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3/10/2008 Results

TPIR: Today's first four are Tourquois Webb, Robert Rubio, Laura LaCona and Marilyn. The first IUFB is a small spa (an out-of-place music cue got played for this prize, which usually should be reserved for trips).

Marilyn: $650
Laura: $799
Robert: $1,000
Tourquois: BUCK

ARP: $3,495, so RR from Fresno, CA plays Check Game for cash and a trip to Mexico. I would write the check from $2,000-$3,000, and his check amount turns out to be in the middle of that range, $2,500. ARP of the trip...$3,756, so he's over by $256! I thought he had it won.

Louise Louis then comes on down and the second IUFB is dinnerware.

Louise: $950
Tourquois: $700
Marilyn: $850
Laura: $851

ARP: $1,890, so Louis from the Windy City will play Hole in One or Two for a Pontiac Vibe. The products are skin cream, Os Cal, a box of jelly beans, Hot Pockets, nasal spray and Chips Ahoy! Here's her product lineup guess:

1. Cookies
2. Hot Pockets
3. Skin cream (she had the jelly beans here at first)
4. Nasal spray
5. Jelly beans
6. Os-Cal

Whether she wins the $500 bonus or not depends on the spray and the jelly beans. Here are the prices:

1. $.55
2. $2.49
3. $3.88
4. $9.99
5. $11.99
6. $13.45

She stops the Dob and wins the $500 bonus, and later the car! But did Drew finally make a putt?

Next player is Francis Glenwell from Rock Island and the third IUFB is a pair of bikes. Tamiko and Rachel had a little bike race when they rode the bikes out, and Rich Fields laughed!

Francis: $650
Tourquois: $1,000
Marilyn: $700
Laura: $1,001

ARP: $802, so Marilyn from Spokane, WA plays One Wrong Price for a wine cooler marked at $2,351, a guitar marked at $1,889 and a popcorn cart marked at $2,164. She says the price of the popcorn is incorrect, and I agreed, because I thought it was cheap...but it's still $2,164. The wine cooler was actually $1,599.

SSD1: Marilyn spins 50...and a dime for 60 cents total. The only man to get on stage this half spins 95 cents. The only winner this half, after a dud spin, spins 90...and goes over, so the guy's in the Showcase.

Next to leave the audience is Heather Balsimo and the fourth IUFB is tennis equipment. The winner also gets $40 of the Slow-Mag stuff.

Heather: $600
Laura: $725
Francis: $850
Tourquois: $475

ARP: $720, so Balsimo plays my personal pet game on the show, Secret X, for an IKEA kitchen worth $5,832. Here's how she places her freebie X:


The first item this game is a camera keychain marked at either $32 or $50 and she chooses $32, which is incorrect. To stay in the game, she must get the price of the wattage converter, which is either $18 or $40. She says $40 and is right. Here's her final board:


It has to be in the middle or else...


...and it is!

Next player is Simon Martinez and next in the IUFB shuffle is a swing. The winner also gets $40 of Aspercreme patches.

Simon: $850
Laura: $795
Francis: $900
Tourquois: $950

ARP: $895, so Martinez plays Cover Up for a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 0, 4 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 3 or 8?
Fourth number: 2, 5, 6, 7 or 9?
Fifth number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?

First guess is $18,351...last two digits wrong. Second guess is $18,395...the fourth number is wrong. Final guess is...$18,375 and he loses. ARP: $18,325. He did a bit better than I thought he would in the loss.

The last player is Ragnar Storm-Larson III and the final IUFB is a garden book collection.

Ragnar: $250 (STAGE GARF)
Laura: $550
Francis: $600

ARP: $645, so Laura and Turqoise are off to the First Four Breakfast Club and Glenwell will play for a bed. It's either $2,418 or $3,973. He says $3,973 and wins!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 85 cents. Glenwell spins 75...and a quarter for $1,000! Balsimo spins 45...and 55 for $1,000! Glenwell spins 15 for $5,000 more...while Balsimo gets the dollar for the full $11,000 Big Wheel Jackpot and a berth in the Showcase!!! She's been very lucky so far, as she also will get the top winner spot in the Showcase! It's been a while since at least $17,000 was given away in one daytime Showcase Showdown! Wow!

First Showcase tells the story of a lady called Betty Lou. First, she's so lazy that another lady tells her to get off her sofa and work out on a new home gym. Second, by losing so much weight while working out, she gets the chance to show off her new body while in France. Finally, she decides to open up her own fitness center while living in a new Red Line trailer! She bids $28,500, which is a SUPER GARF. Robert goes for flowers, a living room and an ATV, and he bids $10,000 for the easy win, despite that being a GARF too. He takes home $23,549 in stuff while she leaves with $17,592 in cash and prizes. The Showcase prices, just for the record:

Furniture/ATV: $20,054
Trip/trailer: $40,883

Cash Cab: First up today, headed to the Rockerfeller Center, were Judy and Kate. They had to survive 49 blocks.

$50 round:
Q1: Once used for printing stock quotes, what antiquated office supply is synonymous with high-profile parades?
Guess: Ticker-tape- YOU BET ($50)
Q2: Founded in 1973, what dinner theater chain promises an authentic evening of "Jousting, drumsticks and Diet Pepsi"?
Guess: Medieval Times- YES ($100)
Q3: After analyzing his hair, scientists have determined that Beethoven died from exposure to what metallic substance?
Guess: Mercury- STRIKE ONE (A: Lead)
Q4: In 1955, 60-something Grandma Gatewood became the first woman to hike all 2,000 miles to what east coast wilderness route?
Guess: Appalachian Trail- YES ($150)

$100 round:
Q1: Often mixed with propane, what flammable fuel is often used to torch a cremulator?
Guess: Butane- RIGHT ($250)
Q2: Often confused with pergatory, what spiritual region's existence was recently rejected by the Roman Catholic Church?
Guess: Limbo- RIGHT ($350)
Q3: Abbreviated MK, what's the name of the bare-knuckled video game made by Midway that also had two feature films based on it, and inspired the creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board?
Guess: "Mortal Kombat"- YOU BET ($450)
Q4: Originating in Scotland, what kind of cattle is most commonly used for beef in the U.S.?
Guess: Angus- RIGHT ($550)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Fishing ranked last among a list of the world's toughest sports, according to ESPN. Name the five sports that top this list.
Correct answers given: Football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, ice hockey ($800)

$200 round:
Q1: A popular bluffing bar game, Liar's Poker is played with what substitute for cards?
Guess: Pretzels- NO WAY (A: Dollar bills)
Q2: Swung like a sword, the Aztek Mecana was a club studded with shark blades of what shiny, volcanic rock?

They used their Mobile Shout-Out and Judy called her friend Paul, who said nothing.

Guess: Lava- STRIKE THREE YOU'RE OUT!!! (A: Obsidian)

They lost at the last second.

Gary, Woody, Andrew and Ryan tried to get to a bar called Barney's, 39 blocks away...but they didn't make it.

That meant the day's only payout went to Mike and Liz, who got to Webster Hall with...$800, after winning on their Aflac Video Bonus question.

WOF: The featured trips this week will mostly be cruises, because it's Cruise Week. Tonight's players are Amy Gardner (in the yellow) from S.F. (who is a graduate student at the Univ. of San Francisco studying sport management), Michelle Higgins from Boston (who works for a major teaching hospital) and Scott Walton from Culver City (who is a computer technician and a teacher).

The lady from S.F. gets JUST ADD WATER for $1,000, while the other lady gets THE GREEK ISLANDS for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Show Biz and out on the wheel now is an Alaskan Cruise worth $6,198. At the start, Higgins calls a T for a $1,000 gift certificate from After she later buys the I's, we have...

_ I _ _/D I R E _ T _ R _/

AND/_ R _ D _ _ E R _

...I know it now, and they have something to do with that dreaded writer's strike. After calling the C's for $800 and the S's for another $600, she buys the O's and the U. She then calls a $600 P, a $600 M and then solves FILM DIRECTORS AND PRODUCERS for $5,700 and the gift certificate, making her new total $8,700.

(Flashback moment from 2005 on the same theme week: Vanna wears bubble gum lip gloss at the end of an episode and she tried to get Pat to taste it, but he couldn't do it.)

Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. At the start, the man calls two M's for $7,000 but then calls a dud vowel in E. After the middle lady buys six I's, we have...

S _ I M _ _

_ R A _ I L I A N

_ I _ I N I

...I know everything this round, but she calls a dud in C. Higgins hits Lose a Turn. The man then calls the B's for another $1,000, the K's for another $1,800, a $300 Z, and then solves SKIMPY BRAZILIAN BIKINI to get on the board in a big way with $10,500 and a trip to Rio, for a total of $15,500!


ActivOn Big Money Round category is Headline. After Gardner buys the U's, we have...

N E _/_ _ R _/_ U _ _ S/_ _ _/_ _ A N T

S U _ E R/_ _ _ _/U _ S E T

...I believe I've got this. After a $3,500 K that puts her in five figures, she hits Bankrupt. Higgins calls a $300 G and the P's for another $1,800. After buying the I and the O's, she calls the L's for another $1,200 before landing on a Mystery Wedge. She calls two F's for another $2,000 and solves NEW YORK PULLS OFF GIANT SUPER BOWL UPSET for another $6,150 and $14,850 total. She did the right thing by not flipping the Mystery Wedge over, because a Bankrupt was there.

Gardner then solves TEENSY-WEENSY to quadruple to $4,000. Speed-Up Round category is Food & Drink and consonants are worth $1,300 each. After Gardnet calls the P's, we have...

S _ _ _ _ _ P _ _

P _ T _ T _ _ S

...on her previous turn, she gave an incorrect response with SMASHED POTATOES. She draws a blank this time. Higgins then calls the L's and steals SCALLOPED POTATOES for game, set and match with $17,450! The man has $15,500 and Gardner has $4,000.

This week's cars are a VW Beetle Convertible and a Toyota FJ Cruiser. She spins the triple star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ L _ _

_ _ _

_ _ _ N

Higgins calls G, H, D and O and gets...

_ L _ G

H _ _

D O _ N

...all made the puzzle, but is it enough? No, she can't get FLAG HIM DOWN, and loses the FJ Cruiser.

Jeopardy!: Our current champion is Jeff Harmon with $25,500. He looks like he might be able to successfully defend his crown for the first time. To do so, he must get past Chris Flood and Mandy. Opening subjects:

THE WORLD OF MR. BURNS (the clues here are read by Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons"!)

At the first break, the lady leads with four grand while the champ has $1,600 and the other guy has $1,000. When two categories remain, The Cat and the Canary Islands, she still leads with $6,400. The man in the middle now has $2,000 and the champ is still at $1,600. Opening cat clue:

Of all the varieties of cats big and small, the cheetah is the only one that can't fully retract these.

The champ responds with "What are its claws?"...right to go to $1,800. $400 clue:

It's the full name for the domesticated kitty called a tortie.

She says "What is a tortoiseshell?"...and is right to go to $6,800. Middle clue:

It's the tailless cat variety from an island south of Scotland.

She's in again with "What is a Manx?"...right again to go to $7,400. Next:

This shorthaired "brown" cat is named for its color, which is said to resemble that of a Cuban cigar.

This time, the champ rings in with "What is a Havana?"...and he's right to make his new total $2,600. Final clue in the category:

This breed of domestic feline from Maine is the first truly American show breed.

The woman goes with "What is a Maine coon?"...right for a new total of $8,400! First clue about the islands:

The Canary Islands' highest point, 12,000-foot Pico de Teide is the peak of a dormant one of these.

She immediately responds with "What is a volcano?" to go to $8,600. $800 clue:

On his three 15th century voyages to the New World, his ships stopped off at the Canary Islands for supplies.

In comes the champ with "Who was Columbus?"...that's the explorer, so he goes to three grand. Middle clue:

In July 2007, one of these instruments with a 34-foot mirror was completed on the Canary Islands.

He's in again with "What is a telescope?"...right again and he now has $3,600. $800 clue...DAAAAAAAILLLLLLYYY DOUBLE! He risks $3,000 on this:

In 1936 the Spanish government demoted this general to governor of the Canary Islands.

"Who was Franco?"...RIGHT to go to $6,600! Final clue of the round:

The Canary Islands were named for a large number of these the Romans found there, not yellow songbirds.

He says "Who were dogs?"...that ends the round for him with $7,600!

DJ! categories:

WORD "Z" (each right word ends with Z)

The man in the middle gets the first three clues in the ID category, but misses the $1,600 one and nobody is right on the $2,000 clue, so he doesn't make much progress after that category as he's at $2,800. The tight battle between the champion and the women continues a bit afterwards, with the man taking the lead and being the first to hit five figures. But the night's only female player takes the lead back after getting to $11,000. She soon hits the first Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in Word "Z". The champ's at $9,200 and Flood has $2,800. Her wager is $3,000, so her lead is on the line with this clue:

Last name of German engineer Karl, who in 1885 developed a 3-wheeled vehicle called the Motorwagen.

"Who was Volks?"...NO. It was Benz, so she's out of the lead for now with $8,000. After the Blackjack category gets cleared out, only Women's Firsts and How's the Weather are left, with the opening weather clue already gone. The champ has the lead with $14,000, while she still has eight grand and the other man has $2,400. $800 weather clue:

Mountain passes speed up hot, dry air, giving this U.S. state its Santa Ana winds.

She goes with "What is California?"...which puts her back at $8,800. Middle clue there:

The forecast is cloudy with a 30% chance of these, characterized by the sudden start and stop of light rainfall.

The champ goes for "What are showers?"...right to go to $15,200! $1,600 clue:

High clouds may bring this type of damagine preciptation, especially to the "alley" for it in the Rockies.

The lady's too late ringing in, so it's Triple Stumper time. Correct: What is hail? Final clue in the category:

Longer Autumn nights let the ground cool, producing condensation and the "ground" type of this.

She gets in with plenty of time to spare this time and says "What is fog?"...right to go back to five figures with $10,800! Opening female clue:

Let's show her a little "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"; she's the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Flood easily nails "Who is Aretha Franklin?" to go to $2,800. Next:

Last year, Drew Galpin Faust became the first female president in this university's 371-year history.

Flood goes with "What is Harvard?"...right again to go to $3,600. Middle clue:

Registering as K. Switzer, in 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially enter and run this race.

The lady rings in this time with "What is the Boston Marathon?"...that's $12,000! $1,600 clue...DAAAAAAAIIIIILLLLLLYYY DOUBLE #2! She decides to bet just $1,600:

Frances Perkins became the first woman Cabinet member when FDR put her to work in this post.

"What is Secretary of Education?", so it's a good thing she held back a lot. Correct: What is Secretary of Labor? Final clue:

Wilma Mankiller was the first woman to serve as principal chief of this southeast Native American tribe.

She rings in at the last second with "What is Seminole?"...incorrect, so she ends the round with $8,400. Flood then tries "What is Cherokee?"...that's the right tribe, so he ends the round with $5,600, but is pretty much out of this unless a miracle happens.

FJ! category: Actors.

He never won an Oscar, but this 1960s movie star got a patent for a low-slung bucket seat for race cars.

Flood wrote down "Who is James Dean?"...incorrect. That drops him to $600. The lady had that as well and drops to $145, sending her home with $1,000 and making the champ home free. He wrote down "Who was Steve McQueen?"...right to win $19,100 tonight and $44,600 for two days!

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad: Tonight's teams are Team Grayston (Tim and Tabatha; Tim is a firefighter), Team Martin (Johnny and Jenny; Johnny is a professional stuntman), Team Basile (Bob and Abby) and Team Avila (Rick and Dustin; Rick's a computer programmer).

My Dad is Stronger: Each dad had a desk to destroy and move, and had to move as much of it as possible into a nine-inch hole. The one who has the lowest weight readout has a 15-second penalty given to them for the second round. A ten-pound sledgehammer is also provided for this challenge.

Team Grayston: 14 pounds
Team Martin: 12.4 pounds
Team Basile: 6.7 pounds
Team Avila: 14.4 pounds

My Dad is Faster: This was the same bullseye challenge from last week.

Team Avila: 125
Team Grayston: 170
Team Martin: 40
Team Basile: 10

My Dad is Smarter: Team Grayston and Team Avila go on to the final round.

My Dad is Braver: The dads had to untie ropes and get six balls from a tank filled with African scorpions. Once done, their kid needed to hit the finish button to stop the clock. The team who did this faster got a shot at the money.

Grayston: 2:36
Avila: 2:09

My Dad Knows Me Better: Opening question:

According to Dustin, when was the last time he got his hair cut?

A: Two days ago
B: Two weeks ago
C: Two months ago
D: Two years ago

He says two days ago...but it's two weeks ago. If he misses this next question, they'll win no money. Here it is:

Dustin told us you're getting better, but he still claims that he wins at Wii ping-pong how frequently?

A: "Usually."
B: "9 out of 10 times."
C: "Always."
D: "When my dad lets me win."

He responds with C...

A: "Usually."
B: "9 out of 10 times."
C: "Always."
D: "When my dad lets me win."

...right. Next:

What is the title of the Scorpions song that Dustin cited as the one he probably plays the most often?

A: "Bad Boys Running Wild"
B: "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
C: "Send Me An Angel"
D: "Start Me Up"

He says "Rock You Like a Hurricane"...right! Next:

According to Dustin, what does he most want to be when he grows up?

A: Rock star
B: Pro basketball player
C: Pilot
D: A software tech guy, just like you

He says his own job...$30,000! Next up:

Dustin told us that he's currently reading which of the following books for school?

A: "Artemis Foul"
B: "The Outsiders"
C: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
D: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

He's pretty sure it's "The Outsiders"...but that's not it. It was "Artemis Foul", so they leave with $30,000, the bike and the XBOX 360.

Deal or No Deal: Tonight's first contestant is Carla Antonio from Boston. She's a makeup artist. Her case of destiny is the Michelle Falco case, #8.

1. #4- $500,000
2. #23- $75
3. #11- $5
4. #3- $100
5. #16- $25,000
6. #6- $1


1. #14- PENNY
2. #10- $5,000
3. #17- $50
4. #19- $50,000
5. #25- $200,000


1. #22- $750
2. #15- $750,000
3. #18- $1,000
4. #12- $10,000


2. #7- $75,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
3. #1- $100,000 (STRIKE ONE!)


1. #5- $400,000 (STRIKE TWO!!)
2. #2- $500


Next pick is #21....STRIKE THREE- YOU'RE OUT!!! She leaves with $150. Her case had $10.

Johnnie Taylor will try to do much better on Wednesday. Her case choice is #21.

1. #9- $50,000
2. #11- $10
3. #12- BUCK
4. #19- $200,000
5. #14- $5,000
6. #5- $400


1. #13- $25
2. #8- $100,000
3. #16- $500
4. #26- $25,000
5. #10- $400,000


ROUND 3 (Last round this episode):
1. #4- $75,000
2. #17- $5
3. #7- PENNY
4. #2- $750,000

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