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1/18/2008 Results- Possible dubious history on "TPIR"

TPIR: Well, it's not the worst week I've seen, since we've already had two big winners to start the week, and we just had a $21,100 Plinko winner yesterday. Why I'm complaining is that they have not given away a single car this week (assuming you don't consider trailers cars), and this is the last day of the week. If no car is given away today, I believe we will have a "historic moment" that nobody wants to have happen. Let's hope that dubious honor doesn't happen.

We begin with Remi Gangarosa, Irene, Marc Goody and Joseph Vega. First IUFB is tailgating stuff.

Joseph: $850
Marc: $1,000
Irene: $750
Remi: $935

ARP: $890, so Vega will play Any Number for an armoire or a Jeep Wrangler (Std., Paint, AC, HTop, Heater). First number in the Jeep price is 2. First number guess is 3...last number of the piggy bank ($ _. _ 3). Second is 9....that's a nine dollar piggy bank today. Third is 6...the armoire's at least $600 today. Fourth is 8...last number of the armoire
($ 6 _ 8). Fifth is 1, the second number of the Jeep
($ 2 1, _ _ _). Sixth is 4...middle number of the Jeep ($ 2 1, 4 _ _). Seventh is 5...he wins just $9.53. The random number strategy didn't work for him today. The ARP of the Jeep was $21,420 and the armoire was $678. I think Roger wanted the armoire won today, not the piggy bank.

Next player is Randell and the second IUFB is kayaking equipment.

Randell: $850
Marc: $975
Irene: $950
Remi: $951

ARP: $1,077, so Goody plays Danger Price for a stereo system, dinette, garden tools and a laptop. The Danger Price is $634. First pick is the computer, which is $1,517. Second is the garden over. The dinette was $1,099 and the stereo was $800.

Next is Sherri Smith and the third IUFB is digital photo frames.

Sherri: $550
Irene: $650
Remi: $499
Randell: BUCK

ARP: $630, so Smith plays Magic Number for a tea set and a plasma TV. She sets her magic number at $749....NO FREAKIN' WAY. The TV was $2,698 and the tea set was $1,425. And she gets to the Showcase. Darn.

Next is Kenneth Mirada and the next IUFB is a bubble chair.

Kenneth: $865
Irene: $500
Remi: $591
Randell: $1,400

ARP: $2,930, so Randell, a student from SDSU, plays Pathfinder for a Dodge Avenger (Std., Sport, Stereo, Mouldings, Mats, Video). Board:


I think the car's $21,830, but I'm not totally sure. For the second number, she steps to the 1, which of course is right ($ 2 1, _ _ _). For the third number, she steps to the 7, which is wrong. She chooses the utensils, which are either $20 or $30. She goes with $ She then tries the tool kit, which is either $50 or $65. She says $50...right. She then steps to the 8 as the third number...right ($ 2 1, 8 _ _)! She then steps to the 3 as the fourth number....YES ($ 2 1, 8 3 _)! Please, baby, step to the 0 as the last number......


Now that we got that big monkey off our backs, we shall move on like normal. The next player is Cindy Demeer and the next IUFB is baby furniture.

Cindy: $1,250
Kenneth: $1,340
Irene: $1,354
Remi: $1,370

ARP: $2,425, and Gangarosa will play Now or Then for a spa worth $5,094. Then today is August 1998. First selection is Hill Bros. Coffee marked at $3.97 and he says Then...right! He can win if he's right on the cleaner and the yams, the cleaner and the Nutramist, or the Nutramist and the dog food. He decides to go with the Clorox spray, marked at $3.39, and he says Then Next, he goes for the NutraMist marked at $7.99 and he says Now, which is right. The dog food will decide his fate. Does he say Now with a price of $4.49....NO! Too bad.

The last player is Sienna and the final IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes.

Sienna: $1,400
Cindy: $1,275
Kenneth: $1,360
Irene: $850

All are over.

Sienna: $800
Cindy: $725
Kenneth: $730
Irene: $795

ARP: $795, so not only does Irene not go to the First Four Breakfast Club, she wins a $500 bonus! She then plays for a trip to Singapore in Double Prices. It's either $7,896 or $8,931. Toss-up, indeed. She decides to pick $8,931, thus shooting for the stars...and we have another winner!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 80 cents. Irene spins 80 cents as well. Now, for Randell. She spins 55...and goes over. But she's done her job already, so that's perfectly fine with me! Spin-off time. The man spins 50....while Irene gets a nickel more than him, so she's in the Showcase!

The first Showcase features weird ways to test scientific theories and laws. First, the Law of Gravity was somehow tested by having people jump non-stop on a new trampoline with a basketball hoop. Second, the saying that the Earth was round was tested by having people see some of it while on a Mediterranean Cruise! Finally, the saying "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" could be learned while driving a new 2008 Chevy Suburban (Std., Seat, Speakers, Crossbars)! Irene bids $43,750, which is a GARF, since that only covers the car. For Sherri, we have an arcade game, a bar set, a bed and a refrigerator/freezer, and she bids $12,420, which is a GARF as well.

ARP for her: $19,292, a difference of $6,872. ARP for Irene: $52,463, which is not quite enough, so Smith sadly wins and takes home $19,922 in prizes. Irene leaves with $9,726.

But Randell is the day's big winner with $24,810! After what she did today, she deserves to be it!

Crosswords: It's the old gameplay rules today, and we start with Mark Pasquale (a magician from Ohio) and Melissa Okey (a Canadian teacher). At the first Extra, the teacher's in control with $300 to the other's $100. She goes for the full $500:

S _ _ _

Clue: American Top 40 entry. She goes with SONG, which is right to go to $800! At the end of the round, she has $1,200 and a trip to S.F., while the man has $350.

Today's Spoilers are Amy Englehart (from N.J.), Isabel White (from California)....AND FROM NORTH CAROLINA, BEST KNOWN FOR WORKING AT TNA WRESTLING, "THE FALLEN ANGEL" CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!

1. (_ O A _)- It's half the faun. The Canadian says GOAT...correct to go to $1,400!
2. (_ E _ _ E T)- Bewail. The wrestler's going for a spoil, folks! He says need to do so, because he's right for $1,600! Also, a trip to Reno is placed in the bank he just stole!
3. (_ _ T I R)- Up and buzzing about. He says ASTIR...and he's right for $1,800!
4. (Four-lettter word)- Roughen, as lips. He gets CHAP to go to $2,000!
5. (_ _ _ P)- Gradually leak through small openings. Daniels goes with SEEP...I'm wrong and he's right again to go to $2,200 (I would've said DRIP)!
6. (_ _ _ A)- Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist. Daniels says at $2,400!
7. (_ _ _ _ _ F S)($300)- Overtimes, in elections. This time, the magician rings in with RUNOFFS...done a lot in Florida during the 2000 U.S. Presidential elections, that's correct to go to $650!
8. (_ _ _ _ O _)- Margay's spotted kin. Total Stumper- it was OSOLOT.
9. (Five-letter word)- Not chronic, medically. The Canadian tries to get her podium back with ACUTE...right she is for $2,600!
10. (_ A _ _ _)- _____-Dixon Line. She gets MASON no sweat to go to $2,800!
11. (M _ _ _ _)- Subject you see again and again in an artistic work. She goes with MODEL...incorrect. Englehart has a chance to steal her cash and trips with MOTIF...right!
12. (T U _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Kind of salad or sandwich. Englehart goes with TUNA FISH...I love these types of sandwiches since I was a baby, and that's correct for $3,100!
13. (Four-letter word)- Clever maneuver. The wrestler tries to get the lead back with MOVE....NO. It was PLOY.
14. (Five letters)- Diamonds and other shiny jewelry, in hip-hop slang. Englehart says BLING...and here's $200 more for her in bling-bling! And she gets a chance at the second Extra today, and she decides to risk $1,300:

_ B _ _

Clue: Baker-Charlie precursor. She has nothing, so she's down to two grand. Answer: ABEL.

16. (Nine-letter word)($300)- Big sandwich. Pasquale says SUBMARINE...that's correct to go to $950!
17. (_ _ B _ _ _)- Crue, or bringing a blush to the cheeks. Nobody gets RIBALD.
18. (Six letters)- Kissin' kin. Pasquale says COUSIN...that means he ends the round with $1,150!


1. (_ N _ _ _)- Give qualities to. Englehart says ENDOW...incorrect. For a spoil, the Canadian says ENACT...also not it. It was ENDEW.
2. (Six letters)- Presuppose. Englehart says ASSUME...she gets the $200 back!
3. (Four-letter word)- Gravy spoiler. The magician tries sure is to go to $1,350!
4. (_ _ _ P)- Kind of ladder used around the house. Englehart knows about the STEP ladder to go to $2,200.
5. (Four-letter word)- Jack stuffed in your car's trunk. Englehart rings in, but takes too long, as does the magician. That means White has a free shot at it with TIRE...and she's right to steal the $2,200 and the trips!
6. (Six letters)- She's a real doll who hasn't aged much since 1959. The magician knows it's BARBIE to get the lost $200 back.
7. (_ _ B _ _ _ _)($300)- Middle Eastern leader beginning in 1981. White says ABBASS (?!?!?!!?)....ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. It was MUBARAK, and she drops to $1,900.
8. (Five-letter word)- Life-giving acid. Pasquale says AMINO...$1,550!
9. (_ _ _ _ O _)- Bird in a Kesey title. He goes with CUCKOO...that's right for $1,750! The next correct answer given by the magician could give him the lead! He could get it with the day's last Extra. He wagers a grand. For the lead:

_ _ _ _ O _ _

The clue is...official residence provided by a church. He....draws a blank. Darn. He's all but out of this game now at $750. Answer: RECTORY.


11. (Three letters)($100)- First of three on a straight line, in a child's game. Pasquale says TIC...right for $850.
12. (Three-letter word)($100)- Dutch or Siberian tree. White says ELM...right to go to $2,000.
13. (Four-letter word)- Abnormal vesicle. White says LUMP...uh, no. It was CYST, and she drops to $1,800.
14. (Four-letter word)- Piece that may be on a roof, floor, wall or board. The man says TILE...and he's right to go to $1,050.
Final clue (Four-letter word)- Royal Crown product. White says CUPS, which is incorrect. The man steals with COLA to go to $1,250, but it's too little, too late, as White wins the game, $1,600 and both mini-vacations. Christopher, it's been a pleasure having you on something other than wrestling. Good luck to you!

Crossfire: If White can fill in the remaining 17 blanks, she'll add $2,000 and a trip to Cabo San doesn't happen.

WOF: Tonight's players are Dave Wolfe from Oakdale, PA (a graduate research student in Criminal Justice; he's also a professional darts player), Cristi Winkler from West Bend, WS (who is an administrative assistant) and Lindsey Brunner from San Diego (who is a senior at UCSD majoring in marketing).

Tonight's male player gets WILE E. COYOTE for a grand and then triples that after solving PET OWNERS.

After a trip to Phoenix worth $5,700 is put on the wheel, Round 1's category is Place...and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Winkler calls an S for the $10,000! At that point, we have...

_ _ A _ A T I _

_ _ A S T _ I N E

...I only have the bottom word right now. She calls a $500 M and buys the O. Next, she calls two C's for $800 more and the L for another $300. After a $600 R, she solves DRAMATIC COASTLINE for $12,100 and a trip to Bermuda, for a total of $17,800!


Os-Cal Jackpot Round category is Song Lyrics. After Brunner buys the I's, we have...

I'M/_ _ S _/_ I _ _/S _ N _ _ _/M _ _ N I N _

...I know it. She calls a $450 G and buys the O and the U. Afterwards, she calls a $3,500 R and buys the E's. Then, she calls the Y's for another $600 and buys the A's, and then calls the D for the 25 prize- $2,500 from She then solves I'M EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING for $8,800!

Big Money Round category is Food & Drink, and it's a fairly big puzzle. At the start, Brunner calls two R's for the Arizona trip. She then calls three L's for $10,500 and buys four E's and three A's, but she then hits Bankrupt. Too bad. Later on, Winkler calls two N's for the Wild Card, but she loses it to a Bankrupt fairly quickly. After Brunner calls the P's, we have...

S _ I P P _/AND/S _ U _ _ E R' S/ON/

_ H O _ E/_ H E A _/BREAD took me a while, but I've got it. She then calls two K's for $600 and the Free Spin, and then the Y for another $300. She then solves SKIPPY AND SMUCKER'S ON WHOLE WHEAT BREAD for another $4,300, bringing her to $13,100!

The man then solves MINI-CHOPPER to go to $6,000. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,600 each. After the man calls the L's, we have...

T _ _ _ N G/_ T/_ L L/_ N/S T _ _ _ _

...he then solves TAKING IT ALL IN STRIDE to finish in second with $14,800! Everybody did OK tonight! Brunner has $13,100 and Winkler wins with $17,800!

She spins the dollar sign and the category is Food & Drink. Starting with:

_ E T _ _ _ _

I know it already, and apparently Winkler does too! She calls C, K, P and U and gets...

K E T C _ U P

...she read my mind- she gets the condiment best made by Heinz- KETCHUP! That wins her $30,000 and $47,800 overall, meaning for the third time in six weeks, we have a 4 out of 5 bonus round week!

1 vs. 100: Tonight's featured player is Joe Lorenzo from Brooklyn. When gameplay was halted last week, he had just reached the $25,000 mark with 60 people left in the mob. All of his helps are still alive. He also has a lucky towel in his shirt for good luck, as well. We resume with this question:

As you look straight ahead at the Apple, Inc. logo, from where has someone taken a bite?

A: The right side
B: The left side
C: The top

I had no idea, but apparently he does, as he goes with the right side...right on all accounts! He knocks out 14 to double up to $50,000! Next:

At the farmer's market, the farmer's daughter offers you a nice pear. What is she selling you?

A: A McIntosh
B: A Valencia
C: A Bartlett

My gut was Valencia, since I have A ruled out. He disagrees with me and says a Bartlett...yes! Only two missed that. Next up:

The 1990 album "Because It's Christmas" was recording by what singer who's actually Jewish?

A: Lance Bass
B: Bruce Springsteeen
C: Barry Manilow

He goes with my slight gut of Manilow...right to knock out eight more people and go to $75,000! This next question might remind you of a $50,000 question earlier this season on "Millionaire". Here it is:

Which is NOT a flavor of Kellogg's Pop Tarts?

A: Frosted Strawberry Milkshake
B: Frosted Banana Cream Pie
C: Frosted Caramel Chocolate

I have A ruled out. He's stumped, so he trusts the mob on Banana Cream Pie.....

...RIGHT! 14 missed that, so he's at $100,000! Next question:

Geographically speaking, what is a correct alternate title for "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

A: Pirates of the Eastern Hemisphere
B: Pirates of the Northern Hemisphere
C: Pirates of the Southern Hemisphere

He polls the mob on the South...only five said that. He then realizes in his mind, it's a toss-up between the North and the South. He goes with Pirates of the Northern Hemisphere. If he's right, he's got at least $250,000.....

...YES! Seven missed that, meaning he's at $250,000 and is five people away from the $500,000 mark! He decides to.....

...go on! Next question, possibly for $500,000:

The 13th Amendment- which abolished slavery- was finally ratified by which state in 1995?

A: Mississippi
B: Missouri
C: Kentucky

He wisely asks the mob. #63, Julia, thinks it's Mississippi, but isn't 100% sure. #5, Patty, thinks it's Kentucky because Mississippi and Missouri are in the deep south and she thought those two states were illogical in doing such a thing. His final guess is Kentucky......

...NO- HE'S THE SECOND-BIGGEST LOSER EVER ON THE SHOW. Ouch. And what's even worse- HE MISSED OUT ON $500,000!!! Double ouch. Ten people get 25 grand apiece.

Sarah Greene will be next week's first contestant. When time ran out on her tonight, she had 27 people remaining and thus got to $100,000. Early in her game, she KOed what I believe was a record 49 mob members on one question just to get to $50,000! Only the polling help is gone.

How Much is Enough?: We have Mariani (a flight attendant from Chicago), Dawson (a real estate investor from Seattle), Patty (a life coach from Muskogee, OK) and Ed (from Toledo,OH) as the players tonight.

Mariani: $529
Dawson: $582
Patty: $466
Ed: $691

Mariani: $865
Dawson: $1,120
Patty: $1,055
Ed: $926

Patty: $1,521
Mariani: $1,394
Ed: $926
Dawson: $582

Mariani: $1,816
Dawson: $1,275
Patty: $1,244
Ed: $1,458

Patty: $2,765
Ed: $2,384
Dawson: $1,857
Mariani: $1,394

Mariani: $1,371
Dawson: $1,684
Patty: $1,918
Ed: $2,055

Patty: $4,683
Dawson: $3,541
Mariani: $2,765
Ed: $2,384

Mariani: $3,319
Dawson: $2,578
Patty: $2,413
Ed: $2,542

Dawson: $6,119
Ed: $4,926
Patty: $4,683
Mariani: $2,765

Final Face-Off: Out of $11,045...Dawson wins $5,804.
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