Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Celebrity Apprentice" Episode 4

Remember, this episode was two hours long.

The task this time: Create an awarness campaign for a shoe donating program led by Crocs, which would lead to the creation of new shoes. Piers Morgan was the Project Manager this week for Hydra while Carol Alt was the Project Manager for Empresario.

In their war room, Morgan ejected Vinny Pastore for being annoying. After being a bit upset for a while, Pastore decided to try spying on Empresario. As it turned out, the whole incident was more of like the acting you might see while watching professional wrestling. Again, Pastore was sent to spy on Empresario, and this time decided to "help out" the opposing team!

Later on, while Empresario wasn't watching him, he decided to steal at least one of their plans and take it to Hydra's room! Stephen Baldwin got very worried about this, as he thought that was cheating and he wouldn't compromise himself.

A little later on, Pastore decided to be a traitor to Hydra and join the other team!!

Stephen felt he and Morgan could be a dream team for a later challenge. Alt wasn't happy about the whole spying ordeal. Nelly Galan thought Morgan should've been punished for starting the whole thing.

Under further review, Pastore was a spy the whole freakin' time, and Empresario wasn't happy, espescially Omarosa!!! Thinking Pastore told all of Empresario's ideas, Omarosa called him on a cell phone to make him confess, and he said to Marilu Henner he did that.

Since Morgan thought Pastore did an excellent job in the whole thing, I thought Mr. McMahon might be very proud of these scheme! The trademark line from Hydra this week from the scheme was "Share the love". Rossi Morreale, anyone? Pastore later on felt the act was unacceptable and didn't want to rat on anybody anymore. He wanted Hydra to lose and see Morgan get fired.

Empresario called their shoe dispenser the Super Croc. They even used the "Share the love" line! Hydra's was called ShoesUnited, and their slogan was "Wear them, share them".

At the boardroom, Pastore felt he was nothing more than acting the whole time. He later got into a shouting match with Morgan over the latter calling the former a fat Italian. Donald Trump, Jr. then felt that either Morgan or Pastore should be fired. The winners of this challenge were.....
 a landslide, Empresario!!! It appeared Pastore won out in the end! 10,000 pairs of shoes were donated in Alt's name! Also, $20,000 was donated to the Tony Alt Memorial Fund!

Pastore said that if Piers Morgan wasn't fired this night, he would quit the show. Stephen also suggested to Trump that he fire Morgan. Final result....

...Pastore decided to quit on his own! Also, just like the final episode of "The Sopranos", "Don't Stop Believing" by the Doobie Brothers was played, and there was an abrupt fade to black!
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