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1/8/2008 Results

WWTBAM: In the hot seat now is Julie Stone fron NY. She carries Trivial Pursuit cards with her all the time. For $8,000:

The cocktail known as a "seven on seven" is a blend of 7UP and a popular brand of what?

A: Gin
B: Rum
C: Vodka
D: Whiskey

She's drunken one of these before, and is pretty sure it's gin....NO! It was whiskey, so not only has she just let all of her lifelines go to waste, she's leaving with $1,000.

Next is Phil McQuade from Long Beach, NY. He has some trouble on this $1,000 question:

In a 1971 hit song, Marvin Gaye repeatedly sings which of the following?

A: "Who's that girl"
B: "Where is the love"
C: "What's going on"
D: "Why do fools fall in love"

He's not totally sure, but he says "Where is the love" anyway....I DON'T THINK SO. It was "What's going on", so not only has he also let all of his lifelines go to waste, he's the third person this season to lose it all and go home on the Loser Llama.

Chris Wirth from Grand Rapids is next. For $4,000:

As indicated on its front page, how much does it cost to buy an issue of the newspaper USA Today?

A: 50 cents
B: 75 cents
C: A dollar
D: $1.25

He asks the audience, and the results are nasty. 35% said 50 cents, 30% said 75 cents, 24% said a dollar and 11% said $1.25. Despite the results, he says 50 cents....

A: 50 cents
B: 75 cents
C: A dollar
D: $1.25

...NO. It was 75 cents, so again, somebody wastes some lifelines. He's the second $1,000 winner today.

Next is Laura Miller from Lake Ariel, PA. She's a special ed teacher. $8,000 question:

Although its name is often used generically to refer to a far away place, the actual Timbuktu is located where?

A: Southern Asia
B: Western Africa
C: The Middle East
D: The Indian Ocean

She asks the audience. 79% said Western Africa while 15% said Southern Asia. She goes with Western Africa...

A: Southern Asia
B: Western Africa
C: The Middle East
D: The Indian Ocean

...right. Next, for $16,000:

In genealogical terms, your grandfather's great-great-granddaughter is best described as your what?

A: First cousin, twice removed
B: Second cousin, twice removed
C: Third cousin
D: Third cousin, twice removed

This is the last question of the day. She goes with A....

A: First cousin, twice removed
B: Second cousin, twice removed
C: Third cousin
D: Third cousin, twice removed

...she's coming back tomorrow!

Crosswords: We begin with Martin Stotts (a pilot from Florida) and Julie Yoshida (a California teacher). At the first Extra, the lady's controlling it with $200, and she wagers $500 on a four-letter answer. Clue:

One who's against.

She says ANTI....


...that's right to go to $700! At the end of the round, she's up to $800 while the man's just getting started with fifty bucks.

Today's Spoilers are Dan Anderson (a geographical information systems technician from California), Freda Lernett (from New Hampshire) and Randy Skidmore (a medical assistant from Missouri).

1. (Four-letter word)- Step in a duel. The pilot says PACE...he multiplies his winnings by five to $250.
2. (Four-letter word)- Gem from Down Under. The teacher rings in this time with OPAL...she's up to a thousand!
3. (Four letters)- Delany of "Fly Away Home". The teacher doesn't sound so sure with DANA...she should be, because that's right to go to $1,200!
4. (Six letters)- Timbered or forested. At the last second, the pilot tries LUMBER...good guess, but that's wrong. To steal his $250, the New Hampshire lady...can't do it, so the pilot drops back to fifty bucks. Answer: WOODEN.
5. (Four letters)- Angelic annulus. The man says HALO...he's back at $250.
6. (_ L _ _ _)- Sacrificial stone. Anderson tries to spoil with ALTER....ABSOLUTELY NOT. I don't think that's even a stone. In any event, the answer was ALTAR- he was a letter off.
7. (Nine letters)($300)- For the immediate future. The pilot says NEARBY...three letters short, so he's now at $50 in DDDD. Answer: SHORT TERM.
8. (Three letters)($100)- Slang word for a unit of body art. The teacher rings in with TAG...LOL!! She must love that kind of body spray! In any event, she drops to $1,100 and the answer was TAT.
9. (Six letters)- Abracadabra alternative. I say EUREKA, but the pilot says SESAME...both of us are wrong! It was PRESTO, and he's down to -$250.
10. (Five letters)- In an extemely speedy manner, like a house _____. The pilot tries again with AFIRE...this time, he's right to go back to -$50 and hit an Extra. He wagers the full $1,000 on a five-letter answer, and here's the clue:

One getting the biggest trophy.

I thought CHAMP, but he says FIRST....


...but I was right! He's down to -$1,050. Too bad.

12. (Five-letter word)- Pancreas neighbor. He says LIVER...he's right to move to -$850.
13. (Ten letters)($300)- Distributed everywhere. Skidmore has a free shot with WORLDWIDE...as in David Letterman's "Worldwide Pants", that's incorrect. Answer: WIDESPREAD.
14. (Five letters)- TiVo remote feature. The teacher blanks out, while the lady from New Hampshire says ERASE, which isn't even an option on the remote! Answer: PAUSE. Yoshida's down to $900.
15. (Eight letters)($300)- Verbally drag through the mud. Yoshida says SLANDER...not enough. Skidmore...can't take advantage, so Yoshida drops to $600. Answer: BAD MOUTH.
16. (Four-letter word)- Curve under a foot. The teacher says ARCH...right to go back to $800 and hit the round's other Extra. She wagers $500:

_ R _ _

Clue: Cooke you can double-dip, when split. Her reaction was priceless when she gets this one right away- OREO! She's now at $1,300.

18. (_ C _ _)- Put into the computer without typing. The pilot says SCAN...correct to end the round at -$650.

1. (_ H _ _ _)- Low bush. The pilot goes for SHRUB...yes indeed to go to -$450.
2. (Five-letter word)- Punch bowl item. I have this strange feeling it's PUNCH. Anderson gets a free spoil chance with LADLE...he's right for $1,500 and the lead!
3. (_ L _ _)- Self-defense, for one. Yoshida tries to get her podium back at $1,700 with PLEA...right!
4. (_ A _ _)- Notify of risk. She says WARN...right again for $1,900!
5. (_ E _ _)- "Can you ____?" ("Is it obvious?"). She goes with TELL...right to go to $2,100!
6. (_ D _ _)- Polish prose. Anderson tries to get his podium back with EDIT...that's right for $2,300!
7. (Four letters)- Nervously irritable. Anderson says EDGY...right to go to $2,500!
8. (_ _ _ G)- Course with sines, briefly. Anderson says TRIG...right again to go to $2,700!
9. (_ _ I _)- Refuge for bandits. The pilot's in this time with LAIR...he's right to go to -$250.
10. (_ _ R _)- Make weary. Anderson says TIRE...$2,900!
11. (Three letters)($100)- Amniotic ____. Anderson says SAC...he's now at three grand!
12. (_ _ _ A _)- Relating to the boondocks. Anderson goes for it again with RURAL...right again to go to $3,200!
13. (Four letters)- Where orders originate? Anderson says HIGH...this time, he's wrong, so back to three grand he goes. Answer: MENU.
14. (Four-letter word)- Temporary grant, e.g. Anderson says LOAN...he gets the lost $200 back and hits the last Extra of the game! He wagers $1,500 on a five-letter answer. The clue:

Minor goddess of rivers, lakes and streams.

He can't get NAIED, so he drops to $1,700.

16. (Three letters)($100)- Ask for repeatedly. Only the Spoilers ring in, so that means if one of them gets this right, they'll steal the game. The New Hampshire lady's first with BEG...she just won $1,800!

Crossfire: If she can fill in the remaining 16 blanks, her victory won't be a fluke and she'll take home $6,800 and a trip to Hawaii...but she falls five blanks short.

The closing credits for later-taped episodes like these, whenever the endgame is lost, now appear at the bottom.

Temptation: Alex is off to a grand start with $295 in her bank account and $2,054 in cash in stuff thus far. Here's what's on offer this time at Shopper's Paradise:

$95: Maid Service for a Year ($1,560)
$175: Home theatre package ($3,706)
$460: Jewelry ($6,000)
$605: Dining room with dinnerware ($8,548)
$800: African Safari ($22,000)

Today's challengers are Ashley and Chris. After the first Speed Round...

Alex: $40
Ashley: $25
Chris: $20

...after getting most of the questions right, the first of which was about "Deal or No Deal", Alex is offered some bedding plus an alarm clock/radio and a visit from True Feng Shui, all worth $1,180 for $15. The final offer is a $14 price and $100. Going once...going twice....NO SALE.
Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Person.

1. I played Ranger Bob on "Howdy Doody".
2. I later shared TV's first inter-racial kiss.
3. I now host a horse-breeding facility in Kentucky.
4. I was the host of "Show Me the Money", which was cancelled after just five episodes were aired on ABC.
5. I was a cop on "T.J. Hooker" and a lawyer on "The Practice".

Alex rings in...

_ I L L I A _

S _ A _ N E R

...she gets WILLIAM SHATNER to go to $55!

Knock-Off category: Designer jean labels.

True Religion
Baby Phat
Junk In Your Trunk
Mrs. Fifty
Lucky Brand
Faded Glory
American Rag
Not Your Daughter's Jeans
Cali Couture

Chris: Baby Phat- $5 ($25)
Ashley: True Religion- $5 ($30)
Alex: Not Your Daughter's Jeans- $15 ($70)

Chris: Mudd- $5 ($30)
Ashley: Diesel- $2 ($32)
Alex: Faded Glory- $10 ($80)

Chris: Lucky Brand- $2 ($32)
Ashley: Mrs. Fifty
Alex: American Rag- $2 ($82)

Chris: Pepe- $2 ($34)

With a whopping $48 lead, Alex could very well buy, or maybe not, a $245 handbag for $15. The offer is doubled. Going once....going twice....NO SALE. I can understand- that's really cheap crap!

Speed Round #2 dealt with facts about Donny Osmond and Ozzy Osbourne. After that...

Alex: $82
Ashley: $67
Chris: $44

...Ashley came on strong this round! But Alex's still ahead, so she gets the chance at Instant Ca$h, now worth $1,000. She goes for it and chooses the red wallet....bingo!

But Ashley's romp would continue in the last Speed Round, as she wins with $107! She stole Alex's thunder and then some! Alex still leaves with $3,054 in cash and prizes.

Super Knock Off category: Soap operas currently on TV. My mother loves to watch "Days of our Lives" and "Passions".

"Another World"
"Guiding Light"
"One Life to Live"
"Santa Barbara"
"Sunset Beach"
"The Bold and the Beautiful"
"General Hospital"
"As the World Turns"
"Search For Tomorrow"
"Port Charles"

1. "Passions"- $100
2. "General Hospital"- $25
3. "The Bold and the Beautiful"- $25
4. "One Life to Live"- $50
5. "As the World Turns"- $25

It's a good thing she stopped at $225, because had she finished with "Another World", she would've lost. The last answer was "Guiding Light".

With $332 in her bank account, she'll be back tomorrow!

WOF: To start, Lorenzo Lamas did a shout-out. Tonight's players are Carolyn Atal (in the yellow) from Scotsdale, AZ (who is a jewelry designer), Andy Berghammer from Culver City (originally from Liberty, MO; he's a financial analyst at a federal reserve bank) and Deborah Bone from Oxford, MS (who works at a church's ministry and is a fan of "Survivor").

Atal solves AMATEUR ATHLETES after the other female blanks out for $1,000, while the other lady wins $2,000 on MOUNT RAINIER.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle, and the category is Events. Out on the wheel now is a trip to Ottawa worth $6,000. All trips put on the wheel in Round 1 this week are courtesy of BedandBreakfast.com, hence the week's title, B & B. After Bone calls the N's, we have...

_ _ N- _ _ _ _ E D/D A _ S/AND/N _ _ _ T S

...I've got it, and you might see these words on most generic vacation plugs. She then calls the H for the $1,000 gift certificate from Extended Stay Hotels and buys the I's. After an $800 G and a $300 Y, she buys the U. After she calls the L's for another grand, she solves FUN-FILLED DAYS AND NIGHTS for $6,100, the gift tag and a trip to Portugal, for a total of $14,100 in cash and stuff!


ActivOn Jackpot Round category is Food & Drink. Early on, the man calls the T's for $600 and the Free Spin. After he buys the A and the I's, we have...

T R I _ _ E- _ E _ _ E R/T _ R _ E _/_ _ _ _/

S A _ _ _ I _ _

...I think I know. After a $900 N, he calls a dud in M and decides to save his Free Spin. Bone calls the L's for $1,000 but then hits Lose a Turn. Atal then calls a $500 P while on the Jackpot space but can't solve. After the D's for another $1,200 and the C's for another $10,500, she calls the K's for another $1,000 and solves TRIPLE-DECKER TURKEY CLUB SANDWICH for $13,200 and $14,200 total, giving her a $100 lead!

Big Money Round category is Phrase. After the man buys the A's, we have...

_ _ _ ' T

_ _ _ _ _ _ S T _ _ A T _

_ _ _ _ S _ _ _

...I think I know already. He calls two N's for $900 and buys four E's, and the board now reads...

_ _ N ' T

_ N _ E _ E S T _ _ A T E

_ _ _ _ S E _ _

...he then calls two D's for another $1,000, just missing the Big Money Wedge for $25,000. My guess of DON'T PROCRASTINATE YOURSELF is now out the window. He then buys two O's, and after calling the R's for another $600, we now have...

D O N ' T

_ N D E R E S T _ _ A T E

_ O _ R S E _ _

...now I've got it. After buying the I, he calls a $300 M and buys the U's. He then solves DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF after calling the L for $5,250.

After Bone answers incorrectly with TIC-TAC-DOUGH (DOH!!!), the other lady gets TIC-TAC-TOE to go to $17,200. Speed-Up Round category is Thing and consonants are worth $6,000 each! Now that's a lot of "Tic Tac Dough"! After the man calls the T's, we have...

S _ _ _ _ _ T

S _ S T _ _

...it's ______ SYSTEM. Bone calls the Y but can't solve. Atal calls the M but can't solve. The man then calls the R but can't solve. Bone calls the obvious E at the bottom but can't solve either. Atal then calls the P's and solves SUPPORT SYSTEM to win $36,000 and the match with $53,200, the highest maingame total of the season! The other lady has $14,100 and the man has $5,250.

Before we worry about whether or not she might break the all-time record, she has to solve the bonus puzzle first. She spins the first zero and the category is Things. Starting with:

_ E _ _

_ _ _ R S

Atal calls C, M, W and A and gets...

_ E A _

_ _ _ R S

...it's DEAD _______, I think....but it's not. And she can't solve PEAK HOURS. As a result, she made....

....a great deal- she only missed out on $25,000! She's taking home $53,200, all cash!

Jeopardy!: Dan Pawson now faces Charlotte Glicksman (a pediatric intensivist from Baltimore) and Justin Crowe (a politics professor originally from Fort Jefferson, NY). Opening categories:


At the first break, the champ leads with $3,400, while the lady has $1,400 and the man in the middle has $800. The lady then hits the Daily Double immediately after the first break under the $600 clue in You're An Animal. She wagers $800:

Scientists are scrambling to find out the cause of colony collapse disorder, which is occurring with this insect.

"What are ants?"....NO. Correct: What are bees? After the round, the champ has $5,200 while the professor has $1,800 and the lady's $400 in the hole.

DJ! categories:


Both men struggle early on this round, while the lady hits the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Storyline. She has $3,200, while the man in the middle has $4,200 and Pawson has $4,400. She wagers $1,500. For a $300 lead:

Hank makes guns, gets into fight, wakes up under tree and is captured by Sir Kay; remembers about an eclipse...

"What is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?"....

"What is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?"

...by golly, she's right for a $300 lead at $4,700! After getting the opening clue in War Correspondents, the professor hits the other Daily Double under the $800 clue with $6,600. He's a grand off the lead while the lady has $3,900. His wager is $1,200. For a $200 lead:

Later a prime minister, he covered the Boer War as a correspondent for the London Morning Post.

"Who was Winston Churchill?"...

"Who was Winston Churchill?"

...he's got the lead now at $7,800! The champ then gets most of the last few clues to end the round back in front with $12,000. The other man has $9,800 and the lady has $5,900. Still anyone's game.

FJ! category: World History.

This world-changing event was first announced in a Barcelona banquet hall in April 1493.

The lady wrote down "What was discovery of the new world?"....

"What was discovery of the new world?"

...RIGHT! But she didn't wager anything. The man in the middle said the Spanish Inquisition, and risked just $2,201, so he's still in second place with $7,599. The champ was...

...RIGHT, SO HE'S A NINE-TIME CHAMPION!!!! Good thing he got it right, because he risked $7,601, so an incorrect response would've cost him the title! His new grand total: $170,902!!!

How Much Is Enough: It's debut time! Tonight's players are Georgie (an investor from Korea), Meetal (a bartender from Green Oaks, IL), April (an assistant from Huntington Beach, CA) and Felicia (an entrepeneur from Syracuse, NY).

In the odd-numbered rounds, the money clock starts at zero, while the clock counts down to zero in the even-numbered rounds. In each round, the player who freezes the most money earns nothing for the round. The two players with the most money after the fifth round have it desposited in the final round's money clock, where the first player to buzz in there wins the cash. Only the champion will leave with any money.

In Round 1, the max is $1,000.

Georgie: $428
Meetal: $592
April: $517
Felicia: $497

In Round 2, the clock starts at $2,000 and counts down to zip.

Georgie: $1,133
Meetal: $1,040
April: $1,093
Felicia: $1,004

April: $1,610
Felicia: $1,501
Meetal: $1,040
Georgie: $428

In Round 3, the top dollar value is $3,000.

Georgie: $2,294
Meetal: $1,592
April: $1,492
Felicia: $1,509

April: $3,102
Felicia: $3,010
Meetal: $2,632
Georgie: $428

In Round 4, the top dollar amount is $4,000.

Georgie: $730
Meetal: $2,270
April: $1,855
Felicia: $1,934

April: $4,957
Felicia: $4,944
Meetal: $2,632
Georgie: $1,158

In Round 5, things change a bit. This time, not only will the greediest player in this round not earn money, the player who freezes the least money in the round also earns nothing for the round. Up to $5,000 is at stake here.

Georgie: $4,161
Meetal: $3,748
April: $2,487
Felicia: $2,725

Felicia: $7,669
Meetal: $6,380
April: $4,957
Georgie: $1,158

It just wasn't Georgie's day. Felicia and Meetal are off to the final round!

In tonight's Final Face-Off, the first player to hit the buzzer, starting at zero, will win up to $14,049. The first champion on this show is...Meetal with $9,944!
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