Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 1/8

To start, everyone was told that both trainers would now train all of the remaining nine teams.

Bette-Sue Birkland got injured while running on a treadmill but was OK and kept going.

After everyone learned staggering facts about their eating, it's challenge time.

This time, each team had to go up and down on their big metallic see-saw 100 times. The first team that did this won a pair of calling cards in order to call their loved ones.

The winners were....

...Mark and Jay Kruger, their second challenge win in a row! The football team had to drop out of this challenge when Trent Patterson injured his back early on while on the see-saw. The winners were then told that they were able to choose three more teams to get a pair of calling cards. They chose Curtis and Mallory, Trent and Roger and Neil and Amanda.

The teams were then seperated and placed into two seperate rooms. It's temptation time. Each person, one at a time, got to go outside and look at a feast cooked from a grill. The team who ate the most calories out of this feast won a $5,000 bonus.

Only three teams as a whole ate something at the feast. They were Curtis and Mallory, Kelly and Paul and Mark and Jay. The winners....Mark and Jay by 13 calories!

Now, for the weigh-ins.

Roger Shultz (340) and Trent Patterson (401) = 741 lbs, 9 pounds lost, 1.2%

Brittany Aberle (261) and Bernardo Salazar (210) = 471 lbs., 6 pounds lost, 1.26%

Kelly Fields (257) and Paul Marks (283) = 540 lbs., 4 pounds lost, .74%

Mark (261) and Jay (275) Kruger = 536 lbs., 12 pounds lost, 2.19%

Maggie King (227) and Jennifer Widder (240) = 467 lbs., 4 pounds lost (without anything additional, bonus and penalty wise), .85%

Bette-Sue Birkland (239) and Alison Vincent (212) = 451 lbs., 9 pounds lost, 1.96%

Jackie (223) and Dan (277) Evans = 500 lbs., 16 pounds lost, 3.1%

The next-to-last team was Curtis and Mallory Bray. To advance to the next round, they had to have lost at least five pounds. If they lost at least 18 pounds, they took the lead. Curtis' new weight was 356, a loss of three pounds. Did Mallory go down to 201 or less...NO, because she weighed in at 204, meaning she GAINED a pound! Ouch. They only lost two pounds, and with a final percentage of .36%, they automatically were sent to the elimination room.

Now, for Neill and Amanda Harmer. To avoid elimination, they needed to have lost at least four pounds. To win the week, they needed to have lost at least 16 pounds. Amanda stayed at 190. Did Neill go down to at least 300...YES with 298! Their final percentage was 1.21%, meaning Kelly and Paul was the other team in the danger zone.

By a vote of 5-3....

...the Brays were eliminated. Mallory's choice to eat chocolate candy from the feast cost her team big time.
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