Monday, December 31, 2007


This week, we salute Broadway. Can we end 2007 on a good note? Let's find out. Tonight's players are:

Jenny Shotwell (Federal Way, WA)- Professional opera singer.
Jaimi Goldberg (Framingham, Mass.)- An accountant manager.
Clementine Moore (Orlando, FL)- A meeting planner.

Shotwell solves THE SHOW MUST GO ON (you can say that again for a lot of talk shows, espescially those in late-night starting January 2) for $1,000, while the man in the middle gets CONNECT FOUR for $2,000.

Our Round 1 category is Same Name. All week long, I think, trips to NYC will be offered with two tickets to see a Broadway play. Tonight's NYC trip includes two tickets to "Young Frankenstein", all worth $7,742. Right off the bat, the man calls two S's for $5,000! After he buys the E's, we have...

S _ L L _/&/

S _ _ _ E _

_ I E L _

...I don't know the middle word. After a $400 D and a $550 F, he buys an A. Then, he calls two C's for $800 and solves SALLY & SOCCER FIELD for $7,200 and $9,200 altogether.

(Flashback moment from 1995: On one opening, Pat comes out without Vanna. After a moment from the week before where she got her hair cut by Pat was shown, she came out with her new hair!)

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? All week long, the Jackpot Round is sponsored by Campbell's Soup. At the start, Moore calls two N's for $600 and the Free Spin. She has to use it after calling a dud in C, but she then calls another dud in D. After the man in the middle calls two L's for the Wild Card, we have...

T _ N I N G/A/_ _ _ L _ L _

...I don't know the last word, but I do know that he repeats the D, losing his turn. Moore then tries to solve with TUNING A golly, that's right for $450 and a trip to Hawaii, getting her on the board with $8,550!


Big Money Round category is Who Is It? After Shotwell buys the O's, we have...

HE/T O O _/O _ E R/_ O R/_ O _/_ _ R _ E R/

O _/THE/_ R _ _ E/_ _/R _ _ H T people are going to love this puzzle, trust me. After buying the A, she calls the K's for the $7,500 from the Big Money Wedge and solves HE TOOK OVER FOR BOB BARKER ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT for $24,450, and she quickly gets Drew Carey as the bonus answer to go to $28,450!

(Note: The outcome of this round was spoiled, as the scoreboard at the top of your screen during the round shows Shotwell's new total right now, which is $28,450.)

She then solves GARAGE SALE to go to $31,450. Next category is On the Map. After she buys the A, we have...


E _ _ _ _ S H

_ H A _ _ E _

...and then calls D for dud. The man in the middle calls a $400 G and a $300 C, and after calling the N's, it's Speed-Up time. The remaining consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. He then calls the L's and solves THE ENGLISH CHANNEL for a final total of $14,900. Moore has $8,550 and Shotwell wins with $31,450!

BONUS ROUND: After last Friday's episode, I guaranteed a bonus round win tonight. If she makes that a reality, she'll either win some big money or drive away in a new Mazda MX-5 or an Audi A4. She spins the last zero and the category is Thing. Starting with:

T _ _ T _ _ _ _ _

Shotwell calls C, H, M and I and gets...

T _ _ T H _ I C _ wish was granted- she gets TOOTHPICK! And she wins....

...a new 2008 Audi A4 Sedan worth $32,800, giving her $64,250 in cash and prizes!


Jeopardy!: We've got co-champions tonight in Dan Pawson and Heather Doyle. Pawson has $36,500 and two wins under his belt, while Doyle has $26,800 in her pocket and one win to her name. Challenging both tonight are Leslie "Lefty" Scott (a senior word processing typist originally from Smithfield, RI). Opening categories:


We start with Internet, which doesn't go so well for the most part, as the male champ gets the $200 and $600 clues, while the other clues in the category were Triple Stumpers. At the first break, he's got $3,400, while Doyle has $1,800 and Scott has $800. Later on, Scott hits the Daily Double under the $800 clue in the "X" category. She's tied with the other lady at $1,800 while the man still has $3,400. Her wager is a grand:

Averages for this U.S. city are 7.66 inches of rain, a daily high temperature of 85 degrees and 325 sunny days per year.

She goes with my gut of "What is Phoenix?"...both of us are right to go to $2,800! By the end of the round, she now leads with $5,000. The man is $200 behind her and the female champion has $3,400.

DJ! categories:


The man gets most of the "C" clues to take the lead back early on. He then hits the first Daily Double under the middle clue of the Arts. With $9,200, he leads Scott by $2,200 and Doyle by $5,000. He wagers $500:

In 1603, Shakespeare's company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men, switched to Royal Patronage and this name.

"What are the Elizabeth's Men?"...nothing more than a total guess. It was actually the King's Men, so he was wise in betting low. He's now at $8,700. But he then gets hot in the assassination category and hits the other Daily Double of the round under the $2,000 clue there. He's also going for a sweep of this category. He now has $14,300 while the ladies are tied at $8,600. His wager is three grand:

Nathuram Godse (1948)

He can't come up with Mahandas Gandhi, so no sweep for him and he's down to $11,300. Doyle then starts to get things going in Weights & Measures, getting the $800, $1,200 and $1,600 clues to take the lead with $12,200. The other lady nails the last clue to go to $10,600, while the man is now at $11,700. At the end of the round, we've got another tight FJ! in the works. The man has $14,900, while Doyle has 13 grand and Scott has $12,600.

FJ! category: Poetry.

In a poem about this battle, Robert Browning wrote, "To Akropolis! Run, Pheidippides, one race more".

Scott wrote down "What is Marathon?"....

"What is Marathon?"

...RIGHT! She adds ten grand, bringing her to $22,600. The other lady has that as well, but only wagered $399! The man also has it. Did he risk at least $7,700? His wager was.....

...$11,100, meaning had Doyle wagered properly (all of her 13 grand), he and Doyle would've been co-champions again! Instead, he has the championship all by himself, with a three-day total of $62,500. We get the occasional full credit roll at the end.

Salute of Champions: Day 1 (#25-#16)

Alrighty, it's time to begin the final player countdown on my first full year covering the game show world. Today, I'm covering #25-16.

#25: Hung Huynh ("Top Chef 3")

I started watching "Top Chef" with its most recently completed season in Miami, FL last summer. This chef from Las Vegas was one of my early favorites after the first episode. People began to take notice of him after he won both challenges on the episode before the two-part season finale (he was only the second person in the show's history to win both challenges in one episode by himself). He wound up winning the finale, winning $100,000 amongst other stuff.

#24: Angela Hacker ("Nashville Star")

Angela and Zac Hacker were part of one of the main storylines of the latest season of "Nashville Star"- both were siblings. Angela was consistently good from day one, and she wound up beating Zac in the finals. The reason she doesn't get a higher ranking is that the sales for her first album aren't that good.

#23: Andrew Rostan ("Jeopardy!")

Some people will remember Rostan for not knowing a DJ! clue about Bob Barker on his first appearance. But he quickly put that behind him when he won 31 grand on his first day. He would parlay that momentum to five wins and $126,500, becoming the biggest winner of last season at that point. He added another $5,000 after he bowed out in the first round of the Tournament of Champions later this year.

#22: Mehrun Etebari ("Jeopardy!")

In his first two days, Etebari didn't do that great, averaging just about $14,000 per victory. But he turned things around on his third day, winning $32,800. He then won $37,900 during his fourth victory to assure that he would break six figures, win or lose on the fifth day. He wound up winning for the last time and became the season's highest winner with $130,100. Like Rostan, he lost in the first round of this year's Tournament of Champions and added another $5,000 to his winnings.

#21: Dick Donato ("Big Brother 8")

Dick was part of the Donato siblings with Daniele. Thanks largely to him, this pair became the most successful pair ever on the show, as they got all the way to the final two. He wound up winning the $500,000 grand prize on what I thought was the best season in the history of the show.

#20: Earl Cole ("Survivor")

Cole wasn't one of the best players, in terms of winning challenges. But he must've done something right, as he never got a single vote casted against him at Tribal Council. He got the votes only when they mattered to him the most- at the $1,000,000 Tribal Council. Thus, he scored the first ever $1,000,000 shutout victory in the history of the show.

#19: Amy Finley ("The Next Food Network Star")

Finley's run all the way to a Food Network job was quite a roller coaster ride. She almost quit after blowing one of her challenges. Then, she got eliminated just before the finals, only to have her get brought back after JAG decided to withdraw after lying on his own personal resume. She then took full advantage of the second chance and defeated Rory Schepisi in the finals.

#18: Jeff Jones ("WWTBAM")

During his three-day stay on "Million Dollar Movie Week", Jones not only was very smart, he had as much enthusiasm as fourth-season contestant Tom Spencer (who won $100,000 that season)! He came very close to being $500,000 richer, but he still walked away with $250,000.

#17: Dottie Harris ("Don't Forget the Lyrics!")

She became the first contestant to win $500,000 on FOX's take of "The Singing Bee". This was thanks largely to saving two of her backups until the $350,000 and $500,000 levels. The reason why she doesn't get a higher ranking was that she never got a chance to even try the Million Dollar Song for fun, unlike the Million Dollar Question on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?".

#16: Barry Lander ("1 vs. 100")

On his first game show appearance, "WWTBAM", he blew a middle-tier question and left with $1,000. But his time on "1 vs. 100" would go much better. He wound up being the biggest winner of the first season of the show (and is the highest winner to date as of right now) with $343,000. He was the first of those contestants who redeemed themselves after a previous failure on another game show.

Tomorrow, #15-11 will be revealed.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"The Amazing Race XII" 12/30

Remeber, the two Goths, Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala, have a penalty task to get past during tonight's episode as a result of their last-place finish the last time during the season's first non-elimination task. They don't know when or where it will take place, and none of the other teams will be allowed to do that task.

Clue #1: Teams had to travel by plane almost 4,000 miles to Mumbai, India. Once there, they had to go to a newspaper stand and find the latest copy of that day's "The Times of India". They then had to search through it for the whereabouts of their second location on this leg.

Clue #2: Teams had to take an auto-rickshaw to Chauhan Alteration Tailors, where the third clue would be handed to people.

After finding the second clue in the newspaper, the Goths now had the lead. But Nicolas Fulks and Donald Jerousek took over the lead when they got their third clue.

DETOUR: Paste 'Em or Thread 'Em?

Paste 'Em: Using all given materials, teams had to make and paste a six-panel Bollywood movie poster on a wall.

Thread 'Em: Teams had to go to a marked flower store and thread together a wedding garland by using 100 flowers in an alternating pattern. Then, they had to deliver the finished product to the bride groom, who would give them their next clue.

Nathan Hagstrom and Jennifer Parker were having some trouble finding the second clue. The Goths had trouble getting to the third clue. That was not a good omen, as they still had yet to face the Speed Bump task.

Speak of the Devil, as soon as they're about to get their third clue, here comes their Speed Bump task:

Successfully perform a series of Yoga exercises.

Back to the Detour, the Hsus decided to go for the pasting task while TK Erwin and Rachel Rosales tried the threading task. Fulks and Jerousek also went for the poster.

The all-male team finished their Detour first, so they kept their lead.

Clue #4: Teams had to make their way to a traffic island called Kabutar Khana to find their next clue.

At this point, the other U-TURN of the season came up.

The Hsus had some problems with the Bollywood poster task, and they even argued with the official! But they managed to finish it.

Clue #5: Teams now traveled to Bharatgas Colaba, which is a propane gas depot. The next clue was found here, and it probably was a Roadblock.

At this point, Erwin and Rosales had the lead.

ROADBLOCK: One person from each team had to load six propane gas tanks on a cart. Then, using the two order slips given, they had to deliver three tanks to each of their two assigned residences. After they finished each delivery, they had to take a receipt from the home owner's door. Once done, they had to give their order slips and receipts to an official for their next clue.

The male team is back in the lead. The Hsus got back to second. The men got off to a bad start at their Roadblock when they made a delivery at a wrong location.

Back to the U-TURN, the Goths decided to use it.....on the male team! I thought that was a HORRIBLE mistake, because the men were a long way away from the Detour spot at this point. After Erwin and Rosales finished up their Roadblock, here comes the next Pit Stop location:

Teams had to travel 14 miles by taxi to the Bandra Fort.

Erwin and Rosales win this stage, making them only the second team this season to win more than one. To add to their trip to Japan, they won a trip to St. Maarten.

The male team finished second.

The Hsus were third for the fourth time in five stages. Also, they've finished in the top three five straight times!

The last time to definitely advance.....

...Hagstrom and Parker, meaning the Goths finished last again.....

...and they're eliminated, so they leave with nothing. If they had not made that huge U-Turn blunder, they would've still been alive. Ouch.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Next Week in Game Shows: December 31- January 6- SALUTE OF CHAMPIONS WEEK

Next week will be the second annual Salute of Champions Week! I have chosen the best players from all sorts of game shows and put them into 25 slots. I will announce those from #25-16 on Monday, #15-11 on New Year's Day, #10-6 on Wednesday, and the top five, including the 2007 Grand Champion, on Thursday. In addition to all that, we have:

1 vs. 100: It's back for its second season with a controversial new money tree and modified rules!

Deal or No Deal: The second Million Dollar Mission gets underway. On January 6th, there will be a two-hour 70s/80s themed episode. Will the $1,000,000 be won this time out?

The Apprentice: It's back, celebrity style! $250,000 for charity is on the line.

American Gladiators: The famous weekly syndicated series best known for being hosted by Mike Adamle is back on NBC with Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali leading the way! The series begins with a two-hour episode on January 6th after "Deal or No Deal"!

Power of 10: Drew Carey's nighttime show returns for at least six more episodes beginning on January 2nd!

The Biggest Loser: The fifth season begins on New Year's Day. This season, teams of two will compete!

Also, "Project Runway" resumes its current season, and check out new episodes of "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy!", "The Price is Right" and "Merv Griffin's Crosswords".

Final MVP announcement of 2007

My last MVP selection of 2007 goes to Cora Peck, the latest female five-time "Jeopardy!" champion. During her six-day tenure on the show, she amassed $117,803, the second-highest regular season haul by a female, surpassing Cathy Lanctot from July 2007. Although she became the latest female to miss her sixth win, she likely will be in the next Tournament of Champions, whenever that may be.

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Kristi Green- New record-high dayime Plinko winner with $30,100 ("The Price is Right")
Harriet Cohen- $129,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Jennifer Masche- $121,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Julee ?- $50,000 ("The Singing Bee")
Bonnie Banderboss- $44,594 ("TPIR")
Geraldine Osue- $38,100 ("Wheel of Fortune")

12/28/2007 Results

Crosswords: We begin today with Richard Rossi (a guitar teacher from Pennsylvania) and Kathy Murphy (a retired caterer from Iowa).

At today's first Extra, the man is in control as soon as he gets his first $100. The lady has $200, and his wager is $500:

_ A _ _ _

Clue: Dilly-_____.

He says DALLY to go to $600! At the end of the round, he's now at $750 while the lady is at $600. Good first round by both.

Today's Spoilers are Zach (a quality control technician from Wisconsin), Roxy Maljoy (a documentary filmmaker from Pennsylvania) and Bert Wong (a NY artist).

1. (_ E _ _ _)- Pumpkin eater of rhyme. Murphy thinks of PETER...she's right to go to $800 and take a $50 lead.
2. (_ _ _ _ _ E)- Batter's positioning, in the batter's box. My gut was UMPIRE, but Rossi goes with STANCE instead...and he's right to go to $950!
3. (_ C _ N _)- Trail marker. This was a total stumper- it was SCENT.
4. (Four-letter word)- Object of a lad's affection. Murphy says LASS...with a grand, she again has a $50 lead!
5. (Seven letters)($300)- Nutritional necessity found in meat and beans. Rossi tries my instinct of PROTEIN...that's right for $1,250!
6. (_ _ _ R)- Sound of rousing crowd support. Murphy gets ROAR to trail the man by $50 now.
7. (_ O _)($100)- It's charged in physics. Rossi doesn't get it immediately, but he gets ION to triple his lead at $1,350.
8. (_ R _ _)- Like the deadly "Reaper". The man's in again with GRIM to make his total $1,550 and find the round's first Extra. He wagers just a hundred on this:

_ _ _ M

Clue: Force into the overhead storage bin, e.g. He says CRAM...he's up to $1,650.

10. (_ _ _ R _)- You need rhythm to beat it. Nobody tries SNARE.
11. (Three letters)($100)- Shakespeare's Puck, e.g. Murphy goes with ELF...right to go to $1,300.
12. (Four letters)- Adorably attractive. Murphy tries it again with CUTE...right again for $1,500.
13. (Four letters)- Disagreeable duty. The man says, so it's time for the first spoil chance of the day. It goes to Zach, but he blanks out. Wong then tries TASK...I don't think so, locking both men up top out. Answer: ONUS. Wong had quite a frustrated recation after the buzzer sounded! Rossi's down to $1,450, meaning he's $50 off the lead now.
14. (Four letters)- X, on a mall map. Rossi says HERE...he's got the lead back at $1,650!
15. (Five letters)- The "N" of USNA. Murphy says a few times earlier this round, she's got a $50 lead at $1,700! And she gets the other Extra of the round. Her wager...a grand:

V _ _ _ _

Clue: What the "Antique Roadshow" can estimate. She gets VALUE to get a bigger lead at $2,700!

17. (A _ _ _ _)- It may be titillating in a bakery. Murphy says AROMA...$2,900!
18. (_ O L _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Put up with something that's unpleasant. Rossi's in this time with TOLERATE...he's right to be $50 off the two grand mark.
19. (N _ T _ _)- Made mention of. Murphy says NOTED...she now has $3,100!
20. (_ E _ _)- Like a pole vaulter's pole in action. Rossi says BENT...he now has $2,150! Time for Round 3.

1. (_ _ _ T)- Indian head amount. Murphy says CENT, which of course is right to go to $3,300!
2. (_ _ _ N)- Universally-known figure. Rossi says that's the MOON...but it's not. That gives the female spoiler a free shot with ICON...she's right to steal his $2,150!
3. (Five letters)- "Transit" starter? Murphy says RAPID...she's got $3,500!
4. (_ _ _ I _)- Shaped like a witch's hat. Murphy's in once more with CONIC...$3,700!
5. (_ O _)($100)- Cottage style, Cape ____. Maljoy gets in this time with COD to go to $2,250.
6. (Seven letters)($300)- Alligator pear. Murphy says AVOCADO, which is right, but she can't finish the spelling in time, so she drops to $3,400.
7. (Three letters)($100)- Jack's immediate inferior. Rossi goes for the lead with JON...NO. It was TEN.
8. (Four letters)- Recline in a relaxed manner. Murphy says LAZE...incorrect, so she's down to $3,200. Answer: LOLL.
9. (Four-letter word)- Word in the title of an "Amazing" competition. Maljoy gets the RACE in "The Amazing Race" to go to $2,450.
10. (Three-letter word)($100)- It may be crushed to make it go down easier. Murphy says ICE...this time, she's right to go back to $3,300. And she hits the last Extra of the game, and she wagers one thou on a five-letter answer. Clue:

Light-fingered one.

Her lead is on the line. Her guess is THIEF....


...RIGHT to keep the lead with $4,300!

12. (Five letters)- Squab alternative. Murphy says, ma'am. It was CAPON, so she's down to $4,100.
13. (Five letters)- Place to seek sanctuary. Murphy says CHURCH, which is one letter too many, dropping her to $3,900. Answer: HAVEN.
14. (Three-letter word)($100)- Dip, as bread in gravy. Murphy says SOP...she's back to four large!
15. (Four-letter word)- Weevil's lunch. Murphy gets in at the last second with BOLL...that's $4,200!
16. (Three letters)($100)- Pokemon training star. Zach goes for a possible win with ASH...he just stole the game with $4,300!

Crossfire: If he can prove his victory wasn't a fluke here by filling in the remaining 14 blanks, he'll be going to Los Cabos, Mexico with $9,300...he falls three blanks short.

WoF: Last night, we had one lucky spinner who won $38,100 in cash and stuff, but bombed out on her $100,000 opportunity in the bonus round. Thus, we are in a dire situation. If tonight's champion doesn't win the bonus round, we will be skunked for the first time since early October and the third time overall this season. I have a bad feeling that will happen tonight. Hopefully, one of these three players will prove me wrong. They are:

Cindy Long (Osah Beach, CA)- A bartender at a sports bar and grill.
Kalin Carnahan (Wilmington, NC)- Also a bartender (she works at two different bars) and a beach lover.
Brandon Frasier (El Paso, TX)- A mantenance officer from the U.S. Army.

Long gets PEACE ON EARTH for $1,000, while the other lady scores $2,000 with GIFT CATALOGS.

Round 1 category is Place and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 Michael C. Fina gift certificate. After Carnahan calls the D, we have...

_ N D O O R/_ _ _/S _ _ _ _ N _/R _ N _

...I know it now. She calls the K's for $600 and the Free Spin, and she then solves INDOOR ICE SKATING RINK for $4,350 and $6,350 total.

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Where Are We? After Long calls the L, we have...

_ _ _ N E _/_ A N _ A _ _ _ _/THE/L A N _/_ _ _ N/_ N _ E _

...I know everything this round. She calls the D's for $3,200 and buys the O's, but she then goofs on the puzzle by saying SYDNEY KANGAROO THE LAND DOWN UNDER. The other lady calls the Y's for $1,200 and the S's to double that. After calling the R's for another $1,600, she then gets SYDNEY KANGAROOS THE LAND DOWN UNDER for another $4,000, and she then gets AUSTRAILIA as the bonus answer to go to $13,350.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? Early on, Long picks up the Wild Card with a T. After Carnahan calls the L's for $600, we have...

S _ _ _ _ N G/A/_ O L _/_ R _ N _/_ _/THE/_ O O L

...I think I know. After calling the P's for another $900, she then solves SIPPING A COLD DRINK BY THE POOL for $1,500 and a trip to Mexico, making her new total $20,496! She's been on a roll since the second Toss-Up!


Long then gets MEDICAL ASSISTANT to go to $4,000. Next category is Person. Early on, our leader uses her Free Spin after calling a dud in T. After she calls the C's, we have...

_ C C O _ _ L I S H E D

_ _ _ L I C

S _ E _ _ E R

...I've got it, even though it took me a while. After the P's for another $1,500, it's Speed-Up time. The remaining consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. She then calls the M and solves ACCOMPLISHED PUBLIC SPEAKER to seal her match with $28,646! Long has $4,000 and the man has $1,000 due to being shut out.

BONUS ROUND: Carnahan is the lady who just might end the losing streak tonight. I hope she does. She spins the B for Bobby and the category is Living Thing. Starting with:

_ _ N _

_ _ _ S _

I think it's KING ______. Carnahan calls C, H, M and O and gets nothing, so it's all over and we've been SCROOGED. She came close, though- she said TINY DAISY, but the answer was PINK DAISY, and she doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: For the second straight day, somebody has to prove themself that they're not a paper champion. In this case, Dan Pawson, with just $9,700 thus far, faces Heather Doyle (an English teacher from St. Louis) and Theo Arnold (a teacher from San Diego). Opening categories:

MULTIPLE CHOICE (yes, all clues in this category are in the multiple choice format, as three choices are given for each one)

At the first break, Arnold leads with $3,200 while the other teacher has $1,200 and the champ is $600 in the red. Late in the round, the only lady on the panel finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in What a Revoltin' Development. She has $1,800 and is in second place right now, while the champ has $1,600 and Arnold still leads with double the champ's score ($3,200). Her wager is $800:

This 1794 insurrection in Western Pennsylvania was caused by farmers who refused to pay the taxes on their corn liquor.

"What is the Whiskey Rebellion?"...she should've bet more, because she's right. The champ then gets on a roll to end the round in the lead, thanks mostly to Transportation. He now has $3,600, while Arnold has $2,600 and the lady has $1,600. Thus, everybody is $1,000 apart from each other.

DJ! categories:


Early on, Arnold finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Musical Instruments. He's now tied with the champ for the lead at $3,600, while the other has $2,200. His wager is two grand:

Often played tilted, this instrument has a "harmonic curve" as the strings lengthen with each octave.

"What is a harp?"...he's got the lead back with $5,600! The champion is having trouble buzzing in for a good majority of the round, as the lady is now closing in on Arnold. But the champ tries to stay in it as he gets the $800, $1,200 and $1,600 Shakespeare clues to go to $7,200. He then shortly finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 TV Math clue. He now has $8,400, while Arnold's still ahead with $10,800 and the lady has $9,000. His wager is $3,000. For a $600 lead:

Careful: Tina Fey's title "Rock" minus Charlie Sheen's title "Men".

"What is 27.5?" right for the lead and $11,400! But the lady puts the pedal to the metal to close the round, and we've got ourselves a great FJ! in the offering. That's beacuse the champ and the lady are tied for the lead at $13,400, while Arnold has $12,400.

FJ! category: U.S. States.

Two of the four states whose names were those of independent republics before they entered the union.

Arnold wrote down "What are Arizona and California?"

"What are Arizona and California?"

....wrong. He drops to three bucks. The lady has "What are Hawaii and Texas?".....

"What are Hawaii and Texas?"

...she's right to double up! The champ has that too. The last state not given was Vermont. If he also bet it all, we'll have co-champions to end the week....

...YES! That means both win $26,800, and the champ's new total is $36,500! Nice way to end the week!

The Singing Bee: Jay has $10,000 so far, and could make it $60,000 after tonight's episode about TV theme songs! This is an hour-long episode. The opening song was the theme from "The Brady Bunch".

In the first round, which stays the same, only one contestant will be eliminated.

First up is #30, Scott, with "The Jeffersons". He has to sing the last line of the first stanza, which is "We finally got a piece of the pie"...and he gets it!

Second is the champ with "Fame". He has to sing the last line before "Remember" gets sung quite a few times in a row. He sings "Make them remember my name"...not quite.

Third is #78, Michael, who sings "Baby remember my name"...that's right!

Fourth is #227, Julee, with the title song from "Growing Pains" called "As Long As We Got Each Other" by Steve Dorff and John Bettis. She has to sing the last line of the first part. She sings "The best is ready to begin"...right!

Fifth is #196, Jennifer, with "Scooby-Doo". She has to sing the last line of the first part of the song. Does she know that's "We need some help from you now"?....yes!

The champ will be sent home right now if #168, Stephanie, can nail part of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". The actual title is "Love is All Around" by Paul Williams. She has to sing the line of the second part that is said twice in a row. She sings "You're going to make it on your own"...not quite.

Can Jay capitalize? He sings "You're going to make it after all"...that's right, so he's still here and Stephanie is not.

Tonight's episode is presented by TV Guide.

Round 2 is the same as Round 1, except that it's in a buzz-in format, and this time, each player must sing the opening line(s) of a theme song.

The first song is "Three's Company". Jay's in first with "Come on knock on our door"...right away, he's wrong, so everyone else is eligible to steal. Jennifer then tries "Come and knock on our door"...that's right to put her in the next round!

Second is "Welcome Back, Kotter", and two of that show's stars appear, one of which is "Boom Boom" Washington! Scott's guess is "Welcome back, where your dreams are your ticket out" Julee then sings "Your dreams were your ticket out"...correct!

Third is "The Jetsons". Michael sings "Meet George Jetson" to advance!

The last song this round is "Green Acres". Scott rings in with "Green Acres is the place to be" to send Jay home with $10,000!

Before we get to Round 3, it's time for an audience game. One male and one female get chosen. Both are given the same song. If both are right, they split $1,000; if only one is right, that person gets the whole $1,000. Nick and Molly are chosen. While Nick goes first, Molly is wearing headphones and is blindfolded so she can't hear or see anything.

The song..."The Flintstones"! Both have to sing the second part of the third line of the song. It is " of Bedrock". Nick's right...and so is Molly, so both get $500 each!

BTW, in one of the show's polls, "Jeopardy!" was said to have the most hummable theme song!

Round 3 is Karaoke Challenge. One more contestant will be eliminated.

First up is Scott with "Gilligan's Island". He gets....six words right.

Second is Michael with "Laverne & Shirley". His word count....everything!

Third is Julee with "The Dukes of Hazzard"...and she gets 11 missing words right.

Jennifer has to get at least seven missing words from the theme from "The Monkees" to advance...she gets all but one!

Round 4 is Play List. Here are the categories in play this time:


Michael selects Family Fare, and the song he's gotta sing is "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Two member's of the show's original cast appear to root him on. He says for the target "Ya' goin'"....ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Answer: "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air". One cast member also got it wrong!

Julee's first category is Ladies Night, and she's gotta sing "The Golden Girls". The target line is the last line of the song, and she sings "Thank you for being a friend"...and thank you so much for getting that one right!

Jennifer's opening category is Day Care, and her song is "Spongebob Squarepants". My brother, Andrew, will get a kick out of this one. She has to sing the second part of the last line before the chorus. She says that's "And drop like a fish?"...just missed it. It was "And plop like a fish".

Michael's other category is Combat Rock, and his next theme comes from "The Transformers". He must sing the chorus line that comes after "Transformers, robots in disguise". He sings the same line, which is wrong. It was "Transformers, more than meets the eye".

Julee's other category is Sit & Spin. She has to sing part of the "Frasier" theme song. She has to sing the next-to-last line. Her guess is "With those tossed salads and scrambled eggs"...right! She's definitely in the Chorus Showdown!

If Jennifer can get part of "Mr. Ed" correct, she's the other finalist. She has to sing the last line of the first stanza. She sings " Mr. Ed"....uh, no. It was " the famous Mr. Ed".

It's time for Sudden Death. In this case, the year and the star of a TV show is given. The year was 1989 and the star was Stephen Caffrey. Jennifer buzzes in and decides to give this song to Michael. He sings the target line as "...comin' back"...he won't be, as he's wrong. It was " turn black".

Julee's song in the Chorus Showdown is "The Greatest American Hero". She...gets it!

Jennifer must survive the chorus of "Cheers", or "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", to stay in it...but she makes a late mistake, so Julee's the champ!

Another audience game is played, this time with Brittany. She is given headphones and a blindfold to wear, as the audience will get to sing the song's lyrics before she gets the chance. If she's successful at her turn, she'll win $500. Believe it or not, it's the theme song from THIS SHOW!!! Does she get it right?....NO! Darn. But, she gets a second chance with another song, which is the one from "The Muppet Show"...and she messes that one up too! Everyone in the audience gets free headphones.

First up in The Final Countdown is the signature theme from "Happy Days". Two stars appear from that show at this point, one of which is Anson Williams. Her target guess is "Rockin' and rollin' all week long"...she's on the board!

Second is the theme song used for most of the run for "The Facts of Life". She has to sing the last line of the first stanza, which believe it or not, is "The Facts of Life"! She gets it to go to $10,000.

Third is "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". The target this time is the last line from each of the first two stanzas. Her guess is "Could you be mine"...another $5,000 is hers!

Fourth is "Love and Marriage" from "Married....With Children". She's required to sing the last line of the first stanza. She sings "You can't have one without the other"...yes indeed!

For a $50,000 sweep, she now has to get part of "Spider-Man" correct. Does she know that the last line of the first stanza is "Here comes the Spider-Man"?....YES for a $50,000 EXACTA!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/27/2007 Results

WOF: Dylan McDermott did a shout-out at the top of the show. Tonight's players are:

Vickie Simpson (Mechanicsburg, IL)- A policy advisor assistant for the Illinois Attorney General's office.
Jared Shortner (Overland Park, KS)- A restaurant manager.
Geraldine Osue (Berkeley, CA)- A student at San Francisco State majoring in Women's Studies.

Simpson solves BUILDING A SNOW FORT for $1,000, while the man in the middle gets DONATION TO CHARITY for $2,000.

The first round is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. Category is Event, and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 shopping spree from After Osue buys the U, we have...

H I G H _ _/R E _ O _ _ E N D E D/_ A _ _ I N G/TOUR

...I don't know the third word. After she calls two M's for $800 and the C for another $400 (she's been hitting $400 a lot this round), she calls two L's for another $1,200. After calling the W for another $400, she solves HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WALKING TOUR to score her first $6,750 and a trip to Buenos Aires, bringing her total to $11,750.


Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After the winner of the last round buys the O's, we have...

H O _ D/_ E/_ _ O S E R/T I N _/D A N _ E R/AND/_ R A N _ E R

...I don't have the foggiest idea. She has about $7,500 at stake this round. She calls two L's for $1,200, a $500 M, a $300 Y, three C's for another $1,200 and she then solves HOLD ME CLOSER TINY DANCER AND PRANCER for another $10,700 and a $1,000 Capresso coffee center, making her new total $23,450.

Big Money Round category is What Are You Doing? In the middle of the round, Simpson lands on a Mystery Wedge. She calls a T, and with $5,650 already at stake for her, she flips...$10,000! After calling an H for another $1,000, we have...

_ _ _ I N I _ _ I N G

_ I T H

_ _ _

_ _ I _ N _ _

...I don't know. After buying two E's, she hits Lose a Turn. The man then hits the $25,000 on the Big Money Wedge and calls a W! But he calls a dud vowel in A next. After Osue calls two R's for $7,000, we have...

R E _ I N I _ _ I N G


_ _ _

_ R I E N _ _

...I know the last word is FRIENDS, but I'm not sure about the rest. After a $300 F and two D's for another $600, she buys the O. After two S's for another $7,000, we now have...

R E _ I N I S _ I N G


O _ D


...she then solves REMINISCING WITH OLD FRIENDS for another $14,650 and has a new total of $38,100!

The man then solves CANDIED PECANS to go to $5,000. Speed-Up Round category is Living Thing and consonants are worth $6,000 each! After Osue calls the D's, we have...

S T _ N D _ R D

S _ _ N _ _ _ _ R

...for $18,000...nothing. Simpson calls three A's, and for $12,000...nothing. The man calls the C, and for 30 grand...nothing. Osue calls the P...dud! Simpson calls a dud vowel in O. The man calls another dud in B. Osue calls the I...not there, either! Simpson calls the U and solves STANDARD SCHNAUZER to finish up with $13,000. The man has $5,000 and Osue wins the match big time with $38,100!

So far, a whopping $56,100 has been won tonight!

BONUS ROUND: She spins the O and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ ' _

_ _ _ _ N _

It's I'M _______. Osue calls M, D, P and I and gets...

I ' M

_ _ _ I N _

...she says I'M BAKING....NO, and she is the latest $100,000 loser on the season. It was I'M JOKING. But at least she has $38,100 in cash and stuff to take home.

Jeopardy!: Patricia Crane will now try to prove her upset victory last night was no fluke when she defends her crown for the first time against Dan Pawson (a legislative aid from Boston) and Annie Joseph (a purchasing assistant from Greenville, RI). Opening categories:


BTW, "What is jeopardy?" was the correct response to the $1,000 clue on the 80s category. Here was the clue for it, just for the record:

The Greg Kihn Band was singin' our song, crooning "our love's in" this, "baby".

At the first break, with no Triple Stumpers this far in the round, Crane leads with $4,600 to the other lady's $2,200 and the man's $1,400. Late in the round, Joseph starts to catch up on the champ, but it's the only man on the panel who finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in We Are Young. He has two grand, while Joseph has $4,600 and Crane has $5,600. His wager is $1,500:

James Monroe's studies at this college were interrupted when he left to fight in the revolutionary war.

"What is Princeton?" It wasn't even an Ivy League college. Correct: What is William and Mary? He's down to $500. At the end of the round, with not a single Triple Stumper in the round, the champ leads with $7,600 while Joseph has six grand and the man has $1,100.

DJ! categories:


Early on, we had our first Triple Stumpers of the game. The first one came on this $1,200 clue in the Before & After category:

To make a great hamburger, you process the meat between the neck and shoulder of a Maverick Nebraska senator.

Correct: What is Ground Chuck Hagel? $1,600 clue in the same category:

The late, long-serving Florida Democrat who can temporarily blind you with a non-lethal gas.

Correct: Who is Claude Pepper Spray? The last clue of the category is the first Daily Double of the round, and the man's in control with $2,300. The champ still leads with $7,600 and Joseph has $5,200. His wager is everything:

Kentucky senator who ran for president as a Republican & Whig but lost to "American Idol" Ruben Studdard.

I think I knew this one right away. He says "Who is Henry Clay Aiken?", my guess....DOUBLE! He now has $4,600. Both ladies were tied at $10,800 heading into the last clue of Role in Common, but Joseph missed it and goes back to $8,800. This was a Triple Stumper, and here was the clue:

Lorne Greene & Edward James Olmos.

Joseph was the only one to respond, saying "What is Captain Adama?", but it was "What is Commander Adama?". Another Triple Stumper occurred on this $800 art clue:

Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, this U.S. photographer made nude portraits of Kiki de Montparnasse in the 1920s.

Correct: Who was Man Ray? Joseph then gets the $1,200 and $1,600 clues there to take the lead by herself with $11,600. The last clue in the category was a Triple Stumper:

Her disturbing photographs in the '60s were said to have inspired the style of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining".

Correct: Who was Diane Arbus? After the champ gets the first two clues in Around the World to take the lead back with 12 grand, the middle clue was a Triple Stumper:

In 1943, the Paricutin Volcano in this country grew in a cornfield to be more than 1,100 feet tall.

Correct: What is Mexico? Joseph then gets the last two clues in that category to go back to the lead with $15,200. That only leaves the Jimmy Carter category and some of the clues in that category are video clues from the said place in Atlant. First clue, as told by John:

ILYTG, "I love you the goodest", is a favorite Carter family inscription. And Jimmy gave this compact to this woman for Christmas in 1845?

Pawson says "Who is Rosalynn Carter?"...right to go to $6,600. $800 clue:

The library has an invitation to Carter's inaugural ball as Georgia governor in this decade.

Pawson's in again with "What are the 1970s?"...right again to go to $7,400. Middle clue....DAAAAAAAIIIILLLLLLYYYYY DOUBLE!! He wagers $4,500 on a clue told by Cheryl:

A fine example of studio embroidery, "Kitten Playing with Mantis", was a gift to President Carter from this Chinese leader in 1979.

"Who was Deng Xiaoping?".....

"Who was Deng Xiaoping?"

...RIGHT to go to $11,900! But he misses the $2,000 clue and ends the round with $9,900. The champ has ten grand and Joseph now has $14,800.

FJ! category: Authors' Obituaries.

In 1991, the New York Times said English was "too skimpy for so rich an imagination"; his language and meter were irresistible.

The man wrote down nothing, but only wagered $200, so he's at $9,700. The champ had nothing as well, and lost five grand, so she's not coming back. Joseph said "Who is James Joyce?"...NO. Correct: Who was Dr. Seuss? If she wagered $5,100 or less, she's the new champion. Wager....

...$7,000, so the man is the new champion with his $9,700. Crane leaves with $19,200.

"Deal or No Deal" Christmas ratings

The two-hour "Deal or No Deal" Christmas 2007 episode drew a 5.8 Fast Nielsen with a 12 share. That is way down from last year's rating.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12/26/2007 Results- Will we finally have a six-time J! champion?

Crosswords: We begin today with Steve Brady (a legal assistant from Maryland) and Joy Nash (a California office assistant).

At the day's first Extra, the man is in control with $200 to the lady's $350. He bets $500:

_ _ _ _ L

Clue: Type of wool in the kitchen?

He can't do it, so he's down to -$300. Answer: STEEL. At the end of the round, that's his final score this round, while the lady has $550.

Today's Spoilers are Ron Ware (a security specialist from Michigan), Mark Brownstein (a California writer) and Ira Kaufman (a retired California attorney). Time to get Round 2 underway.

1. (_ E _ _ _ _)- Half a dozen. Nash says SEVEN...uh, no. Ware gets the first spoil chance, but he blanks out, so Nash drops to $350. Answer: SEXTET.
2. (Six letters)- Visionary's dream place. The lady says UTOPIA...she gets the $200 back.
3. (_ _ _ _ _ _ O _)($300)- World Health Organization declared it eradicated in 1980. Brownstein tries to spoil with SMALLPOX...he gets that right no sweat to go to $850!
4. (_ _ P _ _ _)- "Apocalypse Now" defoliator. Brady says that's is to move to -$100.
5. (_ L _ _ _)- Answer a charge. Ware tries again to spoil with PLEAS...he blew it again. Nash tries to get her lead back with ALERT...incorrect as well, so both are locked out. Answer: PLEAD.
6. (Five letters)- Run, as madras. Brownstein rings in with in blood, that's right to break four figures with $1,050.
7. (Five letters)- The subway in Paris. Brady says that's METRO...he's out of the hole at $100!
Not only that, the first Extra of the round pops up and he wagers $500:

M _ _

Clue: Level, as a lawn.

He wished he had bet the full $1,000 (if he had, he would've gotten the lead), because he knows that's MOW to go to $600.

9. (_ _ _ _ W)- One of the spouse's folks. Brownstein reads my mind with INLAW to go to $1,250.
10. (_ L _ _ _)- Do an after-dinner chore. Brady says CLEAR...CLEAN is wrong, but he is right for $800.
11. (_ _ _ A _)- Obscure to view. This was a Triple Stumper- it was BLEAR.
12. (Five letters)- "Maybellene" singer. The retired attorney gets a free shot at it with in Chuck Berry, he's right for $1,450 and a shot at the other Extra! He wagers $1,000 and the lead on this:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ E

Clue: Morning assembly call. Just at the buzzer, he starts spelling REVEILLE, as in Ben Silverman's production company....


...sound that bugle fanfare- he's right to go to $2,450!

14. (_ L _ _ _)- Type of statesman. Brady's guess is ELDER...up to a grand he goes.
15. (_ E _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Nuclear power source. Brady says REACTOR...right again to end the round with $1,300!


1. (_ _ R)($100)- Vandalize. Brady says MAR...right again to go to $1,400.
2. (M E _ _ _)- Knock-down-drag-out fight. I got the impression that Brady must've been in at least of these, a MELEE, based on his smile when he rang in, so he's up to $1,600!
3. (_ _ _ _ _ E)- What a man's home is, in a saying. This time, Kaufman rings in with CASTLE...he's right to go to $2,650!
4. (_ _ _ S)- Suffix meaning "without". Kaufman says SANS...good guess, but incorrect. Brady blanks out, so it's Spoiler time. But Ware and Nash get stumped, so they're locked out again. That means Brady drops to $1,400 and Kaufman drops to $2,450. Answer: LESS.
5. (Six letters)- Brooks Robinson, for his entire career. Kaufman says that's ORIOLE...referring to one on a Baltimore baseball team, that's right to get the $200 back!
6. (Six letters)- Anyone's game? Kaufman rings in with TENNIS...he's right to go to $2,850!
7. (Four-letter word)- Second word of the Golden Rule. Kaufman's in again with UNTO...$3,050!
8. (_ _ _ N _)- Potters' chambers. Brady goes with KILNS...incorrect. Kaufman then tries OVENS...that's right, meaning he goes to $3,250 while Brady sinks to $1,200.
9. (_ _ _ U _)- Tend to final details, or get spills off the floor. Kaufman goes with MOP UP...that's correct for $3,450!
10. (Five letters)- John Sayles' drama, "___ Men Out". Brady says EIGHT...this time, he's right to go back to $1,400 and hit the last Extra this game. He wagers the full two grand. If he's right, he'll only trail by fifty bucks. The five-letter answer clue is:

Pavarotti, notably.

He says TENOR...


...RIGHT! It's $3,450-$3,400!

12. (Four letters)- Higher in authority. Kaufman says OVER...right to go to $3,650.
13. (Five letters)- Chevalier de Seingalt, for Casanova. Brownstein gets a free guess with It was ALIAS.
14. (Three letters)($100)- Exist as a group. Kaufman says ARE...he's got $3,750 now.
15. (Three letters)($100)- Turn into compost, e.g. For a late spoil, Nash says ROT..she's right to take the lead with $3,850!
16. (Five letters)- Take one's sweet time. Nash says not much of anything. Brownstein goes for a spoil with LAISE...NO WAY. Ware then tries MOSEY...NO. It was TERRY. Nash is down to $3,650.
17. (Three-letter word)($100)- Kander's partner. Nash says EBB...yes to go back to $3,750.
18. (Four-letter word)- Window adjunct. Brady says SILL...right for $3,600!
19. (Four letters)- Ration. Nash says METE..she's right to go to $3,950!
Final clue (Three letters)($100)- One-inch pencil, e.g. Nash says END...oops. This steal chance by Kaufman is for the game...but he blanks out, so Nash wins $3,850! Answer: NUB.

Crossfire: Can our female champion fill in the remaining 18 blanks to go to Jamaica with $8,850....yes with 13 seconds left!

WOF: I'm back and ready to rip on the day after Christmas! Tonight's players are:

Margaret Raye (Memphis)- An administrative clerk for the U.S. Postal Service.
Norm Anderson (L.A.)- Began his life without electricity! He even watched this show a few times with limited power! He also does some voiceover jobs.
Kristin Cullen (Pittsburgh)- A hair specialist.

On the first Toss-Up, the board started a few seconds late, despite Vanna pounding on the board! Looks like the technicians must've had too much sleep during Christmas (Just a joke, folks)!

Anyways, on that Toss-Up, Anderson solves THRILLS AND CHILLS for $1,000. He then solves SPOTTED OWL to go to $3,000.

Round 1 category is Thing and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 shopping spree from After he calls the N's for $600 and the Free Spin, we have...

_ _ _ _- _ A _ E/A _/_ N/THE/N E _ S _ A _ E R process of elimination, I know this. After the L's for another $1,800, he buys the I. Next, he calls a $300 D and calls the W for the $1,000 gift tag from Brookstone. After the P's for $1,500 more, he calls a dud in C, and decides to use the Free Spin. He takes advanatage of the second chance, as he then solves FULL-PAGE AD IN THE NEWSPAPER for the gift certificate and $5,900, making his new total $9,900.

(Flashback moment from 1985: After a tough bonus round loss, Pat consoles him by giving him the key to Vanna's "apartment"!)

Campbell's Soup Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun and Games. Early on, Cullen picks up the Wild Card by calling a T. After buying the O's, we have...

I N _ I G O _ _ T I N G

_ O _ N I N G

_ _ I _

...I thought the last word was TRIP, but it can't be now. After calling two R's for $1,800, she buys the A. I now know this. After a $400 V and two M's for another $1,400, she solves INVIGORATING MORNING SWIM for $6,150 and a trip to Aruba, putting her in the lead with $13,655.


Big Money Round category is Same Name. Cullen just missed the $25,000 on the Big Money Wedge and calls a $600 B instead, after the previous two players missed out on a Mystery Wedge decision. After Raye calls a $3,500 M, we have...

B _ T T E/&/

_ _ N N _ _

M _ N T _ N _

...I'm afraid somebody will say BETTE as the first word. After two H's for $1,800, only vowels are left. She then solves BUTTE & HANNAH MONTANA to get on the board with $6,400.The man in the middle then gets THE PHILIPPINES to go to $12,900 and just be $755 off the lead.

Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing? and consonants are worth $1,450 a pop. After Cullen calls the M's, we have...

C _ M M _ T _ N G

T _

W _ R _

...before her final turn, the man only got TO and WORK correct with his on-the-buzzer guess. She then solves COMMUTING TO WORK to lock up the match with $18,005, meaning she'll take the Wild Card to the endgame! The other lady has $6,400 and the man has $12,900. So far, $37,305 has been given away tonight.

BONUS ROUND: Remember, this week's cars are a VW Passat and a Lexus RX 350. She spins the last zero and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ L E

_ _ _

_ _ _ T

Cullen's opening picks are D, M, G and A. Her last pick is C. We get...

_ _ _ L E

_ _ _

_ A _ T

...not much. She only gets the last word of WAIT. The entire thing was WHILE YOU WAIT, and she doesn't win a VW Passat.

Jeopardy!: If Cora Peck (a teacher and graduate student from California) can become a six-time champion tonight, she'll make history and become the last entrant in next week's Salute of Champions. Hoping to stop her from doing that are Patricia Crane (a systems analyst from Alexandria, VA) and Bruce Upbin (a magazine editor from Brooklyn). Opening categories:


The man in the middle finds the Daily Double under the middle clue in Inventors & Inventions while going Daily Double hunting. He has a grand, while Crane leads with $1,800 and the champ has $600. He wagers it all for a $200 lead if he's right:

After Carrier came up with this in 1902, my twenty babes waving palm fronds idea went out the window.

"What is air conditioning?"...I should think so, because Carrier is an air conditioning company! He now has two grand and the early lead. At the first break, he has $3,600 while Crane has $2,800 and the champ has a thousand. After the round ends, he now has $8,800, while Crane has five grand and the champ has three grand less than her.

DJ! categories:


The champ gets the last three Oscar clues to go to $6,800 and get back in the thick of it early on. The man is still using that Daily Double hunting strategy. He finds the first Daily Double under the middle clue in Art. He has $10,400 and the lead, while Peck has $7,200 and Crane has $5,200. He wagers $4,500 and the lead on this:

19th century painter Thomas Cole lived in Catskill, NY on this river whose "school" he helped found.

"What is the Hudson River?"...correct to go to $14,900! Late in the round, the champ finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Theatre. She has $10,800 and only leads the other lady by $200 for second place. The man still leads at $14,900. She wagers $2,500:

There's a "method" behind his founding of the Moscow Art Theatre with Nemirovich-Danchenko.

"Who is Stanislavski?".....

"Who is Stanislavski?"

...RIGHT to go to $13,300! At the end of the round, she now has $13,700. The other lady has 13 grand and the man in the middle is still ahead with $18,100.

FJ! category: Structures.

When completed, it stretched for 73.5 miles from Bowness to Wallsend.

Crane wrote down "What was Hadiran's Wall?"....

"What was Hadrian's Wall?"

...right! She now has $18,200. Did the champ get it right?....

...NO. She had "What is the Channel?" and lost $6,200. The man said that too and loses with a wager of $9,301, so he finishes in second place and Crane is the new champion. Peck does still leave us as the second-highest female regular season winner with $117,803, and we'll see her in the next Tournament of Champions.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


For this night only, all games will have 25 cases instead of 26. And tonight's gameboard looks like this:


Our first contestant tonight is Harriet Cohen from L.A. Her husband works for the L.A. firefighters, and a bunch of them (including her husband) come out to root her on! Her case of destiny is #18.

For the first two rounds only in each game tonight, players will have to eliminate five cases in each of those rounds.

1. #8- $300,000
2. #15- EGG NOG
3. #9- $750,000
4. #4- $750
5. #10- FRUIT CAKE


BTW, the whole audience gets 12 different items tonight! First up...a Howie Mandel bobblehead toy!

1. #7- $300
2. #22- $200,000
3. #11- COAL
4. #3- $75,000


Second audience item: $200 plus tickets to the new movie "The Spider Chronicles"

1. #1- $50
2. #20- $500
3. #24- $50,000
4. #13- $200


Third audience gift: Nintendo DS with "Deal or No Deal" video game

1. #5- $5,000
2. #23- $500,000 (STRIKE ONE!)
3. #14- $400


1. #12- $75
2. #6- $1,000


I have a feeling $100K or $400K is in #2.

Fourth audience gift: A "DOND" digital picture frame and an MP3 player

Her next pick is #19....$10,000. New offer: $86,000....NO DEAL.

Fifth audience gift: A roomba home robot.

For the last few rounds now, she's been trusting her son, Allen, on picking cases. He thinks her case has $100,000 in it. In the meantime, he tells her to pick #25 and she does so....

...$100! New offer: $129,000....

...DEAL! Allen agrees with me that $400K is in #2. Was it?.....

...YES! But, had she gotten to the final two cases, $25,000 and $400,000 would've been left, and the final offer would've been $215,000. Her case had the 25 grand.

Sixth audience gift: $100 BP gasoline gift card

Our other player tonight is Jennifer Masche from Camp Verde, Arizona. She's a mother of sextuplets that are just celebrating their first Christmas together. Her case selection is #6. BTW, the zeros on the $1 Million sign on the gameboard are replaced with baby heads!

1. #16- COAL
2. #18- $75,000
3. #2- $5,000
4. #21- ONE MILLION DOLLARS (and the baby zeroes are there, too!)
5. #1- $25,000


(Da Brat is in the audience.)

1. #19- $200,000
2. #13- $50,000
3. #3- EGG NOG
4. #4- $100
5. #5- $200


Seventh audience gift: A personal media player where you can record TV shows and download movies!

1. #11- $400,000
2. #7- $750
3. #8- $10,000
4. #25- $750,000


Eighth audience gift: Electrasound toothbrush

1. #20- $75
2. #17- $300
3. #24- $500,000 (STRIKE ONE!)


Ninth audience gift: A Universal Studios Hollywood season pass

1. #9- $500
2. #15- PENNY


Tenth audience gift: A Smartphone
Eleventh audience gift: Bluetooth headset

Her next pick is #12....$50! New offer: $66,000, and she says NO DEAL. She then picks #10, and I winced on that pick....

...for no reason- that's the FRUIT CAKE! New offer: $88,000....


Final audience gift: A JetBlue airline ticket

Her next, and possibly last, pick tonight is #14, and I winced at that pick as well....

...but it's $400! New offer: $121,000.....

...DEAL! However, had she gotten to the last two cases, $100,000 and $300,000 would've been left, and the final offer would've been in between them, $200,000. She wound up having the $300,000. She also got a supply of Johnson's baby care products for her six babies.

J! 12/25- Cora goes for five

At FJ! tonight, champion Cora Peck has the lead with $10,200. Wendell Watkins has $6,500 and Deb Brady has $7,200.

FJ! category: Frenchmen in History.

He was nicknamed the "Robespierre of the brush" but unlike his friend Robespierre, he was jailed but not guillotined.

Watkins wrote down nothing, so he lost the whole thing. Brady wrote down "Who is Tallyrand?"....

"Who is Tallyrand?"

...incorrect. Her wager was $4,500, dropping her to $2,700. The champ had "Who is David?"....

"Who is David?"

...SHE'S A FIVE-TIME CHAMP! She wins $14,401 tonight, giving her a new total of $116,803!! Therefore, she is guaranteed to at least become the second-highest female regular-season winner ever! I'll be back to full recaps of this show tomorrow.


Yes, this is a brand-spanking new episode of "The Price is Right"! Today, it's the finale of Christmas Week! We begin with Kristi Green, Cheryl McLachlan, Justin Barden and Mitchell Berry. Like all Christmas Week finale shows, we begin the day with a Christmas tree as the first IUFB.

Mitchell: $1,200
Justin: $749
Cheryl: $999
Kristy: BUCK

ARP: $1,825, so Berry will play Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., Prot, Starter, Net). First number is 2. His first number guess is 7...

$ 2 5, _ _ _'s 5, so he loses two bucks. Third number guess is 7....

$ 2 5, 4 _ _'s 4, so he loses another three dollars. Fourth number guess is 9....

$ 2 5, 4 6 _

...but it's 6 and he's broke. ARP: $25,466. Roger wanted this won today. Too bad it wasn't.

Next player is Betty Alexander and the second IUFB is an LCD TV.

Betty: $599
Justin: $1,125
Cheryl: $799
Kristy: $1,126

ARP: $1,595, so Green is told the good news by "Gordon the Elf" (aka Scott Robinson, who was celebrating a birthday that day) that she's playing Plinko! First SP is a Christmas toy marked at $68 and she picks 8...$38. Second SP is a four-way Santa food server marked at $21 and she picks 2...$25. Third is that "Come on Down!" book marked at $36 and she says 6, and it's $16. Finally, we have some Christmas nutcracker toys marked at $51 and her pick is the 5...$59, so she wins all the small items and all the chips. Now, to earn some holiday money.

1. DUD (Right)
2. $10,000
3. $10,000
4. $100 (Left)
5. $10,000


Next is Bonnie Banderboss and the next IUFB is a Santa Claus doll and sleigh.

Bonnie: $1,125
Betty: $1,295
Justin: $895
Cheryl: $1,000

ARP: $2,389, meaning Alexander will play Clock Game for $1,000, a refrigerator and a pair of bean bag chairs. The refrigerator costs $749, and she starts with $999...$899...$799...$699...$655...and she one ups so fast that Drew gets lost! After restarting, she never gets it right! Too bad.

SSD1: Berry goes over, so the tree is all he gets. Alexander spins 95 cents. The new Plinko record holder spins 15...and 85 for another $1,000! In her Bonus more money.

Next player is Sean Walsh and the next IUFB is an exerciser station.

Sean: $1,200
Justin: $725
Cheryl: $800
Bonnie: $1,201

ARP: $1,395, so BB will play for a snowmobile. It's either $7,998 or $9,950. She goes with my gut of $7,998...yes indeed!

Next to "Come on Down" is Carly Pickle and the next IUFB is dinnerware.

Carly: $1,000
Sean: $1,680
Justin: $1,750
Cheryl: $1,851

ARP: $1,169, so hopefully this Pickle won't get into one of her own while playing One Away for a Chevy Impala (Std., Seat). Wrong price is $31,224, and this looks like an easy playing. First guess...

$ 2 2, 3 3 5

...four are right. She changes the first 3, for a final guess of $22,135.....

$ 2 2, 1 3 5

...this Pricing Game is still undefeated this season! BTW, I didn't like the way they did the final reveal. Instead of revealing the price one digit at a time, the player asked the sound effects lady if she had won, and when she won, the price got revealed in its entireity all in one shot.

The last player is Zoridha (who crawled across several seats prior to coming on down!) and the final IUFB today is a carousel horse.

Zoridha: $850
Sean: $750
Justin: $495
Cheryl: $701

ARP: $750, so while Justin and Cheryl go to the First Four Breakfast Club, Walsh wins a $500 bonus! He then plays Pick a Pair for a bedroom worth $4,499. Before we know the products, we then get a shot of announcer Rich Fields, who celebrated a birthday the day after this episode taped! The products today are Nutramist, cough drops, Clorox, HBP medicine, hand lotion and peperoncini. First up is the cough drops and the peperoncini....both are $2.15, so we have a perfect second half!

SSD2: Walsh spins 30...and goes over. BB spins 80 cents. Pickle spins 70...and goes over, so BB goes to the Showcase to face the Plinko lady!

First Showcase takes a visit to the Creative Elf Agency. First, the head calls Santa and gives him a nasty message that the elves need to be served better food than stale ol' cookies, with food served from a new range. Second, she then tells Santa that the elves shouldn't be putting on tights in the restroom anymore; instead, they should be putting their clothes on in a new mini trailer. Finally, the elves have had enough riding a sleigh, so they instead decide to cruise the waters in a new Reinell LSE ski boat! BB bids $25,800. Green tries for some potentially nicer gifts from Santa, which are a new cell phone, a basketball arcade game and a Pontiac Solstice (Std., AC)! Green bids $32,000.

ARP for BB: $35,201, a difference of $9,401. ARP for Green: $31,604, so she's over by $396 and BB wins $44,594 in stuff! Green still did very well, though- she leaves with $32,833 in cash and prizes!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Change in plans this week

I've just heard recently that while I was away from "Jeopardy!", I've heard that there's been a great current female champion. Her name is Cora Peck (who I assume is not related to Jim), and she now has, after tonight's episode, $102,402. It is somewhat possible that she could break Maria Weglinsky's female regular-season record on Christmas Day. Since the show will be pre-empted in my area due to basketball that day, I will post a limited recap with info courtesy of the "Jeopardy!" section of the Sony Pictures Message Boards.

12/24/2007 Results- Christmas Eve

BTW, I believe I've never said this before. If any of these shows haven't come on yet in your area and you're reading this, stop reading now!

TPIR: Today's first four players are Wendy Jordan, Victoria Courier, Darryl Barter and Frances Hines-Torre. First IUFB is a trampoline with a basketball hoop.

Frances: $799
Darryl: $698
Victoria: $324
Wendy: $999

ARP: $859, and Hines-Torre will play Money Game for a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., AT, Mats, Heater). Board:


Middle number is 3 ($ _ _, 3 _ _). First pick is 19, which is worth $19. Second pick is 18, the front of the car ($ 1 8, 3 _ _). Third pick is 25, which sounds good to me...and that wins the $18,325 car and $19 in gas money!

Next player is Kelly Shannon and the second IUFB is a Christmas toy village.

Kelly: $650
Darryl: $699
Victoria: $539
Wendy: BUCK

ARP: $1,287, so Barter, the only man on the panel thus far, will play Magic Number for an eliptical trainer and a round spa. His magic number is $1,339. The spa is $3,495...and the trainer is $2,500. Hard playing today.

Next player is Michael Carlson and the next IUFB is a pearl necklace.

Michael: $1,250
Victoria: $1,190
Wendy: $1,399
Kelly: $1,400

ARP: $1,700, meaning Shannon will play It's In the Bag. Products today are NutraMist, gel insoles, cough drops, Chips Ahoy!, HBP medicine and Clorox clean-up spray. The first item costs 55 cents, and she picks the cookies. The second bag's item costs $10.79, and this could be trouble, but she picks the right one with the insoles. Third item costs $2.15 and she picks the cough drops. The fourth bag contains a $6.29 item, and her pick is the medicine. The $16,000 item costs $3.39, and she picks the cleaner. I think she has them all right. The first three are right for $4,000. I got worried she would stop after the first item, because when she picked the insoles for the second item, I heard some groaning from the audience. She goes on with the HBP...and has $8,000! If she goes on one more time, the 16 grand is hers....


(The $16,000 graphic has been changed to represent the current text for a majority of the money graphics. It is gold.)

SSD1: The only man to get on stage thus far gets the dollar for $1,000! Shannon spins 75...but can't quite get the quarter. Hines-Torre gets 35...and 65 for $1,000! After Drew asks a ridiculous question whether or not both players could win more money in the spin-off (and Roger gets on camera in the process), it's time for the Bonus Spin-Off. The man gets 65 while the lady gets...50, so the man is in the Showcase.

Dorothy Godson then leaves the mob and the next IUFB is a bass guitar.

Dorothy: $1,700 (she looks lost and gets laughed at! She even has to have the IUFB brought back into view and have Rich describe it again!)
Michael: $1,725
Victoria: $1,736
Wendy: BUCK

ARP: $2,687, so Courier will play Freeze Frame for a bed. The available number pairs are 12, 16, 33, 39, 47, 82, 91 and 98. In my mind, it's either $3,312 or $3,947. Her guess is $3,'s my other guess.

Next player is Steven Lafronere and the next IUFB is a retro bar table. The winner also gets $40 worth of Commit smoking aid.

Steven: $650
Wendy: $999
Dorothy: $750
Michael: $799

ARP: $700, so Lafronere, who is from the Army, plays Card Game for a Pontiac G6. Range is $2,000. He draws a King...a Jack....and then an Ace, but he saves it for later. He then draws a deuce, a 9, a 3, a Jack, two 7s in a row, and with the Ace, his final bid is $19,500. ARP....$20,665, so he wins! He played this very well!

Our last players is Evelyn Edwards and the final IUFB is a pair of model train sets.

Evelyn: $850
Wendy: $1,599
Dorothy: $500
Michael: $1,000

ARP: $1,232, so Jordan goes to the First Four Breakfast Club while the last man left plays Squeeze Play for a catameran. Here's the board:


IMO, it's either $4,395 or $4,595. He goes with $4,595...wrong one. Thus, it was actually $4,395.

SSD2: The male loser spins 45...and 50 for 95 cents. The female loser spins 55...and a dollar. Our big winner spins 50...and goes over, so Godson is in the Showcase. Battle of the losers today in today's Showcase.

The first Showcase features a female Scrooge. First, she doesn't like her vintage black/white TV, so she transforms it into a color one. Second, she gets the uncontrollable urge to ride a new motorbike. Finally, she decides to go on her own shopping spree in a new Dodge Grand Caravan (Std., Heater)! Barter bids $27,981. For Godson, we have Christmas decorations, a living room and a trip to Norway, and his bid is $23,762, which I thought was a WILLY.

ARP for him: $21,046, so he's over. ARP for Barter: 27 thousand.......

...904. OUCH. We have an unfortunate Double Overbid today. Tough way to end what was such a good show today. At least he has $1,000 to take home.

Crosswords: Today's opening players are Boris (a trade show installer from California) and Carol Gwen (a NY writer).

At the first Extra, the lady leads $300 to zip, and she tries to double it:

_ _ _ K _ _ _ _

Clue: Paul Bunyan's legend, for one. She can't get FOLK TALE, so we're back to square one. But she makes a nice recovery towards the end of the round and has $600, while the man has yet to answer or score.

(As of the most recent later-taped episodes, XBOX 360 is no longer an on-screen sponsor.)

Today's Spoilers are Dave Thompson (a chess teacher from North Dakota), Debbie Scandler (a Tennessee realtor) and Steve Streigel (a stay-at-home dad from Washington).

1. (_ _ _ _ N _ _ _ _)($300)- Like the steel of some flatware. Gwen says STAINLESS...correct to go to $900.
2. (_ _ T _ _ _ _)($300)- Address of the Boss' band. Gwen's in again with ESTREET...right again to go to $1,200.
3. (_ _ _ _ _ E)- First name of the star of "The Naked Gun". Boris FINALLY rings in with LESLIE...last name is Nielsen, that is right for $200!
4. (_ E _ _)- Direction for a wagon train. Gwen rings in with WEST...she's right to go to $1,400.
5. (_ _ _ W _ _ _ E _)($300)- They provide traction for autos in Buffalo, e.g. Gwen goes with SNOW TIRES...another $300 is hers!
6. (_ _ _ _ N)- Current location? Gwen says OCEAN...thinking of water currents, she's up to $1,900!
7. (_ C _ _ _ _)- Least hospitable. Gwen says ICIEST...she's done it again! She now has $2,100 and hits the first Extra of the round. She only bets $200 on this:

_ I _ _ O L _ _ _ _ _

Clue: Lego precursor. I knew this one after a second or two with LINCOLN LOGS. Does she? Yes to go to $2,300!

9. (_ _ G)($100)- Pull vigorously. Boris easily gets TUG to go to $300.
10. (_ _ _ U _)- One way to read or think. Double S gets the first chance to spoil with ALOUD...he's right to go to $2,500!
11. (_ L L T _ _ _)($300)- Like eternal records? SS says ALL-TIME to go to $2,800.
12. (_ A _ T _)- Lusterless finish. Boris says MAOTT...I don't know what that is, but I know that's not right, so he's down to a hundred. SS goes for the steal with MATTE...that's right to go to three grand.
13. (M _ _ _)- Eerie wind sound. Boris says MOAN..he gets the $200 back.
14. (_ N _ _ _)- Condescending type, or proboscis. Streigel says SNOOP...incorrect. To get her podium back, Gwen says SNOOT...that's it to steal the $3,000! And with the other Extra, she wagers $500 this time:

_ _ O

It's a Duran Duran hit. She's never heard of RIO, so she's down to $2,500.

16. (Five-letter word)- Lemieux or Andretti. Gwen says RACER...uh, no. Streigel then says MARIO to get his podium back with $2,500.
17. (_ _ _ O _)- On-the-job "slanguage". Gwen says IDIOM...wrong again, so this time she's locked out. Answer: ARGOT. That ends the second round.

This week's at-home sweepstakes question:



1. (Eleven letters)($300)- Social class between the lower and upper classes. SS goes with the obvious guess, MIDDLE CLASS...but that's wrong. Boris blanks out, so it's spoil time. But both remaining Spoilers can't take advantage of it. That means Streigel now has $2,200 and Boris is down to zero. Answer: BOURGEOISIE.
2. (Three-letter word)($100)- Maui crater. Boris says LAO...-$100 for him. SS says LOA...still wrong, dropping him to $2,100. Answer: EKE.
3. (Five letters)- "The Fountainhead" character Howard. Gwen again tries to get her podium back with ROARK...this time, she's right to go to $2,300 and the lead!
4. (Five-letter word)- One kind of U.S. bond. Gwen says TBILL...wrong. For the spoil, Thompson says That means Gwen loses the $200 right back. Answer: TNOTE.
5. (Six-letter word)- Athens is its capital. Gwen says GREECE to gain the $200 right back.
6. (_ _ _ E _)- Knight ride? Gwen's guess is STEED...she now has $2,500.
7. (_ _ T)($100)- Grimalkin, e.g. Gwen says that's a CAT...and she has another hundred!
8. (_ A _ C _)- Pesto or bechamel, e.g. Boris goes with SAUCE...and he's now $100 on the good side.
9. (Four letters)- Moses laid them down? Gwen goes with LAWS...she's got another $200! She then hits the last Extra today and wagers $800 of her $2,800 on a four-letter answer. Clue:

Henry Gray's subject, briefly.

She says ANAT....


...right she is to go to $3,600!

11. (Three letters)($100)- Suffix with "Oregon". SS goes for a late spoil with IAN...he's right to get the lead back with $3,700!
12. (Three letters)($100)- Aught. Streigel says NIL...he's got another $100, bringing him to $3,800!
13. (Four letters)- Lucknow dress. I believe this is the last clue of the maingame, and Gwen is trying to spoil. For the game, she says SARI...just won the game and $4,000!

Crossfire: If she can fill in the remaining 21 blanks, she's going to Kauai with nine grand...thanks in part to getting FINAL ANSWER late, she falls way short.

WOF: Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! Welcome to "Happy Holidays Week" on the Wheel! If by chance you've missed the past four weeks of this show, you've been missing a lot of excitement, especially on the last episode, because the $100,000 was won for the first time this season on that episode. It's going to be one heck of a holiday season for Nancy Kenzler, her friends and her family!

Also, including her big win, the bonus round has been won 12 out of the past 20 times. And at least $300,000 has been given away the past two weeks. So needless to say, we're hot as of late! When it will stop, I have no idea.

Anyhoo, after another chat with Pat and the human $5,000 space, here are tonight's players:

Patrick Doherty (Cedarsburg, WS)- A math teacher.
Debra Hawn (Maine)- A cheesemaker.
Meghan Brown (California)- Just graduated from college with a degree in animal health.

Hawn gets FAMILY REUNION for $1,000, while the math man gets BOULDER COLORADO for two grand.

Round 1 category is Same Name and there's a $5,000 shopping spree out on the wheel. After he calls the L late, we have...

_ _ C T _ R _/&/

S A N T A' S

L A _

...and he solves VICTORY & SANTA'S LAP to go to $3,000.

This week, the Jackpot Round is sponsored by Campbell's Soup, and the category for it here is Song Title. After Hawn buys the O's, we have...

IT'S/THE/_ _ S T/_ O _ _ E _ _ U _/T I _ E/

O _/THE/_ E A _

...I know it, but I have this bad feeling somebody will say BEST on the third word, which would be wrong. She calls the M's for $800 and solves IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR for $4,150 and $5,150 total.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. Right away, Brown calls two N's for $7,000. After she buys the O's, we have...

_ O _ _ _ E T E


_ T T E R

R E _ A _ A T I O N

...I've got it. Right now, she has nearly ten grand at stake. But she calls a dud in S. The man calls the L's for $600 and buys the U. Afterwards, he calls a $300 M, but calls a dud in G. Hawn calls a C and solves COMPLETE & UTTER RELAXATION for $550 and a trip to Costa Rica, giving her a bigger lead with $10,700.


Brown then scores her first $3,000 with CRACKLING FIRE. Speed-Up Round category is Quotation, and consonants are worth the big $6,000! After Hawn calls the L's, we have...

_ N _/T _/_ L L/_/_ _ _ _/N _ _ _ T

...I've got it now, and she does too with AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! That wraps up the match for her with $23,300! The others leave with $3,000 each. Thus, $29,300 has been given away tonight.

BONUS ROUND: This week, in addition to all the big dough, there's a VW sedan and a Lexus RX 350. She spins the N in BONUS and the category is my favorite, Rhyme Time. Starting with:

_ _ _/_ _ _ R/L _ _

Hawn calls B, C, D and O and gets...

_ _ _/_ O _ R/L _ _

...the P's would've done it for her. It was ZIP YOUR LIP, and she loses the Volkswagen- the Passat, to be exact.

At the end, we see a clip of Pat's intro from his very first episode all the way back from 1981! We also see him interviewing his very first three contestants, and we see them all grown up on today's stage, 26 years later!

Opinions of "Duel"

I will have to say the premiere of ABC's "Duel" was not so good. The pacing was extremely slow, and Mike Greenberg bombed as a host that night. Even I personally got lost what was going on.

However, beginning on the second episode, I really got into the game. Also, the pacing clicked and Greenberg's hosting improved a bit. I also thought it was a nice touch that the finals qualifying format resembles the one for the Tournament of Champions qualifying on "Jeopardy!".

Overall, I liked the show, but I'm not sure if it will be done again. If it is, it should be held in the summer because the ratings weren't too stong.

This Week in Game Shows: December 24-30- LAST CHANCE WEEK

A week from now, the second annual Salute of Champions will be held. Thus, I declare this week the LAST CHANCE TO DANCE WEEK. Here's what's on tap:

TPIR: Christmas Week concludes.

WOF: They hold their own Christmas Week.

Deal or No Deal: In a Christmas episode, each player plays with only 25 cases available, and some cases contain Christmas foods instead of money.

Plus, watch your "Card Sharks" and "Family Feud" GSN marathons if you can, and I'll be back to covering "Jeopardy!" on Wednesday.

MVP Announcement for December 17-23

MVP: Ashlee Register ("Duel")

By virtue of her big win last night, she earns this week's MVP honors for the week of December 17-23. But she earned a lot more than that. She became network TV's first female non-reality game show millionaire (and the second ever overall with Nancy Christy), became the third-highest network TV non-reality game show winner (behind Ed Toutant and Dr. Kevin Olmstead of WWTBAM fame) and more importantly, became the new all-time female game show winner!

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Robert Elswick II- $55,000 runner-up ("Duel")
Bill Germanakos- $250,000 ("The Biggest Loser")
Nancy Kenzler- $114,650 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Jim Germanakos- $100,000 ("The Biggest Loser")

Sunday, December 23, 2007

"The Amazing Race XII" 12/23

Clue #1: Teams must travel via bus to Ancona, Italy. Their second clue was attached to a construction sign (how weird is that?).

Clue #2: Teams then had to drive via their marked cars to the town of Empoli. Once there, they had to find Campo di volo Silvano Poli in Comune du Cortenuova. At this point, all teams were given a Blackberry to use. At some point during their driving, they will get a message on it. Other than getting that message, they can't use their Blackberry for any other purpose.

At this point, Nathan Hagstrom and Jennifer Parker had the lead. However, TK Erwin and Rachel Rosales got into some big time trouble when they lost their second clue while they were at a gas station. It's possible they lost it while on their way there. But they would later find it from another lady who picked it up at a cafe.

As it turned out, all the messages were from members of the players' families!

The two Goths ran into some traffic along the way.

ROADBLOCK: One member from each team, while they were skydiving, had to spot their next destination marked on the ground- Vinci. Once they think they found it, they would go down to the ground. If they tell the instructor that word, they will get their next clue.

FAST FORWARD: Unlike the past few seasons, this was the ONLY one for this season. Here, teams had to go to the Fabio Studio to get a permanent tattoo done on both team members.

Hagstrom completed the Roadblock first, so those teams that didn't get/do the Fast Forward got this next clue:

Clue #4: Teams had to travel to the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, which is a museum. The next clue was located here.

Erwin looked clueless while he was in the air. So was Christina Hsu.

The all-male team, Donald Jerousek and Nicholas Fulks, decided to go for the Fast Forward....and breezed through it!

PIT STOP LOCATION: Boboli Gardens.

For the other teams, here was the last clue before the Pit Stop:

DETOUR: Invention or Tradition?

Invention: Teams went to a courtyard and chose one of two retro cranes. They had to assemble the crane before using it to lift one large stone off the ground. After that, they could place a mirror underneath the crane to read their Pit Stop location, printed at the bottom of the rock they just lifted.

Tradition: Teams went to Piazza Guido Masi and had to correctly learn and perform a traditional local flag routine. Once done, their Pit Stop location will be printed on another flag that the lead flag man gave them.

Not only was Erwin still having trouble with the Roadblock, the Goths were as well. To make matters worse, they have no idea the Fast Forward was now out of play.

Jerousek and Fulks won their first stage via the Fast Forward, winning each a five-night spa trip in Cancun, Mexico.

Hagstrom and Parker tried the flags, as did the Hsus.

Rosales took over the Roadblock for her team and completed it.

Hagstrom and Parker finished second for the third time this season. This was also their fifth top three finish in the past six stages after finishing tenth on their first stage.

The Hsus locked in third. Including this stage, they've been in the top three four times in a row.

The last team to definitely make it to the next stage was......

....Erwin and Rosales. That meant the Goths finished last. HOWEVER, this was the first of just two non-elimination legs this season, so they're still alive. But here's the price for it- during the next leg, they will have to complete a penalty task called a Speed Bump.

"Duel"- FINALE

Back with us to take care of unfinished buisness from last Friday are Ken Danberry (with $10,000 in his pocket) and Jim Boulgardies. Whoever wins this next duel will be the last finalist. We begin with this question:

What is the only state that permits residents to cast absentee ballots from space?

A: Florida
B: California
C: Texas
D: New Mexico

After covering up Florida and Texas, Danberry uses his Pressure Button. The other covers up all the choices. If either California or New Mexico is right, Boulgardies will have come out of nowhere to become a finalist and will win $35,000. Answer......

A: Florida
B: California
C: Texas
D: New Mexico

...Texas. The jackpot now stands at $1,470,000, and Danberry leads 9-7. Second question:

How many face cards are in a standard deck of 52 cards?

A: 8
B: 12
C: 13
D: 16

Danberry uses his other Pressure Button. He says 12, while the other also says 8 and 13. The answer is indeed 12, so Danberry still leads 9-5. The jackpot is now worth $1,480,000. Next:

What is the Statue of Liberty holding in her right hand?

A: Torch
B: Tablet
C: Scales
D: Nothing

Boulgardies uses his first Pressure Button. He covers torch and tablet, while Danberry covers tablet and nothing. If tablet's the answer, we keep playing. If torch is the answer, Boulgardies wins $20,000 and a finals berth, and if the answer is nothing, Danberry wins another $40,000 and will be in the finals. If it's scales, we go to a Shootout. Correct answer....

A: Torch
B: Tablet
C: Scales
D: Nothing

...tablet. With the jackpot at $1,490,000 now, here's the next question:

Which celebrity marriage lasted the longest?

A: Jennifer Aniston- Brad Pitt
B: Jessica Simpson- Nick Lachey
C: Britney Spears- Kevin Federline
D: Pamela Anderson- Kid Rock

Danberry covers up everything while the other covers up just A and B. If either C or D is right, Boulgardies wins $15,000 and a berth in the final four. Answer......

A: Jennifer Aniston- Brad Pitt
B: Jessica Simpson- Nick Lachey
C: Britney Spears- Kevin Federline
D: Pamela Anderson- Kid Rock

...A, so the jackpot heads to $1,510,000, and Danberry now leads 5-3. Next:

According to the National Restaurant Association, what's the most popular holiday to eat out?

A: Valentine's Day
B: New Year's Eve
C: Mother's Day
D: Thanksgiving

After the last Pressure Button this duel is used, Danberry has everything covered while the other has Valentine's Day and Mother's Day covered. If either New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving is right, Danberry goes to the finals and doubles his winnings......

A: Valentine's Day
B: New Year's Eve
C: Mother's Day
D: Thanksgiving

...but it's Mother's Day. We're now tied at two chips apiece, and the jackpot now stands at $1,530,000. Next:

Who passed Elvis Presley in 2007 as the all-time selling solo artist in the U.S.?

A: Mariah Carey
B: Michael Jackson
C: Shania Twain
D: Garth Brooks

Both say Carey and Brooks. If that's right, normal play continues and the pot will be $1,540,000. Otherwise, the pot goes to $1,550,000 and we will go to a Shootout....

A: Mariah Carey
B: Michael Jackson
C: Shania Twain
D: Garth Brooks's Brooks, so the jackpot goes to $1,540,000. Next:

How many months of the modern calendar contain 31 days?

A: 4
B: 5
C: 6
D: 7

Danberry guesses 7, while Bouulagardies' guess is 6. Actual number......

A: 4
B: 5
C: 6
D: 7

...lucky 7, meaning Danberry wins another $5,000 and is still in the finals! Despite a valiant effort, Boulgardies leaves empty-handed. The jackpot is now at $1,545,000.

Time for the first semi-final. The top seed, Robert Elswick III, with three wins and $30,000 so far, challenges Danberry. This means that we will have a battle of the sexes in the championship duel. Here's the first question of the male battle:

Who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition in three different decades?

A: Elle Macpherson
B: Christie Brinkley
C: Tyra Banks
D: Cindy Crawford

Danberry uses his first Pressure Button. Nobody covers Tyra...and Elle's the answer, so the jackpot goes to $1,565,000. Second question:

The phrase "often a bridesmaid, never a bride" was made famous in ads for which product?

A: Listerine
B: Avon
C: Secret
D: Leggs

Danberry uses his other Pressure Button. Elswick covers them all up while Danberry doesn't cover Listerine.....

...AND LISTERINE IS RIGHT, SO ELSWICK IS A FINALIST! He just won another $25,000, giving him $55,000 prior to the championship duel! Danberry leaves with $15,000. The jackpot is now worth $1,595,000.

In the other semi-final, it's Julie Tan vs. Ashlee Register. First question:

What color is the top horizontal stripe on a U.S. flag?

A: White
B: Red
C: Blue
D: Silver

Tan uses her first Pressure Button. Both players have red, while Register also locks in white.....

A: White
B: Red
C: Blue
D: Silver

...the answer's red, so the jackpot is now an even $1.6 Million. Second question:

Which TV star filmed a recruitment video for the CIA in 2004?

A: Gillian Anderson
B: Jennifer Garner
C: Kiefer Sutherland
D: Richard Dean Anderson

Both players cover up everything, making the big bank $1,630,000. Answer: Garner. Next question, which might be for you "Wheel of Fortune" geeks:

What is the most commonly used letter in the English language?

A: T
B: A
C: E
D: S

Tan uses her other Pressure Button. Again, both players cover up everything, so we now have a $1,660,000 jackpot. Answer: E. Tan leads 4-3. Next:

Which of these represent a quarter of all animal species?

A: Beetles
B: Birds
C: Dogs
D: Tuna

Tan locks in everything but dogs, while Register covers up everything but tuna. If dogs is right, Register is a finalist. If tuna is right, Tan is a finalist. Otherwise, we keep playing. Answer......

A: Beetles
B: Birds
C: Dogs
D: Tuna

...beetles, so our jackpot goes to $1,680,000, and Tan now leads 2-1. Next:

Which best-selling book was inspired by an episode of "Sex and the City"?

A: "Bridget Jones's Diary"
B: "The Game"
C: "The Devil Wears Prada"
D: "He's Just Not That Into You"

Register uses a Pressure Button. Both say "He's Just Not That Into You", and Tan also says "The Game". If "The Game" is right, Tan goes to the big show. Otherwise, we either go to another question in regulation or a Shootout. Answer.......

A: "Bridget Jones's Diary"
B: "The Game"
C: "The Devil Wears Prada"
D: "He's Just Not That Into You"

..."He's Just Not That Into You", meaning both players have only one chip left! The jackpot now stands at $1,685,000. Next:

What do the letters "MI" stand for in Britain's legendary spy agency "MI5"?

A: "Mission: Impossible"
B: "Military Intelligence"
C: "Majesty's Information"
D: "Mounted Inspector"

Register goes with "Military Intelligence" while Tan says "Majesty's Information". If the duel ends right now, whoever is right faces the male finalist.....

A: "Mission Impossible"
B: "Military Intelligence"
C: "Majesty's Information"
D: "Mounted Inspector"'s "Military Intelligence", so Register wins another $5,000 and goes to the finals with $40,000 in her pocket! Tan leaves with 30 grand.

Now, if Register should win it all after this last duel, she will become the all-time biggest female winner in game show history. She and Elswick will play for at least $1,690,000. Here's the first question:

Which of these weighs more?

A: Gallon of water
B: Gallon of crude oil
C: Gallon of vegetable oil
D: They all weigh the same

The lady locks in everything, while the man doesn't cover the water. If water is right, we have a new all-time game show queen......

A: Gallon of water
B: Gallon of crude oil
C: Gallon of vegetable
D: They all weigh the same



...which also makes her the third-highest network game show winner ever!!!!! The man leaves with $55,000.