Monday, February 25, 2008

2/25/2008 Results

Tempation: Ladies and gentlemen, as I pick up the action today, we may have our third grand champion of the season after today. The man I'm talking about is Shiron, with nothing but 6's in his bank account after just two outings- $666! He passed up $10,000 for the chance to possibly win the Nissan Altima Hybrid today. And this will be his last chance to win that particular grand prize, because the prizes will change tomorrow. Hoping to stop him from winning anything from Shopper's Paradise are Tiffany and Ariana. After Speed Round #1, we have...

Shiron: $25
Tiffany: $25
Ariana: $20

...both Shiron and Tiffany being offered a nine-piece Ashley bedroom group plus a pair of desktop video phones, all worth $2,211 for just $10. When the price gets lowered to $8, the champ buys! He's out of the lead for now, though. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Singer.

1. I appeared on "Star Search" (I got it after this clue, BTW).
2. At age 10, I sang the national anthem at a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Shiron then rings in...

_ _ R _ _ _ I _ _

_ _ U _ _ E _ _

...he gets the lead back at $32 with CHRISTINA AGUILERA!

Knock Off category: Quotes that appeared on AFI's list of Top 100 Movie Quotes.

"May the force be with you"
"Go ahead, make my day"
"I'll have what she's having"
"E.T., phone home"
"Someday, my prince will come"
"You talking to me?"
"Don't stop believin'"
"I see dead people"
"We were on a break!"
"I'll be back"
"Show me the money!"

Ariana: "May the force be with you"- $2 ($22)
Tiffany: "Show me the money!"- $2 ($27)
Shiron: "Rosebud"- $15 ($47)

Ariana: "Go ahead, make my day"- $2 ($24)
Tiffany: "You talking to me?"- $5 ($32)
Shiron: "I'll have what she's having"- $10 ($57)

Ariana: "I'll be back"- $5 ($29)
Tiffany: "E.T., phone home"- $5 ($37)
Shiron: "Someday my prince will come"

Ariana: "I see dead people"- $2 ($31)

Now with a $20 lead, Shiron is now offered a $2,500 gift certificate from Talbeta for $15. Going once...going twice...he wisely says NO SALE.

Speed Round #2 dealt with celebrities' baby names. After that...

Shiron: $82
Tiffany: $47
Ariana: $46

...he thankfully declines the chance at $2,500 in Instant Ca$h. He would've won the money, though, had he followed through with his pick of the white wallet. He goes on to retain the title with $92. Tiffany ($77) and Ariana ($56) visit the clubhouse and just go on their own way.

He now has $758 in his bank account. To win the car today, he must earn at least $125 in Super Knock Off.

His category: Things on "The Tonight Show".

Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicki
Top Ten List
Hugh Grant apologizes for arrest
"Stupid Pet Tricks"
Fred Thompson announces he's running for U.S. President
Bandleader is Paul Shaffer
"Stump the Band"
Steve Allen was a host
Drew Barrymore flashes the host
Sonny & Cher reunion
"Wish You Were Here" segment

1. Hugh Grant arrest- $25
2. Fred Thompson- $25
3. "Headlines"- $25
4. Steve Allen was a past host- $50

HE WON THE CAR!!! The $100 answer was the Tiny Tim-Miss Vicki marriage and the other right answer was "Stump the Band" (while it's been done a few times on "Late Show", it was a regular fixture on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson).

I don't think he was as dominant on the buzzer in comparison to Mark, but in the recap (s) I've seen with him previously on the show, he kicked some major butt with the Knock Off and Super Knock Off boards! His girlfriend, Shauna, came out to celebrate with him! Altogether, he is now the second-highest winner on the show so far with $29,825 in prizes!

Merv Griffin's Crosswords: Our first players today are John Lysight (an in-salesman from Nevada; he also taught some NBA and WNBA Rookies of the Year!) and Tara Tyson (a writer from Alabama).

At the day's first Extra, the lady's in control with a Benjamin to the man's -$50. She tries to double up with a three-letter answer. The clue:

Famous saying, "You dirty ___!"

She says DOG...but it's RAT, so she's back at zero. At the end of the round, the man has a $50 lead, $100-$50.

Today's Spoilers are Dawn Jolson (a Wisconsin research scientist), Bob Tuttleman (a retired NY engineer) and Jacquelyn Eberly (a Wisconsin dietician). No Califonria players today.

1. (D _ _ _)- "Come Back to the 5 and ___, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean". The man says DIME...right to triple up.
2. (_ _ I _ _)- Cover story? At the last second, the guy rings in with ALIBI...good guess, because he's right to go to $500!
3. (_ _ M _ _)- The entire range. For the first spoil of the day, Robert says GAMUT...he has $700 and the lead!
4. (Three letters)($100)- Fish sticks fish. TT this time is in with COD...and she triples to $150.
5. (C _ _ _ _)- Word with "juvenile" or "kangaroo". Bob says COURT...he now has $900!
6. (_ _ _ U _)- Refute by evidence. To go over the century mark, he goes with REBUT...right for $1,100!
7. (_ E _ _ _)- It may be constructed from sandbags. He says LEVEE...$1,300! And he gets a shot at the first Extra of the round. He wagers $1,000:

_ E _

A golf ball is driven off it. He knows for sure it's TEE to go to $2,300!

9. (Five-letter word)- Barely burn. He says SINGE...and that takes him to $2,500!
10. (_ _ E)($100)- Noted 1973 plaintiff. He goes with ROE from "Roe vs. Wade"...correct to go to $2,600!
11. (S _ _)($100)- Fall from grace. He goes with a SIN...not a bad guess, he's up to $2,700!
12. (Five-letter word)- Bermuda in the kitchen? He says ONION...that's it to to to $2,900!
13. (_ _ O _ _)- Not in a whisper. He says it ALOUD to go to $3,100!
14. (A _ _)($100)- Switzerland's Eiger, for one. He says that's an ALP mountain...sure is! He now has $3,200!
15. (_ U _ _ _ _)- Subtle difference. He's in once more with NUANCE...and he continues his winning ways, as he's at $3,400!
16. (Four-letter word)- Cast a ballot. He knows that's to VOTE and he now has $3,600!
17. (_ T _ _ _)- Do a make-up job? To rain on Robert's parade, Jolson says STYLE...NO. It was ATONE.
18. (Four-letter word)- Get the wrinkles out of. Bob says IRON...that's right to hit the other Extra of this round with $3,800! He bets $2,000 of it on this:

_ _ N _ _

Clue: Postulation. He says TENET...


...and he's now at $5,800!

20. (_ _ R _ _)- Ethical standards. To score a $6,000 steal, Lysight says MORAL...good guess, but WRONG. Answer was actually MORAY. That's all for this round.

BTW, make sure you check out the online tournament at You could win some nice prizes while you're at it.


1. (Eight letters)($300)- Any small, pleasing picture. Bob says POSTCARD...incorrect. The answer was VIGNETTE, and he's down to $5,500.
2. (Three letters)($100)- A borrower-a-lender link. For the spoil, Eberly says NOR...right for $5,600!
3. (_ _ _ _ _ N)- Role for Kilmer or Clooney. Tyson says BATMAN to go to $350.
4. (_ _ A _ _)- Cockamamie. At the last second, Tyson says CRAZY...incorrect. Bob could've intentionally missed this one, but he gets INANE to steal her $350.
5. (_ _ _ _ N _)- Speak with a singing voice. He says INTONE to go to $550.
6. (Five letters)- Elevator operator's query. He goes with the FLOOR...he's right again to go to $750.
7. (Three letters)($100)- Pin near a gutter. He says ACE...incorrect, dropping him to $650. Eberly then says nothing, so her lead is now at risk. Jolson then says TEN...right to steal her $5,600!
8. (Five letters)- "Still Me" memoirist Christopher. She says REEVE to go to $5,800.
9. (Three letters)($100)- Wahine's chaplet. Bob says LEI...he's back at $750.
10. (_ I _ _ _ _)- A few Zs in Zaragoza, e.g. He says that's a SIESTA...and it is to go to $950.
11. (Five letters)- Opposite of svelte. Bob says TUBBY...good move in intentionally missing that, because he now has a chance to go back to Spoiler's Row if one of two spoilers gets this one right. Tyson says THICK...I don't think so. Last chance goes to Lysight, who says HEAVY...NO! It was OBESE, so Bob goes back to $750.
12. (Three letters)($100)- Beatles lyric, "It was twenty years ___ today". He gets AGO to go back to $850 and hit the last Extra of the game. He naturally bets $2,000 on a six-letter answer. The clue:

Chief ore of lead.

He says GALENA...he now has $2,850!


14. (Five-letter word)- Bedsheet material, often. He gets LINEN to go to $3,050.
15. (Five-letter word)- Religious composition without accompaniment. Eberly has a free chance to spoil and take the lead back with CHANT...NO. It was MOTET.
16. (Five-letter word)- Cartographic closeup. He says INSET to go to $3,250, but I believe he's screwed at this point in the game thanks to his ill-advised move of stealing the trailer's podium.
Final clue (five letters)- Chip-off-the-old-block factor? He gets GENE just for fun to finish with $3,450, but that's all going to waste, as Jolson wins her $5,800.

Crossfire: If she can somehow fill in the remaining 17 blanks, she's taking home $10,800 and a trip to St. Lucia...yes she does!

WWTBAM: Our first player today is Helen Pinkston from Kansas City. She's wearing some kinky boots as a good luck charm. She's on a roll heading into this $16,000 question:

Located on the Patapsco River, the Inner Harbor is a popular tourist destination in what major U.S. city?

A: Baltimore
B: Philadelphia
C: Savannah
D: Boston

Since geography is her worst subject, she asks the audience. 71% said Baltimore while 20% said Savannah. She goes with Baltimore...

A: Baltimore
B: Philadelphia
C: Savannah
D: Boston

...right! For $25,000:

"French vanilla" ice cream, as opposed to regular "vanilla", is required by law to contain at least 1.4% what?

A: Butter
B: Heavy cream
C: Egg yolk
D: Organic milk

She calls Renee, a respiratory therapist, who's not so sure it's butter. She then uses her 50:50...and that choice is out of play. Heavy cream and egg yolk are left. She then goes for it with egg yolk...

B: Heavy cream
C: Egg yolk it for $25,000! Unfortunately, the $50,000 doesn't happen for her, so the $25,000 is what she takes home.

Joanna Walker from Queen Creek, AZ is next. Last question of the day, for $4,000:

John Hinckley claimed that he shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster, with whom he had grown obsessed after viewing what film?

A: "Chinatown"
B: "Apocalypse Now"
C: "The Godfather"
D: "Taxi Driver"

She asks the audience and 88% said "Taxi Driver". She agrees and will return tomorrow!

WOF: Time to begin the last week of the "Thanks a Million!" Sweepstakes. Tonight's players are Alana Cooper (in the blue) from Chicago (who works as a hand model for commercials and catalogs), Shannon Parvast from Brighton, Mass. (who is a preschool teacher) and Dennis Miavos from Castle Rock, CO (who is self-employed).

Cooper wins $1,000 with the Little Richard classic GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, while the other lady gets SECTIONAL SOFA for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Before & After, and a $5,000 Tahiti trip is now on the wheel. At the start, the Massachussetts lady calls two R's for $5,000, but she then loses the money right back to a Bankrupt. After Cooper later buys the E's, we have...

_ _ _ T _ R

S T R _ _ _

_ _ E E S E

...I don't know the top word. She then calls the H for $300 and the Free Spin. Next, she calls the N for the trip. After she buys the I's, we now have...

_ _ I T _ R

S T R I N _

_ H E E S E

...and she solves GUITAR STRING CHEESE for another $400 and the trip, for a new total of $6,400.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: SP08224

IHOP Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Author/Title. After she calls the R's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _/S _ _ _ E S _ E _ R E ' S/

_ _ _ _ _ S/_ _ E S _ R

...I know it already. After calling a dud in R, she uses her Free Spin and buys the A's. That's enough for her to solve WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S JULIUS CAESAR for another $3,600 and a trip to Rome, for a new total of $15,900!


ActivOn Big Money Round category is Fictional Character. Early on, Parvast calls two H's for $25,000 from the Big Money Wedge! But she then buys a dud vowel in A. The man then lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls an S. He flips...Bankrupt. After she gets her turn back and calls the L's for another $800, we have...


_ _ L L S _ _ R _

_ _ _ _ H _ _ _

...but she then calls a dud in C. The man then calls another dud in F. Cooper then calls the Y's for $600 and then solves THE PILLSBURY DOUGHBOY for another $1,850 and $17,750 total!

The man in the middle then gets his first $3,000 with HOWLING WOLF. Next category is On the Map. After Cooper buys the E's, we have...

_ E _ _ R _

_ E _

_ E R _ E _

...I know it now, but she hits Lose a Turn. Parvast calls the N's for $600, the W's for another $1,600 and then solves NEWARK NEW JERSEY for another $2,200 and $4,200 altogether.

Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,400 apiece. After the man in the middle calls the T's, we have...

N _ T _ _ N _

_ _ S T S

_ _ R _ _ _ R

...and he solves NOTHING LASTS FOREVER to finish with $5,800. The lady from Massachussetts has $4,200 and Cooper wins tonight with $17,750!

Cars tonight are a Mitshubishi Eclipse Spyder and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. She spins the big B and the category is Thing. Starting with:

E _ _ _

S _ _ _

Cooper calls D, M, W and A and gets...

E _ _ _

S A _ A's ____ SAGA. She wants to say EVIL SAGA...but that's wrong. It was EPIC SAGA, and she doesn't win $50,000.

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: BM06121

TPIR: As a result of last Friday night's million-dollar win, Roger may be mean on the Pricing Game setups for the rest of the season. Let's hope I'm wrong about that at several points for the remainder of the season.

Today's opening players were Marco, Sharon Cooke, Elizabeth Eskanero and Justine Mayer. The first IUFB was a computer system.

Justine: $899 (STUPID BID)
Elizabeth: $1,250 (Drew heard $1,200 instead.)
Sharon: $1,650
Marco: $900

ARP: $2,507, so Cooke got a shot at a GEM car in Flip. Board:


I said $7,995, and after some heavy thought, she agreed and won!

Next to "Come on Down" was Penny Casba and the second IUFB was luggage. The winner also got a $40 supply of breathing mist.

Penny: $891
Marco: $2,250 (STAGE WILLY)
Justine: $950
Elizabeth: $951

ARP: $1,130, so EE got a shot at a Chevy Cobalt (Std., AT) in Let Em' Roll worth $15,510. She got past the groceries for her three rolls. First roll yielded three cars and $1,500. Second roll gave her $2,500. She went for her last car, but she lost just $1,000, so she finished with $1,500.

Next player was Asher Hoffman and the third IUFB was a gas range.

Asher: $1,300
Penny: $1,780
Marco: $1,750
Justine: $2,000

ARP: $1,599, so since he was the only one not to overbid, Hoffman played the season's first playing of Take Two for golf clubs, a guitar, a heart-shaped crib and an eliptical trainer. The target was $4,549. First pick was the gold clubs...$1,353. Next was the trainer...$2,500, for a total of only $3,853. He swapped the golf stuff for the guitar. If it cost $2,049, he won...but it was $1,069 only. The crib was the one that cost $2,049.

The $1,500 winner got to the Showcase.

Next to leave the audience was Carlos from the U.S. Marine Corps and the next IUFB was a selection of language books. The winner also got a $40 supply of Energizer batteries.

Carlos: $750
Penny: $820
Marco: $675
Justine: $826

ARP: $869, which meant Mayer played Balance Game for a hot tub. The last three numbers were 0, 9 and 4. The amounts available were $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000. Her guess was $7,094...both of us were wrong- THAT'S TOO MUCH! ARP: $5,094.

Next player was Jewel Whacker (!!) and the next IUFB was a dinette.

Jewel: $750
Carlos: $1,500
Penny: $1,501
Marco: $1,502

ARP: $833, so we hope Whacker won't be whacking Drew in the face. And she won't, if she happened to win a PT Cruiser in One Away. Wrong price was $28,326. First guess:

$ 1 7, 4 1 5

That was a very good guess, but just four were right. She changed to...

$ 1 7, 4 3 5

...and she won, and she jumped on Drew in celebration!

The last player was Ruben Ruez and the final IUFB was an area rug.

Ruben: $1,000
Carlos: $900
Penny: $702
Marco: $1,100

ARP: $2,498, so Marco escaped the First Four Breakfast Club! He then got to play Barker's Bargain Bar for a pinball machine marked at $3,295 and a motorcycle marked at $3,199. I thought the pinball machine was the bigger bargain, but he disagreed. ARP for the machine: $4,595. Was that motorcycle at least $4,599? It was $4,199. But he did get to the Showcase.

First Showcase showed how Peter Pan and the gang matured in the later years of their life. First, his back was so tired, that he decided to take a plane to Las Vegas. Second, he realized that he's lost his youthfulness, and the only chance that he could get it back is if he went to a spa while on a trip to Switzerland. Finally, in order to bring back those lost memories of sailing on a pirate ship, he needs to take to the water a new Reinell 20" LSE ski boat. Marco got all of this and bid $15,927, which was a GARF OF THE CENTURY. Double E looked at some unique buisness cards. First, Blits Photography is about those people who need to pay for a new digital camera. Second, Great Pilots is about watching pilot episodes of your favorite TV shows on a new plasma HDTV. Finally, Personal Chauffeur is about those chauffeurs who obviously want to take patient passangers to where they need to go in a new Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Stereo). She bid $17,444, which was a SUPER GARF, but she still had a reasonable chance to win.

ARP for her: $25,649, a difference of $8,205. ARP for him: $38,776, so he left with consolation prizes while the lady won the day and $28,319 in cash and prizes.

The Moment of Truth: Tonight's contestant is Lauren Cleri, a hair salon assistant from New York.

Q1: As an employee of a hair salon, have you ever told a customer you liked their hairstyle when in fact, you didn't?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- TRUE

Q2: Have you ever flashed a stranger just for laughs?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q3: Would you give food to a stray dog before you would give it to a homeless person?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q4: Have you ever derived pleasure when one of your siblings has gotten into trouble?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q5: Have you ever been fired from a job for stealing money?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q6: If you knew you wouldn't get caught, would you steal money from your place of employment?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- $10,000

Q7: Since you've been married, have you ever pretended to be asleep in order to avoid having sex with your husband Frank?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q8: Do you blame your husband for your lack of close friends?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q9: Would you ever be a surrogate mother for your sister if she were unable to have children?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q10: Do you think your parents are proud of you?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- TRUE

Q11: Do you know things about your father that you keep secret from your mother?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- $25,000

Q12: Do you secretly stay in touch with any boyfriends that your husband doesn't know about?

My guess: YES
Lauren: NO- TRUE

Q13: Have you ever taken off your wedding ring to appear as if you were single?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q14: Do you believe you might have been in love with a former boyfriend on your wedding day?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

The next question, asked by her ex-boyfriend, Frank: If I wanted to get back together with you, would you leave your husband?

This gets swapped out by Monica. The question she must take, no ifs, ands or buts:

Do you believe I'm the man you should be married to?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- $100,000!

Her husband is not happy with her right now. She decides to go on. She must get the remainder of the questions asked tonight to return the next time.

Q16: Since you've been married, have you ever had sexual relations with someone other than your husband?

My guess: YES
Lauren: YES- TRUE

Q17: Do you think you're a good person?

My guess: NO
Lauren: YES- OOPS!!!

The "Deal or No Deal" syndrome got her big time, in more ways than one. After what happened with her husband, I felt she should've taken the $100,000 and gone home. Instead, she won't be back and leaves with nothing.

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad: This is the first episode that I'm covering. Your host is Dan Cortese. Tonight's teams:

Team Stephenson
Team Sass
Team Li
Team Kabat

Each team on the show consists of a kid and their father.

The first challenge is called Alphabet Soup. Here, each dad has to get the eight letters of an eight-letter word out of a big bowl of alphabet soup to their kid. The kids then had to unscramble that word. The last team that figured out that word will be penalized during the second challenge. To make things a bit more fun at home, here's the clue for the word:

A people mover.

The word was ELEVATOR, and Team Li are the winners of this challenge. Other standings:

2nd: Team Stephenson
3rd: Team Kabat
LAST: Team Sass

The second challenge tonight is called Out on a Limb. Here, the dads have to climb up a tree and find nests with some eggs in them. The higher a nest is on the tree, the more eggs it will have. Their objective is to toss those eggs down to their kids in the hopes that they will catch them. The team who catches the least amount of eggs will be eliminated. Each team had 2:00 on the clock, except for Team Sass, who had 1:45 on their clock. Here are the scores:

Team Kabat: 8
Team Stephenson: 8
Team Sass: 3
Team Li: 5

Round 3 is a trivia round. Each question has four choices. The first two teams to answer three correctly go on to the finals. The kids have to buzz in, in order to allow their dads to answer. First up:

What is the first name of SpongeBob SquarePants' squirrel girlfriend?

A: Sandy
B: Rocky
C: Shelley
D: Dory

Team Kabat says Sandy to get on the board. Second question:

At sea level, water freezes at what temperature?

A: 0 degrees Fahrenheit
B: 32 degrees Fahrenheit
C: -32 degrees Fahrenheit
D: 32 degrees Celsius

Team Kabat goes with 0...incorrect. Team Li then says 32 degrees Fahrenheit...right.
Third question:

What's the name of the East High basketball team in "High School Musical"?

A: Bobcats
B: Tigers
C: Unicorns
D: Wildcats

Team Li guesses the Wildcats...yes! Next:

On a standard Monopoly board, what's the face value of Park Place?

A: $450
B: $400
C: $350
D: $500

Team Kabat tries again for their second point with a guess of $400...I don't think so. Team Stephenson tries for their first point with $450...THAT'S TOO MUCH! To move on to the final round, Team Li says $350...yes indeed! Next:

Which of the following is not a popular brand of perfume?

A: Chanel
B: Obsession
C: Charlie
D: Odione

Team Kabat says Charlie...but that is a kind of perfume. To get on the board, Team Stephenson thinks the dud is Odione...yes! Next:

Who is the main hero in the video game Halo?

A: Grand Master Flash
B: Adams
C: Master Chief
D: Ford Prefect

Team Kabat's the first one in with Master Chief...right! This next question could do it for them:

If you're lactose intolerant, which of the following will you be the most likely to make you sick?

A: Parmigiano
B: Hard boiled eggs
C: Red grapes
D: Shrimp cocktails

Team Stephenson ties it up with Parmigiano. This next question should decide it:

What's dry ice?

A: Carbon Dioxide
B: Hydrochloric acid
C: Water
D: A-1 steak sauce

For the win, Team Kabat says Hydrochloric acid...NO. Team Stephenson then goes with Carbon Dioxide...that's it to go to the finals!

The final challenge is called "The Scorpion King". Inside a truck are tons of African scorpions. Both of the remaining dads have to move as many scorpions ten feet away from a conveyor belt as they can. The one who moves the most wins the game for his team, a prize package and a chance at the $50,000 top prize in the endgame.

Team Stephenson captured 46, and Team Li captured...47, so they're the champions tonight! Team Stephenson leaves with an XBOX 360, while Team Li also gets a mountain bike.

The bonus round is called My Son Knows Me Better. Here, the dad has to answer questions about his son. Each match is worth $10,000. The game ends when he reaches the $50,000 mark or when he messes up twice.

Q1: Who did Christopher say was his favorite band?

A: The Beatles
B: The Doors
C: The Jonas Brothers Band
D: The Wiggles

He says The Beatles...he's on the board.

Q2: According to Christopher, what is the first name of his current teacher?

A: Sally
B: Julie
C: Diane
D: Mustafa

He knows it's a first aid teacher, Julie!

Q3: What's the funniest movie Christopher says he's ever seen?

A: "The Simpsons Movie"
B: "Ratatouille"
C: "Surf's Up"
D: "Shrek the Third"

He takes a guess with "The Simpson Movie"...$30,000!

Q4: What did Christopher tell us he wanted to be when he grows up?

A: A doctor
B: A fireman
C: A writer
D: An engineer

He wants to say fireman, but he says doctor...should've gone with his gut.

Q5: According to Christopher, how much did the Tooth Fairy pay him for his third tooth?

A: $5
B: $10
C: $20
D: $50

He says $20...he now has 2,000 times that, $40,000! For all the marbles:

What did Christopher say was the scariest animal in the world?

A: Rattlesnake
B: Tarantula
C: Tiger
D: Mountain lion

He goes with tarantula...NO. It was rattlesnake. But they're still leaving with a little over $40,000 in cash and prizes!

Deal or No Deal: No matter what happens, this will be the last game in this current Million Dollar Mission. Tonight's players are Nate and Sarah Harrison from Pasadena, CA. Their case choice is #5.

ROUND 1 (Controlled by Nate):
1. #6- $10
2. #13- $400
3. #16- $300
4. #25
5. #26- $25
6. #1


1. #2- $50
2. #7
3. #23
4. #8- $1
5. #4


1. #3
2. #22- $500
3. #12- $200
4. #20


1. #21- $75
2. #9- PENNY
3. #19- $5

They're two away from $1,000,000!


ROUND 5: Both picks are $1,000,000 KOs- #17 and #14.


Next pick is #18...DANGER ZONE TIME. The next offer they turn down is $298,000. Next pick is #24...STRIKE ONE. New offer they turn down: $273,000. Next pick is #11...STRIKE TWO. New offer is $209,000...

...DEAL! So another Million Dollar Mission ends without a $1,000,000 winner. At least their case wasn't one of the 13 lucky cases- they had $750. They would've knocked out the last $1,000,000 case at #15.
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