Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Project Runway" 1/9

This time, the challenge was to make prom dresses for young girls from a high school in New Jersey. The budget was $250, and this week's guest judge was Gilles Mendel, a fashion designer.

First was Sweet P Vaughn with a fairly gold dress modeled by Nicole. I thought the bottom part was a bit too long, as a young person could possibly trip on it while walking.

Second was Victorya Hong with a short blue dress modeled by Jessica. It might've been too simple, but we'll see how it worked out.

Third was Chris March with a green dress modeled by Krista. This dress had the same problem as Sweet P's.

Fourth was Kevin Christiana with a fairly short red dress modeled by Tizi. I seemed to like it, but how about the judges?

#5 was Jillian Lewis with a light blue dress modeled by Erika. I really liked this one.

Sixth was Christian Siriano with a dress made of what I thought was tiger leather, modeled by Maddie. While I didn't quite like it as much as the last one, I still liked it.

In the lucky (or maybe unlucky) seventh spot was Kit Scarbo with a blue dress with red, blue and green stripes at the top. I thought this was kinda dull.

Ricky Lizalde was eighth with what looked to be a cashmere dress modeled by Katie. Good job.

Last was Rami Kashou, who had immunity right now. He presented a dark green dress modeled by Bianca. Good.

The results:

Chris March
Christian Siriano
Kit Scarbo
Jillian Lewis
Kevin Christiana
Rami Kashou
Ricky Lizalde
Sweet P Vaughn
Victorya Hong

The Virginia lady is the second contestant this season to win more than one challenge, and has immunity for the next one. The next contestant to be eliminated was....

Christian Siriano
Kevin Christiana

...KC. According to the judges, the dress looked cheap and unflattering.
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