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1/29/2008 Results

Family Feud: One of these two families will face the Baileys in the first tournament semi-final on Wednesday, I believe. They are the Hernandezs and the Prymuses.

First question: Name a subject a man doesn't want advice from a woman. Starting with:

1. Making love (32, Pete)

The Hernandez family will play. Paloma thinks of sports...#4 (11)! Diana's guess is cars...that and mechanics are #3 (12)! Next is Melissa with cooking...bottom answer (4)! Claudia then goes with clothing...no. Pete then tries financing...#5 (5)! Paloma then says friendships next...not #2. Last chance to sweep the board goes to Diana. She says their pecs...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. To steal the 64 points, Leonard Sr. says manhood...but it's driving/directions (28), so the points go to the Hernandezs.

Second question: Name something babies do that would be embarassing for adults to do. Starting with:

1. Piss on themselves (44, Leonard Jr.- LOL!!!)

The Prymus family plays this time. Aaron says drooling...that and spitting are #4 (7)! Next is Brenda with a guess of a temper tantrum...my brother, Andrew, will be proud of you, because that's #5 (6)! Tiphanie then tries throwing up...#2 (27)! Leonard Sr. then goes with thumb sucking...not there. Leonard Jr. then says drinking from a bottle...two duds in a row. Aaron then tries to stop the slide with crawling around...three strikes in a row. For a bigger lead heading into the double round, Pete says baby talk...no, so 81 points goes to the Prymus team. Unsaid answers:

3. Tooting (7)
6. Burping (5; why wasn't this higher on the board?)

Double: Breeds of dog that macho men would never buy. Starting with:

1. Poodles (69, Aaron)

The Prymuses will play again. Brenda says dalmatians...sorry. Tiphanie goes with the chihuahua...si- that's #2 (13)! Leonard Sr. then tries Pekingese...bottom answer (2)! Jr. then says a Yorkie...#5 (3)! Back to Aaron, who goes with a Pomeranian...#3 (5)! To close this board out, Brenda says a wiener dog...I don't think so. Tiphanie has the last chance to sweep for this team with Shih Tzu...SWEEP (3) for 190, putting them at 271!

Triple: Public places where you see husbands and wives arguing. Melissa rings in with marketplace...NUMBER ONE (47), so the Hernandez family will play! Claudia goes with the park...uh, no. Pete then says restaurant...#2 (24)! Next is Paloma with the street...no. Diana then tries the library (?!?!!?!?)...that's a possible suicide response, because that's another ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE from her. For the win, Leonard Sr. says theatres...NO, so the Hernandez family gets another 213, but they only have 277 now, so it's Sudden Death time. Unsaid:

3. Bar (8)
4. Courtroom (4)

Sudden Death: Tiphanie and Claudia try to give the top thing that people buy by the dozen. It's eggs (89)....and Tiphanie has it, so with 538, the Prymus family wins!

Fast Money: Leonard Sr. and Brenda try to double the current ante in the jackpot.

1. How many days after Thanksgiving are you still eating turkey?
2. Name something that's checkered.
3. Which country makes the best cars?
4. An activity that's better to do when it's windy.
5. Name a place where people tell others to be quiet.

My guesses:
1. 1 (0 or 2 are my other guesses)
2. Checkerboard
3. Japan (U.S. was my second guess)
4. Fly kites
5. Library

Brenda says 5, tablecloth, Mexico, fly a kite and church for 109. Leonard Sr. first says 4....like Brenda's answer, 10. Second was checkerboard, which is #1 for 35! Third was Japan...30! 16 points away now. Fourth guess was wind sailing...9. Last was theatre....30 is enough to double the jackpot to $40,000! Unsaid #1 answers:

1. 3 days
3. U.S.
5. Library

For Game #2, the Lewis girls, with $40,675 to their credit, face the challenge of the Oliver, led by Stacey, and her partners are Nyema, Margarita, Gerae and Vincent. They're here to win money for their Hawaiian family reunion this year.

First question: Name something you would be surprised to see a judge wearing underneath his robe. Starting with:

1. Nothing (39, Shanae)

The champs will play. Patriece goes with jeans...dull, and not there. Sheriece's guess is undies...#3 (12)! Next is Erica with a tanktop...I don't think so. Shavonne says a clown suit (?!?!!?)...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE FOR STRIKE THREE. Stacey's steal guess is lingerie...#2 (16) for 51 points! Not given:

4. Bermuda shorts (9)
5. Swimsuit/speedo (7)
6. Gun (5)
7. Pajamas (4)
8. Kilt (3)

Second question: Specific foods you might cook to serve lots of people. Starting with:

1. Pasta (49, Patriece)
5. Chicken (4, Nyema)

The champs will play again to have better luck this round, hopefully. Sheriece goes next with pizza...NO. Erica says mashed potatoes...all potatoes are #4 (4)! Shavonne is next with a guess of salad...sorry. Shanae then says corn for a sure-fire third strike. Stacey tries to steal again with rice...nope, so the Lewis ladies get 57! Remaining answers:

2. Chili/soup (9)
3. Turkey (8)

Double: Name a kind of bag other than a shopping one. Starting with:

1. Handbag/purse (30, Sheriece)

We start off with Erica, who says totebag...no. Shavonne tries the garbage bag...#3 (6)! Shanae then goes with the sandwich bag...throw it away- strike two. Patriece then tries to save the team with bags under one's eyes...three strikes. Stacey's third steal guess today is grocery bag...NO, so the champs keep the lead at 129! Unsaid:

2. Old bag/woman (13)
4. Laundry bag (5)
5. Overnight/travel bag (4)

Triple: Places you go that have good reputations. Gerae rings in with restaurants....TOP ANSWER (65), so the challengers play! Vincent's first answer today is hotel...that and motel are #2 (7)! Stacey goes with auto mechanic...boring. Nyema goes with islands...way off target. Margarita goes with gyms...three strikes in a row, so they can't win the game right now. The champs now have a safety net, but they can win this game right now. Shanae's next guess is doctor...that's #3 (6) for the win at 345! The bottom answer was schools/colleges (5).

Fast Money: For their first chance to get the total to over 60 grand, they choose Patriece and Shanae. The questions are as follows:

1. According to 100 married women, how many days could you be away from your husband before you really missed him?
2. Name something in a refrigerator that comes in a bottle.
3. Name something people break that's expensive to fix.
4. Besides drink, name something people do in a bar.
5. Name a sport that U.S. athletes are good at.

My guesses:
1. 7 (I have NO IDEA.)
2. Soda
3. Car
4. Get into fights (Talking was my second guess)
5. Football (Baseball was my second guess)

Patriece says 5, milk, TV, talking and basketball for 102. Shanae says 3, soda, mirror, smoke and football for 180 and another $900, making their new total $41,575. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Tie with 1 day and 7 days
2. Ketchup
3. Car (Had Shanae said this, they probably would've won.)

TPIR: We begin the day with Sandra Fureg, Ramon Munoz, Kyle Wilson (a lady) and Linda Price. The first IUFB is snowboarding equipment.

Sandra: $1,400
Ramon: $900
Kyle: $1,600
Linda: $1,150

ARP: $2,494, so Wilson will play Make Your Move for a golf lamp, a chest and a trip to Washington, D.C. Board:


I was leaning towards $81 for the lamp, $705 for the chest and $3,432 for trip and $34 for the lamp, $581 for the chest and $3,270 for the trip. Her final guess is....


...she went with my inital guess...but that's wrong. The trip was right, but the lamp was actually $70 and the chest was $581.

Next to "Come on Down" is Betty Smith and the second IUFB is a bass guitar.

Betty: $800
Linda: $925
Sandra: $1,400
Ramon: $1,350

ARP: $1,665, so Fureg plays Dice Game for a Jeep Wrangler. She first rolls a 3 for the second number and says higher...she's out already. ARP: $21,534. Rest of her rolls, just for giggles:

Third number: Rolled a 2, said higher
Fourth number: Rolled a 5, said lower
Fifth number: Rolled a 6, freebie

Had she not goofed on that second number, she would've won. Bad loss there.

Next player is Matthew Mabris and the third IUFB is a wall clock.

Matthew: $1,200
Ramon: $1,500
Betty: $900
Linda: BUCK

ARP: $2,945, so MM will play Barker's Bargain Bar for an eliptical trainer marked at $1,700 and an LCD TV marked at $1,899. I said the TV, but he says the trainer. ARP for the TV: $2,499, a difference of $600. If that trainer costs at least $2,400, he's won...it's $2,500!

SSD1: The second loser today spins 70 cents. The first loser spins 60...and 40 for $1,000! The man can't match it, so she's in the Showcase. She overspins her Bonus Spin.

Next player is Patrick Hayes and next in the IUFB shuffle is a rocker chair.

Patrick: $950
Ramon: $1,000
Betty: $600
Linda: $725

ARP: $925, so hopefully Price will be right that she's up for the challenge of winning a $20,635 Dodge Avenger in Hole in One or Two. The products are NutraMist, Chips Ahoy!, body wash, cough drops, dog food and hearing aid. Her order of products are....cookies, cough drops, body wash, NutraMist, dog food and hearing aid.

The cookies are 55 cents. The cough drops are $2.15. The body wash is $5.99 and the NutraMist is $7.99. That's as far as she'll get, though, as the dog food is only $4.49. Looks like she should've put the hearing aid last after the NutraMist. I would've been sent to the third line, as my guess for the first four products were the cookies, cough drops, body wash and dog food. Drew's inspiration putt...not even close. Price's first putt...just missed to the left. Second putt...in for the win!

Next to leave the audience is Antoinette Miller and the next IUFB is a glass door refrigerator.

Antoinette: $1,300
Patrick: $2,400
Ramon: $2,450
Betty: $2,250

ARP: $1,699, meaning Miller plays Coming or Going for a GEM car. If she comes, the guess is $5,997. If she goes, the guess would be $7,995. She wants to go to $7,995, which is right...but the audience makes her change her mind to $5,997, causing her to lose! Darn you, audience!

The last player to leave the mob is Larson Lagris and the final IUFB is a ceiling fan.

Larson: $695
Patrick: $750
Ramon: $600
Betty: BUCK

ARP: $1,260, so Munoz is off to the First Four Breakfast Club while Hayes plays Secret X for a spa and a BBQ, totaling $5,498. He places his free X just like this:


The first item is a disc turntable, marked at either $150 or $191. He says $191...STAGE WILLY! Other item is a wooden coin bank marked at either $50 or $82, and he says $82...right. Here's how he places his other X....


...I think he's screwed....


...the good news is that he wasn't the latest victim of Rock Bottom, the bad news is that he still lost.

SSD2: The only male this half spins 30...and 20 for 50 cents. Miller spins a dime...and 75 for 85 cents. The big winner spins 70...and goes over by a nickel, so Miller heads to the Showcase. Hopefully, when she makes her bid, she doesn't listen too much to the audience.

The first Showcase has a dining room and a party boat, and she bids $21,000, which is a GARF, because I think that only covers the boat. Wilson listens to things that could get you evicted from your apartment. First, you might be singing too loud while practicing your singing on your new karaoke machine. Second, you might skip paying the rent and instead heading off on a cruise to Fiji! Finally, you might tell your landlord you've lost your job on purpose, because you've decided to gas up your new Chrysler Sebring Convertible (Std., Paint, Wheels)! She bids $33,000, which sounds good to me.

ARP for Miller: $36,960, a difference of $15,960. That Showcase was on serious Doboids! ARP for Wilson: $41,178, so even though her Showcase was on some Doboids of its own, she wins anyway, giving her a grand total of $44,672 in cash and prizes!

Crosswords: Our opening players are Gregg Lux (a NY cantor) and Stacy Embertson (a Minnesota race director).

At the day's first Extra, the lady has control of it, but has zip to the guy's $150. She bets $500:

_ E _ _ _

Clue: Exit the premises. She says LEAVE...right! She ends the round with $650, while the man goes up to $350.

Today's Spoilers are James Cherry (an electrical engineer from Ontario, Canada), Mimmy Wolfe (a retired California teacher) and Charlie Lynn (an engineer from Indiana).

1. (Three-letter word)($100)- Grandpa, father, uncle and son. Wolfe gets the first chance of the day, but she blanks. The next spoil chance goes to Cherry, who says MEN...she was going to say DAD, and MEN is right for $750!
2. (Seven letters)($300)- Expansive view from the Staten Island Ferry. He says LIBERTY...that fits, but that is incorrect, so he drops to $450. Lux also thinks of LIBERTY, so he's down to fifty bucks. Answer: SKYLINE.
3. (Five letters)- Second chess side to make a move. Cherry says BLACK...right to go back to $650.
4. (Four letters)- Gospel after Matthew. Lux says LUKE...incorrect, so he's $150 in the hole. To steal, Cherry says MARK...$850!
5. (M _ _ _)- Leave a solid state? Cherry says MELT...and he hits four figures with a new total of $1,050!
6. (E _ _)($100)- Barbara Stanwyck film, "The Lady ____". Lux says EVE...right to go to -$50.
7. (L _ _ _)- Mislay, e.g. Lux says LOSE...he's out of the hole at $150! And he hits the first Extra of the round, and his wager is $500:

T _ _ _ _ _ _

Clue: Classic party game that could leave one bent out of shape. He should've bet the whole $1,000, because he's right with TWISTER to move to $650.

9. (T _ _ _ _)- Recorded. Lux says TAPED...right to go to $850!
10. (_ _ A _)- Read through quickly. Lux says SCAN...tie game!
11. (_ _ _ _ E)- It's positively electric. Wolfe says JOULE...wrong again. 0-for-2 in the spoil department for her today. It was actually ANODE.
12. (Three letters)($100)- Trinitroluene, as most people know it. Lux says TNT...right for a $100 lead!
13. (T _ _ _)- Mix, as a salad. Cherry says TOSS to steal the $100 lead and hit the other Extra of the round! He wagers $500:

N _ _ _

It's Philip Knight's company. He doesn't know it's NIKE, so he loses the lead and drops to $750.

15. (Five-letter word)- Morse and zip, e.g. Cherry zaps CODES to go to $950.
16. (_ _ O _)- Opposite of huzzahs. To tie the game back up, Cherry says BOOS...don't boo him now, because he's right!
17. (_ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _)($300)- It may be registered to a product or service. Lux says TRADEMARK...NO. Cherry blanks out, so Embertson tries to spoil...but she can't. It was TRADENAME.
18. (Three-letter word)($100)- Responses that rebuff. Lux says NOS...he's up to $950 and has the $100 lead back! That's all for the second round.


1. (Six letters)- Some naturals, in craps. Cherry says SEVENS...right for the $100 lead at $1,050!
2. (Four letters)- Eric who wrote the book for "Spamalot". Lux's guessis IDLE...right for the lead back at $1,150!
3. (I _ _ _)- Small bit of land surrounded by water. Lux says ISLE for $1,350 and a $300 lead!
4. (_ _ _ E)- Give a number or stars to. Lux is right again with RATE, taking him to $1,550!
5. (_ _ T)($100)- End a hunger strike. Cherry says EAT to go to $1,150!
6. (_ _ _ A)- Italian monetary unit of old. Cherry is right again with LIRA for $1,350! Next correct answer by him could give him a $100 lead or tie the game back up.
7. (_ _ _ _ _ _ R)($300)- Word beginning a quote that ends, "...you are no Jack Kennedy". Lux takes a risk by saying SENATOR...right to go to $1,850 and have a $500 lead!
8. (Five letters)- Mammoth proboscis. Lux rings in but has nothing. Cherry says TRUNK...right! He now has $1,550 and now trails by just $100!
9. (Five-letter word)- Particles invisible to the naked eye. Cherry says ATOMS...right for the $100 lead back at $1,750!
10. (Four-letter word)- Positive market move. Lux says BULL...NO, so he's down to $1,450. It was GAIN.
11. (Five-letter word)- John Smith or John Doe, probably. Cherry says ALIAS...correct to go to $1,950 and get the last Extra of the game! He wagers $400 on a four-letter answer. Clue:

"A Prayer for ____ Meany"

He fills in the fourth word with OWEN to go to $2,350, having the biggest lead of the game, $900 worth!


13. (Eight letters)($300)- Electric current blocker. Lynn gets his first spoil chance of the game, and it's a free one for him. He says DAMPENER....NO. It was RESISTOR.
14. (Three letters)($100)- "Well, ___-di-dah". Lux says LAH...right to go to $1,550.
15. (Four letters)- Setting for "Tiny Toon Adventures", ____ Acres. Lynn tries again to spoil, this time with ACME...and this time, he's right for $2,550!
16. (Four-letter word)- Bathe. Lynn says WASH...incorrect, dropping him to $2,350. Lux blanks out, dropping him back to $1,350. It was LAVE.
17. (Eight letters)($300)- What some hunters of criminals collect. Lynn says EVIDENCE...incorrect again, so he now has $2,050. Lux goes with BOUNTIES...that's right to go to $1,650, but the game is over, so Lynn is the winner.

Crossfire: It's time for Lynn to prove himself. If he can fill in the remaining 18 blanks, he's going to Jamaica with $7,050...he falls three blanks short.

WOF: We begin with a short shout-out by "Big Brother" host Julie Chen. Tonight's teams are Ilyse Keletski and Rachel Tursky (in the blue) from Encino, CA (they're seniors; Ilyse is the vice president and part of the student council of her high school, while Rachel is the president of a school's youth group), Dani Yune and Melinda Mesias (both are seniors who play softball together) and Tim Symo and Nick Leonard (Tim is a senior while Nick is a sophomore, and both are on the same water polo team at their school).

The blue ladies solve GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT for $1,000 while the other ladies get GREAT DANE for $2,000.

A pair of trips to Amsterdam worth $9,000 go on the wheel, and Round 1's category is Thing, which is also tonight's Prize Puzzle! After the men call the N's for $600 and the Free Spin, we have...

_ R _ _ _ T

S _ N S _ _ N E

...I think I have it. They have to use their Free Spin after repeating the N. After buying the U and the I's, they call the H's for $800 and solve BRIGHT SUNSHINE for $900 and a pair of trips to Costa Rica, making their total $9,300.


Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Proper Name. The men call the S's for the Amsterdam trips. After they buy the A's, we have...

A _ T R E S S

A _ _ E

_ A T _ A _ A _

...I know it now, but they hit Lose a Turn. The blue team then steals ACTRESS ANNE HATHAWAY to triple their money to $3,000.

Big Money Round category is Food & Drink. After the red ladies buy the O's, we have...

S O _ R/_ R _ A _/A _ _/O _ _ O _/

_ O _ A _ O/_ _ _ _ S

...I have it now. Most are made by Lay's, and I am NOT a fan of this flavor. They call the N's for $2,700 and the C's for another $1,600, and after buying the I's, they solve SOUR CREAM AND ONION POTATO CHIPS for $6,350 and $8,350 total. They only trail by $950 now.

They get HIP-HOP MUSIC to go to $11,350 and the lead. Our next category is What Are You Doing? What the winners of the last round do right off the bat is hit the $5,000 space! They call a $5,000 N at that point. After they call the B later, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ I N G/_ _ _/BIG/G _ _ _

...I know it now. They miss out on the Wild Card by calling a dud in R. The men call the T's for $600 and then a $350 M. They then solve WATCHING THE BIG GAME to trail the ladies by just fifty bucks. Next category is Person, and late in the round, we go to Speed-Up Mode. Consonants are worth $1,500 a pop. and if the blue ladies don't win this round, the team that does goes to the endgame. Board at this point:

_ E R _ E _ T

_ T R _ _ _ E R

If you add an S to the end, you would get the title of a long-running ABC sitcom. The blue ladies call the S but can't solve. The red ladies call a P and solve PERFECT STRANGER for the match with $13,350! The men have $11,300 and the ladies at the end get $3,000.

The red team spins the quad star and the category is On the Map. Starting with:

_ _ E _ E _

_ _ N _ _ _

They call D, M, H and O and get...

_ _ E _ E _

_ _ N _ D _

...it's ______ CANADA. They get nowhere. The entire answer was QUEBEC CANADA, and they don't win another $30,000. They needed at least the C's and the A's there.

Jeopardy!: Melissa Prusi is back for her second time against Eugene Hung (a software engineer from San Jose) and Andrew Sprouse (a historic preservationist from Durham, NC). First categories:


The champ has a strong lead at the first break with five grand. Hung has $800 and the other man has half his total. Hung starts to get something going late in the round, but the champ beats him to the punch in finding the Daily Double under the middle clue in Poets & Poetry. She has $6,000 to Hung's $3,200, and she wagers $1,000 on this:

British romantics included Wordsworth in England and, north of the border, this "Lady of the Lake" author.

"Who was Byrum?"...no. It was Sir Walter Scott, so she's back at five grand. At the end of the round, she has $5,800. Hung has $3,600 and the man in the middle has $1,200.

DJ! categories:


The man in the middle starts to get into the game, but Hong finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in Famous Americans. The men are tied at $6,400 apiece, while the lady has $9,000. Hong's wager is EVERYTHING! Good luck, buddy. Here's the clue:

This man who helped win ratification of the Constitution by Maryland gave his name to a famous fort.

"Who is McHenry?"....

"Who is McHenry?"

...IS RIGHT to double to $12,800 and take over the lead! But the lady gets on a roll in Homophones to take the lead back, and is going for a sweep of the category with this $2,000 clue:

Grumbling in the ranks, or hereditary derivation.

"What is dissent/descent?"...SWEEP! She's got $16,600! Late in the round, Sprouse finds the other Daily Double under the last clue in Art-ifical. He has $7,600, while Hong has $13,600 and the champ is still at $16,600. He wagers $2,500:

In 1904, this American was awarded the French Legion of Honor, one of the few awards she accepted.

"Who was Georgia O' Keefe?"....NO. Correct: Who was Mary Cassatt? He's down to $5,100. At the end of the round, Hong has the lead back with 18 grand. The champ is still at $16,600 while the man in the middle has $6,300.

FJ! category: Publishing.

Founded in 1856, this company introduced a numbering system for U.S. highways in 1917.

I believe that's Rand McNally. Sprouse decides to agree with me...and both of us are right! He wagered $3,499, taking him to $9,799. The champ is right as well and bets everything but two bucks, taking her to $33,198! Hong is.....

...WRONG with IBM, so the lady retains her championship in a big way! Two-day total: $54,398!

How Much is Enough?: Tonight's players are Vernell (a hospital custodian from Inglewood, CA), David (a server from Kearny, NJ), Betsy (a theater director from Albuqerque, NM) and Dianne (a cosmetics salesperson from Walnut, CA).

Vernell: $730
David: $494
Betsy: $749
Dianne: $973

Vernell: $754
David: $849
Betsy: $1,357
Dianne: $1,516

Betsy: $2,106
Vernell: $1,484
David: $1,343
Dianne: ZIP

Vernell: $1,759
David: $2,292
Betsy: $2,627
Dianne: $2,484

Vernell: $3,243
Dianne: $2,484
Betsy: $2,106

Vernell: $2,721
David: $2,230
Betsy: $3,205
Dianne: $2,345

Vernell; $5,964
David: $5,865
Dianne: $4,829
Betsy: $2,106

Vernell: $3,951
David: ALL IN (that's right, he hit it at the full $5,000!)
Betsy: $4,094
Dianne: $3,998

Dianne: $8,827
Betsy: $6,200
Vernell: $5,964
David: $5,865

That means both ladies come back from behind to go to the Final Face-Off!

Final Face-Off: $15,027 was up for grabs here...and we FINALLY have a five-figure winner on this show, as Diane wins $11,333! I had a feeling, given the way these players were playing today, that we were going to see that tonight.

(Incidentally, the host, for some oddball reason, stopped the money clock at $3,479 for a few seconds before letting it continue.)
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