Friday, February 01, 2008

"Pros vs. Joes"- Season 3, Episode 2

RFK Stadium was this week's venue.

The Sudden Death game to start things off took place on a football field. Two punters kicked balls, and the eight players had to get the ball and run it into the end zone. The first six that scored moved on to the next round. The seeding was based on how quickly they scored before anybody else. Here were the six that qualified:

#1: Mike Hall
#2: Mark Bohling
#3: Faheem Hammett
#4: Kevin Witt
#5: Donnie Frazier
#6: Robert Foster

Mark Walker and Joseph Justin were eliminated.

The night's stars were Ricky Williams (an NFL star), Charles Oakley (an NBA star) and boxer Arturo "Thunder" Gatti. Here were the matches:

#1 vs. #6: Ricky Williams
#2 vs. #6: Arturo Gatti
#3 vs. #4: Charles Oakley

We started with football. This football challenge was the same as the last one. Mike Hall is from Portsmouth, OH and was a member of the Navy. Rob Foster is from Providence, R.I. and has been playing sports ever since he started walking.

1. YES
2. NO

1. NO

Now, for boxing. Both players were given three minutes to box, and whoever did better against Arturo Gatti, in the opinion of a pair of judges, won.

Mike Bohling is from Warrington, PA. He's the head coach of the volleyball and baseball teams at a community college there. He got KOed in 90 seconds.

Therefore, if Donnie Frazier could last longer than 90 seconds with Gatti, he moved on to Overtime. He's from Sand Hill, KY, and plays college baseball and college basketball. He lasted in the ring...the whole round!

Now, for basketball. Here, they had to score as many points as they could before Charles Oakley pulled down his tenth rebound. The one who scored more won.

Faheem Hammett is from Randallstown, MD, and he's a teacher. He scored two baskets for four points.

Kevin Witt is from Montgomery Village, MD, and he's been a coach and an athlete for many years now. He scored...six, so he was the last one in Overtime!

Overtime: First, the players had to get five clean shots in on Arturo Gatti. Second, they had to knock down all three targets with basketballs while passing them past Charles Oakley. Finally, they needed to again stop Ricky Williams from scoring.

1. :41
2. :49
3. :43
TOTAL: 2:13

1. 1:10
2. :54
3. 1:12
TOTAL: 3:16

1. :39
2. MAX OUT + :25 (he prematurely left the second area after thinking he had made three, when he in fact only made two!)
3. :44
TOTAL: 2:48

Thanks to Hall's huge blunder, Frazier was the winner!
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