Monday, January 28, 2008

1/28/2008 Results

WWTBAM: Beginning the day with us is Jack Rotondi from Staten Island. He helps those around the area who have poor sight. He runs into trouble on this one grand question:

Which of these adjectives best describes a person said to be "navel-gazing"?

A: Self-absorbed
B: Belligerent
C: Cowardly
D: Superficial

He asks the audience. 43% said self-absorbed, 36% said superficial and 16% said cowardly. This looks like a tough question on the $1,000 level to me. His gut was self-absorbed, so he goes with it....

A: Self-absorbed
B: Belligerent
C: Cowardly
D: Superficial

...he's right for $1,000! Three questions later, for $8,000:

Historian Edward Gibbon is best known for his six-volume account of the "Decline and Fall" of what empire?

A: Roman
B: British
C: Chinese
D: Persian

He goes with Roman...right! $16,000 question:

In track and field, the "6 meter club" is a distinguished group of competitors in what event?

A: Shot put
B: Pole vault
C: Hammer throw
D: Steeplechase

The 50:50 leaves the top two. He then calls his cousin, Peter, who's not totally sure it's the pole vault. That's what I was leaning towards, also. He goes with both of us...

A: Shot put
B: Pole vault

...right! $25,000 question reads like this:

A vexillologist would take particular interest in which of these holidays?

A: Presidents' Day
B: Arbor Day
C: Groundhog Day
D: Flag Day

Something tells me it's Groundhog Day. He has no clue, so he throws in the towel at $16,000. I was wrong- it was Flag Day.

Moving into the hot seat next is Arnold Edwards from Chicago. For $8,000:

One of the Earth's tectonic plates, the Galapagos Plate lies beneath what ocean?

A: Pacific Ocean
B: Arctic Ocean
C: Indian Ocean
D: Atlantic Ocean

He asks the audience. 58% said Pacific, 21% said Indian and 14% said Atlantic. He goes with his gut of Pacific and is right. $16,000 question:

Which of these lyrics is from the Neill Diamond hit "America" and NOT the 1831 song "America (My Country! 'Tis of Thee)"?

A: "Sweet freedom's song"
B: "Land of the noble free"
C: "Long may our land be bright"
D: "Freedom's light burning warm"

He decides to call his brother, Ricky, who's pretty sure it's "Sweet freedom's song". He agrees....

A: "Sweet freedom's song"
B: "Land of the noble free"
C: "Long may our land be bright"
D: "Freedom's light burning warm"

...but Ricky blew it! It was "Freedom's light burning warm", so he leaves with $1,000 and a DVD game.

Tony Mitchell from Brownsburg, IN will return tomorrow.

Crosswords: Our opening players today are Duke Hillinger (an extreme videographer from Illinois) and Sandra Payne (a edicate columnist from Alaska).

At the first Extra, the lady leads $250-$50, and she has control. She wagers the $500 on this:

_ R _ _ _

Clue: Highest part of a hill or mountain range. She says CREST...


...she triples her money! She adds another $100 to end the round with $850, while the man has $150.

Today's Spoilers are Ryan Beaman (a Kansas bartender), Mary Brown (a NY social worker) and Craig Menay (a California fiber specialist).

1. (S _ _ _)- View-blocking pollution problem. She gets SMOG to hit four figures at $1,050!
2. (Five-letter word)- Common college admission requirement. The man says TESTS...not quite, so he's $50 in the hole. Answer: ESSAY.
3. (Six-letter word)- Gutter ball locales. The lady says ALLIES...I'm afraid that's an incorrect spelling. For the first spoil of the day, Menay says ALLEYS, which is correct to steal her $1,050.
4. (_ _ _ _ S)- They're spent in Oman. Menay says BHATS...incorrect, dropping him to $850. Answer: REALS.
5. (Five-letter word)- Marine formation. Menay says ATOLL...wrong again, so he's down to $650. Answer: CORAL.
6. (Four letters)- Star of "The Wicker Man". For the spoil, Beaman says CAGE...first name is Nicholas, that is correct to go to $850 and find the first Extra of the round! He wagers $150:

_ _ A _

Clue: Folk singer MacColl. He has nothing, so down to $700 he goes. Answer: EWAN.

8. (Six letters)- Prevents potential computer crashes. To take the lead back, Menay says DEBUGS...correct!
9. (_ _ U _ _ _)- More than treats shabbily. Menay says ABUSES...right again to go to $1,100!
10. (_ _ _ A _ _ _ _)($300)- Napoleon of a film title. Hillinger totally blows it by misreading the clue and saying BONAPARTE. To steal his podium, Payne says DYNAMITE.
11. (_ _ _ Y)- Cookie brand with "Chips". She gets AHOY to get out of the hole and move to $150.
12. (_ A _ _ _)- Used a crosscut. Menay says SAWED...he's right to go to $1,300! He then hits the other Extra of the round and wagers $500 on this:

_ _ _ _ D

Clue: Characterized by speed. He can't get RAPID, so he's back at $800.

14. (Seven letters)($300)- Ranchero wraps. Menay takes a shot with SERAPES...he's right to go back to $1,100!
15. (_ _ _ _ R)- After a spell. Menay says LATER...he makes up for that last missed Extra, as he's back at $1,300!
16. (Four letters)- Like many a Kuwaiti. He says ARAB...$1,500!
17. (Ten letters)($300)- Hoped-for effect of having a big military. She says DETERRANTS...I don't think so, so that plus near that $150 turns into a minus. Answer: DETERRENCE.
18. (Six letters)- Noel Coward play, "Post-____". To get back to the bottom row as the new leader, Hillinger says MORTEM...that's right to end the round with $1,700!

Here's this week's at-home sweepstakes question:

SAVED BY THE _ _ _ _


Round 3 is now.

1. (M _ _ _ _)- Actress Tierney of "Liar Liar". Payne says MAURA to get out of the hole!
2. (O _ _ _ _)- Diabolical creatures of folklore. She says OGRES...her $50 is multiplied by five!
3. (Four letters)- Music's _____ Day & the Knights. Hillinger says OTIS...correct to go to $1,900!
4. (_ _ S _)- Cleanup target. For her first spoil chance today, Brown says MESS...right for $2,100!
5. (_ _ O _ _ _)- Repelled, as a fly, e.g. Menay tries to take his podium back with SHOOED...that's right for $2,300!
6. (Six letters)- Follower of diciembre. He then says ENERO...$2,500!
7. (_ _ O)($100)- Veiled oath? He says I DO for that...they approve to go to $2,600!
8. (_ _ _ _ I)- Two words forming a question with "say more?". He completes it with NEED I to go to $2,800!
9. (Four-letter word)- Reno randomizers. He goes with the DICE...he's at three grand! After a fairly sluggish start, he's rockin' and rollin' now!
10. (Four letters)- Cannonballed along. He goes with SPED...$3,200!
11. (Seven letters)($300)- Scolds. He says BERATES...right again for $3,500! He then hits the last Extra of the game and wagers $500 on this clue, with a four-letter answer needed:

Large coffee holders.

I thought MUGS, but he says URNS...URNS is right to go to $4,000!


13. (Four-letter word)- Put under the mattress. He says HIDE...right for $4,200!
14. (Three-letter word)($100)- It may have a wide body. He says CAR...he's wrong this time, dropping him to $4,100. It was JET.
15. (Three letters)($100)- First name of the "Corpse Bride" director. Beaman goes for a big spoil with TIM...$4,200!
16. (Another three-letter word)($100)- Type of center that can be a hangout. Menay tries to get his podium back with GYM...NO! Darn. It was REC.
17. (Seven letters)($300)- Purify or decontaminate. Hillinger says CLEANES...not even a word. It was CLEANSE, and he was going to be CLEANSES at first. Too bad.
18. (Eight letters)($300)- Breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland. Payne says GUERNSEY...I don't think so, so she's back at $50 in the red. Answer: HOLSTEIN.
19. (Four letters)- Hessian river. Brown has a free spoil shot with ODER...NO. It was EDER, and since time expires here, had she gotten that, she would've won. Instead, the winner is Beaman with $4,200.

Crossfire: If he can fill in the remaining 19 blanks, he's going to Hawaii with $9,200...nope.

Family Feud: It's back with a bang, because it's Winner Take All Tournament time! Eight families who I think all lost their very first time on the show come back for a chance to win up to $120,000. The first two families in play are the Kownackis (led by John, and his partners are Darcy, Cody, Jordan and Jacque) and the Baileys (led by David, and he's joined by Jesse, James, Ariel and Nora), and the winners will face the winners of Tuesday's game on Wednesday.

First question: If a man is using Viagara, who does he hope he never finds out? Starting with:

1. Friends (32, John)
4. Parents (11, David)

The Kownackis will play. Darcy says the wife...#2 (21)! Cody says ex-girlfriend...dud. Jordan then goes with siblings...also a dud. Jacque then says in-laws...mother-in-law is #6 (3). David then tries the kids...#5 (4). Darcy says co-workers next...that and boss are #3 (20)! Cody then goes with the dog...strike three, so it's steal time for the Baileys, with 91 points on the line. David says, so the Kownackis are on the board first! Unsaid:

7. Mistress (2)
8. Wife's girlfriends (2)

Second question: When you give a speech, name something you do to calm your nerves. Starting with:

1. Take a deep breath (33, Darcy)
2. Drink water/juice (16, Jesse)

The Kownackis get to play again. Cody says drink alcohol (?!?!?)...#4 (7)! Holy smokes! Jordan's next guess is practicing the speech...sorry. Jacque then tries Tylenol...bottom answer (5)! John then thinks #3 is meditating...but it's not. Back to Darcy, who says sweep for them. David then thinks it's smoking...but it's seeing the audience nude (12, LOL!), so the Kownackis go to 151!

Double: Something in your house that's out of style. Starting with:

1. Furniture (30, Cody)

The Kownackis play again. Jordan's first guess this round is clothes...#3 (11)! Jacque then thinks of the kitchen...#2 (13)! Next is John with the Darcy's guess is the TV...#4 (6)! For the rock bottom answer, Cody says the Jordan tries to close the round out with cars...turn over. David then thinks the bottom answer is the draperies...but it's walls/wallpaper (6), so the Kownackis are at 271!

Triple: Name something that might make your auto insurance go down. Jordan buzzes in first with no accidents...NUMBER ONE (70), so her team has a chance to close this game out! Jacque says good grades (?!?!!?!)...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. John tries to do much better with having car alarms...nope. Darcy then goes with cheap cars...instant strikeout. To force Sudden Death, David says your age...that's #2 (8)! Remaining answers:

3. Change of address (5)
4. Driving school (4)

Sudden Death: Jacque and Nora duke it out. a word that rhymes with yellow. The top answer is mellow (58)...and Nora has it, so the Baileys steal the game at 384!

Fast Money: Jesse and Ariel try to put the first $20,000 into the tournament jackpot.

1. Name a specific part of a skinny-dipper that usually doesn't look so skinny.
2. A reason why you need a lawyer.
3. Name something little kids do in the snow.
4. A word that rhymes with "pony".
5. An occasion when you pose for family pictures.

My guesses:
1. Legs
2. You're in a court case
3. Build snowmen
4. Tony
5. Christmas

Ariel says thighs, divorces, building snowmen, Tony and Christmas for 132! Jesse first says the butt...39, and that wasn't even #1! 29 points away now. His second answer was being sued...17. Third answer was snow angels...25 is enough for the win! Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Stomach/waist
4. Phony

For Game #2, the Lewis family returns after a long hiatus to defend their crown for the third time against the Thomason family, led by Darlene. Her partners are Amber, Debbie, Becky and David.

The challengers score the first 91 points on things bank robbers don't want to be without. They get another 96 on body parts that might remind them of Jell-O.

Double: Professions that start with P. Starting with:

1. Police officers (13, Debbie)
2. Professor (13, Sheriece)

Because she was first to ring in, the champions will play. Erica says Shavonne says plumbers...#3 (12)! Shanae then goes with psychians...#4 (9)! Patriece then says Back to Sheriece, who goes with pastors for the Darlene then says the bottom answer is psychiatrists...but it's psychologists (7), so 94 points go to the champs.

Triple: Name something a farmer hopes a cow doesn't do while he's milking it. Erica says running....ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE!! LOL! Becky says kick them...#2 (35) to give the challengers the chance to play! David then says go Darlene tries going to the crapper...NUMBER ONE (44)!!! Amber then tries Debbie is wincing at her guess of mating...and with good reason, because that yields the third strike. This steal is for the game. Shanae says falling on the farmers...that's at the bottom (2) to retain at 331! #3 was tooting (12, WTF?)

Fast Money: Shanae and Patriece take the big board for the third time.

1. Name something you hate to drop while holding it.
2. Besides water, something you use to put out a fire.
3. A lady's name that starts with M.
4. Name a food/drink that starts with "Hot".
5. Name the average weight that a newborn baby weighs.

My guesses:
1. Food
2. Fire extinguisher
3. Mary
4. Hot chocolate
5. Five pounds

Sheriece says hot coffee, fire extinguisher, Martha, hot chocolate and six for 114. Patriece goes with baby...20! Second answer was salt...3. Third was Mary, my answer, and that's #1 for 32! She says hot sauce fourth...four said that. Final answer is lucky seven, and we need 27's lucky enough to be #1 at 36, so they win the $20,000! Three-day total: $40,675! The #1 answer for the first question was cups/glasses.

TPIR: Today's first four players are Joseph Goudierez, Ann Marie Gomez, Nicole Naxon and Teresa McCloud. The first IUFB is an LCD TV.

Teresa: $2,200
Nicole: $1,250
Ann Marie: $1,400
Joseph: $585

ARP: $1,995, so Gomez from Chicago will play Freeze Frame for a bed. Price possibilities are: $1,032, $1,280, $3,266, $5,612, $6,670, $7,056, $8,091 and $9,110. Her guess is $6, another Pricing Game might indicate, THAT'S TOO MUCH! ARP: $3,266.

Next player is Anthony Floreck and the second IUFB is a washer/gas dryer.

Anthony: $1,099
Joseph: $700
Teresa: $900
Nicole: $1,100

ARP: $898, so Goudierez plays Card Game for a Ford Ranger (Std., AC). Range is $1,000. He draws a Queen of Diamonds...a King of Hearts...a 10 of Spades...a deuce of diamonds...a nine of hearts, and he stops at $16,100. Sadly, the ARP was just $15,505, so he's over and he loses.

Next player is Anna Maya and the third IUFB is a BBQ. The winner also gets a $40 supply of V8 juice.

Anna: $1,000
Teresa: $875
Nicole: $900
Anthony: BUCK

ARP: $725, so that one buck bid means Floreck plays Race Game for a chair/ottoman, mountain bikes, kitchen appliances and board games. The prices are $403, $795, $1,065 and $1,642. His first guess is $403 for the games, $795 for the appliances, $1,065 for the bikes and $1,642 for the furniture...two are right. He switches the appliances and the bikes...he wins! And he gets to the Showcase via a spin-off!

Next player is Donetha Shepard and the next IUFB is a water scooter.

Donetha: $1,200
Anna: $700
Teresa: $650
Nicole: $400

ARP: $496, so Naxon plays Side by Side for a trip to Barbados. Board:


I say $6,474 and she agrees...both of us are wrong!

Next player is Saro and the next IUFB is power tools.

Saro: $850
Donetha: $900
Anna: $525
Teresa: $526

ARP: $533, so that extra dollar means McCloud, the Canadian, will play Cover Up for a Chevy Cobalt (Std., Paint, AT, ALB). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 0, 3 or 5?
Third number: 0, 1, 3 or 9?
Fourth number: 1, 2, 6, 7 or 8?
Last number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8?

First guess is $35,915...only the first number is wrong! What a crazy lady! She then makes the price $15,915 and wins! Dob-stopper!

Final player today is Nancy Neill from UCLA and the last IUFB is a necklace.

Nancy: $929
Saro: $700
Donetha: $1,300
Anna: BUCK

ARP: $1,200, so Neill will play Pick a Pair for home office furniture (including a computer system) worth $7,686. Products are NutraMist, jewelry clasp, trash bags, Mylanta, St. Ives lotion and Cortaid cream. First pick is the lotion, which is $4.99. She then picks the NutraMist...$7.99. She tries to pick the other $7.99, and she thinks it's the Cortaid...but it's even higher, $9.99! The other $7.99 item was the Mylanta. Tough luck!

SSD2: The first loser this half spins 15...and 80 for 95 cents. The second loser spins a nickel...and ties it up! The only winner this half also spins 95 cents, so we've got a three-way spinoff! Naxon has 65, Neill does a wheelie and then gets 30 cents...and McCloud gets 55, so Naxon goes to the Showcase!

The first Showcase takes a visit to Earnit & Handover Investments. First, this company provides a selection of shirts to those people who lose their shirts. Second, to keep your heart in shape despite getting some potentially heartbreaking news, they're providing a new treadmill. Finally, to prevent bear attacks while suffering from financial woes with bear markets, they're providing a new Pegasus trailer. Naxon bids $22,100. The man goes for a wine cabinet, a dining room and a piano (Fireball Special Showcase alert), and he bids $14,114, which sounds reasonable.

ARP for her: $24,562, a difference of $2,462. ARP for him: 16 thousand....274, so by just $302, he wins! He takes home $20,948 in prizes.

WOF: It's Teen Best Friends Week! This week was originally scheduled to air during the last week of November, but it's been moved to this week. Now, I would like to point out that the one week of shows that featured the only $100,000 win of this season was originally scheduled to air during New Year's Week, but that aired a few weeks earlier ahead of schedule. Thus, I have this strange feeling the second $100,000 win of the season will happen sometime this week. Will it happen? Let's find out.

Tonight's teams are Jill Tuso (Valencia, CA; she's a high school cheerleader) and Ashley Chaa (who is the captain of a high school tennis team)(in the blue; they're 12th graders), Kyle Bonovitz (who is on the freshman basketball team) and James Conger (who has participated in football, baseball and wrestling; both are 9th graders) and Bailey Thompson and Jackie Cohen from Lagora Hills, CA (who are 10th graders; both love theatre).

Tuso and Chaa get $1,000 with INSTANT MESSAGING, while the other all-girl team gets $2,000 with RHODE ISLAND (with just three letters revealed!).

After a pair of houseboat trips worth $6,000 get put on the wheel, the Round 1 category is Before & After. After Thompson and Cohen call the N, we have...

S _ _ R _

_ _ N _

_ _ _

...I think I have it now. They call the T's for the Wild Card, and have $1,350 in their bank right now. They call the H for another $600, but call a dud in C. The other pair of ladies call the K's for $800 and buy the A's, and after calling the P, they solve SHARK TANK TOP for $2,000 and $3,000 total.

(Flashback moment from 1982: Vanna White's audition!)

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Family. When we get to the winners of the last round, in the middle of this round, we have...

_ _ _ _ _/R A _/&/_ _ _ _ _/

_ _ R _ S

...I have it now, but they hit Lose a Turn. The men call a $300 M but call a dud in P. Cohen and Thompson call the L's for $2,400 and buy the E, but they mess up with the H. The blue girls call the Y's for $1,200 and solve BILLY RAY & MILEY CYRUS for another two grand and $5,000 total.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. After the men call the D, we have...

H _ M _ M _ D _/_ _ S T _/_ _ T H/

T _ M _ T _/S _ _ _ _

...I know it now. After buying the O's, they call the C for $600. After they purchase the A's, they solves HOMEMADE PASTA WITH TOMATO SAUCE for $3,400 and a pair of trips to Italy, making their opening total $12,400!


The blue team then solves SUPER-DUPER to go to $8,000. Next category is Fictional Character. After that same team buys the E's, we have...

_ _ _ R _

T _ _ E

_ R _ _ _ E S S

...I know it now. They call a $900 N and solve FAIRY TALE PRINCESS to go to $11,250. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,550 a pop. After they call the N, we have...

_ _ R _/T _ _ N/_ _ _ T S/T _ _/_ _ _

...I know it now, but they don't. The men call the H's but can't solve. Cohen and Thompson call D for dud. The blue ladies call the E's and solve MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE for the match with $13,250! The men have $12,400 and the ladies in the middle get $2,000.

In addition to the cash this week, we have a pair of Pontiac G6 Coupes and a pair of Scion xBs to offer. They spin the 1 and the category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ R _ _ _

_ _ E N

_ _ _ _ _

I think I know it already. They call C, H, M and I and get...

_ R I C _

_ _ E N

_ I _ _ _

...they read my mind- they solve BRICK OVEN PIZZA, and win a pair of 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Coupes worth a combined $46,200, bringing their final total to $59,450 in cash and cars!


(Incidentally, the winners just got their driving licenses before this episode was taped! Cool!)

Jeopardy!: Ethan Brosowsky, an actor from L.A. (WGA, anyone?), had a huge cheering section erupt when he won the championsip on the Friday show I didn't cover last week, winning $21,600 in the process. Tonight, he defends his crown for the first time against Steven Melendez (a computer consultant from Cabridge, MA) and Melissa Prusi (a marketing writer originally from Michigan). Opening categories:


Early on, the computer man finds the Daily Double under the $600 clue in the PC category. With $2,600, he wagers a grand:

It was introduced by the Coca-Cola company in 1963.

"What is Tab?" bet! Of course, that's a type of soda. He still leads at the first break with $4,800. The lady has $1,800 and the champ has $200 less than her. At the end of the round, the battle between the challengers for the lead gets much closer. He's got $6,600, while she has $4,600 (after a last-minute ruling before the second round began). The actor has $3,400.

DJ! categories:

I'D LIKE TO Y A VOWEL (Y will be the only vowel that appears in each correct response.)
MISSILES (about the NASA White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico)

Just after taking the lead early on, she hits the first Daily Double under the last clue in "Great". She has $7,000 to the computer man's $6,600, and the champion has five grand. Her wager is $2,000:

Often following the crest of the Rockies, it seperates eastward-flowing and westward-flowing streams.

"What is the Great Continential Divide?"...correct to go to $9,000! She then picks up a bit of steam from there, getting to about $14,000 at one point! Later on, she hits the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in the vowel category. She now has $16,600, while the champ has $9,400 and the other man has $6,600. She wagers $2,400:

This term was originally applied to a type of underground chapel.

"What is a crypt?"....right to make her score an even 20 grand! By the end of the round, she adds another $200 and ices the game with $20,200! That's because the champ has $9,400 and the computer whiz has $8,200.

FJ! category: TV Celebrities. Clue, just for giggles:

Not an actor, he is the highest-paid foreign-born personality on the 2007 Forbes List of Top TV Earners.

Correct: Who is Simon Cowell?

Melendez wrote down "Who is Trebek?" !!! LOL! He drops to $200. THE CHAMP ALSO HAD HIS RESPONSE, TOO!!!! I LOVE IT!!! He drops to $2,399 and will leave with $23,600. As for the lady, she gets it right to win the championship with $21,200. One of the best FJ!s of the season, IMHO!

American Gladiators: It's crunch time for tonight's four contestants. The female winner must beat 3:37, while the male winner must beat 2:13.

We start with the women and Powerball. Our female contestants tonight are Kim Marciniak (a cheerleader) and Toni Oppliger from Dallas (who is a high school athletic director; she was on the original version of the show back in 1994! She's also the oldest competitor this season at 46). The female Gladiators in play are Stealth, Siren and Venom. Marciniak scores four points, while the other gets shut out.

The men now get their shot at the same event. Tonight's male contestants are Alex Rai from Roseland, CA (who is a high school history teacher) and Mark Baker (who is a chiropractor and is a LFAT of this show!). The Gladiators in play this time are Titan, Mayhem and Toa. Rai gets six while Baker scores four.

Event #2 for the women is Joust, and Siren is the Gladiator in play. Oppliger gets on the board with 10, and Marciniak also gets 10 because of a two-knee DQ from Siren!

The men get Earthquake as their second event, and challenging them is Militia. Rai bombs out, but Baker gets the 10 in a record 5.9 seconds! That gives him a 14-6 lead!

It's time for the women to Hang Tough. Their Gladiator this time is Fury. Oppliger goes the distance, while Marciniak bombs out, so Oppliger leads by a single point!

The men then get their shot at it. The Gladiator this go-round is Wolf. Rai gets the 10 in a possible-record 20 seconds, while Baker blows it, so Rai now leads by two, 16-14.

The final event for the ladies is Assualt, and controlling the big gun is Hellga. Both ladies get four, so Oppliger gets only a half-second head start in the Eliminator.

The men have Hit and Run as their last event. The four Gladiators in this event are Justice, Titan, Mayhem and Wolf. Rai scores a new record of 14! Baker scores 8, so the final score is 30-22, so Rai gets a four-second Eliminator head start.

The women get the first shot at the Eliminator. Remember, the time to beat to get the last spot in the female semi-finals is 3:37. Marciniak has serious problems with the opening wall climb before getting to the water! She's out of this...and sadly, so is Oppliger, so Venus Ramos is in the semi-finals!

The men now get their shot. Both men do very well...but the winner, and going to the male semi-finals with a time of 98 seconds, is Rai!

Remember, the semi-final episodes will last about 90 minutes each.
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