Friday, January 25, 2008

"Pros vs. Joes"- Third Season Premiere

This season, 64 contestants from many different regions will compete for a $100,000 top prize. The host is the same as it's been since day one- Petros Papadakis.

This season, competition takes place in several big sports stadiums, such as the Rose Bowl, the Superdome, and for at least this episode, the now-defunct Orange Bowl. This game took place in the Southeast region.

To start, a qualifying round was conducted. Here, eight men were put into TNA Wrestling's famous six-sided wrestling ring. The first two that got tossed out of the ring were eliminated. The remaining six were ranked based on aggressiveness.

The two eliminated were Jarrod Arndt and John Stone.

Here were the night's players:
#1- Eddie Dubose
#2- Matt Still
#3- Dallas Robinson
#4- Steve Ruff
#5- Jason Vogel
#6- Brent Allen

Every time, #1 will face #6, #2 will face #5 and #3 will face #4.

The night's three pros were NFL star Jimmy Smith, NBA legend Kendall Gill and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle! Each of the top three seeds decided which star they would face. Here's what the matchups were:

#1 vs. #6- Jimmy Smith
#2 vs. #5- Kendall Gill
#3 vs. #4- Kurt Angle

The Jimmy Smith game obviously took place on the football field. Both Eddie DuBose and Brent Allen had four downs to stop Smith from scoring a touchdown. The one who completed the most stops advanced to the final round called Overtime, while the other left with nothing.

Brent Allen hails from Atlanta, and is a political fundraising consultant. Eddie Dubose is from Covington, KY, and he loads baggage at an airport.

Allen's first try: NO
Dubose's first try: NO
Allen's second try: NO
Dubose's second try: YES
Allen's third try: NO

At this point, if Dubose made a stop on his next try, he won.

Dubose's third try: WIN!

That meant he was headed to Overtime!

Time for Kendall Gill and the basketball court. Each player had eight chances to shoot from one of five shooting areas. A possession was wasted if the ball goes out of bounds or if Gill knocked the ball away from the player or stole it.

Jason Vogel is from Louisville, while Matt Still is from Atlanta (who will shave his head on TV if he doesn't go all the way!).

1. NO
2. NO
3. YES
4. NO
5. NO
6. YES
7. NO
8. NO

1. NO
2. NO
3. NO
4. YES
5. NO
6. NO
7. NO

Still followed his word, that's for sure.

Now, to the wrestling ring. Dallas Robinson and Steve Ruff each had three minutes to stay away from being taken down by Kurt Angle. Whoever was taken down the least won and went to Overtime.

Ruff is from West Palm Beach, FL and he sells nutritional supplements. He was taken down eight times.

Robinson is from Richmond, KY and is a former Eastern Kentucky student. He less than Ruff, so he was the last one in Overtime!

Overtime: Everyone had three tasks to do, one based on each of the night's three starts. One minute was given for each of the tasks. After the final task was done, he had to run to the finish line to stop the clock. The one who completed the course in the fastest time was the winner and advanced to the finals that took place in the Rose Bowl.

First off, they had to make four basketball shots before Kendall Gill made six of his own. Second, they had to get into the wrestling ring with Kurt Angle and then get out of it. Finally, they had to catch a hail mary pass from Jimmy Smith. Between events, players were allowed to sit down on a bench and stop the clock in order to rest for a few seconds before continuing on.

The remaining player with the worst seeding went first. In this case, it was Jason Vogel. Thus, Eddie Dubose, the highest remaining seed on the night, went last.

Jason Vogel: 1:44

Dallas Robinson: 2:40

Eddie Dubose: One minute.....

...47, so the season's first winner was Jason Vogel!
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