Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1/30/2008 Results

WWTBAM: We begin the show with Julia Webb from Pottstown, PA. She's a teacher's aid, and has done some crazy things to earn money. "Game Show in My Head", anyone? $2,000 question:

Though trained as a medical doctor, Richard Jordan Gatling is best known for inventing an early type of what?

A: Baseball glove
B: Ice cream
C: Telescope
D: Machine gun

She asks the audience and 86% said the gun. She agrees and is right. Two questions later, for $8,000:

What nation lends its name to a signature sandwich made with ham, roast pork, cheese and pickles?

A: Cuba
B: Brazil
C: Bahamas
D: Jamaica

She loves this type of sandwich- a Cuba one for $8,000! Next, for $16,000:

So that he could work from many different directions, what artist often painted on canvases laid flat on the floor?

A: David Hockney
B: Salvador Dali
C: Jackson Pollock
D: Diego Rivera

She didn't watch the movie, but she knows it's Pollock for $16,000! $25,000 question is as follows:

Meaning "the great one" in an Athabascan language, "Denali" is the native name for what peak?

A: Mount McKinley
B: Mount Rainier
C: Mount Hood
D: Mount Whitney

She quickly gets McKinley for $25,000! First $50,000 question:

From 1831 to 1865, William Lloyd Garrison was the outspoken publisher of a famous antislavery paper named what?

A: The Emancipator
B: The Freedman
C: The Abolitionist
D: The Liberator

The 50:50 leaves the bottom two. She goes with The Abolitionist, her gut...

C: The Abolitionist
D: The Liberator

...NO! I thought she had it! She's frozen at $25,000.

Karyn Beach from Charlotte, NC is next. $16,000 question:

Indonesia is part of a group of nations known as what?

A: Maldives
B: Micronesia
C: East Indies
D: French Polynesia

She polls the audience here. 38% said East Indies, 35% said Micronesia, 16% said French Polynesia and 11% said Maldives. Wisely, she then uses the 50:50, but that's of no help, as Micronesia and East Indies remain. Therefore, she then calls her co-worker, Steve, who says East Indies after some thought. She agrees....

B: Micronesia
C: East Indies

...everyone's right for $16,000! $25,000 question, and last question of the day:

"He merely told the unhappy Present to recite the Past" is a line from a W.H. auden poem titled "In Memory of" whom?

A: Charles Darwin
B: Marcel Proust
C: Karl Marx
D: Sigmund Freud

She takes a gamble with Freud....

A: Charles Darwin
B: Marcel Proust
C: Karl Marx
D: Sigmund Freud

...she locks in $25,000 and will return tomorrow!

Family Feud: The Baileys and the Prymuses battle it out in the first semi-final of this Winner-Take-All Tournament.

First question: Name a specific complaint people might give about an airport restroom. Starting with:

1. Dirty (57, Leonard Sr.)

The Prymuses will play. Leonard Jr. says it's too small...#6 (3). Aaron's first guess is no paper towels...bottom answer (2). Brenda then says the water is too Tiphanie then says no soap...also nowhere on the board. Leonard Sr. is back to say he doesn't know where the bathroom is...three strikes in a row. 62 points are on the line on the day's first steal. David says the bathroom is too smelly...that's #2 (14)! Rest of the board:

3. Lines/crowded (9)
4. U.S. Senators (4, WTF?)
5. No toilet paper (3)

Second question: A traffic sign that might describe your first kiss. Starting with:

2. Stop/red light (32, Jesse)
3. Go/green light (13, Leonard Jr.)

The Baileys will play this time. James says caution...#5 (4). Ariel says Nora then says slow down...#6 (4). David then goes with detour...nothing but one. Jesse is back with slippery when wet...STRIKEOUT. For the steal, Leonard Sr. says yield...that's #1 (33) for 53 points. Remaining answers:

4. Merge (6)
7. Curves ahead (3)

Double: Name something people say they need quiet to do. Starting with:

1. Reading (42, James)
3. Sleeping/relaxing (18, Aaron)

The Baileys will play again. Ariel says doing homework, which is right up my alley...#2 (28)! Nora then goes with watching TV...also up my alley, but this one is not there. David's next guess is writing...strike two. Jesse then says watching movies...sure enough, that's three strikes. This steal is for the lead. Leonard Sr. says praying...that's at the bottom (3) to go to 229! #4 was doing taxes/finances (6).

Triple: Words that you should never say out loud at an airport. If the answers are what I think they are, this could be fun. Ariel says fire...#3 (9). Brenda then says stop...boring, so the Baileys take over control. Nora's guess is gun...bottom answer (6). David then says Jesse then tries bomb...and the bank explodes to over 200 points, because that's NUMBER ONE (61)! James tries to close it out with Back to Ariel, who goes with crash...not #2. If Leonard Sr. can come up with it, the Prymus family's off to the finals. He says terrorists...but it's hijack (16), so we're going to Sudden Death for the third time in a row this tournament. It's a shame that a profanity word wasn't up there. I would've loved it had that happened.

Sudden Death: Nora and Typhanie try to name the #1 holiday people celebrate by watching the big game. It's Thanksgiving (68)...and Typhanie has it, so the Prymuses are off to the finals!

Fast Money: Leonard Sr. and Brenda try to add $20,000 to the jackpot for their second straight time.

1. Name a place on a cruise ship where people might spend most of their time.
2. How much money are you willing to lose in Vegas?
3. An advantage of working from home.
4. An animal that's black and white and cute all over.
5. Name something you yell at your kids to do every morning.

My guesses:
1. Buffet (Bathroom was my second guess)
2. $100 ($200 and $10 were my other guesses)
3. Boss isn't around
4. Cat
5. Wake up

Brenda says bar, $100, watching the kids, tiger and make the beds for just 54. Leonard Sr. says cabin, $200, resting, skunk (scored ten points!) and brushing your teeth for a final total of 110. They had too much work ahead of them there, because I thought most of the questions were hard. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Deck
3. Making your own hours
4. Panda bear (what?)
5. Waking up (they should've at least gotten this one)

Now, for the Lewis ladies. With any luck, they could become the biggest winners of the season thus far. But to get any chance of doing that, they have to defeat the Prehn family. They're led by Bridget, and her partners are Andrea, Nancy, Ashley and Carl.

First question: Name something you see a bride hold in her hand on her wedding day. Starting with:

1. Flower bouquet (88, Bridget)

The challengers play. Andrea says a veil...not there. Nancy tries a hankie...#3 (4). Ashley's first guess today is her trade (I think)...nope. Carl then tries her husband's hand...#2 (4)! If they sweep the board, they will get the max 100 points. Back to Bridget, who says gloves...turn over. Shanae says a glass for the, so 96 points goes to the challengers. Unsaid:

4. Wedding ring (why wasn't this said, and why wasn't it higher on the board?- 2)
5. A prenup (2)

Second question: Besides Mickey Mouse, who is the most popular Disney character? Starting with:

1. Donald Duck (48, Andrea)

The challengers will play again. Nancy says Minnie Mouse... #3 (9). Ashley says Cinderella...#5 (4). Next is Carl with Goofy...#2 (23)! Bridget then tries Pluto... #6 (3). Back to Andrea, who says Snow White...bottom answer (3). Nancy tries to close out the sweep with Ashley's next guess is Sleeping Carl's last guess this round is Road Runner, which is a Warner Bros. cartoon character, so that's an automatic third strike. Shanae then thinks #4 is Tinkerbell...but it's Winnie the Pooh (6), so the Prehns head to 186.

Double: Past or present, name a famous couple whom you most like to spend an evening with. Starting with:

4. Kennedys (4, Sheriece)

Nancy gave a ZONK ANSWER OF THE YEAR NOMINEE in Bert and Ernie!!!! You'd wish a gay marriage would happen between those two "Sesame Street" characters, but that would just be too ugly! That means the champs will play. Erica says the Bushs...bottom answer (3). Shavonne then goes with Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie...NUMBER ONE (19)! Shanae's next guess is Will and Jada Patriece then sides with Oprah's couple...never heard of the hubbie, and it's not there. Sheriece then goes with the Trumps...nothing more than a Trump Card here- strike three. For their first steal today, Bridget says Princess Diana and Prince Charles...NO, so the champs get their first 52 points! Not said:

2. Clintons (14)
3. Reagans (8)

Triple: Things some people rent and some people buy. Ashley says house...believe it or not, it's NUMBER ONE (51), so the challengers get to play! Chad says cars...#3 (14)! Bridget says DVDs and all movies are #2 (27)! Andrea says the bottom answer is clothing...I don't think so. Nancy says furniture...not #4, either. Ashley then gets the last chance with costumes...not it. This steal is very, very important. I say books as the bottom answer, but Shanae says boats...both of us are wrong! It was big screen TV, so we have new champions, and that means no undefeated title, no season high total, no nothing for the former champions.

Fast Money: Carl and Amanda score 147 for $735.

Temptation: This is my first episode in a little while, and we have a potential grand champion in the making. That's because Connie has a whopping $643 in her bank account after just two days. If she can go all the way at this point, she'll win a $37,437 Lexus. But hoping to stop her today are LaMarr and Stephanie. After the first Speed Round...

Connie: $20
LaMarr: $30
Stephanie: $25

...LaMarr is offered an ice cream maker, a cashmere robe and sock and an LCD HDTV, all worth $1,836 for $10. After the price gets lowered to $8, he buys! Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _

_ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Event.

1. I've been around since 1903.
2. I was created as a publicity stunt to sell newspapers.
3. You can't take part without an invitation.
4. If you accept, you'll have to go about 2,000 miles.

Stephanie then rings in...

T O _ R

_ E

_ R A _ _ E

...she gets TOUR DE FRANCE to add on to her lead with a new total of $40.

Knock-Off category: ABBA songs.

"Dancing Queen"
"The Winner Takes it All"
"Dance, Dance, Dance"
"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"
"Mamma Mia"
"Super Trouper"
"You Should Be Dancing"
"Electric Boogie"
"Tahe a Chance on Me"

Connie: "Take a Chance on Me"- $5 ($25)
LaMarr: "The Winner Takes it All"- $2 ($24)
Stephanie: "Dancing Queen"- $2 ($42)

Connie: "You Should Be Dancing"
LaMarr: "Waterloo"- $2 ($26)
Stephanie: "Mamma Mia"- $2 ($44)

LaMarr: Super Trouper- $5 ($31)
Stephanie: Voulez-Vous- $10 ($54)

LaMarr: "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"- $15 ($46)
Stephanie: "Dance, Dance, Dance"

"Electric Boogie"

"S.O.S." was worth $5. With just an $8 lead, Stephanie is offered makeup and fragrances by Victoria's Secret, plus a $500 gift card from there, all worth $1,092 for $12. After the price is lowered to $10, she buys! She's now out of the lead by just two bucks.

The second Speed Round dealt with reality TV shows and romantic novels. After that...

Connie: $15
LaMarr: $56
Stephanie: $54

...Connie is pretty much out of this. With just a $2 lead, LaMarr is offered a chance at $500 in Instant Ca$h. He goes for it with the brown...nope, so that's $100. The $500 was in the red one.

Final Speed Round: The man in the middle is our new champion with $74. Connie did do some winning before her terrible day today.

He bombs out immediately in Super Knock Off, so he simply throws the Croton watch into Rossi's greasy face and comes back tomorrow.

TPIR: Marc Aresno, Antonio Belari, David Johnson and Kathylane, and Drew comes out with his little godson, Conner! Cool! First IUFB today is an air hockey game.

Marc: $650
Antonio: $2,500
David: $750
Kathylane: $700

ARP: $925, so Johnson plays Easy as 1-2-3 for luggage, flatware and a treadmill. We should know what the most expensive item out of those three is. He places #1 on the flatware, #2 on the luggage and #3 on the treadmill...while knocking down two price labels along the way!! LOL! The flatware was $895. The luggage was $1,130...and the treadmill is $1,999, so he wins, despite making those prop errors!

Next player is Erich and the second IUFB is a stereo system.

Erich: $420
Kathylane: $1,500
Marc: $700
Antonio: $550

ARP: $800, so Arseno will try to find enough Pocket Change to buy a new Jeep Wrangler. The first number of its price is 1, and the remaining numbers are 0, 4, 5, 8 and 9. He gets the 9 as the second number in the price in two tries. He says 4 is the third number, but it's not. He then says 8 as the third number...also wrong. He then picks 5 as the third number. He then fills out the ARP of the Jeep from there, which was $19,580, and the Jeep sells for one buck today. First envelope has...a quarter. Second envelope...$2 and he wins no problem! The win was never in doubt!

Next player is Precious McPeters and the third IUFB is dinnerware.

Precious: $1,200
Antonio: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Erich: $390
Kathylane: $680

ARP: $1,890, so McPeters gets Plinko. First item is a pocket electronic collegiate dictionary marked at $21, and she picks the 2...$28. Second is a digital camera keyring marked at $56 and she chooses the 6...but it's $50. Third is a compact shredder marked at $89, and she goes with the 9...$59. Finally is an iron marked at $21 and she goes with the 2...$25. Thus, she has four Plinko chips to work with.

1. DUD (Right)
2. $1,000 (Left)
3. $500 (Right)
4. DUD (Right)

That's $1,500 for her.

SSD1: The Plinko lady spins a quarter...and goes over. The first winner today spins the dollar for $1,000! The other man can't match it, so he's in the Showcase. In the Bonus Spin...too hard.

Next player is Frank McWilliams and the fourth IUFB is that crazy tennis ball machine.

Frank: $850
Antonio: $851
Erich: $1,100
Kathylane: BUCK

ARP: $848, so Kathylane's buck strategy earns her the right to play Switch? for a clock marked at $2,345 and a grill marked at $3,806. She leaves the prices alone, whereas I would've switched them...I'm wrong and she's right for the win!

Next to leave the audience is Marsha Staggs and the next IUFB is a gas range. The winner also gets $40 worth of Clorox spray.

Marsha: $1,000
Frank: $680
Antonio: $1,900
Erich: $1,200

ARP: $1,599, meaning Erich plays Dice Game for a Dodge Caliber (Std., Heater). We start with the 1 as the first number. For the second number, he rolls a 6, which is wrong, but it's a freebie. It's 5. He then rolls a 5 for the second number and says lower...oops. ARP: $15,645. That's a shame that 5 on his second roll came up, because he rolled the last two numbers exactly right. Ouch.

The last player to leave the audience is Daniel Ness and the final IUFB is a laptop.

Daniel: $1,799
Marsha: $1,200
Frank: $902

ARP: $1,100, so McWilliams will play Hi-Lo for a bedroom worth $4,887. The products are NutraMist, V8, cat litter, skin cream, Poli-Grip and hand soap. First pick is the cat litter, which is $6.74. Second pick is the NutraMist, which is $7.99. Finally, he picks the Poli-Grip, which is $4.99. The V8 is $3.15, the soap is $2.29 and the skin cream is...$3.88, so he wins anyway! I thought he had lost! Dob-stopper!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 65 cents. McWilliams then spins 70 cents, sending the dice man home to the land of parting gifts. The only lady this half spins 85 cents, meaning this was a quickie and she's in the Showcase!

The first Showcase talks about some very weird diets. First, the Wookie Diet is for those "Star Wars" fans who love to watch the said movie series on a new TV with the "Star Wars" DVDs and a DVD player. Second, the Batkins Diet is for those baseball fans who seriously want to try out the game themselves while at Dodgers Fantasy Baseball Camp! Finally, the Farsdale Diet is for those people who want to get away from their homes as far as possible with a pair of motorcycles! The man bids 25 grand. For the lady, we have prizes from poems. These little rhymes are my own, not the ones used on the show. First, don't get Jolly Time popcorn from K-Mart; instead, get some fresh popcorn from a new popcorn cart. Second, if you love to play the "Card Sharks" game of high and low, you can do that and so much more while gambling in Monte Carlo! Finally, if you hate frequently wearing that winter coat, try warming up while using a new West White Potter Sailboat! She bids $53,000, which is a WILLY OF THE CENTURY (ARP for her was $26,451; I'm surprised that was as cheap as it was).

ARP for the man....$31,010, so he shoves those Double Overbid predictions down our threats and he wins a grand total of $36,959 in cash and prizes! The lady leaves with seven grand worth of stuff.

Crosswords: Today's opening players are Chris Myer (a Kansas manager) and Margy Horowitz (a piano teacher from Illinois).

At the first Extra, the lady's in control, but has zero while the man has a Benjamin. She wagers the full $500 on a five-letter answer with this clue:

Java flavor or shade.

She says GREEN...incorrect, so she's that much in the hole. It was MOCHA. At the end of the round, the man has $100 while the lady is now at -$150.

Today's Spoilers are Antonio Rodriguez (a NY writer), Eugenia Kare (a performer from Kentucky) and Andy Norvault (a Pennsylvania homemaker). No California people today.

1. (Five-letter word)- Dumpy place to live. Horowitz says HOVEL...she's now $50 on the good side.
2. (_ L _ _)- It coasts on snow days. Myer says SLED...he triples his hundred.
3. (_ _ _ _ S)- Freshman or sophomore, e.g. He says CLASS...right again to go to $500.
4. (_ _ _ _ E)- More than like. The first spoil chance of the day goes to the homemaker, who says ADORE...he's right for $700!
5. (Four-letter word)- It comes back to a spelunker. Rodriguez tries to spoil with CAVE...but he's wrong. It was ECHO.
6. (Four-letter word)- Click it and get with the program. Horowitz says ICON...that's right to go to $250.
7. (Five letters)- Salieri, vis-a-vis Mozart. Horowitz says ENEMY...incorrect, dropping her back to fifty bucks. Andy then says TUTOR...also wrong. Kare blanks out on her spoil chance, so Andy drops to $500. Answer: RIVAL.
8. (Five-letter word)- Female halves of "better halves". Andy says WIVES...right to go back to $700 and hit the first Extra of the round. He bets $300 on this:

_ _ _ _ W

Clue: Keep from lapsing. He says RENEW...correct to go to a thousand!

10. (_ E _)($100)- Make, after taxes. Andy says NET...right to go to $1,100!
11. (Four-letter word)- Supper served by a swineherd. Andy says SLOP...most notably served on "Big Brother", that is correct to go to $1,300!
12. (_ _ _ L _)- Wedding dress fabric, often. Horowitz says TOULE...I don't think so, so she's back at -$150. Answer: TULLE.
13. (Five-letter word)- Writer's cramp, e.g. Myer has a free chance to take the lead back with BLOCK...nope. It was SPASM.
14. (Five letters)- Gawain's suit. Andy goes with ARMOR...he's right to go to $1,500 and find the other Extra of the round! He bets a grand on a ten-letter answer with this hint:

Biohazard filter covering the mouth.

He says DUST MASK, which is not enough letters, so we divide his total by three. The answer was RESPIRATOR.

16. (Four-letter word)- It may come from the blue. Horowitz says RAIN...wrong again, so she's now $350 in the red. Answer: BOLT.
17. (Four-letter word)- Implore. Kare tries to spoil, and wants to say PLEA, but she says PLED...on all accounts, she's wrong. It was URGE.
18. (Three-letter word)($100)- Call between ready and go. Andy gets SET to go to $600 as the round comes to a close.


1. (_ _ S _ _ _ _)($300)- One who wastes money. Andy's guess is WASTREL...never heard of that word, but he must have- he's right to go to $900!
2. (_ _ _ _ E)- "Get up" for the challenge. Andy rings in but has nothing. Horowitz says RAISE...incorrect, dropping her to -$550. To steal Andy's $900, Myer says ARISE...right!
3. (_ _ _ _ L)- Nut chewed to increase saliva. Kare says BETEL...third time's the charm to spoil! She now has $1,100.
4. (Four-letter word)- Ripped. Kare says TORN...good guess, but incorrect. Horowitz says TORE...that's right to go back to -$350. That drops Kare to $900.
5. (Four-letter word)- Where a miner may withdraw a deposit? Kare says LODE...she's back at $1,100!
6. (Four-letter word)- State categorically. Horowitz says LIST...wrong again, so she's back at
-$550. Answer: AVOW.
7. (Three letters)($100)- Puccini aria, "Un ___ di". Kare says BEL...right for $1,200!
8. (Four-letter word)- Mendicant's desire. Andy tries to get his lead back with CARE...sorry. It was OHMS.
9. (Four letters)- Unadulterated. Kare goes with PURE...that's right to reach $1,400 and hit the last Extra of the game! She bets the full $2,000 on this four-letter answer clue:

Button next to "0".

She can't get STAR, so she's $600 in the hole! Ugh (I thought NINE, since I usually type recaps on my computer and I thought this clue was referring to a computer keyboard).


11. (Four-letter word)- What a horse must do in The Hambletonian. Kare says JUMP...incorrect. To steal her podium, Myer says It was TROT. That means Kare is officially now out of the lead at -$800.
12. (Four-letter word)- Second word in the title of Archie Bunker's theme song. Rodriguez has a free shot at it with WE'RE...right to take over the lead, but not much of a lead, at -$350.
13. (Another blank four-letter word)- Rework, as a story. Kare says EDIT...correct to go back to -$600.
14. (Three-letter word)($100)- "But on the other hand". Myer tries to spoil, and I would like to point out this is the last clue of the game. If he's right, he wins the game. He says YET...he's the winner at a dubious -$250!

Crossfire: If there was a time to win this, it's now for Myer. If he can fill in the remaining 17 blanks, he wins $5,000 and a trip to St. Lucia....

...HE CAN'T DO IT!!!! DARN!!! That means everyone goes home with the watch. He can thank his other contestants for making him suffer like that. He played better than the final outcome says he did, IMO. Too bad, man. I hope you had fun, anyway.

WOF: Tonight's teams consist of nothing but 11th graders. They are: Dani Gerbin and Bryce Brady (in the yellow; Dani's a theatre fan, while Bryce plays some basketball), Kelsey Deprima and Nicole Eithier from Newbury Park, CA (Kelsey loves to dance while Nicole also plays soccer) and Lara Marcarian and Jillian Feldman (Lara plays volleyball and is a Girl Scout for ten years; Jillian plays volleyball and water polo).

The middle team gets $1,000 with TRACK AND FIELD, while the blue ladies get $2,000 with KING OF THE HILL.

We put a pair of trips to Universal Studios Florida on the wheel worth $8,600, and now we learn that the Round 1 category is Slogan, and this puzzle only is one line long. You usually don't see that anymore during the maingame. After the blue team buys the A, we have...

_ A T/_ R _ S H

...I don't have a clue. After they call a $600 F, we now have...

_ A T/F R _ S H

...and after buying the E's, they get EAT FRESH for $1,450, and then Subway as the bonus for another $3,000, taking them to $6,450.

(Flashback moment from 2005: Pat's many jokes during "Live Like a Star" week from 2005.)

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After the middle team calls the T's, we have...

_ _ R _ _/&/

S _ _ R T _- _ _ _ T S

...I don't know the top word. They call a $300 P and buy three A's. After that, they call a $450 N and call a $3,500 M, but they call a dud vowel in I. The blue ladies call a $300 Y for the Free Spin and then the C for the Wild Card, but call D for dud. After using their Free Spin, they call another dud in L. The red team then solves CARGO & SMARTY-PANTS for $7,950 and the lead.

Big Money/Jackpot Round category is People. Early on, the blue team loses the Wild Card to a Bankrupt. After the red ladies buy the E's, we have...

E _ T _ _ S _ _ S T _ _

S _ _ _ E R

_ _ _ S

...I think I know it, but I'm not sure, and they hit Lose a Turn. The yellow team calls a $600 H, but call a dud in P. The blue team hits Lose a Turn. The red ladies then call two N's for $800 and then buy two A's. After they call three C's for another $900, they solve ENTHUSIASTIC SOCCER FANS for another $4,800 and a pair of trips to Buenos Aires, making their new total $21,750!


After the middle team was incorrect with TOOL COLLECTION, the leaders then solve DOLL COLLECTION to go to $24,750. Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing? and consonants are worth $1,400 a pop. After the blue team calls the T's, we have...

T _ _ _ _ G/_ _ T _ S/_ _/_ _ _ S S

...I have it now, but they don't. The leaders call a dud in M. The people in the middle call the K but still can't solve. The blue ladies then call the N's but still can't solve for seven grand. The red team then call the C and solve TAKING NOTES IN CLASS to ice their cake, bringing their new total to $26,750! The other ladies get $6,450 and the mixed team in the middle gets $2,000.

They spin the quad star (second night in a row that's been landed on) and the category is Things. Starting with:

_ L _ _ _ S

_ N _

_ _ _

Picks are C, P, A and D and they get...

C L _ _ D S


_ _ _

...I know the last word isn't SKY. They say CLOUDS AND FOG...yes indeed! That's $25,000 more for them, for a final total of $51,750!

Jeopardy!: Melissa Prusi, with $54,398 to her credit, defends for her second time against Arianna Kelly (a law student from Summerville, Mass.) and Brandon Jones (a culinary student from Chicago). Two collegians challenging the champ here tonight. Opening categories:


This game is really tight early on, when Kelly hits the Daily Double under the middle clue in Soul Feud. She and the male challenger have $2,000 apiece, and trail the champ by just $200. Her wager is $600:

Following a dispute over succession, this religion split into two main sects in the 7th century.

"What is Islam?"...that's the religion for the early lead! At the first break, she has $3,600, while the man has $2,800. The champ is now in third with $2,200. After the round, the champ is back in front with $5,200. The man has $3,600 and Kelly is now at $2,600.

DJ! categories:

WRITERS AT REST (well, you can say that again!)
THE "M.E."s

After getting the $800 clue there, the man hits the first Daily Double of the round under the $1,200 clue in "M.E."s. He now trails the champ by just $400, $5,200-$4,800. His wager is $2,200. For the lead:

It's an activity carefully orchestrated to attract the attention of the news.

"What is a media event?"...correct for $7,000 and the lead! The $800 clue in Famous Pairs was about Goodson-Todman! Kelly is starting to fall apart as we reach the midway point in the round.

With 11 clues to go, we have all the clues for both Metals and Hither & Yon, along with the $2,000 clue from Writers At Rest. At this point, the man in the middle leads with $13,800. The champ has ten grand and Kelly has $5,400. We go to the first metal clue:

Pricier than gold, it's the metal of Jennifer Lopez' albums and of her earrings at the premiere of "El Cantante".

The champ says "What is platinum?" to go to $10,400. She then tries the final writer clue....DAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIILLLLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE!! Her wager is $2,000:

A little detective work in a Hampshire churchyard and you'll find the grave of this "Patriot, physician & man of letters".

"Who was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?"...right to go to $12,400! First Hither & Yon clue:

The highest point in Tonga is 3,400-foot Mount Kao, a dormant one of these that formed Kao Island.

Kelly says "What is a volcano?"...she's up to $5,800. $800 metal clue, given by Cheryl:

In seperating recyclables, a magnet is used because it will not attract aluminum, but will attract this metal, the main constituent of what we call tin cans.

Kelly says "What is Iron Ore?"...NOT ACCEPTABLE, so she drops to five grand. The champ then rings in with "What is Steel?"...that's right to go to $13,200! If she gets this $1,200 metal clue right, she'll have the lead:

Antimony gives strength and hardness to this metal, so you don't have those mushy bullets.

Kelly answers "What is lead?"...right to go back to $6,200. Next up in that category:

Brass is an alloy of copper and this; the more this, the less malleable.

Triple Stumper- Zinc. Final clue there:

To withstand the pressure over 14,000 feet down, the Submersible Alvin's hull is this metal, about two inches thick.

Another Triple Stumper- Titanium. $800 clue in Hither and Yon:

This small Asian island near Malaysia has one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

The man in the middle says "What is Singapore?"...correct to reach $14,600. Middle clue:

Second-longest on the continent, it's the only African river that carries more water than the Nile.

Kelly says "What is the Congo?"...right for $7,400. $1,600 clue:

The Narayanhiti Palace in this Asian kingdom was the site of a tragic family massacre in 2001.

Kelly goes with "What is Nepal?"...right for $9,000! Final clue of the round:

The island territory of Aruba is a dependency of this European nation.

Kelly says "What are the Netherlands?"...right to end the round with $11,000! This should be a good FJ! showdown.

FJ! category: Notable Women.

Denied a college education in her own country; in 1903, she became the first woman in France to earn her doctorate.

Kelly's response was "Who is Marie Curie?"...

"Who is Marie Curie?"

...RIGHT! She adds eight grand, giving her 19. The champ's also right and bet $13,198, giving her $26,398. The man is....

....right, but only wagered $7,400, so with $22,000, he's sent home with $2,000 while the lady retains! Three-day total: $80,796!

Moment of Truth: We resume gameplay with George Ortuzar, who I believe sent me a picture of himself in California shortly after the series premiere last week. This one's for you, man.

BTW, there's one rule that I didn't mention in last week's recap- if at any point a question posed proves to be uncomfortable for the player's family/friends for some reason, they can hit their swap button to replace the question. This can only be used once in the entire game. Anyway, let's pick things up with this man's eighth question.

Q8: Have you ever helped someone smuggle something into the country?

My guess: NO
George: YES- TRUE

Q9: Are you in love with your girlfriend, Lily?

My guess: YES
George: YES- TRUE

Q10: Have you ever lied to Lily about how much money you've lost gambling?

My guess: YES
George: YES- TRUE

Q11, to get to $25,000, asked by his son, Allen: Have you ever gambled away one of your children's college funds?

My guess: NO
George: NO- TRUE FOR $25,000!

He mentions that this question haunted Allen for the past five years!

Q12: Do you think your best friend could trust you with his life savings?

My guess: YES
George: NO- TRUE

Q13: Have you ever made a pass at one of Lily's friends?

My guess: YES
George: YES- TRUE

Q14: Would you break up with Lily if your ex-wife wanted to get back together with you?

My guess: NO
George: NO- TRUE

Q15: Have you ever stolen money from a job and let someone else take the blame?

My guess: NO
George: YES- $100,000!

He then decides to call it quits and take the money home! George, when I was making my prediction for the 15th question, my gut was NO, but I was starting to changing my mind to YES. Thankfully, you went the right way. George, I hope you spend that 100 grand wisely, and thanks so much for giving me a look at some California girls!

Next contestant is Christie Youssef from Southern California. She's a 22-year old medical student, and has participated in Miss America pageants in California and Ohio. In her Peanut Gallery are:

Nellie: Mother
Melissa: Little sister
Kohl: Friend

Q1: Did you ever cheat on a college exam?

My guess: NO
Christie: NO- TRUE

Q2: Have you ever stolen money from your parents?

My guess: YES
Christie: NO- TRUE

Q3: Do you think you're better looking than Melissa?

My guess: YES
Christie: YES- TRUE

Q4: Do you believe your mother is overweight?

My guess: NO
Christie: YES- TRUE

Q5: Would you be upset if your younger sister got married before you did?

My guess: NO
Christie: YES- TRUE

Q6: Do you plan on being a virgin on your wedding night?

My guess: NO
Christie: YES- $10,000

Q7: Are you more comfortable around friends that you know are not as attractive as you are?

My guess: YES
Christie: YES- TRUE

Q8: Have you ever had a cosmetic prodcedure to enhance your looks?

My guess: YES
Christie: YES- TRUE

Q9: Have you ever been upset by your sister, Melissa, winning a beauty pageant?

Christie: YES- TRUE

Q10, read by 2006's Miss California, Jacquelynne Fontaine....will be revealed next time.
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