Sunday, January 13, 2008

"The Amazing Race XII"- Semifinals

Remember, TK Erwin and Rachel Rosales had to endure a Speed Bump sometime during this leg as a result of their last-place finish in the last stage.

I guarantee that Christina and Ronald and Nathan and Jennifer will be two of the final three teams.

Clue #1: Teams had to travel by taxi to the Umeda Sky Building. They then had to figure out that the Floating Garden is an observatory located on the building's roof, where the second clue was found.

Clue #2: Teams had to travel over a thousand miles by plane to Taipei, Taipan. They then had to get to the Main Station, where the third clue was located.

At this point, the Hsus had the lead.

Clue #3: Teams had to travel by high-speed rail to Taichung. Once there, they then had to take a taxi to Jiji and go to Acrobatics Jeep, where the next clue was found.

ROADBLOCK: One member from each team was placed in a car driven by a professional stunt driver, who then drove them off a ramp and on a teeter-totter, where they would rock back and forth 25 feet above the ground. After that, they were placed in an old jeep and then driven underwater for 17 seconds. During that time, those players had to wear goggles and hold their breath as long as possible. After that, they got their next clue.

The Hsus were still ahead.

Clue #5: Teams then had to travel back to Taipei via high-speed rail and then find the GK Teahouse. Once there, they had to drink a cup of tea, and at the bottom of each drink was their next clue.

While the Hsus were still leading, Erwin and Rosales were in second, but they still hadn't encountered their Speed Bump as of this point. It wound up coming after their Roadblock. Here was the task:

Travel by taxi to He-Ping, where what looked to be a soccer field awaited them. They then had to participate in a fireworks event. Once they got to the site, they had to put on protective gear and run through several fireworks aimed directly at them before being doused by water at the end.

Clue #6: Teams had to figure out that the symbols at the bottom of their cup symbolize the logo of the Gong Guan Night Market, where they would find a clown that would give them their Detour clue.

DETOUR: Earth or Fire?

Fire: Teams had to make their way to a park and find a designated sign, where they would first then write messages of good and bad luck on lanterns. They then had to burn spirit money located under the lanterns, filling them with hot air. Once they have sent their 20th lantern into the air, they got their Pit Stop destination.

Earth: Teams had to get to a youth park, where they would have to walk down a 220-foot jagged stone path barefooted, and then walk back on it all the way to the start. Once both members of a team did this, they would get their Pit Stop location.

PIT STOP: Teams had to travel by taxi to Chiang Kai-Shek Plaza. Only the first three teams to check in here qualified for the finals.

The Hsus made this leg look easy, winning for the second time in a row and became the second three-time winners this season! They also won a trip to Curacao.

The second finalists were....

...Erwin and Rosales! They overcame the Speed Bump deficit!

Now, the moment of truth. Either Nathan Hagstrom and Jennifer Parker got to the finals, or they would be eliminated and sent home with nothing at the last possible second.....

...THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT!!!! Darn. Thus, the men got the last spot in the finals. Gordon Pepper, I hope you're happy...
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