Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2/27/2008 Results

TPIR: On Monday, only two Pricing Games were won. On Tuesday, a Double Overbid occurred for only the second time this year. Let's see what budget-saving things will happen today, if any.

Today's first four players are Kyle Sutherland, Linda Munsey, Travis Wilson and Beverley Stoward. The first IUFB is a kayak.

Kyle: $250 (STUPID BID)
Linda: $1,200
Travis: $400 (STAGE GARF)
Beverley: $500

ARP: $2,271, so Munsey from Tyler, TX will try to start the day by winning a Dodge Nitro (Std., Mats, Heater) in Cover Up. Board:

First number: 2 0r 4?
Second number: 1, 6 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 2 or 3?
Fourth number: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 9?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8?

First guess is $28,360, which is a WILLY. The second and fourth digits are obviously wrong. Second guess is $26,320...the second 2 is right! And with just the 1 left as a choice for the second number, she's clinched the victory and has won the $21,320 car! Nice playing!

Next to leave the crowd is Julie Burgeson and the second IUFB is a kitchen island. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Garlique.

Julie: $1,400
Travis: $635
Beverley: $925
Kyle: $950

ARP: $1,400, meaning Burgeson wins a bonus check for $500! She'll try for a lot more money in Plinko! Incidentally, she's the first contestant I know of to return on the show since the 10-year eligibility rule was established earlier this season! She doesn't know too much about this Pricing Game, though. First item is a soccer ball humidifier marked at $15 and picks the 5, and it's $35. Second is a lantern marked at $20 and she picks the 2, but it's $50. Third is an Art Deco fridge marked at $82 and she picks the 8, and it's $89. Finally, we have an iron marked at $45 and she picks the 5...$25. She has four Plinko chips to work with.

1. $1,000 (Left)
2. $1,000 (Right)
3. $1,000 (Left)
4. $10,000

For a lady who doesn't quite know all about this game, she does very well- in addition to the prizes she won, she also gets $13,000!

Next player is Vernetta Johnson and the third IUFB is an iPod and a music system.

Vernetta: $599
Travis: $750
Beverley: $650
Kyle: $751

ARP: $750, so the second $500 bonus check of the day goes to Wilson! He then shoots for a bed in Freeze Frame. The price choices are $1,080 (NO FREAKIN' WAY), $1,420 (NO FREAKIN' WAY), $1,876 (NO WAY), $2,080 (NO WAY), $5,998, $7,614 and $9,818 (THAT'S TOO MUCH). His guess is $5,998...and wins! Semi-perfect first half!

SSD1: The only man this half spins 45...and 15 for 60 cents. The new "TPIR" veteran spins 85 cents! The big winner this half spins 50...and goes over, so the veteran's off to the Showcase!

Next player is Robert Halliday and the next IUFB is a washer/dryer. The winner also gets a $40 supply of nasal spray.

Robert: $1,850
Beverley: $1,650
Kyle: $2,400
Vernetta: $2,200

ARP: $2,248, so Johnson plays One Right Price for snowboarding stuff and a grandfather clock. Today's One Right Price is $2,494, and she thinks that's the cost of the clock...I don't think so, but it's even cheaper, $1,887! Yikes!

Next player is Jill Pallace and the next IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes.

Jill: $698
Robert: $750
Beverley: $1,000
Kyle: $1,001

ARP: $795, so Halliday will play Hi-Lo for a trip to Canada worth $4,074. The products today are baby shampoo, jewelry clasp, V8 juice, HBP medicine, batteries and Gold Bond lotion. First pick is the batteries, which are a whopping $14.99. Second is the HBP medicine, which is $6.29. Final pick is the lotion, which is $9.95. The juice is $3.15, the baby shampoo is $4.09...but the clasp is $9.99, so he loses. Tough luck, Bob.

The last player is Erica De Los Rios and the final IUFB is a desk. The winner also gets a $40 supply of skin cream and will go for a car.

Erica: $1,750
Beverley: $1,125
Kyle: $800
Jill: $1,752

ARP: $1,429, so Sutherland heads off to the hated First Four Breakfast Club while Stoward escapes and will get to play Any Number for flatware or a Ford Mustang (Std., AT, Prot). First number in the car price is 2. First pick is 0, which is the last number of the flatware. She then goes with 1 second, the second number of the car. Third pick is 5, the middle number of the flatware ($ _ 5 0). Fourth pick is 9...last number of the car
($ 2 1, _ _ 9). Fifth pick is 8...fourth number of the car ($ 2 1, _ 8 9)! Sixth pick is 2, which is the last number of the piggy bank. Seventh pick is 4, and the piggy bank's about four bucks today. Her final pick is...3 and she wins just $4.32. The car was $21,689 and the flatware was $750. I thought she played this very well; too bad she lost.

The first loser this half goes to the Showcase.

The first Showcase visits the Train Depot, and the train brings out an organ, a dinette and a Jacuzzi spa. Johnson bids $16,500. For our veteran player, we have prizes that can help you become a rock star. They are a guitar, a trip to London and a Hi-Lo trailer, and she bids $9,000, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY, so she loses immediately and Johnson wins $29,130 in prizes. The ARPs, just for fun:

Train Depot: $26,842
Rock: $27,827

At least that veteran does leave with $15,049 in cash and prizes, though.

Family Feud: We rejoin the action with the Paul family as our current champions thus far. They're from Washington, D.C., led by Alex and joined by Chris, Monick, Efua and Marc. For their first title defense, they face the Fernandezs, led by Nathan and joined by Micol, Taleah, Kelsey and Nate.

First question: According to 100 men, which actress has the most kissable lips? Starting with:

1. Angelina Jolie (48, Alex)

The champions will play. Starting with Chris, he says Julia Roberts...bottom answer (3)! Monick then says Beyonce Efua's opening answer is Pamela Anderson...sorry. To keep control, Marc says Halle Berry...#2 (10)! Alex then says Nicole Kidman...three strikes. This first steal of the day is worth 61 points. Nathan's steal guess is Eva, so the Pauls claim the first points of the day. Not said:

3. Janet Jackson (4)
4. Jennifer Lopez (4)
5. Cameron Diaz (3)

Second question: Things that can ruin a cow's day. Starting with:

1. Butcher (28, Micol)
2. Bad weather (19, Chris)

The challengers will play this time. Taleah says getting milked...#6 (6)! Kelsey then answers bad grass...#3 (13)! Next is Nate with getting tipped...#5 (6)! Back to Nathan, who next says Micol's next guess this round is no cows to play with...I don't think so. Taleah then tries to stop the slide with having a baby cow...turn over. For another 72 points, Alex says breeding...that's at the bottom (2) to go to 133! Rest of the board:

4. Not being milked (12)
7. Getting branded (2)

Double: Name something that would be a disaster if you lost it. Starting with:

1. Wallet/purse (27, Taleah)

The challengers will start again. Kelsey starts off this round with a Over to Nate, who says the children...bottom answer (7)! Nathan is next with cell phone...#3 (8)! Nicole's next guess is a house...NO WAY. Back to Taleah, who says wedding ring...#2 (15)! Only one chance to sweep the board. Kelsey says a For an even bigger lead, Alex says #4 is a job...but it's mind/sanity (7), so the challengers get their first 114.

Triple: Name something specific that wax is used for. Efua says waxing your legs, but all hair removals are at the bottom (10). Kelsey then says candles...NUMBER ONE (36), so the challengers take control! Nate's next answer is wax Nathan tries to do better with replicas of different things...I don't think so. Nicole then says waxing your car...#3 (11)! If Taleah can give the #2 answer, they'll win the game. She says it's surfboarding...but it's not. To retain the championship, Alex says the floor...that's it (35) for the win at 304!

Fast Money: Alex and Monick score 138 for $690 today. With $890 on their first day, that's $1,580 for two days.

WOF: Time to give some teens one last chance to do some winning tonight. Tonight's teams are Becky Wasson and Elise Shultites (who are 12th graders and have been friends for five years; Becky is a high school musician, while Elise is a fan of the outdoors), Francie Crole and CJ Jacobs from Seal Beach, CA (they're 11th graders and both are on high school lacrosse teams) and Mandy Looper and Stephen Pratt from Temecula, CA (they're 12th graders and have been friends for about seven years; Mandy plays soccer and is the vice president of her school's Habitat for Humanity chapter, while Stephen is part of a "seat club" at a place called Friday Night Live).

The red ladies get BELIEVE IN YOURSELF for $1,000 and then MOUNT EVEREST to triple their money.

A pair of trips to Madrid worth $9,000 now appear on the wheel, and the category for Round 1 is Around the House. After the blue team calls the S, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ R S _ _

R _ _ _ T _

_ _ _ T R _ _

...I know this already. They call the N's for $600 and then buy the E's. After they call a $300 C for the Free Spin, they buy the O's and call a $900 M. After they buy the A, they solve UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL for their first $2,000.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: WL01157

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Star & Role, and it's a really big puzzle. After the middle team calls the F, we have...

E _ _ _ E/M _ R _ H _/AS/THE/

_ O _ _ E/OF/S H R E _ ' S/

_ A _/_ O _ _ E _

...I don't know the next-to-last word. They call three D's for $1,800 and buy two I's. They call two K's next for another $800 and two Y's for another $600. After buying the U, they call two P's for another $1,200, and I know this now. They then call the V for tonight's 25 prize- a $2,500 gift certificate. They then zap the C for another $300 and the N for the Wild Card, and then solve EDDIE MURPHY AS THE VOICE OF SHREK'S PAL DONKEY for $8,850, the gift certificates and the two $500 gift certificates from, for a grand total this round of $12,350!

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun & Games. At the start, the blue team hits the Lose a Turn on the Big Money Wedge and decide to use their Free Spin, but then hit a Bankrupt. The red team then immediately hits Bankrupt too. After the blue team buys the I's, we have...

S _ R _ I N G

_ _ _ _ E T I T I _ N

...I think I know now, but they blow it with SPARRING COMPETITION. After the red team calls the F for $800, they solve SURFING COMPETITION for another $800 and a pair of trips to Hawaii, for a total of $13,064 and the lead!


After the blue team is wrong again with GARLIC BREAD, the yellow team takes the lead back with GARLIC FRIES, meaning they now have $15,350! Speed-Up Round category is Occupation and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After the read team calls the H, we have...

_ _ _ _ E

T H E _ T E R

_ _ N _ _ E R

...they solve MOVIE THEATER MANAGER at the buzzer for the match with $16,964! The middle team has $15,350 and the blue team leaves with $2,000.

The Pontiac G6s and Scion XBs are in play for tonight's bonus round. They spin the comma and the category is Around the House. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _

S _ _ _

The all-lady team calls C, H, M and A and gets...

C _ M _ _

S _ _ A

...they know about at least one COMFY SOFA in their house, so they divide up another $30,000 and take home $46,964 in cash and prizes!

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: JH11116

DOND: Returning is Larren Colum. We resume with Round 4.

ROUND 4 (Haley opens up all the cases for the remainder of this game!):
1. #10- $75
3. #17- $50,000


Cedric the Entertainer then makes an appearance before the start of Round 5!

1. #16- $400,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #7- $200,000 (STRIKE ONE)


Next pick is #19...$200! New offer: $132,000...NO DEAL. Next pick is #5...$25! New offer, his highest so far: $181,000. I would take the offer. Does he?...

...NO. He goes on with #1...

...STRIKE TWO- $100,000. New offer: $228,000...

...this time, he says DEAL! He missed out on...sinking to $5, so he made a great deal...or did he? The player said that he would've switched with #13, the $750,000 case, on the final decision had he gone all the way. Had he gone on with his next pick of #25, he might've taken a $400K+ offer.

Returning Sunday night is Kristen McCrory from Ft. Lauderdale. Her case of destiny is #18.

1. #2- $75,000
2. #16- $1,000
3. #22- $25
4. #7- $1
5. #12- $750,000
6. #5- $25,000


1. #21- $5
2. #14- $5,000
3. #19- $400
4. #24- $75
5. #9- $500


She then participates in a dance party after pressing a special button!

1. #13- $100
2. #20- $750
3. #10- $100,000


ROUND 4 (Last round this episode):
1. #8- $50,000
2. #26- $400,000
3. #25- $200


Sunday's episode will air at 9 PM EST.

How Much is Enough?: Tonight's players were Monica (an assistant gym manager from Louisville), Nicole (a bartender from Chicago), Christine (a PR executive from Chicago) and Martin (a mobile copy service owner from L.A.).

Monica: $132 (STAGE GARF)
Nicole: $414
Christine: $328
Martin: $725

Monica: $796
Nicole: $1,251
Christine: $662
Martin: $1,092

Martin: $1,092
Christine: $990
Monica: $928
Nicole: $414

Monica: $963
Nicole: $1,181
Christine: $1,416
Martin: $1,717

Christine: $2,406
Monica: $1,891
Nicole: $1,595
Martin: $1,092

Monica: $914 (STAGE GARF)
Nicole: $1,607
Christine: $1,711
Martin: $1,959

Christine: $4,117
Nicole: $3,202
Monica: $2,805
Martin: $1,092

ROUND 5 (Note- the typical "start with the most cautious then the greediest players" reveal was not used for this episode):

Monica: $2,750
Nicole: $2,699
Christine: $2,714
Martin: $3,355

Christine: $6,831
Monica: $5,555
Nicole: $3,202
Martin: $1,092

Martin tied the current record of four busts during the game!

Final Face-Off: $12,386 was put on the table...and after the host stopped the clock at about $4,000 for some oddball reason, Christine took $5,184 home.
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