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2/28/2008 Results

Merv Griffin's Crosswords: This will be the last totally original episode at least for a little while. Today's first two players are Matt Shallenberger (a Hawaii photographer) and Kathy McCulla (a story analyst from Michigan).

At the first Extra, the woman's in control with $450 to the other's -$150. She bets all but $50 on this:

L _ _ _ _

Clue: Wrangler's rival. She can't get LEVIS, so she drops to fifty bucks at this point. She gets back to $250 at the end of the round while the other has $50.

Today's Spoilers are Martin Dodd (a U.K. director of sales), Saran Fox (a Massachussetts motivational speaker) and Kurt Einstead (a California writer).

1. (_ D _ _ _)- "All in the Family" wife. The Hawaii guy says EDITH...he ties the score!
2. (Seven letters)($300)- Where a colt is kept. He says HOLSTER...and he now leads with $550!
3. (L _ _)($100)- Flight from justice. For the first spoil of the day, Fox says LAM...she now leads with $650!
4. (_ _ _ _ T)- Parking attendant. She's right again with VALET, bringing her to $850.
5. (_ A _ _)- "Every ____ king". KM rings in this time with MANA...she's right to go to $450.
6. (_ A _ _ R)- More green, or more cold and wet. Fox says DAMPER, which is a letter too many, dropping her back to $650. Answer: RAWER.
7. (Four-letter word)- Diarist Frank. Kathy says ANNE to tie it up at $650 all! And she finds the first Extra of the round and decides to wager $400 again:

_ _ N _

Clue: Small items that are charged and exchanged. I thought JUNK, while she blanks out. It was actually IONS, so she drops out of the lead and is back to where she started when Round 2 began- $250.

9. (Four-letter word)- Tie up the tugboat. For his first spoil, the California man says DOCK...incorrect. It was actually MOOR.
10. (Five-letter word)- More pleasant. Kathy guesses NICER...she now has $450.
11. (_ _ I _)- Nighttime kitchen foray. Fox rings in but blanks out, so we're tied up again, this time at $450 all. Answer: RAID.
12. (Five letters)- "What goes around, comes around", for one. Kathy takes a stab at it with ADAGE...and she has the lead back at $650 as the other Extra of the round comes around. She wagers $300 this time:

_ _ _ _ _ A

Clue: "I Could Fall in Love" Latin singer. She says SELENA...right again to go to $950!

14. (Four-letter word)- Pleasant, as weather. The British man goes for the spoil with MILD...and he now has $1,150!
15. (_ _ L _)- War, to Sherman. Fox says HELL...holy smokes, that's right to go to $650! Today's episode already should've gotten a TV-PG rating, because a cuss word was used as an answer! Good grief!
16. (_ _ L _)- Jellied dishes that some may have found shocking? Dodd says EELS...that's right to go to $1,350!
17. (_ _ _ I E)- John or Christine of Fleetwood Mac. Fox rings in this time with MCVIE...right to go to $850.
18. (_ _ _ _ M E)- Take to be the case. Fox nails ASSUME to end the round with $1,050!


1. (Four-letter word)- Colossal, moviewise. Fox says HUGE...boring, and wrong. Dodd says EPIC...that's more like it, taking him to $1,550!
2. (_ _ _ E _)- Playbill information. Fox says ROLES...she gets the lost $200 back!
3. (O _ _ _)- "Ye ___ Curiosity Shoppe". Fox tries again wtih OLDE...and she's now up to $1,250!
4. (_ L _ P _)- Marry on the cheap. She says ELOPE to trail the Brit by only $100!
5. (_ D _ I _)- Oil firefighter "Red". The man rings in with ADAIR...he's at $1,750 and back to a $300 lead!
6. (Three letters)($100)- Kamaaina's accessory. The Hawaii man immediately knows that's a clue related to his area, and he says LEI to take over the lead with $1,850!
7. (_ _ _ _ L)- "The Shining" setting. He says HOTEL...that's the right one to go to $2,050!
8. (_ _ _ H)- Aqueduct formation. He says ARCH...$2,250!
9. (C _ _ _)- Cool and in, as garments. To get his lead back, Dodd says CHIC...right for $2,450!
10. (R _ _ _)- Flour-and-fat sauce thickener. Fox gets in this time with ROUX...she's right to go to $1,650!
11. (Five-letter word)- Yorkshire pigs' hangouts. At the last second, she says STIES...right again, taking her to $1,850!
12. (I _ _ _)- Beatnik's "That's clear, man". She says I DIG...$2,050!
13. (Four letters)- 1/60 of a trillionth of a minute, briefly. For his first spoil all day, the man from California says NANO...incorrect. It was PSEC.
14. (Four letters)- Acress Lena. She says OLIN...and she's about one correct answer away from tying this game back up! And she has a chance to take the lead right now with the last Extra of the game. With $2,250, she wagers $500 on a four-letter answer. Here's her clue:

Under's antithesis.

She says OVER...


...this game ain't OVER, but she now leads with $2,750!


16. (Four letters)- "There ought to be ____!". She says ALAW...$2,950!
17. (Five-letter word)- Female stroller pushers, often. Dodd says MOMMY...close but no cigar, dropping him to $2,250. It was MAMAS.
18. (Three letters)($100)- Bus driver's assignment, briefly. Fox rings in but takes too long, so her lead is now in danger of being stolen. The Hawaii guy says in an abbreviation for "route", he's right to steal her $2,950!
Final clue (four-letter word)- What a borrower needs. He says IOUS...NO. To steal the game with just one correct answer all day, the California guy says LOAN...yes!

Crossfire: Time for this guy to prove himself. He'll take home $7,950 and a trip to Puerto Rico if he somehow fills in the remaining 23 blanks...nope.

Family Feud: Because of some personal reasons, the Paul family will not be able to defend their championship today. Therefore, we have two new families today. They are the Roseblades, led by Jeff and joined by Jenny, Dan, Bill and Jane and the Fennells, led by Jessica and joined by Lauren, Michael, Angel and Mattie.

First question: Reasons people give for not wanting to live in California. Starting with:

1. Earthquakes (44, Jeff)

The Roseblades will play. Starting with Jenny, she says high prices for houses...#2 (21)! Dan says crowds next...#3 (15)! Next is Bill with heavy traffic...bottom answer (2)! Jane is next up with a guess of smog...#6 (4)! Back to Jeff, who next guesses too many animals...I don't think so. Jenny's next answer is the weather's frequently too hot...#5 (5)! For a sweep, Dan says the job market is too competitive in Last chance to sweep goes to Bill, who then says too many relatives have moved out of there...NO. For 91 points, Jessica says high crime rates...but it's fires (6), so the points go to the Roseblades!

Second question: According to 100 women, name a breed of dog you would hate to hear that your blind date looks like. Starting with:

3. Chihuahua (8, Lauren)
4. Pug (8, Jenny)

The Fennells will play this time. Michael starts off with bulldog...#2 (19)! Angel says doberman...bottom answer (3)! Mattie's first guess today is a Jessica then guesses a poodle...#6 (3)! Back to Lauren, who then answers a Yorkshire Mike then goes with German Shepherd...STRIKEOUT. For another 41 points, Jeff says daschund...NO, so the Fennells are on the board. Not said:

1. Pitbull (40)
4. Boxer (5)

Double: Reasons why you might put your finger in your mouth. Starting with:

3. Pick stuff out of your teeth (20, Dan)

The Roseblades will start this round. Starting off this time with Bill, he goes with whitening your Jane then goes with whistling...bottom answer (3). Jeff then thinks of biting your fingernails...#4 (9). Jenny then answers eating...NUMBER ONE (35)! Back to Dan, who says attempting to gag Bill has the last chance to sweep, but he's blanking. Jessica then says that #2 answer is being nervous...but it's because you cut or burned your finger (25), so the Roseblades go to 225!

Triple: According to 100 married women, name something Tarzan does that if your husband did it, you'd have him commit it. Angel's the first one on the buzzer with swinging from trees...NUMBER ONE (71), so the Fennells will play! Mattie then answers swinging from the door...uh, no. Jessica then says being with Jane (?!?!?!?!)...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Lauren tries to stop the slide with talking to animals...bottom answer (4)! Next is Mike with beating on your chest, which is #2 (10)! To win the game, Angel says wearing tight underwear...that counts as being naked or wearing a loincloth (7), so they win the game at 317!

Fast Money: Jessica and Lauren try for $20,000.

1. According to 100 men, how many times in your life have you had a really good cry?
2. Name something that you eat that begins with "rice".
3. A popular U.S. landmark.
4. Name a favor of your friends that you hate to do.
5. An animal that's considered to be highly intelligent.

My guesses:
1. 2 (5 and 10 were my other guesses)
2. Rice Krispies (Rice cakes was my other guess)
3. Statue of Liberty (Golden Gate Bridge and White House were my other guesses)
4. Wash dishes (Cooking and cleaning were my other guesses)
5. Dog

Lauren says 5, rice cakes, Lincoln Monument, lend money and lion for 74. Jessica says when mommy died (ZONK ANSWER OF THE CENTURY), Rice-a-Roni, New York, nothing on the fourth question and dog for 116 and $580. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. 2 (Even though I got it, I kinda understand why they didn't get this one.)
2. Rice pudding (This was HARD.)
3. Statue of Liberty (They should've gotten this one.)
5. Monkey

WWTBAM: As I rejoin the action, our returning player is Jen Pierson from Pittsburgh. She's currently unemployed. She has only the 50:50 left and now faces this $25,000 question:

The proposed site of a controversial nuclear waste dump, Yucca Mountain is located in what state?

A: Idaho
B: New Mexico
C: Nevada
D: Montana

The 50:50 leaves Nevada and Montana. She rolls the dice with Nevada...

C: Nevada
D: Montana

...yes for $25,000! Can she get $50,000...yes! The question she got right:

Regarded as the best Spanish-language newspaper in the world, La Prensa was founded in 1869 by Jose C. Paz in what city?

A: Miami
B: Mexico City
C: Buenos Aires
D: Madrid

Her past newspaper reporting job helped her get this one- it was Buenos Aires! For $100,000, with no lifelines left:

According to a famous Thomas Jefferson quote, what "must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"?

A: The tree of liberty
B: The root of independence
C: The soil of humanity
D: The flower of freedom

She walks away with $50,000, but could've doubled again, as she would've been right with the tree of liberty.

Next up is Rosemarie McKnight from Huntington Station, NY. She's very worried about the host's demeanor. She has problems with this $1,000 question:

Rubbing a needle with silk and floating it in water is one way to fashion a makeshift what?

A: Magnifying glass
B: Sundial
C: Barometer
D: Compass

She asks the audience and 80% said compass. She agrees and is right. $8,000 question:

What dish is described on the Olive Garden menu as "pasta with a zesty blend of ripe tomatoes, onions and herbs"?

A: Linguine alla Marinara
B: Lasagna Classico
C: Fettuccine Alfredo
D: Manicotti Formaggio

It takes her a while, but she gets Linguine alla Marinara for $8,000! Next, for $16,000:

The ABC series "Dirty Sexy Money" centers on what super-rich NYC family?

A: The Swanks
B: The Jewels
C: The Sterlings
D: The Darlings

She decides to call her daughter Tracy, who almost immediately says The Darlings. She agrees to get to $16,000! For $25,000:

The first LEGOLAND theme park opened in 1968 in what country?

A: United States
B: Denmark
C: United Kingdom
D: Japan

She thinks she knows, but she checks herself with the 50:50, which leaves Denmark and the U.K. She goes with her gut of Denmark...

B: Denmark
C: United Kingdom

...$25,000! After switching, here is the question that she needs to get right to go for $100,000 tomorrow:

In Greek mythology, which of these tasks wasn't one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules?

A: Capturing a boar
B: Fetching golden apples
C: Killing a lion
D: Stealing ambrosia

She goes with boar capturing...

A: Capturing a boar
B: Fetching golden apples
C: Killing a lion
D: Stealing ambrosia It was stealing ambrosia.

TPIR: Today's players were Jill Fullencamp, Reza Hader, Sarah Haddak and Ryan McRay. The first IUFB was a trip to S.F.

Ryan: $1,450
Sarah: $1,250 (STAGE GARF)
Reza: $1,600
Jill: $1,601

ARP: $3,300, so Fullencamp played Make Your Move for a motorcycle phone, luggage and a pool table. Number line, please:


I said $79 for the phone, $450 for the luggage and $3,399 for the pool table. As for her...


...she instead said $50 for the phone and $794 for the luggage...and won!

Next to leave the crowd was Benjamin Burchill-Harris and the second IUFB was a laptop.

Benjamin: $1,750
Ryan: $999
Sarah: $1,150
Reza: $1,800

ARP: $1,517, so Haddak tackled the Clock Game for $1,000 plus a bicycle and a refrigerator/freezer. The ARP of the bike was $599, and she started with $500, then $600...$550...$560...$570...$580...$590..and one ups from there in just nine seconds! She said before this game started she hasn't been watching this game; she must've been lying! The ARP of the fridge/freezer was $999, and she began with $2,000, then $1,000...$500...$600...$700...$800...$900...$950...$980...and then $999 for the win!

Next player was Maria Elizabeth-Marsh and the third IUFB was cookware.

Maria Elizabeth: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Reza: $599
Benjamin: $400
Ryan: $650

ARP: $1,150, so McRay played Temptation for a Jeep Wrangler. First number in the price was 2. The first gift was a pair of banjos marked at $1,311 and he thought the second number in the price of the Jeep was 1. The second gift was a universal remote marked at $499 and he chose the 9 as the middle digit. Third was stemware marked at $424 and he chose 4 as the fourth digit. The last gift was a whopping $5,000 in cash, and he picked 0 as the last number. His final Jeep guess was $21,940. I hoped he would take the gifts, as did Roger, since there was all that money on the table...but he didn't and lost. ARP of the Jeep was $21,420.

SSD1: The only loser this half spun 45...and 40 for 85 cents. The second lady this half spun 90 cents! Fullencamp spun the dollar for $1,000 and a berth in the Showcase! She didn't win anything else in the Bonus Spin.

Next player was Larry Wells and the next IUFB was soccer equipment. The winner also got $40 worth of nasal spray.

Larry: $750
Maria Elizabeth: $500
Benjamin: $550

ARP: $2,100, so Wells played Coming or Going for a spa. If he came, his guess would be $4,495. If he thought he was going, his guess would be $5,944. He decided to go to $5,944...too much.

Next to leave the audience was Colby Verrett and the next IUFB was a pair of watches.

Colby: $999
Maria Elizabeth: $2,000
Reza: $2,200 (STAGE WILLY)
Benjamin: $2,400 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $1,000, so Verrett played Lucky Seven for a Pontiac Vibe. First number was 1. His second number guess was 5, and he GARFED...

$ 1 9, _ _ _ the tune of $4. Middle number guess was 5...

$ 1 9, 5 _ _

...that's a little better. Fourth number guess was 7...

$ 1 9, 5 7 _

...another bullseye! He went with 3 on the last number...

$ 1 9, 5 7 1 golly, he pulled it out and won! I can't believe he won that after garfing on his first guess!

The last player was Kahleen Schnieder and the final IUFB this day was a pair of digital cameras.

Kahleen: $2,500 (STAGE WILLY)
Maria Elizabeth: $600
Reza: $850
Benjamin: $851

All were over.

Kahleen: $400
Maria Elizabeth: $599
Benjamin: $300 (SUICIDE BID)

ARP: $548, so thanks to his pathetic last IUFB bid, Hader was deported to the First Four Breakfast Club while Schnieder played Pick a Pair for a catameran worth $4,645. The products available were Clorox wipes, NutraMist, peanut butter, Mylanta, pain relief lotion and batteries. First pick was the batteries...$14.99. She then thought the other $14.99 product was $14.99...but it was $7.99. She decided to keep $14.99 and tried the lotion...that was the other $14.99 product for the win!

SSD2: The only loser this half spun the dollar for $1,000...and nobody else tied it, so he was in the Showcase! In his Bonus Spin...nothing.

The first Showcase had a sofa, a chandelier and a Ford Mustang Convertible, and Fullencamp bid $24,500, which was a GARF, since that didn't quite cover the Mustang. The man went for a dining room, a punch set and a trip to Barcelona, and he bid $17,500.

The lady's ARP: $27,779, a difference of $3,279. The guy's ARP: 17 thousand...

...714- that made him a DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER! He took home $48,633 in cash and prizes, and a chant from the audience!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: The contestant that might go for the Million Dollar Song tonight is Jill Small from Queens, NY. She loved music, espescially hip-hop and rap. Her categories:

R & B

First are the Tempations, and the two choices are "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" and "My Girl". She went with "My Girl" and her first target was four words long:

"What can make __ ____ ____ ___"

She got " feel this way" to get on the board.

Her second topic is I Was a Beatle, and her choices are "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney and Wings and "(Just Like) Starting Over" by John Lennon. She chose "Silly Love Songs" and again had a four-word target:

"'Cause ____ _ __ ____"

She sang " I go again" and locked that in to double up.

Her third selection is Rock and the choices now are "People are Strange" by the Doors and "Round and Round" by Ratt. She goes with "Round and Round" and had another four-word target:

"What ____ ____ ____ _____"

She sang "...goes around comes around" and froze it to go to $10,000.

Fourth topic is Power Ballads, and her songs this time are "18 and Life" by Skid Row and "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. Her choice is "Sister Christian" and now has to fill in seven missing words:

"What's your ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ____"

Her guess was "...price for flight in finding Mister Right". Her potential backup singers tonight are Candice and Danny. He locks in her original guess...and now has $25,000, and she does her first major dance of the night!

Next up is In the Family. Her choices this time are "He's So Shy" by Pointer Sisters and "Top of the World" by the Carpenters. She goes with "He's So Shy" and needs to fill in six missing words:

"That sweet ____ ____ ____ _____ ____ ____"

She completed that with "...little boy who crossed my eye", but isn't 100% sure, so she calls Candice for assistance. They decided to replace "crossed" with "caught". They then locked that in...$50,000!

After a dance by Candice, her next category is Pop. Her choices are "You're My Best Friend" by Queen and "Abracadabra" by the Steve Miller Band. Her choice is "Abracadabra" and now has to fill in seven missing words one more time. They follow after "Abra, abracadabra". She followed that up with "I wanna reach out and grab ya" and freezes that immediately...for $100,000!

Next topic is Girls, Girls, Girls. The song choices this time are "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper and "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" by Betty Everett. She goes with "True Colors" and has her biggest target of the night- ten words long. They follow after "And that's why I". Her follow up was " you, so don't be afraid to let them show" and locks all of that in...that's 200 grand!

Next up is R & B, and she then gets a choice of either "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett and "Cupid" by Sam Cooke. She goes with "Mustang Sally" and has to get past a nine-word obstacle. It follows "All you" and she sings "...papa don't preach I'm in trouble deep"...LOL! Her multiple choice:

A: "...ever do is run around Sally, ride, Sally, ride"
B: "...wanna do is play around Sally, ride, faster, ride"
C: "...wanna do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride"

I knew this one when the choices came up. After using her two missing words on the first and fourth missing words, she locks C in as well for $350,000!

She decides to bank all of that money after she doesn't know very much about the 1970s song "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad. The other song on the table was "Anticipation" by Carly Simon. Her target was ten words long, and the missing words followed after "Well my baby". All she sung after that was "I just won $350,000". Answer: "She's alright, well, my baby, she's clean out of sight"...which her father, Tim, knew!

There will be no episode next week.

WOF: Tonight's players are Hannah Lee (in the blue) from Aliso Viejo, CA (who is back because of an unfair ruling during her first time on the show; she's a hospital admitting clerk), Brian Sparks from Portland, MA (who is a student at the Univ. of Maine majoring in history and minoring in math) and T.J. Petree from Leander, TX (who is an office manager).

The returnee gets BEAMING WITH PRIDE for $1,000, while the only man on tonight's panel gets COLLEGE DEAN for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Before & After and a $5,000 trip to Vegas is now out on the wheel. Early on, he calls an L for that trip and then the T for the Wild Card. When T.J. takes over control, we have...

ARTIFICIAL/_ I _/_ I _/_ _ _ R A _

...I had no idea. She calls D for dud. Lee calls three H's for $1,200 and then solves ARTIFICIAL HIP HIP HOORAY to win that amount and take an early $200 lead with $2,200.

$25,000-WINNING ID #1: VA5585768

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Show Biz. At the start, T.J. calls two T's for the 25 prize- 25 months of flowers from After Lee later buys the E's, we have...

L E _ _ I N G/L _ _ _/OF/

_ _ _ T I _ E/T E L E _ I S I O N

...I think I know this. She calls three D's for $2,400 and solves LEADING LADY OF DAYTIME TELEVISION for another five grand and $7,200 total! Robin Strausser then does a shout-out to the show!

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. The man calls two T's early on for $7,000 and then uses his Wild Card, but then calls a dud in M. T.J. then lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls two L's. She takes the $2,000 buyout (too bad, because $10,000 was behind there). At this point, we have...

S _ _ _ _

T _ R T _ L L _

S _ _ _

...I don't know the top word. After calling the P's for another $800, we now have...

S P _ _ _

T _ R T _ L L _

S _ _ P I know. After buying the I's and O's, she calls D for dud for the second time tonight. Lee calls the C for $350, the Y for $300, and then solves SPICY TORTILLA SOUP for another $650 and a trip to Cabo, for a new total of $13,450!


T.J. then finally gets on the board with SUNKEN BATHTUB for $3,000. Speed-Up Round category is People and consonants are worth $6,000 each! Prior to the big bell, she had rung up $16,800! After the man calls the R, we have...

S _ _ D _ S/AND/N _ R _ _ G _ A N S

...I think I know this. T.J. calls a dud in H. Lee calls two W's for $12,000 and solves SWEDES AND NORWEIGANS to seal her deal with $25,450! T.J. has $3,000 and the man has $2,000.

In addition to all the cash in tonight's bonus round, there's a Ford Mustang Convertible and a Winnebago Access Motorhome! She spins the H for Hannah and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ N _ _ _ N _

_ _ N _

I think I may be the key vowel tonight. Lee calls C, G, P and A and gets...

_ N _ _ _ N G

_ _ N _

...not much of anything. It was KNOWING WINK, and she lost $50,000. She needed at least the K's to have had any remote shot at that. But she still did rather well on her comeback!

$25,000-WINNING ID #2: KS14357
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