernandezs. Not said:

3. Loves the groom (14)
4. She's overweight (11)
6. Hates the bride (6)

Double: Things that start with the letter S that California is famous for. Starting with:

1. Sun (32, Julie)

Diana said a dud in soup. The champs will start off this time. Lee says Jeff is next with sand...NO. Michelle tries to snap the funk with sunflowers...INSTANT STRIKEOUT! This time, Pete goes for the steal with surfing...that's #2 (11) to take his team to 170. Not said, 3-6:

3. Stars/superstars (10)
4. S.F. (8)
5. Sacramento (3)
6. Smog (3)

Triple: Movie titles that contain the word "Beauty". Lee rings in first with "Beauty & the Beast"...NUMBER ONE (63), so the champs get to play! Jeff then says "American Beauty"...#3 (9)! Michelle's next choice is "Sleeping Beauty" the bottom (7)! Alana says "Black Beauty"...that's #2 (20) for a total sweep and 297!

Sudden Death: Jeff and Claudia represent the teams. something you have a weakness for. Top answer was food (66)...and Jeff has an acceptable answer, chocolate, so the champs do it again at 495!

Fast Money: Let's see if Lee and Jeff can pull out another $20,000 win today.

1. Name an occupation that deserves every dollar they make.
2. The age when a kid goes through a growth spurt.
3. Name a place where there are lockers you can rent.
4. Name a gift a woman might get at a baby shower.
5. An animal with funny-looking feet.

My guesses:
1. Police (Firefighter was my second choice)
2. 13
3. School
4. Clothes
5. Duck

Jeff says teachers, 13, airport, blankets and camel for 76. Lee says police, 15, health club, stroller and platypus for 130 and $650, for a new total of $21,305. Unsaid #1 answers:

3. Amusement park (This was HARD.)
4. Clothes (They should've gotten this one.)
5. Duck

Crosswords: Today's opening players are Jimmy Doyle (a California writer) and Ellyn Ritterskamp (a copy editor from North Carolina).

At the day's first XBOX 360 Crossword Extra, the lady has $200 and control to the man's $100. She bets the full $500:

_ _ _ _ _ _ R _

Clue: Homes for the homeless. She can't say SHELTERS, so she's $300 in the hole. At the end of the round, the man has $450 while the lady is that much in the hole.

Today's Spoilers are Kevin Helt (from Texas), Beth French (from California) and Nathan Walpo (also from CA). Here we go with Round 2.

1. (Five letters)- "Must" in slang, as in "I ____ go!". The copy editor says that's is to go to -$250.
2. (_ _ G)($100)- Fail to maintain a desired pace. The man gets LAG to go to $550.
3. (_ _ T _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Fred and Adele. Our copying editor lady says ASTAIRS...I think she left out the E. Doyle then fills it in with his guess of ASTAIRES to go to $850 and send the lady to -$550.
4. (_ I _ _ _)- The conservative side? Doyle says RIGHT...he is indeed right to go to $1,050.
5. (_ _ T _ R _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Written classics, novels, essays and the like. Doyle guesses LITERATURE...right for another $300!
6. (_ _ A R _ _)- Animal traps, or oft-beaten musical equipment. The copy editor says SNARES...she's back to -$350.
7. (N _ _ _ _)- Quintet plus quartet. She says NONET...she's right to move to -$150.
8. (S _ _ _ _)- Discontinues. Doyle reads my mind and says STOPS...he's right to go to $1,550!
9. (Eight-letter word)($300)- The Old Line State. The day's first spoil chance goes to Walpo, who says MARYLAND...he's right for $1,850!
10. (_ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _)($300)- Home of the wombat. Walpo tries again with AUSTRALIA...right again to go to $2,150! He then finds an Extra and bets $950:

_ A _ _

Clue: Honoree's spot at a banquet, eventually. He says DAIS...


...I've never heard of it, but that's right to jump to $3,100!

12. (_ U _ _)- Automaker that sounds like a protruding navel. I think it's Audi. He rings in again with my guess of AUDI...that's right for a new total of $3,300!
13. (_ S _ _)- Microelectronic moment, briefly. Nobody gets NSEC (abbreviated for nanosecond).
14. (Five-letter word)- Laughs harshly, or donkey sounds. Walpo's guess is BRAYS...$3,500!
15. (B _ _ _ _)- Trouble persistently. Only the Spoilers ring in this time, but everyone blanks out. Answer: BESET.
16. (Eight letters)($300)- What most honor roll students maintain. Walpo says AAVERAGE...correct to hit the round's other Extra with $3,800! He decides to bet $1,200. For an even five grand:

_ G _ _ _

Clue: Fearsome fellows of fairy tales. He agrees with me it's OGRES...


...both of us are right, and he's got five grand!

18. (_ _ E _)- Help in a way one shouldn't. French goes for a $5,200 spoil with ABET...she's right! That's all for Round 2. I think 18 questions in a single maingame round is a new record on this show.

Here's this week's at-home sweepstakes question:

______ AS SILK

A: Smooth
B: Fine
C: Strong

Remember, text message your answers to 27677 and you could win $1,000. Now, for the final round.

1. (_ E _ T _)- Wren residences. The copy editor goofs with NESST. French steals with NESTS to go to $5,400 and drop the other's score to -$350.
2. (_ _ _ _ _ O N)($300)- Leans against, or sits atop. French gets in again with RESTSON...correct for $5,700!
3. (_ E V _ _ _)- New Jersey hockey players. The copy editor says DEVILS to go back to -$150.
4. (_ _ _ _ S)- Prehistoric axes. To get out of the hole, she says ADZES...NO, so she's back to -$350. Answer: CELTS.
5. (Eight letters)($300)- Gradiloquence, or empty words. The copy editor messes up again with WISDOM. Answer: RHETORIC.
6. (Five letters)- They're sought after in Musical Chairs. French gets in this time with SEATS...and she's right to go to $5,900!
7. (Six letters)- Be that as it may. Doyle tries for a $6,100 spoil with ANYWAY....NO. It was EVENSO.
8. (Four-letter word)- Family of bowed stringed instruments before the violin family. Walpo tries to get his lead back with VIOL...he pulls off a $6,100 spoil!
9. (_ O _ _)- Durante's famous feature. Walpo says NOSE here...$6,300! And here comes the last Extra of this game. He bets...$2,300.

_ L _ _

Clue: Yeasty brews. His guess is ALES...


...GOT IT for $8,600!

11. (_ I _ _)- Big rackets. The copy editor says PITS...incorrect, but maybe she's playing some strategy here. To take her podium and send her to the top row, French says DINS...correct.
12. (Three letters)($100)- Infamous acid. French says LSD...she goes to -$550.
13. (Four letters)- Kicks the bucket. She says DIES...and she now has -$350.
14. (Three letters)($100)- Many men are registered with it. The copy editor gets the first spoil chance, and she's hoping her late strategy pays off here. Her guess is SSS...RIGHT for $8,700!
15. (Four letters)- Target of Cain's mutiny? French says ABEL to go to -$150, but the game is over, so our copy editor wins her $8,700 thanks to that late strategy!

Crossfire: She has a chance to become the new all-time winner with $13,700, an XBOX 360 and a trip to Jamaica if she can fill in the remaining 18 blanks....

...she can't do it.

WOF: Tonight's players are George Tenzer from Waldwick, NJ (who is a database administrator for a pharmecutical company and a volunteer firefighter), Dolores Cockerham from San Diego (who is a financial analyst) and Katie Keibler from Seattle (who is an accountant and just got her Master's Degree from the University of Washington; I doubt she's related to former WWE star Stacy Keibler).

The only man on the panel gets CONCESSION STAND for $1,000, while Keibler solves THE GULF COAST for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Headline and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 electronics package which includes an HDTV, a stereo system, a Blu-ray Disc player and DVD and Blu-ray copies of "Surf's Up". Keibler at one point calls five R's for $12,500! After she buys the O's, we have...

R E _- H O T/R E _/_ O _/_ _ N/

ANOTHER/_ O R _ _/_ E R _ E _

...I've got it, but she hits Lose a Turn. Our male player calls three D's for $2,700 but he then hits Bankrupt. Cockerham calls the W's for $1,800 and a $300 L, and she then buys the I's. After calling the S's for the Wild Card and the X for $600, she solves RED-HOT RED SOX WIN ANOTHER WORLD SERIES for $2,450, putting her on the board.

(Flashback moment from January 2006: Vanna White's star is shown on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!)

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Song Title. This week's Jackpot Round sponsor is the Scrabble Cubes online game. After the guy buys the O's, we have...

SO/_ O N _/_ _ R _ _ _ _ _

...I think I've got it already, but he hits Bankrupt again. Cockerham calls three L's for $1,200, but she hits Bankrupt to lose the Wild Card and that amount of money right back. Keibler calls a $700 G and buys the A, but she calls a dud in C. We go back to the man, who also calls a dud with H. Cockerham calls a $300 F, buys the E's and solves SO LONG FAREWELL for fifty bucks and a trip to Austria, for a total of $8,400.

Big Money Round category is Food & Drink. Early on, Kiebler calls five N's for $17,500! After she buys the A's, we have...

A _ _ _ _-_ _ N N A _ _ N

_ R A N

_ _ _ _ _ N

...I know this now. After she buys the O, she calls a $900 C and buys the I's. She then calls the F's for the electronics package and solves APPLE-CINNAMON BRAN MUFFIN for $22,650 in cash and stuff and $24,650 total!

The man then gets FLASHLIGHT TAG to quadruple his money. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After Cockerham calls the T's, we have...

_ _ _ N/_ N/T H _/D _ T T _ D/_ _ N _

..and she gets SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE to finish with 11 large. The man has $4,000 and Keibler is our champion with $24,650!

She spins the A and the category is Person. Starting with:

_ R _ _ _ N _

_ _ _

I think it's DRIVING _______. Keibler calls M, B, C and A and gets...

_ R _ _ _ N _

B _ _, I believe it's ______ BOY. I thought it was DRIVING BOY, but I wasn't sure. As for the champ...she can only get BOY. It was GROWING BOY, and she doesn't win another $25,000.

That's the Question: Elle Cartins (who is a graphic designer and a boxer originally from L.A.) and Ashley Haas (from L.A.; originally from Colorado) are our players tonight. Opening board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_/

_ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,/_ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _/_ _/'_ _ _ _ _ _ _'?

ANSWER: Paris Hilton

Somebody could get off to a big lead after this one. Later on, we have...

_ _ A T/S _ _ I A _ I T E/S T A R _ E T/_ A S/A/

_ I N E/_ _/_ R A _ R A N _ E S,/_ N E/_ _/

_ _ I _ _/IS/'_ E I R E S S'?

ANSWER: Paris Hilton

...I think I've got it now. The boxer leads 18-16.

(HSEATPWNA)- On a hunt in 2000, Queen Elizabeth personally rung the neck of what long-tailed game bird? Haas can't get PHEASANT. Two W's go on the board.
(AREACTOAL)- Meaning a seperate price for each item, what restaurant phrase is French for "buy the menu"? Cartins doesn't know that's A LA CARTE. She misses out on a possible nine points, as four O's go on the board.
(IACHLE)- The title of a 70s sitcom, set in Mel's Diner, features what woman's name? Haas gets "Alice" for five E's and points, giving her the lead with 21, but she can't solve the question.
(AWDLGAREE)- What east coast state was the first to join the union? The boxer gets DELAWARE just before the buzzer for a G and goes to 19, and she tries to solve the big question...


...she's right to take a three-point lead at 24. Next board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _,/"_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _,/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _"?

ANSWER: Las Vegas

After Haas knows about "Groundhog Day", we have...

_ _ A _/C _ _ _/C _ A _ _ S,/"_ _ A _/_ A _ _ E N S/

_ E _ E,/S _ A _ S/_ E _ E"?

ANSWER: Las Vegas

...and she leads, 32-30.

(SHOOH)- What NYC district got its name because it is south of Houston Street? Cartins says that's Soho for five H's and goes to 35.
(TROTOLWSANM)- The label of what seasoning features a girl holding an umbrella in the rain?
Haas gets Morton's Salt no problem for two W's and trails by only a point.
(PAPESNISRAICND)- Last July, Elton John opened up a London concert by celebrating the 10th anniversary of whose death? The other lady is right with Princess Diana to triple her lead and she goes for the puzzle solution...


...I got worried somebody would say Vegas instead of "here" on one part of the question, but she didn't slip up, so she's up to 42. Here's the last Round 1 board:

_ _ _ _/"_ _ _ _ _"/_ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _' _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Warren Beatty

Later on, this is showing...

_ _ A _/"B _ _ _ _"/_ _ A _/_ _/A N N E _ _ E/

B E N _ N _' _/_ _ _ B A N D?

ANSWER: Warren Beatty

...and the boxer leads, 45-41.

(RLSDGNEEELEWEEN)- What comedian's experience to vaccum cleaners helped her suck up to talk show guests? That boxer can't come up with Ellen DeGeneres. A W goes on the board.
(YTRMCERU)- The symbol of FTD Florists is what Roman Messenger of the Gods? Haas gets Mercury to tie the game at 45 apiece. Four T's go on the board.
(ANNLRGAGEARDO)- Who was president when the U.S. invaded Grenada? Cartins can't get Ronald Reagan, meaning two G's go on the board.
(OEISNDH)- Besides inventing the light bulb, what innovator advised people to answer the telephone with "Hello"? Haas knows that's Edison for a two point lead. Two H's pop up.
(VESIELE)- What part of a shirt is sometimes made in the "Ragland" style, after British officer Aaron Ragland? Cartins says SLEEVE to tie the game at 47 all and put two I's on the board.
('NSBUIKR)- What giant security company began in 1859 with a horse-drawn cart in Chicago? Haas doesn't know that's Brink's. Two U's appear.
(INBG.KSB.)- What legendary blues player named his guitar "Lucille"? The boxer gets B.B. King for five S's and points, but she can't solve.
(NRENRISTOEM)- What thick soup takes its name from the Italian word for "to dish up"? Haas gets MINESTRONE for an R and goes to 48. She goes for the solve, for a one-point lead if she's successful...


...right! First board of Round 2:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _"

Late in the round, we now have...

W H _ T/P _ S/SERIES/S H O W C _ S E S/

C _ _ S S I C/_ I T E R _ T U R E?

ANSWER: "_ _ S T E R P I E C E/T H E _ T R E"

...and the boxer, with 56 so far, goes for another solve...


ANSWER: "Masterpiece Theatre"

...and she's right to go to 66! The other lady has 59. Next board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _

After Cartins knows nothing about Jimmy Buffett (saying Jeff something as a stupid answer), we have...

WHAT/_ _ _ W E _/IS/A S S _ _ I A T E D/WITH/

E A S T E _?

ANSWER: _ I _ _

...I think I know. She leads by 15, 90-75, but Haas is now in control.

(SDRLFEOHU)- What joint is secured to the arm by a rotator cuff? Haas is right with SHOULDER for an F and goes to 77.
(DLEOETE)- What word, seen on a standard Windows keyboard, is synonymous with 'erase'? She's right again with DELETE for two O's and now has 81, so she's still alive in the game.
(PLEAARL)- What Spanish dish combines saffron, rice and seafood? She nails Paella easily for two R's and goes to 85. She then tries to solve for a possible win...


ANSWER: _ I _ _

...she got the question, but not the answer, so she loses control.

(OGXINBC)- Ring Magazine is a magazine about what sport? The boxer gets BOXING with not much of a problem, and now she tries to solve for the game...



...she's won this tight battle with 102, so she gets 102 seconds in the endgame!

After her time expires, here's her big board for $5,000...

W H _ T/IS/T H _/SOFT/T I S S U _/

I N S I D _/B O N _ S?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _ _

..the question was WHAT IS THE SOFT TISSUE INSIDE BONES?, and the answer was MARROW. Does she know all of that for the money...NO. She had the same problem as the other lady on the last maingame board- she knew the question, but not the answer. Thus, she leaves with $500.