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3/12/2008 Results

TPIR: As of today, they're now using a standard-definition version of the new background lights you see during this year's Million Dollar Spectaculars. Cool! Today's first four players are Ronnie Fernandez, Maleena Lee, Paul Simon and Sherrie Fisher. The first IUFB is a refridgerator/freezer.

Sherrie: $1,299
Paul Simon: $1,300
Maleena: $1,200
Ronnie: $1,850

ARP: $2,098, so Fernandez will play Lucky Seven for of all cars, a 2008 Ford Focus S Sedan (Std., AT, ALB/Traction, Prot, SRadio). First number in the price is 1. His second number guess is 6...

$ 1 6, _ _ _

...good start! Middle number guess is 7...

$ 1 6, 6 _ _'s another 6. Fourth number guess is 5...

$ 1 6, 6 8 _

...he's down to $3. His last number guess is 5, and I groaned...

$ 1 6, 6 8 7

...but it's 7 and he wins! I thought for sure that last number was going to be 1 or 2.

Next player is James Payne and the second IUFB is a dinette. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Garlique.

James: $1,350
Sherrie: $1,400
Paul Simon: $1,500
Maleena: $1,200

All are over.

James: $900
Sherrie: $799
Paul Simon: $800
Maleena: BUCK

ARP: $1,199, so Payne will hopefully not suffer any pain by playing Squeeze Play for an off-road vehicle. Board:


Does he says $4,598?...yes!

Next player is Nicholas Grule and the third IUFB is a foozball game.

Nicholas: $1,100
Sherrie: $950
Paul Simon: $1,150
Maleena: BUCK

ARP: $899, so Lee's one buck bid means she plays Credit Card for some massagers, a BBQ, a chafing dish, an air conditioner and a vanity sink. The spending limit today is $2,500. First pick is the BBQ...$1,699. Ouch. Second is the chafing dish...$450. Final pick is the massagers, which are $1,000, so she loses. The sink was $1,028 and the air conditioner was $1,595. I thought for sure that sink would cost a tad more than it did.

SSD1: The only loser this half spins 45...and after a dud spin, doesn't quite get 55 and goes over, so she leaves with parting gifts. Payne spins 75 cents. Fernandez spins 15...and 75 cents to get into the Showcase for a possible shot at, I think, a boat! And he just turned 18 when this episode taped!

Next to "Come on Down" is Kenneth Daniel and the next IUFB is a set of telephones.

Kenneth: $1,200
Nicholas: $600
Sherrie: $800
Paul Simon: BUCK

ARP: $870, so Fisher will try for an Ashley living room group and a $1,000 gift certificate, a total value of $2,499, while playing Now or Then. Then today is August 1998. Her first pick is the V8 juice, marked at $3.15, and she says NOW to get on the board. Second pick is the Clorox bleach, marked at $6.29, and she says NOW, which is right! At this point, she can win if she's right about the nasal spray or the Yuban coffee. She goes with the spray, marked at $9.99, and says NOW for the slam dunk victory!

Next player is Martha O'Choa and the next IUFB is a small globe.

Martha: $400
Paul Simon: $700
Kenneth: $397 (STUPID BID)
Nicholas: $401

ARP: $1,250, so Paul Simon plays Line Em' Up for a Ford Fusion. Board:

?- $895, Flatware
?- $49, Wireless router
?- $459, Day bed

He realizes how easy this setup is and says $18,495 for the win! First Line Em' Up win of the season! I'm surprised it was that easy, considering the show's on budget mode. $19,194 would've been a more sensible price for the producers to have used.

Our last player is Robert Tebleman and the final IUFB is a ladies' diamond ring.

Robert: $1,999
Kenneth: $3,300 (SUICIDE WILLY)
Nicholas: $2,000
Martha: $3,400 (SUICIDE WILLY)

ARP: $2,000, so Grule wins a $500 check! He then gets to play Coming or Going for a mini trailer. If he comes, his guess would be $5,868. If he goes, the guess would be $8,685. He comes, like I would've done...NO.

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 75 cents. The only female to get on stage this half spins 15...and goes over. Our big winner so far today spins 65...and then the dollar, so the loser heads to the Showcase.

The first Showcase has a home gym and a snowmobile (Possible Fireball Special Showcase Alert) and Nicholas bids $18,762, which looks like a WILLY. For our birthday boy, we have a device called The Tanktop 2000. First, it contains tons of snacks that you could eat while watching your favorite shows on a new LCD TV. Second, it also contains a built-in map that could lead you to Spain! Finally, this thing's waterproof, which means that the boat Fernandez's trying to win today is...a West White Potter Sailboat! He bids $24,550.

ARP for Grule: $16,593, so he indeed is over. Last three digits of the birthday boy's Showcase...

$ _ _, 7 0 0

...the first digit...

$ 2 _ , 7 0 0's the deal. If that second digit is 5 or higher, he wins. If it's 4, both Showcases are his. Anything lower than 4 and we have another Double Overbid...

$ 2 9, 7 0 0 Double Overbid today- he's the champ! His final birthday haul is $48,485!

DOND: I have a surprise for you. Before we get to the TV airing, I'm covering a special online-only version of the show, because it was said this episode was "too hot for TV". The contestant was Mike Fisher. He's a whiskey taster for Jack Daniel's. He also had a Rip Van Winkle-like beard, and was also said to have been a bounty hunter! He's from Bedford County, TN. His case of destiny was #18.

1. #3- $400
2. #6- $75
3. #9- $400,000
4. #16- $200
5. #22- $100,000
6. #26- $5,000


1. #1- $10,000
2. #7- $300,000
3. #11- $750,000
5. #23- BUCK


1. #24- $500,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #10- PENNY
3. #14- $50
4. #19- $100


1. #13- $50,000 (STRIKE ONE!)
2. #12- $5
3. #17- $750


1. #25- $75,000 (STRIKE TWO!!)


He left with $25, and went all the way in his game. Here was the remainder of the playout:

#2- $25,000 (Offer: $300)
#15- $300 (Offer: $400)
#4- $10 (Offer: $550)
#5- $500 (Offer: $560)

The only viable reason why NBC didn't air this on TV was because he was completely drunk, I think. When the next Million Dollar Mission begins, I suggest that they air the lost episode from the first Million Dollar Mission that they did on the website.

(Incidentally, this episode was originally scheduled to have aired on March 20th at 8 PM. Not sure what they're going to air in its place now.)

Cash Cab: Starting things off today were Tim, Margo and Carol, who had to survive 47 blocks to get to a spot at 57th.

$50 round:
Q1: From aushrams to yoga class, the Enlightenment is symbolized by what symbolic third body part?
Guess: Eyes- RIGHT ($50)
Q2: In "Alice's Adventures of Wonderland", what lawn game was played using flamingos as mallets and hedgehogs as balls?
Guess: Croquet- YOU BET ($100)
Q3: Monitored by the wizards of Wall Street, what government-appointed board was nicknamed "The Fed"?
Guess: Federal Reserve- RIGHT ($150)
Q4: What chocolate-coated confection is named after the fleshy fungle decliacy it resembles?
Guess: Truffle- RIGHT ($200)

$100 round:
Q1: First convened in 1949, the Knesset is the legislative body of what country?
Guess: Canada- OH CANADA, YOU'RE WRONG (A: Israel)
Q2: From a Latin word for "school of thought", what crime against the church was Galileo convicted of in 1633?

They used a Mobile Shout-Out and Tim called his father, James, who said Heresy.

Guess: Heresy- RIGHT ($300)

Q3: The Genius Bar is the brashly-named help desk for confused customers at what hi-tech retail stores?
Guess: Apple- RIGHT ($400)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Name seven of the ten best U.S. presidents in history, according to a 2005 Wall Street Journal poll.
Correct answers given: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, James Polk, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson ($650; others were Eisenhower, Truman and somebody else that wasn't mentioned)
Q4: In a 1946 contest of speed and precision, what basic counting device outperformed an electric calculator four out of five times?
Guess: Abacus- RIGHT ($750)

$200 round:
Q1: Based on the comic books of R. Crumm, what 1972 feline flick was the first animated film to receive an X rating?
Guess: Catwoman- STRIKE TWO (A: Fritz the Cat)
Final question: Used for digestion, bile is stored in what small, pear-shaped organ of the body?
Guess: Liver- YOU'RE OUT!! (A: Gallbladder)

Phillip and Karen survived 32 blocks to get to a spot on 10th and 15th with $700, and passed on the Aflac Video Bonus.

Susan and Nancy tried to get to a spot at 51st and 3rd, 36 blocks away...and got there with no misses, winning $1,250. They also passed on the final question.

Jeopardy!: Hoping to do much better than last night's performance is Jason Kaczor. His first set of challengers tonight are Hillary Wootton (a salesperson from Seattle) and Will McLaughlin (an actor/teacher from L.A.). Opening categories:

WE'RE NO. 1!

On the last clue before the first break, Wootton hits the Daily Double under the $1,000 clue in Shakespeare. She has $2,000 and trails the champ by a grand, while the man in the middle has $1,800. She wagers $1,000 on this:

A ship-master: "Boatswaini".

"What is the Tempest?"...right to tie things up at $3,000! She then gets the first four clues on the Waltz, giving her the lead with five grand as she tries for a sweep of the category with this:

Pee Wee King co-wrote this Waltz and had a country hit with it in 1948; later, it became a state song.

McLaughlin says "What is the Tennessee Waltz?"...right to spoil the bid and go to $2,800. The two categories left are Medals & Decorations and Scrambled Fruits. The champ still has three grand. First clue in Medals & Decorations:

This country's order of the rising sun features a garnet surrounded by 32 white rays.

She says "What is Japan?"...she's got $5,200 now. $400 clue:

Ethiopia's order of this wise Biblical king is usually reserved for monarchs and heads of state.

McLaughlin rings in with "Who was Solomon?"...and now has second place with $3,200. Middle clue:

In 1940, this general created France's order of liberation to honor those who helped liberate France in WWII.

The lady fires back with "Who was de Gaulle?"...right to go to $5,800. Next:

In 1955, he was awarded a congressional gold medal for "great achievement in the field of medicine".

The champ goes for "Who was Jonah Salk?"...he's now got $3,800. Final clue in the category:

The order of two Niles is one of the decorations given out by this country, not Egypt.

He's in again with "What is Sudan?"...$4,800! First fruit clue:


He gets "What is lime?" to hit the five large mark. Next:


McLaughlin is right with "What is orange?", taking him to $3,600. Next up:


The champ nails "What is strawberry?" to trail the leader by just $200. Next:


McLaughlin says "What is pineapple?" in a weird fashion, but he's right anyway to go to $4,400. To wrap up the round:


Nobody knows NECTARINE.

DJ! categories:

"Throwdown with Bobby Flay"
GIMME AN "H" (each correct response begins with said letter)

Early on, McLaughlin hits the first Daily Double under the middle Bobby Flay clue. He's got $5,600 and is in the middle of a tight match, because the lady has $5,800 and the champ leads with $6,400. His wager is $1,200:

"For chili relianos, I use a dark one of these peppers for the richest flavor. Its popularity is reflected in its name from Pueblo."

"What is Poblano?"...he's got the lead with $6,800! He gets the $2,000 clue there two clues later. But the champ then does well enough in the sports category to take the lead back with $11,200 while McLaughlin has ten grand. Midway in the round, the three categories left are Botany, The 16th Century (sans the $400 clue) and the H category. He starts the H category off with this:

A proverb says "make yourself all" this "and the flies will devour you"; that's a sticky situation!

He says "What is honey?"...he now has $14,800! The other man now has $8,000 and the lady's still at $5,800. $800 clue in the same category:

It's a family procession, like a piece of furniture or jewelry, that's handed down from generation to generation.

McLaughin responds with "What is heirloom?"...right to go to $8,800. Middle clue:

Glands in this mammal's skin secrete a pink fluid that once led folks to believe it sweated blood.

She finally rings in with "What is a horse?"...incorrect, sending her back to $4,600. The champ tries "What is a hippopotamus?"...that's it to go to $16,000! $1,600 clue:

During the Revolutionary War, these German mercenaries made up about a third of England's forces.

McLaughlin buzzes in with "Who are the Hessians?"...he now has $10,400! Final clue in the category:

The first film Robert Redford both directed and starred in; it's set on a Montana ranch.

The woman says "What is the Horse Whisperer?"...she's back at $6,600. Opening clue in Botany:

The long leaves of the milfoil plant are especially suited to absorb this gas underwater.

The champ responds with "What is carbon dioxide?"...that's $16,400! Now, for the $800 clue in the 16th Century:

Frederick the Wise protected him in Wartburg so he could translate the Bible in defiance of the Edict of Worms.

McLaughlin tries "Who was Luther?"...and he's right to go to $11,200! Middle clue in the same category:

This artist couldn't finish his portrait of Francesco del Giocondo's wife.

She says "Who was Da Vinci?"...she's up to $7,800. Next there:

In the 16th century, a new one of these was elected by Venetians who were picked by lottery.

She's in again with "What is a doge?"...right again to go to $9,400. Final clue there:

Though he discovered and named Florida in 1513, he didn't try to colonize it until 1521.

McLaughlin thinks of "Who was Ponce De Leon?"...he's right to go to $13,200! Back to the $800 Botany clue...DAAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLYYY DOUBLE! He plays it safe and bets a grand on the following:

Parasitic fungi cause this disease of cereal grasses that forms black powdery masses; we're not talking photography here.

"What is smut?"...should've bet more, but he now has $14,200! Middle clue:

This term, which is from the Greek for "naked seed", refers to non-flowering plants such as conifers.

She says "What are gymnosperms?"...she's in five figures for the first time tonight with $10,600! $1,600 clue:

This part of a plant's pistil has chemicals in it that will cause it to reject the wrong types of pollen.

Triple Stumper- it was the stigma. Final clue this round, told by Cheryl:

You can collect water from a plant's leaves, because they lose water vapor through pores called these.

Another Triple Stumper to end the round- they were stromatas.

FJ! category: The World Map.

One of the two South American countries whose mainland you'll fly over when heading due south from Miami, FL.

We start with the sole female player, who wrote down "What is Venezuela?"...dud. She loses everything but a buck. The male challenger had "What are Venezuela and Aruba?", which is NOT ACCEPTABLE, so he loses six grand to go to $8,200. The champ said "What is Ecuador?"...

"What is Ecuador?"

...the other country was Peru, Ecuador is good enough to retain the title with a final total of $28,401! Two-day total: $36,400!

Moment of Truth: In the hot seat now is Michael Greenland, a carpenter from St. Louis. His peanut gallery tonight consists of Hazel (his mother), Aimee (wife), Rachael (sister-in-law) and Brian (brother-in-law).

Q1: As a handyman, have you ever deliberately prolonged a job just so that you could bill a client for more hours?

My guess: YES
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q2: Have you ever made a wax replica of your private parts?

My guess: YES
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q3: Have you ever felt that your wife is excessively jealout of other women?

My guess: NO
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q4: Has your wife Aimee ever said anything that hurt you enough to make you cry?

Michael: YES- TRUE

Q5: Would you say your wife is the most attractive women you ever dated?

My guess: NO
Michael: NO- TRUE

Q6: Since you've had children, have you lost any of your sexual attraction to your wife Aimee?

My guess: YES
Michael: NO- $10,000

Q7: Are you sexually attracted to any of your wife's sisters?

My guess: YES
Michael: YES- TRUE

This next question gets swapped out:

Q8: Have you ever lied to your parents about your religious beliefs?

My guess: YES
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q9: Do you think your father worked hard enough to provide for your family?

Michael: NO- TRUE

Q10: When visiting your father, do you think your stepmother intentionally does things to make you feel unwelcome?

My guess: YES
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q11, asked by his father Chuck: Despite the life you've led, do you think your father still loves you?

Michael: YES- $25,000

Q12: Have you ever thought that your past drug use may have caused permanent damage to your body?

My guess: NO
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q13: Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a friend's wife?

My guess: YES
Michael: YES- TRUE

Q14: Have you ever had any sexual relations with any of your wife's sisters?

My guess: YES
Michael: NO- TRUE

This will be his last question tonight. If he's right, he'll go home $100,000 richer. Here it is:

Have you ever had sex with any of your friends' wives?

I said ABSOLUTELY YES. He reponds with YES, and he is...

...$100,000 RICHER! But his marriage to Aimee is in jeopardy. I wish him the best of luck in his future.

DOND: Let's see if our returnee, Johnnie Taylor, fares much better than Mike Fisher. With $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 as the only biggies left, she's in a three strikes situation. If she strikes out, the show will WIPE OUT for the week and she can do no better than $10,000 at that point.

1. #23- $75
2. #3- $300
3. #1- $100


1. #25- $300,000 (STRIKE ONE!)
2. #15- $1,000


Her next pick is #18...$750! New offer: $267,000...

...NO DEAL! Next pick is #6...

...STRIKE TWO- $500,000. One more strike and both the show and she will be out. New offer: $216,000, and with no hesitation...

...she says DEAL! As for her case...


#22- $50 (Offer: $344,000)
#20- $10,000 (Offer: $541,000)

A win of about $200K is a pretty good consolation for someone who coughs up a million case just like her. She played this game well nonetheless! In reality, she actually missed out on the $541,000, because anyone gotten to the final two in her shoes, a huge majority would've said DEAL then.

Coming back on Monday is Steve Vincentini from Syracuse, NY. He was in an audience from at one one episode in the past. He's an air traffic controller. #11 is his case selection.

(Just before this game began, an audio message said "In the event of an emergency, the banker may use you case as a flotation device"!)

1. #12- PENNY
2. #19- $1,000
3. #21- $500
4. #9- $100,000
5. #6- $400,000
6. #22- $5,000


1. #18- $10,000
2. #2- $500,000
3. #3- $400
4. #14- $5
5. #16- $750,000


1. #8- $50,000
2. #20- $25
3. #23- $750
4. #10- $75 (the case was asked to be opened in Russian!)


ROUND 4 (Last round this episode):
1. #13- $100
2. #26- $200
3. #15- $75,000


When he returns, he will be in the Danger Zone, because if he knocks out $200K, $300K and $500K, the best he could do at that point is win $25,000.

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Re: Jeopardy - March 11:

In 1940, this general created France's order of liberation to honour those who helped liberate France in World War II.

France was not liberated in 1940. Did "Jeopardy" make a mistake, or did de Gaulle create the order years in advance?