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2/20/2008 Results

TPIR: We open with Karen Foster, Megan Legher, Thomas Michael and Shanta Torbet. First IUFB today is a computer system.

Karen: $3,000
Megan: $1,700
Thomas: $1,000

ARP: $1,618, so the first man called today will play Check Game for some dough and a TV. He writes his check for $3,100...NO WAY. The TV was $3,198, so he's over by $298.

Next player is Joyce Whipple (from BYU) and the second IUFB is a wall clock.

Joyce: $750
Shanta: $800
Karen: $749
Megan: BUCK

ARP: $715, so that one buck bid gives Legher the chance to play the season's first playing of Stack the Deck for a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Board:


First pair of items are Clorox bleach and NutraMist, and the target is $6.29. She doesn't know the bleach is that. Second are jewelry clasp and mouthwash, and the target this time is $7.99, which was the price of the NutraMist. She says the mouthwash also costs that...but that's even more expensive, $9.99! Finally, we have V8 juice and peppers, and the price she needs to match up is $3.15. She knows the juice is $3.15, so she chooses the second number, which is 7. She had no chance of knowing the car was $17,435, and she said $17,845 instead.

Next player is Jaimal Ware and the third IUFB is a three-piece set of luggage.

Jaimal: $750
Joyce: $650
Shanta: $599
Karen: BUCK

ARP: $900, so this crazy guy may have a heart attack if he wins ten grand in 1/2 Off! First are a burger phone marked at $15 and a disco ball lamp marked at $11. He thinks the phone is $30 and it is. Next are a Hummer bank marked at $25 and a sound amplifier marked at $15. With no hesitation, he knows that bank is $50! Finally, we have a golf cart clock marked at $27 and a wattage converter marked at $20. He thinks the converter is $ is! He has all the SPs, $1,500, and a 50:50 chance at another $10,000. The two boxes left are #11 and #16. He goes with double 1...

...NO. But he does win everything else and heads to the Showcase.

BTW, a new phone number to order tickets has been introduced: 800-852-8909.

(During the phone plug, Mr. Ware was running around in the audience! What a crazy guy!)

The next player is Melissa Dumas and the next IUFB is a pool table.

Melissa: $2,430
Joyce: $1,700
Shanta: $2,500
Karen: $2,501

All have gone over.

Melissa: $1,300
Joyce: $1,350
Shanta: $1,450
Karen: BUCK

ARP: $1,300, so Dumas wins a check for $500! She then gets to play Most Expensive for a wine storage bar, a home gym and a BBQ. She thinks the BBQ is the most expenisve. The wine furniture is $1,650, the gym is $2,199...but the grill is the least expensive at $1,603.

Next is Brian from USC and the next IUFB is a baker's rack. The winner also gets $40 of Hot Pockets and goes for a car.

Brian: $650
Joyce: $1,000
Shanta: $700
Karen: BUCK

ARP: $1,800, so Whipple plays Super Squeeze Play for a Pontiac G6. Board:


She doesn't know it's $21,256. She said $21,956 instead.

The last player is Sheryl Haybaker and the last IUFB is a karoke system.

Sheryl: $550
Shanta: $950
Karen: $951
Brian: $952

ARP: $739, so Foster and Torbet head off to the First Four Breakfast Clubhouse while Haybaker will try to prevent a winless show from happening during Magic Number. She plays this game for an off-road vehicle and SCUBA gear. She sets her magic number at $1,989. I feel good about this. The vehicle is $3,199...


The BYU student gets to the Showcase. I really want that crazy man to win the Showcase today, if there is a winner today.

The first Showcase has a bedroom, books and a trip to Bangkok, and she bids $14,000. The crazy guy goes for shoes, a kitchen and a ski boat, and he bids $25,715.

ARP for him: $30,050, a difference of $4,335. ARP for the lady...

...$17,896, so she's today's champion with $19,736 in prizes. Darn. The man leaves with $2,573 in cash and prizes. A shame he didn't win a lot more.

WWTBAM: Back is Michelle Allen. She takes a stab at this $25,000 question:

In what film does Marlon Brando famously reply, "Whaddya got?" to the question "What are you rebelling against?"

A: "The Missouri Breaks"
B: "Apocalypse Now"
C: "On the Waterfront"
D: "The Wild One"

She says "The Wild One"...

A: "The Missouri Breaks"
B: "Apocalypse Now"
C: "On the Waterfront"
D: "The Wild One"

...time for her to go wild- she's got $25,000! But she then misses both of her $50,000 questions. She takes that money home as well as the Netflix subscription.

Brent Massey from Muskogee, OK is next. $8,000 question:

In the 1986 movie "Back to School", Rodney Dangerfield's character has made a fortune selling what?

A: Big-and-tall clothing
B: Toupees
C: TV dinners
D: Tanning beds

He asks the audience. 67% said TV dinners, 14% said TV dinners and 12% said tanning beds. He goes with TV dinners and is right. Next, for $16,000:

Humphrey Bogart delivers the famous line "The stuff that dreams are made of" in what classic film?

A: "To Have and Have Not"
B: "Casablanca"
C: "The Maltese Falcon"
D: "The Big Sleep"

He's stumped, so he calls his grandmother Mellie, who only offers a guess of "The Maltese Falcon". The 50:50 leaves that and "To Have and Have Not". He goes with "The Maltese Falcon"...

A: "To Have and Have Not"
C: "The Maltese Falcon"

...right! Last question of the day, for $25,000:

In "Top Gun", the characters' Navy "call signs" include "Maverick", "Goose" and all but which of the following?

A: Merlin
B: Sundown
C: Nighthawk
D: Wolfman

After talking it out, he says Nighthawk...

A: Merilin
B: Sundown
C: Nighthawk
D: Wolfman

...he'll be back tomorrow to go for the big money!

Temptation: Our champion right now is Jackie, who has $171 in her bank account. This is her third day. If she somehow goes all the way in the next few episodes like Ian did last week, she could win a car that has never been offered on another game show until now. Her challengers today are Taji and Heather. After the first Speed Round...

Jackie: $20
Taji: $30
Heather: $25

...Taji is tempted with a digital camera/printer, a digital picture frame and a laptop, all worth $2,014 for $10, which she buys immediately! Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Person.

1. Early in my career, I worked for an ad agency.
2. Then, I went undercover as a Playboy Bunny.
3. In the 70s, I hosted a show called "Not for Women Only".

Heather then rings in...

_ A _ _ A _ A

_ A _ _ E R _

...she says PAMELA ANDERSON, which is incorrect. Jackie then steals the $15 with BARBARA WALTERS to take the early lead with $35. Taji has $20 and Heather has $25.

Knock Off category: Billboard Hot 100 Hits by "American Idol" contestants.

"A Moment Like This"
"Inside Your Heaven"
"I Believe"
"Do I Make You Proud?"
"Flying Without Wings"
"What's Left of Me"
"All You Wanted"
"This is the Night"
"Let U Go"
"Before He Cheats"
"Wait For You"

Taji: "A Moment Like This"- $2 ($22)
Heather: "Before He Cheats"- $2 ($27)
Jackie: "What's Left of Me"

Taji: "I Believe"- $2 ($24)
Heather: "Wait For You"- $15 ($42)

Taji: "Inside Your Heaven"- $10 ($34)
Heather: "Home"- $5 ($47)

Taji: "Flying Without Wings"- $5 ($39)
Heather: "Do I Make You Proud?"- $2 ($49)

Taji: "Let U Go"
Heather: "All You Wanted"

"This is the Night" had $5. With a $10 lead now, Heather is offered a white Italian leather handbag, a wallet, a lipstick case and a handbag, all worth a grand for $13. The final offer is a $10 price and a $100 bonus. Going once...going twice...NO SALE.

Speed Round #2 dealt with characters from horror films and fairly tales. After that...

Jackie: $40
Taji: $39
Heather: $64

...Heather, now with a $24 lead, is offered a chance at a grand in Instant Ca$h. Going once...going twice...nope. The $1,000 was in the red wallet.

But believe it or not, she still falls short, as Taji wins with $79. Heather goes to the clubhouse while Jackie leaves with $3,729 in prizes.

Here's what's on offer at Shopper's Paradise:

$92: HDTV ($1,859)
$259: Trip to Florida ($4,500)
$700: Home makeover and $10,000 Bargain Blinds gift certificate ($12,000)
$860: Nissan Altima Hybrid (Std.)($25,115)

Unfortunately, it doesn't happen for her in Super Knock Off.

Family Feud: It's Day 3 of Celebrity Lookalikes Week.

First question: Things women pump. Starting with:

1. Breast milk (42, Howard)

The men will start the opening round. The first answer from the fake Elvis is gas at the buzzer...#2 (29)! President Bush then says an air Bono then guesses bras...can't find that, either. Johnny tries to stop the skid with eyelashes...NO WAY- STRIKE THREE. Whoopi then goes for the steal with iron...#3 (13) is worth 71 points to the women! The other three answers, all said by the minimum two people, were air mattress, hand lotion and hair spray.

Second question: Name a decision when you should go with your gut, not with other people. Starting with:

1. Getting married (52, MM)

The women will play this time. Paris Hilton is first up this round with career choices...#3 (8)! Dolly Parton's first answer is buying a house...all ways of spending your money are #2 (15)! Angelina Jolie blanks out (graphic error on TV- two strikes were shown instead of one). Whoopi then says stop that's two strikes. Back to Marilyn, who then answers when to move out...three strikes in a row. To give the male team their first 75 points today and to take an early four point lead, Howard Stern says starting a, so the women go to 146! Rest of board:

4. First impressions (4)
5. Medical advice (3)
6. Right or wrong (3)

Double: Foods that are always a slam dunk with guests. Starting with:

4. Steak/beef (10, Paris)

The women will play again. Beginning this time with Dolly, she says pizza, which is the bottom answer (6), believe it or not. Angelina says hot wings...all types of chicken are NUMBER ONE (16)! Whoopster then says chips and MM then answers salad...too boring for this survey. Back to Paris, who then guesses cookies...all desserts are #2 (13)! Dolly's next response is lasagna...all pasta is #3 (11)! To sweep, Angelina says the #5 answer is popcorn...but it's not. For the steal, the famous DJ then thinks that last answer is Chinese food...but it's actually fish/seafood (6), so the women go to 258!

Triple: Name something a man does to set the mood when he brings a date back to his place. Bono rings in first with a bottle of wine...cocktails are at the bottom (7), however. Dolly then says flowers...NO!! I don't believe that! That means the men will play. Johnny says music...NUMBER ONE (52)! Howard then guesses turning the lights off...#2 (27)! Another surprise this round. To automatically force Sudden Death, Elvis says #3 is is (10) for 288!

Sudden Death: Angelina and Johnny represent the teams with this question:

Past or present, name an entertainment who is/was blind.

The top answer was Ray Charles (72)...and Johnny Depp says it, so the men come back to win!

Fast Money: Bono and the President score 159 for $795, $20,795 total.

WOF: Tonight's players are Susan Hensler (in the blue) from Kenmore, NY (who is a big sports fan), Stephanie Reese from Hanford, CA (who serves in the U.S. Navy and also does medical care for them and the Marine Corps) and David Beck from L.A. (who is an administrator for a travel website and is also a woodworker).

Hensler wins $1,000 with DRIVING CROSS-COUNTRY, while the man in the middle gets SKILLED CRAFTSMEN for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Before & After and out on the wheel now is a trip to Hong Kong worth $7,029. After Hensler buys the E's, we have...

_ _ _ _ E N

_ _ N N E _

T _ E _ T E _

...I don't know the top word. She then calls three R's for $1,200 and this is now showing...

_ R _ _ E N

_ _ N N E R

T _ E _ T E R

...I know it now. After buying the I, she calls a dud in S. The Navy lady calls a $900 D and the H for another $300 and the Free Spin. After buying the O and the A, she solves FROZEN DINNER THEATER for $1,000.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: DM03012

Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. After Hensler calls the L for a $1,000 coffee center and buys the O, we have...

S E _ L _ D E D

S A N D _

_ O _ E

...I think I know now, but she then hits Bankrupt. Reese calls the C's for $1,000 and solves SECLUDED SANDY HOME to double her money and win a trip to Mexico, for a total of $7,600.


NCL Big Money Round category is Fictional Character. At the start, Reese calls two N's for the $25,000 from the Big Money Wedge! She then calls the S for the trip to Hong Kong. After she buys the E's, we have...

_ _ R N E _/_ _ E/

_ _ R _ _ E/_ _ N _ S _ _ R

...I know this now. After buying the A's, she hits Bankrupt! OUCH. She then hands in her Free Spin and then lands on a Mystery Wedge. She calls a B and flips...$10,000! She then calls a $400 D and buys the O, she calls the Y for another $1,000. After buying the I and the U's, she solves BARNEY THE PURPLE DINOSAUR to make a nice recovery from that big loss earlier with $10,650, taking her to $18,250!

The man in the middle solves A FRESH START to go to $5,000. Speed-Up Round category is Food & Drink and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After Reese calls the D's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _ D _

S _ L _ D

D R _ S S _ N _

...she is incorrect with THOUSAND SALAD DRESSING. The man calls the G but can't solve. Hensler buys the A's but can't solve. Reese buys the E's but is wrong again with MARMALADE SALAD DRESSING. The man then buys the I but is in space. Hensler then calls the M's and solves HOMEMADE SALAD DRESSING to finish with $8,800. The man has $5,000 and Reese is our champion with $18,250!

Tonight's cars are a VW Passat and a Lexus RX350. She spins the double star and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ R _ _ _ T

_ _ E _

I know it already. Reese calls D, M, C and I and gets...

_ R I _ _ T

I D E _

...she has the BRIGHT IDEA for that $25,000 she lost from the Big Money Wedge, giving her $43,250 in cash and trip!

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: DM13490

Jeopardy!: Wrapping up the semi-finals are Todd Faulkenberry, Virginia native Naren Tallapragada and Rachel Horn. First-round categories are as follows:


The Virginia guy hits the Daily Double under the $800 science clue! He has two grand at this moment while Faulkenberry leads with $3,200 and Horn has $1,200. His wager is $1,400. For a $200 lead:

In 1935, the Russian government built him a new lab to continue his work on conditioned reflexes.

"Who is Pavlov?"...that's the one, so he now leads with $3,400! But Faulkenberry takes the lead back at the first break with $4,200 while he stays at $3,400. The sole lady on the panel still has $1,200. At the end of the round, Tallapragada is back in front with $6,200. Horn has $5,800 and Faulkenberry is now in last with $5,200.

DJ! categories:


The Virginia man hits five figures first! But Horn hits the first Daily Double under the middle clue in the "RR" category. She has $10,200 and only leads the Virginian by $400. Faulkenberry has $8,000. She wagers $1,800. To keep the lead:

Line 525 of Alexander Pope's "Essay on Criticism" says to do this " human, to forgive, divine".

"What is err?"...that's correct to go to 12 grand! With 13 clues left, the lady still has $12,000, but Tallapragada is now just $200 behind her! Faulkenberry now has $9,600. The $400 and $800 This & That clues are now gone, but all the clues are available under the cheerleader and zoo categories. He goes for the $400 zoo clue and here it is:

This primate of Indonesia is the only ape whose name begins with an O.

He says "What is an orangutan?"...and he now has a $200 lead at $12,200! $800 clue:

Step up to "bat" and name this down under dennison.

Horn says "What is a wombat?" she's got the lead back with $12,800! Middle clue in This & That:

In the Bible, Jacob's gift of this to his son Joseph aroused the envy of Joseph's brothers.

She says "What is the Code of Many Colors?"...right again, and she now has 14 grand! $1,600 clue:

In German, it means "...until we see each other again".

She rings in again with "What is aufweiderhoren?"...and is now up to $15,600! Final clue in that category:

These were the names of "The Three Musketeers"-- D'Artagnan joined later.

This time, Faulkenberry is in with "What is Athos, Porthos and Aramis?"...all are right, so he now has $11,600! $400 cheerleader clue:

She was a cheerleader--& class president-- at Bedford High, as you could read on her website,

Tallapragada gets "Who is Halle Berry?" no problem to go to $12,600. Middle zoo clue:

There's a desert variety of this, and it's a word only referring to "land dwelling animals".

Horn says "What is a tortoise?"...right on to move to $16,800! $1,600 clue:

The Pangolin of Asia is also known as a scaley version of these insectavores.

Faulkenberry says "What is an aardvark?"...incorrect, dropping him to ten grand. The Virginia guy then tries it with "What is an anteater?"...he's right to go to $14,200! $2,000 clue there...DAAAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE!! He wagers $2,700. For a one Benjamin lead:

It's the marsupial-inspired name of the desert rat seen here.

"What is the possum rat?"...NO. It was the kangaroo rat, so he drops to $11,500. $800 cheerleader clue:

She looked quite "angelic" as a cheerleader at Long Beach Polly years before she became a movie "angel".

Faulkenberry rings in with "Who is Cameron Diaz?"...correct to move to $10,800. Middle clue:

She led cheers at her New Jersey high school before acting in "Brothers & Sisters".

Tallapragada says "Who is Kirstie Alley?"...NO. Correct: Who is Calista Flockhart? He's down to $10,300. $1,600 clue:

You can't miss her "congeniality", which must have helped her as a cheerleader at Washington Lee High.

Tallapragada is right this time with "Who is Sandra Bullock", going back to $11,900. Final clue of the round:

I'd "Walk the Line" back to Nashville to see this Oscar winner cheer at her alma mater, Harpeth Hall.

Faulkenberry gets "Who is (Reese) Witherspoon" to end the round with $12,800! Still anyone's game.

FJ! category: Notable Names.

At his death in April 1955, his brain was preserved and his ashes scattered in the Delaware River.

We go to the Virginia player first. He wrote down "Who was Albert Einstein?"...

"Who was Albert Einstein?"

...he's smart enough to get that right to double to $23,800! Faulkenberry is...

...WRONG with MacArthur, dropping him to $100 and sending him home with $10,000. Now, for the lady...

...she's right...

...and a wager of $8,801 puts her in the finals! Todd, I hope you spend that $10,000 wisely!

DOND: The next Million Dollar Mission game will take place Monday, not tonight. And it will involve a couple. As for tonight, our first contestant is Anabel Gamez from San Antonio. She's been a teacher for 19 years. Her case of destiny is #11.

1. #14- $25,000
2. #5- $75,000
3. #17- BUCK
4. #15- $300,000
5. #19- $500
6. #23- $300


1. #6- $750
3. #7- $500,000
4. #13- $400,000
5. #8- $5


1. #10- $75
2. #3- $100,000
3. #18- $10,000
4. #22- $50,000


She already has one strike against her, because $200,000 and $750,000 are the only biggies left.

1. #2- $10
2. #4- $50
3. #16- $200


1. #12- $100
2. #9- $200,000 (STRIKE TWO!)


As it turned out, had she gone all the way, she would've been the second member of the one penny winner club! Very good deal! The playout had she gone on:

#1- $400 (Offer: $136,000)
#26- $1,000 (Offer: $204,000)
#24- $25 (Offer: $269,000)
#20- $750,000 (STRIKE THREE)

Returning next Wednesday, I think, will be Larren Colum from San Diego. #9 is his case choice.

Haley, the lady who controls #25, was replaced by a boring banker girl at the start of the game thanks to the Banker's request.

1. #26- $300,000 (for now, when a big amount is KOed, a toilet flushing sound is heard)
2. #21- PENNY
3. #23- $500,000
4. #22- $750
5. #20- $10,000
6. #18- BUCK


1. #2- $50
2. #14- $25,000
3. #24- $5,000
4. #12- $10
5. #8- $400


ROUND 3 (Last round this episode):
1. #6- $100
2. #11- $500
3. #4- $1,000
4. #15- $75,000

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