Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 1/22

At the start, host Alison Sweeney asked the remaining seven teams which couple should be voted off next. After some thinking time….

…Kelly and Paul, last week’s winners, got three votes. Mark and Jay and Jennifer and Maggie got two votes each.

Here’s what this early voting procedure means. This meant Kelly and Paul were marked for elimination. To advance to the next round, their weight loss percentage at the next weigh-in must beat the combined percentage of the remaining twelve players. If they were successful, they got the right to eliminate the next team. Also, for this week only, they got to pick either Bob or Jillian as their sole trainer for that week. They chose Jillian.

It was reward time for them, and they chose the Gameplay envelope, which contained…a two-pound loss bonus at a future weigh-in. That could very well come in handy tonight. Unlike last week, the other rewards were not revealed.

This week’s challenge also pit Kelly and Paul against everyone else as a whole. At stake was letters from home. This challenge was simple. It took place above a pool of water. Everyone had to run across balance beams to retrieve pegs on the other side and then run back with them to a board where they had to stick it on a board. If anybody fell off their balance beam, that person had to start over. Each player had to fill in at least one hole on their board. The first group to fill in the twelve-hole board won the letters.

The winners were….

…Paul and Kelly….BUT, they decided to sacrifice the right to the letters to everybody else because they didn’t want to get distracted this week! Interesting.

It’s weigh-in time. Everyone still weighed in as teams, and one team still got a reward for the highest percentage of weight lost this week. Only this time, it was immunity.

Bette-Sue Birkland (224) and Ali Vincent (198): 422 pounds, 15 pounds lost, 3.43%

Roger (319) and Trent (375) = 694 pounds, 25 pounds lost, 3.48%

Bernie Salazar (241) and Brittany Aberle (201) = 442 pounds, 9 pounds lost, 2%

Mark (235) and Jay Kruger (258) = 493 pounds, 24 pounds lost, 4.64%

Maggie King (218) and Jennifer Widder (229) = 447 pounds, 10 pounds lost, 2.19%

Jackie (214) and Dan (264) Evans = 478 pounds, 3 pounds lost, .62%

The target percentage for Kelly and Paul to beat is 2.81%. Therefore, to advance to the next episode, they had to have lost at least 15 pounds. Kelly’s new weight was 240, for a loss of eight pounds. Did Paul go down to at least 262?……

YES with 260! With the two-pound bonus (which they didn’t need), that means with a final percentage of 3.39%, they got to eliminate a team! It also means that the Krugers, after winning the first few challenges, won their first weigh-in and immunity.

The fourth team to be eliminated was….

….Bette-Sue and Ali.

Starting next week, only one person will be eliminated each week.
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