Thursday, January 31, 2008

1/31/2008 Results

WWTBAM: Karyn Beach is back. She recently wrote a short film starring Danny Glover, and lost 35 pounds. She will give 10% of her winnings to her father, who is in the audience today. Her final $50,000 question, after switching:

In the classic Hardy Boys book series, what's the name of Frank and Joe's famous detective father?

A: Porter
B: Chadwick
C: Eastman
D: Fenton

She goes with Fenton...

A: Porter
B: Chadwick
C: Eastman
D: Fenton

...right! Next, for $100,000:

Which of these Oscar-winning actors has NOT also had a #1 album on the U.S. pop charts?

A: Liza Minnelli
B: Frank Sinatra
C: Jamie Foxx
D: Barbra Streisand

She's leaning towards one of the top two choices. She goes with Minnelli...

A: Liza Minnelli
B: Frank Sinatra
C: Jamie Foxx
D: Barbra Streisand

...RIGHT for $100,000! $250,000 question is this:

Established by Congress in 1946, the prestigious Fulbright academic scholarships are named for a former Senator from what state?

A: Arkanasas
B: Iowa
C: West Virginia
D: Indiana

She quits with the 100 grand! It was Arkansas, which she never would've said, since she was leaning toward Iowa and Indiana! Hence, her father will get $10,000!

Kara Betourne from Clearwater, FL is next. For $2,000:

Which of these northeastern U.S. vacation spots is located on the coast and not in the mountains?

A: The Hamptons
B: The Poconos
C: The Berkshires
D: The Catskills

She asks the audience, and 93% said the Hamptons. She agrees and is right, but that was her gut answer on the question, so she just wasted a lifeline. Next, for $4,000:

In "Popeye" comics, J. Wellington Wimpy's signature saying is "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a" what ""?

A: Cupcake
B: Flapjack
C: Milkshake
D: Hamburger

Maybe she should've saved her audience lifeline for this? She calls her mother, Judy, who is 100% sure it's hamburger. She agrees and is right. $8,000 question:

At the start of a standard chess match, each player has how many pawns?

A: 6
B: 8
C: 10
D: 12

She says 6....

A: 6
B: 8
C: 10
D: 12

...should've used the 50:50. It was 8, so she leaves with $1,000.

Chad Justen from Toledo is our last contestant today. Last question of the day, for $2,000:

In 2007, Samuel Leeds Allen was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his "Flexible Flyer" version of a what?

A: Sled
B: Yo-yo
C: Frisbee
D: Hula hoop

He polls the audience. 67% said sled, 32% said frisbee and the other 1% said hula hoop. He goes with sled...

A: Sled
B: Yo-yo
C: Frisbee
D: Hula hoop

...he'll be back tomorrow!

Crosswords: After yesterday's travesty, I guaran-damn-tee today's show will be better. Today's opening players are T.J. Gwinta (a mail supervisor from NY) and Jan Hart (a California fundraising publicist).

At the day's first Extra, the lady's in control with $150 to the man's $50. She wagers $400:

M _ _ _

Clue: Tyrannosaur's diet. She says MEAT...that's $550! At the end of the round, she has $700 to the other's $400.

Today's Spoilers are Barry Dunner (a N.J. writer), Lisa Venson (an advertising copywriter from NY) and John Claggett (a race car mechanic from Florida).

1. (_ _ _ C _)- Extend an arm. Gwinta says REACH...he's right to go to $600.
2. (_ _ _ E)- Bestow much love (on). Hart says DOTE...that's right to go to $900 and go back to a $300 lead.
3. (_ _ T _ A _ _ T _)($300)- Private talk. Hart looks unsure with golly, she's right to move to $1,200!
4. (_ _ _ E R)- Respected tribesman. Gwinta goes with ELDER...that's it to go to $800.
5. (_ _ _ _ E)- Barely perceptible amount. Gwinta says TRACE...he's in four figures!
6. (C _ _ T)- Senile one. Hart says the adjective is is to go to $1,400!
7. (_ _ _ _ _ A _ _)($300)- Clouding of the eye lens. Hart says CATARACT...that's it for a new total of $1,700!
8. (_ _ _ _ _ R)- Junior's superior. Hart easily gets SENIOR to go to $1,900!
9. (_ _ _ _ S)- Profound void. Hart says that's an in the name of a TNA wrestler, that is correct to break the two grand mark with $2,100!
10. (B _ _ _)- Hee-haw. Venson gets the first chance to spoil today with is for $2,300 and the chance at the round's first Extra! She bets a grand on this:

_ R _ _ E

Clue: Trim, as bushes. She says PRUNE...


...sounds like it to me! She now has $3,300!

12. (_ A _ _ N)- Beautician's employer. Gwinta finally gets in there with SALON...he's right to go to $1,200!
13. (_ Y _ _ I T _ _ _ _)($300)- Spectator who can describe what happened. Gwinta nails EYEWITNESS to move to $1,500!
14. (_ _ _ E)- Ivory soap claim, 99.44% _____. Venson is right with PURE, giving her $3,500!
15. (_ U _ _)- Glue container. Gwinta says it's TUBE...right for $1,700, and here comes the other Extra of the round. He goes ALL IN on this:

_ E _ S _ _

Clue: Jeannie's Major. He goes with NELSON....


...RIGHT to go to $3,400! Impressive! He's only down by a hundred now!

17. (_ O _ _ _ _ _)($300)- "Jesus Christ Superstar" song, or Palm Sunday salute. Venson rings in but blanks out, so she's lost the lead. Hart tries to get her lead back with is!
18. (_ _ _ _ N)- 3/4 of the Earth, basically. Gwinta says OCEAN...correct for the lead with $3,600!
19. (_ _ E _)- Cook's hot spot. He says COOK...$3,800 is where he goes now!
20. (_ _ V _ N)- Add pep to, with "up". He now goes with LIVEN...he's livened up his score to four grand!
21. (_ _ N _ A)- Meddlesome woman. Hart this time answers YENTA...she's right to go to $3,700!
22. (S _ _)($100)- Vermont fluid. Hart nails SAP no problem to end the round with $3,800!


1. (P _ _ _ _)- Trousers. Hart gets PANTS to tie the game!
2. (N _ _ _)- About to arrive. Gwinta says my gut of NEAR...right for $4,200!
3. (S _ _ _)- Rigel, for one. He goes with STAR...$4,400!
4. (T _ _ _)- The boss on the TV classic "Betwitched". Hart says TATE...$4,200!
5. (_ E A _ _ R E R)($300)- Old salt. For the lead, Hart says SEAFARER...yes indeed for $4,500!
6. (Four-letter word)- It may be on your side or on your watch. The man says TIME for $4,600 and the lead back!
7. (_ E _ _ _)- Continue to have a Rolling Stone coming to your home? Total Stumper- it was RENEW.
8. (Five-letter word)- Hog the spotlight. He says EMOTE...$4,800!
9. (Another five-letter word)- Nonsense, or what you might be full of. He says TRASH...NO. That means that Dunner can spoil for the first time today. He says STUFF...I don't think so, so he's in the black for now. Answer: HOOEY. That means Gwinta is back to a $100 lead, $4,600-$4,500.
10. (Four-letter word)- Fill to the ____. Hart says BRIM...right for $4,700 and the lead back!
11. (_ _ R _)- Picked coif. The man says AFRO...he's got the lead now at $4,800!
12. (Four letters)- Miniscule amount in Greece? He says IOTA...he hits five grand!
13. (Four-letter word)- Graphic symbol. Hart says ICON...$4,900!
14. (Another four-letter word)- Figures in tables. For the lead back, Hart says DATA...RIGHT for $5,100 and a chance at the game's last Extra! Her wager is...three grand! Good luck. The answer is four letters long, and here's the clue:

Fuel from bogs.

She says PEAT....good news, that's right. Bad news- she's out of time, so she's all but out of this game now at $2,100. Too bad.


16. (Four-letter word)- Kind of little package? Nobody gets it- it was NEAT.
17. (Three-letter word)($100)- Pick, pick, pick. The man says NAG....WIN at $5,100! Fantastic game by a majority of everyone!

Crossfire: All this man has to do is fill in fifteen more blanks and he's going to Cancun with $10,100. I know he can do it...and he does! Didn't I tell you today's show was going to be so much better?

Family Feud: We've filled out one side of the tournament bracket. Let's start filling out the other. Today's two families are the Nielsens and the Chavezs. Here are the people from both families:

Nielsen: Mikey, Lance, Misty, Mindy and Mike
Chavez: Robert Jr., Brenda, Robert Sr., Ryan and Stephanie

First question: The most common reasons celebrity marriages break down. Starting with:

2. Too much paparazzi (18, Robert Jr.)
5. Too much money (12, Mikey)

The Chavez family plays. Brenda's first guess is cheating...NUMBER ONE (23)! Robert Sr.'s first guess is their time schedules...#3 (15)! Ryan then goes with the Stephanie opens her day with children...also a dud. Back to Jr., who says too much partying...three strikes in a row. 68 points are on the line on the day's first steal. Mikey says addiction...not there either, so the Chavez family strike first blood. Other answers:

4. Big egos (13)
6. Shallow people (5)
7. Quick marriage (3)

Second question: Circus performers who might have a tough time getting life insurance. Starting with:

1. Trapeze/tightrope artists (52, Lance)

That means the Nielsen family will play. Misty's first guess is lion tamer...all animal tamers are #2 (32)! Mindy opens her day with flame thrower...can't find it on the board. Mike then says the cannonball people...#3 (5)! Back to Mikey, who says Lance's next guess is the sword swallowers...bottom answer (2)! Misty next says the clowns...#4 (3)! It comes down to #5 for the points. Mindy says that answer is the people on the unicycles...but it's not. Robert Jr. then says it's the fire eaters...but it's fat ladies (3, WTF?), so 94 points go to the Nielsens and they have the early lead!

Double: Things gorillas do when they're angry. Beginning with:

3. Throw things (6, Robert Sr., who said throwing feces!!! LOL!)
5. Fight (2, Misty)

The Chavez family will play. We start with Ryan, who says beating their chests...NUMBER ONE (68)! Steph then says jumping around...#4 (5)! The chances are good for a sweep here. Jr. says roaring...#2 (16) for a TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP! They now have 262!

Triple: Things doctors use once and then throw away. Ryan rings in with needles...#2 (30). Mindy then thinks the top answer is tongue depressors...but it's #3 (19), so the Chavez family has a chance to close this game out. Stephanie says gloves...that's NUMBER ONE (43)! They're all but home free now. Robert Jr. says that rock bottom answer is We then go to Brenda, who answers with the ear-picking Robert Sr. has the last chance with surgical gowns...NO. This steal is for the game, and John forgets to go to the other podium for a second! Oops. Mikey then says the bottom answer is gauze...but it's Q-Tips (6), so the Chavezs win!

Fast Money: Robert Jr. and Ryan try to increase the jackpot to $60,000.

1. Name a part of one's body a nervous person moves a lot.
2. Name something everyone should do daily.
3. Foods you eat that come on a stick.
4. Name someone or something that kids like to hug.
5. Name a dangerous holiday.

My guesses:
1. Hands
2. Exercise (Eating was my second guess)
3. Ice cream (Corn dog and lollipops were my other guesses)
4. Friends
5. Christmas

Robert Jr. says legs, brushing teeth, corn, teddy bear and 4th of July for 146! Ryan's first guess was hands, which is #1 for 35! Second was taking a shower...30's enough for the win! He also said the #1 answer of corn dogs for the third question.

Jeopardy!: Going for her fourth win, and also having a chance to reach six figures, is Melissa Prusi. She's facing a couple men here in Stephen Fineman (a science teacher from Morristown, NJ) and Chris Dixon (a sales associate from Fort Lauderdale). First-round categories:


At the first break, Fineman leads with $3,600. The champ has a grand and the man in the middle has two Benjamins. Fineman continues to run it up and then hits the Daily Double under the middle clue in the buisness category. With $6,600 compared to the other two, who each have less than a grand at this point, he wagers $3,000:

At one of this man's auto plants, scrap wood was turned into charcoal and sold as briquettes.

"Who is Kingsford?"...I don't think so. It was Henry Ford, so he drops back to $3,600. At the first break, Fineman still has $3,600. The man is down to zip and the champ is now $200 in the red.

DJ! categories:


Early on this round, Fineman goes Daily Double hunting. Shortly after the champ hits the two grand mark, he starts getting on fire again and hits the first Daily Double of the round under the $800 clue in Bit Parts. He has $9,200, and decides to wager two grand:

This man whom Nixon called "the most dangerous man in American" had a cameo in Cheech and Chong's "nice dreams".

"Who is George McGovern?" It was Timothy Leary, so he's down to $7,200. The champ still can't really get things going, while the man in the middle starts to get it going late in the round and with three clues to go, he hits the other Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in the Marx category. He now has $6,000 to Fineman's $9,600. He wagers $3,000. To stay alive:

Unhappy with the dictatorial Somozas; these Marxist revolutionaries overthrew them in 1979.

"Who are the Camere rouge?"...NO. Correct: Who are the Sandinistas? At the end of the round, Fineman wraps up the championship with $9,600. The other man has $3,000 and the champ has $1,400.

FJ! was in the category of World Capitals.

This capital city of 113,000 is the closest national capital to the Arctic Circle.

Correct: What is Rekyavik?

Dixon was the only one right to double up, but Fineman does the math correctly despite missing this one to win the championship with $6,001. A shame he didn't win more, because he dominated this game for the most part. The lady leaves with $81,796, and maybe we'll see her again.

WOF: We start with a shout-out from Tina Fey. Tonight's teams are Cariema Wood and Dezeray Floyd (in the yellow) from Lancaster, CA (Cariema likes to play basketball, while Dezeray loves to sing, is part of the ROTC program, and IMO, she looks like "Ugly Betty" without the braces!), Chris Severn and Taylor Alheizer (Taylor is from Thousand Oaks, CA, and is a senior. She's a choir person and a weekend volunteer at the hospital. Chris is from Oak Park, CA. He helps do tutoring and also does improv. Incidentally, these two first met while they were helping out people in Africa two years ago!) and Amanda Morris and Megan Simmons from California (both are 11th graders; Megan is part of a show choir and volunteers to do church duty, while Amanda is part of a varsity swim team).

The middle team gets THROWING A PARTY for $1,000, while the mixed team in the blue gets I AM LEGEND for $2,000.

After we see a pair of trips to Ireland worth $9,000 pop up on the wheel, the first round category is Same Name. Right off the bat, the blue team hits the $10,000, but calls a dud. After the middle team buys the U's, we have...

S T U _ _ N T/&/

_ U T _/_ _ _ _

...I have an idea. They call two D's for $600, and have over $8,000 in their bank at this moment, as early on in their run, they called three T's for $7,500. They call the B for another $800, and they buy the U and the A. After they call the Y for another $500, they solve STUDENT & AUTO BODY to go to $10,050!

Campbell's Soup Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. The blue team calls the T's early on for the Wild Card. They then call the L for $300 and the Free Spin. After they call the C's, we have...

T A C _

C _ M _ _


...and they solve TACO COMBO PLATE for another $1,600 and a pair of trips to Cabo San Lucas, making their new total $12,600!


Big Money Round category is Proper Name. After the middle team buys the A's, we have...

_ A S _ E T _ A _ _/S T A _/

_ E _ _ _ N/_ A _ E S

...I have it now. They call the R's for $1,100, but they hit the Lose a Turn on the Big Money Wedge. Severn and Alheizer call the M and the J for $600 apiece, and after calling the B's for another $1,800, they solve BASKETBALL STAR LEBRON JAMES for another $3,000 and $15,600 total. If only Severn had spun that wheel with a little less jinneger...

They then solve GUITAR HERO to go to $18,600. We deal with a Thing next. They have to use their Free Spin after repeating the N. After they then call the R, we have...

_ O _ E S T

_ O _ _ O N

_ E N O _ _ N _ T O R's part of math. After they call the M's for $2,400, they solve LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR for another $6,900 and $25,500 total. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,700 a pop. After the red team calls the N, we have...

N _ _ _ R/_ T/_/_ _ S S/

_ _ R/_ _ R _ S

...I know it now, but they don't. The middle team calls the V but still can't solve. The leaders then call the E's and solve NEVER AT A LOSS FOR WORDS to ice their cake with $27,500! The team with the "Ugly Betty" look-a-like gets $10,050 to share in and the red ladies get the minimum $2,000.

Severn and Alheizer spin the 1 and the category is Fictonal Characters. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _/&/_ R _ _ _ _

They start with C, G, M and A. Finally, they pick D. We now get...

_ A _ _ _/&/G R _ M _ _'s _____ & GRUMPY, I think. They said WALLACE & GROMIT...uh, no. It was HAPPY & GRUMPY, and they lost the Pontiacs.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Kalyn Godfried is back. She resumes gamplay with this $10,000 question in 2nd Grade Physical Education. Here it is:

In a standard baseball game, how many defensive players are on the field at any given time?

She decides to peek at Mackenzie's answer, which was 9. She agrees and is right. Her next partner is Sierra and here are her remaining six categories:

3rd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Anatomy
4th Grade Music
4th Grade Social Studies
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Reading

She goes with Anatomy for $25,000. This is a Classroom Club Question, sent in this time by Courtney from Canyon View Elementary School:

T or F: The kidneys are part of the human digestive system.

She decides to copy Sierra's answer, taking a big risk here. It was False...and Sierra has that for $25,000! Had she given an answer on her own, she would've said True instead. She chooses Measurements next, and she's on her own from here on out. To double her money:

How many cups are in five U.S. liquid quarts?

She says 20...right! Next up is 4th Grade Social Studies.

Who was the very first U.S. Secretary of State?

She doesn't know it's Thomas Jefferson, so she leaves with the 50 grand.

Next up is Travis Pruvett. His first partner is Olivia, and here are his categories:

1st Grade Music
1st Grade English
2nd Grade Grammar
2nd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Anatomy
4th Grade World Geography
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Astronomy

He first chooses Grammar.

T or F: A sentence can't contain both a past tense and a future tense verb.

He says False to get on the board. He's wearing a rubber band for good luck. His second category is 3rd Grade Math. This is the second Classroom Club Question of the night, with this one coming from William from Heritage Academy:

Olivia has three marbles, Sierra has 50 times as many marbles as Olivia, Cody has five times as many marbles as Sierra. How many marbles does Cody have?

He nails 750 easily to double up. His second partner is Sierra and his third category is Spelling.

What word in the following sentence comes first alphabetically:

"An antelope and an ant already ate all the apples."

After some heavy thinking, he gets all to go to $5,000. Next subject for his pleasure is 3rd Grade Animal Science.

In terms of average weight, what is the largest species of snake in the world?

His guess is the anaconda...right! His third partner is Nathan and his next category is English.

T or F: The plural form of the word "roof" is "rooves".

He locks in True...but it's False. Nathan has False to save him and get him to $25,000. His next stop is 4th Grade Anatomy.

The pituitary gland is part of what system in the human body?

A: Circulatory
B: Endocrine
C: Digestive

He decides to peek at Nathan's answer, which was Endocrine. That was the player's gut, and he goes with it, which is right. His next partner is Cody and he goes for $100,000 in Music.

What is the name of this musical instrument?

He knows it's the tuba for $100,000! He then heads for 5th Grade U.S. History. For $75,000 more:

What U.S. Revolutionary War hero is credited with saying, "I have not yet begun to fight?"

He's had enough, so he takes home $100,000. It was John Paul Jones.

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: This night's game was very special, because as we all know, a kid played the game! And that one was Shamari Berkley from L.A.! He's a dancer and his potential backup singers were his godsister Can'dase and one of his friends, Jacob.

Now, this show decided to pull a "Deal or No Deal" for a couple of reasons this episode. First, for this game only, nothing was at risk on each song. Second, he got $2,500 to start! After clearing off Happy Holidays, here were his eight categories:


His first category selection was Michael Jackson. The song choices were "ABC" and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin". Naturally, he went with "ABC", and he had a three-word target.

"Easy as __ __ ___"

Well, you can say that again! He filled in ", two, three" to double to $5,000. His second category was In the Movies, and his choices this time were the theme from "Spider-Man" and "Zip-a-Dee Doo-Dah" by James Baskett. He chose "Zip-a-Dee Doo-Dah" and had another three word target.

"My oh my, what _ _____ __"

He got "...a wonderful day" to go to $10,000. His third category was Disco, and his song choices were "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang and "Car Wash" by Rose Royce. He chose "Celebration" and again had a three-word target. Lyric:

"Let's all celebrate and have _ ___ ___"

He got "...a good time" for $25,000. For $50,000, he chose the category of Party Songs. His choices at this point were the "Hokey Pokey" by Ray Anthony and "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies. He went with "Hokey Pokey" and this time had to fill in five missing words, which came before "That's what it's all about". He sang them as "...and you turn yourself around" to go to $50,000!

Next stop for him was Rock, and the choices this time were "Yakety Yak" by the Coasters and "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker. He went with "You Are So Beautiful" and again had to fill in five words. Those words had to be sung after "You are so beautiful" were sung for the second time in the song. He sung " are so beautiful to me", which was wrong. He then called for a multiple choices, and here were his three choices:

A: " me, don't you know"
B: " me, can't you see"
C: " me, yes, it's true"

He locked in B....$100,000!

He then selected the category of Pop next. The choices were "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys and "Summer Nights" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Needless to say, he chose the Backstreet Boys song. Again, five missing words were needed, which followed after "Tell me why" was sung for the first time. He said...nothing, so he brought up Can'dase for help. With her help, he then came up with a guess of "Ain't nothing but a heartache". He then locked that in...right for $200,000!

Next up was my favorite category of the night, Sports Anthems! Before we got to that, the kid decided to dance to "Rock Around the Clock"! Anyway, the choices this time were "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "We Are the Champions". He went with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and had his biggest target of the night dealt to him- seven words. They followed after "Root, root, root for the home team". He sang "If they don't win it's a shame" no problem for $350,000!!

That left the 1980s standing between him and a chance at the MILLION DOLLAR SONG. The last choices were "I Just Called to Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder and "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston. He went with the Whitney Houston song and again had to fill in seven words. They followed after "If I fail, if I succeed". He sang "I'm not gonna let anyone doubt me". But he wasn't so sure about that, so he went for the two words backup. He filled in the middle and last missing words and got the following:

"__ ___ ___ live ___ ___ believe"

Despite this being a free guess, Berkley decided to call it quits with $350,000! Answer: "At least I'll live as I believe". I wish this man and his family the best of luck! He was such a delight.

Next time, a couple plays the game.

How Much is Enough?: The players this night were Cristal (a saleswoman from Fullerton, CA), Jarin (a personal trainer from Binghamton, NY), Tanisha (a customer service rep from Chicago) and Emily (an accounting assistant from Huntsville, AL).

Cristal: $468
Jarin: $441
Tanisha: $405
Emily: $784

Cristal: $916
Jarin: $727
Tanisha: $1,502
Emily: $898

Cristal: $1,384
Jarin: $1,168
Emily: $898
Tanisha: $405

Cristal: $1,272
Jarin: $1,236
Tanisha: $1,783
Emily: $2,252

Cristal: $2,656
Jarin: $2,404
Tanisha: $2,188
Emily: $898

Cristal: $1,961
Jarin: $1,786
Tanisha: $1,418
Emily: $1,920

Jarin: $4,190
Tanisha: $3,606
Emily: $2,818
Cristal: $2,656

Cristal: $3,395
Jarin: $2,683
Tanisha: $3,031
Emily: $2,882

Tanisha: $6,637
Emily: $5,700
Jarin: $4,190
Cristal: $2,656

Final Face-Off: Out of $12,337 possible...Emily won four grand.
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