Thursday, January 17, 2008

1/17/2008 Results

TPIR: While this week has gone OK for them (thanks to two big winners to start the week, including a Double Showcase Winner), they haven't given away a single car yet this week. Maybe today will be day. I hope so.

Starting things off are Marcus Cavenez, Elizabeth O'Shea, Cobi Miller and Carlos Warrez. The first IUFB is a drum set.

Marcus: $2,050
Elizabeth: $1,200
Cobi: $1,300
Carlos: $1,199 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $2,832, so the first man that came on down will play One Wrong Price for a bar set marked at $2,510, a home gym marked at $1,000 and an HDTV marked at $3,299. I say the home gym is wrong, and he agrees...NO. The bar set was $3,149.

Next player is Johnny Holmes and the second IUFB is a six-piece set of luggage.

Johnny: $1,150
Elizabeth: $850
Cobi: $1,200
Carlos: BUCK

ARP: $794, so Warrez's buck bid earns him the right to play Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., AT, Prot, Remote, Net). First number is 2. His second number guess is 3...

$ 2 6, _ _ _'s 6, so three bucks go down the tube. Third number guess is 4....

$ 2 6, 4 _ _

...that's more like it! Fourth number guess is 9....

$ 2 6, 4 6 _

...he's down to a single buck.

No chance for him to get the 1 as the last number, so he loses (BTW, he said 7 instead of 5 on the last number).

Next player is Brenda Blackwood and the next IUFB is a motorscooter.

Brenda: $1,500
Johnny: $2,300
Elizabeth: $2,500
Cobi: $2,501

ARP: $2,549, so Miller plays the Balance Game for a bed. The last three numbers are 1, 8 and 8. Dollar values available are $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000. My guess is $5,188 and she agrees...NO! It was $6,188.

The first loser today gets to the Showcase.

Next player is Marilyn Burgess (who's wearing a shirt with the names of all the hosts and announcers from all the versions of this show!) and the next IUFB is power tools.

Marilyn: $901
Brenda: $1,200
Johnny: $1,250
Elizabeth: $1,251

ARP: $1,140, so this lady who's wearing that special shirt about the show's staff history gets a chance at a Dodge Caliber and some cash in Pass the Buck! But she just got one last year, so this is a chance to win one to be able to sell. The first pair of items are NutraMist marked at $7.99 and cough drops marked at $1.15. She knows that the cough drops are $2.15 easily. The other pair of items are popcorn marked at $2.39 and candy marked at $6.99. This is a toughie. She thinks the popcorn is $3.39...nope. She then chooses my gut of #1....$5,000! But she goes on with #3....LOSE EVERYTHING. Too bad.

Next player is David Van Buren and the next IUFB is flatware.

David: $120 (STUPID BID)
Brenda: $920
Johnny: $550
Elizabeth: $551

ARP: $900, so O'Shea will play Plinko. She sweeps the small prizes- a $35 coffee center, a $28 calculator, a $30 MP3 player and a $25 phone in the shape of a car for all five chips.

1. $100 (Left)
2. $10,000
3. $10,000
4. $1,000 (Right)
5. DUD (Left)

She wins $21,100 in cash! Very nice!

The last player is Nancy Anderson and the final IUFB is snowboarding equipment. The winner also gets $40 worth of Hot Pockets.

Nancy: $1,750
David: $2,000
Brenda: $2,800 (SUICIDE BID)
Johnny: $1,500

Lucky for Brenda, all are over.

Nancy: $860
David: $920
Brenda: $700
Johnny: $950

ARP: $765, so thanks to that second chance on that last IUFB, Blackwood plays Flip Flop for a hot tub. Board:


She flips....and then flops to $4,395....should've gone with her gut of $3,495. Thanks to Plinko, we had an unofficial winless show today. Like the first half, the first loser this half gets to the Showcase. She also won $1,000 from the $5,000 she just lost previously.

First Showcase has a living room, coffee and a trip to Rio, and she bids $17,600. The man learns about Nervous Nellie. First, she's so nervous getting so bored during a date that she brings along a new jukebox. Second, while using a boat, she decides to bring along a new raft. Finally, she brings a lawyer while driving this anyway she can- a new Chevy Cobalt (Std., Paint, AT, ALB). He bids $21,400.

ARP for her: $20,043, a difference of $2,443. ARP for him: $26,439, so he leaves with parting gifts while the lady finally gets her big break today and $22,183 in cash and prizes!

One day left to give away a car. Bob Barker's very disappointed in you, guys....

(And I'm glad that at least one member on the Golden message board is concerned about the car issue this week.)

WOF: We begin with a shout-out by Sherri Shepherd from "The View". Tonight's players are Amy Alvarez from Columbia, N.J. (who is a financial buisnesswoman), Nicci Namen from Kansas City, MO (who is a first-grade teacher) and R.J. Palmaroy from L.A. (who is a visual effects production coordinator).

Alvarez wins $1,000 on DOING A CARTWHEEL, while the man at the end gets $2,000 from an ELASTIC WAISTBAND.

After a trip to Taos, NM worth $5,051 gets put on the wheel, the Round 1 category is Things. He calls the S's for the Wild Card right out of the gate. After he buys the A's, we have...

_ _ R S T/_ _ _ _ _ E/A N _/_ A S T/N A _ E S

...I know it now. After he calls the D's for $1,200, he solves FIRST MIDDLE AND LAST NAMES for $3,400 and $5,400 total.

Os-Cal Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. AA calls the H for the Free Spin, but then has to use it immediately after hitting Lose a Turn next. After she calls the N's later while on Jackpot, we have...

THE/E N T R A N _ E/TO/A/_ A _ T _ E

...for a $9,700 jackpot...nothing. After a $400 S that appears in the final word, she solves THE ENTRANCE TO A CASTLE for $6,050 and a trip to Prague, for a new total of $12,050.


Big Money Round subject is Before & After. The man calls the S for the New Mexico trip. He then calls two L's for $7,000, but then decides not to use the Wild Card. After buying the E, he calls a dud in P. After he calls the H, we have...

_ _ D E

L A _


...I didn't know the top word, but he does with the correct guess of JUDE LAW SCHOOL! He wins the New Mexico trip and $6,850, making his new total $17,301!

He then solves FRENCH DOORS to go to $20,301. Next category is Food & Drink. At the start, he calls a $5,000 T but again doesn't want to use the Wild Card. It appears he's trying to take it into the bonus round. After AA calls the A's (what else), we have...

A _ A S _ A _/_ _ _ _/S A _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ E T

...I don't know the second word. She then calls four L's for $2,400 and buys the O. After a $400 M, I think I know it now. After buying the I's (cleaning out the vowels in the process), she calls two K's for $1,800 and we now have...

A L A S K A _/K I _ _/S A L M O _/_ I L L E T I know (I thought the second word was PINK), but she hits Lose a Turn. The lady in the middle calls the N's for $2,100, and we go to Speed-Up Mode at an inopportune time with the remaining consonant (s) being worth $1,300. After calling the G, she solves ALASKAN KING SALMON FILLET for her only $3,400 on the night. The other lady has $12,050 in cash and trip and the man wins with $20,301, so for the second time this week, someone takes the Wild Card to the bonus round!

Will this man's Wild Card risk pay off in the end? Let's find out. He spins the S in BONUS and the category is What Are You Doing? Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _ N _

_ _ _

His opening picks are D, H, P and A. His last pick is C....but none are there, so the game is over. It was GOOFING OFF, and he doesn't win another $30,000. The F's might have done it for him.

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Tonight's first contestant is Jaime Babbitt from Brooklyn. Her potential backup singing partners are Camile and CJ. Her categories:

R & B

First up for her is Motown. Her song choices are "I Second That Emotion" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles and "Get Ready" by the Temptations. She chooses "I Second That Emotion" and three missing words are needed. Lyric:

"If you ___ ___ ____"

She completes it with " the notion" and locks that in to get on the board.

Second category is Love Songs, and her choices are "Open Arms" by Journey and "Tell Her About It" by Billy Joel. She goes with "Open Arms" and the target goes to four words. The line:

"Nothing to hide, _____ ___ _ ____"

She goes with "...believe what I say" and locks it in to double up.

She tackles a song by Huey Lewis and the News next. The choices are "Hip to be Square" and "The Heart of Rock & Roll". She chooses "The Heart of Rock & Roll" and she's back to a three-word target. Here it is:

"And from what I've seen, _ _____ ___"

She tries "....I believe them" and really believes in her guess...she now has $10,000.

To get to the $25,000 safe haven, she must get past the category of Rock next. The song choices this time are "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel and "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" by Joe Jackson. She goes with the Billy Joel song and again has a three-word deficit:

"That's ____ _ ____"

She fills the blanks in with "...what they say", but isn't absolutely confident, so she uses her two words freebie. She lights up the first two missing words to be "what" and "I", so had she gone with her gut, she would've lost it all by now. She then calls for a multiple choice, after managing to fill in the last word of "said". Three choices:

A: "...what I said"
B: "...what I've heard"
C: "...such a shame"

She goes with A...just made it to $25,000!

Next up for her is the 1970s. The song choices from that decade are "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas and "Listen To What the Man Said" by Wings. Her selection is the Kansas song, and her new target is five words long. They follow after "Crumbles to the ground", and she follows that with "...though we refuse to see". She's sure enough, so she locks it in...that's right for $50,000!

Her $100,000 category is R & B. The song choices this time are "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by the Temptations and "Too Hot" by Kool & The Gang. She goes with the song by the Temptations, and she has just five missing words to fill in once again. They follow "Sweet darling". She sings "Please don't leave me girl" and locks that in right away...up to 100 grand she goes!

Now, we had a loss on the $200,000 mark last week. Hopefully, that won't happen again tonight.
She then goes with the subject of Power Ballads. The choices this time are "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger and "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles. Her selection is "Black Velvet", and again, she must get by a five-word target. To be exact, she has to sing the last five words of the second line of the chorus. She decides to let out of her mouth " that slow southern style". She's not totally sure, so she decides to call up CJ for additional help. With his help, the guess gets changed to "...and that slow southern style". She's still not sure enough, so she takes her 100 grand and goes home.

Had she gone on, she would've been the second loser on the $200,000 level in two weeks. Correct: "...with that slow southern style".

Susan Woods from White House, TN, East Nashville's "Tomato Queen", went home with $25,000 after totally bombing her $50,000 song (she missed all but the first missing word of the target).

Please note that this show will not be on next week since next week's episode of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" will be two hours long. When "Lyrics" returns, an 11-year old kid gets to be a contestant! That should be interesting.
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