Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Project Runway" 1/23

The task this time involved Levi's jeans. To be more exact, the remaining seven contestants had to create an "iconic denim look" using the company's " Project 501" jeans, as well as cotton.

Marie was the next model cut.

Christian Siriano hated Ricky Lizalde's guts, because he felt his work was dull for the most part this season.

As of this episode, immunity was out of play for the remainder of the season.

This week's guest judge was the senior vice president of design for Levi's, Caroline Calvin. Let's get to the outfits.

First was Chris March with what looked to be a dress fully made of jeans modeled by Marcia. A bit too dark for my tastes.

Second was Ricky Lizalde with a tad more revealing dress modeled by Amanda. I seemed to like this better than the first one.

Third was Sweet P Vaughn with a lightly-colored jeans dress modeled by Lea. It was just OK.

The middle person was Victorya Hong, the Virginian in this season's competition. Her dress was modeled by Jacquilene, and it was a jeans robe. I hoped I was wrong about this- it looked too junky.

Fifth was Rami Kashou with a dress modeled by Sam.

Sixth was Christian Siriano, and his attire was modeled by Lisa.

Finally was Jillian Lewis with a lightly-colored dress modeled by Lauren. I seemed to like this, but did the judges agree?

Now, for the results.

Chris March
Christian Siriano
Jillian Lewis
Rami Kashou
Ricky Lizalde
Sweet P Vaughn
Victorya Hong

Lizalde went from worst to first this week! The Virginian was in danger....

Jillian Lewis
Victorya Hong

...and sadly, my fears were confirmed- she was eliminated. OUCH.

The next new episode will air on February 6th, and it will feature five of WWE's Divas, one of which is former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle!
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