Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" Season 5 Premiere- HAPPY 2008!!!

Remember, this season, teams of two will compete. At the weigh-ins, teams will weigh together. Here are the teams this season. If I don't list anything other than the city that team resides in, they're a husband/wife team:

Curtis and Mallory Bray (L.A.)
Bette-Sue Burkland and Alison Vincent (Mesa, AZ; mother and daughter)
Jackie and Dan Evans (Frankfort, IL; mother and son)
Kelly Fields (Titusville, FL) and Paul Marks (Rockledge, FL; they're a divorced couple)
Neill and Amanda Harmer (Bethany, OK)
Maggie King (Denville, NJ) and Jennifer Widder (River Edge, NJ; they're best friends)
Mark (Dartmouth, MA) and Jay (Bedford, MA) Kruger (brothers)
Roger Shultz (Enterprise, AL) and Trent Patterson (Endicott, NY; they're former football teammates)
Lynn (Elyria, OH) and Jenni (North Ridgeville, OH) Westphal (father/daughter)
Brittany Aberle (San Jacinto, CA) and Bernardo Salazar (Chicago)(they're total strangers to each other)

This season, the original two trainers on the show are the trainers- Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Kim Lyons is out of the picture, at least for now.

Harper has half the teams, while Michaels has the other half. Whom they had to train depended on a race between all ten teams. They had to run up a hill. Once both members of a team touched their flag at the top, they had to go back down it and run back to the trainer they would like to work for. Each team is assigned a different color. Here are the team layouts:

Brittany and Bernardo
Jackie and Dan
Bette-Sue and Alison
Kelly and Paul
Lynn and Jenni

Mark and Jay (Black)

Roger and Trent
Curtis and Mallory
Neill and Amanda
Maggie and Jennifer

Here are the starting weights for everybody:

Maggie (239) and Jenn (254)= 493 lbs.

Jay (293) and Mark (285)= 578 lbs.

Curtis (381) and Mallory (217)= 598 lbs.

Bette-Sue (261) and Ali (234)= 495 lbs.

Jackie (246) and Dan (310)= 556 lbs.

Lynn (409) and Jenni (267)= 676 lbs.

Neill (317) and Amanda (204)= 521 lbs.

Bernie (283) and Brittany (221)= 504 lbs.

Paul (303) and Kelly (271)= 574 lbs.

Roger (363) and Trent (436)= 799 lbs.

Patterson is the heaviest contestant in the show's history. It is also learned that 3/4 of this season's roster had high blood pressure when they first came on the show.

Challenge #1: The teams had to drag their colored balloon around a marked course and bring it back to the finish line. The winning team got a TWO-POUND BONUS at the next weigh-in. But the team who finished last would have a TWO-POUND PENALTY at the next weigh-in.

WINNERS: Mark and Jay

PENALTY: Maggie and Jenn

Time for the first official weigh-in of the season. The two teams with the lowest combined team weight-loss percentages are put up for elimination.

Kelly (258) and Paul (286) = 544 lbs, 30 pounds lost, 5.23%

Jay (280) and Mark (268) = 548 lbs, 32 pounds lost (with bonus), 5.54%

Chris (359) and Mallory (203) = 562 lbs, 36 pounds lost, 6.02%

Roger (343) and Trent (407) = 750 lbs, 49 pounds lost, 6.13%

Jackie (231) and Dan (285) = 516 lbs, 40 pounds lost, 7.19%

Lynn (390) and Jenni (260) = 650 lbs, 26 pounds lost, 3.85%

Neil (304) and Amanda (190) = 494, 27 pounds lost, 5.18%

Maggie (229) and Jenn (242) = 473, 20 pounds lost (with penalty), 4.06%

Bette-Sue (245) and Ali (215) = 460, 35 pounds lost, 7.07%

The strangers were last. To advance to the next round, they needed to have lost at least 21 pounds, just like Maggie and Jenn had to do. Bernardo weighed in at 266, meaning he lost 17 pounds on his own. Did Brittany weigh in at 217 or less....YES, with 211! That means they lost 27 pounds as a team, for a weight percentage of 5.36%. That means that Maggie and Jenn were the other team in the danger zone.

Unlike other elimination rounds, instead of each team having 24 hours to decide whom to eliminate, each team only had a single hour to decide.

By a vote of 7-1, Lynn and Jenni, who did the worst the week, were eliminated. But there's always the $100,000 prize on the season finale...

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