Thursday, January 31, 2008

"American Idol"- Last episode of January

Auditions came from sunny Miami, FL.

Suzanne Toon (21, Clearwater, FL)
Ramille Malubay (19, Miramar, FL)
Syesha Mercado (20, Miami, FL)

Robbie Carrico (25, Melbourne, FL)
Brittany Wescott (20, Jacksonville; I think she sang a made-up song about Simon!)
Natashia Blach (29, Fort Collins, CO)

OK but still made it:
Ghaleb Emachah (27, Miami, FL; he kissed men and women afterwards, including the show's producers!)
Corliss Smith (20, Jacksonville)
Ilsy Lorena Pinot (28, Miami, FL)

Close but no cigar:
Shannon McGough (18, Okeechdbee, FL; too loud)
Julie Dubela (16, Stratham, NH; too depressed, and she was in the Top 20 on the short-lived "American Juniors")

Ben Hausbach (26, Melbourne, FL; too depressed)
Carroy Bethea (27, Fort Myers, FL; too loud and goofy, and also had a ridiculous wig)
Richard Valles (19, Tampa, FL; too depressed)
Brandon Black (20, Pampano Beach, FL; too depressed and had a ridiculous attire)

Surprisingly, only 17 made it through to Hollywood from here, despite yours truly hearing three superior voices.
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